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tv   News  RT  July 30, 2021 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the who's in the shocking revelations? bible areas, health minister as he admits, coven bucks and nation failures. of course the country almost $10000.00. busy lives up to coming up in our program, this hour of russian athletes that took the olympics, keep knocking gold. it's left western media and athletes increasingly seeing read a question the teams right to be there on patches of chemical waste, contaminated soil, and toxic emissions on environmental specialist guidelines for the potential dangers of this weeks. and deadly blasted in germany from a chemical point of view,
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it is really possible to imagine a huge catastrophe. and we know that the inhabitants did not know what they might be exposed to, ah, from moscow to the world. this is the news, our an r t i am, you know, neil, let's get to our top story. bulgaria is health minister has admitted the multiple failures in tackling cobit in. the country has a disastrous consequences. in a startling revelation, he said, nearly 10000 lives could have been saved if the inoculation campaign had been organized properly. bulgaria, sacrifice in the older generation, we did not give priority to people of 60 and people with serious illnesses were immunized. smelly young and active people for 5 months, and the most vulnerable groups were abandon for out of every 5 cobit dance in the country were among elderly people. other failures signed by the minister include
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per logistics and overs regarding vaccine procurement. the government prioritized astrazeneca job over other vaccines, with the companies own distribution problems, meaning a slow roll. i. bice, a fear the oversights, left bulgaria, among the worst hit by the pandemic, globally, with the 9th highest coven mortality rate. meanwhile, in germany, there has been a more successful vaccine roll. i thought we know. but the question know is whether it's that should mean more freedoms. for those immunized politicians that are deeply divided on the mater, those as the public or europe corresponded. peter oliver has been looking at how the issue is splitting society. now the more than half of the german population of being fully vaccinated against coven, 19 the debate amongst politicians has moved on to whether that vaccination should entitle people to move freedoms. the president of the bond, the stag,
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things that should, i do not see any constitutional issues for differentiating between those who have been tested on the one hand and those who have recovered or been vaccinated on the other. since the risk of vaccination is extremely low, according to current data, not everyone is convinced of the constitutional fairness of such a device of move though, the german justice minister doesn't think it's right to split society down the lines of the vaccine. and the vaccine not should stick to the principle that those who have been vaccinated recovered or have a negative covered test, should retain all their freedoms. the justice minister is against mandatory vaccination. but those believe that everybody who can get a job should get one. the result was in german politic slow, who think that the government and politicians should have no sake and who gets the vaccination at all? it's not the role of the state to eliminate the risks to live. this encroachment would be constitutional and would clearly contradict the fundamental idea of freedom and the basic law. those who support freedom passes. say people that have
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have the job shouldn't be held back by those that haven't. but there's still a healthy sized opposition against forcing anyone to take a vaccination. walk in the state imposed on the individual. my red line is my body by decided on that last that the last word is up to me. the state must not exceed that with an election just 8 weeks away in some potentially very tricky coalition. talks on the horizon, rights for the vaccinated could well end up being a stumbling block to the formation of the next to government patrol of her r c. in cologne, germany still ahead in the program, i made current covert travel restrictions. the british mother of a child with severe autism has spoken her. i pray just being forced to isolate in a quarantine hotel where her son then went. and tim milstein that's coming. the rash enough leads, are continuing their impressive metal hole out the tokyo games,
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reaching double figures in gold medals this friday, it means the russian olympic committee team set forth in the overall table. but as suskin taylor explains, you'd be hard pressed to find many, some losing their success. they're day in day out. the press tries to not rush and athletes from the gold, silver, and bronze pettus tools they fought for. and one r o c rank thought in overall metals so far, which in case you missed the memo, is no cause for celebration. beautiful music. and although window dressing, such as calling itself the rushing limpid committee to suggest an appearance of neutrality cannot mask the stench of corruption and appeasement. yes, allowing russians to compete and toko, despite a 4 year bond for an alleged doping scheme have caused a real sting. even though only a reduced number of asking so that and that competing as new trolls meaning they
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don't get a flag, they didn't get an uncertain unofficially done not from russia, but from the r c. what they do still get though are respectful sports related questions from unbiased john lists of the russian olympic team. athletes carrying the stigma, cheated in these games after the scandal. and how do you feel about it? first time in my life, i'm not going to answer a question. you should be embarrassed if itself, i think you should wire him from the olympics. i don't want to see him again, though to the journalists credit he did manage to hide his disappointment better than most of his colleagues, disappointment, but the fight having punished russia's athletes to the maximum. you still just can't miss them. in the
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way i received some time been completely backfired. it certainly didn't keep the russians. 2 out, and it certainly didn't shame russia were putting, has used the band to pump up nationalistic pride because the russian can only be proud of his compact. carrots went on the greatest international sporting stage. if putin tells him to be not the same one, it seems that some must be found, the r o c, a convenient scapegoat for that own shame and celia to take home a when seen the crew who shouldn't even be here. walk away with the silver is a nasty feeling really disappointing overall, and i feel for the other athletes in the a final. so that's what good sportsmanship looks like. and what must make it all the more frustrating is that these r o c athletes managed to steal those metals even when they're not in peak condition. even counting a recent on a can least,
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the russian limbic committee climb to the top of the metal podium, tears flow, enduring tchaikovsky, no doubt about that. the band to keep those russians out didn't work. because despite being stripped about them, the flag that country's name and any fireplace support, they'll still be heading home with some pretty heavy hand luggage. unfortunately, the, the olympics has been politicized very much. you know, it's not new. there's always been a national as component to it, but of course the olympic games charter calls for bringing countries together and in its intention is to to promote peace. we need to resist the, the nationalist forces that are trying to politicize and polarize the anti doping situation. and the international sport situation, i think it'll be
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a very good thing when russia is fully reinstated and can participate. we can see the russian flag and the russian national anthem. it's really a shame that the situation is continuing as it is, but hopefully we can get beyond this before too much longer. more stories from the games available on our website, including the cleans of a u. s. swimmer that the 200 meter backstroke final quote probably wasn't clean. the co seemingly rushing up leap took the top spot of it, had to r t dot com for ah, the curtain will only just have fallen on the tokyo games in a few weeks before it opens again on the par lympics team our seats. final preparations are underway, journalist on par athlete, dimitri ignite stuff went along to get a taste of one of the toughest disciplines tara tie, quando. hi everyone,
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me what you get diary about the preparations for the upcoming paralympics in tokyo, which will kick off soon. and today we're at the para minova sports center. he's to train people without any disability, but now you have a whole army of power athletes that like that. very cool. i read about you why was literally crying. it's something unimaginable. your mother left you when you were born and later your adopted right? yes. i was in the 5th grade when i was bullied to go with my backpack. i said to her, what are you doing? i'll tell my mother. and she replied, you don't have a real mom, you are adopted. it was painful to hear that. but then i made up my mind and decided to be strong. there is only one, pardon and pick combat sports. many people have no concepts of how disabled people can fight, but they can do it here. they fight with are protected as much as possible. have a mouth guard and helmet with a face show. we also have hand and growing protection,
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as well as an electronic chest protector. lead pads, an electronic food where food for the tell us more about the electronics. what do they do? is it like in fencing where it lights up when someone hits you? yes, we have an electronic chest protector with sense of own it, as well as then it's 20 socks with 12 senses. you get points if you hit the sensor . so you can receive even more points if you land a spinning kick. now is the, when a determined by the number of points for so the number of points is equal to the number of blows, the more points you get, the higher your place. yes, each tried last 2 minutes or 3 rounds with one minute break. taekwondo is rapid for, it's not only about fighting, it's about thinking. everyone has reached such a high level to get to the limit that you can just fight. you have to think about what your opponent is doing. so it's a bit like playing chess. yes, you should be quicker than your opponent. dog she's blows. there are people who got enormous fortitude. there are people who have nothing to lose. they still would
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find a job, they struggle their entire life. that's why they throw themselves into sports. people normally retire from taekwondo the age of 30, but disabled people sometimes go on until they're 40. i don't think the top harlem pins are disabled because they could easily take on any one. the other story were closely following today. wildfires fun by strong winds continue to rec, devastation cross southern turkey. 3 people are being killed and dozens more left needing hospital treatment for burns, a coastal italian on 18 nearby villages and districts been evacuated. hotels in the popular tourists region of also now started moving guests to safety officials, call the situation and national disaster are also launching an investigation into
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suspicions. the fire is the result of arson. meanwhile, specialist russian plains have been sent to help the fire fighting efforts. we get more information on what's happening from within the country. there were big bar sources. defects. as you can see, notice rooming in that location, hold each miller. so then the more cover all their own. and they thought people were in the nearby because the people here really stressed about cultural tradition and they've got to take the control tuesdays explosion out a chemical plant in labor cruise in germany left 5 people dead while 2 are still missing and the locals in the area are coming across pieces of chemical waste
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formed from suit that was created by the smoke released in the instant the blast. it's aftermath as cause greenpeace to sun the alarm. this iteration is very difficult from a chemical point of view. it is really possible to imagine a huge catastrophe. we have planned for the incineration of hazardous waste. that is precisely those substances that for obvious, reasons, should not enter the environment there, collected and burned. and it is such a plant that has no stuff. it's an explosion, it was these substances which should not be in the environment. the 3 axes, with each other, burned up and spread in these clouds of gases throughout the region. and we know that the inhabitants did not know what they might be exposed to for more than $5000.00 chemicals were manufactured out this side, including critically like trish and compounds which are notably used for the production of, exposes the plants mix petro silicon chemicals as well while contaminated hazardous
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waste is also huddled there. this was the thing or a pollution levels. they're currently being monitored after thick black clouds billowed from the side for almost 4 hours after the locals remain shocked. trouble, i didn't go out yesterday. we weren't supposed to, but i must say that today i felt like a small cigarette. it's still really smells here today. it did in our apartment this morning as well. i don't know whether it's dangerous or not, but i'm a bit scared. we have grandchildren, we often go to the playground with and we probably won't do it over the next few days because we don't know yet how the brain has been affected by the smoke. if they're saying we shouldn't eat fruits of food or anything from our garden, then there must be something wrong. and i just hope it's not real. serious. the science is wall of the largest chemical parks in europe, employing 30 fellows and workers. at the time of the blast,
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locals were told to stay inside and close all windows. the greenpeace expert. we still do, though, believe people aren't being told enough about the potential things uncertainty still rains. people wrote to me asking whether they can go out in the gardens and whether we will take more samples. and this worries me, most of all the people remain the dog, and this is not only the fault of the enterprise. after all, the main problem is that no one knows what substances have reacted and what actually happened. and here the main question arises, is it's an acceptable to place this as it were, powder kegs near large settlements. this is our t still to come a furious french president, take umbrage, becoming the poster boy of a french billboard owner partly depicted in hitler or not. after the short break, the
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long when i would show the wrong one. i'll just don't rule out. the thing becomes the after kid and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, the parts we choose to look for common ground in from germany, where a long study finds that the the biomass of fly inside the weights of flying in texas fell by 76 percent in the last 26 years. so it's just becoming much, much less common, which means all the jobs that they do are not being done anymore. and that that is the real danger. and that's what's going to impact on
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the moon. ah, 18 minutes into the program. welcome back. no being locked in a hotel room for covert quarantine for days would try many people's patients. but imagine being there and looking after a child with learning difficulties. that's the reality. for 14 rockman whose 9 year old son, how severe autism he the full melton on the 4th day of their isolation. the british authorities had refused to grant for him a quarantine exemption and she shared her frustrations with us on the for i thank you. just know you don't know what struck retents. what eaters will cause a cell note. i tried my day to get all the things home cooked meals and things so
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it can, it will be said that the trigger faces more even. that was how you know football game for 4 days. so i know that y'all been all room for 11 days with no access to the world and more so it would have been a routine being stuck in a hotel room pretending that she wasn't usable beforehand. travel to pakistan with her 2 children back in march to care for her ill mother. while she was there, the country was out to the u. k. travel read list. that meant the family was required to isolate for 10 days and a government mandated quarantine hotel. upon arrival, back in the u. k, following her sons melted and she was allowed to leave the hotel and complete your quarantine at home. while the government insists the measures are in place to keep everyone safe and that had recognized the impact that through his have on many people. for he rockman, however, is still confused. why she and her children weren't
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a large quarantine at home in the 1st place. given this circumstance to research on the government said, you can apply for an exemption on the terms of medical cases. so while i was applying for was who gave me the commission to call in gene in the house, we were going to put it on a case prior to getting the claim. we were going to come back and get the case. so for me it was like, so can i take all the precautions not to make sure that we don't pass on if we do have all the fees i felt we would just take on the for. so what i was asking was just one quarantine rather than a hotel calling teach for just being more of a c feasible for danielle and spell that whom the french president has launch legal action against the owner of hundreds of billboards who stuck up posted on a couple of them depicting a manual micron of adolph hitler. thus, despite the country's leader being
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a storage defender of free speech repeatedly following, done the years that you can say, show anything in front, use heal, false in liberty, to bliss. there is also in france, the freedom to bless fim, which is attached to the freedom of conscience from where stand. i'm here to protect all these freedoms. so it's not up to me to qualify the choices of journalists. i can only say that in france, we can criticize governments, presidents to be blasphemous, et cetera. it was to be french to defend the right to make people love the freedom to mock, to ridicule, to caricature which will tear claimed was the source of all the others. one also gets you will not give up caricatures drawings, even if fathers retreat and plenty more examples like that as well. but it seems the hitler billboard was no laughing matter for the present. he is now suing the man behind the poacher says he's being summoned to appear on his local police station and slammed mister cron for hypocrisy in macro and land. making fun of the
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profits rear is satire, but to make fun of the president as a dictator is blasphemy, time and time again during his presidency manual, my court has defended freedom of expression. he in front presume is also enshrined in the declaration of the rights of the citizen. so that does have limits whether or not they extend to the billboard depicting mach cool as hitler is another matter. it was erected as part of protection against the cook, with $900.00 restrictions in placing problems, but it picked his anger so much so he's now searing its creator. misha, owens flow. ve who defends a billboard that it's not necessarily a comparison with the not the leader. you see hitler, but you can see stolen or i can see charlie chaplin in the dictator. now,
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when satirical magazine, surely i republish controversial cartoons all of them was in profit, lofty court and defended. right to do so. that fresh publication that was for all faith chain reaction needing finally to the beheading of a sheet. so by taking out a billboard, is it the case of coal and having double found on my story from microphone know because when it comes to making characters of our prophet mohammed, it does not pose a problem for anyone. when it concerns him, it poses a problem. so it's a case of dual standards and that's wrong. well that's he should do what he did for surely abdur and defend freedom of expression. really? yes, i understand that he feels offended when compared to hitler is nothing to be proud of. so i can understand that he is offended. but on the other hand, he defends a certain freedom of expression. it's
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a little paradise plan for mandatory vaccinations and health policies have triggered to protests in france. now some demonstrators come head, the country to dictatorship, but it seems that my cool, it's these billboards which all simply the law school. so how do people have feel about this comparison is not cool, right? to take action or shooting to take a leaf out book and accept such caricature as part of being the head of faith to once yes, he was upset because it concerns him personally. but when it concerns millions of muslims who a french who work in pay the taxes, then there is no one to defend them. i understand that he feels offended because hitler doesn't have a great image. so ben, compared to him as a vest and not very pleasant. yes, there is freedom of expression, but i think this goes a bit far. he should book himself together because it's
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a caricature. the guy just wants to make fun of him and shouldn't really offend him . remains a fairly negative figure, but he's still part of history. admittedly, it's understandable that he's not flattered, but he should take it on the chin being a public political figure. what does he expect? i think he has a bigger fish to fry. hell, the 1st time it's an image has been published, showing that comb with a likeness to hitler back in 2018, the french daily and youth. this is its cover photo on its weekly magazine. so that the provoke, sharp criticism at the time the paper said that it wasn't the intent to do that. and all was hunky dory. and well citizens in france enjoyed the right to insult the president. mark cool, just as an we citizen is protected him. so from insults and public defamation, now it's a billboard. so you see of such he could spend up to
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a new imprison as well as being stuck with a fine of up to 45000 euros. but perhaps by suing the billboards creator, macaroni is actually being counter productive in the fact that he is warring even more attention to it. so let me be ski or t, paris, and just a little commentary in the story of french human rights come in, or we talk to believe the countries a lease he sees go by their own rules. we saw him go to my court instead of in the morning, brazing, shall you do it for they are cartoons. and in the afternoon the afternoon, a scalding shop window, a french drug used for doing his job as a jordan. and now we see at this reaction, for many of them a call, so not it is beyond double standards in front, it has never been about freedom of expression for a fair because freedom of expression would be universal to everyone. it is only
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above protecting the privilege of expression of the image, which means as long as you are on the dominant side, you can make when everybody cares to the floor or the blog, the, you know, the, the arab to move the women, etc. but once you mixed the and of the fall where he placed the presidential cell, now you are facing prosecution. yes, he has a right to argue with a president, he's so he should be the person who guarantee that everybody has the right of the expression. he's a president, he should be above the government forces in afghanistan have managed to wrestle by control of a key northern district. from the taliban, the retreating will attend to left behind the trail of destruction. locals humping, describing some of the damage inflicted on their homes. mine when they planted mines here and over there, the attached large amounts of explosive and blew up all the buildings around here. and i'm moving in the quick as you can see, the taliban stole all our things and even the windows and the doors,
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they took away all the usable materials and left behind only destruction. the taliban conquered large waves of the bower province a month ago, including here the district of counter with the withdrawal of us troops from the country under wave, a terror grew pounds, been filling the void, securing more territory in the past 2 months than in the last 2 decades ago, as a dominant presence in many provinces across the country, including in a number of key cities. well, there's also been repeated attacks on the power grid and the capital car. both the most recent took place just days ago and resulted in a massive block out in the city with workers still struggling to restore electricity in certain areas. local journalists below. so worry file, this report was much of problem cell does not have the regular power that it should have. this is because of the regular fighting on the highway in northern. i find
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a sun from where these power balloons and infrastructures come. it's imported electricity from the gym son and his bikes. but we've also seen deliberate attacks, away explosives have been placed, and these power towers continue to be blowing up the countries power provider, the national power provider. it's trying to do its best. it's even lost. its workers as they have tried to restore power, but it's just not power. it's either the infrastructure, you know, buildings, bridges, or church schools, clinics. they've all been targeted or business team or bank boone busting again in moments. stay with us for that aren't allowed catch. you again, the top me the pop quiz per session
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is 0 time and like, what do you call that? what does that word? it's called communism right? only in communism with our state run countries. they have no recession, but they also have no way for anybody to have a life rather than being a slave. ok, that's where america oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. if possible, to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted, not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the med.


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