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tv   The Big Picture  RT  July 30, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the, the, the, the serving revelations bible areas, health minister, he admits cobra vaccination failures. of course, the country almost $10000.00 lives as russian athletes at the tokyo, victor. keep not seeing go left, western media athletes increasingly seeing read a question. the themes like to be the the you and it comes under attack in the latest round of on it and i've got on the headquarters. there are a fact why what are they called anti government elements. one security guard to confirm that the big picture coming up with just a few moments the time we're back in one hour with a brief will. these updates join us again that while you're having hot fun in the summer time,
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the wise guys are out of burn you attorney steven j wiseman has a scam alert you won't want to miss, but 1st, the new normal is neither what's not coming back as america opens up. i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on our t america. ah . with the help wanted sign everywhere and many now believes that unemployment benefits a godsend during the shut down or backfiring reagan administration. economists, arthur laugher, as in the laffer curve, told talk radios, glen back. when you tax people who work and pay people not to work, don't be surprised when a lot of people choose not to work. and many who do want to work cannot because
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many businesses just didn't survive the shut down and because the shut down itself, change the way we live, what won't come back as the american come back unfolds. let's ask hillary ford, which president of washington based straw mark, business development consultants. hillary. it is great to see you here in the flesh after a year and a half of data hold on. going to be back. welcome back to the hotel. i am at here in washington has discontinued daily housekeeping, understandable after all the revenue they lost as business and leisure travel got clobbered during the shut down in new york city alone. some 150 hotels remain closed. this policy is company wide among health and properties. one tell workers union estimates that some 40 percent of housekeeping jobs could disappear if the policy becomes permanent. hillary, how else is retail for ever changed, or at least experimenting where you are? right?
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it's changed and some things aren't ever going to come back. what we really saying is, what has been referred to as the 4th wave that has been expedited by this golf 3 pandemic . so the what is the 4th wave while we 1st had the industrial revolution? then of course we had manufacturing and sort of maximum production thing, ford motor company's, and then we have the internet. so now what do we have? this is the 4th way. and the 4th wave is the a i of everything. so retail has been a dramatic fool out how the dramatic fall out because of this. so in what ways? well, number one, move, move and never going to quite be the same because there's been a number of bankruptcies. a lot of the big retailers have close the operations in these big malls, 8700 of them to be precise. in the united states, there's over 2 yards of square footage of more space that american retailers have. this is 6 times more than china. why does china have less? because they're doing the 2nd point. they have more
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a i that. so retailers that have leverage there, i a, i effectively think amazon have done well and they'll survive. but what, how the more going to change the way they're going to change those more that offer experiences. you can think of those little choo, choo, trains that you see the children going around and there are people but want to get out and do something and they'll go to move for the physical experience. experiences that you call duplicate. and those moves that are leveraging ai and getting on top of experiences, they're doing much better. and then of course, there's the last smile. the last smile has changed dramatically. a good example of this is will not actually, tom ward is the head of the last mile at walmart, the senior vice president. and he recently conducted a study where he was able to deploy doing cove it, those coven swabs the tests in minutes to american homes versus ours. because of the use of drones, drones changing the way that retail is going to be handed to us. and what does this
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mean? well, walmarts, they're in 47 locations across the united states. and critical is that 90 percent of the american population lives within 10 miles of a wal mart store. so what does this mean? drones are going to be used to deliver for walmart. they are cutting edge, so retail wall survive, where they leverage ai, they wind in an experience and they manage to operate that last mile efficiently. the drones are here. yeah, no, be on these retail changes. how else is our day to day routine forever impact? well, also things are going to change. actually, an ai is one of them and one of the examples would be $900.00. for example, if you go into a nike store, everything's attracted. so ai has come into our lives and what we want is we want this interaction, interaction with technology. so any business that's managed to leverage high technology into 1st experience and then also community a good example of this pelettano palatine has actually managed to leverage what we
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want, which is a sense of community with technology, bringing the technology of a gym into your home. so it's also question about our daily lives. our daily lives a change in terms of jim's dramatically 59 percent of americans has told cnbc they are not going to return to the gym. they're going to work out at home. so pelettano and i think it was 2019 they were just sort of start out. stock didn't do very well then now valued at over 30000000000, not for the be 30000000000, and a lot of that was during cove. it something else is going to change our lives rather, go into your restaurant. you may not behind the menu better. take your cell phone with you because there's going to be a q all code because it's far more gym free to use the keel q or phone q r code on your phone than it is to touch a restaurant menu. and then last but not least, you're going to see a lot of things that are just delivered like whoa meal. so you would say, well, an experience going to a restaurant. now,
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a lot of these home delivery services have love that when you want to have a romantic dinner that packaging flowers and wine with the dinner, something else or the dinner. so you can literally lay out romance in your own home . there's a flip side to that as convenient as some transactions became during a year plus of lockdown. cabin fever has many eager for pre pandemic routines. yeah, and the feedback groups, grocery shopper, intention, monitor, track shopping trends, both in stores and online and estimates. that's 4 times as many of us planned to shop more often in store, in 2021 as those who plan to shop less. amazon both whole foods and amazon fresh appear to have the greatest overall momentum in terms of shoppers expecting to use their online services. more often, a whole foods also resonates the strongest among urban and millennial shoppers and amazon fresh, also places in the top group of stores, along with the shoppers,
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along with wal mart target costco insta card and fresh direct. the absent from the top group or grocery stores, showing the work remains for the channel to continue to strengthen online offerings . we're speaking with the hillary for which straw mark business development consultants who is with us last week talking supply chain largely slammed on the brakes for a year. and that's the reason we still cannot buy and the do things we need. if you missed that show, you can find it where you'll find all our shows that you tube dot com slash the big picture r t and a portable t v. while many businesses and occupations are changed are now obsolete. there are new winners. hillary, what opportunities have resulted as life has changed? well, if you've got a techie brain that you're in business, it is what i say the gigs have one. so there are numerous jobs, actually the both zip recruiter linked in have said that 73 percent of people that
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were in the travel and leisure industries and now moved and retail and now moving into high tech. so there are plenty of opportunities and high tech, but some less high tech jobs that actually a booming out there. there are 803000 more warehouse jobs available in the last 3 months than they were in all of 2020. why? because were housing, this is where the jobs are, but one thing that you'll finding in the job market is it's what's called the great mismatch. the mismatches, we've got the job openings, but we don't have people with the qualifications to fill them. and that's why people that say, well, it's all about the unemployment insurance as you lead off within the shut the beginning of the show, we need to wait to september to see, is it going to be or is it what i think it is also, it's a point of the big mismatch people do not have the qualifications for those high tech jobs in a i that are available by the hundreds of thousands. how surprised are you by all of this?
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i think that the 4th wave was coming. i think the coven actually expedited it, that's all, that's what it is. it's just sped up. can you foresee a time say in october, the way this variant is spreading and with all the misinformation and disinformation about getting the jab? can you foresee a time when government will try to shut us down again, but people just don't want to hear it after 16 months, a lot down before i think actually hold on. yes, it depends on the demographic though. i think some demographics, i used to doing everything online, they don't mind as much. and it depends what kind of personality you are. but also i don't think it's just government holland. they always say follow the money. look at where big tech and big business are. big tech and big business have boomed, there is no big none of the fangs stocks. the facebook's amazons, netflix, google, they have all boom doing this and they all love this locked down. so it's not just government it for money on the backing behind the government that's going to implemented, having personally memorized netflix during your absolutely right. strong my
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president, hillary for which thank you. as always, pleasure. stepping in person into the big picture. 2 years ago on this show we asked former pentagon adviser, dr. harland omen. are we on the verge of a 2nd? civil war? government has become broken. you were to have a majority of veto proof majority in both ends of pennsylvania avenue to control the government in a system of checks and balances for you have civility and compromise. and since the vietnam war, civility and compromise have been eroded and today they do no longer exist. government does not work. the country is enormously polarized. and if you go back to the declaration of independence, the most trenchant words that thomas jefferson wrote were, when government becomes broken, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and establish a new one. this polarization is increasingly getting nasty. there may be some turn
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to violence, i'm not sure i would predict that, but the ultimate upshot is the american people are not going to be served. government will continue to be broken and polarized and life in america. the future, i think, is not going to be as pleasant as it once was. back to the future doctor. all men went one for to life, as it once was, was interrupted by the pandemic. none of us foresaw 2 years ago, but the violence he stopped short of predicting came all too true. now there is stepped up security here in washington, and some members of congress get upgraded, personal protection as they travel to and from home districts. and right now the f b i is attempting to, as director christopher re puts it separate the wheat from the chaff of online chatter about new threats. and you can help at f, b i dot gov. you can scroll videos and photos of those wanted for the january 6 riots at the u. s. capital. there have been over 500 arrests so far. and the f. b i
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is asking for your help to round up more. who could pose new threats? as john demur, as the former head of the justice department's national security division puts it. the challenge is like that of the security guard who has to stay vigilant when nothing is happening, then something could happen in an instant. so you have to be prepared coming up while you're having hot fun in the summer time, the wise guys are out of burn you. attorney stephen j. j wiseman has a scam alert. you won't want to miss after this quick break. this is the big picture on our t america. ah, the
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the the, you know, what would you love you by the end of my truck. and while we're on by now, i know i should know. moment has been age legal. mon tesla deals on males like one and then that will allow you to go for have an initiation a national much. i should be a bit slow. sorry,
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we keep them in, but no, no, i mean, i mean i saw it and one on my team. my name is the oh i it's summer time. and the scamp stairs are busy trying to rip you off. how. let's ask the author of a stack of books that will keep you out of trouble and if you can read only one, make it identity theft alert. 10 rules you must follow. to protect yourself from
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america. number one, crime attorney and bentley university's university professor steven j. j wiseman has your back. that's gamma side dot com. steve, welcome back. and after we settled 1st station last summer, many americans are on the road and the wise guys are waiting right there in the hotel with a couple of ways to trip you up right there in your room. oh yes, of course, no good deed goes unpunished. and now that a lot of us are getting back on the road, just got back from vacation myself. the scammers are there and they're, they're in genius. one of the most common ones who is a very simple scamp. you get up to your room after checking in and you get a call from the front desk. it's. ready been a problem with your credit card, but you don't have to go back to the desk. you can just give that number to the caller from the front desk over the phone. of course, the call is not from the front desk is from
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a scammer who has been sitting there watching people check. and so when you turn over your credit card number to that color, you end up becoming a victim of identity. so the key here is b, s been skeptical, you know, if you think that that possibly is correct, hang up and call the front desk or even go down to the front desk. so i, it's an easy scan to avoid like so many scammed. we should fall for them by chance . not being careful. you know, another one is they'll be flyers. i've seen these in hotel rooms under the door for maybe a great local pizza place. it's cheaper than what you would get a room service and it seems pretty good. unfortunately, there is no such restaurant. and if you call that number, just like you would do if you are ordering a pizza, they may ask for your credit card. you give them your credit card back, you've turned it over to a scam or easiest thing here to do is you don't trust. trust me,
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you can't trust anyone. and if you get that kind of a flyer, check it out. see if it's a legitimate restaurant and see if the telephone number is that you. well a lot of these hotels have shuttered. there. restaurants are cut back on room service so that the pizza joint or the chinese restaurant flyer under the door thing is probably a bigger risk than usual. and after a hotel sat near empty for a year plus, there's now no room at the end of many locations. so air b and b is plan b. steve a warnings for 1st time air b and beers. yeah, and the thing is air b and b is good. it's also very popular. the vacation i just came back from, we stayed there at an air b and b. but once again, the devil is in the details. and so what happens is, the scammers will put up only listings on air b and b, no matter how good air b and b is. it's never going to be a 100 percent to keep these fully listings off and even list it will have all the
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reviews. the key thing is when you go on air b n b, you want to communicate with the host with the, the person who's home you're going to be using on air b, n, b, don't go offline and never, ever, ever wire money. what they do is they want to get you talking with them off of the air b and b, and they want you to wire money. you wire money, it's gone. it's the same as if you took cash and threw it away. you always want to use a credit card and you want to make sure that you stay on air b and b. speaking of that, probably the most insidious recent air 1000000000 being scammed haven't gotten a lot of play in the media. is a, it's a cyber criminal genius who created something called land lord l o r d z. and he or she is leasing this out to other less sophisticated cyber criminals.
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and what landlords jars is allows the cyber criminals to set up what appeared to be air b, n d sites. and so while you go on there you, you maybe google it and boom, up comes air b n p. but it's not the real ones. and so you give your information to them, you can become a victim of identity theft, you can leave your credit card. all kinds of bad things can happen right away. so the key thing is, be careful. make sure that you're on the real air b n b side. there actually is a site called who his dot com. and you can check the, the domain name that you're putting in to make sure it is legitimate. so you do that and you use your credit card and you can be say, that's a great tip by the way, who is dot com will tell you who is behind domain. the name that you type in steve . uh soon kids will be heading back to school some for the 1st time in a year and some as soon as next month, howard gangsters,
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planning the house you know, scamarus love, children. children are actually $51.00 times more likely to become victims of identity theft. then you want and one of the reason is they all have to have social security numbers. and they're not going to be checking their credit reports. so if the scammers grabs the social security number of your child, they will use that to create what's called a synthetic identity. they create a whole new identity and your child isn't going to become aware of the fact that he or she has been a victim of identity theft generally until maybe they're 18 or applying for a car alone for a car loan or a scholarship. and so what happens is it becomes really difficult to protect. so here the thing is to 1st of all fries your child credit, if there was anything good that came out of the equifax data breach, it was the fact that now you can actually 3 is
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a child's credit. do it for your child, you go to scam aside dot com, put in freezing credit for children and it'll show you how to do it. but the other thing is a little known law that parents are generally not aware of, and it's called for. and for, but allows parents to opt out of allowing their child social security number to be shared by the school with 3rd party. you know, you would think that we shouldn't even have to have allow you have to opt out. the schools wouldn't share this, but it's really, really important. parents are supposed to get notice of their for right every year . but it's honored, quite often more in the breach than the observance. so the key thing is, keep your child social security number is secure and make sure you opt out at the school from having them share it. we are speaking with attorney bentley university professor prolific author and your host at scam aside the com. steven j. j wiseman steve, these robo calls are out of control when you are with us
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a while back. you said uncle sam is cracking down. how's that going? i, you know, this is something you what i talked about the, the james bond almost referenced is a protocol called shaken, flash stir, which always worked for bond. and his martini is a protocol that the government was requiring that would really help with robo cause a lot because what part of a problem with robo calls is. ready they're able to trick your caller id, so they call this spoofing. so it comes up and it looks like it's a letter from the i r s. it looks like it's a, a, a call from the i or it's, it looks like it's a call from your bank. so this shit you dash slash stir protocol will in theory, the way allow you to see on your caller id. 4 that this is not the i r s, and it will warn you that this is a potential robo scam call. the problem is 2 fold. one, the system is far from perfect and the date for putting it into effect was june
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30th. and just about all of the phone providers have done so. but here's the big checker. not only is that protocol, not exactly 100 percent correct. it does not apply at all to international call. and quite frankly, most of the roku calls that were getting are coming from outside the country. so it's a, it's a nice technology, it's a step in the right direction. but it is by no means going to totally protect you. there are a lot of services that you can use. i use one called normal role, but frankly, the simplest way to protect yourself from a robo call you. when you see a number come up that you don't recognize, don't answer it. if it's legit, they'll leave a message while speaking of impersonators steve, i saw something on the scam aside dot com. they're really caught my eye because google has become the internet's phone book. i got about 30 seconds. what's the warning about phone a customer service numbers there? quickly?
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huge scale. and what happens is you go to google, you type in a facebook or instagram, twitter, and up comes the the customer service number, except those services don't have customer service numbers. and so the best place to go is not to use google, google as a phone book, go to the bill or the website that you know is legit. because otherwise the scamarus manipulate the algorithms turn up high with a phone number. steve wiseman scam side dot com the match. thanks. as always. it's summer time, summer time some some summer time and who among us isn't showing up at the beach with that quarantine. 15 pounds, we're still struggling to lose if you're confused by one weight loss scheme after another, might i recommend? just tell me what the delicious 6 week weight loss plan
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for the real world written by my doctor timothy harlan m d, who practices in teachers at george washington university hospital here in d. c. he is a former new orleans restaurant tour and you might already know him as dr. gore may, an emmy award winner. you may have seen on food network and tv stations across the usa is prescription for better health and healthy weight loss includes what day eat, how to cook it when day, either what to eat at a restaurant and what they eat. if you're in a hurry and why eating great food is the best health decision you will ever make. that's our show. thank you for watching the big picture. if you're watching real time, we'll do that same time next week and you can set the d b r. if you can run direct tv channel $3.00 to $1.00 on the dish dish at 280. our live stream is youtube dot com slash r t. america, all my shows are you tube dot com slash the big your r t. and if you miss us live,
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you can catch us where you will find all our shows on the free, portable tv app and the app store or on google play. and at portable dot tv, check out the newest star in the portable tv galaxy, william shatner. i'm holler cook at holland cook on twitter. where if you follow me, i'll follow you question more. ah, [000:00:00;00] the i
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use in the wake of the 2nd high level meeting, where does the fraught china us relationship stand? the 1st meeting in anchorage, alaska was an embarrassing failure for secretary of state, blinking at the 2nd meeting. the chinese presented the americans with a set of demands. it would seem to stage a set for real negotiation and not just the roof. oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is pricey and sugary and the under the victim, not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the it's corporate,
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me the i'm at kaiser this is the kaiser report, you know, we've been right for so many years and there's just so many ways to demonstrate how we've been right. charged graph stations by various experts, including ourselves. so they say graphically, what are we talking about today? well, we have some chart tear to show you what has happened after 50 years of fia. if you see my eyes are a bit runny, i have had some giggling fits as i look at these charts. i don't know why, but it's giving me the giggles of 50 years. remember in 1971 august 15, richard nixon slam shut the gold window. it's known as the nixon shock. and i'm
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going to look at this 1st chart here. 50 years later, it was the shortest recession ever. so that little recession we had from february 2020 to april 2020 was just 2 months, is the shortest recession in history. and i thought, you know what, with the accelerated. 9 parabolic printing of the money that we've seen, especially since 2008, but every single little dip in the market number used to cars back then. it used to as a pretty substantial crash on the market for any sort of intervention or max worked and wall street in 1987. it took a 20 percent crash over 20 percent crash one day. well now it takes like a, like less than 2 percent crash and they start intervening. so i think in the future, you know, everyone will suffer 15 minutes of recession. so what happens when the length of


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