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tv   News  RT  August 14, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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ah, ah, stand by the taliban rapids at ball tools car, hold you on just a medicine group to hold the violence in afghanistan. meanwhile, the president refuses to step down going against a piece telephone condition for a peep till more demonstrations gave proven restrictions in france today with thousands turning out again in paris. the 5th consecutive week and a state of emergency or growing precedent to the wildfires has been expanded to cover 2 last regions in eastern russia. now pulling 7000000 hackers of siberian forests are effected, and archie, news reports from the frontline, the small fire, the guys are trying to put up with their own hands. a little piece like this might burn down dozens of miles force.
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ah, run the blog, bring you the very, very latest. this is audrey international, real life from the russian capital. and we are very glad that you've joined us while sorta saw funds. we have been on table focusing on the latest developments in afghanistan, where be kind of bonds be making substantial territorial gains. following the mass us withdrawal. unconfirmed reports say the islamist millison group is now just a lesson kilometers from the capital koppel. meanwhile, the countries president refuses to resign, saying in a nationally televised address that his fight isn't over. well here, our latest pictures from the capital locals are desperately seeking shelter of to fleeing the town of bonds, rapids and fonts. men and women and children are struggling with harsh living conditions, saying there is an acute shortage of food and water call paul john,
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unless the last warri earlier talked with our team column bray about the situation in the capital. even a country that has tragically known generations of conflicts. afghanistan is in the throes of yet another k. u optic and desperate chapter. an incredible treasure the for its long suffering people. i forgot he's done. he's spinning out of control. well, there is of hopelessness. people are wondering what is the strategy that the government has to stop or slow down his rock with tyler rhonda. advances over the last few hours. the provincial carpet. couldn't our province in eastern afghanistan as fall in we saw chaotic scenes in the city of us, either by the way, locos were looting k 40 sevens in either ammunition from the police headquarters. the african officials were fling locals were throwing stones at them, saying don't least, i think you are looking at
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a severe crisis of leadership within the security sector. the fact that the government did not know that some of his governors and other sienna officials and provinces, war and negotiations with the toddler bomb about surrenders or in a safe passage, shows you how big that problem is. that is, i thing a constant question that every african is asking, why are these places falling while i've got government soldiers, not putting of a fight and i had a chance to listen to prison. nation one is message. very tired. he looked tens. you said that he wanted to prevent further bloodshed by working for a political settlement, but he defused to elaborate what that would mean. there was talk of resignation. obviously that is not true as of now. so all of this compounded has created a climate of uncertainty among ordinary i've once the psychological impact, this must be a man's. now what about those families,
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those households the left in cobble? what's the humanitarian situation like for them as things stand right now? we have to remember the fighting started enough on the sun during the harvest season. farmers, you know, come in to the royal on his son. lost all of that income. businessman, who had invested from hundreds and thousands of, to millions of dollars lost their money, that investments because of the fighting. you know, so there is a worse, they cannot make situation. you have the pandemic. and then you have bought this humanitarian crises where more than a 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes. but we have to really also remember millions of 5 lines don't have that choice. they have to be stuck in kandahar city and last guy and it was with because the highways are infested with roadside bombs. this fighting that has been strike, they've been artillery. and for many ones, i think the friday, the lies in the fact that this has been happening to generations that they have
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been used and abused by the number of governments over the last 40 years, all under the names and slogans of various progress and stuff like that, well, this map right here shows just how much off can territory is now under taliban control, including 2 sides of provincial capital than the big cities outside of the capital thought johns kandahar, where they reportedly saved hundreds of weapons and vehicles as well as large amounts of ammunition, the semester ramped up there offensive in april of the u. s. president announced he was pulling out troops where we got the very latest from the city of massa sheriff . one of the last 3 major cities still under government control, nero's thoroughly with more often. but we visited 2 different from lines in mazar, e sharif, when the situation had been better and hadn't been heavy fighting. however, on saturday the taliban attack was city from different directions, violence increased, and people and the more worried than ever before done. and my mother and i came to
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missouri sharif to defend my people. the taliban came here to ruin the country. they invite people to an islam does not really as long if they think that they are also afghans, they should come and negotiate with us. or if they want to take power, they should go for elections and make people vote for them. but the only thing they actually want is to ruin afghanistan and our people danco, especially then they got whole people are fed up with the war and unemployment. i've been jobless for 2 months already. we are tired of fighting. we want peace. people are fleeing from a dentist in there, go into iran and turkey because of the situation here. they are selling their houses at half the price just to be able to leave. i wanted to do the same, but it ran close their borders because of the warren of ghana, samsung them or how much our life was ruined because of this war. how the people escaped. but those who had no money had to state these attacks scare our families
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because they always happen at night. people cannot even go to hospital. and just because they don't have money. and even those who eventually go often don't get proper care. why mom, i don't, everyone in missouri sharif is now trying to safely leave the city locals, rushing to the airport and bus stations. and now i'm also planning to leave the city and flight to cover that side on the head of an italian group working in afghanistan to promote women's right says that washington simple enough civilians in the large the main concern now is to ensure security for our staff and the afghan women and children, the taking care of our representatives, are preoccupied with the faith of women's rights, which they've been fighting for for 20 years. earlier today we decided to shut down our office there and hired documents so that the women under our watch can be tracked down. we will continue doing our job on the cover from home, telephone trip to just live in columbus is from couple things that they're not encountering any resistance. i'm afraid. the total presence in the caps was just
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a matter of faith. probably they're waiting until the definitive pull out of us troops scheduled for august 30th before capturing the capital of furthest seeing that with the us and they to withdraw. afghans got the opportunity to run their country on their own. however, in fact, it turned out that the american of the west established a puppet government which could not care less about afghanistan. and today's officials are only concerned about saving their lives. i think the americans could have handled better the retreat and thought more about ordinary people. and their rights mean was mentioned to deployment of us. full says, has arrived in kabul to help us create embassy staff. while 3000 more american troops are expected to arrive in the coming days, nato's also express concern about the taliban splits and reaffirmed support for the afghan government on security forces. on t u. k. simon, right, gives his take on that next. his american troops and the night so long as it drags
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along for the ride pulled up. i've got install last month on the 20 is a bombing by the way, and i'll be honest. haven't go well. and on friday the 1st city fell to the taliban sunshine. we've seen like a domino effect, 9 other provincial capitals in rural areas flying under child control, us in so actually the combo mind within 90 days, they say that happened by next week. in fact, some nato countries are actually sending troops back to get their citizens out. already, you want to visual metaphor for america 20 years in africa. not hearing taliban driving us, the blind humvees that they just took from the afghan forces. surely washington has prepared his bonds big they've got to fight for themselves. fight for their nation. nice one guy that will do it. i'm sure they caught your rallying cry on the evening news and laska got so overall president's
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response to the renewed misery of the average african person is i do not regret my decision. i'm sure he doesn't. he's not the one that can down the power of some kind of bond golf. playing is yeah, they're dragging the dead through the street as a warning to anyone who get some report suggest that us officials, i mean cool by surprise. the speed at which time abandoned me back in underlining what we'll kind of know already. america. lease policy. absolutely me off that the element of surprise. you know and told washington that the enemy supposed to be surprised last year you and report at the ready preparing positions the when foreign troops leave, proving that age or piece of military wisdom. if you're going to retreat, it will be best not to tell the enemy the company is in advance. this how withdrawal has been planned to trump. i could win that war and a we i just don't want to kill 10000000 people. they could, it was,
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i suppose. so some other pals and wisdom coming from the white house include saying, the government should make peace with the man to avoid civil war. 2 lane, american diplomats of talk to the guns in the back as danis. i've been talking to china and the russians, how they even going to do with a ton of law and loaded in the prison. but when it comes down to it, this is what we spent over $2000000.00 over 20 years. we trained and equipped with modern equipment over $300000.00 afghan forces, how many more time american truck bombs spend trillions of dollars to win a war and be surprised when it doesn't work. the site is not un report and no one seems to have read from last year. page 12 interesting is just calling to is present in at least 15 afghan provinces and it's still great made for the time
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that's closer than ever. of course, we'll probably come back britain defense sanctuary that well done. everyone here for the next 20 years. the pointlessness on the plastic side may bring pakistan's national security advice as ask i needed to try to find a political solution to avoid further violence. in the past, his mom about had been a successful mediator between afghanistan, militants. mcconnell is critical of pakistan for offering shelter to taliban leaders and claims is also providing a haven if that is the most fighters. today's going underground on our team talks to the ask our president, special envoy for pakistan, about the ongoing crisis. do you don't think some people in washington see this policy as when, when they remove the troops, they destabilize afghanistan and the stabilizing china with the east coast on terrorists, as the chinese call them. who emanates of course,
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who's in jang and the stabilize russia with the tech minister is becca star board is and the same time they don't have to pay so much. they've spent 4 trillion maybe on these was after 911. it's a great victory for washington. when that's not how people find this and see, i mean people blame us. that sponsor really at the moment. very i see personally so far, i mean the administration that was born in the conference it was built based on the international consensus. but now whatever happened from now on, it's going to be both based on the regional consensus. so the initiative is now more in the region then in europe and washington. now for a couple of stories increase this russian plane sent to help baffle wildfire.
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kentucky has crashed in the east of the country. the crew of 5 russian and 3 tucker se nationals was killed. it's not known what caused the crash, but russians dispatched investigators to the area and the magnitude $7.00. quake has been reported near the coast of haiti, the prime minister says several people have been killed mis scenes of collapse, buildings and rubble in the streets. the quake was more powerful than the one back in 2010. we remember devastated the caribbean island nation. i mean, pretty over in europe, thousands out again in paris, protesting games cove with restrictions for the 5th consecutive week. the outcry is over, the mandatory health passes now need to get into restaurants and other public places . multi point fear takes a closer look. well, as many as a quarter 1000000 people are estimated to have turned out to the pizza from today to protests,
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against the mandatory wearing of the mosque and public spaces. and also having to show their health pos monday. this is one of the sweet rallies taking place here in paris the saturday. and there were more than $200.00 that are taking place across the country. we are hearing our violence in the city of meal way. the police are being forced to you here get against, protested the feeling on the ground, a 31 of the suppression people having turned out awaiting you for 5 straight. we came saying that they'll be back next weekend until the situation is dealt with. the reading call has been no mcclung. we will not expect to pass. people have also been shouting liberty while the various tech, hard from posters make reference to this health path. being a reminder of the past that was used in a party, south africa. i've also seen posters saying that this is a health dictatorship and shame on the past. the people i've been talking to all
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angry, they offer straight it, and this is what a few of them had to say. we don't want to, we don't want the attorney terika, we don't want this. it's not. we're not again, vaccination. we're not again, health issues, we're not against all that. we just don't want to. this president has cornered us into depriving us or our freedom. i mean it's, it's crazy. it's $984.00. it's for concrete and it's all be done to, to go in, in a coffee in a restaurant to, to go, you know, for instance, many sides we've out but the relation on it, it's again, the democrats, the institutions say the property is illegal. but to go back to picking that counsel, we have appointment. we need the vote in downtown paris have been closed off too.
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and now for the mom to proceed, there is a strong police presence. and no doubt they will continue to be as these kind of manifestations. and demonstrations taken to the streets of, from phil ahead to the scottish government of his new guidance, claiming the children of young as before. able to decide that john to identity without parental consent, more not on the 4th grade. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally,
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i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk with the the the the the welcome back. a state of
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emergency over wildfires has been expand as cover to vast regions in east and russia. fix smokes covered parts of your kitchen for weeks on a spread to the neighboring eclipse region. the fires all threatening a 1000 villages now with several having to be evacuated this week. and our t news team has been following her. ah ah ah, what is the red one? those are fires. a fire covered this area. what's highlighted and green was also a fire. what's red is what is actively burning. now. how much land does the fire copper? what about $100.00? 50 square kilometers?
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150000 heck tears and there was a huge bar here, but you have already put it up. it was here where we drove the fire 100 kilometers from me. which just looks like we're running and driving, trying to find the fire. but they shift fast and the wind and often escape. sometimes they move one kilometer in each direct me of everything very sort of us. where is a fire that you're told everywhere? i mean, that's how you burned here. it's a total nightmare. i've never seen it as bad as this before, so i look like a smarter. where is the fire? now, everywhere. that obvious, the main part is now behind the village. i'm sorry this mistake. every trying to do something to save the forest or it will all burn. it was this year. this is how the
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forest bird. this is the episode. i just can't even breathe here. the small fire, the guys are trying to put up with their own hands. so my little piece like this burned down dozen miles of forest me me? ah, what we were told the summer would be the same as usual, the more arid. that's understandable because it happens every 5 to 10 years within preparing for this. but what we have now is to try somewhere in history. we could not imagine. this is a very serious challenge. me, me, me,
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ah, ah. according can you guidance published by the scottish government children as young as for wible to change the name and gender school claiming that is possible to come out as a transgender? at any age, schools have been recommended to support pupils if they want to transition without the parent's consent. it means that trans children should be able to use whatever lava tree or changing we may choose to help the kids better understand that gender identity. schools have also been advised to suggest neutral books and uniforms. but activist martin called, i think it's a dangerous path to tread. this is inherently flawed through of id on the jews which they pushing on the lobbying groups which helped write this. this
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document 4 year old has no idea what the gender is very kind of easily influenced and the very easily influenced. ready by adults and what they say around them. so gradually putting kids in boxes that's an age of 4 years old. and that you're saying, oh, well, if you're a boy and you're like you're playing with dolls, maybe you're actually trumps. these are very dangerous ideologies that we're actually, we're going in and i'm being progressive naturally betting the rest of the scottish governments, as children are happier and learn more at school when they feel safe, respected, and included whenever they decide to transition. well, here's how bro culture and format burcham p, george galloway seasonal. the nationalist government here, frustrated by its failure to achieve its primary goal the breakup of britain, the independence of scotland has made our turn to matters, solve sexuality and gender. in a truly remarkable way,
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i have as it happens, a 4 year old school. and if the teacher wanted to take her to the park, she would have to have my consent to do so. but under this new set of regulations, if my 4 year old wanted to change our agenda, her name, her personal pronouns, they wouldn't have to even inform me. nevermind. as for my consent, this degree, undoubtedly rob's parents of the rights and the european human rights convention. it is absolutely illegal and my view, i'm responsible for my children until they reach the age of majority. and finally, human rights groups are accusing candidates for breaking international law over the
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sale of weapons to saudi arabia. a report from to organizations also states that kind of divinely to non st. t on humanitarian rights over the war in yemen, we spoke with reports co author be endeavoured to not only analyze but refute the findings of canada's report and come to the conclusion that kansas export of l. a. v's and other canadian made weapons to saudi arabia's actually in contravention of canada's legal obligations under the arms trade treaty, to which canada has been a party for a couple of years now. canada cannot permit the export of weapons to a recipient where there is a substantial risk that that recipient is going to use those weapons in contravention of human rights to facilitate human rights abuses. while back in 2019 counter export to nearly $3000000000.00 worth of weapons to saudi arabia. the very
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yet also signed up for an international arms treaty. and despite global pressure on the saudis, over the assassination of washington post columnist jamal, shoji in 2020 canada, still ranked in more than a $1000000000.00 in weapons deals. but canadian leaders and sets that are all strong control systems in place. and there's no risk of right foundations and much of this, of course, centers around the ongoing conflicts in yemen where the rebels, who over through the governmental up against a multinational coalition, led by saudi arabia more than 200000 yemenis have died since the conflict started in 20144000000 have been displaced and tens of thousands are on the brink of starvation. the u. n. in fact warns it is the wilds was humanitarian disaster. kelsey gallagher again says that on sales from canada facilitate that war. it's been a hot complex, it's 2014 and is deemed one of the world's worst humanitarian crises happening
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today. and certainly can provision of weapons to saudi arabia was a substantial risk of facilitating that conflict. and that is not just our assessment. in fact, that's actually based on the assessment of the group, the u. n. group of eminent experts on yemen who have for a couple of years. now. i stated that the provision of weapons to saudi arabia is not only feeling the conflict, but last year in their annual report. they actually sent it out and directly named canada as one of the, the few countries directly named as supplying weapons and thereby feeling the violence. and yet it was all from myself on the team here in moscow to this hour. of course, be back at the top. is that, but it's hard to tell them it's pre boss, enjoy the i think is part of mental health revolution. we increasingly
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freeze political claims the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you know, just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your evidence or logic. you see your micro grass mate, you say you triggered me. you said your heart be again some psychological way because those are psychological terms. and i've got an enormous problem for politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the ah, is your media reflection of reality? the in the world transformed what will make you
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feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? direct. what is true? what is in the world corrupted. you need to this end. the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah! this is boom bus. so one business show you can't afford to miss branch a bore, and i'm rachel robins in washington. coming up. you have the economy is on a winning story, but how long will last? well, take a look at the latest issues with irish trade post. it was 3 of the world's most influential billionaires have set their sights on greenland. what could the reason
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possibly be for us? and then we turn to argent tina, where the south american nation is considering falling salvatore's steps. later on, we'll hear from boom, but christy i about the nations fresh plan to tackle an old problem with a fax today. so let's dive right in the and we leave the program with sir richard branson, selling roughly $300000000.00 in virgin galactic stocks. the eccentric 1000000000 are sold more than 10000000 shares and the company between august 10th and 12th, according to regulatory filing. the move comes is wall street analysts have downgraded the space stock due to a lot.


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