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the the boils among health care workers in england who say their spend it over a proposed 3 percent pay rises, reward further reference during the pun, demik about so it's reveal civil servants something hundreds, thousands of pollies more during the covert crisis. also the allman tommy allman's cordial from 3 x with outrages it becomes the only you countries non exempt from corona virus florentine rules in the u. k. we asked people in paris for their thoughts and the thing is political. it's nothing else. anything to do or reality, or myers? i do think that it's pretty ridiculous. they shouldn't single out certain countries
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over other countries on the helping home for a very worthy that we meet the 3 year old boy whose life has been enhanced with a prosthesis made by a specialist and russian company. the . when you meet people like virginia, you realize that developing technologies like this on just cool. they can also be life changing. ah, 1 in the morning in vancouver for in the afternoon in hong kong at 11 am right here in moscow this saturday, the final day of july. welcome to the news our on our team. a huge kick in the teeth. so any chance workers in, in have slammed a proposed a 3 percent pay increase to reward medical stuff for their efforts in bottling
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cobit dozens of furious nurses and health care employees, marched to dundas street on friday to vendor under the what was. 2 on the, on the well, the 3 percent pay rise offer it comes after the government to slack over it's one percent proposal back in march. it was described by unions of the time as insulting and effectively a pay cut in real terms when factoring in inflation. ortiz lee has been looking at the contrast between her frontline workers and been reward it compared to those closer to power. it's been
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a tough year for emergency services across the well the u. k. been no different with frontline health care bearing the brunt of the time demick. many of the large jacoby thousands of others face mental health strain. one is the physical consequences of working long, stressful hours, while these frontline workers part for better wages. the bureaucratic bosses in the civil service or in lights receive tens of thousands of pounds and pay rises according to the latest figures really by the home office. and i just thought i left an impressed, it's just like the kind of society that victories want to create, which is for the race from how full and ordering, pre huffing. i seen how down in this country in the public sense, but also from the private i think people suffer geez, of authorities. probably. we've all learned that it's one rule for them. and another rule for us. and they teach in that dr. throat. i think it's shameful. initially, the government also nurses, doctors and paramedics, a one percent rise. this is rights to 3 percent off to an independent pay review.
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but these work could say that they still amount to a real terms pay cut when inflation is factored in. the down the whole had even know about putting that in the mean. everybody can watch it on the saw. know how to pay. right. they knew pay right. 100 health workers died in the last year. they getting a real time pay cut. the pay rise have been offered is less to the inflation in the price for life and i just couldn't get perfectly rise. they're not going to fill the empty empty vacancy stuff yet. if not just and they just saw police officers on the more than $24000.00 a year, been flocked to the pay fries while those ending below that are given $250.00 pounds of an annual rise. again, taking inflation into account, but amount to real time pay free for police officers. and so the lead to the police federation union to declare the lack of confidence in home secretary for itself. we
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often hear the home secretary praise police officers, but our members are so angry with this government. they have been on the front line of this pandemic for 18 months, and we will now see the public service has given pay increases while they received nothing. as the organization represents more than 130000 police officers, i can see quite categorically, we have no confidence in the current home secretary. i cannot lose my colleagues in the i and do nothing. while the government set aside 250000000 pounds for a new job, but it says it can't find the money to pay nurses and doctors more. it makes the notion of the nation all being get it together in a time of crisis. bring hollow for many in real terms, pay in the n h s. now it's done at the level less than in 2010. we have real difficulties with recruitment and retention which are worse because of the pan
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demik. a lot of stuff are reporting, feeling exhausted, depressed, feeling undervalued, and not likely to stay. if they couldn't find alternative employment. when the n h s is still struggling with them, it has a massive back to to do it over 5000000 patients waiting could treatment where there are major new the non such as long code, which is a really serious condition, which is going to put extra strain on the u. k. new covered trauma room, helping slum by friends of discriminatory and income principal. it's after london and fully vaccinated travelers from the e. u and u. s. will no longer have to current teen on arrival in england, except for those coming from france. r t. charlotte dubin ski has more on the continental divide. they could almost hear the cries from craw theora. when
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grace was, we're helping reunite people living in the united states and european countries with their family in france in the u. k. from 2nd august at 4 am. people from these countries will be able to come to england from an ember country without having to quarantine if they're fully vax. i and others cried out until the roll that inconvenience back to france was the european country not to be included to angry citizens ridiculous upfront system excluded anyone traveling back from through france this weekend will up the current scene. while most of the you and us will not have to for monday, the rules for france are based on period political tit for tat. that is shameful and to disgrace. where not people from this countries where u. k. national score. desperate to see our families whom we haven't seen for
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a very, very long time. we are students trying to get back to uni. french politicians are also fuming a decision as, while the old pensioner, the best one is on this decision has no scientific foundation. and it's discriminatory towards the french. another absurd announcements, koren scene for the fully vaccinated from lille, but not brussels paris, but not miami honesty but not geneva montpelier, but not barcelona. vaccines work. give those who are protected against cove. it the freedom back word on the street is, is called decision thing is historic. i think it's political, it's nothing else. it has anything to do with reality or myers? well, that's a pretty new and i think it's a political issue where ordinary people were not into politics. would like to go to the united kingdom without any problems. it's not fair think it becomes pretty clear that there may be some kind of political agenda on the table. i'm not
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entirely sure how fond the u. k. government is of my calling and have policies, but maybe it's retaliation for something i couldn't really tell you. i think it definitely has that political ties and i do think that it's pretty ridiculous. they shouldn't single out certain countries over other countries. so why was fraud singles out earlier this u. k. government denies you travel car due to the news, but then unexpectedly placed additional restrictions on those coming via from the u . k. says it was concerned about the prevalence hold the be to very intense. now this, i'm the plus category, mid to tens of thousands of holiday makers, had to cancel my plans pretty much last minute and that to many scratching their heads with 6. it's easy for most of which is excessive, and frankly, it is in comprehensive or from a health point of view. we were at times in a difficult health situation in france. we understood that, but mila, the european country is obliged to quarantine by the u. k. and less than 5 percent
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of cases in france are of the b to variance. the better variance covers only 9 percent of cases in france and keeps declining in paris. it's 3 percent. but this point we're pleased to see, since we check the data given that much of frances, i speak to rate is based on levels in some of its overseas territory. thousands of miles away in the indian ocean, north on the mainland to hearing from you can government is sounding fun. the better, very, and it is not just as has been reported on the island thousands of miles away. it was also an issue in particular in northern france, so it has been an overall concern and with no change definitively site fully vaccinated, travel is just like myself heading to the u. k. a for to pay hundreds of pounds a piece you all done to isolate for up to $10.00 days. see you on the other side.
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so no on the you still, they will full check that go the new or the 1st ones that i have the negative proofing test, the 2nd one, re checking that as well as my id. 3rd one is normally what you'd expect to go through at the french check point and then getting to the british checkpoint, they not only reject for the 3rd time that i have that negative certificate. they also check that i had to fax in they also checked my passenger located form, which is the one that shows where i'm going to my slate because i've also booked with thing to 8. and there was a reminder, if i left, that's how you must my slate, 40 heavy stuff. i've arrived in london, and now i face up to 10 day, you being locked up. although i am free to have an overnight say to my final destination, which makes them that of a move curry of the rules. given that if i had a not the very least could be 19,
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they would be plenty of opportunity to spread it. and they do feel that this is a bit of a slight punishment, and i'm sure other people coming from france will feel exactly the same, particularly on monday when the regulations of you repeat control. so those are falling back will be relaxed. even ministers in the u. k is still all giving over the reasons that fraud is being single that but for the moment, the rules, all the rules and it means i'm not the look for up to 10 days. no reason why i should should be the only country in continental europe to be, to have this exception, especially if you look at the incidence of coven cases in spain, which is going up sharply. no object to this that, that the french should be ostracized and discriminated against compared to the neighbors. one of many, many, many of whose bricks it negotiations. and i think it's
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because britain felt but fraud was incredibly hard line in negotiating for that. and. 2 that it wanted to be difficult as possible and that president, michael has used all of the arguments to show how being outside europe is about things. so the british resentment lead out a france has not been playing tic, full, taught another headline story today. the life of a 3 year old boy from bella, bruce has been made a lot easier after a russian technology company stepped in, virginia was born with a fully developed arm. however, rapid technological advances means he's not been printed a new one r t. so security has been following the extraordinary development. 03 d printing is the future. i can't
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count how many times i had done. i thought a piece of fine, you can print how soon were gone even if you want to. but proposed to me a bit of a tech, i'm a joke like me. i thought it was a bit of you know, like, i'm to gotcha, we don't really need. then i heard about a little boy whom a 3 d printer isn't a catch it, but a game changer that's going to help transform his life the 3 year old sonya hydro pay joke. meaning it never fully developed and has little to no function. it is johnny thoughts 2 years ago when his mother, enough to macarthur, in moscow based company to help advance present takes of this level just don't exist enough culture. banner us, the most value put, hopeful, isn't imitation of no function for boys who love to buy to build
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structures and when not much money. we just, there are still moments of frustration to stormy eyes and he feels that he has some limitations. so you can see that i have to hand, for example, when we play leasing game, when you not to eat, at least i do with to him. and i can see all the toys while he tries to concert delays. not just one has gone to live happening and with every opportunity she also hopes you can protect him from the cleaning on the videos of other children who have already prophetic. what there was always a 100 and volunteer who were already there were some children used to play with them because their hands, when the boys prefer i and all the kids suddenly became interested thing we want one to choose. having crowd funded the money and gone through the fun is here to find new try on since he's growing so far, every year,
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but you will have to get a new $1.00 each time. what will happen? whatever design one this time? not just for months now, not showing on your pictures of the static trans annoying trying to handle what head that she worried, how to react on the moon to, to apply. so again, an employee of the company who understands better than anyone what's on you will feel free to stop by for moral support. right now, the bias, the question i've done, i've, i realize there's usually a little too late to told me that the goal is not just to enable people, but to change the way they think about themselves to become as they say, cyber heroes room. somebody conducts, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, it's very important for us. the choice depends also takes part in the design of the
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we can choose a color or a picture. well, these are very important for children that the small child doesn't understand why they need to proceed. when he or she gets involved in designing, it becomes part of the decision. what i can then walk around showing off the setting and say, look what i got shot children start feeling better about themselves. they say, well, we are cool kids with superheroes and don't pity themselves, like we often talk to them and what are the people also not looking them in a more positive way? and that's very important because a lot of that process happens at a site, a couple of close to the way where a team of specialists was making such individual. to me feel like i'm at the for all 3 printers. i get the 3 d models have far and feed them into the printer, the one that applauded the printer ones up and then automatically start working equals the shortest prints to take 6 to 7 hours is the longest 64 hour window after
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that would take the container with the parts and pass them to the processing workshop. the parts are taken out and mechanically cleaned with a brush. then they get blasted with compressed air, and it was a great that was the parts are ready to priming their center. our paint shop or the otter coding is applied for the david when we, when people trust me. but today it's impossible to imagine the design here without printing the reset it, because we can point to customize each units is made for persons on them. if factoring processes alone and inexpensive order if it's made in traditional methods
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of 3 d printing is the deal thing for providing durable material inside that breaks is the ideal solution. this will probably need an editing and another couple about done you ready to, to me on a moment. so filled with happiness from any one about me when you meet people like on, you know, you realize that developing technologies like this on just cool. they can also be life changing this morning. vanya woke up and he couldn't hold a tool in his right, and he couldn't get dressed himself. now he's heading home with more capabilities,
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and his mother could probably ever have dreamed about. he's been given the ultimate helping hand to live the full life that he so dissolves and of all thanks to a team. he's a mission. it is to make people feel like cyber heroes and a 3 d printer. this is our t still ahead. dollars fighting continues to rage and then i'm the taliban moves the film about the void left by the withdrawing western forces. a major un company falls victim to a deadly attacks out story and more for you after the short oh i i, i
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i use me. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation. let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk the the
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ah 22 minutes into the program. welcome back. police in hawaii being accused of barking up the wrong palm trees with their latest innovation. robotic dogs have been unleashed on the streets of the us state. initially they will be trained to scan homeless people for cove it, but the cops are hoping they can teach these new dogs, new tricks on the center of the story for us art america. trinity chavez. meet spot, the latest member of the honolulu police department, the 4 legged so called robot dog by boston dynamics is there with his officers navigate through certain situations amid the corona virus pandemic, see, prior to covert officers would do in person interviews with people at the city's corona virus screening sites for homeless, but sometimes officers would have to corn teen for 14 days because if possible, exposure to the virus, police say having spot around will eliminate all that risk person will ask for the
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alaska water in the last for masters. these are all things that we had to do, face to face with someone and with the fluids through the robot. and i was the reason for the reason for it was to eliminate the honolulu police department spent about a $150000.00 in federal pandemic. relief money to buy the machine from boston dynamics . it use this technology that scans your i to make sure you don't have a fever. helping ensure the health of officers and will be used at a government run tent near the airport. it's just like, like a gun or a chair or any kind of tool. and just because the way it looks the way it moves it's new for a while. the bought can help officers approach potentially harmful situations. assessing scenes before sending an officers privacy watchdogs, warm police are rushing into purchasing these gadgets before settling safeguards against aggressive invasive dehumanizing uses. earlier this year, a robot dog became part of the new york police department and after fierce backlash
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from advocates saying, the technology represents over militarization. the n y p d cancelled its contract with boss and dynamics in april 4 months before it was set to expire. now all the n y p plays chairs, criticism for using the robot, the 100 little police department says the public response so far has been positive . but experts do say the increased usage of robots among law enforcement is concerning, especially without any real mandates in place for when and how they would be used. reporting in new york, trinity chavez, r t. there's been a deadly attack on the un headquarters in western of yellowstone. the agency has strongly condemned the incident. the attack targeting entrances with rocket propelled grenades and gunfire of the clearly marked un facility was carried out by anti government elements. attacks against you and a civilian you in personnel and compounds are prohibited under international law and may amount to war crimes. it took place in her russ, one of the nation's largest cities,
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which are seen in 10 fight thing of late between government forces on the taliban. the attack left one off gun police officer dead and several others injured. no un personnel were heard. the agency said it would hold those responsible to account. meanwhile, with the withdrawal of us troops now under way, the telephone has intensified its military offensive. the militants have made significant territorial gains in many provinces, a new report by the u. n. c's, in fact, there's been an unprecedented surge in civilian debts in recent months and warns our trend will continue if the advance isn't stopped. what clashes are continuing on an almost daily basis in one of the latest battles. government forces managed to recapture a key district in the country's northern province. we heard from its former governor the posada to the
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telephones advance in our country. the momentum has now slowed down considerably. the mobilization and resistance of the people have inspired and helps the african national army. joe biden has also said that the occupation of all of african is done by the taliban, seems unlikely. and i agree with the telephone, don't have the capacity to capture big cities or cobble. they have not yet to reach that strength. and we hope that after the consolidation of the african armed forces and the mobilization of the people will be able to recover taliban. some districts have been captured from the taliban in recent days. and we hope that the districts at the ball and will be captured by the afghan national army. soon on a santos pedro model. i was never interested in the president's foreign force and that's going to done. we want to stand on our own 2 feet and they'll be propped up by others. as i said, the shadow. i still welcome the assistance and cooperation that the united states need to provide and after 911. but we have never wanted a permanent presence over after they came and stayed for years. we did not support
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the irresponsible withdrawal. they should not have left the country the way they did. but unfortunately, they left russian. we don't so the, all of us going to sense problems or honing our military capabilities. i have object cylinder and we are currently witnessing a civil war, part of which is genuine civil completed. it is also a proxy war. my people and i am confident the democracy will remain and maybe the government will change, but democracy will remain, the people will support that government and the democratic system with all their might. we believe that african stone will never go to war, scattered and fragmented one without government and democracy. however, and have their own agenda. they started their own proxy, was in the intensify the war in the country with all their strength and capacity ignited the fire and burn the whole of afghanistan. we believe that this wave will be repelled and democracy will prevail. body of the few stories from across the
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globe, no firefighters, including volunteers, have been battling this up rapidly. spreading wildfires in lebanon, volunteers work alongside army and civil defense units for a 3rd straight day as flyers destroyed pine forests and threatened residential areas in the north 18 huge volunteer helping the efforts lost his life. similar scenes as well to show you in southern turkey at tinder dry condition, strong winds as well. funding the flames of wildfires. there the president has no declared the worst hit areas, disaster zones. the death toll has risen to for us. firefighters bustled to get the situation under control along the coastline. dozens of villages, hotels as well, and popular tourists resorts, very busy time of the year. of course, july to august, at which lie in the path of the flames have been evacuated. and another weather update for you and bangladesh floods. there are though which have
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been causing devastation monsoon range lum flights of cut off more than $300000.00 people in the villages across the south east of the nation. 20 people we believe at this stage have been killed. the flash floods have also hit refugee camps this. placing thousands of wrangler muslims, the heavy rains are forecast to continue more great programs get their stores in moments here in our teeth. now, after a quick look at what else is a head few over the coming day on the news
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. join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guests in the world, the politic sport business and show business. i'll see you then. me oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is tracy and sugary and told the victim not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic that industry has been.


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