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ah, the ah, it is our breaking news this sunday. i'm going to stanz interior minister is a peaceful transfer of power to a transitional government with the authorities purportedly entering into talks with the taliban. medicine group has surrounded carbo, ordering its fight is not to enter the capital. following an intense week of rapid taliban advances, sweeping the country and taking every major city in just a few days. the islamist resurgence began immediately after us president joe biden announced that american troops would withdraw back in april of the 2 decades since washington dragged cobble into war. the u. s. is out of afghanistan, leaving the desperate people face to face with the militant, once again. the
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hello for moscow. this is archie international i called in brian just one story dominating our full hour of rolling news. the taliban has surrounded the african capital cobble. this builds on a rapid gains it made throughout the week in negotiations over a peaceful hand over all reportedly underway with the government at the presidential palace of former african interior administer has been appointed head of the countries transitional government out. meanwhile, this sudden verified video circulating online supports to show prisoners released by the telegram the taliban from the country's largest prison bag room earlier. they also sees a bag or a military prison, which is just located 25 kilometers north of cobble inside were around $5000.00 convex. ne powell being set free. if this video can be verified that the majority of them taliban fighters, but also isis prisoners to back,
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or i'm used to be the largest us military base there, but it was hastily abandoned. these are the latest images that we've got from kabul . taken on a phone there. as you can see, residents trying to flee the city, but it's gridlock certainly in that part of cobble something even leaving that carbs in the middle of the road, causing major traffic jams. the here's the layout of what afghan stan looks like right now. it's a see of read those are the taliban control territory? this looked much like that throughout the week. but let's see how that, how it's develops in recent days because it has been changing our by our 1st on thursday, the islamist group started its operation on the countries of 2nd largest city kandahar. that was a key gain by the end of friday. the medicines had also taken hair out, which is the 3rd largest city over in the fall west of afghanistan. across the we
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came from saturday to sunday, another area, mazata sharif. that also fell to the insurgents, but quite k to that is this area used to be pretty resistant to the taliban in the early days. not any more than the medicines entered into jail about to the east of the capital. and now the country's capital is surrounded. what this now means is that the medicines effectively control almost every province in the country following that rapids and decisive offensive report, and also controlling every border post across the country as well. the only way to get in and out of the capital right now is through the heavily defended cobble apple. there's very minimal traffic going in and out of there, a few american charter flights and a couple of international carriers, a couple journalists, bill l sobari says the deep fears about the future on the streets of the capital right now. from what i can confirm from what i have been able to speak to people,
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there was arctic scenes when people were rushing towards the atm machine or the traffic job. members of the police have open fire into the air. the traffic cops are trying to basically keep traffic in motion cobble in the city. now in panic, everyone is leaving, but we will have to see how the transition for a cobbler city takes place. now that this clarity from both sides, that is serving as an aside in terms of, you know, putting an into some fearful scenarios and events and uncertainty. but it's easier said than done low. so let's see how they do that and see when they do that. if it does not locate where back to square one, and it does look also very chaotic that at the end of 20 years of massive international investments of millions of dollars, you know, perhaps even trillions lives. lot of this is the end result. so we will have to see how it moves from here. but as i said, again,
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the clarity from all sides has helped restore some sort of confidence in the outline people, especially 6000000 people living in this city. we have to really remember that the africa and private sector, a sport, hundreds of millions of years, dollars into the city, and the construction of buildings, shopping malls, at individual apartments and other businesses. so this is also why the thought of one of issue, the statement, reassuring businesses, both one informed that the investments were protected. so let's see how that goes. but obviously, if you looting in violence or in the minds of people confound reports on various media sources have been suggesting that the president asher f ghani, has resigned, but that's been unverified. it was one of the key demands for a piece deal by the taliban. earlier we also got the latest from probably as a sub we're as a journalist inside cobbled the pupil have why?
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because of this already. no. busy peace and situation of the solid law and capturing the. busy big cities such as come the province at my daughter's city. why tyler was called into the reaction stuff. cover c t one bit. they don't, they don't want to give up to the parlor wall. so then don't was thought of on and cobbler. i myself, i'm afraid and as well as the pupil enough get some are afraid because of the car live on us. they are so near to that car will see there is no any support from the government officials yet about us can journalists, so we are worry about or that was from national news news, the genesis and with through, with, with, with other like late fees and other this can be done far for
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journalists, so i'm very guess. let's go live to neighboring pakistan and i love about we can talk to the director for the center of afghanistan studies. and in a con, welcome to i'll say, what's your assessment of this past week? because even those with only a cursory idea of what's happening, afghanistan and experts themselves would have been stung that the speed and ease with which the taliban has retaken us. gone is down. i mean, a hello. can you hear me? it's call it in moscow. i'm really sorry. i couldn't get to their your voice. okay . that's ok. can you hear me clearly now what i was trying to ask was you surprised? sorry. are you surprised by any chance with which the taliban have retaken? i've gone asked them to be very honest. no, not really because you know, americans didn't give them
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a free hand. i mean, i always say that the day the american signed the agreement with the taliban. and then they began to execute it without fulfilling or getting assurances from the taliban site. you know, they started the withdrawal. this in itself involved in the taliban. and the fact that they started taking one district over the other. this was not really surprising. i think this was bound to happen. it's very clear the americans have given an open hand to the taliban. and i think this is somewhat of an agreement. this was found to happen. and the fact that they haven't really opposed the, you know, cited by take over the date in fact, be solid months, stopped or hold to the tax against american forces. what little and left of them. i think this in a sense was an indication that some sort of an agreement had been reached and look, the taliban have been thing from day one that they would not negotiate. tasted funny. and everybody knew that in order to move forward for this inclusive
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political set up that we've been hearing about so much, it was minus funny. and it is just unfortunate. i think i wish president funny had thought about this and engage with the thought by more and it would have been better to have an hon exit than to be forced. as is the case right now, i want to ask you about the president on his role in recent weeks and months. but before then, as you say, it's not been a surprise while the taliban have done in the past week or so. and yet the voices from the pence again from the white house, what to say. we train dotcom forces. we've spent a lot of money and even only on thursday, $1.00 official was an unnamed official will say, cobble might fall in 90 days, turned out it was more like 90 hours. why were they saying things like that when presumably they must have known look, pakistan for one has always been thing and has been against. and i think the region joined, focused on, in echoing this, we were, did not favor
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a hasty withdrawn. it should be measured and responsible, and clearly we're not seeing that. and the fact that the americans talk about, you know, giving training to be off on national security forces, clearly look bad no, much for the thunder bon, who've been engaged in discourse in warfare for more than 2 decades now. and to be honest, as i said, when president biden came into power, one thought that they would be a review of the process. one did not expect such a hasty withdrawal. suddenly not from the by not ministration with meant to be more experienced and knows the region you know, compared to the previous administration. also. i think it's very important to realize here that the son of bon strategy, this time has been totally different. and i think it's, it's taken maybe the americans by surprise, but certainly not the regional countries. they have been going to keep for the post . and then they've been reassuring their neighbors. number one that you know, business is going to move is going to function as normal. also they have,
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we can reach them recognition and they have been engaging with regional countries and they've assured them that it will be more of a peaceful transition. and if you see there isn't this kind of the kind of bloodshed that one was envisaging certainly hasn't happened. i think now it is essential. still, there is time to salvage the situation and therefore the americans need to step in and make sure that there is a peaceful transition of peace and some sort of a broker deem. we've had certain elements from the different conceptions visiting focus on today. something is being worked out on and i think it is imperative now that president honey does not show further resistance because it's only going to create further kills. and remember at the end of the day, who are the sufferers? it's the people that have suffered for far too long. we've been hearing from people in cobble and one hopes that they have been speaking candidly. but as you've just been saying, it's different this time around, the taliban are acting in a different way. and as far as you are aware, all those taliban units, so they do,
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they follow a central command structure of their rogue factions. i think number one, it's important to understand that the solomon may not have wanted to act differently. and maybe they would have wanted to exercise the same policies that they did say 2 decades ago. and although of highness on has been at turmoil of hundreds on has evolved. and i think that's on the bond, realized that they could not have come into power. that they did before and they could not use the same policies that alienated them from the society because if they do so, they will not get that regional recognition or support. and similarly, you know, the fonts will support them. so yes, the taliban have, you know, consistency being telling their fighters, you know, to follow certain protocols to respect the rights of women. we do the problem is that because it's such a state of flux, we're hearing different sources and different stories coming out. but i think it's important that one of the taliban say all these things,
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the proof of the pudding is in the eating. therefore, it is important that the fighters on the ground need to fulfill the promises that the taliban are making, such as the education institutions will be open. you know, we're hearing, you know, stories of women being forced to marry already valuable members stuff like this. but i think it's important that the people on the ground, the members on the ground follow the instructions of the taliban. and i think from what i'm hearing from my sources that you know, with all of on have taken over, it has been relatively peaceful business is, you know, running as usual. but of course, we can't deny there might be certain elements that are just being the groups, primary orders and in terms of precedent gotten these role and all this. now, of course, he's politically the weakest. he's at the bay and he's pretty much after the picture when he was propped up by the united states lead a lions. was there more that he could have done? or was that help from the us actually
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a hindrance in building up and making decisions in order to be able to make it more more acceptable for want of a better word transition of power rather than the taliban just storming back in? i'm putting, i've got to stand back 20 years to 2001 i think primarily the for the lie, you know, with the us in the oldest lives on the you can sign the agreement by excluding that in itself. you know, reduced the level of importance at the administration had, however, once the agreement was signed, we've seen time and again, president jaime, creating unnecessary hood, you know, in the way of peace, whether it's been, you know, disagreement for them. the loves are now over the makeup of the high peace council or the delegation that had to go to dora and then again the recent business. so time and again, he's strong,
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founder in the works and it has created not only and this the delays, but the little agreement or understanding that could have been created with the taliban. who doing that. and hence, if you've seen the taliban have been more open to engage in the doctor than president honey. and again, i think it's unfortunate because president honey did have a historical paternity. you know, to be remembered as someone who actually was committed to peace. and i think he could have done far more. so do you think a future taliban lead to afghan stan does have a way back onto the world stage in a way that is very, very didn't have a day in the last century. but we'll look certain b, i mean, the volleyball of today is not what it was again, 2 decades ago. you know, they've got the art of diplomacy. they have been engaging with countries that one would not expect, for example, or the russians were able to bring the taliban and other political factions on the table. and that was the 1st time was a valid one actually. did you know,
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showcase their policies and what not. so certainly the taliban have evolved the fact that the americans assigned an agreement with them. and i personally feel that i think the americans feel that the taliban more of a responsible stakeholder the can deliver compared to the previous government. but again, it is important now that if the dollar buy do come into power, i don't think they will come in to it as a complete government, they will have to be a power sharing set up. and this is already being discussed. i think, you know, the taliban will already engaging with other political factions. it is important to see at the end of the day whether it's a dollar bond or other political factions, they need to compromise and work together. because i think too much focus has been on what regional countries or extra regional countries can do. but look at the end of the the, the of plans have to compromise and accommodate each other. and it is only through that that they will be able to move forward. so you should be still cautiously
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optimistic on the future of, of, on this on what was that in mind? what about countries powers like pakistan? i mean, nobody wants unstable neighbor next door, and there's been fractions relations between pakistan and afghanistan for quite some time. and what, what's the future that immediately look again from day one. unfortunately, you know, pockets on i have to say, and i'm not saying this is a bucket funny, but pockets on while it may not have been consistent on other policies, it has been consistent on its views regarding upon this on okay, suddenly we've lost the connection. there with the main account from the scanner stand, studies center, the director she was edna is lama bad. so hopefully we'll be able to get it back because there's plenty more i wanted to ask her about what's next for the people of afghanistan. now next we can show you some exclusive video from
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a key city. this is july and i've got to stand. it was taken by the taliban before the militants reached the capital of the insurgents claimed that the said he was taken without to fight a story that we've been hearing across the boards in the past few days in the number of regional and provincial capitals and areas across the country, even a country that historically known generations of conflicts, afghanistan is in the throes of yet another k. u optic, and desperate chapter. and incredible treasure, the for its long suffering people. forgot he's done. he's spinning out of control. the un secretary general there, and of course, as we heard earlier on, it's likely that there will be an emergency meeting of the un security council on what's happening in afghanistan down back in 2001. then president george bush of the united states insisted that the taliban regime was on its last legs or more
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recently, joe biden said it was highly unlikely that the taliban would overrun the country. portray and asked how america leaders could have got it so wrong. thanks to our military in our allies and the brave fighters of afghanistan, itala bon regime is coming to an end bon take over cuz i guess that now inevitable is not because you have the app can troops at 300000 well equipped as well as crypt his any army in the world and an air force? again, something like 75000 taliban. it is not inevitable. just picture the timeframes. really have a proper think about it. i was 12 when america sent its soldiers to again a stand for the taliban to be dealt with. for 20 years for 2 decades,
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washington was splashing exorbitant amounts of cash on this grand attempt to give the troubled central asian country a failure. coalition servicemen were dying even more way more local lives were lost. so what do we got now? 20 years versus what a couple or a few months in which the taliban research acted as a force, a step away from taking over the whole country pretty much me was the mother myself and some people of the town car, condos, and bergland provinces came here to the park, we have all fled to fighting. there is no food and no water. the family very
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worried because they have no idea what to do. i have been displaced from telecoms to she. the telephone killed my son. they took all the belongings from my house and had fire damage transferred news. but if you think all this is a huge surprise, which came out of nowhere. sorry, that's not really the case. right after the u. s. pull out announcement in april. the taliban instantly proved it's not just ready to but they want full control and they're practically at the doorstep of capital control now. but at this point, the government there won't be able to rely on a helping hand from washington. african leaders have to come together. we lost
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thousands at last death and injury. thousands of american personnel got to fight for themselves. uncle sam is pulling out, but some of the troops have to stay or even be sent back to secure the likes of fleeing us. diplomats but watch out for the wording because according to washington, this is not an evacuation. this is not abandonment. this is not an evacuation. this is not the wholesale. busy withdrawl, what this is, is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. this is a draw down of civilian americans 46 years after one of the most humiliating episodes in the history of us overseas operations. the falling of south vietnam and the capital saigon. joe biden already had to answer questions about the vietnam defeat. flashbacks, you see any parallels between this withdraw and what happened to vietnam with some
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people feeling went on watching the tele, yvonne is not this out in the north vietnamese army. they're not, they're not remotely comparable in terms of capability. there's going to be no circumstance for you to see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan. this kind of confidence by the president has done little to convince those who have come up with lines that you can see right here. the journalists can smell a replay of saigon. the growing numbers of politicians turned critics of the gang to send for. bob can't help drawing the unfortunate parallels either the latest news of a 3rd, the drop down into the embassy and a hasty deployment of military forces seem like preparations for the fall of couple president biden's decisions have hurtling toward and even was equal to the humiliating full of saigon in $975.00 were basically gave up on the african
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government not just now, but all the way back to the start of these talks. what president biden did was to embrace it. he owns it, it was a huge foreign policy failure with general army secretions to sheriff 7 month into this administration. everything points to a complete collapse. anyway, the whole pull out may end up as an immense reputational issue for the biden administration, for the u. s. as a whole, it's very likely to tarnish the entire 20 years of coalition presence. and again, it's dan. but take a moment to think of the price which the afghans are paying and are to pay. and the foreseeable future, the number of locals displaced is set to reach 3500000 this year. war is war. the decimal will only keep on rising. the whole crisis puts neighboring countries in jeopardy. you just can't help asking the same question. what was all
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of it for these long and controversial, 20 years total failure? i think that there is any other way you can possibly measure by means of capacity when the soviet stuff that's going to sound and non connection. i need the pro civic government did not collapsing in this way and practically took from 2 years before any major cities fell to the majority being was hair was saying, major cities pulling one off to the other, 2 to the taliban before the americans. i mean for the left, which gives, i think, credit to compact things. it shows how, how much less successful impact americans have been in building a stable government. and i've kind of stamina service. one say we didn't do a good job there for clarity, the americans have failed dismally. i think this has got less to do with the daughter of miss underestimation of the taliban shying as it is to do it under estimation of the will to fight the government forces. i mean, simply put, the gun forces have collapsed very little will to, to,
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to fight. and so it's really a moral problem when the government forces more than the strength of the taliban. well, anti war campaigners have long lambasted the united states occupying afghanistan, wasting billions and costing lives kennestone from the haven't golden coalition to stop. the war says they're also bulging the withdraw. washington, this did miscalculate and it scrambled to increase troop levels. to compensate for that, the u. s. should never have been and nato should never have been in afghanistan in the 1st place. this was a unilateral and illegal invasion and occupation that took place without the approval of the un security council. now today, the united states and staging a withdrawal, a retreat from afghanistan. and they're doing it in a unilateral fashion. again, they didn't use the help that they could have called upon from russia, china,
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india, iran, and pakistan. and those regional and, and asian powers to organize an orderly withdrawal. and the creation of a stable government in kabul, that one that might have been a government of national unity or a power sharing arrangement or coalition government. instead, the u. s. deliberately left mass. now this week, the united nations warned that nearly 400000 civilians have had to leave the homes in afghanistan. since the start of the year. there's been a huge spike since may. many fled to cobble hoping for a safe haven that those efforts now appeared to be futile. here were just some of the heart wrenching stories that the refugees have been telling us this week. i have been just placed from telecom. the telephone killed my son. they took all the belongings from my house and set fire to them and transfer the punch me in the
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mouth, causing my teeth to fall out. they demanded my son and i told them that he's a school teacher. she recently became a teacher and had not even received his salary yet, had a class has broke out and we were taken hostage in the fighting, went on for about 6 to 7 days. and we couldn't go outside to do anything we managed to escape. and now we are displaced, but those displaced afghan thinking asylum might not be that welcome in europe either with a blog currently at loggerheads over what to do with migrants and i was fleeing violence. next ortiz, paula slay adel into what happened to europe's open door policy. european union is split what to do with african refugees speaking assign them in the letter to the european commission, civil countries insisted they have the right to forcibly deport those whose cases have been rejected. they vote that not to deport them, would motivate more refugees, to flee to europe. we would like to highlight the urgent need to perform returns
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both voluntary and non voluntary to ghana. stan stopping return sends the wrong signal and is likely to motivate even more afghan citizen to leave the home for the e. u. the situation in afghanistan is deterioration by the all when it comes to the us and nato prepaid to what's called a troops at the end of the month. after decades long war, the situation is so bad that the netherlands, germany, and france have decided to cause the deportation to be for now. the situation in afghanistan is likely to change and events for the coming period are so uncertain that i have decided to introduce a more atoria on deputation decisions and departures. agrees, or stress belgian and denmark standing. they want the rejected, assign them because the e u is not really and does not have the capacity to kind of another major migration
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crisis. why your guns are waiting, make up around 10 to sit until asylum seekers. they're the 2nd largest group off the syrians and for a continent still scarred by the migration crisis of 56 years ago. there was a feeling of a who, a feeling of having been they before, that has your opinions worried. they might be on the verge of a fish refugee crisis. those people who are here from a gun is done, they are not my. they're a few use and asylum seeker. and that is why it is very important to remember at all best in countries have signed humor a convention refugee convention. and they are duty bound to has anyone, not only of guns, but syrians are anybody who come to the, to their country? and as far as how long because you are in the country are any conflict.


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