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tv   News. Views. Hughes  RT  July 30, 2021 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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the name calling temper tantrums, insults, and outright stubbornness all qualities you find in your average room, preschoolers, or in the case of events on capitol hill this week. members of congress, we're going to show you all of the moments from the adults in the room plus give you the a $360.00 view of what both parties work to accomplish, including something called the countering communist china. now speaking of children, those who consider themselves to be young and woke children in today's society, have a large selection of books to choose from. but a new publisher is hoping to balance out the bookshelves are going to give you the details. and one thing which was not worked on in congress this week was it continued a crisis at the border or the cubans risking death crossing the atlantic. but for
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refugees from everywhere else in the world, there is an easier way to get across the border. and this time, you might even get an in flight snack. we're going to bring you all the details. i'm getting huge and you are watching news views right here on our t america. let's get started. ah . well, so far this week on capitol hill, you would think you were on a playground name calling, calling each other out and everything else in between. that's exactly what we saw. there wasn't a playground we were at. and congress there in front resist a wrap of everything that's happened just up till now. oaks. it's been awhile, but here we are. back in the office vaccinated team pfizer. life seems like, you know,
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it's kind of going back to normal. right. it's not the kind of news we hope for from the cdc these days, but today was the news we got. the cdc has just changed its current guidance about when americans should wear math. in response, the alarming spread of the highly infectious delta barrier to cobit 90. seriously, the reason i haven't got vaccinated, whatever. i'm in a small ventilated studio literally with no one but a teleprompter. but keeping with the theme folks, i have a new segment for you. get ready for. oh, good. see, that's right folks. let's see where we're at on today's hypocrisy meter. oh wow, we're out of time. i folks. well, let's find out who today's contestants are. first we have house, minority leader, kevin mccarthy, for i think speaker of the house, nancy pelosi because she's starting to find people are not wearing
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a mask at the capital you on to say that the house should follow the side. madam speaker, you don't know the facts nor the science less talk about. yeah, let's talk about it. facts, republicans or pro life facts. republicans believe they have a say in what women should do with their bodies. like abortion, facts, republican, say, when it comes to the vaccine, my body, my choice science. well, that's a tall, cold glass of hypocrisy. what a nancy say she called you out, kevin moran. and guess what? she w down to say that wearing a mask is not based on science. i think it is not wise. all right, she watered down a bit, but yeah, i have, she basically called you
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a moron twice. but way miss would not be all the piracy without checking in on nancy, especially when it comes to passing that infrastructure bill that was supposed to be passed months ago. now let me the point is we have to see it. have you seen it? we haven't seen it, sir, asked me to give it something that none of us have seen. perhaps we may have had some discussion about it. but i can't commit to passing something that i don't know what it is yet. you know, i remember a long time ago and a democratic party far, far away. there was a bill jobs, obamacare, the democrats were trying to pass and nancy had something to say about it. and it's going to be very, very exciting. but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it . so what i'm finding out nancy, is your kind of a hipaa, correct? but again, you can pull up a chair of
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a policy table next to kevin mccarthy. and also next to this little the american dream is a combination of working hard, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps every day. but also reaching out to help those who need a hand. that's right. sen, kirsten cinema. the progressive, who said that she's going to shake up the senate. so i'm assuming that she voted yes on one of the big progressive values of raising the minimum wage to $15.00. miss cinema. miss cinema. know ok. she's the one of the game. so let's give her a lifeline. our nation is facing a lot of problems, right. now, we can fix these problems if we work together. she is right. that's why there's it's infrastructure belt to rebuild all the crappy highways and bridges falling apart to fix public transportation, upgrade, america's airports,
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improving power and water systems. you know, so you're like not drinking lad like in flint, michigan, and even bringing internet to all those in super a poor communities. so, you know, kids don't have to go to mcdonalds and use the y fi, like she said, coming together to reach out to help those who need a hand. now the republicans have decided to strike a deal. suddenly we have a little bit of some skirmishes breaking out on the democratic side between kiersten cinema and a o. c, a o c, after pearson cinema discussed having some problems with the $3.00 trillion dollar price tag. yeah, that's what i thought. well, there you have it folks. today the hypocrisy is oh, so big on next time we're, i'm sure. the next time we the american people need major health. we'll have more
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contest in. well till next time. i'm fair in france, act. and don't forget to keep having the hot call the title black to discuss the hand cook has the big picture here on our t america and steve, gil, former us trade official. i know you gentlemen watch that. you have to laugh right now at the actions of congress this week because we all have, we all have long term memory and short term memory. i guess congress doesn't, but that's almost our if you hold on this, is congress actually acting any different today than they have in the past? congressional decorum is an oxymoron. i feel like starting a go fund me paged by jim jordan, the damn sport coat. so all of his name calling strikes me as washington business, as usual, and frankly, very focused group driven. i've done enough of them. i can smell one a mile away. and i think there's a lot of pandering going on to the folks back home. but 3.5 t trillion is
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a lot of delray me, it's 12 zeros senator cinema, like sen, mansion comes from a not entirely blue state. there are more independence than democrats or republicans in arizona. so they have some leverage. this is a horse trading one on one, and she's doing a very, very well, you know, steve wise, one of my former bosses' wise man, actually to tell me we don't want congress to get along. that is their job. when they get along the people get in trouble. so is that still true today? would it be better to have them a little bit more peace or is this contention actually been to benefiting american people? you know, i think it's, it's time for everybody up there to have a little bit of a time out. i can't imagine any of us parents not bringing out the paddles even if it's not woke to pass your kids anymore. there are some serious paddling that needs to go on. you know, i don't mind when they're fighting over policy, but i think the, you know, kind of the petulant, the pettiness is what really makes the american people disgusted with all of them. and there we forget petrol as policy. nancy pelosi when she dramatically ripped
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president trump state of the union speech. it's not something new, but i think the american people are really getting, getting tired of it. well, there are definitely could be some oscars handed out for some amazing award winning performance. is one of those unfair and didn't have the time center package is what happened this week with the january 6 event and nancy pelosi would be hearing that they were having holland. we don't know much what's coming next. we heard the passionate testimony from the police officers, but we don't know what else is next. can you shed some light on that for me, subpoenas. ok. how will they be served? will they show up? you know, people have stiff, these hearings and hearings like this in the past. but the gut wrenching testimony from the us capital police, the other day has gotten a lot of play. and a lot of these fox news people are catching hell on twitter and elsewhere in social media for mocking their testimony. so i think this story is closer to the beginning than the end. it's a fine line. but steve,
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isn't that something that possibly the republicans might welcome please subpoena? as considering the majority of people they would subpoena are the ones they're going to have to be testifying. so in the end, they get the microphone just a different way aggressive, whether they get to bring the videos. i mean, it's always good to have audio. it's always good to have prints, but people remember what they see, and i think it's long past time for us to see the 14000 hours or so of the video where the, the body cameras that these police officers and capitol police were wearing. that would prove some of their testimony, all of which right now is just what they're saying, but we're not seeing. and i think the american people are smart enough at this point to say i want to see it before i believe it. and maybe if the republicans that are called to testify can bring some audio and some video. maybe we would get closer to the truth in this testimony. well, before i let you know, we only have about 2 minutes that i'm going to get both your hands on this. but steve, i want to start off with you. there's this anti china bill, anti china, communism build is being brought up by the republicans. they don't think that it's going to actually work. you can go down the list and see on this graphic exactly
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what is in the bill. some of the highlights of a good basically what trump tried to put together and wasn't able to pass. so what 1st of all i have to ask is this kind of just like a when we had the chance to pass it, we did it. so we're just going to make sure that we put this out there. so maybe we'll get a checkmark that we tried to fight china when we had the chance what we really didn't. well, i think like ricks curves cafe, when we are shocked to find out that there's gambling going on or shock to find out there's politics going on in washington. like, you know, the president's agreement with trying to accomplish many of the things that this bill takes to accomplish, including protection of intellectual property. but just like the democrats wouldn't pass an infrastructure bill when trump was in, because they didn't want to give him a when you've now got a political showmanship. and this is to show that the democrats may talk tough on china in the senate, maybe passing a bill that doesn't actually do anything. and again, i don't mind policy disputes when you're showing the distinctions and hopefully this bill will help do that holiday. i want your comment on this bill, is this just another political record from their publicans,
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even though the democrats right now are saying they also are going to be hard with china. the negotiations are going on right now. this is a clinic in washington speak because we're talking about talking the senate bill was called the us innovation and competition act. that wasn't tough enough. so this house bill is going to be countering communist china act. again, i smell of folk group communist and socialist and socialism. let's see how many elderly social security recipients are irked, that their cost of living increase is about to go up. and i think it all goes down to what looks the best on a push card at reelection time. gentlemen, great conversation, thanks for adding your wit and your wisdom. thanks guys. so do you have some extra airline points you would like to donate to a good cause? one organization will be thrilled to have them in order to bring refugees from other countries the united states. well, that's except for those from cuba. read the details after the break.
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ah, when i would show the wrong when i was just don't the rules. yes, to fill out the thing becomes the aptitude and engagement equal betrayal. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground in the wake of the 2nd high level meeting. where does the fraught china u. s. relationship stand? the 1st meeting in anchorage alaska was an embarrassing failure for secretary of state, blinking at the 2nd meeting. the chinese presented the americans with a set of demand. it would seem to stage a set for real negotiation and not just the roof.
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me a new gold rush is underway, and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn between gold education. my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still will have the strongest appeal. join me every 1st day on the alex summon show, and i'll be speaking to guests in the world. the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the growing number of americans embrace those identify as transgender. a conservative book publisher is launching children's book to share their side of values or to correspond natasha suite has more on what's behind the
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publishers vision. since are not birds, it's a statement almost everyone would agree is true, but there is an underlying message. some conservatives want to teach their children . if an elephant wakes up one day identifying as a bird, it doesn't change the fact that it's still an elephant. in this children's book, a vulture name culture gave kevin the elephant a pair of wings and a big to wear. it all started when kevin found a love for singing culture said it must mean that kevin is a bird. the book shows kevin's attempt to live like a bird, as unsuccessful in the past decade. things have changed in america with some 15 genders. some conservative believe children are being taught to normalize being transgender, according to the national institute of health, while the exact number of transgendered is hard to survey, it's that it's impacting more younger adults. their sample study points to at least 1000000 trans genders in the country. according to author, ashley st. claire,
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who was having a boy in november, you get special attention now in the classroom. if you say, hey, my name is not billy, it's amanda. on twitter, saint clair appended tweet she wrote from 2019 senior child is not trans because he put on a dress or tray on makeup. my little brother used to eat grass as a kid, but my mom didn't call him a cow and sent him to the slaughterhouse. she told him to cut the s and stop eating grass be better parents, but gender dysphoria isn't the only topic this publishing company, brave books is covering everything from tackling communism to discussing the woes of capital culture and its effects. brave books is teaming up with big names like texas congressman dan crenshaw for these children's rings. the company is only selling these books on its website through a 1299. a yearly subscription. parents will receive one book a month, the ceo of brave books, trent talbot said he noticed a real war going on after having a child of his own a year ago. when looking for books. he said, all he saw was propaganda. when my daughter was born,
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i realize i couldn't rely on the culture around me to teach my children good values . these values, they need to work hard care for the week to appreciate the freedom we adored america. that's why we have brave books ever in stories of timeless virtues. for the next generation, the stories take according to talbot, there has been a positive reaction already from kids age 4 to 12 who have read, elephants are not birds. reporting for news you choose and cautious sweets, r t. well, joining us our tablet himself. here's the ceo of brave books trent. thank you so much for taking time for us today. yeah. ok, you said you're a parent, i'm a parent. we all see this when we go through and we read it, there's obviously a political agenda being identified and now we're looking like it's even more into children's book. so let's talk about 1st of all the environment. what is wrong with its current environment for children's books? why do you actually feel you need to write and publish books like elephants or not? birds right now, is this different from that time period in the past?
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yeah, i mean i just so one sided, it all started whenever i was sort of blinded this whole thing. but whenever i got married and my 1st daughter, my eyes became wide open. it really started with the netflix that really showed me and. and then i noticed that the baby and the one book i am is nancy. drew came out pro trans book and i was just, i was just really was going on my heart that that there needed to be turned to what culture specially mark is. well, and so you know, a lot of credit because i was reading through, into the research on the segment. you know, your critic say, you know, does he actually take into consideration a child who is identify a trend, how they would feel reading your book. i want to follow that up by asking you, does your book actually make them feel bad or encourage ridicule from other classmates for whatever their choice is at this time? absolutely. there's no ridicule in our book. there's really only encouragement to our main character, kevin, you know,
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we're crushing company. we may conservative books, but we are christian company. so we're really sensitive to people's feelings. we don't want to offend just to offend. by the same time, we're trying to give conservative parents both that will help and teach the values that they believe. and you know, there's a big shortage there. so we're trying to build that whole. and our sort of beautiful story about a elephant, maybe get into who in the discovery that you know why he may be different. he's a really good singer. he's perfect the way that i made him well. and that's, you know, i know that there's probably a void in many different demographics looking for books. you're trying to fill that with conservatism. do you believe you will actually be treated fairly right now? you're just a subscription service, but as you continue to grow, do you think the larger book services book stores will actually open their doors to you and say, you know what? let's give the full view. let's give everybody an option here in our store. depending on what their background might be, are you expecting that sort of open arm approach from maybe some of the bigger bookstores? to be honest. no. i mean, i think that they made
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a mistake because they made a killing if they are both, there's just such a demand and, and we're getting we're, we're getting such a warm reception into our books. but, but you know, the culture is a real thing and you know, places like target and barnes. no, they seem to be pretty pretty. they are pretty quick. so i don't see a huge reception and to be honest, it's not something that we're relying on really, you know, one, our customer experience is so unique in each book comes with a poster and a sticker that goes on the post or in the topic or emission on below, and we do a special wrapping, we really pride ourselves on our customer experience is really unlike any other policy company out there. so we may not be surgery with, that's okay by us. well, i'm in the library books dot us to get these on. i think a lot of parents like myself ago, why are we even discussing this issues at this age? but guess what, that's the time we're living in and these children are being presented so you might
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give them the full picture. trent, thank you for joining us and good luck with this new business venture. now the major us airlines, like delta american and united are providing free flights for migrants for sticky asylum the united states. now the group mile for migrants allows for people to donate their unused air miles for refugee flights. but it is fair considering the chaos occurring at the border and cubans were being returned or sent to 3rd world countries is caught by the coast guard when it goes to 360, we have jo calling us need veteran and david catch former federal prosecutor, thanks for joining me gentlemen. great to be with you. ok, so joe, i guess are you, is this fair that those thinking refugee status are being given a more streamlined process than others? just because they're coming from overseas. why don't thing fare the word? i think ridiculous is the word and the reason why i say that is because right now we are facing the global pandemic committed don't arise. the delta varying is
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supposed to be running rapid and we're flying migrants across the country across the medicaid, across the world without knowing their, their status or medical status. and so i think they're responsible to me, to be doing this in this time right now. well, and that's a good question right now. so when i go to david on this, because concerning the pandemic in the fact that the congo is in the primary country that we're finding out refugees are seeking admittance since the 29 a bowl outbreak. actually, are you concerned that this is also public health danger? considering vaccine requirements are waived, verbal screenings on health are all that is done. well, you know, scottie, i was one of the few voices when biden was at 70 percent thing. i thought he'd be present and he'd be a good president. and he and camel harris are about protecting the country as his alley, my york, and he used to be the us attorney out here. and so all of these claims come out make. this is happening and that's happening. these people are being betted very carefully. and the reason that we're letting some of them into the country is
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because they're political refugees and africa has refugees that deserve asylum here . if they can prove it and they're there, they're going to be better. they're going to be very careful. it's not going to be anybody led into the country. scottie, who has the bowl of symptoms, or who has here is cobit symptoms. i understand why you either guess that i thank him for a service is worried about it, and i think it's good to voice concerns, but i think the administration is to wear them, scotty. and i don't think we're going to have any runaway problems, or people with the bowl, or coven being allowed in the country. not cuz you're not from africa, not from latin america. we're trying to be careful about this, and yet we're fine. there is a large amount of testing positive at the border even though they're trying to keep them isolated. but david, i just have to ask you a question. what about those that are coming over from cuba right now? the job i said is actually actively turning them around, sending them to other 3rd world countries. that same sort of grace is not being sent to them. is that fair? well, here's the problem. when somebody comes over here on a raft or whatever and they get intercepted on the high seas, that's
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a different story. some of the people who are coming into mexico, they're coming to the border and you know, scotty, we have a huge problem. you follow this for years, we have a very long border and if the economy is good, people get a warm welcome. whatever the pundits and the politicians say, if the economy is good and it's heating up right now, people come here to do these tests and they find work here. and we have a huge border and people come over and they should be absolutely intercepted if possible. and of course, they should be tested and they shouldn't be allowed in unless they have a valid claim to be. or i think we can all agree on these kind of common sense conclusions. and yet in washington, dc and they use, they have not agreed on much in regards immigration. joe, that's a 30 because vice president harrison's just really her root causes in min migration . and it comes down to the us needs to give more a to south america, a show me the money. so why does she think more money is going to be the solution? considering we already give a lot to these countries and it's not helping well,
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i can say this, the reason why i would think because i can't be for vice president hair, is to think that money is a problem because he has no plan. i mean, the bite him ministration came in saying that they're going to give a follow up to everybody who wants to sneak into our board is what's called this measure, border crisis. now you talk about root causes, then you compare that to the plan that comma has had, that is not the root cause, the root cause to immigration, the secure in our southern border, and not allowing every single person to sneak into our country, give them asylum, give them flights across the united states, not knowing these people health status. and i think that's a shame really important. what the by the ministration, if news that you're, that were put more money into immigration system for more money. it's i for more money it's and getting immigration attorneys, immigration, just so we can get people process the right way. not violating u. s. federal loss. david joe, always a great conversation. thank you so much for joining us. i know we're going to continue it as the days go by that one quick and that's all the news for this hour
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. i want you to follow me on twitter at scottie and hughes. he's the hash tag team and da. and for this show and more make sure you download the auto dot tv app for your apple or android device. great content on there. not only from today but from shows task. what i see you right back here. thank you so much for watching. and most of worley, i'm going to say thank you for questioning more. the thing i want to do is try and break this down for you like in the building blocks of life, because that's really what this is about when it comes to the red planet. you meet them at the border, you've got a guy address like l could o brace and he's got a little kiddo magnifying glass
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face to face. this is the environment that we live in, the right people are talking about feeling, sorry, but your average recycling enthusiasts doesn't have vain popping out of their arms like they inject korean teen into their eyeballs. ah, algorithms and neural networks have been following us everywhere. we look online because our relationships are what matters most of us and that's how we find meaning and how we make sense in our place in silicon valley see don't mention in the slick presentations. however, the ghost workers who train the software humans are involved in every step of the process when you're using anything online. but we're sold as this miracle of automation behind your screen is vulnerable workforce. that seems algorithm is for
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next to nothing. on a very good day to do 5 hours now, a really bad day. i could do 10 years where it says removable by design. it's about labor costs, but it's also about creating layers of watson, a responsibility between those who solicit the kind of work and need it. and those who do it from germany, where a long study find that the the biomass of fly inside the whites applying in tech, spell by 76 percent in the last 26 years. so it's just becoming much, much less common, which means all the jobs that they do are not being done anymore. and that that is the real danger. and that's what's going to impact on in my phone. 16 level, i don't,
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i just saw under the dollar format isis fighters and they're now boarding a philippine naval ship with $900.00 just aren't abdulla still don't know, watch waiting for them and i didn't actually get a hold of me
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. ready ready i the in the shocking revelations bible gary's health ministers. he admits coded vaccination failures across the country. almost 10000 lines should athletes at the tow, carolyn picks keep up knocking golden west. the major on the lease increasingly thing read the question, the teams right to even be and patches of chemical waste, contaminated soil, and toxic emissions and environmental specialist outlines for the potential they just this week, some deadly blast in germany from a chemical point of view. it is really possible to imagine a huge.


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