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the the serious tightening coby measures in mandatory health pop in raleigh, across western europe, where the number of infections is still on the rise. plus in europe raises against restriction cases in the united states, increase 6 fold in july, while petitions have been sending mixed messages about how to deal with the pandemic, leaving many confused. there's other choices involved in it. i just wish you would come around because it's a politics. this is not too little. also innovations in orthodontics, we get a glimpse of the cutting edge technology being developed by a leading dental firm here in moscow. okay, so moment of my on my i don't know what it's
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actually pretty clear, but i don't feel that's changed the way that i see i i their lives and worldwide. this is art international for the most go. my name is colleen bray with starting in new york reporting this. our mass riley's have been go. france, germany in italy is police class with protest is over tightened coded restrictions of 49 year old man. died in police custody after being detained in berlin. demonstration, his death now being investigated. since early july deli infections in western europe have been on the rise, although they have remained relatively low. the the
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the we've seen these protests across western europe be particularly in france and italy, and here in germany as well as people are unhappy with coven restrictions that have been put in place. and typically when it comes to requirements or potential requirements for what's being called, the u green, digital pass, a digital vaccine certificate, if you will. now those demonstrations across western europe, they turn nasty at times over the weekend. we are civilian, we just want our basic rights back and bear the ones arm to are taking action against peaceful civilians. the geneva convention was passed in 1949 and they are
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negating it. i am here to defend freedom of speech because the manual micron is trying to stifle any kind of public speech interest. see the privilege called a sanitary pass, which is in fact, a way to control people for the you green pass house cause much of pro, particularly in front, swept over 200000 people across the country, came out on to the streets to vent their own happiness. it was a much smaller affair in laying around $5000.00 people coming out. that's after the court. in germany said that the demonstration couldn't go ahead as it was the potential to be a super spreader event for cove at 19. those that did come out onto the streets of the german capital were met with well met by riot police who were back so with was economy with a few, we've carried out around $500.00 arrest in relation to, among other things. violations of the ban on assembly, but also to violations of the infliction protection measures, as well as acts of resistance and physical assault on emergency food. while in
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front health union bosses a calling on a manual micron to make vaccination mandatory, they say that a digital health pass isn't going to cause it when it comes to trying to stop cases rising in the country. and they want the french president to go as far as making sure that everybody must have a job. that's not the message that's coming out from here in germany does not talk of mandatory vaccination. so what we've heard from mark is though to the leader of the states and for very are senior politicians in the ruling coalition. here he's been saying that you don't have to get a vaccination, but if you don't, you won't have access to many things. anyone who has fully vaccinated will get back there, right? what is needed now are clear lines so that we don't blunder into autumn. those who have been offered vaccination and consciously rejected, it will no longer be tested for free or compared to countries like the united states and the united kingdom cases of covert 19 across western europe remain low,
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however they all right thing. and here in germany, the rather cock institute, the federal institute that looks after public health and disease control, is already warning that we may be on the coast of a 4th wave of coven 19. was the protest heated up in berlin? i talked to a german political analyst who said the authorities are cracking down on opposition rallies and what he described is a shocking show of double standards. some of the most well the most on positions in germany to receive and reading memory trace. and they're not helping the government not to go forward. and even how does that work important, organized by government, clinicians to be in the middle of relief today. only the whole thing that we're paying is today many were arrested. the german government, berlin,
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regional government allow mach 7 times over 80 people last weekend for one of your largest grade to be held in the street, the berlin participation of the mayor. and of course, the police are not cracked on back them and they were kissing and the 3 is there right under the john. so the same way the protest today should have the ability to take care, right. read them off family and the b. e is there in the jungle. and while europe ranges against cupboard rules, the number of cases is missing sharply across america, with a 6 fold increase last month. people that say that confused by the mixed messaging, coming from politicians on how to deal with the pandemic, even on basic like mosque guidelines. i'll try to meet people picks up the story
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science statistics. apparently none of those things really matter when dealing with cove it because the whole thing seems to become more about politics than anything else. take florida just recently reported a record breaking 21000 new daily cases. the state literally accounts for about a 5th of all new cases in the us. but nevertheless, florida governor ron defenses continues to refuse, imposing restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease. in florida, there will be no look downs. there will be no school closures. there will be no restrictions and no mandates, no mask mandates, no vaccine requirements. many fear the whole thing might become a repeat of last year's cold crisis in new york. back then that liberal states delayed response, which led to numerous death was blamed on political resistance to then president donald trump. but with democrat, joe biden. now in charge and calling the shots. it seems that florida's republican
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governor is just doing the exact same thing and regular people feel like they're caught in the middle of it. there's too much for the political situation involved in it. and it's also because of a fighter ministration that also helped fuel more the political sense of way met before any way. is it for the well being a very disrespectful to run the landing page? i just wish you would come around because it's a politics. this is not a little notes about, i know it's about our children about us going on as i feel safe for using my must because we are still in upon demick. my wife died of coven, a month ago, and this is a choice i'm making. i don't get into politics, people have their opinions, but i don't get into that political rivalry seem to be the root cause of all the confusion surrounding cove. it officials across the us county and seem to decide whether wearing masks should be a requirement. first, st. joe's where a mask where
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a mask, where to mass clinic, the mask off and we're wanting around here. speaker, come down here at 10 o'clock in the morning thing we got to wear math. i hate these things. we are absolutely sick and tired of it. and so the american people, you think at least the president would have a consistent approach to the whole thing, but no, besides needing a teleprompter to remind him what his opinion even is bite and can't seem to stick to a single stance on anything masks. vaccines are locked out really fast . you no longer need to wear the mac and it's in there where you made it sound like the losing the math forever. true. biden's own staff members apparently don't know what the official stance is supposed to be. first, the white house deputy press secretary says that locked downs are out of the question, and soon thereafter,
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biden completely contradicts her. we have the tools in our to build to fight this, this, this very, to fight this vaccine. and we, we are not, we're not going to head towards a lockdown guidelines, not we'll do infection rates hospitalizations, death employment numbers, whether they're on the rise or declining. none of it seems to actually matter to the people in charge. the war against cove it has turned into yet another political battlefield and regular americans are just caught in between left to fend for themselves. nothing has been done with the sole purpose of the american people for. ready absolutely not in my lifetime and most likely not in my parents play time user. i think everything is done with how they can best benefit those at the top, how they can best benefits the banks,
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their shareholders or their campaign contributors. it's very convenient for the government to say that it's all on individual. it's all on people who are using to get back to me or on people who are wary of another lockdown. pandemic has li bear the contradictions that i get on my system. and just how vulnerable is, you know, and by the way, to say that he's leading us out of a demo. but clearly that's not the case that we still have to talk about being locked out. we are seeing america, the united states, diverge into political circus, and i think circus is a nice way of saying it. and the people who are much better, i mean time, all summer confused by kobe, contradictions of, as a positively reveling it. check this out, photos of the massive crowds of the lollapalooza music festival in chicago. it's triggered people on social media for taking place at the full capacity during the panoramic. we've got more on that and other stories where you right now. you don't
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call this week marks the one year anniversary of the huge, devastating explosion in bay route and claimed the lives of more than 200 people and 10 swathes of lebanon's capital to rubble. a drug footage from just this last weekend showing that the explosion site remains a wasteland, the daybreak and destroyed structures of despite the devastation, the f. b. i is now concluded that only a 5th of the chemicals went off from the total that was originally shipped there. but other key questions remain on, on sort of what triggered that blast web with the chemicals from. and why would they left their for years on end? the f b, i reports also brought another question up to where the rest of the potentially deadly chemical shipment right now. i think most of it arrived in beirut in 2013 and just stayed there because of legal disputes. also, no one ever came forward to claim the shipment. our bell russians sprinters making headlines, but not because of metal success at the tokyo olympics. instead, she's got into
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a row with team coaches and it's refusing to return to her own country. she reportedly applied for side of poland and has now been granted a humanitarian visa as alexi chefs get reports. what at 1st to look like a purely organizational conflict. sports related entirely has turned into another political scandal at the tokyo olympic games. now it 1st started when the bell russian run a sprint. christina kim, i was told by the athletics federation of beller, was that she would have to participate in a relay. and christina claim that she had never done that before, and that was an organizational lapse by the sporting authorities of bellows. she openly complained about this decision on instagram, recorded a video with very strong and very non polite words about the decision by the bell. the russian sports authorities, and almost immediately out after that, the bill of russian athletics federation told her that she had to leave tokyo
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immediately despite the fact that she was supposed to run in at $200.00 me to sprint on the next day. now to oscar was taken to the airport where she basically ran off to the tokyo police and then started asking for help i was pression. and that trying to take me out of the country without my consent. i therefore asked the international olympic committee to intervene like the i o. c said that few, my laska is on their protection. she is staying in tokyo and several countries, including the czech republic, austria, i'm poland, expressed a willingness to provide her with a political asylum in the latest development. it seems that she has taken up the offer of a war saw, and the deputy foreign minister of poland confirmed on twitter got him on north go will be heading to poland for a political asylum soon. christine,
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it's him. i know it's been a russian athlete, is already in direct contact with polish. diplomats in tokyo, she has received a humanitarian. ve the poem will be whatever is necessary to help her to continue. her sporting career flag of poland always stands for solid charity again. despite this looking like an organizational conflict from the onset, you might ask a claim that she would be put in prison, straight up on arrival to men's. and there has been some support on line for the russian athlete, but there also have been those in strong disagreement with her action. more surprisingly had happened within the bell. the russian athletics seem high. jump maxime, you know that one groans metal on some date came out with strong criticism of human off because actions. i did not like christina to middle school. yeah. she behaved arrogantly towards the team and the management. i think we did the right thing and she talks a lot, but you have to take responsibility for what to say. interestingly enough, the usual morning press briefing at tokyo,
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which usually up until today was mostly dedicated to the matter of russia participation in the olympics. this time was fully dominated by t manascale story. shortly we are keeping track of everything happening during the summer games and tokyo and i will keep you updated and all the latest scandals and stories from the capital of japan. you without c on the way after the break. about half of americans disapprove of joe biden. second in command of the just half a year in office is the worst such racing of the us vice president in decades will crunch the numbers for you after this. oh i use the use or financial survival guide. daisy, let's learn about fill out. let's say i'm a joy and your grief. i'm grief on face of the site. walk 3 prod. thank you for
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helping me. ah, joy. that's right. fell out that way. when i was shot the wrong when i was just don't the room. yes to shape out the same because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart and we choose to look for common ground in the the news ah hello again. now,
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half a year into her us vice president campbell harris is facing a barrel of criticism over her record polls show that she's now the most unpopular person in the role at this stage. since at least the 19 seventy's harris's disapproval rating among americans has risen by 4 percentage points since she entered off. it was pretty mediocre. 44 percent in january, but it came up to 48 percent in july. so that means about one in every 2 americans . has an unfavorable view of the current vice president with the country showing strong divisions between the 2 major political parties, as you well know, right now. as for harris is approval rating. in the meantime, that's declined in a similar fashion has gone down from 46 percent down to $44.00. so how do these numbers stack up against previous vice presidents? let's take a look at how predisposes have fed they speak to themselves. in comparison,
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dick cheney disapproval rating 6 months into his 1st was 26 percent joe biden. when he was number 2 with bark bama, 36 percent mike pence managed to the $42.00 had a poor rating similar to that of harris, but still similarly, notably below hers is distraught and re though that so much of the country disapproves of harris's work. so early into her as vice president, herridge though is often criticized over the biden administration's southern border policy, which she's been tasked with as detentions of migrants crossing over from mexico have reached 1100000 so far this year as be paid, harris hadn't even visited the border until after spending several months in office, when she then took a trip to the west texas city of el paso, even then she got ridiculed in the media for a quote showing for the wrong address because other locations would be much more severely impacted by the immigration crisis, and we spoke to a 2020 vice presidential candidate who says harris has actually escaped, go for joe biden, so that he can pass opposite responsibility on seemingly tough and controversial
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issues. i think that the accurately reflects your performance. i think what's happening is that this period of having this story, 1st female vice president of color, has kind of begun to weight as we now recognize that she's going to be vice president for years. and people are seeing if i need to have to worry about her writing again. 2024 or even worried that matters are holding back. well, putting charge on some of the more controversial issues place is a border and other you like back there, letting her catch all that all the while he gets back and you know the code back will doing that one question. why do we get a card or if she's going to be honest about addressing the cause that
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order the way she can be honest are running, be there by behind most of the page your policy went to the products that have to order elsewhere. wildfires raging across southern europe with 800 recorded initially alone over the weekend. panic, tourists and locals of sled effective areas on the island of sicily. a heat wave being fed by hot air from africa has brought scorching temperatures. the region in recent days have also been wildfires in greece. 5 people had been rushed to hospital. the blazes broke out on saturday, forcing the evacuation of 4 villages. people also had to be rescued from a beach 8 planes and helicopters, and more than 145 fighters had been sent to the area. furious island government's handling of the corona virus crisis, suspect thousands to protest him signed cox demanding the prime minister's resignation. clashes abruptly between demonstrators and police as the capital
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entered it. 3rd, lockdown, july, me off the highest daily cove and death to work since the start of the pandemic. for all of us, the dentist's chair is a mini stuff of nightmares, but a new wave of russian innovation is striving to put a smile on everyone's face. saskia taylor's been finding out me but let me guess your dentist isn't your favorite person. that torture? chad, the sounds of the drill, those metal instruments, i get it. but why comfortable in moscow which cleans through less pain. that fit can come just the night with a little help for 3 different skeptical about 3 d printer, but i don't really understand the purpose. so i want to test whether it's from hype,
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by getting fitted from my phone. it's 3 d printed invisible, a line on a barney, if i could find to chunky metal braces that make teenagers around the globe. cringe and hello to and invisible in free 6 to uneven team. so let's go step one, the staff, the step to design. hi mike mike johnson, right, right. yes. so what can you do here? what i'm responsible for the initial evaluation of can be the nation.
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yes, that's your job here in the moment when you, when you write the mighty, you know for a doctor, i meant ignition, say modal. the radio construction doesn't mean you've got all this to the printer. yes. local. that's magic happened right here. how does the process actually one? that's right. so we take liquid, written and plural into the printer. it gets turned into a solid model of the job for further work. and how long does it take? one premise usually takes about 2 hours. it's very similar to now, oh, it's under the shell. when nails are put on the ultra violet light. tell the difference is that we use quite medical product. okay, so the models can be worn in the mouth for you. interesting. so let's go, let's do that.
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the wow, what beautiful teeth. yes, definitely. and all your almost ready. we have to finish your only thing was and then pass them on the final step forming. so actually making bee line ah, off the thumb, assuming a group of technicians put the finishing touches by filing boxing and polishing the product. and this one, with microscopic attention to detail is what this company does best. whether it's for an a line like mine, for custom implant components or for any of the high quality equipment, it provides the dental not me. ok. so moment of truth point, try on my line up you know,
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what i see pretty smooth and i don't feel that's changed the way that i speak looking back. all of my teenagers, when i was going to that on test, seems pretty old fashioned type. you know what? it's not bad. and actually i have to admit whole process. it was quick, it was clean, it was comfortable and it's amazing. look, look how taylor made to says from it's actually pretty amazing that all that started with just one scan a couple of hours ago. 3 d printers. i do see now i was skeptical. i know the small things that can have a really big impact on, especially the people who are fight of the dentist. that is something to smart about the i'll tell you what you could be in luck as well. because in half an hour southgate could be taking those top tech teeth out for a test drive in half an hour should be right here to update you on the stories were across here at all t for me poly bry though, thanks for watching, enjoy the rest of your monday the
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ah hello, we welcome to cross talk where all things considered. i am peter lavelle, we are witnessing a significant and irreversible shift in the international system. is undeniable. we live in multiple the world to example. suffice the bike and ministrations, inability to hold the north stream to. and the recent china, us meeting great power politics is back the discuss these issues and more. i'm joined by my guests when decent and also use a professor at the university of south eastern norway, as well as the author of great power politics in the 4th industrial revolution. and
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here in moscow, we prostitute dmitri bob cheese a political analyst and editor it in us me internet media project, or a gentleman, cross talk roles and effect. that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate it. okay, let's go to glen 1st and low. much has been talked about the, the north stream and the gas pipeline connecting russia to the german market. here, of course, is in the american domestic context. it's a win for, even though they don't understand the context of the story that it was germany that actually wanted the pipeline in the 1st place. and it is a private initiative. it is now the state the state. so, but you know, it would be if you look at some of the reactions in western media, this is, this is just giving the russians another chance to commit aggression and they chose, we.


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