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the ah, this is all t breaking news, the sunday. chaos and panic in the afghan capital of the taliban. the sieges cobble with residence now fleeting. the city on map without kennesaw, it is tried to secure a peace deal with the taliban leadership. the medicine group holders its fighters not to enter the capital just yet for the interior minister pledging a peaceful transfer of power to a transitional government. the semester surgeons escalated immediately after april finance meant by the us president, that american troops would withdraw meaning the 2 decades after washington puts the country into war. the pentagon quits leading desperate citizens face to face with development. once again, the
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hello, thanks for joining us. this is arty international from moscow. my name's calling brian just one story dominating a full hour of news for you. c. as in golf, the capital of afghanistan as the taliban surrounds cobbler following the rapid national games throughout the week. visa, unconfirmed reports also that the groups altered its forces to enter the capital. that is new information that we're getting from various sources of this our they have said they will go to hold back until the end of piece talks, which are currently being held in the presidential palace. the limits claim their talks at the moment for a peaceful surrender of cobble. there are also reports the president, the ash ref. connie has fled the country and that he may officially resign resign shortly. there's also local media saying that the former interior minister will had an interim government unverified reports as yet. this is also and verify video, but it's circulating online now. so we, we show it to reports,
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to show inmates released by the taliban from the country's largest jail out earlier as we reported, they also sees the bag or a military prison, which is located just 25 kilometers north of the capital. i understood the $5000.00, so convicts that were in that was set free there. awesome isis, fighters and prisoners among there. they are mostly taliban fighters, ready to join the assault? the not the. and this is the city itself. residents of cobble fleeing and huge numbers, hundreds of cars, the grid locked in traffic jams right now. some locals even trying to get away on foot. what we've also been reporting for you, and as you can see right here, massive cues outside bank cash machines. as people try and take out what money they can before they leave their homes up last hour i spoke to an afghan journalist
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about the deteriorating situation right now in cobble this morning when i went to the city, i saw the people they are appointed. everyone is rushing from one side of call to other side of call that people are rushing to the machine that you're going to get back to the fact that the face of the call will be changed. i did call the toga military face in the morning. yeah. what a lot of fresh, but no one hour before. when i went out to the t. v, i started, you know, quite a lot of military troops are going around this t t. we are hearing the military us are trying to tie off the call was to keep on according to the formation that we bought from a different source in the district. people are people to get on in this area thought of and has the place in the district. they are speaking with the people, but the people are saying that the tunnel,
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those are the type of behavior are very good. they are not that much aggressive has their head about and just visualize for you just how things have been unfolding throughout the week. if you've been watching us, you might have seen this map already in order not much has changed. it is quite significant around the capital. the areas in red weather taliban is in control on thursday is when the taliban intensified its operation and seized the 2nd biggest city kandahar down there in the south bay and a friday. the medicines had also taken hair out over in the west of the country and the 3rd largest city in afghanistan. by the time we got to the weekend from saturday to sunday. another area up in the north mazar e sharif, had fallen to the insurgents. and bear in mind that this northern area used to be taliban resistance, not any longer. then early on sunday, the 1st news about the taliban entering another city journal about to the east of the country, followed by report, of course, that it was now surrounding the capital. and that's the situation we've been in now for the past 5 or 6 hours or so. and while this now main says that the medicines
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effectively control almost every province in the country, and they've done so following an astonishingly rapid and decisive offensive any traces back to april, to following jo biden's announcement that he was pulling out american troops. and at the time, the taliban only held about a 5th of the country's territory. but now as you can see, 75 percent, probably a conservative estimate right now. now we controlled life to political abilene beach and have a soley joining us live on our say good to happy with us the view from europe that and how do you think this is being seen? do you think that surprised by the rapidity of how i've got a son who's falling back on the taliban control? absolutely. and call and let me just say we're witnessing and i'm sorry, moment here. this is, this is the end of the war and the longest off the 21st century. so far and 20 years is ending now and ending in victory for the taliban troops and completed offered a fee for american airline. this war is over. we're seeing it. the last moment now
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we're seeing the capital of being yeah. the president leaving the country and the taliban winning the war. this is just something inconceivable. just 20 years ago, when the press troops entered on and everyone thought that the taliban, where dad is a fresh refugee crisis now and levels that never double that neither 4, but i've kind of stunned neighbors over europe. well, i think there's certainly some people, some collaborators who in the lab, and he has worked closely with american food through his german troops and who fear for their safety maybe, rightly so by watch. many of the come on with the fact that that they believe in amnesty and they want to integrate those people into africa and society. and i think that background has much more development potential now than it has years ago . because finally, there's a clear stable government that could take place and problem now. and so finally,
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you can see a future for the country that have been devastated by war that has been going on not only for last 20 years, but also for decades before that. a germany is just one of several countries is going to close its embassy, it's going to get its stuff out of that, but it's also going to get local, help us out as well. what would you make of that particular move, getting afghans out, who's been helping in the operation over the past few years? there's a debt of gratitude. there isn't that? well, they are rightly seen by african compactor, this being attracted to the nation. and so i can understand that they are scared because they don't want to pay judgment for what they did, working together with occupying truth. but i think that everyone who did that should be josh, according to justice. and i've got it done. and i don't think they should have a ride to live in, in europe, or any other country that should be determined by the african political forces that
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take place now. and also, i don't think that the embassy personnel should be good. i mean, this is a normal transfer power that with you know, and it's a very peaceful one. it that the african army is not very small part of the economic actually fighting the taliban. most of them are just quote, working together with the taliban because they want their country back. they want to end the occupation. and so this is a very peaceful thing. there were thing i heard that the russian embassy and hobble was not evacuating any office personnel because they believe that there will be business as usual. and they will work together with the new forces in power. and that's what every embassy should do in my, in my opinion, what is the general mood is in germany over the west and pull out of the confederacy. for most people are gonna stand, has been an issue that they've been aware of, that they haven't been maybe focusing on particularly closely. but now in the past week when it's dominating the headlines and today, especially,
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what do you think the feeling is among people about the way this has been handled? i think it goes to show that we have to spend 1000000000 hundreds of billions off our budget on this one of them that was not only completely uses it didn't achieve the policy objective tech for it, but it destroyed lives. it is friday development chances for this country, and in its way, we are seeing a refugee crisis, not only in europe, but also in turkey. there are many african refugees on iran. and this was all the after effect of the invasion in 20 years ago. and so really, this is a watershed moment in the end of american dominant american imperialism over the world. it is a complete and utter disease of their attempt to shape the middle east after
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$911.00. and now we are seeing that the united states have to reevaluate its foreign policy completely because what they did last year as not gave them any success. it is a lot of them and offer to see i've kind of been for anyone who's tried to interfere it, it has been on table for a lot longer than the united states has been involved. now i know hindsight the wonderful thing, but if you were being fair after 2 decades, why do you think the us lead alliance like this mission and so badly? well, that is the question that you are proven by administration, because you could argue that the draw of truth was completely mishandled. because i mean they should have accelerated the piece talk. so that transitional government could have been formed before this all take say that was certainly less than the level of anxiety for the active population if that had taken say,
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so they have completely mis handled that. and i think and pregnant from actually found that and that was the reason that president from did not draw his truth before his tongue ended. i think that was he didn't want to see those pictures. he didn't want to see african people that that are being that taliban. and so he wanted to have the traditional government in place. you want to have to piece talk over with and only then complete the relocation of the troops. and by the pod made that with the corona private, raging throughout america, no one would pay attention that you could just kindly take out the troops and forget about it. but actually just sat in the last week. we have nearly no other topic that has been so penetrating the media as data because obviously it is the number one wide now the future kind of something that everyone is talking
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about now and everyone is talking about what's the by the ministration did wrong. well, joe biden says he doesn't want to hand the afghan war onto what the president, whether that means turning applied, dial doing something about it. it's difficult to say right now, it's such a fluid situation. ok, political have. let's be on top of solely thanks for joining us again. thank you. ok. other video that we've got for you from this sunday? this is exclusive footage from the key city of july la bad. it was the last major stronghold taken by the taliban before they reached the capital gelata. but of course, just to the east of cobble, the medicines claims that the city was taken without the fights just like the others. and this is exclusive video from afghanistan. second largest city kandahar fact came on the taliban control on friday and certainly seemed to accelerate developments in the past. 48 to 72 hours group says that it also seized hundreds of weapons and vehicles, as well as large amounts of ammunition in the city. despite the escalating violence
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over the year, it took months for the un security council to admit just how critical the situation had become. even a country that has tragically known generations of conflicts, afghanistan is in the throes of yet another chaotic and desperate chapter. an incredible treasure the for its long suffering people forgotten he's done. he's spinning out of control. we got analysis earlier from a former senior british police officer and reservist army officer who worked in afghan us down as a security advisor. kevin hurley told us that it was clear that this situation was coming. 11 problem with the group government employees. they are that will not all wary all telling truth to power. and of course, because the politicians had no real plan and they got blocked about a number of generals might contain the mentor of we are doing this,
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they wouldn't listen to the majors left and the colonel's company commanders on the ground or blue collar worker, braces by slightly higher, what do i know? i may have been in the houses of police, but i know nothing about subsequent. the things the west, but the rest of the world were not prepared to deal with the issues of trying to impose a corrupt government on a country where many of the people did not support the government. and then more in culture and not understanding the subtleties of the tribes that got installed. yes, you can bomb and you can fix taliban leadership or the insurgency or i as sky. but you will not stop the night. so i'm coming back into the villages and towns within the past hour or so the us secretary of state and he blinked and said, it's not in the national interest to stay in afghanistan for years to come. adding that the taliban will continue regardless of whether the pentagon was present.
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meanwhile, us forces are in cobble right now to help evacuated embassy stuff. a total of $5000.00 troops are expected. the adams, the swell of helicopters, that facilitate diplomats, have reportedly been ordered to burn sensitive documents before they leave. observe as a comparing the scene to vietnam's a sy, god in 1975. when pentagon helicopters evacuated stuff that i was marking the end of the vietnam war, senior republican lawmaker mitch mcconnell says, it looks like america is ready for the fall of cobble. although just a month ago, president biden dismissed, and he vietnam parallel went about further back in 2001 than us president george w bush insisted that the taliban regime was on its last legs. more recently, joe biden said it was highly unlikely that taliban would overrun the country. so patricia asked next to how america's leaders could have got it so wrong. thanks to our military and our allies and the brave fighters of afghanistan,
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taliban regime is coming to an end. ali bon take over that gas that now inevitable . it is not. because you have the afghan troops have 300000 well equipped as well as crypt his. any army in the world and an air force against something like 75000 taliban. it is not enough. just picture the timeframes. really have a proper think about it. i was 12 when america sent its soldiers to again a stand for the taliban to be dealt with. for 20 years for 2 decades, washington was splashing exorbitant amounts of cash on this grand attempt to give the troubled central asian country a favor. coalition servicemen were dying even more way more local lives were lost. so what do we got now?
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20 years versus what a couple or a few months in which the taliban respected as a force, a step away from taking over the whole country pretty much me was the mother myself and some people of the town car condos. and babylon provinces came here to the park. we have all fled to fighting. there is no food and no water. this family. so very worried because they have no idea what to do. i have been displaced from telecom, sushi, the telephone killed my son. they took all the belongings from my house and had fire demonstrated news.
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but if you think all this is a huge surprise, which came out of nowhere. sorry, that's not really the case. right after the u. s. pull out announcement in april. the taliban instantly proved it's not just ready to but they want full control and they're practically at the doorstep of capital kabul now. but at this point, the government there won't be able to rely on a helping hand from washington. african leaders have to come together. we lost thousands at last death and injury. thousands of american personnel got to fight for themselves. uncle sam is pulling out, but some of the troops have to stay or even be sent back to secure the likes of fleeing us. diplomats but watch out for the wording because according to washington,
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this is not an evacuation. this is not abandonment. this is not an evacuation. this is not the wholesale. busy withdrawl, what this is, is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. this is a draw down of civilian americans 46 years after one of the most humiliating episodes in the history of us overseas operations. the falling of south vietnam and the capital saigon. joe biden already had to answer questions about the vietnam defeat. flashbacks, you see any parallels between this withdraw and what happened to vietnam with some people feeling? we don't watch the tele, yvonne is not this out in the north vietnamese army. they're not, they're not remotely comparable in terms of capability. there's going to be no
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circumstance for you to see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan. this kind of confidence by the president has done little to convince those who have come up with lines that you can see right here. the journalists can smell a replay of saigon, the growing numbers of politicians turned critics of the gonna send for bob can't help drawing the unfortunate parallels either the latest news or the 3rd, the drop down, and our embassy and a hasty deployment of military forces seem like preparations for the full of couple president biden's decisions have a hurtling toward and even worse, equal to the humiliating fall of saigon in 1975, we're basically gave up on the african government not just now, but all the way back to the start of these talks what president biden did was to embrace it, he owns it, it was a huge foreign policy failure with general em,
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if occasions to sheriff 7 month entered this administration, everything points to a complete collapse. anyway, the whole pull out may end up as an immense reputational issue for the biden administration, for the u. s. as a whole, it's very likely to tarnish the entire 20 years of coalition presence. and again, it's dan, but take a moment to think of the price which the afghans are paying and are to pay. and the foreseeable future, the number of locals displaced is set to reach 3500000 this year. war is war. the decimal will only keep on rising. the whole crisis puts neighboring countries in jeopardy. you just can't help asking the same question. what was all of it for these long and controversial 20 years? total failure? i think i think there's any other way you can possibly measure by means of capacity when the soviet stuff that's going to sound in one connection, i need the pro civic government did not collapse in this way. in fact,
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it took some 2 years before any major cities fell to the majestic v was here, was saying, major cities pulling one off for the other 2 to the taliban before the americans. and even for the left, which gives credit to compact things that shows how, how much less successful and button americans have been building a stable government. and i've kind of stamina service one, the service didn't exactly do a good job there for clarity. the you americans of failed did. one thing that got less to do with the, of the daughter of miss underestimation of the taliban shying as it is to do with underestimation of the will to fight the government forces. i mean, simply put the government forces collapse. they've shown very little will to, to, to fight. and so it's really a moral problem when the government forces more than the strength of the taliban. and people, campaign of long line back to the united states for occupying afghanistan, wasting billions of dollars in costing countless lives. but can stone from the
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hamilton coalition to stop the war says there are also watching the withdrawal washington. this did miscalculate and scramble to increase troop levels to compensate for that, the u. s. should never have been, and nato should never have been in afghanistan in the 1st place. this was a unilateral and illegal invasion and occupation that took place without the approval of the un security council. now today, the united states and staging a withdrawal, a retreat from afghanistan. and they're doing it in a unilateral fashion. again, they didn't use the help that they could have called upon from russia, china, india, iran, and pakistan. those regional and, and asian powers to organize an orderly withdrawal. and the
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creation of a stable government in kabul, that one that might have been a government of national unity or a power sharing arrangement or coalition government. instead, the u. s. deliberately left a mass c u. s. that a lion shut up shop for africa. nationals who helped foreign troops now fear of reprisals from the taliban. one group of afghans who assisted u. k. forces rallied on the streets of campbell on friday, demanding protection from the british government. perhaps their calls have been heard. 600 british troops have been deployed to safeguard u. k. nationals. they evacuated from the capitol as well as supporting the relocation of former african staff to we spoke to an interpreter who works for both the british and american forces. who asked to remain anonymous, had a fear for his life. my family has received threats. in the past some time my friend b home was attacked twice. my father has been given warnings and
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threats many, many times. my. my dad's name was called that has like will be severely at risk because he offered not one but to offer some this against the italian. recently, one of the interpreter, his father was caught in bacteria, a province. he was beaten very badly and he was asked to ask his son, who is an interpreter, to come and change the cause of the taliban in the past year. and so a number of interpreters have been appealed or targeted by the taliban. recently, one of the interpreter who used to be an interpreter for the american special forces was assassinated by the telephone. of course they will be coming off to them . they'll be coming off to their families and those interpreters. so there will be, but sure there will be different. americans have gone away versus going away. everybody is running away. who are they leaving behind the interpreters
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who have served for years and years are status and i've gone to some tracing risk and benches. however, the you could government instead of saving the lives, bringing them here to live in peace and safety with their kids. they are making excuses and new conditions put in place only to reject their cases. all i'm hearing from my colleagues is that their cases have been rejected, rejected. there was a number of cases which were told that they were good to go. there were even given they were sent an email confirming that when they were ready for their flights, they are told now that they can already take to the u. k. i and my brother, both of us were interpreter for the coalition forces. my brother is still enough kind of the british government is making a swelled accumulations and excuses to withhold. not only my
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brothers, but many of the interpreters who genuinely need the british governments help and very high risk. it's frustrating for the people who have served the british forces and currently our oppressed and i think it's the u. k. is a moral and moral big ation to, to protect those who have worked alongside them enough canister. i strongly believe that the telephone will hunt down and we are going to interpreter who is. so if the british american forces, it will be the african interpreters or who will pay the ultimate price you're watching all pay for moscow is just coming up to $530.00 here in the russian capital is coming up to 7 pm and i've gone down, which is where we're focusing on coverage today to developments changing by the our i'll rolling news continues after this
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the ah, ah, showing me every 1st day on the alex simon show. when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business and show business. i'll see you then in the i think is part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims. the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you know, just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following
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problems in your evidence or logic. you see your micro grass mate, you say you triggered me. you said you hard me again some psychological way because those are psychological terms. and i guess an enormous problems or politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the my recent studies 90 percent of all the money print thing for all the different programs never leaves wall street. right. so it just stays on wall street saying here's an infrastructure bell rose tunnels bridges and they the 2000 page bill, they numerate all the things where the money is supposed to go. and then they pass the bell. then they authorize the money to be printed and then they sent it for distribution to wall street races on that very clearly in the money philosophy chart, which is always going towards europe. it never goes anywhere,
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tested on wall street balance sheet, and they use it to buy expensive property. and that's been the story now for more than 20 years. the thanks for staying with it, and i'll tell you as we tell you about the rapidly changing development. if an afghan us down this sunday fears and go for capital there, as the tele brian now surrounds com following rapid national games throughout the week. there are and confirm reports coming and that the group has ordered its forces to enter the capital. spokes person from the taliban said it was for a law and order issue to stop looting. the islamists claim that the currently in talks with the government about a peaceful surrender of the city which mercifully has so far, remained largely bloodless. there are also reports that president ash rough ghani.


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