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the aah! protest is furious at tightening. coven matches in mandatory health. paul says raleigh, across western europe. why the number of infections is still on the rise as well as europe raises against restrictions. cases in the united states increased in 6 polls in july, while politicians are sending mixed messages about how to make leaving many various political situations involved in it. i just wish you would come around. they could get the politics out little full of rich box at a time blog that has rented to the police to
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a prison sentence for contempt court and a case that the senate shockwave through the john community. ah, hello and welcome. this is of course autumn to national, as thanks to choosing us today. good to have your company. well starting off the sound view and special raptor on torture. has spoken out against the use of force, bible and police against protest is on sunday. officers officers and right give violent need to sparse crowds demonstrates and gains tightened coven restrictions. one incident in particular, quote, un officials attention. the me this is just been brought to my attention. can anyone provide my office with the specifics?
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witness statements of this incident and whether an official investigation has been launched. while we've asked mr. meltzer for comment so far, there's been no reply. we'll let you know, of course. in the meantime, a 49 year old man died and please come to the after being detained. a demonstration in berlin. his death now being investigated with authority, saying he probably suffered a heart attack apart from germany, similar chaotic scenes of played out in france and italy. the the
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we've seen these protests across western europe, the, particularly in france and italy. and here in germany as well as people are unhappy with coven restrictions that have been put in place. and typically when it comes to requirements or potential requirements for what's being called, the new green digital pass, a digital vaccine certificate, if you will. now those demonstrations across western europe, they turn nothing at times over the weekend. we are civilian, we just want our basic rights back and they are the ones arm 2 are taking action against peaceful civilians. the geneva convention was passed in 1949, and they are gating it. i am here to defend freedom of speech because the manual microphone is trying to stifle any kind of public speech interests you the privilege called a sanitary pass, which is in fact, a way to control people get well the,
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you green pass house cause much of pro particularly in front, swept over 200000 people across the country, came out on to the street to vent their own happiness. it was a much smaller affair, fear in laying around. 5000 people coming out. that's after the court in germany said that the demonstration couldn't go ahead as it was the potential to be a super spread there event for coven. 19 those that did come out onto the streets of the german capital were met with well, but by riot police who were back. so with was the kind of what if you thought we'd carried out around 500 arrest in relation to, among other things, violations of the band on assembly. but also the violations of the infection protection measures, as well as acts of resistance and physical assault on emergency or no one in front health union bosses a calling on a manual micron to make vaccination mandatory. they say that a digital health pass isn't going to cause it when it comes to trying to stop cases
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rising in the country. and they want the french president to go as far as making sure that everybody must have a job. that's not the message is coming out from here in germany does not talk of mandatory vaccination. what we've heard from mark as though to the leader of the safe. it's a very or senior politician in the ruling coalition. here he's been saying that you don't have to get a vaccination, but if you don't, you won't have access to many things. anyone who has fully vaccinated will get back there, right? what is needed now are clear lines. so though we don't blunder into autumn, those who have been offered vaccination and consciously rejected, it will no longer be tested for free will compared to countries like the united states and the united kingdom. cases of code 19 across western europe, remain low however they are rising. and here in germany, the rather cock institute, the federal institute that looks after public health and disease control, is already warning that we may be on the coast of
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a 4th wave of coven 19. he told us that while in the meantime a john pitch kwan less told us the authorities only cracking down on a position rallies and a shocking show of double standards. some of the most most on positions in germany, the receiver and reading memory trace and they are not allowed to go forward and even tell the organized by government coalition to be released today. we're posing that we're taking today many were the german government, berlin, regional government allow much of it over a 100 people last weekend for one of your lots of grade to be held in
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the street, the religion parts of the mayor. and of course, lisa not cracked out on the race and what they were kissing and the 3 is there. i am the john. so the same way the pro to the today. sure. you can either read them off family and in the b, e is they are in the jungle. and while europe read to us against covert rules, the number of cases has rich and healthy all across america. the 6 fold increase just last month. people say that confused wine mixed messages from politicians on how to deal with the pandemic, even on basics like mouth guidelines, martinez dmitri park picked up the story science statistics. apparently none of those things really matter when dealing with cove it because the whole thing seems to have become more about politics than anything else. take florida just recently
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and reported a record breaking 21000 new daily cases. the state literally accounts for about a 5th of all new cases in the us. but nevertheless, florida's governor ron de santis continues to refuse, imposing restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease. in florida, there will be no look downs. there will be no school closures. there will be no restrictions and no mandates, no mask mandates, no vaccine requirements. many fear the whole thing might become a repeat of last year's cold crisis in new york. back then that liberal states delayed response, which led to numerous deaths was blamed on political resistance to then president donald trump. but with democrat, joe biden. now in charge and calling the shots. it seems that florida's republican governor is just doing the exact same thing and regular people feel like they're caught in the middle of it. there is a political concentration involved in it and they told to be
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a fighter and ministration, also helped fuel more. the political sense of where i met before anyway, is it for the well being a very disrespectful to run the when i just feel like that he's not doing enough checks and people here and i just wish he would come around and get the politics out. not him little notes about, i know that's about our children. it's about us going on as i feel safe for using my mass, because we are still in upon demick. my wife died of coven, a month ago, and this is a choice i'm making. i don't get into politics, people have their opinions, but i don't get into that political rivalry seem to be the root cause of all the confusion surrounding cove. it officials across the us canyon seemed to decide whether wearing masks should be a requirement 1st that jose don't wear a mask where a mask where to mask the nick the mass golf and we're running around here. speaker
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come down here at 10 o'clock in the morning thing we got to wear mass, i hate these things. we are absolutely sick and tired of it. and so the american people, you think at least the president would have a consistent approach to the whole thing. but know, besides needing a teleprompter to remind him what his opinion even is. why didn't can't seem to stick to a single stance on anything masks, vaccines or locked down. really, you know, underneath where the where the losing the math are true. biden's own staff members apparently don't know what the official stance is supposed to be. first, the white house deputy press secretary says that locked downs are out of the question, and soon thereafter biden completely contradicts her. we have the tools in our 2
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belt to fight this. this is very to fight this vaccine. and we, we are not, we're not going to head towards a lockdown set up. the guidelines not will do infection rates, hospitalizations, deaths employment numbers, whether they're on the rise or declining. none of it seems to actually matter to the people in charge. the war against cove it has turned into yet another political battlefield and regular americans are just caught in between left to fend for themselves. nothing has been done with the sole purpose of the american people for . ready ask them not in my lifetime, and most likely not in my parents wait time either. i think everything is done with how they can those at the top, how they can best benefits the banks can back such their shareholders or their campaign contributors. it's very convenient for the government to say that it's all
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on individual and it's all on people who are using to get back to me or on people who are aware of another lockdown. the pandemic has weight bear the contradictions that i did on my system. and just how vulnerable is, by the way to say that he's leading us out of the demo. but clearly that's not the case that we still have to talk about things like locked out and we're seeing on america the united states. very into political circus. circus. there's that nice way of saying it and the people who are much better while now while some are confused by those contradictions, others are reveling in it. we'll check this out. photos of massive crowds up the low lapel news music press one chicago. many on social media triggered 5, bob and font that is taking place on full capacity during the pandemic. well, there's much more not out of the other stores at west point across the se. altino context, who's
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a former british boss has handed himself in to the police in scotland to solve an 8 month prison sentence for contempt of court. craig murray arrived with family unsupported unable ship champagne. nothing to celebrate, but still it's been 70 years. someone in scotland was last imprisoned on a charge of contempt by the media scottish pan express his grave concern over the imprisonment of craig murray and calls for his release. the writer is the 1st person to be imprisoned in scotland for media contempt for over 70 years. we fear this ruling will have a chilling effect on reporting and free expression. murray was convicted over the details published in his blog during the sexual misconduct, tried to form a scottish puff minister, alex tammond in which the identities of the women alleged to be the victims could have been revealed through the so called check for effect. summoned was acquitted. of all 13 charges, but strict laws in the u. k. a. now a legit sex salt victims to remain anonymous even so john, this fair,
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the craig baris imprisonment. so it's a worrying precedent. reports is without borders are considered the prison sentence . disproportionate and the journalist must ensure that here the court orders with regard to witness protection imprisonment in connection with any journalistic activity, should only ever be a measure of absolute last resort. if at all. well, some of craig maurice sports have compared his case to that of julian songs. as the diplomat blogger reportedly extend reported rather extensively on the weekly found as us extradition proceedings. while we discuss the story with a coordinate told to craig, mar justice campaign, he says the punishment is substantially on fat. i would agree that this case has a chilling effect on journalism in this country, specifically in scotland. scott's law and u. k. law differ quite significantly in many ways, but especially in scotland. we've seen that there in that in the last few years,
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that's been an increase in crackdown on democracy on transparency on what can and can't be reported. and this, this judgement is a very clear sign that there is an effort to create fear into the heart of journalists and public commentators reporting what can be reported by mainstream media. and the difference that is being made in the judgement of craig murray as a very interesting one. the difference between journalists and public commentators and bloggers and the judges assertion that public commentators and blog as should receive a different type of sentence for the same offense as journalist. because started list are supposed to adhere to journal mistake codecs isn't and standards is an unusual one. for the same sentence, the codecs which somebody has broken in advance should not master should lead to the same sort of penalty. and in this case,
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the penalty does not match the crime that is claimed to have been committed this week marks the one year anniversary of the here just devastating expression. and they were the claimed, the lives of more than 200 people and town waves of lebanon's, capital to rebel or trade and footage from just this last weekend. showing that the explosion site remains a wasteland of daybreak and destroyed structures. despite the devastation, the f. b, i has now concluded that only a 5th of the chemicals, one tall from the total originally ships. but all the key questions remain on answered. what triggered that last, why would the chemical from and why would they left that for years when the report has also bought another question to where is the rest of the potentially deadly chemical shipment? things most of it arrived in beirut and 2013 and stayed that because of legal disputes. also, no one ever came forward to claim the shipment. well still call me about half of
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americans disapprove of biden's 2nd in command of to just a half year and office was such rating over us, vice president in decades will talk about that. and of course, much more official break the join me every thursday on the alex simon show, and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me. in the old days before brag said, because the u. k. was attached to the you, they could do it other countries do, which is to take all their data and dump it into this giant shadow banking system that covers the world's largest trading block. and you could kind of buy some time there because the c b is printing and buying and monetizing debt by the trillion,
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christine the garden, literally just buying trillion control to the garbage debt. but now post practice, they don't have that way to wash the debts into the greater he, you laundromat. and so that is going to for the 1st time post bracket. debts are going to start to cause a lot of pain the the, the the welcome back. now, only half a year into us vice president come to harris is facing a barrels of criticism over her walk. polls show she is now the most unpopular person in the role at this stage since at least 19 seventies. while harris's
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disapproval rating among americans has risen bite for percentage points since he entered office from 44 percent down there, january to a precedent setting 48 percent in july. so about one in every 2 americans has an unfavorable view of the current vice president with the country showing a strong divisions between the 2 major political parties as expected probably how's his approval rating. the meantime has declined in a procedure similar fashion from 46 to 44. well, these numbers significantly differ from those of previous vice presidents, as i mentioned earlier, so just a comparison dictate needs disapproval rating 6 months into his part time. as t p was only 26 percent to biden's, 36 percent. mike pence more comparable. perhaps a 42 percent had a poor rating similar to the out of harris but still no to be below has. it's actually pretty extraordinary that so much of the country disapproves of houses, walk so early on in her ton. well, what could be behind it?
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horace is often criticized over the bike administration southern border policy. now, the detentions of migrants crossing over from mexico. i've reached 1100000 so far just this year. as v p pro harris hadn't even visited the border until after spending several months in office. when she took a trip to the west texas city of el paso, she was not you ridiculed in the media for quote, showing up at the wrong address. as all the locations i've been much more civilian impacted by the immigration crisis. well, we spoke to a 2020 vice presidential candidate, he's as a house is actually a scape goat for biden. so he can pass off his responsibility on seemingly tough, uncontroversial issues. i think that the accurately reflects your performance. i think what's happening is that this period of having this story, 1st female vice president of color kind of begun to wait as we now recognize that she's going to be vice president for years and people are seeing
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if i need to make sure that you have to worry about her writing again. 4024 written worried about are holding back well, 40 for a charge on some of the more controversial issues place is a border and other like everybody heard catch all that. all the black while he gets to sit back ice cream codes. say i've ever heard back the will doing that. one question. why do we get? i mean she's if she's going to be honest about addressing the cause that the order, the way she can be honest or running, be there by behind most of the page your policy. what is the problem that order? well, some news and brief. now. wildfires are reaching across southern europe with 800 recorded in italy, a low,
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the weekend panic torrison locals have flat effect there is to city. a heat wave fed by hot from africa has bought scorching temperatures to the region in recent days. for different place, some of the scenes homes have been destroyed by wildfires in grief. 5 people have been rushed to hospital. the blazes broke out on saturday full, seen the evacuation from villages. people also had to be rescued from the beach, 8 paints, and helicopters, and more than $145.00 fighters sent to the area and fury out the ty, government's handling of the current of virus crisis house, but thousands to protest in bangkok, demanding the prime minister's resignation. clashes the rob did between demonstrators on police as the capital entered it. 3rd, lockdown, july marks the highest daily the death told that since the start of the on finally american ice cream make a ben and jerry is facing substantial bank classroom where it's embargo against
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israeli settlements as the company says it won't do business and occupied palestinian territory will be ready, government believes that ben and jerry says simply jumped on the bandwagon of a palestinian lead. we called campaign what happens to accompany the politic stair its business decisions while on teams policy reports. if you want to see your profit smell like this, i scream in the sun. one way to go about it is to criticize this role. with all due respect, your ice cream will not guide us into decision making process in the country. than ensuring coffee, toki bar crunch, which used to be one of my favorite. and let me show you what i think of it now in the garbage idea. here is what we think have you been in jerry's?
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ben and jerry's decision is a disgraceful capitulation anti semitism. to be d. s to all that is evil in the anti is really an anti jewish discourse. we won't be silent. the boycott against israel is a new sort of terrorism, economic terrorism. terrorism tries to harm israeli citizens and these railey economy. we must oppose this boycott and terrorism of any kind. what's the best taste to bounce an announcement from ben and jerry's ice cream that it will no longer be providing the sweet taste in israeli fishermen? passengers on board or we can fly to tel aviv was served scoop of the controversial treat. no surprise what the reaction was up to the ice cream was served. a lot of people protested the serving of a food product whose producer boy called today and samaria. i protested as well and
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gave my ice cream back. the company insisted not against israel, but father with policies. the company stated decision to more fully align if operations with his values is not the rejection of israel. it's a rejection of israeli policy, which perpetuates an illegal occupation. there is a barrier to peace and violence, the basic human rights of palestinian people who live under the occupation. yes, another company you might know. it has maybe $200.00 branches across the country. unlike with ben and jerry is, ladies have no beef about mcdonald, why? because if they fit the quake and then they think it's cheap, and i think it's nice to see along a lot of time you have time to spend. let's say i had an hour to spend right now, and it's steve and they serve the food to your table. so it's nice reactions, like those might come as a bit of a surprise. give them. what's happened to been in jerry's. that's because 8 years
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ago, the chief executive of mcdonalds is well refused to open a branch in the west bank. there was no big outcry from israel all the international community. so what's the difference? simply that they didn't make too much of a song and dance about the policy. i think that mcdonald's made the decision notes while cooperating with an organization such as b s. s. so that'd make it better. they done a lot of things. few, a lot of years ago, a lot of time before dad doesn't matter. it's not the same case, not being in c happening now. and it was their decision now not to sell in the service, or is eventually mcdonald's telling you that there is or is. so is the minute that brands decide to mix politics into their, you know, providing food to the, to the population or whatever it is. that's when you know that they're diving into a field that that is, is actually limiting their possibility. i think you don't need to make the call. it
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takes with the sweet. and it's a shame. but politics and food often do go together, leaving the bitter taste of double standards to linger on a, b, and b as another company that a few years ago announced it would be removing almost $200.00 listings in the legal settlement. but it was forced to walk back on its policies after being inundated with lawsuits and threatened with divestment, they mistake publicly announcing the policy. it's clearly allison been in job. he did not take on board that when it comes to making money and his role. not all publicity is good publicity, policy are te tell of if not i'll not know, thoughts all for this hour. i've always, it was good to have you with us next stop year on from that project. last brute the we were talking about talk commentary takes a look at people who are still putting back to pieces of their life is to go out, enjoy the
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weather and i make no certain, you know, board is under blind to nationalities as emerge. we don't have authority, we don't actually, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. not a joke. people are judge governors crisis. and we can do better. we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we need together now me a new gold rush is underway,
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and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn between gold and education. my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still will have the strongest appeal. the the, the the what would you love you? bye bye. the mother can walk
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on by now i she and i know i should know. moment the been age and illegal mon deals on like one of them that are more mobile and initiation and with much i should look at it, but there are a lot of people in the no, no, i mean, i mean i saw it in one out my in my name is c o.


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