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ah, ah, the. c least 5 people have reported leave me killed the cobble enough kind of gone, then you come shortly after unverified, much online showing us close is using what they call preventative fire. some are both suggested victims missing kills and some people rush to get out of the situation. when comes the kind of bond is 5 in total control of us out of dawn, following the capture of the country capital on sunday. if one is a week rapid territorial gains by the and such and meantime, i say it rushes to evacuate every american system from the country. the u. s. puts a brave face on it 20 years with top officials advocating the troops withdrawal and
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insisting the lengthy mission in the country has been nothing but a success. the welcome. this is archie and national a very warm hello and welcome to our program. and we're going to continue all special coverage on this monday with the dramatic events that have been unfolding on afghanistan over the last 24 years. while the chat about that has declared an end of war in the country that's off to it's fighters, effectively captured a free major city, including the capital compo, i means that often in the 20 is the entire nation, is now back under control of the militant group. while there are in unconfirmed report stating, and these 5 people have been killed, the capitals port a warning you may find the following images disturbing. the. c bodies can be seen
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on the ground at the airport this morning. the image has come off to on verify the video on line reportedly capturing the moment us troops opened what they called preventative fire at the airport. it's not come from different lead to the deaths of those people as the us sold to say, they only shot into the some reports suggests the victims may have been killed in a stampede, as people were rushing towards plains to get out of the country. well this roy hair is how the apple looked out here on sunday night. it's the only part of the city that still remains out of the taliban towns. thousands can be seen desperately searching for an opportunity to leave commercial flight. have again been suspended after they resumed the airport is now the only option to get out of the country. as a board post saw said to be under taliban control or the return of the taliban is a huge concern for those who have been walking for the coalition forces over the years. so much so that some have been taking desperate measures to leave the
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country. and other warning, you may find a falling footage distressing. on verified footage on social media claims to show someone falling from pain as it was taken off from cobble airport. it's claimed online that the past and had been hiding in the under carriage of the croft. however, as the objects we're also seen falling from plain, it's not yet confirmed when someone was killed and a local news agency called talos says taliban militants have stormed its office and cobble. they entered the compound and seized weapons. all the security staff earlier, my colleagues, neil harvey heard from a local john this about the latest developments in afghanistan. now that the taliban is empower. dollar bon are very adamant and quite publicly so that there isn't a necessity and that no one would be targeted. no one would face in a tradition, the thought on the whole instructed their fighters not to go inside people's homes . i was looking at a statement under twitter page of how much i had the official spokesman riding that
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some people who had gone in and collected armored vehicles and weapons and other stuff. what identified. and no one has the permission to go inside people's homes that everyone should feel secure inside their homes. busy what we have to see in weight is how the thought about transition. now, from fighting into governance into politics. we have to remember. taliban are no more of the shadow government. they've got to control and we are still not clear what sort of government we might be looking at. you know what that government might look like, who will be part of it? will it only be the taliban? but there's also talk of curfew tonight. for example, this top off, you know, majors preventing looting and careless in the city. this is still a city of at least 6000000 people who are thousands of street. and then there are
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galaxy. and that the how many cars i didn't actually board where, you know, hundreds of ones including women and children, tried to get on to any plan that they could. and they were fired by the american forces. dad, at least 5 fatalities. more than 50 people of a wounded and on the parameters of the airport, it is all about who are present. so it is not only chaos, but it's also a tragedy. and that's how i want to looks after 20 years of massive investments by the u. s. and other than blood integration, just a few hours ago, the total news agency said on twitter, this office had been seized by members of the taliban. do we know what the situation is there now? was told was the office of one of the most popular and b television station saw the taliban coming in, collecting the weapons that the government had provided for the prediction team of
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the law over the years. because there are various risks, you know, but the tone was very polite and these taliban promised employees that they will provide security. so no one is complaining. it is just the development which the laws, you know, employees including the ceo of movie group. most certainly has confirmed on his twitter page. the un security council has held an emergency session over stone with the countries envoy, speaking of the town, upon conducting how such a thing lives are in danger. representatives of other countries also express concern for the well being of the people in the region and those who want to leave it rather than voice stress. the importance of addressing potential threats that exist in the country. those properties and spoke with. we are still concerned by the ongoing presence of terrorist, french and spanish stone, which can spit across the borders thus threatened the security of neighboring countries in central asia concern. also the flows of refugees across the border.
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it's created an additional burden for jackie stone, was beckett's down around in pakistan. not to mention the risk of fighters infiltrating the region by pretending to be refugee. as the 15 member body that leads the united nations convened there. heard from antonio gutierrez, the un secretary general, who emphasized the need for the security council to use all tools at its disposal to deal with the global terrorist threat as it relates to afghanistan. from there we heard from the special envoy for afghanistan, who described the crisis in the country. we've witness time and again how taliban have broken their promises and commitments in the past. we have seen gruesome images of parliament, mass executions, of military personnel and target killings of civilians, in kandahar and other big cities. mister president, we cannot allow this to happen in cobbled which has been the last refuge for many people escaping violence and parliament, revenge attacks cobbler,
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evidence or reporting that parliament have already started house to house searches in some neighborhoods, registering names and looking for people in their target list, it's also important to note we heard from the u. k. representative who emphasized violations of human rights and atrocities committed by the taliban. emphasizing that may be necessary for the u. k. to cut off its assistance to afghanistan, due to these violations and they would not want to aid the taliban or help enable it's atrocities. meanwhile, the representative of the united states took the floor and spoke of the united states as if it was a champion of human rights with deep humanitarian concerns for the afghan people. here's what we heard from the u. s. representative. we need to all do more. and the time to step up is now. we urge afghanistan's neighbors and others in the region and beyond to give refuge to be temporary or permanent to afghans attempting to
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flee. and together we must do everything we can to help f ganna stands to help afghans who wish to leave and see refuge. now, many observers in the international community heard these words is somewhat hypocritical. arguing that the way the united states handled the current situation shows that there is a kind of lack of concern us they could, by all means be preventing this humanitarian moment. this big moment of desperate concern with united states is doing nothing now. jen, saki, the white house spokesperson is currently out of her office, and joe biden has been silent and on vacation now, joe biden is expected to speak later today, but he has been pretty silent. the situation in afghanistan has boiled over and there's been a torrent of criticism on social media and elsewhere of the biden ministration for how they're handling the situation in cobble. here's some of what's been said, president biden's decisions i was hurtling toward and even was equal to the
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humiliating fall of saigon in 1975, who basically gave up on the african government not just now, but all the way back to the start of these talks, what president biden did was to embrace it. he owns it, it was a huge foreign policy failure with general m if occasions to show up 7 month into this administration, everything points to complete collapse. now at this point, the meeting has concluded we are in many countries are raising their concerns about humanitarian issues, resulting from the situation and the pending fall of cobble. so the current moment the international community seems deeply concerned. all eyes were on the security council as they met, but all eyes globally seem to be on afghanistan. as the crisis there develops with a lot of questions being asked about the united states, its intentions, and what will be the future of the country. what i want to bring in now maximilian
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craw a member of the european parliament. always good to have you on the program. welcome . the 1st thing i do want to ask you is, could events in afghanistan need to repeat of the 2015, very famous now micro crisis. this is what we see a real possibility. right now, we know that up to 5000000 guns of thinking to leave their country and added would be much more than we have seen in 2015. so we have to prepare that. we don't get to destabilization of europe by a new wave of mass immigration and we have to handle the problem. and after the last i've gone it's time. now the top priority is to stop a mass migration. now you're still to this day if you believe some people struggling with the migrant situation and how do you think the block,
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the block would cope if you added to this another wave of africa? why grants the, the part is that we have in europe the left wing, that is always open to lead in whoever ones. and the dissenter right wants to stop it on and several intensity. and since i speak for the political right, we are now looking for serious and workable solutions to stop it. and the 1st thing is we have to, to stop with our id that the whole world has to shape itself. after the rest of the model, we have to accept that and other regions of the road, people behave and think differently. and 2nd, we have to come into talks with the regional actors. we have to find regional solution. the people have to stay within their region within their culture. and so
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our, our way to do it is that we urge the government to talk to pockets on that is the gay kit, the gate keeper. and it's the only reliable a strong power with good relation into afghanistan, both the old government and new. and then to find a solution that we can help people in the border areas without bringing all the burdens to pakistan. but to guarantee that the people will stay in the region and don't come into a mass migration wave to europe. i mean, i'm as a brit spots. and i'm speaking from the perspective of the of breck set hostility towards migrants is claimed to be one of the reasons that thought referendum took place. and that it was one how much he's in continental europe towards migration change significantly since marco flung open those tools back in 2015. i mean even
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today morocco's prospective success. i mean, lush, it even interview until we have everything to do that we don't get a new 2015. that means even americans party is now, or at least in their leadership on the track that they don't want to repeat it. i'm not sure how serious it is, but at least they know one month prior to the general election, that the people don't want to see a 2nd 2015. and the overwhelming majority. what do we know from the cold? in germany and continental europe? don't want to see a new wave of mass migration, especially not from afghanistan, where people after 40 years of war for them it's extremely difficult to, to integrate into day very liberal and feminine european societies. so there is
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a consensus from the center to the right. don't let them in and do and agree with the 2nd 2015. is that also concerned that there are terrorists, for example, who might exploit this new wave of migration this crisis as a way to get into europe and in your opinion, how big a security threat is that when i think about a tale bond and we all have only our information is incomplete, but what we see is that the taliban is very much a pass to an issue. so i don't expect that there is lead to a certain percentage of real hardcore isis terrorist among them. but of what we have learned in the last year that we have problems with african mike wren because of the, of the special situation with 40 years war. especially young man,
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are they have, well, you and they have behavior. dad is not fitting to european society african refugees, extremely over represented in the crime statistics. a lot of raping is done by them. murder of young women who rejected their efforts to to come into relationship, but young women is done by african a young man. so what we see is that our people from ghana on because of the cultural background and because of the experiences they made in, in, in the war at that they are really dangerous, especially if you have thousands and maybe millions of them. so my,
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my concern is not that be that we import, let's say 10 or 15 hidden eyes is fight of maybe we do that. but my concern is that we have 10100 thousands of young men who bring their child a wealthy is among women among gender equality among sexuality, and living, and a very liberal society with them. and that we have a disaster here in everyday life. while sat here, disasters not what you her needs thought is for sure. we do appreciate you as i thought, coming on and giving us your european spect. if you insight onto my thought was maximillian cry m e p. thank you very much. meanwhile, the us administration has again increase the number of tramps that send in twice kennestone to evacuate american citizens an additional 1000 to now being sent on top of the 5000 ready allocated over the next 2 days. meanwhile,
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helicopters and planes were seen flying over the gown capital, as nato thought to ensure the safe is ration of foreign citizens. hundreds of americans have already left the country and thousands of others are trying to follow suit the u. s. embassy in the capital low and it's flag. after all, stopwatch transferred to the airport was in washington d. c. a large crowd gathered outside the white house. people with voicing that concerns over the fall of the afghan government on the troop withdrawal. they've been waving african flags and holding signs, proclaiming america betrayed the afghan people and demanding the country, opens at orders to them. immediately. ideologies equals on a showing my colleague research in studio to discuss how the town of bonds triumphed being viewed state side. all we can do is just speculate as to how trump would have could have, might have handled the withdrawal would have been better and would have been worse . there's no way of telling because trumps no longer president and prayer. the
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president is a joe biden. and of course, it's difficult to whitewash this whole thing because and to make it look like a success which they are trying to do right now. because just think of it, the americans, they've been present and have gone to just short of 20 years. that's 2 decades. if you're an african teenager in 19 going on 20, it means you never remember. you can't physically remember the country before before the us invasion. you've lived your whole life in a country where the u. s. was always present and you've heard that such statements and such promises against the taliban made by all sorts of us politicians. thanks to our military. generalize and the brave fighters of afghanistan, taliban regime is coming to an end. we broke the tale bonds, momentum. we built strong afghan security forces. we devastated outside of leadership, taking out over 20 of their top 30 leaders. the path to peace is now set before
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that. i have plans on afghanistan that if i wanted to win that war, afghan, this stand would be wiped off the face of the earth would be gone. it would be over and literally in 10 days. and i don't want to do that. i don't want to go that route. bond takeover of afghanistan. now inevitable, is none. because you have the afghan troops have 300000 well equipped as well as crypt his any army in the world and an air force against something like 75000 taliban is not enough. so this is the sort of people who are living in panic and rushing to the airport. they were panicking because for all these 20 years they have been promised. the taliban has no, no fighting challenge, but it will be wiped out eradicated, obliterated, you know, all sorts of fancy words. what happened? well, we all know what's happened instead. i mean, the biggest,
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the best metaphor here is i've gotten not african, but talib and troops posing next to humvees, next to black hawks, all the best equipment in the world. and you know, few years ago all they could mount was a machine gun on a truck and now they're mounting. let. he's a guy weapons. when aircraft, not only did the u. s. fail to dismantle the taliban as they had promised? and because it was largely a war on the taliban, but they emboldened it. they boasted its military capacity by an order of magnitude because the african army essentially just gave them gifted them with some of the most advanced and powerful military equipment in the world. the taliban now has an air force over the past 2 decades. america has sent so much military hardware and dr. kindest on and so many suitcases of cash. you would imagine off the 20 years of old military equipment and all the money that the afghan soldiers will be able to actually defend the country. but apparently after all of this,
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they can't. while they did get their training, they did receive that fancy weapons. but the thing is, you also have to have the willpower to fight, and apparently this is what they will lacking. and i mean, i've read a lot of accounts of like for me and i've been war veterans who took part in the training. and there's all sorts of stories claiming that, well, they just, they just didn't one they were trying to be. they were trying to make policemen and military out of people who were rent a carpet best. so this is, this is what they've been doing. yes, they're worth 300000 soldiers trained and equipped. but we've learned through, i guess, throughout this onslaught by the taliban. i guess all journalists around the, well, they've learned that to ask a question. like how long will they be able to hold? the city is wrong, it's just rather will they hold the city at all? will they try? because so many cities and towns they just they just, they didn't fall. it's wrong to say that they fell because they never try to stand . they never try to make a stand. so this is what they've been doing. a lot of
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a lot of a lot of those 300000 they just lay down on some joined the taliban. some just said you can, you can have that because the can lead a more or less the same life, but without having under the taliban. but without having to risk their lives. so this is what the u. s. has failed to do. i mean, they just, they didn't, they didn't motivate because it was a war because the united states and they wanted the war on the taliban. the i've gotten is the didn't the, because this whole situation proved that they didn't want to fight the taliban. i mean, otherwise they would have now that they had to every, every single, every single chance to but still nonetheless, the united states authority of the incumbent president and his team, they're trying to actually make it look like a success. the inability of asking security forces to defend their country has played up a very powerful role in what we've seen. we invested the international community invested over 20 years. billions of dollars in these forces,
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$300000.00 of them with an air force something the taliban didn't have with the most modern, sophisticated equipment. and unfortunately, tragically, they have not been able to defend the country. and i think that explains why this has moved as quickly just moved. well, in fact, that wasn't billions of dollars, it was closer to 2 trillion dollars. this is what, how, how different experts estimate the cost of more of us when the taliban, if you factor in inflation and such things with interest rate. but yes, so according to these fate secretary blinking, they succeeded. but again, i don't want this to turn into a lecture on history, but back in 2001 the united states they entered wrong. i've got to spend trying to hide to hunt down some, a ban ludden over 911 terrorist attacks of this. have they captured a sound log back then? maybe they wouldn't have been and i've got to spend 20 years on, but well, he fled if he managed to escape. so a very achievable and well clear gold turned into something into let's re educate
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the whole country and teach them to fight to taliban, which we had previously by the way. well, it established and funded and trained as well. obviously. well, the taliban turned out to be they turned out to be much better students than the regular african army. b u. k is a foreign section, has been slammed for not cutting is holiday short. as the taliban was seizing off town of stone dominant, rob returned to britain early on sunday. all correspond shante with dusty reports from london. well, the questions here in the united kingdom is, where is the government and where is the leadership in responding to the crisis in the stone? in fact, the last time we heard from the prime minister of ours johnson last week, he said the president should be incredibly proud of. what is the chief in the region? obviously in light of this complete, tiny bon take very questioning response. indeed. today, the prime minister is hosting a cobra me thing that's a meeting where the cabinet should all be attending the foreign secretary dominic
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rob as know it to be seen as he's on holiday. and obviously it's his job to try and deal with these international issues, particularly in regards to foreign policy that has really sparked and instigated a whole host of criticism against him. so the foreign secretary to go a while during an international crisis of this magnitude is nothing short of a shameful. i think it was amazing, staggering that the foreign secretary was still on holiday, while f canister was collapsing to the taliban. you've got to be on duty during that sort of period where we're so deeply and intimately involved in it. we haven't heard from the foreign secretary and about a week despite this being the biggest single foreign policy disasters and suez. so i don't know what the foreign office is thinking over say the united kingdom has been part of this nature occupation over the last 18 years, the brit 1st and initially went in under the international pretense of a pro, humanitarian and pro democracy mission. however, all of you believe,
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but the very fact and speed of this taliban take as many people point to the defeat 1st, militarily, politically, this sounds as a very humiliating time for the west and that foreign policy because the west has always predict a to is entire regimes on being the most robust and it's not just on to will activists that have this point of view, but even some tory back benches in government. this is completely humiliating for the west. we assembled the most incredible, technologically advanced lines. the world is ever seen. and we're being defeated by an insurgency that armed with a k 40 sevens and all p, jeez. this will be the biggest own goal made by the west. so far this century, the humanitarian disaster that's about to unfold will be kansas straw fake. the migration challenges will be huge. we will see further terrorist attacks. we know over the weekend, 600 troops deployed as a rescue mission to try and get these people back safely. that includes british
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nationals, but also gone is that help assist the british army during the occupation already around 300 people have been for in fact the idea is around 122-1500 throughout the next few days till the coastal full 1000 brought home. but we've seen absolute tail fixing cobble as well. what we do know is the military side of the port in the british side, where the british planes are in the airport at this point in time, are secure. however, the defense secretary ben wallace here in the united kingdom speaking how they are today. and a radio interview became a very, very emotional. he even became quite choked up. some people will get back and we will have to do our best countries to processes because why do you feel it? so personally mr. wallace can undersold because it's 20 is a sacrifice. is what it is. parliament is being recalled back from
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some a recess that's on wednesday. i'll be thinking of everything from the war on terra's gender and foreign policy in the 1st place to the very fact that 5 weeks ago, the prime minister of foreign johnson said that a tiny bon takeover would be out of the question. all this me, that is actually wrong at this point. so many people will be questioning the prime minister on all of that. the me at the height of the 2020 corona virus pandemic mass media really covered stories
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from africa. the world was more interested in kind of it, and africa had more less infected people in europe. but one story got people's attention. newspapers reported that kenya was having an elephant baby boom journalist linked the unprecedented surge and the elephant birth rate to tourists being restricted from the pog. they said it was the most positive side of a low down, but kind of, it had nothing to do with it. ah, ah, going to my biggest sister period. so you see 2018. we go to pretty good green and we have a lot of us as female. so 202020. yeah, 2020. we gotta be reachable. so $260.00.


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