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biden, it's a win for democrats as a win for the senate to say we can work together that we've been able to overcome partisan differences to do something this right for america can. and it's also right for the d. c lobby as to stand to reap more than $426000000.00 from the bill. we're going to give you the $360.00 view of the infrastructure bill . and why this is just the appetizer to a $3.00 trillion dollar main course. soon to be served to the american taxpayer. meanwhile, a tragic story out of chicago, where a nother police officer has lost their life in an ambush. this time a young mother. where is the outrage of the loss of her life and the celebrities covering the cost of her final arrangements? not surprise, they are silent. but what is surprising is who the mayor is blaming for the debt of officer ela, french. and finally tonight, jeter invite the president obama the birthday bash at martha's vineyard. well,
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mine must have been lost in the mail as well, or maybe i'm just not sophisticated enough. we're going to disguise that policy involved in the a former president maskell a celebration. while the rest of the country is creeping back into a restricted state, much resentment of many. i'm sky now huge and you're watching new fears fuse right here on our to america. let's get started. ah, we begin this evening with shocking footage out of the u. k. were moms of protesters were met with police barricades in baton as they attempted to storm the b. b, c's, a former studio in london. now the demonstrators approached the major media outlets, doorstep all over their critiques of vaccine passports and vaccine requirements for children or she corresponded show, dia edwards dusty,
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was there on the ground. well, i don't see faxing protest is all on a mission. today. they're taking the streets of london going from one media outlet to another day trying to be met with dave and dave really started out in the nearby pause. i hadn't got this mission in their mind at that point, but they decided at that point to take the baby, please do to try and see why the baby what they're all doing is they've 19 pads. they really oppose also what the baby's, the and all the mainstream media outlets are proposed as well. they all misrepresent so many schools that
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they would say it's meant to be really a huge role in the counseling office. i may not want to be upgraded to freedom, many people, all the trash can, but really the vibe today the point in time, say all of our sites that really are trying to come out in school today. they all you, that the, the totally ridiculous and that's why we wrote our program is not going to do so without infringement of freedom and of course that whatever as well. so today it's about what's going on in the future. reporting from the hughes. i'm shot something now back here in america,
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a nother tv network is under fire for how they have covered the multiple sexual harassment scandals and devolving governor cuomo. now, as we all know, new york governor cuomo, brother chris cuomo, is a well known primetime anchor at cnn. and over the weekend, chris, his colleague bryan shelter, defended how the network has handled the situation between the brothers. this is been a conundrum for sienna, that has no perfect answer, no perfect solution. some think sienna made it worse by letting chris interview his brother, when colbert 19 was ravaged in new york. but that was an unprecedented time period . and so is this one famous family in the news. a governor who soared to the highest tides last year now fall into the lowest lows, self inflicted wounds. and a brother who just wants to do his job. just one sanker a show. but can he? that's the key question. or the conundrum as bryan pointed. but how should networks
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cover situations when family members are the ones that are the star of the story? let's ask syndicated congress and podcast host reuben, of our reuben, thank you so much for joining me on this. got a great to be back with you. thanks. okay, so i just had to start off, i just kinda away from ground. what do you think this would be as big of an issue for chris cuomo if he had never crossed that line and brought his brother on the show? even though he's governor of new york, especially during the pandemic, highlighting him as many times as he did. i think that's one of the lines he crossed, certainly the fluff soft treatment during the pandemic extolling him really as a hero and a model of good behavior and good leadership. the other line though, that's just as important that chris cuomo crossed we now know, and he's mentioned in the a g. 's report, was in advising the inner circle of his brother as to how to handle the story and
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handle the media. really, he gave his expert opinion about how to massage the media coverage, and that's why he shouldn't across. well, and that's why, you know, obviously you have, there's ethical, there's unethical standards as a journalist, but this is also your also, the brother chris clone is very well known. he's obviously an expert in the journalism filled today according to his standards. you know, how do you get around that? he was in an awkward position on that. if this was, i don't know if there's any laws that were broken, but do you think by chance, the ethical violation alone should be the reason why cnn possibly should put him on probation? he's, he's broken the ethical code for sure, but his boss, ultimately jeff zocker, who is the president of cnn. he's not much of a journalist either. and so you have a non journalist supervising another non journalist as to journalism. so chris cuomo can really go as far as his bosses will let him go. but this point is operate not as a journalist, but rather as a glorified flack for his brother. it's ok if a brother gives advice to a brother. when chris cuomo gave advice to andrew almost handlers to john and
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sallied all the folks around his brother, that was when he crossed the line, he should no longer be on the air. he stop being a journalist, he's become an advocate. that's an interesting way. there is a difference between brothers just speaking of the family dinner table versus actually coming in and going to a strategy session that we now know actually happened between the 2. now we're going to continue to hear more accusations of harassment against governor cuomo. do you think it deserves this pushback is getting, considering and when you look at the coverage tenant has done the story they are doing, they are covering the different allegations and they are actually not bring the women in any way that would make them look discredited. so do you think that they are handling this in the right way, making basically the best situation they can out of what they've been dealt. they're doing the best they can, scotty, after all this is a liberal media, cnn. they talk to a good game about protecting women during the, the cabin, all hearings saying, all women should be believed. and ultimately, you know,
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now we are having to sort of finesse that a little bit. do they really believe all women should be really relief when the believe when the person who's being accused in the democrat in summer or someone is part of the family? it's a tough place for seen and to be they much prefer the stories when the bad guy, the person having the finger pointed him as a republican, a white male, not a democrat. well, and like i said, i would be really easy for me to pile onto both brian and call me on cnn. i'm just not what to do. i have to look at this also being a member of a family and, and going, how should media outlets handle these types of situations? we talk about people when you have these kind of relationships within the news room within politics in this case. but how should a newsroom handle when you do have those tides, as we so often find amongst a journalist versus a public official office, whether be by blood or by marriage while saying that's right to the right thing. now telling chris cuomo you cannot talk about the story, you have to accuse yourself. you have to pull yourself back away from the story, the rest of the network and cover the. but you can't. the problem that was,
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they still employ somebody who stopped acting as a journalist and began acting as an advocate and sienna, the problem on tans with regard to the long term employment of chris cuomo. well, you know, i find a very interest throughout this for me, the timing of all this. i always ask that question because these accusations from the women are nothing new. be heard about them even to a year ago. they were starting to become public. they were rumored in new york around the past few years. anyways. it's the timing of this. why do you think this is actually starting to come out? now you're seeing the female attorney general there in new york going after me. obviously looking at criminal charges, possibly. why now would you speculate this is actually creating such a star i think because he's getting ready to run for what would be a 4th term as governor, because democrats themselves are trying to topple him. he's got a problem on his hand because his own party is going after him in new york, it's democrat versus democrat. there are no republicans to be found in the story. so ultimately think that's part of it. also, he doesn't have
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a lot of friends. he's been rumored to be a bully, it's his reputation, it's the way he gets things done. so he doesn't really have a strong base of support among the democratic party. so he's out there by himself. andrew cuomo, as doug himself is in a whole, and i think unfortunately he's brought his brother in with him. but i find to be very interesting about this is the fact that not only is it i guess self and a whole, but he's actually standing very strongly in it, or other high powered officials all the way up. even here to d. c. nancy pelosi calling for him to resign and he still sticking to it. there is not even a hint of resignation coming out of his mouth. i find that to be very telling reuben, always a great time to talk to you. it was another a bloody weekend in the streets of chicago as at least $47.00 people were shot, including the 1st police officer to be shot and killed since may or laurie lightfoot took office. well, this latest at cars, the mayor to take action to stop the violence more to the story. after the break,
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the the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. what you see in this nice techniques is the state devising message to end essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still live with the consequences. today. we look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except when the shorter the
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conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, we have so many with demon a robot must protect its own existence. was one of the worst ever mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy a close a little lived in real life vegas, where many say elected officials are controlled by casino, knows the dangerous shooting. revealed what? the l v m p. d. really is, and now it's part of the machine to the american public barely remember that it
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happens that just shows you the power of money and las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic had the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care to, here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the biggest residents to be the control group to the shiny facade, conceal a deep indifference to the people vice gonna say that they would take an action. absolutely, keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. this is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. me. the gun violence has gone up in almost every major city but one. see that it makes the
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headlines every weekend chicago. now over the weekend, at least 66 people were shot. 8 of those people killed, including a chicago police officer, shot in the line of duty, or saturday night traffic stop. our chief baron front deck brings us the details of that officer involved shooting, as well as the response for both mayor lori lightfoot and the chicago p. d. last night, at approximately 9 p. m. it's 63rd and fail officers assigned to the community safety team conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with 3 occupants. and what those 3 officers were met with. they had no idea and offers were brought upon and they returned fire. one of our office was struck by one of the offenders. bullets sustained a fatal gunshot wound and she's deceased. that officer 29 year old l. a french
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joined the force in 2018 and was a member of the cities community safety team. she lives behind an infant daughter or partner a male officer was also struck and he is currently still in critical condition. fighting for his life. saturday night, chicago police officers prayed outside the university of chicago hospital for that officer still in critical condition, as well as for french who was already pronounced dead. a police are not our enemies . their human justice. we are chicago mer, laurie of lightfoot, who took office in 2019 met officers at the hospital where there are reports that officers gave lightfoot the cold shoulder as she approached them risking their lives every day for our safety and security. that reality became very real last night in an emergency room, monks tears,
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and fears. from the finest and most courageous people. i know lightfoot has been a controversial figure in the eyes of the chicago police back when she was inaugurated in 2019 as the city's 1st black woman and openly gay female mer. lightfoot vowed throughout her campaign to remove the chicago pd's gang database, implement civilian oversight of policing, and fully removed immigration and customs enforcement or ice agents. in 2020, it was a different story. lightfoot, 2020 budget proposal gave a 7 percent increase to chicago's p. d. budget, but 6 months later, lightfoot responds to the killing of george floyd by minneapolis. police officer came under fire along with her response to the coven 19 pandemic. lightfoot was accused of not prioritizing student safety by removing police officers from chicago
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public schools. but after various flip flopping on, the issue, lightfoot finally said she would not defend the police. a call made by black lives matter in the streets of chicago, which erupt it in more, protests calls from the chicago police to lightfoot to bring in the national guard for help. went on answered, i urge you, we must come together. we must unite. we have a common enemy as the guns and the gangs 2021 in chicago has proven to be one of its deadliest years. and the 1st 7 months alone, there been almost 2000 shootings and almost 2500 victims up 63 percent from 2 years ago. i'm asking chicago to wrap their arms around are police officers today and encouraged him. the continued there are great work and protecting us
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all over the weekend. $66.00 people were shot were 8 victims including officer french, died. the incident marks the 11th time. a police officer has been shot in chicago and just 2021 alone. the 1st officer to die in the line of duty since lightfoot took office and the 1st female chicago police officer to die in the line of duty since 1988 for news use hughes. i'm fair in france back turning 60 is a really big deal. and should be celebrated, as well as a landing, a multi $1000000.00 pay day from a $2700.00 page legislative bill. but both come with a cost. now over the weekend, the president obama threw himself a star studded 16th birthday party. now the endless numbers of celebrities and friends joyfully celebrated all weekend long, even ending with a brunch with oprah on sunday. but what was told to the public after 1st disclosure
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last week was going to be a very down scaled event. the footage from the hawaiian day, but lou well out of the obama's estate on martha's vineyard. busy reveals not only the great dancing skills, the politician and his friends, but almost that most of them do not practice what they publicly preach. sore critics just party papers or is it rules for thee? but not for d. for to give us a 360 view, we welcome political commentator of iraq, laurie, and a former us assistant attorney david kat. greatly to be with you scott david, i want to talk with you. you know, i have had friends who have not been able to hold funerals, posted a post on their weddings. my child actually back to school today with a mandated mask on his face, despite is 0 cases occurring at school. i want you to know what new york times or any carney had to say about the former president and his guest being caught without a mask at the party. other people said, you know,
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this is really being oberon. they're calling all the safety precautions. people are going to sporting events that are bigger than this. this is going to be safe. this is a sophisticated vaccinated crowd, and this is just about optic. not about safety instigated vaccinated crowd. i've tell you those kind of not my favorite comment of the weekend. so i gotta ask you on this, david, do you think this is important for the president to hold this weekend considering the environment and the situation that we are in? well, scotty, i think it was in poor taste and i think it was in poor political taste and optics . this is actually live to be 60 the party that marie antoinette dreamed holding. right. this was let them eat cake is how it came through to a lot of people who as you say, haven't been able to do things socially. and you know, i mean in a bonus defense, you have to say he's not the president anymore. he hasn't been for 5 years bite and didn't come to lucy had the good sense not to come and, you know,
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it looked like oprah and j. c. now i would say this about trump. these are the people wishes would come tomorrow. lago but won't, and they're the ones that he wishes with join and make memberships and clubs if they would. so there's a whole lot of hypocrisy to go around, got it, and i agree that you see on both sides of abroad. do you see the bigger picture of this? not just a part about 60 at birthday, but do you think this is actually going to damage the effort being made you think in regards to public, accepting the restrictions that we are seeing being put back into place? yes, got the i think it will and it should. it's funny to, to think about the new standard that apparently applies. it's not only that you have to have a mask but also be vaccinated, but also now be sophisticated and that's important. ok so, so i, i mean, it seems to me that everyone is still required to wear mass even if they are vaccinated, but not according to the obama clan. that's because they're sophisticated. that's the important thing to, to understand. yes, it says
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a very bad message throughout our great land, and we need to fix that. we need to understand that vaccination. first of all, there are many questions regarding the vaccination, whether or not it's contagious, still and so on. the mass don't work and so forth. and this only sends the message and titles regular people to simply say will look if it's good enough for obama and his clan, and 600 person party. well then, by golly, i should be able to send my kid to school without a mask. and what that worrying and having to be vaccinated and such, it's very simple. this is going to damage them greatly over the many coming months . well david, you're the one that brought us, i gotta finish, you know, this part of it. asking you the footage that from that party being deleted. and i think that the obama team realized damage control is going to have to be done. but do you think this will actually damage the public opinion of president obama? you said at 1st, we joke about jeff on don, but could this balance offer off be a fitting new nickname for the former president?
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well, i think the question is going to be whether bite and his agenda or popular. obviously, obama was critically important to help buy and get the nomination, scotty, and also to win the election. but you know, what's gonna happen in the mid term elections now is going to depend a lot on how buying is perceived as being a center that governing the country. and i think that's why the infrastructure bill that they're getting right now, the 900000000000 dollar bill, but 20 republican senators have the good sense to back because it's a compromise. i think that is going to affect the thinking about buying a lot for then people being irked by this party, the party came across as people acting like they were entitled, like they were being privileged with all the talk about white privilege and every other kind of privilege here was something that hit the average american white or black or anything else. as people who acted elite, they acted entitled, and they acted like, you know, they could have a party while the rest of the country needs to tighten their belt. but they do need to wear mass and they do need to get back to nations. they've been proven effective,
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scotty just today they showed your chance of being hospitalized or dying are point 01 percent. if you've been faxing it, everyone needs to get back to me and it left miter center. well, david, you brought it out, so i've got to talk about because the partying that was going on to martha's vineyard. while that was happening in d. c. lobbyists were beginning to put their champagne on ice with the possibility of putting $426000000.00 minimum from this infrastructure bill. you just reference . this is said it didn't occur. democrats have also just presented. this is what i find to be interesting. a $3.00 trillion dollars spending plan on top of the $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure infrastructure plan, the $1.00 trillion dollar cover bill and the $2.00 trillion $1.20 budget that is a lot of map to add up. so i'm going to ask you the same question. i'm with the brock that my husband asked me last week multiple times while we were at help. and when i was going, i want to buy something. where is the money going to come from brock?
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it's not coming from us directly, that's for sure. it's going to be coming from printing of money and that will lead to massive inflation. and when you're talking about buying things, i think there will be a panic by at this point for big staple items like refrigerators and ovens and dishwasher and so forth. simply because they know that everything's going to be increasing dramatically in price very soon. it's. it's irresponsible, what's been going on, this notion that we just throw literally trillions of dollars of it. what did they really think? do they think? oh gosh, you know we're, i'm the 1st president to think about spending a lot of money to resolve all the problems. this was, he's not the 1st president, he's not the 1st leader to think about spending money, but somehow he's the genius that's going to come up with all the great solutions and resolve all the countries problems to, to the extent they have problems. this is going to do it, and that's, that's the shocker of it all. because we only know that it's going to be creating massive problems to say nothing of the unemployment benefits that he's created and the other be illegal. immigration problem that we have. these are massive problems
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that are going to hit us very hard, very soon. well, and david uniform, president trump came out as a result of the infrastructure bill. and so this is just the remake of the green new deal. and there is $21500000000.00 in it to create this new office of clean energy. so how do you feel about, do you think this is just a rehash of what bernie sanders and some of the other democrats, the more liberal progressive democrats have been pushing and do you think it will actually be effective? scotty, there are 2 different things, and trump was for infrastructure. he just never put together a coalition. he didn't concentrate and focus on it enough to actually push it through. but trump wanted to do something about infrastructure and what they're doing now with the 20 republican senators is a compromise. the progresses didn't get everything they wanted. in fact, they gave on a lot of issues that are not increasing the amount of iris enforcement. so they can get money from the super rich and from huge corporations. they're not having a bank that they were talking about having that was going to help with climate
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change projects. so the republicans got a lot and that's why republican centers are supporting this. the next problem is the 3 trillion dollar bill that the democrats want to do all by themselves, by reconciliation, and that one for august, right? it could very much add to inflation. we have to be extremely careful about that 2nd bill that's coming through, but this 1st bill is going to happen. it's going to happen in about a week. the 2nd bill is the one that may really add to inflation. and we have to be careful because, you know, there are a lot of democratic voters who are hurt i inflation, right? there's retired people, people on fixed income, and that's the people buy, needs to look out for it, make sure they both democratic it a year and a half and not that they're being strangled by inflation. well, i find it funny. i think it's really interesting. 20 republicans going along with it. i don't remember 20 democrats ever going with anything. republicans did gentlemen, thanks for joining or. yeah. and that's all the time we have for to show. but i promise is a conversation. we want to continue to follow me on her as guardian hughes. make sure you download the tv app and like,
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always thanks for watching these. ah, ah, ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation . let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk to the other stuff. and then you need
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to talk to someone who can be a bunch of them. and i that when i'm in a position where you may need what's going on for me, which mobile phone you want to just about what it was, what you're doing today. i'm doing the able to get to know how to choose. you can put an offer me quite a bit as long as it doesn't work for me. that is, that quote, the,
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the ah, the big blow for the meeting movement, the leader of charities, is victims of sexual harassment. quit substitute, teach criticism for defending the new york matter. i'm to grow who's accused of abusing 11 women the wife of an alleged us intelligence officer implicates in the death of british motorcyclist terry dunn places the things that she may have been on the phone and distracted. when the car plowed into him from the family's advisor about new development and the case the us government are trying to shorten dr. inquiry down the other side or the key bass has been consistent about producing the phone records and incentive from themselves . today since the u. s. first.


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