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tv   News  RT  July 30, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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they gave me. ready ready headlines on our team and disturbing revelations by bulk areas, health minister, as he admit covey vaccination failures may have caused the country almost 10000 lives as russian athletes. tokyo olympics, people watching gold and left western media and athletes increasingly theme read the question that seems right to be that the chemical waste and contaminated soil and toxic emissions and environmental specialist outlines for ross the possible dangers of this week. deadly blocked in germany. from a chemical point of view, it is really possible to imagine the huge catastrophe. and we know that the inhabitants do not know what they might be exposed to. both of the un comes under
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attack and the latest round of violence and kindness on the headquarters. there are attacked by what are being called anti government elements. one security guard confirm dead aah . alright, it is just not that 9 pm here on friday, and most of this is off you to national. thank you for joining us. we do start this program with breaking news. this. our 3 men and women have reportedly been injured in shooting and stopping incident. this apparently happening at a berlin car park, according to a fire to pop and spokes person, they were all hospitalized. a suspect is said to be at large with a special police operation launch to hear when our team to national. those are all the details for now, but we will keep you updated on this developing story. for now, bulgaria is health minister has admitted that the multiple failures and tackling code in the country has had disastrous consequences. and
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a startling revelation. he said nearly 10000 lives could have been saved if the occupation campaign had been organized properly. bulgaria is sacrificing the older generation. we immunized mainly young and active people for 5 months. and the most vulnerable groups were abandoned. for out of 5 covered deaths in bulgaria, have been among the elderly. the government claims 10000 lives could have been saved, had the previous administration acted a bit differently. but how exactly? well, 1st off by not prioritizing the cheaper astrazeneca vaccine, the last government decided not to order any of the other 3 jobs approved by the you. and as a result, when oxford astrazeneca experienced serious delays in shipments while guerria became one of the least vaccinated countries at the time even lagging behind other stragglers like romanian lafayette all the while continuing to experience
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a surge in cases. and that's, but the other issue that caused unnecessary death was that the vaccines that the country did get for some reason didn't 1st go to the people who actually needed them the most. we did not give parity to people over 60 and people with serious illnesses that were placed in the false category after social workers, employees in mnc farms and others at this point. but gary remains one of the least vaccinated countries in europe with less than 20 percent of the population having received at least one dose. the new government is desperately trying to remedy the situation. but it seems, there are still a lot of hurdles for them to overcome. vaccine skepticism is still high among bulgarians, especially after reports of astrazeneca being linked to rare health complications. the country's poor health infrastructure is also hampering efforts to get vaccines
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to the population effectively. and the threat of a new wave of infractions courtesy of the delta variance of the corona virus, now looms very large over the country, which in response has extended its cobit emergency status until the end of august. but meanwhile, in germany where there's been a more successful vaccine roll out, the question now which was about to mean more freedoms for those immunized politicians are deeply divide on the matter as are the people. as peter oliver now reports. now the more than half of the german population have been fully vaccinated against coven. 19 the debate amongst politicians has moved on to whether that vaccination should entitle people to more freedoms. the president of the bond, the stag, things that should, i do not see any constitutional issues for differentiating between those who have been tested on the one hand and those who have recovered or been vaccinated on the other. since the risk of vaccination is extremely low, according to current data, not everyone is convinced of the constitutional fairness of such
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a device of move though, the german justice minister doesn't think it's right to split society down the lines of the vaccine. and the wax not should stick to the principle that those who have been vaccinated recovered or have a negative covered test, should retain all their freedoms. the justice minister is against mandatory vaccination. but those believe that everybody who can get a job should get one the result using german politic slow who think that the government and politicians should have no sake. and who gets a vaccination at all. it's not the role of the state to eliminate the risks to live . this encroachment would be constitutional and would clearly contradict the fundamental idea of freedom and the basic law. those who support freedom passes. say people that have have the job shouldn't be held back by those that haven't, but there's still a healthy sized opposition against forcing anyone to take the nation walk in the state imposed on the individual. my red line is my body by decided on that last
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that the last word is up to me. the state must not exceed that with an election just 8 weeks away in some potentially very tricky coalition talks on the horizon, right, so the vaccinated could well end up being a stumbling block to the formation of the next government. peter oliver r t. in cologne, germany, russian athletes are continuing their impressive metal. a hole at the tokyo games are reaching double figures in gold medals this friday. it means the russian olympic committee, the team itself now fits forth on the table. however, you'd actually be well sadly, hard pressed to find many saluting their success. earlier, my colleague union o'neill discussed the story with antes saskia taylor. well, the lympics should be a huge celebration and neat athletes. all disciplines from all over the world coming together at one event showcasing the skills. unfortunately, for russian athletes competing out this year's turkey games,
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that just hasn't been the case. they might be scooping up towards the russian that the committee will already see. does carney rank stud in total metal, but the atmosphere has been so hostile? it's been filled with suspicion, criticism, and very little good sportsmanship, both from the global media and of course, photo competitors. for example, us when ryan murphy, who lost to a russian, took a veiled flight by saying that he, that it probably wasn't a keen race, a comment that he later back tracked on. but by that a british swim, i'd also come out and couldn't help. may could dig about state sponsor, do you pick out the russian who beat them? he said, my bold metal is the combination of nothing like from dedication yesterday, doubles the sport. i have always stood for nothing but clean competition. i have always been tested and i always fill out my documents. i've devoted my entire life to this sport and i would never be able to forgive myself if i use some doping. so i don't even know how to react to this mobile. now,
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while those comments might not seem direct to the any one particular asking or country, others very openly was quite frankly, the epitome of a soul lose one us row, for example, said that russians shouldn't even be the seen, the crew who shouldn't even be here. walk away with the silver is a nasty feeling really disappointing overall, and i feel for the other f as in the, a final. now come, i might be furious that she's not taking her, not when that she was banking on her belief that russians don't have a right to be there. of course just doesn't reflect reality how much she wants it to. the truth is, russian athletes are allowed to compete, but under certain strict conditions as a result of an ongoing reduced number of historically clean russian athletes are allowed to compete as mutual meaning that they've been stripped of them the flag. and of course, the country's name hadn't receive and not russia. but despite this, despite that commitment to the very rules that the international committee has set
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up. and despite the fact that they are the most tested, one of the most tested delegations that they are still daily faced with this wave of bitterness and malice. yeah, new and fair comments, direct or otherwise, as you're saying, indirectly the last number of there, including the swimmers. what's the media? how to say? well, unfortunately, the hostility towards the r a c team is really tenfold in western media. some of the headlines actually pretty shocking. many of them fairly can disguise that discuss the russians have been allowed to learn with actually winning metals, beautiful music. and although window dressing such as calling itself, the rush and limpid committee to suggest an appearance of neutrality cannot mask the stench of corruption and appeasement. the eye sees entire plan completely backfired. it certainly didn't keep the russians out, and it certainly didn't shame russia were putting, has used the band to pump up nationalistic pride. and that was us, gymnast simone biles had to pull out the media with disappointment, worried about,
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well, that's paid the way for the russians, which is exactly. of course what happened was they deserved the one. we're hoping that the media will kind of take a step back and just objectively report on the ongoing offence on the trying send them losses of plays a limb can. well, unfortunately we've been disappointed. i suggest there's a little bit of back story to this as well, right. what of course, i think most people are why, but this is all the fall out from the uncovering of thought and that you don't think scheme amongst fresh, nothing's back. in 2014, russia was found before we had so many major international sporting events about today to reduce to 2 years now. russian officials did come out, they admitted mistakes had been made in the antidote program, but they also did claim that the band was politically motivated. but the truth is, is that is the past that have been repercussions for that. what's happening now in tokyo was essentially the demonize ation of hundreds of proven clean athletes who are playing by the rules down to a team who are also getting tested repeatedly in the last number of winter and
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summer. exactly. they are, they are the 3rd, have to team off on us and china. so it's real beautification by those athletes by the media. not have to say really as a credit to those are the athletes that despite all of this, that they've managed to block out all that noise and still keep mounting. when a podium will be a curtain will only just fallen on the tokyo games in and around 2 weeks time before it opens again for the paralympics and team are, sees final preparations are well underway. a journalist under power athlete i dmitri ignite of went along to get a taste of one of the toughest disciplines that of power ty, quando. hi everyone, me watching a diary about the preparations for the upcoming paralympics in tokyo, which will kick off soon. and today we're at the pero minova sports center. he's to train people without any disability, but now you have a whole army of power athletes that like that very cool. ah
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ah ah, i read about you why was literally crying. it's something unimaginable. your mother left you when you were born and later your adopted right? yes. i was in the 5th grade when i was bullied to go with my backpack. i said to her, what are you doing? i'll tell my mother, and she replied, you don't have a real mom, you are adopted. it was painful to hear that, but then i made up my mind and decided to be strong. there was only one parliament combat sports. many people have no concepts of how disabled people can fight, but they can do it here. they fight, but are protected as much as possible. there are people who got enormous fortitude . they are people who have nothing to lose. they struggle to find a job, they struggle their entire life. that's why they throw themselves in sports. people
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normally retire from taekwondo age of 30, but disabled people sometimes go on until they're 40. i don't think the top harlem pins are disabled because they could easily take on any one. the have a mouth guard and helmet with a face show. we also have hand and growing protection, as well as an electronic chest protector, leg pads, and electronic footwear. for the tell us more about the electronics, what do they do? is it like in fencing where it lights up when someone hits you? yes, we have an electronic chest protector with sense of own it. as well as an extra socks with 12 senses, you get points. if you hit the sensor, you can receive even more points. if you land a spinning kick, i was the when a determined by the number of points. so the number of points is equal to the
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number of blows, the more points you get, the high, your place? yes, each fight. last 2 minutes or 3 rounds with one minute breaks. check $12.00 is the rapid sport. it's not only about fighting, it's about thinking everyone has reached such a high level to get to the lympics that you can't just fight. you have to think about what your opponent is doing. so it's a bit like playing chess. yes, you should be quicker than your opponent dodge. his blows tuesdays explosion that a chemical plant and lever, who is in germany, left 5 people dead to are still missing. and now locals in the area coming across pieces of chemical waste formed from sorts that was created by the smoke released in the incident. the authorities say there are grounds for optimism. yes, my say again. i want to emphasize some welcome news for the residence of labor crews, and that's even the ross particles that were inspected. showed no normal levels of the office in p k w. p. c b. well,
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that sounds great. but greenpeace has been sounding the alarm, saying, hazardous elements may very well have infiltrated the food, the water, many parts of the environment. the situation is very difficult for mechanical point of view. it is really possible to imagine a huge catastrophe. we have a plan for the incineration of hazardous waste. that is precisely those substances that for obvious, reasons, should not tend to the environment they're collected and burned. and it is such a plan that has no suffered explosion. it was the substances which should not be in the environment. the 3 axes, with each other, burned up and spread in these clouds of gases throughout the region. and we know that the inhabitants did not know what they might be exposed to for more than $5000.00 chemicals are made at the site, including nitrogen compounds. those are used for making explosives a contaminated hazardous waste is also stored that so this was the scene on tuesday . pollution levels are currently being monitored after thick black clouds below
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from the side for most 4 hours. also the blast. we did speak to some of the local i didn't go out yesterday we were supposed to, but i must say that today i felt like a small cigarette. it's still really smells here today. it did in our apartment this morning as well. i don't know whether it's dangerous or not, but i'm a bit scared we have grandchildren, we often go to the playground with and we probably wouldn't do it over the next few days because we don't know yet how the rain has been affected by the smoke. if they're saying we shouldn't eat fruits of food or anything from our garden, then there must be something wrong. and i just hope it's not real serious. so the site is one of the largest chemical parks and all of europe employing $30000.00. the time in the blast locals with told to stay inside and closed the windows. and the greenpeace expert we spoke to you though, believes people are not being told enough about the dangers uncertainty to rain.
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people wrote to me asking whether they can go out in the gardens and whether we will take more samples. and this worries me, most of all the people remain in the dog, and this is not only the fault of the enterprise. after all, the main problem is that no one knows what substances have reacted and what actually happened. and here the main question arises, isn't of an acceptable to place this as it were a powder keg near large settlements. so the come here on the program and you study has found that american universities appear to be more interested in ensuring diversity and inclusion rather than teaching any history will give you details on that and a life report from new york i back guys or financial survival guys, housing bubble. oh, you mean the downside,
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artificial mortgage room carried away was trying to report i me ah ah ah ah ah
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ah, that's good to be with us for the program here. run out see a discrimination and stockings. these are at the center of a flu of new law suits in america, taking a so called critical race theory. the subject looks at society from the perspective of a systemic racism. and his teaching in schools has been a matter of very caught debate. at the head of the legal firm representing the plaintiff's praise what he calls that bravery. our clients are bravely confronting critical race theory, inspired bullying, indoctrination and retaliation which is not training or persuasion. in 2 of the cases, they're complaining say they lost jobs for opposing critical race theory, and a 3rd brought by parents document that alternative viewpoints are deliberately being excluded from schools. but while the racial studies and schools are proving divisive in higher education inclusive,
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he seems to be winning the day. a new study of $65.00 universities found that on average, they had more staff dedicated to ensuring equity and diversity than history professors themselves. let's learn more about this right now. of course live to ortiz kellum off, and so i guess academia is more interested in diversity than history these days. indeed, we have a new study conducted by the heritage foundation, a conservative think tank that talks about the prevalence. 6 of diversity, equality and inclusion staff or d, e staff on american universities and basically shows that there are more d i staff than there are history professors. at this point most universities have roughly 45 d staffers. that's 4 times as many, then disabilities, staffers who deal and it does accommodating the needs of students who might have disabilities. and that's only 2 thirds as many only 2 thirds as many history
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professors on, on the faculty now. georgia tech, for example, it has 43 d. i. teachers compared to only 13 history teachers, louisville, the university of louisville, kentucky. that's got 50 d staffers and only 17 history folks. now, at the same time, we're seeing polls showing overwhelmingly, students across the country are not happy about the climate on the campuses. at the university of michigan, 72 percent of students said they were dissatisfied and 55 percent of students from under represented minority graduate student groups. also say that they are dissatisfied. this is what the heritage foundation said about their findings. this research suggests that large diversity, equity inclusion bureaucracies appear to make legal positive contribution to campus climate, rather than being an effective tool for welcoming students from different backgrounds . diversity equity to inclusion personnel may be better understood at
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a signal of adherence to ideological political and activist goals. now this comes at the same time as there is a big controversy in the united states surrounding the teaching of critical race theory, which use views us history through the lens of systemic racism. 8 states across the united states, a band, the teaching of critical race theory. however, a number of institutions use it not only in colleges, but also in the high schools. and it seems like liberals are more open to this kind of teaching. whereas conservatives are vehemently opposed to it. this controversy has led to a lot of viral videos from parents complaining at school board meetings. some lawsuits, some claims that people were fired for opposing the teaching of critical race theory. it's a very intense controversy with conservatives on one side liberals on the other and increasing cultural and political divide in the united states. i. caleb,
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thanks for that. the united nation says its headquarters in western afghan. austin has been attacked with rocket propelled grenades on gunfire. one god is confound killed and several others injured. we understand no. un personnel had been heard. the area near the compound has been fighting between government forces and the taliban. of the h. q a tacos though, so far being described only as anti government forces. the un, it's already said, it will hold those responsible to account this attack against the united nations is deplorable, and we condemn it in the strongest terms our 1st towards her with the family of the office of slain. and we wish a speedy recovery to those injured. it comes as afghan forces managed to arrest by control of a key northern district from the taliban, or the retreating militants left behind a trail of deliberate destruction. despite his scan forces victory, the taliban has been largely ascend and have a look at this map right here. they take military tree in the last 2 months. and in
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the last 2 decades now has a dominant presence in the north, northeast on central provinces, and is also as we understand closing in on key cities conduce an kandahar. and you report a ledgers that are us back to collective of musicians and artists to sewing seeds of descent in cuba, then effort to destabilize its government. the group in question is called, the sun is see the movement. it comprises of cuba and wrappers musicians, artists, journalists, the u. s. has allegedly spend millions of dollars on them to gain sway among cuba. the marginalized youth movement members have spoken out in support of american sanctions. president trump, for the former president trump, and even the military intervention possibility in cuba. earlier we spoke to the author of the investigation editor in chief of the greys on max blumenthal. what amazed me aside from the fact that the wall street journal in rolling stone have
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credited this group of artists and performers with providing in their words, the catalyst for the day of protests we saw in cuba. was that the national endowment for democracy in arm of the u. s. government, that bank roles regime change operations abroad actually laid out an explicit strategy in 2009 to weaponized marginalized and di, socialized youth. and that very same year, usa id, another arm of the u. s. government, which is an intelligence front in many cases, began approaching to anti government hip hop wrappers in cuba. promoting them and even creating social media platforms to promote their anti government lyrics. and this is a program that has continued today and culminated with the rise of the senate seizure movement and this anthem pottery evita, which has become the slogan of these anti government anti communist cuban protests . on friday,
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the us government agency closed as $2000000.00 funding program to new applicants. the goal of the project was to bring about social change in cuba and support young people, the women, l g, b, t groups are his and individuals of afro cuban descent. but while the us finances cultural programs in cuba, the island remains well still under very severe economic sanctions. cube has been under us embargo for more than half a century since $900.00. $62.00, as some estimates, but cuba is economic losses from that at around $150000000000.00. it was also the biggest obstacle to buying medicine and equipment during the pandemic. this year, the un general assembly voted overwhelmingly against the embargo saying it violates basic human rights. this month, the cuba stores largest protests in decades. people were demanding more freedom and better response to the pandemic. a cooper's president accused washington of inciting the math demonstration for the u. s. as it was a stable country. max blumenthal again,
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claims the americans are meddling more than ever in cuban affairs. well, there's nothing there. there's nothing surprising about this except the, at the intense interest in the you among the u. s. intelligence fronts like usa id now run by samantha power in weaponized in a group that will soon become the demographic majority in cuba, which has suffered enormously under the blockade. and that's afro cubans. and they spell this out explicitly in their documents. and that's why hip hop is becoming a vehicle that the u. s. likes to use it budgeted $110000.00 for a hip hop, n g o in columbia to go and train hip hop artists in cuba to become quote unquote, democratic leaders. and so what we see is the u. s. actually exploiting and trying to create racial divisions in cuban society. in fact,
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doing what many liberals and democrats in the united states accused russia of doing with no evidence with black lives matter. that's actually the operational program in cuba right now. in order to paint this state that has been racially progressive, which is given asylum to black american dissidence, which fought apartheid south africa to paint it as racially regressive. and even structurally racist pilots are wrap up this program with a quick recap now about developing story for you this. our 3 men and women have reportedly been injured and a shooting and stopping incident. this apparently at berlin car park, though the latest report suggested was not any type of terror attack, but rather a quarrel between locals, according to a fire deposits, folks post and all the injured people have been hospitalized. i that's it for this half hour here. went to national thanks for sharing time with us here at moscow. your program return to the top of the me,
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the ah ah, ah. join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics, small business, i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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to me today is franklin graham, america's most prominent evangelical year. also course president of the martin's part of the billy graham evangelistic association. thank you for joining me. what does it mean to be a spiritual lead to, to present and what does that involve? well, you have to be very careful as to what you say and insert. i want to keep those conversations private. that's very important. i know your president and student present food and in this country, you know, says very difficult to forgive people that betray and i think his right thing for purge him and we can betray the confidence.


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