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me sexual foster just out of time at all. it's not funny yet with ambush the night checks out the the good. you know, mean we just would you cash or vision composure else? not which kind of re another bunch of always. but he crossed emergency much the the with
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her book was sunday or you storm less your mac. you mean when the when you buy he day and you mean you proper stick excel. he has 10 of his very own lions. you save them from death. a few years ago, and recently he decided to talk about them on his youtube channel. the aspiring youtube bloggers, toughest job, is sneaking a chair into the enclosure. she has much more news, i mean, but here's the chairman's tradition of all the news with the heart. and then you thought it was you cold key g which you can store some really close to that particular show store which is the new york location with all the cars. oh
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yeah. she go to feel for me to watch it in the mean. if people can you kind of keep me another puzzle chime, i would just movies you the ideal must be something that i need to live in the my son. ok. he me to that actually go me. i think i'm going to last example instead of what she was concerned or that again this morning he bought the new i missed your dream and the lions has taken a long time to realize the study biology in moscow state university then dived into
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molecular biology. the 30 you decided to fulfill his child her dream and went to south africa, the plucking 1st university. and 2 years later, he got his residency. after that he applied for a job on a lion breeding. we sell comes up on a year. she was a, what do i think that i'm with? i need to do that to me in the flesh. how are you when you're still companies for that? no, not if you had a question blue both we both cost began to cancel. the grown up lyons and cubs paid them, cleaned up after them and healed them. he gave some of them names. this cup, for example, was called put your money in michaud, nevada, cuz miss night, but we are going to do it real quick because of the guidelines usually with google is yeah, she don't take her us,
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you'd be so kind of don't presume let me know that she stood which it was that was about them was not of which could be used when all evil. are you familiar with the truth? i shall i got a new boots below musket. i assure you, of course, in the least the night should east nasa as well as defending them in the above to remove the bullet, the above ledge from us. or you could, you are unable to do some mining. inevitably, you must sum up key you do in your book. the thought that you know move what the dividend helium gather in unless you took the body of any boot shop, sometimes with me earlier, but that's got it. but i didn't being that much could use to could i could you see a nice was you say that i have. yeah. because all who them all up when you were
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what couple marzola scott is that when you motion or she will give you something new about that i did it. when i missed the motion golf, you got any mistakes that i didn't cover was with week $203.00 worth of appeals that the room will you only show really cheap because we need to need them. those are not choices in the month for the scholar without seeing a sky blog, which the board lopper it all when you see in the gross off michelle skype room. but i will let you all in the moscow popping noise. mother one shall be a witness and that should be a good idea. what was the show you? what does she get through me? which tells you what you're pretty sure what to be done
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with or still because she said she does that. let me, let me get some cameron. it's quin little little liquid to story when you when you talk with you because it's that those are covered to $70000000.00 with the super to be to mean she mentioned last year. and you weren't costello immediately or they will be live each time and deal to move lou, costco me will. so we're showing a policy excessive number. so what's kilogram? nothing really just that oscar. they solely of what she knew. she knew she could sure control you to avoid that was walked in, you knew which rational control, you know, could you say treated a few more cubs, but soon learned that they might still be killed once they grew up,
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the farm owners were always selling at outlines to someone i'm sure you might see africa then you'd go right at the form of the boy the dash what me the nice to me notion. yeah. also from some unique bookstore. what at the funeral or laser, what you have now with me, what the status is because i'm such that i think i'm you don't know when you have more than me. me can hunting was quite popular in south africa, or at the time, especially among foreigners the chance to hunt the king of the beasts was priced up to $50000.00. you any more rude us? it wasn't so for us to go to the stadium. yes. what i show an invalid actually any
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pre we conveyed it, giving you a choice of you me. me at the before the alex they quit, the job, bought another sick count until could to quit him. he settled them at a farm that didn't sell lions, but kept them for themselves. in south africa, they sometimes use these predators instead of dog to guard premises. alex, they went back to moscow to raise funds, to buy the remaining cups. up i'd be shuffling some stuff loose to tom jones, but also doing which toby cargo mused, dealing with it and the substance used in the last 2 years with them, the quality of the products, you know. so for general, must clear most of you are a little billy, i ventured to go video. so what, what's the movies? yeah, to me store store and you came to ah,
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why just of level of value. that is just what him get out on a new ship border deal or to night in neil key re crecia. we're for lee was course this is not price. nicola uranium, this ticket the what, the out, the keating lions isn't cheap. so alex has to hold down to jobs. ah, what was the limit? which means zapata just posted what they should shut the video. the most news i've done yet with this is to do anything at the online school or for provision.
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you don't watch news or whatnot. here so what you're a blog or boy my what she me most ship on my direct me to do many plots of years now pick it up. sure. which and which and yellowstone you do in your purchase is car that you own, you know, get cut off when the guy, the p, just the fall. but if you will, come over with them we met along with, nor should i wonder why do you need to be at i'm station could that be? or if you could actually do the key if at the smallest alex, so you sometimes travels back from south africa to moscow to visit his parents and
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sister. they follow his youtube channel, and naturally they worry. i'm sure you need to get it to look at something. do i need with him change? go over the bridge. loan got drunk. so it's almost 2 years or 7 years previous to lisa new. and yet stephen, you seem to bring your words to south of not i'm still the deal with nor nice of the key cut the, me a me, now you share before the flu shot portion, the telephone retail. so ball, it's still ball the ball of nice. i received the packet and i'll talk with somebody to ship. i ship ship a little bit, move it is with team with the back of the video, but it would,
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you would look to dom award at the semi which you other much need to set up with the option with the setup and get you pulled up and start the dealer, fix the deal. thought the dealer mature. so he who your professor refer, gone for good. from what they need to do a lot with the law. i shall go to school. special. good, awesome, good move. if you come here to here because it was time for the flow, of course your dish, the way you boiled was sure what's there was any she was showing up and move back, which is doors not opening. it looks almost like this and some gloves, the phone, the show me the reason i can come for you when you come for the most interesting because that was what i said we had great special vehicle. so what i see
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the, the, with a lot of the other stuff and then you need to talk to someone who can be able to pay more than that. even when i'm in a position
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where they need what's going on for me. i wish you want to just about what day join me, but it was easy. i got to know how to choose. you can put up with me going to be as long food. i want to tell you the other hand, that's why you need that because that quote, should me alex, i recently acquired 2 more pet. these white land cubs had been sold to a foreign zoo, but the pen to make an lockdown meant they got for duck in south africa. it took over a year to get an exit permit. the cubs grew so transporting them became too costly
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. the buyer declined to pay and the owners no longer wanted such big lions. i assisted north heels and middle west in which we did not know if i knew if he did not live because i will talk with me whether she need lift me. are you near building you choose portia, before you give me a cup of shania, will we a summer each in the 42 she still can you will shorten, but that's just a few issues
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other she will talk to me, let me know washing shipping the not get it figured out correctly, rehearsal in school, previously without coverage, which conditional spoke with me. just question what your children chose with unless you're going to need more than you might think the next line just as trainable as dogs, family trick he doesn't teach them is to attack with him. born in the yellow, somebody will call me see me come up that she is in him up for you know, my sleeve and i and his lie and all that kind of directly to me
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. trish, than you thought was upon the should i should be me. does it for sure that all reducing the are fully so we knew the sequence of a city more that needs to be stored on them for the next 2 years. you know that you're good. one of the most of the moon you with the newest in your store to most gone. glad you're good butcher wishing newish. i'm pretty sure she'll be with the election of him up soon as possible for that with the contact on what's called the past. it wasn't a little bug. why did just just cut actual now, how do you now do you
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the ah, ah, she said, but i knew what she would need them. yes. could see that or for alex doesn't just visit his family in moscow. he by medicine but his lions do seem to have in south africa or a lot of medication is either hard to find or cut to for tune. think repellant, for example. this national question just did this to she. she thought there's so much to you, but the new butcher forgot me. are we using? i think you wish she was this as a product, each skills to solve any issue a couple glove will not be shown. there goes on the ball right the,
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the time you listen to be what you can lose any of these little gloves or more. in addition to medicine, i like that brings all kinds of gifts lines from each trip which was, which could be on the bulk of the pretty show on the, on the we're watching the news you would previously because i didn't even write out for minute. you just to by pushing me you pretty why you take it where i keep me up with up here now, but i with my you got the less of going from the boys in the premium when they started we moved up of course. yeah, not. not can you believe me or, or ship, i'm the use of the super new issue because i knew
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she said i didn't find that. i mean yeah. with the limited being your with on our local, we knew that the couple that which in that i was in the back i was consistent with any lube with me. right. i came up with a new each and famous caught up that he's been night. the news ah,
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i can assure face the so that the lions maintained, the predatory instinct felt like they came up with his own way of teaching them to engage in. you're able to not do your work, you must curse. the one that doesn't work well. you celebrate here, e snyder, who did you find out who we should for level partially. and while with that, i knew me for sure, which, which officially was withdrawn and you found this privately felt like you would, would you skim the sport or short putting the golf course on the computer? you are, then you will be good. then you know who you with that initial commission? loony most courage. gulf. give us a little miss. scott:
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this machine must be showing by showing worse nationally. if you see there with at least commercial, you please. the more with the state dining respect, discuss more with petite edge insidious symbol with a new nice car live. after you do that, when you fight them with him from school, you need to divide the weekly you what i do know us vh one. you need to kill the restaurant in your locust. you saved his lions from death. some of them more than once and now he has to save them once again. all captive lions in south africa and now in danger. i glowed. yeah. hey there is your kid. there is a 2nd kid alex,
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along with american claudia and 2 like minded supporters, established the one cat foundation to save the lions. i think we're gonna have to build, right? like we are going to have to build to accommodate our, our ally and you know, different as soon as possible with regards to that the, to that law ah, south african government is trying to pass the law to counter can't hunting and bone trafficking under the new legislation, not only lion hunting would be made illegal, but any breeding or keeping off them to the plan is to eliminate all captive lions . they're already starting to carry out their plan for. basically there's no other way to put it kept is why in genocide. so just view all of the few of them on the search level. why don't you put it lago? it's just simply idea, but you might be edge media. boy, those are warmly those of idea what the,
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the show that you for the person i need to see about moving south african lions are some of the most net genetically diverse lives left on the plan. and that's what pays, proposing write down the museum of these 10. have them live on the 20 me, claudia and her supporters submitted a petition against the law foundation also will get a fundraiser to save south africa, lions. we wish we could save them all by down. that's probably not going to happen . so for right now, we're just trying to save $0.50 just missed this one good foundation book would be live off here. so that's the solution i end of the deceptive e. chad to watch in the bottom will be in the 3 d company name with what is by you could moderate notable would you could put it then, you know,
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at the end of days were want to educate children and to get the, you know, the community and evolved into all. busy these, they need to see then you move to start carrying about all this. you need to show them perhaps some are the name of it as well. i just think we're going to get a huge variety of animals and a lot there. ya. as excited a lot will be able to interact with directly. ah, if the law is passed, you will have to move his pride to another african country. ah, if it comes to worst, he's even ready to take them to russia. ah, such as often to assist the a deal of the money, not much of the future in w two's. alex has no plans to get married yet.
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he doesn't have time about me coming into plato bush with that. but. but if it isn't worth about the manual is to make up the bit, you get him, you know, ah ah, my data by both of us which which you should use. ah, ah, but actually use, can she just build me up, put your she, what's your i use,
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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, the the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end to essentially destroy personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctors,
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theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed the danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. to the victim say they still live with the consequences today as we were saying, shipping all of our jobs, the fact that the china was a bad idea. but the american people were ok with it, because although they're way, cuz we're going down the stuff they were getting from china via wal mart was cheaper than ever. okay, now the chickens have come home to roost. now, the china labor sink is finished. inflations kicking in for real and wages are going up,
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but not as fast as inflation. the no, what would you do me the good them and you can measure can while we're on by now, i know i should know moment the knob in asia lyrical mon, on the sofa on my on my but an initiation from the local community. it bit off more people than i mean,
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i mean i saw it and it went out on my in my name in the a jail tacker who exposed the abuse of conditions of the prison he's being held in is denied telephone access to his lawyers. his wife brahms, the move and active vengeance, bureau presidents, lawyer telling them that she can only like to speak to them if they have upcoming court deadline. where she's not applying the requirement to any of the others. made privacy activists ticket bite out of up all over the tech joins controversial plans. this starts scanning the files of all users for child sex abuse content. we discuss the issue with


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