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tv   News  RT  August 3, 2021 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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the moon, the the, all these headline news cash strapped americans risk being kicked out of their homes as an eviction band imposed to help curb the spread of cov, it comes to an end at the same time as congress which failed to extend. it goes off on its summer holidays, actually been evicted before myself. i have had to sleep in the car myself. and so as a sitting congress will, there is no way that i could just allow congress to recess and go on vacation. the berlin, the authorities are looking into allegations of offices using excessive force at sunday's protests after the un special rapids on torture races, the alarm over footage of police throwing a woman to the ground will have the latest also ad censorship and an attack on
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freedom of speech is the reaction to youtube binding sky news, australia for a week, for violating the platforms cobra policies. the channel though, claims it only questioned, wearing masks, and locked down policies and prevail. britton's national health service secretly mold a drop plan to exclude the elderly from being looked after in case of a flu pandemic. and now a year and a half to decode it's older, people live on the brunt of this outbreak. much to the distress a one care home work we've been speaking to i think the home, the always been on the fringe of the goldman. so everything was with the church enough to i just in for in the afternoon on tuesday here in moscow. my name's collin bray. welcome to you. world news from archie. that's the trouble i had for 1000000 in the us who risk of becoming homeless after an eviction moratorium expired. congress
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broke up for the summer recess. unable to agree on an extension to that ban, which meant to keep people at home and stop the spread of coven, including crucially those who were unable to pay that rent after losing their jobs . in the panoramic reporting next from new york is caleb morgan. the fries on home foreclosures and evictions that for coven expired on july 31st this more toward him to keep people in their homes was set in place back in september. it is not known how many people could potentially become homeless as a result of the moratorium being allowed to expire. one survey suggests the number could be 3600000. 1 woman who is highlighted in u. s. press reports is 38 years old and has ongoing health problems. her landlord is refusing to take federal rent assistant. she's only got $800.00 in savings and she could soon be out on the street. us media outlets also spoke to a mother in los vegas who has lost her 2 jobs and is now behind on her $900.00 per
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month rent. she is terrified and what could happen to her and her 2 children. she says the job offers are coming in, but they're not coming in fast enough. some activists gathered outside the us capitol, demanding an extension. they actually turned out that property was in it . and we put up like we put up a legal fight for the longest ago. we didn't have any world to go and seeing the fact that many people can't afford to live in a room and they get kicked out of their homes. is the reason why i think we have to be here. we thought for it in january got extended sort again in june when it got extended and were fighting for it again. now, just because the panoramic isn't over and you see a surge corona virus cases because of the delta. and you also are seeing that
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people are still not fully back to work, especially as a working class are still struggling a lot. they were joined by democratic lawmakers. i know what this like. i have been evicted before myself. i have had to sleep in the car myself, and so as a sitting congress woman, there is no way that i could just allow congress to recess, go on vacation, and for me to, to go on with my life and not care about the 7000000 people you know, i had people around me, so i feel safe, which i didn't feel safe when i was on housed. i had people, i had food sitting here. you know, i didn't always have food. i had enough blanket to keep me warm because it didn't get to cool at night. but that's not the reality of what happens. you know, on many nights when you are on house now the moratorium was allowed to expire and then congress went into a recess. nancy pelosi has called for joe biden to extend the moratorium before congress reconvenes. however, the white house says there is
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a problem. the supreme court said it could only be extended with congressional authorization. that was their decision. that's how they were able to strike it down and that's what they needed to happen. now keep in mind, the white house is very happy to unilaterally send troops. there is plenty of dramatic swift action coming from the executive branch. but not when it comes to rescuing america's working families, families across the country are now panicking and losing sleep summer having to choose between rent and mortgage bills and food. many are now scrambling to find a job with the prospects of soon being out on the street seeming quite imminent, honestly, for me to organize the person that understand building power. or the only thing that really transform a country and movement, especially congress and create the conditions for millions more people to be experiencing. and how the other is related to life increased
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risk to the delta barriers like increase with the physical or psychological violence and all of the things that happen, you create the conditions organized. so i think the congress is to present the bigger call that happens because people are set up and we're continuing to see our efforts to demand that our government overwhelmingly actually since are vulnerable people working people for people. yet even with the democratic majority. so hard to get here, we're still having massive gaps that have all lead me. so of course a mass protest master of action. and that because of the rest of those of us, we're conscientious about waiting to do things and the ways that we engage them. some were on the brink, are now talking about taking matters into their own hands. a hash tag called occupy congress has already been created. some say that desperate times require desperate
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measures. let's see what happens. caleb martin, r t. new york state expert travis sheridan, excuse me, real estate expert travis sheridan we spoke to earlier predicts the failure to extend the extra meritorious is most certainly going to exacerbate the health crisis. why see, i see 2 different types of impact. one, if, if the united states does face another lockdown or returning to working from home, that only works if you have a home, right? it's quite impossible to do locked down if you are and housed. and so, you know, high numbers of addiction, potential addictions, and basically the locked down would not be would not be ideal. secondly, when you are and how you are, you're facing so many more elements and environmental factors, not just the weather, but being in large spaces and crowded spaces, not able to pop properly, social distance. and so i fear that there could be an increase spread of the delta
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variance and increase cases as a result of potentially increase homelessness. january storming of the capital building shook america. and a commission is now looking for answers. but there's a tragic aftermath. so it's not really making many headlines for officers on duty that day. recently committed suicide and their families, largely blame the riots ortiz to make. people don't earlier to discuss the details of a story. well, for the official number, we have so far of the officers who took their lives, who had responded on january 6 during the capitol hill right now. yesterday the metropolitan police department announced that 2 officers took their lives 1st one being called the free tag. 26. he was a 5 year veteran in force, and he was found dead about a month ago and on july 10th. and later that same month on july 29th gone through ha, should a 43 had also veteran 18 years on the force. he also killed himself leaving
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behind a wife and 3 children. but however, those are just the latest deaths of police officers who had responded to the capitol hill right. another 2 officers committed suicide. shortly after the rise themselves, the 1st one being our leaving good 16, your police force veteran. he killed himself just 3 days after the riot, and that was followed by jeffrey smith, also veteran of the force who shot himself on his way to work on january 15th. he had no history of depression or mental health issues, but he did suffer an injury during the riots. now, the family of officer hospital has so far, at least, not made any connection direct connection between his taking his own life and the riots on january 6th. but other families have stated that the riots and their aftermath put significant mental stress on the officers who responded when my
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husband left for work that day. he was the jeff that i knew when she returned after experiencing the event being heat and the head. he was a completely different person. i do believe it. he didn't go to work that day. he would be here. what must not be lost and all of this is that my beloved husband died as a result of his dedication to the us capital police. and the sacrifices he made to his well being on the 6th of january and the ensuing days. just as surely as if he had been slain on the capitol steps, recognition of the cause of his death. much like the critical examination of the right itself will remain central to how we make right those tragedies and help avoid their repetition. now obviously the colleagues and families of these officers have been devastated by all this. some of the widows of these officers are now even fighting to have the death of their husbands. be classified as in the line of duty
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and the family of the latest victim. you say officer hush, his family has set up a crowd funding page to help support the family and fund officers. morial, clearly a catastrophic mental toll on the cruise working at the capital that day. it's been any official response. well, the officials response has been basically, officials and lawmakers expressing their condolences, latest being the nancy pelosi, who express or who should statement regarding the latest officer's death officer. she was a hero who risked his life to save our capital, the congressional community, and our very democracy. now just as a reminder, this whole thing about the january sex drive, the investigation is still going on. as we speak to this day. lawmakers are still be hearing testimonies from people who are there. protesters, staff, members, police officers, and anybody who's there during the attack, which resulted in at least 5 deaths,
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dozens of hospitalizations and hundreds of injuries among both protesters and police officers. now, so far, seemingly thousands of people who stormed a building that day over $500.00 have now been charged for that and selection. but some of the even admitted to the, the charges. but the situation is still evolving as the investigation continues to go on. police in berlin are looking into cases of alleged brutality by officers during sundays protests against coven restrictions of demonstrators claim the police used excessive force and video shows riot squad, getting heavy handed with protested his europe correspondent, peter oliver. well, there's been a lot of videos doing the rounds since sunday showing violent clashes between playing some protesters to where they are demonstrating again, measures put in place to stop the spread of coven 191 video, in particular though, withdrawn a lot of attention because it seems to show a police officer grabbing
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a woman by the neck and throwing her to the floor. the . this is also drawn the attention of the un wrap onto for torture. that's nills meltzer. he's put out an appeal on his social media accounts. calling for anybody who witnessed this incident to come forward. he's so far not talk to anybody in the media concerning his potential involvement and what that would form that could potentially take in this particular incident. what he has said is that he's in touch with the german police with the german authorities. he's asking essentially for explanations from them. and then we'll see where we go. now the protests had the product took place on sunday, had been prohibited by court order that it said that they could, and would potentially spread coven 19. everybody who turn dope knew they were
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supposed to be there. in fact, that was made abundantly clear to absolutely everybody. what we did see was some demonstrators attacking the police themselves, but it's this video of, amongst many other videos, i'm a start of police violently. some would say, pushing protest is back, which is drawing the attention in this particular one video of the police officers story and the woman to the floor this, i think it's going to bear a lot more. inspection in the future. youtube is continuing its crack down on the misinformation. the google owned video sharing site has been sky news, australia the 7 days for violating koby policies, planning it could cause a real world home many branded to move a sense of shit. while the channel itself claims in any question wearing masks and locked down policies. but one quarter has the story. it's freedom of speech under attack, that's on many australians minds after you. tube slapped
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a one week suspension on sky news for allegedly breaching the platforms, policies on coven misinformation. i say allegedly because you tube didn't exactly specify which videos where the problem and this has led to some crying out in terror for what they see as a trampling of their freedoms. since the sip to stay in motion youtube sky news, this trail is suspension, is a disturbing assault and freedom of thought, sky, or an actual news agency. what happened to freedom of the press? of course there was no shortage of those who thought sky news got what it deserved . murder controls up to 80 percent of us trellis prince media. the fact sky news will be suspended from you to for misinformation is only the tip of the iceberg as to how nice coff has brainwashed australians and spread valenze and hatred and fake news about china. sky news, australia, unable to identify the videos that lead to youtube suspension in furnace. we do pump out a lot of set of sauce part from the suspension and some deleted videos. the news
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outlet is also one strike. closer to a permanent ban youtube claim. some of sky news is videos denied the existence of cove at 19, and that's all we know. sky news, australia was at its youtube channel, taken down for very old post very videos about cobit 19. and the time is interesting because as we know, i'll show you is now one of the most severely locked down countries on earth, youtube, and working with you. i'll show you government to center information and to take down news organizations that in the past and things that they find bubble magic to the current over narrative. it wasn't long before sky news published a response, inferring the actions like these were a slippery slope. dow shoots and that the channel had fallen victim to a double standard. among the dues deemed unpalatable for societal consumption with debates around what the mosques were effective and what the log dance with justifies when considering the adverse health outcomes. and on the issue of mosques,
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i wonder when america's chief covert 19 advisor anthony found, she will be banned from youtube. in case you forgot that was in reference to when the top us infectious diseases. experts said that people don't need to be walking around and masks right now. people should not be what there's no reason to be walking around with the mask. the country's media watchdog doesn't seem to think the situation is black and white though since the beginning of 2020. it's received . 23 complaints about sky news as patent demick coverage. but get this. the australian communications and media authority has no authority over social media platforms. digital platforms such as youtube are not currently subject to the same co regulatory arrangements, the australia's traditional broadcast media. in this case, you tube has made it decision to the spence guy news, according to its policies for its platform. it's led many to wonder why can some corporations do whatever they want, while the government has its hands tied,
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you only way we get which back against big tech would be if legacy media interest show me the or the organization decided to take them on. and because the politician don't seem to have any will to do so, because obviously spends more money than any other organization lobbying in washington. it's showing more and more of a big tech is actually in control. and it might be big tech during the gotten the bidding of a government now. but how soon is it going to be when the government is doing the bidding, a big tech, and when big tactics want some favors and government for all of this work they're doing on their behalf. it's very, very scary stuff. i'm not sure what it's going to take or how quickly that can, that can change without see coming up a murder probe's law stopped or a missing value. russian anti government activist is found hanged in a park and the ukrainian capital. it's a mug on the still ahead when we come back, i
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the the the the the ah ah, the ah, so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy for an taishan . let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally,
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i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk the hello again. pretty huge papers revealed at the u. k. state health service and sketch to plan to deny cat to elderly people in the event of a severe pandemic. it was never implemented, but elements of it seemed to be bringing true to this day for one campaign that we spoke to. she told us it's unacceptable that the n h s still has to prioritize who should, and who should not receive treatment. they, they failed because they basically, anyone that they were major certainly retirement age seems to be not where they are being looked after. so to me it just looks like they were looking after the ones
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that were going to make money. and the ones that have already made the money going to cost the money going to be thrown aside like they have done with the can home, you know, pull families of their loved ones and home. they sent those all white lamps to slaughter by just knowing them, people knew what was going on, or that have been a complete and utter waste of time because of still prioritizing who should and who shows should not receive and of life is dreadful. the 2017 draft plan was to ensure the health service could cope with overwhelming numbers in the event of a crisis, and it would have been prioritized for patients with a better chance of survival. i was drafted out a huge irregularities were found in britain's response systems. but the n h s has stated that the plan did not form the basis of the late response to the current corona virus pandemic. the n h s was asked to produce this discussion document based on the specific and extreme hypothetical scenario to inform the government's
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pandemic flu preparedness program rather than for racial use. and that did not form the basis of the n h. s response to the corona virus. covered outbreak head care home hard with 42000 of the residents in england and wales having died since the outbreak began. one form, a senior adviser to the prime minister, has openly acknowledged the government's failure in shielding those facilities. we were told to go really much that people will be tested before they went back to we only subsequently found out that that hadn't happened. now all the government rectory was we put a shield around cameras and blah, blah, complete nonsense. put the opposite, putting showed round the recent people, we come back to the camps. i think the homes are always being on the on the bridge of the goldman and everything was with the last i know
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the people said they had home later and without them we still we still are testing colby policy people from your scout or hospital because this virus how the job was still very i think some of it was telling the truth, i think it was on television homes were being tested, the residents will be private home and i will be in the initial on them and not the law. the reason why i told the whole life ahead of the so called a bela russian house in ukraine has been found dead in kiev. the tale shelf held to fellow bella russians who fled the country during the recent unrest of so what we know so far is that the tele, she shot the head of bell russian house in ukraine and organization housing bell
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russians, li abroad. when missing on monday and key after setting out for a daily jog is friends and colleagues sounded the alarm and started the search operation along with local police. his body was found hanged in a part in the ukrainian capital. you said it's not clear whether this was a murder or suicide attempt, and an investigation has been launched, but the crane police has already stated that they prioritize murder as they are leading diversion. others security camera showing him leaving his home on monday morning around 9 pm and police are now trying to piece together. he's movement after that. adults reported that his phone was turned off and it was impossible to tracy that way. italy shop was one of the founders of the organization called by the russian house. and ukraine has been an opposition activist for quite a while. he reportedly moved to neighboring ukraine in 2020,
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during mass protest that came on the back of presidential elections, invalid bruce the position claimed as voting that so incumbent invalid, russian leader, alexander lucas. shank, when the election by lance lie, it's brig something that alexander luther shall go and he's analyzed strongly denied. as i already said. the ukrainian police have launched an investigation into the case has been reported that they consider a number of theories including that it was the murder. as i said, disguised as a suicide attempt, the former british ambassador turned blogger has handed himself into police in scotland to 78 month prison sentence for contempt of court. craig murray arrived with the family and supporters and a bottle of champagne, but nothing for him to celebrate though. as a pro free speech group pointed out, scott his pen express his grave concern over the imprisonment of craig murray and calls for his release. the writer is the 1st person to be imprisoned in scotland for media contempt for over 70 years. we fear this ruling will have
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a chilling effect on reporting and free expression. murray was convicted over details published in his blog during the sexual misconduct trial of former scottish 1st minister alex salmon in which the identities of the women alleged to be victims . risk to being revealed santander was acquitted, of all 13 charges, but strict laws and the u. k, allow our lead sex, us all victims to remain anonymous even so journalists fear that mary's imprisonment now sets of worrying precedent reports without borders, are considered the prison sentence. disproportionate and the wall journal must ensure that here the court orders with regard to witness protection imprisonment in connection with any journalistic activity, should only ever be a measure of absolute last resort. if at all, mary, supporters of compared his case to that of julian, a, sorry, shows us expedition. proceedings were thoroughly covered by the diplomat turned to blogger. we spoke with a former scottish justice secretary, as well as with a coordinator of the craig, mary, justice campaign. they both see murray's punishment is substantially unset. i would
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agree that this case has a chilling effect on journalism in this country, specifically in scotland. scott's law and u. k. law differ quite significantly in many ways, but especially in scotland. we've seen that there in that in the last few years, that's been an increase in crackdown on democracy on transparency on what can and can't be reported. and this, this judgement is a very clear sign that there is an effort to create fear into the heart of journalists and public commentators reporting what can be reported by mainstream media. well, it's called but i think this is doc b for bloggers is a dark day for the scottish traditional system. take a moment, things have gone wrong. first of all, the judges reasoning seems to be that mr. muddy should be treated differently from the mainstream media. now i think that are several arguments to be made against
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stock. firstly, the most flagrant breaches of personal liberty, of tennessee, of beaches, of contempt of court, of come from the mainstream media. so this idea that if you are in the mainstream media, you are somehow absolutely christine and panic. but if you're a blogger, or somebody who's not in the mainstream media, then you are a danger, has no substance or credibility as things come, which time. okay, all new boom buff is on the way in just a few moments after which i'll be here to update you on the big stories. we're across here at rp from moscow. the driven by jan shaped bank in
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ah, the dares thing. we dare to ask. oh the news on the
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3rd boom, but the one business show you can't afford to mit branch the board and i'm rachel blevins in washington coming up. global factory output has begun to slow despite us or in the economic recovery straight ahead. we'll take a look at how rising prices are impacting the world's largest economy. and debate continues in the united states. congress is the legislative body prepares to vote on a massive infrastructure deal that includes new regulations for crypto currency. we'll explain. then we had back to the crypt for the cybersecurity sector, as officials from several governments are warning of the top voter abilities and systems. we have expert analysis on hand for the facts, so today was dive right it we begin the program at the latest on how the world's top economies are recovering and how their output is being impacted by skyrocketing prices.


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