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the moon, the the sun is spinning out of control. and the headline smarty, this morning sun by the taliban rapid advanced towards cobble the un urging the military group to help the violence, enough canister. while africa, nationals who risk their lives assisting for a military is now violent retaliation from the resurgent taliban. come up, we speak to one for translator who asked for his identity to be concealed for him and his family safety are strongly believe that the total of $100.00 down, every interpreter who serve to petition american forces it will be the african interpreters will pay the ultimate course the state of emergency because of unprecedented wildfires, has been expanded to cover to valve regions in east and russian. more than 7000000
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hectares of siberian forest have been affected. his hunting krislofski and his crew are on the front line. the small fire, the guys are trying to put up with their own hands. my little piece like this could burn down dozens of miles of forest me. ah good morning. like from out who's will these h q in moscow this weekend is kevin away with you on the latest for the next half hour. and he was taking the time to check in 1st and the blood of a coverage to this this morning. the taliban has begun encircling the afghan capital cobble as a military gain control over half of the war. 2 nations provincial capitals. but it took months for the un security council to convene an emergency meeting about it to admit the dire situation on the ground. there are enough canis then even a country,
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the test, tragically known generations of conflicts. afghanistan is in the throes of yet another chaotic and desperate chapter. an incredible treasure, the for its long suffering. people have forgotten, he's done. he's spinning out of control. the warning from the united nations follows another day of games by the taliban, claiming on friday that it had taken up kenneth's times, 2nd largest city canada. ha, looking at exclusive footage from that season, miss militant groups said it seems hundreds of weapons and vehicles as well as large. 1 amounts of ammunition in the city. meantime, the u. s. embassy in the capital cobble is urging all americans to leave immediately, apparently, diplomats of also reportedly been directed to destroy sensitive documents and computers. before they leave on the map, you can see the situation in afghanistan as it stands. currently, the taliban has taken hold of strategically crucial locations, very near the capital islamist ramped up there offensive back in april,
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after the us president announced he was pulling troops out at the time the military group held less than the 5th of the country. but another control, more than half with the militants had cobbled door than we heard from people in that city or money. tough and we are afraid of them as the cities are falling t by day, the capital may also fall after some time. he had also wanted to shut off. we are afraid why is there no weapon support for our security personnel. they are being killed from the front line. they have to retreat or give up. yeah, because they run out of equipment like, you know, how about when i see that we are on the verge of losing everything really lose hope . i have even taken to ask him some of my friends if i have ever done them wrong and asking for forgiveness because it's the telephone come, none of us will survive and i know will be killed. the my, the last telephone. i witness my mother getting less they did tell the gone for doing her fees for a couple of minutes today. i shielded the telephone,
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come to power, will return to the scene dark. the, the people of dennis time specially the people of cobbled or extremely disappointed in a lack of military strategy that should have prevented what is now a very demoralizing trend for the african soldiers entire units. you know, even brigade in core commanders said entering to the top one not putting up a fight. many people in the city of cobbled today i spoke to told me that why did the sons got killed when they were sent to that more corners of this country? and this was the end result when you had the western embassies listed in the cobble is not there for when you hear them deploying forces, saying that this is specifically to evacuate their own, you know, citizens. it does not instill confidence in the african government during the african peoples. i'm sure that the presence of taliban around cobbler province in
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within the city is now an open secret. and what is a city like cobble it's panic? it's chaos. you know the memories of the 1990 s, very fresh. when i finally went to a very dark, i must also highlight another point that cobbler had no electricity. so those fears are real risk. suddenly. busy and the pupil of a quiet, tragically don't. busy have a hole in the future of this country that is crumbling for the time being. the taliban of never show the way from saying what they want the complete resurrection of their islamic camera that ruled from 996 to 2001. however, concerns remain as for some countries, the groups considered a terrorist organization. sierra big sat down with the spokes person for the taliban political office to hear about the future of movement as they saw it. should i let people did to tell or been use force to take the 10 provinces to control or did the provinces come voluntarily?
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i'm an oscar. i think you should redirect this question to the people. it's for them to assess whether force was actually needed to take control of 10 large provinces in little more than a week when the government forces that much more resources and equipment and we, they above all else, they get financial and political help from a country. how could this advance from the ground happen then? is there any other explanation of western countries or no accusing the taliban of trying to take control of again, a stand by force. the united states war that will lead to afghanistan sized leisure and the taliban will be in isolation once again. my mom wants good relations with all countries around the world, especially with neighbors in the countries now region while we maintain contact with them and we want good relations. but we also want the countries that still don't understand the reality of what's happening on the ground and upcoming those countries that came to us chemist on 20 years ago. we want them to understand who
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represents the african people in those countries put those who are now in power in place. and they gave them a lot of money. if we put all those dollars on the ground, they would cover the entire territory of guns. where that money go. we went into the pockets of certain people who then moved abroad with this money. these countries know there is corruption. here. they still support a vision which can't control it. so how can i serve the people that we said during the meetings? and we say again that these countries have to understand the reality. why are people forced to have something they don't want something that contradicts principles. and values of the people not open. meantime, a deployment of us troops has arrived in cobble to help of acute embassy stuff from the country. $3000.00 more are expected to arrive in the coming days. and as the us lead alliance with drawers africa, nationals who helped foreign troops and fearing reprisals from the hello by one group of afghans who assisted u. k. forces rallied on the streets of carville on friday,
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demanding protection from the british government. and perhaps their calls have been heard. 600 british troops have been deployed to safeguard u. k. nationals as the vacuum from the capitol as well as supporting the relocation of former african staff. we spoke to an interpreter who worked for british and american forces. he asked, remain anonymous, fear for his life. my family has listed to it's in the post sometime my son be home was attacked twice. my father has been given warnings and threats many, many times my. my dad's name was called that his life will be severely at risk because she offered no one but 2 of her son's guest, the italian recently, one of the interpreter, his father was caught in a provence. he was beaten very badly and he was asked to ask his
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son, who, who is an interpreter, to come in, trace the issue to your cause of detail of our recently one of the interpreter who used to be an interpreter for the american special forces was estimated by the time of the interpreters who have served for years and years enough kind of tracing risk and dangers. however, you could government instead of serving deadlines, bringing them to live in peace and safety with their kids. or they are making excuses and new conditions put in place only to reject their cases call. i'm hearing from my colleagues is the big cases have been rejected, rejected. there was a number of cases which were told, but they were good to go. they were even given in there was sent an email confirming that when they were ready for the flights,
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they are told me that they can re, to, to, to the you, to my brother, worker, for sport interpreter, for the collision of forces. my brothers still enough to understand the british government is making a false accusations and excuses to withhold. not only my brothers visa, but many of interpreters who genuinely need the british government's help and are very high risk or strongly believe the detail above 100 down. every or an interpreter who's so if the partition american forces, it will be the african interpreters or who paid the ultimate force. ne toes also concerned over the taliban blitz in some emergency meeting on friday, the alarm said chief saying their aim is to support the african government and security forces to case someone right? guess his take on that next them his america's troops and the night so long as it
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drags along for the ride pulled up. i've got install last month on the 20 is a bombing by the way, and i'll be honest, haven't go well. and on friday the 1st city fell to the child in the sunshine. we've seen like a domino effect. 9 other provincial capitals in rural areas falling under child control, us in so actually the combo mind within 90 days. that happened by next week. if facts, i'm native country, they're actually sending truth back to get their citizens out. already, you wanted a visual metaphor for american 20 years in africa. non hearing taliban driving us blind humvees that they just took from the afghan forces. surely washington has prepared his bonds big. they've got to fight for themselves. fight for their nation. nice lunch. that'll do it. i'm sure they caught your rallying cry on the evening news and laska got so overall president's response
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to the renewed misery of the average african person is i do not regret my decision . i'm sure he doesn't. he's not the one that can down the power of some kind of bonds. golf playing is yeah, they're dragging the dead through the street as a warning to anyone who get some report suggest that us officials i mean cool by surprise. the speed at which time abandoned me back in underlining what we'll kind of know already. america. lease policy. absolutely me off that the element of surprise. you know and told washington that the enemy's supposed to be surprised them last year. you and report at the top. i'm ready preparing positions when foreign troops leave proving that age or piece of military wisdom. if you're going to retreat, it will be best not to tell the enemy. company is in advance. this how withdrawal has been planned since trump. i could win that war in
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a week. i just don't want to kill 10000000 people. they could, it was, i supposed say some other pals and with them coming from the white house include saying, the government should make peace with the town to avoid civil war. 2 lane american diplomats to talk to the guns in the back as danis. they've been talking to china and the russians, how they even going to deal with a ton of law and loaded in prison. but when it comes down to it, this is what we spent over $2000000.00 over 20 years. we trained and equipped with modern equipment over 300000 afghan forces, how many more times america truck bombs spend trillions of dollars to win a war that may surprise when it doesn't work. the site is un report that no one seems to have read from last year. page 12 interesting is just calling to is present in at least 15 afghan provinces. and it's still great makes with
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a ton of baths closer than ever. of course, we'll probably come back britain defense sanctuary that well done. everyone here for the next 20 years. the pointlessness focused on the national security advisor is doing africa, lead us to try to find a political solution to avoid further violence in the past is about has been as successful mediated between afghanistan and the militant but cover is critical of pakistan for offering shelter to taliban leaders and claimed it's also providing a haven for islam is fighters. he's going underground, spoke to the african president, special envoy for pakistan, about the ongoing crisis. you don't think some people in washington see this policy as when, when they remove the troops, they d stabilize f canister and the stabilizing china with the tech, as terrorists, as the chinese call them. who emanates, of course,
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who's in jang. andy stabilize russia with the tech manage done is becca, star board is the same time they don't have to pay so much. they've spent 4 trillion maybe on these was after 911. it's a great victory for washington when that's not how people find it and see, i mean, people blame us. that sponsor really? the woman very, i see personally so far, i mean the administration that was born in the mon conference, it was based on the international consensus. but now whatever happened from now on, it's going to be better based on the region of consensus. so the initiative is now more in the region then in europe and washington taken some other news this morning. a state of emergency wildfires has been expanded to cover 2 vast regions in east and russia. 6 smokes coverage of co tear
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for weeks and a spread to the neighboring it cut screech in the fire as a threatening. it doesn't villages then with several having to be evacuated this week at the santa cruz. so ski travel to acute here is a short exit from his extended report. ah, me what it was? red one. those are fire, fire covered this area. what's highlighted and green was also a fire. what's red is what is actively burning. now. how much land does the fire cover? when about 150 square kilometers? 150000 heck tears. there was a huge bar here, but you have already put it up. it was here where we drove the fire 100 kilometers
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from going up. i was just we're running and driving, trying to find the fire, but the shift fast and the wind an open escape. i see sometimes they move one kilometer in each direction. you have everything to store us where is in fire, then you're told everywhere. that's how you burn here. it's a total nightmare. i've never seen it as bad as this before, so i think a smart. so where is the fire? now? that's obvious. the main part is now behind the village. i'm sorry, this mistake with everyone is trying to do something to save the forest or it will all burn it was this year. this is how the forest birch. this is the episode. i can't even breathe here. the small fire,
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the guys are trying to put up with their own hands. so my little piece like this burned down doesn't and so miles a forest. mm me ah, what we were told the summer would be the same as usual on the more arid. that's understandable. because it happens every 5 to 10 years. we've been preparing for this, but we have now is the tri summer in history. we could not imagine that this is a very serious. mm. mm mm. ah
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ah, sorry, seems coming from there on the if you're checking the call this morning, i hope he doesn't go to work 19 pass the hour. this is ahead. the scottish government offers new guidance. this we can play with children as young as 4. are able to decide this gender identity without the parent's consent on that after the break. ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk the is your media
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a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safe relation for community you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is in a world corrupted? you need to defend the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah ah, hey, good morning. according to new guidance and published by the scottish government
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children as young as 4 are able to change the name gender, a school claiming it's possible to come out as transgender. at any age, schools have been recommended them to support pupils if they want to transition without the parent's consent. it means that trans children should be able to use whatever love a tree. for instance, they want to changing where they choose to help the kids better understand the gender identity. schools have been told to suggest new, true books and uniforms. but activist marian cold thinks it's a dangerous path to tread. this is inherently flowed through all id only do, which is the fishing on the lobbying groups, which helps right this, this document 4 year old has no idea what the gender is very kind of easily influenced and the very easily influenced by adults around them. so we're actually putting kids in boxes, that's an age of 4 years old. and that you're saying, oh, well, if you're a boy and you're like you're playing with dolls, maybe you're actually trump. these are very dangerous ideologies that we're
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actually, we're going in and i'm sort of being progressive naturally betting me. but the scottish government says children are happy and learn more at school when they feel safe, respected, and included whenever they decide to transition politician. george galloway gave his his view on it. the nationalist government here, frustrated by its failure to achieve its primary goal the breakup of britain, the independence of scotland has made our turn to matter, solve sexuality and gender. in a truly remarkable way, i have as it happens, a 4 year old school. and if the teacher wanted to take her to the park, she would have to have my consent to do so. but under this new set of regulations, if my 4 year old wanted to change our agenda, her name,
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her personal pronouns, they wouldn't have to even inform me. nevermind. as for my consent, this decree undoubtedly rob's parents of the rights and the european human rights convention. it is absolutely illegal in my view, i'm responsible for my children until they reach the age of majority. i'm in rural company poly bought by billionaires including jeff bay's office and bill gates has supported the new money project in greenland than the thermal invest. millions of dollars in the project seeking metals that could be used for electric vehicles. however, the venture of the super rich appears to be of concern to some environmental sciences. asked taylor reports on it. we've heard it from them. a 1000000 times don't fly so much, don't please call us the castle tonya, back on cold,
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be kind to mother nature. it's not that difficult. we've made it easy for you. we've felt the future and it's electric battery, electric plug in hybrid electric fuel cell electric. just electric because we need to get to 0 emissions by 2015. we have to come up with an alternate way, which isn't too much more expensive to perform those same activities with out emitting any greenhouse gases. when you talk about amazon's delivery fleet. why wouldn't we go electric? introducing greenland, one of the waste, sparsely populated places on off a vast frozen world where people respect the wilderness and wild life, a pristine untouched haven in the arctic circle. a pal think example of how we should live, right? silicon valley or is it in fact the path to pace to plunder. we are excited to
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invest in greenland, emerging mineral sector. the disco region has seen a rear convergence of events in the earth's history that could have result of informing the world class battery metal depose it. yes, green advocates and up power house as bill gates jeff basil san michael bloomberg. i'll going hunting and drilling some minerals on the atlantic island invites so far . they forked out a cool, $15000000.00 on it. and since greenland got one of the biggest unpack deposits of rad, not to refill says they'll probably strike rich, especially if they land. what they really want, nickel and cobalt, the main ingredients, the batteries, the power electric cause you know, the ones that been and jeff say you should splash out on to save the planet. the thing is going green as clean as they say it. typical electric car require 6 times the mineral input of a conventional car and an old sure wind land requires 9 times more mineral
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resources and the gas fired power plant. on top of that, globally, they'll be over demand unstable supply chains and even increased child labor, as they rely on materials mind in states that employee miners and mother nature might take a beating to create potentially some environmentally or ecological dangerous situations where the contamination of that fueled and disturbing for that marine system for any activity could be catastrophic for the community. something better tell you when you're buying your tesla, but the people of greenland know the true price. in fact, earlier this year and go over a mining project. so the nation elect a left wing party, which shot down all future oil and gas exploration. luckily, so gates and cobo that prized minerals listed on the table. so now we get to continue. the unique form of activism would fees them preach,
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not about green energy, but at the same time drill, drill and drill. because big deposits in the us translate into even bigger deposits in the bank account. i know your principal food would say no to that, but you should buy an electric car, you know, to protect the planet. american economist, richard wolf believes the billionaires ventures anything but green driven. it's very hypocritical. it's also very common. billionaires, like bees are engaged, usually give much of their money over to professional investors. these are hedge funds, big banks and specialists, and they pay them to get the best return on their money. they do not pay them to take seriously the social issues, the climate change. there are many,
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many unknowns. no one is going to take the time and trouble to make tests because these are companies that want a quick profit in return for their investment. that has been the past and that is the likely future that greenland faces has just a couple of stories. we're talking about the last here out into national, the stuff that if you wanna find out so much more, check it out to calmer and have a social media on x programs. and you will probably will that coming up next taylor made for you. but for now, we're this morning. if you're watching the cloaks, $28.00 and a half past the hour, kevin. oh, into the rest of the team. thanking you for watching from i will the center and have a great weekend. i joined me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in
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the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the who's i'm action return. see welcome to going underground. coming up in the show reports of over a 1000 debt job in deploying b. 50 to an ac 130 warplanes and we drones as they formerly back to taliban sweep across africa. it's done. we speak to the president of that kind of special boy. and what is the role of afghanistan's neighbor, the country that actually hosted his i'm in love enough and i live and when pockets
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on independence day to day, we speak to the parliamentary leader, the pockets on people's party, cherry ref one. plus julian assange and the continued persecution in london of the journalist to reveal the extent of secrecy and lies in afghanistan. we speak before you think opposition, either. jeremy coban outside london. hi court is joe biden. when is the right to appeal against the judgment? the extradition to the usa might kill him, but 1st, as expected by many, the former ca back taliban is sweeping across af can. it's done. after defeated us and u. k. troops began fleeing the globally strategic country. join me now from the war 2 nations capital cobble is president us ref gone. he's special on board for buckets. money affairs moment. my dad's i thank you so much special for coming on the show. obviously the situation is moving quickly. we've had all week different towns declared for the majority in, in the and the taliban. we got the talks and the talks in coffee are and what you understand is go.


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