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tv   News. Views. Hughes  RT  August 5, 2021 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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in june that lebanon was quote, thinking into one of the most severe global crises, crisis episode with the countries economic crisis, possibly ranking among the top 3 in the world, in the past 150 years. and as history has shown, when there is political and economic chaos, there is often a dangerous and bloody power struggle that ensues. various political and military factions are vying for control, the most powerful being has below, which controls the southern part of the country. speaking of southern lebanon, several rockets were fired across the border from lebanon at israel. israel responding with artillery fire, it was sweet rocket that was fired at israel. one was intercepted by the radio system, one landed in an open area, and one landed in lebanon itself. there are no immediate supports of damage or injuries on the waiting side. earlier, there was an indication that they could possibly be such an attack, particularly focused on the northern is rainy town of curiosity morning,
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which is home to some 20000 people in there. awesome. i went sounding in the area and the situation. there isn't a list so far, no one has claimed responsibility, but israel's pointed fingers at militant palestinian factions in southern lebanon though, you know, really as, as history has shown, nothing happens without has been knowing about it. in the southern part of that country. so the question is, is this the start of something more ominous and dangerous to come as lebanon continues to unravel, we'll have more analysis coming up and in u. s. news, we're also taking a look at the latest controversy in sexual harassment and assault allegations against new york state governor andrew cuomo, who during the pandemic, was being counted as a presidential candidate, a potential presidential candidate because of his popularity and power. while he's among the heroes and villains of america's political lead from new york to florida, texas to california on john hardy. and this is news news news here on our t america. we have a lot to talk about once again today. so let's get ah,
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the national day of mourning 11 on for the as we just talked about the one year anniversary of the blast heard seen and felt emotionally anyway, around the world webinar on remains that are precarious state on the brink of economic and political collapse some say that's already really happened, a dangerous situation, certainly worse, and by the pandemic. joining me now to discuss this in more detail is former pentagon official, mike, i'm a live who's spent a lot of time there. first of all, it's great to see you. this is the 1st time we've been set together and a half, however long it's been in a while in a while. be root. we were talking about this earlier. i've been to be rude. you were there recently. i was there and she $1016.00, and i fell in love with it. i love the people. i fell in love with the culture. i was really surprised by how western it is. you know, the shopping the store. it's just that the life the night life coming back. yeah.
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and you know, so when i saw and heard about this explosion, like so many people, it was gut wrenching because lebanon was already in a difficult state even prior to this. so when that happened, of course, my heart, i felt terrible for the people impacted my god, and then i'm sending myself what going to happen now? it's not a good situation. i had a lot of personal friends effected by the just by that explosion. but that, that explosion just came on top of a heap, of other issues that are, that are unmanageable at this point. bad governance, a government that doesn't work and, and outside pressures outside forces that want to come in and deal with this but, and in the inflation and the value of their currency has just gone nuts. canning
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and people are starving people. every day people are starving. yeah, what tell me about that, what's, you've talked to people, what's the mood on the ground? i mean, we've seen the protein. yeah. but how you told me people are starving. yeah, i can't work with that. that's how my gosh, the money is worthless. plus the prices have gone sky. hi, how do you afford anything? people have to weigh? what do i, what do i do? pay the rent. do i or do i buy food? yeah, it's a real real problem for them. and there is no solution in sight. that is the problem. in spite of the fact you have france in the united states and everybody else saying, well, we're going to try and bail you out. but then they add a tinge of politics to it. all right? because they're also fearful that husband is going to somehow take over and they won't have control. plus they have put such onerous conditions on any international monetary, fun funds going into lab and that it's, people can't,
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can't go along with fully let's talk about has blood though and has bullets influence you know, there and many other the southern part of the country is pretty much it's controlled by has ended up the up in the west and up in the north. yes. into the back of what you know with, with this political and economic chaos. does that create that kind of power vacuum that could possibly or, or at least the, you know, sure, search for power the question why a group like has, yeah, it's out of stalemate and the government hasn't had, there hasn't been a government there in one year. harry was asked to come back and he finally said, i give up, he and, and talk to us, he'd rather see a civil war there is that part that is that you, that is, that is why you are possible quite possible. you got to the older older folks there are very concerned about civil war because they live through it from 75 to 1990. they know what civil war is. the younger got younger. see the remnants of it when
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are you still there out building or, or change you see, but younger people who don't have their recollection or, or background. so we're going to, we're going to go and we're going to be demonstrate today where the parliament is located. i've been in that area so many times i would have fire bombing there, there. demonstrations and the police are shooting tear gas the and they, they have promised not to leave less than until the parliament dissolves itself. and they have a new government which will not happen. it is definitely a contentious situation. real quick. we got about 20 seconds. yeah. the rocket fire from southern lebanon into israel, this is unusual. doesn't happen. you hear about you hear about kind of trading back and forth with syria. yeah. in groups and syria. what's your take on that? you know, in my experience, nothing happens in southern lebanon without has been knowing about it. but israel saying it was palestinian faction, you know, i agree. i would, i would tend to agree,
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given the specification of the rockets which were not sophisticated, it was probably palestinians. gotta keep them my husband and israel have a back channel. and the fact that husband says it wasn't us, it's probably true because they have much more sophisticated rockets. and they know that if they start a fire, they're already done $150000.00 short, medium in the range rock and 10 counting. and if they shot him into israel, the problem would be that israel will invade lebanon bloodbath talking with both sides totally. and nobody wants that micro maloof. great to see you, my friend. thanks. thanks so much for coming on, graham, and as always, thank you, sir. well, throughout the pandemic here in the united states, america governors have often been thrust into the spotlight on not only america's political stage, but the world stage was some of the governors becoming both heroes and villains. and this long running viral saga nun, perhaps more so the new york state governor andrew cuomo, who at the height of the panoramic
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a daily press briefings and coven updates featured across various news channels at times even clashing with then president trump, while also appearing on his brother, chris cuomo, sienna show when playful, discussion and ribbing between 2 brothers seemingly vying over who their daddy, the late new york governor, mario cuomo, loved more. it was amusing, at times, perhaps a brief respite from the doom and gloom at the height of the pandemic. cuomo was so popular and powerful at one point, many thought he would for president in $22024.00. but how quickly the tide turns. cuomo is now facing sexual harassment and assault allegations, and calls for his resignation, swallowed by the office. turbulent political time was more on this ortiz natasha suite and investigation has found new york governor andrew cuomo, sexually harass multiple current and former state government employees. but the governor hope's implementing new sexual harassment training even for himself will be enough to keep his job should impeach the governor because he clearly cannot
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accept responsibility for any of his behavior. charlotte bennett is one of at least 11 come all accusers claiming to be sexually harassed by the new york governor. some are sharing their story while others are remaining anonymous on tuesday, the attorney general announced findings that sound como did indeed sexually harassing stuff investigation with conducted by 2 outside lawyers. they say the comb administration was a hostile work environment and then it was rife with fear and intimidation. como is denying all those claims. there is another complaint i want to address from a woman in my office who said that i groped her in my home office. let me be clear that never happened promo. also addressing charlotte ben. it's claim specifically. she identified herself to me as a survivor of sexual assault. she said that she came to work in my administration because of all the progress we had made and fighting sexual assault. she talked
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about the personal trauma that she endured and how she was handling it. i could see how it is affected her. charlotte was angered by the governor's words. he started asking questions about, you know, my sex life. and if i was monogamous and if i could have effects healthy sexual relationship, he is victim blaming. and he's also making a really insulting and painfully and accurate and situation that someone who is traumatized from the past experience cannot discern the difference between mentorship and sexual harassment. bennett attorneys, as the governor may have put himself in a difficult position, possibly needing to retract those public statements. and if he knowledge of the statements, especially the ones he made concerning. charlotte bennett, he's essentially a betting that violated in new york discrimination. an organization of one time
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legislative staffers, harassment from their former bosses' is speaking out against como scene. he das, sliding to complicate the facts. and the fact is, everything that these courageous women told us months ago, that was finally corroborated by 163 page report. after speaking to almost 200 people and tens of thousands of documents that were received. the facts are that governor cuomo broke both state and federal ball by sexually harassing multiple people. aside from the women other democratic politicians, including president biden and senator chuck schumer are calling for como to resign . schumer saying, homeless actions were disturbing and unacceptable. no elected official is above the law. the people of new york deserve better leadership in the governor's office. we
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continue to believe that the governor should resign, comma has also stated new sexual harassment training will be implemented for employees, including himself. now the attorney general's report is expected to play an important role in an ongoing inquiry and the state assembly. it'll determine whether there are grounds for coma to be impeached, reporting for new shoes and how sweet our t. florida. governor rhonda said this is often been both the hero and villain on america's political stage scrapping with reporters throughout the pandemic. including this week, when he was, he accused the media of creating coven, 1900 hysteria, and fairmont during the 10 to francis continues to take heed over a stance against mosque mandates and lock downs. to be clear, florida has the highest rate of coven infections in the us. the majority of people in florida's hospitals who are very sick, are the unvaccinated. and the census has argued the numbers are, he says, not as bad as they seem. and he, at least for now anyway, remains
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a g o p fan favorite. for now, anyone where more analysis on america's gubernatorial idols and enemies? let's bring in our panels form a georgia state representative and democratic strategist with don jones and ned riot, ceo of american majority. and a former presidential writer for george w bush. welcome t a. both on let's, let's start with you is governor to say at this, right? it's the media fear mongering and creating coven, coven hysteria. coban has been a using circumstance for everyone in the new get from the media and the cd. the all is very conflicting. however, there are certain things we know are true. wearing a mask to reduce the number back scenes or helping to keep people from dying. and the fact that the governors being so careless and reckless with people's lives instead of being far more strict to try to stop in and blame me, get all the media is super problematic. yeah, and just just today, governor santis speak on that note. hit back after president biden criticize him
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and other republican governors for banning mass mandy. same quote, and these are the gunners words. joe biden suggests that if you don't do lockout policies and you should quote, get out of the way. but let me tell you this. if you're coming after the rights of parents at florida, i'm standing in your way. i'm not going to let you get away with that. that is this political theater, by, by governor de santis, who, it seems at this point has as perhaps, greater political aspirations or is the right to go, you know, to fight that for, you know, punch back at president, bite it. well 1st of all, i think the bind whitehouse has helped elevate the santas even more. feels like 2024 is already be gone. but know governor on to sanchez, i think is absolutely correct to fight back and say, hey, let's have a let's take a hard look at doing locked downs and all these math mandates. again, we've gone through really devastating economic times. so i think he's, he's looking at the people of florida, realizing that he's got their support and he's going to stand and say, no,
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we're not going to do this again. especially as more and more parents are saying what we don't want the locked down. we don't want to have school shut down, we don't want them asked mandates and he's saying i hear you and i'm going to. 2 i'm going to stand strong on your, on your behalf. don, going back to governor cuomo, because this is really been the headline and everything that's happening with governor cuomo, he, he started taking pretty serious heat during pandemic, over comments that he made about, about nursing homes. even prior to this though, even during that period of time, and he thought that because of his influence because of his popularity and power that maybe he would run for president, but all that shed. and in light of these new allegations you think his political career is coming to an end, is this the end of the road for, for governor cuomo? so we've seen some aware bounce back before in the little world. however, we know, since me to may have started movement that i am or this is probably
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one of those things in i person's career pretty quickly. women in this country now who put up with decades of sexual harassment were, haven't drawn a line in the sand. and now that there are women in the top level, the offices in be in the legal department and ag office that type of experience. i don't think will be handled anymore. and i think the one thing that you say some lunch and allow their political career to for is if they acknowledge it, don't white people and trying to help others learn from their mistakes. that real quick. we have probably about 30 seconds left. would you agree with that? and what do you think if, if there's anything, is there anything that governor cuomo can do to come back from this? well, i mean, he's going to, he's not gonna resign. i don't see him resigning anytime soon. i think he's going to fight all the way. i just think what's interesting is the political enemies inside the democratic party saw an opportunity took it and use the sexual
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harassment, which of course is disgusting when in fact, a lot of us thought he should be taken out for his corona virus, and russ don't policies but they can't do that because it would implicate other democratic governors, like whittemore murphy, will even new some. so i find it interesting. they're taking him out on this issue, but it's definitely political theater. and democrats inside the 40 said, we're going to take home on i think they're probably going to be successful in doing it. and the saga continues. will continue to follow ned ryan ladon jones when i appreciate your time. thanks for coming on. me. lympics have a history of protesting controversy in the olympic games in tokyo are really no different this year. we'll discuss this right after a short break. ah, ah, join me every thursday. i'm alex simon short. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have is crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally and get into this. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, a very critical time. time to sit down and talk me it doesn't look like this is of all what you actually was. so can you to use that actually use the machine which is to build me up with your budget.
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i would continue to tell you because it was in the famous from a credit issued by both of us choose . this is your media reflection of reality. the in the world transformed what will make you feel safe for tyson lation community? are you going the right way, or are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is faith in the world corrupted?
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you need to this end. ah, so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah ah, so the international olympic committee of the i always see says olympic games are not political but, but so often throughout history. politics has been intertwined with the olympics from the 1936 summer games in berlin to the 972 massacre and muse, munich, and over the decades since then. limping athletes have certainly made headlines and political statements at the various, at the various olympic games. and really this year in tokyo, as i said earlier, is no different with us athletes kneeling during the national anthem, you know, or in some cases, turning their backs on the american flag. and then of course,
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there's the ongoing controversy over jim this simone biles, withdrawing from her event due to, you know, emotional and mental health issues look, regardless of your opinion about whether that was right or wrong. you know, the ensuing stories did cast a bit of a negative cloud over the u. s. in these ongoing games. so with more on the mix of political games at the olympic games. at rush, former u. s. fire pilot, author and division one baseball scholar is here to sound off on that ed good to have you on. so i played a little d 3 baseball, but i'm not going to get into that because that was many years ago. but like you're asked, we, you know, as i described here, politics has intersected with the olympic games in the past. but is this your summer game is being a bit to politicized by the athlete and, and even the media at this point prefix? actually, i was surprised that it went the opposite. i mean, the big why and my opinion is that we are so divided as a nation,
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and we just hate each other. and then you have these beautiful athletes. i mean, i love the wrestler tomorrow, mence, a sock, who just said, i love living in the united states. i'm so proud to represent my country. we're sending laughlin who won yesterday. spoiler in the 400 hurdles, just like i want to thank god. and i just so proud to represent the united states. so i actually think like i came into the olympic games, you're thinking, oh my gosh, i can't watch like the constant social disruption, but i've been surprised at what the other way, like i'm thrilled with our athletes. i think there's some other examples. for the most part, it's been awesome and the truth is as a country, i mean think about this for a 2nd. none of us watch swimming. ever like you don't. the are swimming every 4 in you, but yeah, you're right. i mean maybe like real like nobody's at home like during the hammer throw up on an off year. you know?
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yeah. but when the lympics come around and caleb dressel jumps into the pool across the country, doesn't matter. our color or creed are believe system. we're all like maybe you know what he, when we're all thrilled that love it. yeah. and i didn't look you, you, you bring up good points, and unfortunately, you don't hear much coverage of some of those good things that there's like mentions of some of the moments that you're talking about, but, but not a lot so much has been politicized. it just seems like and it continues to be, i mean, and it's just the nature of the media coverage. and it's, you know, the games and everything. nbc, bending over backwards, they're trying as hard as they can to find like something controversial. and i mean, the most controversial thing in my mind is the ridiculous mortal kombat mass that they make, the gold medal winners where when they get on the podium other than that, i mean there's been some, there have been like the soccer team and the, and the the girl that, that, that, that crossed her arms and you know, there's some free speech. we appreciate in our country and it's been happening
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while i was wondering what i think. what do you think of that when you see that it and that's one of the beauties of this country is that we can do that and people do do that. and you know, regardless of your opinion, we have a right to do that. but look, is a bad form when you're, when you're at the olympics, you're representing the u. s. it seems a bit hypocritical, at least, you know, critics of, of this, that, that's the contention. as a veteran, what do you, how do you feel when you see that? yeah, i mean there's 2 sides of this. first of all, i don't support that kind of activity. and i certainly think it's detrimental to our country at the same time where a country that believes you can think what you want, you can say sensually what you want. and you can publicize what you want via the news. those are the freedoms that were provided in the 1st amendment and were so different, like you don't see the chinese athletes trying to pull that off. they probably wouldn't want to protest, frankly, but they don't. and we're so different in the fact that we provide those freedoms even to our athletes. and i think my personal opinion is the free market makes up
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for it. i mean, you're sponsorships are going to go down and i'm less likely to buy whatever product i'd be more nike in 3 years. you know, i'm in so faced the fact that, that we get to choose also how we support the athletes that and their behavior once they're representing us. so i think it balances out in the end. well, great points. hey, look, there are still many events left and i'm going to be, i'm going to be watching the boxing event with the u. s. athlete, who's going out fine on us baseball. so good stuff, appreciate it. thanks for coming on. appreciate your insight. thanks john. take care. well that's all the time we have for today's show. for the show and more be sure to download the portable tv app on your device. thanks for watching. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
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rather driven by dreamer shaped by those in me dares thing. we dare to ask me o is your media a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? tice, relation community? are you going the right way?
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where are you being somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is in the world to corrupted? you need to defend the so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, well it doesn't look like this was of all what you actually was. so can you through that actually use them sheet, which is a bit me up with your budget. ah,
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what are the continues to tell you because it was in the famous from a credit issued by both of us in okay, let's go to nigeria. here's a country that is suffering from inflation. they have a huge population of 200000000 or more very young people that are already online already on their phones. and the government is not really able to crack down. let's say you could see in china they ban all those things together and you have a breakout, you have a breakthrough, you have the big point, standard emerging. and that's so exciting because it means that the world will be born again. it looks like it's going to happen in nigeria.
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the know what we've done in the law and by the can mother can while we're on by now, i know i should know moment of age on mon, i'm the special fields on my like one of them that you will that will allow you to have an initiation and with much i should know how the community good. all small lot of the solar is stevens. i mean, i mean, i saw it and they went out and my my name is
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the accusations of excessive force leveled at berlin police. after a viral video shows an officer throwing natalie into the ground, showing a protest. please shooting and says to demonstrate themselves with bob from mike calling, he's going to court on the law. in addition, 64 were injured. they clearly didn't stumble during the program is implemented name of the us media. they silent over president button tosh, migration policy. she had heavily criticized donald trump for exactly the same actions and disney will, employees are among more than a dozen people arrested on suspicion of seeking sexual activity.


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