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tv   Boom Bust  RT  August 6, 2021 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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horses famously room people are demanding immediate help from the authorities to protect the animals and also safeguard remote villages in the mountain valleys. locals have been forced to run their own rescue and fire fighting operations, while 1000 something forced to flee the area. and hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of melbourne. sounds that's really a 2nd largest city. entered it's 6 panoramic locked out after new covert cases were reported. the state wide lockdown in victoria will last for 7 days with people only allowed to leave their homes for a handful of reasons, including extra sizing, grocery shopping, and getting the vaccination. rachel blevins takes us through the latest episode of boone bus next on it is a pack to the rafters show. stay tuned at all gets going in moments the
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look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the shorter does that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear. i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence real summoning the demon . a robot must protect its own existence with exist. anybody resistance is a real problem because we can go back to what they call the pre antibody theora, reactively become post antibody any, you know, a lot of countries, particularly countries like india,
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china developing countries on low income countries that have particularly poor water supply. the resistance level, there are astronomical cost, the common bacteria, like a lot of technical purposes, untreatable the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundations of the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. been to the victim say they still with the consequences today
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the this is the one visit show you can't afford to miss. i'm rachel blevins in washington. coming up. robin hood has been on a roller coaster since it's listing last week. we'll take a look at what's behind the changing prices and how traders on read it are playing a role in the company's performance plan for vaccine passports in the us and europe are sparking privacy concerns. well, discuss what's at stake and what the latest rules will mean for local businesses. that in the face of rising inflation, the bank of england decided to stay on the same course for now. but how was it responded to accusation from lawmakers that it is addicted to buying bond?
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we have a tax here today. fullest dive right it. we leave the program with the latest on the wild ride that has been robin hood's 1st week listed on the nasdaq. the company stock last nearly 15 percent on thursday, but that's after it surged as much of 82 percent on wednesday, marketing days of 126 percent in just 2 days. robin hood also became the most mentioned stock on red it wall street. that's forum, and the conversation continued as a new filing from robin hood revealed a plan for early investors to sell up to 98000000 shares over time. so joining me now to discuss the latest room, co host, christie. i know christie. let's start with robin hood lackluster i. p. o debut. i mean, why was interest in it so low last week? well, institutional weren't interested in robin hood for one simple reason. the fundamentals in low grade. and that's because institutional,
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they still trade on fundamentals and earnings. they actually still trade on that versus the retail, which trades on hype and fomo. and basically the old mean talk. so as an appeal, most of these chunky blogs went to institutional and they just weren't very interested because the financials, they didn't look appetizing. and so last week, when they act, when the 1st earning as a public companies were relieved, it showed once again that earnings were again lack luster. lama hood saw a surge and retail trading during the q one back in march, where it peaked and recorded a profit of about 331000000. however, things slowed down substantially in q 2 and so trading from the ended in april and then dropped to a low of may, which is the lowest since last october. and now this is really interesting because it's actually perfectly coincides with the stimulus checks, peaking, peaking, right after june. so this brings up a very notable question, which is what is going to happen to all of these retail traders,
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once all the free money from the government drives up. and then the other very notable thing during the earnings is that they saw the earning portion contributed by the citadel also, shock, citadel, contributed a whopping 43 percent back in q one. that portion has now shrunk to about 35 percent. and this is very concerning for an institutional investor because one customer makes up such a large base of its ernie that is very disturbing. that one that starts shrinking. what happens when a dedicated options market maker decides to come in and eat into robin hood share, they'll basically take it all up. so that is just another risk factor that institutional or evaluating whether or not to invest in a name such as robin hood. and it also makes you wonder what happens when the interest in it dies down because it's one thing when it's brand new, or in this case we've seen this giant leap over the last week. so when it comes to that change, what changed on wednesday? when robin has doc jumped a whopping 82 percent triggering 3 training hall throughout the day.
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well the 1st thing was obviously kathy would the arc invest that she came out and said that she was acquiring a major stake. and robin hood and her firm has now acquired up to $250000000.00 worth of put. and that has also triggered a retail frenzy by and sparked a big jump in confidence amongst all the retail investors who started buying up the share as well. which puts the entire company market value up to $65000000000.00 from its initial i, p. o debut of $29000000000.00 last week. and now the 2nd reason and probably the more important reason was that yesterday was the 1st day that hood options trading went live. now this is very important because as you know, options give investors the opportunity to lever up and potentially earn outside returns versus jen just owning the equity stock outright. so the most actively traded options contract was actually the $70.00 strike contract. and so once you have that, you have a phenomenon called a gamma squeeze, which is what happened yesterday. again,
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a squeeze happens when option dealers start buying at the underlying stock as it rallies in order to hedge the fact that they are writing all of these calls. so basically, you're having a self perpetuating cycle. the retailers are buying the option calls, the dealers are selling the calls, and on the other hand, they need to buy up the option they need to buy up the underlying stock in order to hedge their own book. so it fuels the rally, at least in the short term. so it's absolutely no coincidence that the stock actually closed right at $70.00 last night. and today at the market open, you have now option dealers ready a $170.00 option. so there is a potential that we have another gap squeezed up to $170.00 if the retail momentum remained strong and that could set up a further run for the name out. that is fascinating. ok, so we saw that rally yesterday. now today robin head is thinking after investors while to sell stock. so what is the latest on that?
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well now today we had a very shocking piece of news, which is our early investors are looking to sell as much as a $100000000.00 shares worth of class, a common shares. and this is something very unusual because typically in regular i p o, there is a thing called a lock up period, which usually happens for about 6 months. and this prohibits insiders and employees and owners and shareholders from actually selling the stock initially at the i p o in order to cash out. robin hood did not have the covenant unfortunately. and this was another reason why institutional they were kind of detracted from this because institutional want to see a very solid base of holders. and the fact that now literally a week after the i p o and literally a day after this arc invest came out in support of the name. you have a ton of insights dumping what mounts to about 11 percent of the entire outstanding float. now that is a very, very significant, chunky sized float. 11 percent of robin hood is now being traded. and so this creates a lot of turn in the name and institutional investors. they don't like names that
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have a lot of turn because it creates a lot of uncertainty. it creates a lot of volatility in the name. and once again, it shows that the core base of holders to actually kind of flaky and they're not a solid base of reliable holders, which is what a company wants. so in this case, the holders that are selling out have been all the vc holders, such as any a iconic as well as andresen horwitz. that's really interesting to know. i also want to ask you about another issue here, which is what we've seen on red. it we heard before, robin hood went public, that registers were saying that they were just going to ignore its ip altogether. has that tied, changed at all? well read it or initially did ignore robin hood because of the fact that robin hood was the reason that they got burned previously when they restricted the trading of names like amc and games talk better. there is an absolutely furious because they thought that games are that robin hood was actually working hand in hand in tandem with other big wall street names like citadel and screwing out the little guys that
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they propose to, to that purported to support the renters are actually quite furious with robin hood and it really wasn't until yesterday, after kathy woods came out and said that, hey, this is, this is great. we have a very high price target. we're going to be acquiring a big chunk of position. so read it as basically solve this as an opportunity to ride the wave up as well as renters also saw the fact that literally it was the 1st day of options trading. it was a very easy way for them to spark a rally spark a squeeze. and as you know, this is a game that retail traders like to play. they play short squeezes, they play gamma squeezes, they play delta squeezes, very obvious, technical positioning to be and for very, very small float. yeah. most christie, i thank you so much for your time and insight on this one. thank you. new york city has begun the 1st city in the nation to require proof of vaccination for most indoor activities, including indoor dining,
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working out at the gym or even seeing a performance. the announcement was made by mayor build the blasio on tuesday. now this move will be the 1st of its kind for a major us city. meanwhile, in france, there are large scale protests taking place against the countries health path, which is now required to access bars and restaurants and many tourist site. so how does it all work and what are some of the concerns are running these passports for everyday life? joining me now to go further in depth on this, our boom bus co host, an investigative journalist, been swan. and jeffrey tucker, founder and president of the brownstone institute jeffrey, let's start with you here. what are the privacy concerns surrounding this moved by marriage de blasio in new york city for new york, new york for citizens of new york. once again, been bludgeoned. you know, they can barely recover. i mean right now was just there, it looks like, you know, the don after the, after the apocalypse or something, people are struggling to live in normal life. and then this announcement comes out
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. yeah, i mean, just tremendously invasive. i mean, the vaccine alone, you're not going to be able to get it unless it's not, it gets walk and it gets shot. you've got to provide. so security number, driver's license information, i mean enough information to provide for identity tab. so that's already on the health records and the health record gets put it over to the app, which is, you know, and the data is basically more or less owned by a private company with no real restrictions legislative restrictions on what they can do with the information governments restricted, but there's private companies not so there's a lot of questions about the privacy implications, beth and then the scale ability of the app itself. you know, they're probably talking about excelsior to, so they're going to be adding more information. and then the boosters are going to be in there and, and you know, next thing, you know, you're, you're landed in a china social credit situation was crazy except nothing crazy anymore. nobody would believe that new york would have, would have done this with some little thought as seemed to be just
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a response to headlines and political pressure. and really just political signaling that the blogger did. the diblasio, the most popular mayor and you're on record and the other here it is. so it's a, it's an overwhelming world. yeah. and you know, it's funny because they tell you it's just so easy and so simple and convenient. and yet, at the same time, you're not thinking about who you're turning that data over to or even who has access to it. now ben, whenever it comes to the people who are going to be asking for these super easy, convenient q r codes. i mean, there are many who are applauding to diblasio decision, but concerns have been raised as to how the move could financially impact affected businesses. i mean, will this harm businesses at a time when they are just trying to recover? i think it will harm businesses. i mean, you have to go 1st of all, who's going to do the enforcement here? the enforcement is all going to be businesses, which means business owners are going to have to be at conflict with any customers
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who come into their place who either haven't been vaccinated or don't have the ability to prove they've been vaccinated. remember this excelsior pass that's already been launched? not everyone has signed up for it. not everyone's able to do that. so if you push this through and say by september, this has to happen. you're going to have people who either don't have themselves listed properly, or they go into a building, they go into a restaurant, they go into a store and the app doesn't work properly. and what do you do at that point? as you, as the store owner, do you kick people out? do you allow the customers to say so it creates a whole kind of mess that you're asking the business owners to be in charge of. it's unfair to them. oh, absolutely. i mean, you think of all of those viral videos of people being asked to leave. restaurants are short because they're not wearing a mask. will imagine what happens if you have a reservation for dinner. all the sudden your q r code won't, won't come up. there are a lot of issues there, especially when it comes to those businesses that are just trying to get by now
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jeffrey, on another token, we see this happening in france right now, where people are being required to carry a health path. which frances high court just rules as legal, is this something that could come to the u. s. as a whole? i think it could, and there's so many strange aspects of this. the most extraordinary to me is the astonishing i'm time to pick, neglect of natural immunities. you know, there's probably more than 100000000 people that will cut, cut, covered in this country. and all the scientific literature says, the natural mean it is a very robust for those down. it's all the pharmaceutical immunities that are being registered by government. so which makes people naturally suspicious, you know, it's a complete mis out there that somehow the backside there are ignorant or, or just haven't got the right messaging or somebody these, these are rational decisions. people are making either to they, they say,
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think there's greater risk to the vaccine than there is to, to catch them covered, or they're aware of the, all the lives of the scientific lives for metro immunities. so this isn't gendering a lot of anchored. i must say, so you've got 2 levels of invasion here on citizens where the u. s. or france, or anywhere in the world. you've got the pure biological invasion of the vaccine itself, which is quite personal, quite into your coughing up a lot of personal details there. but yeah, the and the invasion of your privacy now where you're turning over all this private information to 2 organizations with whom you otherwise have no context. so it's, it's 2nd, next level of something that doesn't seem to fit with our normal liberal ideas of how society should work. and you think about how quickly all this transpired. i mean, this is all happened in the, in the course of really a month. really, it's quite shocking a year ago the people are talking about vaccine passports, that sort of stuff were dismissed as wild tinfoil hat. conspiracy theorists. well,
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these days just wait a couple months, even a couple of days. and it's all going to be true and they're going to say, well, that's of course, what we always favorite, but it's a very alarming. and i think it's engendering a tremendous amount of public anger happens. that anger, it's going to be interesting to watch one. speaking of that, public anger, i mean, ben, i know that you're there in greece and you've been traveling throughout europe. you've seen a lot of these protests against these mandates against the passport. so what are you seeing in terms of those health passes in european countries and how do they work? yeah, so a couple of interesting things that, you know, jeffrey made an important point about natural immunity. so if you travel as i am between spain and greece and france and italy, you go into these different countries. one of the things you'll find is that in europe, they do not dismiss natural immunity. in fact, it's part of that process. you can either show that you have been vaccinated. you can show a recent p c r test that shows the or negative for coded or you can provide proof
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that you have other anti bodies in your system that are naturally occurring. or you can show that you recently recovered from cobra. that's something that's not happening in the united states, and it is happening across europe. and i think that there is an important distinction there, at least in europe. they do recognize that yes, in fact, the antibodies that you get from having contract uncovered are better immunity than the vaccines, which in israel right now are requiring a 3rd shot just to be able to consider yourself fascinated so we are seeing that. and then also we're one of the things that we're seeing is those health passes. and ultimately what's that, what is that going to mean the difference between being a citizen and a tourist? because if you are a tourist, you just have to take a rapid p c r test and you can get into all those sites that you want to go see. excellent points to consider here. pence on jeffrey tucker. thank you both for your time. thank you. time now for a quick break, but when we come back,
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the bank of england says it won't make any changes to interest rates from now. but what's the u. k? central bank have to say about accusations that it is addicted to buying bond. we'll discuss that. and as we go to break your, the numbers out the close, the ah, me, a new gold rush is underway, and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn between gold and education. my family was very poor, i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still it will have the strongest appeal.
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as we were saying, shipping, all of our jobs factors to china was a bad idea. but the american people were ok with it because although they're way, cuz we're going down the stuff they were getting from china via wal mart was cheaper than ever. okay, now the chickens have come home to roost. now, the china labor sink is finished. inflation is kicking in for real and wages are going up, but not as fast as inflation the welcome back, the bank of england says it will continue to keep its monetary policy unchanged for now, while it looks gradually pulling back on the 8th, put in place at the start of the pandemic, but that's not before the bank warrant of
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a more pronounced period of inflation in the near future. for the 3rd month in a row, the central bank raised its forecasts for inflation projecting. it will reach 4 percent in the 4th quarter of this year and stay there through the 1st quarter of next year. all of this while projections for the u. k. g d, p, remain below pre pandemic levels. so joining me now to discuss is hillary ford, which president of straw mark l l. c. hillary is great to have you here on the show . now it's another month, another announcement for the bank of england and not much has changed so surprise you at all. i will just, rebecca, the rachel's ways, i don't think so. not really as far as i'm concerned, but also if you look at the global institutions and if you look at generally, the reaction currency wise is a good indicator of where the things are caused gyrations or not the pounds. they pretty steady, it did raise rise a little bit too. i think it's like 139. so there's a little live in increase, which showed the markets thought this was a sensible thing to do. i n g even said they didn't really think that interest
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rates are going to be raised until about 2023 1st quarter, 23. so i think that this is expected in the marketplace and off to what we've been through the gyro ations and everything caused by cov, it a stability is key to continue with the optimism in the economy. yeah, certainly seems like they're trying to continue that stability now at the same time, if you're not without criticism, of course, we've heard from some members of parliament who are alleging that the bank of england is now addicted to buying bonds because they say that they're not going to pull back on those asset purchases just yet. now of course the central bank wasn't happy about that, but what do you make of comments like that? well, i think in many regards they have due cause to be concerned. they're not the only ones that dissent, it actually microphone does. he's one of the policy makers at the bank of england. he was the one that dissented, also not to continue with the bond on coaches and the asset postage purchases it out. she reminds me of what margaret thatcher said when she said that the problem with socialism is you run out of spending other people's money. the problem with
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quantitative easing that we've had and all this impact stimulus, money as well, is eventually somebody, someone has to pay the spot and it'll be our children and our grandchildren. and so at some point it has to stop. the question is, when is the time right now? well, given that, as i mentioned, the current to stay stable, i think it can nominally and for people's optimism and, and basically courage. i would say to continue through this delta threat to a bit of stability as well. come at this juncture one certainly they have reason for it now and they're going to continue to use those reasons for as long as they can until that criticism becomes more and more. now when we're talking about the u . k, in this post brackson era. one of the really big things here has been these free trade agreements. we know that they're working on one with new zealand and really kind of going after these non partners. what's the latest there? well, there's lots of things happening. in fact, let's try to with here a few weeks ago, she has been in new zealand for the past week. she's been working with on a trade agreement that would actually be extremely beneficial. not just because
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it's new zealand with obviously common heritage, common history, common values, common law, common law, no pun intended, to the law of common law and common. but also it's a real gateway to that pacific rim, where you have over 12 countries that belong in tunnels. i can nominally for trade agreements. so this is like an entree point into all those countries as well, of which some of the agreements are also moving along. so she is now over 70 trade agreements. and prior to brooks it, there was 72 trade agreements that the you have with foreign nations that the u. k . was part of now up to 70. there's only 2 outstanding, one of the things that significant about this rachel, i would say is president biden. and his administration might roof a day that they delayed on the trade agreement with the u. k. because once you k as some trade agreements with new zealand, and then it opens up that whole pacific rim and hold the civic area for partnerships. there are going to be so many trade agreements and the ball is getting higher and higher because you have made such great deals with no terrorists
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from places like new zealand. that's what it looks like. it's going to be almost no charge and very high standards back and forth. and you know, in the u. k, they can use either they don't need to have as much be from the us if we're not happy. so i think the biden ministration should be watching this. i'm thinking, let's not drug our feet any more. now we've gotten any indication from the, by the ministration as to why they are dragging their feet. i mean the u. k. as soon as one of their closest allies was, was, i think, actually one of the things that, let's try to said, and this is all paid over the weekend. she has said, you know, the whole globe is, is moving towards that asian area. indo asian area in india, obviously some very, very well economically. i think one of the reasons that biden has, it's his irish roots and ancestral roots. he was part obviously, if the bomber administration said that he was against it and said that the u. k. would go to the back of the line if the u. k. lead in terms of trade agreements. so i think this is just probably a cultural boss in defense of biden's administration. they have had a lot on play with covered and many other things in the u. s. they're pretty busy.
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but nevertheless, that you're right, it's a special, a special relationship and it's a shame. they haven't moved faster to seal the deal only because i think it's going to end up being no advantageous for the u. s. in the long run that it could be. and now lastly, when it comes to the u. k versus the you, what are tensions like there? we've got about 32nd plus. okay, this will go on forever, right? yeah, it's not going to dissipate with the newest thing is this fee, it's not a lot of money. it's actually 6 pounds. but anybody from the u. k, it's anticipated to effect about 40000000 travelers from the u. k. and to you, it's almost like a not a passport, it's a visa, like up to declare where you're from your background. no prior crimes, and you're not obviously a terrorist, etc. 6 pounds isn't a lot of money. i mentioned the currency rate earlier, $139.00, that would be $8.36 money. anybody traveling? no one's going to talk to you if you can afford $0.36. however, it's the principal to put something like this in place. actually, it's not just your opinions, anybody watching from the us. bear in mind they're putting this in the place of the
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u. s. travellers. i don't mean to be the senate care, but the reason i think they're really doing this. they need to raise funds. they have not done well doing cobit, that policies aren't good. there is not as much entrepreneurship. they've not done well at all since breakfast, and they're going to lose one of the biggest trading partners that they have. so i think they need money, i guess the fastest way to raise it for them. that is even when it's only under $10.00 for every single past that they're seeing, they're great inside. as always, hillary ford, which thank you so much for your racial and that's it. for this time, you can catch boom bus on demand on the portable t b, which is available on smartphones and tablets, the google play, and the apple absorbed by searching portable tv. portable tv can also be downloaded on samsung, smart tv, and roku devices, or simply check it out app portable tv. well see you next time. me. ah
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ah ah oh, we need to look i was off the hold. you actually. oh, can you throw the that actually use the machine, which it says to bill me out with your budget that i can use to tell you guys if that guy was in the sky famous from credit issued by both of us. i
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use the this ours headline, stories of retaliation. the wife of marty gold spelled described news of the imprison us. cyber activist has been denied access to his lawyer. she said that because he tried to expose mistreatment in the prison. there is a one in there. the prism attorney who was called the timing works out with when the last article ran at our teeth, exposing what she's doing now. what's going on as the prison temporarily exams the citizens of neighboring some marino job by rushes, but nick v vaccine from needing cobra. passports, the bus.


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