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ah, will the hey folks, dennis miller here and what might took us off. i just had for these things. this is a group we want. maury, povich entering is 24th season in syndication on show more and i think was maury povich the stuff. but he knows maury and he is the ring master at the circus as it were. we'll talk to him about 24 years and syndication. and if he's still having those romantic afternoon dalliance is lovely chung right up to this. and dennis miller plus one the hey folks,
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welcome to dennis miller plus one. we're joined by murray povich and he is a pros pro and it looks like he's off the link spend unless he's wearing per run. the house like he's app alone in purple range. would you shoot? i'm i actually believe it or not dennis. i didn't play today. i chipped the product . that's what the pros do. renee practice, everybody thinks you know you're going on the range and you go to the rock pile. just keep hitting balls and i've been around a lot of pro golfers on tour most of the time and their practice time. they all do nothing but ship and puts, they might hit $25.00 or 50 balls and then go to chipping grain or the putting green. murray, i just had why i just had celebrity grains put a nice thing in my backyard does. listen, i got a nice i trap and i've got a nice green with some children area for the my low running 7 irons that i want to
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just pop. but then i put it everything in boxes in around 50 yards away so i can hit my 60 and the green, and it is a nice green my friend. well, i will tell you, i don't have a celebrity green years ago when i was in, when we lived in new jersey, i had a putting green and a trap, and i took it out because it cost about $15000.00 a year just bang dane, but green, but my friend and coach for the last 30 plus years peter cost us is a, is $1.00 of the endorsers of co celebrity breed. so if he says they're great, i'm sure they are. yeah, that's why i got in. i heard cars this in marco mera, and i thought, marco's a perfect melding of an every man and a superstar. i trust him and cost this who breaks down a swing like cost. this is like sir, i work with the kennedy assassination frame. wow,
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i love your anal period. no way. do you know, you know that we have 2 things very much in common and i read about you when you are growing up. ok. i used to have to dish out. i screamed myself. young man, i did the same thing and i know how difficult that is, particularly if it's so tough enough. fraser very difficult. i worked at a drug store. i was one of those guys who worked at a drugstore behind the counter and had to do that. and secondly, we both love the 43rd president of the united states. well, he was a good man. i good, mad as he was, he was, i've known him for 30 years. he was a, was a loyal friend to me. you know, i get a lot. i used to get
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a lot of flack for my friends of course, who did not like george w bush, but particularly not a well before he invaded iraq. they didn't like him, but i voted for him twice. he was used to invite me to lunch at the white house, me in my late friend john angelo, every year for 8 years. and so around year 5, we didn't hear anything. and so late in the year i get this call and he says po, he's got everybody's got a nickname, prayer oh, where are you an angel? where are you guys? i said, well mister president, i thought you were busy now come on down. so we went down and he's looking at me and he says, and i'll po, i can't run anymore because my knees are bad on the treadmill. and i'm flipping around a chance and i see your show, i'm you do that show history. and i said, mister president,
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things you have to do every day. we said to say more about by jo, i introduced them at breakfast, was to tell you, you'll love the story and i don't care if you're friendly or not with them. you're usually never along with a present that they just don't need the andy cards always somewhere right off the shoulder. we're back stage where eat breakfast, you know how healthy he was at that point, i think use rental. i get 23 and a half 3 mile, and he's eaten stamen and pistols on a hate bread. i've got a breakfast which the size of don klein baron's 1st baseman, mit and of course, what's the survey in our stuff and says, hey, why did you come to the see after the speech and we can i got i go now oprah is my neighbor and want to see, do i go, i got to get back. i got something i want to see. do i get you back to you? he looks to me, he goes, what are you going to get back to? i'm the president. and i say i've, i've got a party, i gotta, yeah, he's there whose party is you don't anyone who's party?
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i said my neighbor over his birthday party. he's election goes who room for it was so funny and really what was like, really bad. yeah, that's worse. that's what he is that's. that's what he's like. i mean, you know, i, you know, friendship is very dear to me. so i've been very loyal to. yeah, he was a meant to me to now listen, i got to kiss the ring on your old man because that is one of the folks you might know the washington post for wood stain. i know it for surely povich 3 quarters of a century. some of the best baseball prose this side of boswell, and i mentioned the boot is kick off point is in the pacific theater. this is a tom as so b, as in boy, did he write as if you must have been so proud to be his son more? yeah. i was, you know, i kinda learned it is me. he took me a lot of places. he. i mean the, the most amazing thing about it,
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dennis is he was self taught. he was a kid from bar harbor made. and what happened was, he's carrying at the golf course that all the millionaires built the rockefellers, the vanderbilt, all these people went to bar harbor before there was a newport. and so my father is carrying one day and it's about 80, which is the hottest thing in the world, a name he's trying to go to the swimming hole. the cat master pulls him back, says you're going to lose your badge. everybody had a badge unless you stay here and carry your caddy for that guy. he goes out on the 2nd. oh, the guy loses a ball and he's in heather. my father finds it, brings it back. this is the greatest son on my carriage, my carriage. this is like 19191617 my carriage will pick you up every day this summer. and when he graduated high
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school he came to my grandmother and said, i want to take your son with me. i own my own golf course in washington, d. c. and i also own a newspaper called the washington post. i will give him a job and he will be my caddy. his name was edward b mcclain's, y'all and the washington post got mixed up in the teapot dome scandal and lost it at auction to eugene buyer. katherine graham's father and my father worked at that post that that paper for 75 years. and by the time he was 21, he was the sports editor. god bless man, pulled himself up. but you know what? i think of these kids who are in the pacific theater and they must come back and say, listen, whatever you want to throw it, be workwise. sure, guys, trust me, brother. go right ahead because i've been in the valley of hell. right? he was, he was at both equal at okinawa, andy were gamma and he wanted to go cover the war so badly and they wouldn't
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because you get 3 kids at all. no 2 kids at all by that. and he also 3 kids. i think my sister was born and so he was older, he was in his late thirties and, and they didn't want him to go. and finally he went to the us to the war department and they fight because they read him every day. they let him go. he's, he's there, he's on a ship. he had jumped down and a tank kurt in his back and he was on a ship and it, and his cren ernie pyle now ask him. the great pulitzer prize winning war reporter says, surely, let's go to this little island. i think we're going to have a good story over there. there are some, there's some fighting going on and my father says they won't let me off the ship because i have a bad back. and the next day, ernie pyle is killed. i'm brave man in the cauldron as it were brought back then. and the great shirley povich, as i said, goes on the right for the po for 75 years. and i'm telling you when you can shut up
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. but jimmy reese, what he's hit and fun goes what he's in town and he was the baby. and then you know what were burned, then you have seen the whole, you've seen grad right there. yeah. yeah. i have, you know, i, i still remember i still remember when all the president's men came out after watergate and i was doing this local show which was a big show. and in washington, d. c. then called panorama was a very doozy kind of show. and so woodward comes on and, and, and he's, but i must, might have been the 1st person ever to say, bob, how do you, how do you and call write an entire book and have nothing but anonymous sources? how do you do that? and how do you expect people to believe you and of course, that, that entered into an argument forever. but, you know, i think he is a great reporter. yeah. i really do. they were,
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they were literally though they could have been more for a contract. if you said that, carl, what about deep start? linda lovelace is her exact margaret, actually, carl and, and connie, my wife went to the same high school together. wow. 6 separates and more. well, it's morris. linda was 23rd season syndication he gets on talk about beachheads. he gets on this one early because people are out there right now with podcast printed it, but i assume i hope brother, when you got into syndication back then you fill cats like that. yeah, i hope you have an executive producer like this, right. it's just yeah, i mean, yeah, i, i tell you what i did. i got smart, you know, in my a decade or something, whatever. i got smart because i took less money. if i could up my
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percentages in the digital social media. so, i mean that's what i did and, and you know, the show has been it's been very successful. i mean, i've gotten a lot of flack over the years. you know, every, every media critic in the world is kept saying, you know, i've exploited the whole thing that i do want to show and all that kind of stuff. and i, i hang my head on the fact that, hey, this is part of america. this is the way it is, the new york times at a survey 5 years ago and said that 10 percent of all kids in this country are with, with the wrong father. and so i said, ok, that kind of justifies what i do. listen more, all i know is the great society, although well intentioned moves in iran must be let's 65, let's say 50706535 around 55 years ago. and it's well intentioned, but the single parent rate in the inner city at that point is probably 2122 percent and it's flipped over the interim. you know, half a century. and at some point,
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you just got to say, listen, we got to start looking at heart issues. we got to stop mocking the proletariat. we have to figure out the whole police. what makes them tick and why swells? don't speak for them. so i love the speakers boxes for regular break and frank capra. folks, we'll talk more to maury, povich as the syndicated hit maury and it in it airs on weekdays. check your local listening, talk a little more golf with them. i think there's some big golf going up in montana today, and we'll talk to about his better 3 quarters. connie chung right after this. dennis miller plus one, the phone are $69.00. i've done
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a lot of them. i just saw up dollar a former isis fighters and now a boarding a philippine naval ship with this has been the $900.00 just aren't abdulla still don't know, watch waiting for them. and i was
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going to count down the next day as torn and historic day in monetary history. that would be august 15th, 1971. the day that then president richard nixon closed the gold window, basically defaulting on americans, obligations to great britain at the time. and since then we've had peer monetary chaos the know, what would you do me the good and by the in the can mother can while we're on by now i was and i know i should know moment the age for mon tesla deals on the one and then that will allow you to go for have
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an initiation and with much i don't know how you get off the so give me a shout and one on my my name is doug. hey folks. welcome back to dennis miller plus one, and we're joined by maury povich 23rd season. maury. yeah. more. i think that list that i used to be a liberal and then i became i wasn't certain enough from my guesswork to stay a liberal. but i do know that when they began to make fun of cats like james stockdale, when they began to be dismissive with anybody who wasn't in their area code with
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that over the head thing, i think no, no brother, some of this prove through should be over their head, this is all you're living in, you intellectual lives everyday life ad nauseum. there are people out there living it and to constantly disparage them is going to catch up to you eventually. and indeed, i look at the democrats now is the party of the swells. i like the oil boy. well, in a way it's, it's interesting. i've always looked upon politics because of my news upbringing because for the 1st 25 years of my life, in terms of media, i was work in the news, the news business. and i always look at took a pragmatic approach at it and my pragmatic but was, i'd rather be an observer. i want to see what's going on. i want to make some kind of story out of all of this. but at the same time i, i think because of all that, i became a pragmatist. i mean that's the way i'd been. everybody says who do you vote for?
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who do you vote for? i said, well, i'm both for republicans. i vote for both for people. i don't vote, i don't vote for ours indeed. i don't was so when i met mccain and i realized that he said no, i can't leave the hey, i know i held and listen. john and i disagree. a lot of things, but i remember thinking i oh, this kept my vote just because at some point they came in and said, is old man had a st. fact, let's get him out of here. and he said, i'm not even unless it goes out in order of who came in for. i thought, right, well i got a boat for that for present. you'll even need to give me the planks in the platform . i got a boat sure that. so i go both ways on this and i consider myself a pragmatist too. i'm glad to hear that commodity. it's just common sense. a lot of the stuff i think so. i mean i, you know, i think maybe that's i think more than anything else. politicians have lost that sense. that sense about my father just said you got to have
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a sense of values and to me being pragmatic, it's a pretty good sense of value. no more. do you still get after all these years? did the, the juice. i mean, i know you look great people probably saying what's more, somebody, i think you're in your early eighty's know, i know you know how to relax, i can see it behind you. but what do you think about it? you're still dig reaction. well, you know, i do because believe it or not, if you get into my show and people get into my show there, there for the storytelling. and i've always been a storyteller. i've, i've been a story teller since, you know, i was 22 years old and started in radio. that that's what i've done all my life. and so to me, each story is unique. there are unique qualities in every single story. everything is not the same. and so i still like it that way, but i'm also reading about 13 or 14 years ago, connie and i,
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we've been living at montana i'm part of the time where i'm from the last 24 years . we started a newspaper here and it's called the plat at beacon and sat up in the plat valley, montana. i. i did originally as a testimony to my father, my over the years it's become a, it's been every year the best weekly in montana website, montana, the best magazine in montana, and more than anything else. dennis, this is what i love. as a matter, your political stripe can re, single politician law apply that be can because it's honest air balanced and they live and they know it's being read and they come here up and i can spell my fish out all the time to talk to our reporters i don't know more as i got older . i was always on the hustle so much. i assume connie and you've been in the same
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business some degree. i found a nice one. i could finally turn the switch off and unwind for a while, and it looks like, maybe you got sherwood forest behind, you must be beautiful up. there it is. and we love it here. it's great for connie, because connie is writing our memoirs, and i'm telling you dennis is gonna be a good one. back. i know a lot of people are still in the business. what it, what are you going to say? but anyway, she loves to write up here, but it's going on for like 2 or 3 years. i hate to tell you this. i go to her every so often and i say kind have you gotten your family out of china? and yet, she says, let's list the, let it go correct. this is everywhere. everybody's afraid. got
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his parents from china. she has 4 sisters. they were all born in china and she was the only one who was born in america. and by the way, it's one of the reasons why it's gotta be a great book. her father, the late william john, john chi shak cia. wow. so he knew he knew where everybody was buried. well, listen, i can't wait for mom was because i think she was. 3 it must have been seventies and l a right? that was, that was a fertile p back that she was here, janelle, a that i just see a dentist by the way, dennison's, really good to see you all your profit marked by the way, i was pointed out to me when ours radio done or hook up went down for a 2nd, your enter your 24. so you got 23 under your belt. you know, i want to take it back to when you were in d. c. i look at the time you covered stuff there that you are privy to. you
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probably had sam marvin's home phone number for god. so it was, it was a great time during watergate. it surely was, and i was doing the show as panorama. and it's interesting because the hearings were and around noon when i came on the air and all of the senators like come on the show, it was the best. it was great. and everybody in the white house to the hill, to the federal agencies. everybody was watching the shows that we were right there . and by the way, during watergate, dentist, every wild newspaper reporter in the country was there breslin was there. 100 thompson was i had 100 thompson all one time. you would not come on the show unless i put a 6 pack underneath his chair. and believe it or not, this is live television. in that 15 minute segment, you never saw him drink a beer and he finished it and that 15, he was a prose pro. he was he was next. the next the jack is your
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mind on the bar stools? those guys do the pro, it's a lot gets job stack jack. your mom was on the show, all of that. look, i had guys like you can and he broke his virginity on my show, john mclaughlin broke his virginity on my ship. and by the way, even today, why william never was on television before he came on, my show will blitzer was never on. he was the washington correspondent for the jerusalem post used to come on my show all of them in. and now he's out there in that a buckler pose. i always think that what looks like you boats, commander in the conning tower and you got that on for read over. i don't want to tell you something. he looked that way. and then i, early 1980, you look the same way he did. you had that beard forever. you know, everybody thinks of that era with water gay, but also, you know, i recently,
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i used to read a lot of bottles. 8 red mark line stuff like that, but the kennedy assassination i recently saw documentary about it was so touch the jackie said she wouldn't take the outfit off on the way back. i want to remind them exactly. and i was there at andrews air force base and she came home and she was wearing that with the blood crusted pink out. it was unbelievable. more anyway, just real quickly. i got to kiss the ring on her to go on and have any sort of normal life after your drive and through daily plaza. and the love of your life was gone in an instant in her rhythmic way for her to raise kids get onto a thing and have a semi life where she could smile again. i always got to give her credit. she was the tough kennedy as it turns out. exactly. now, i'll tell you something else dennis, that you might appreciate. let me tell you else used to come on my show about the kennedy assessment. workstall used to come on my show all the time. and i used to
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go to more and more more it would come out. there's act and bring the entire kennedy commission all the 15 volumes and lay down there as he's doing his that. and he introduced me to mark lane. mark lane used to come on the show. mort, as you know, was different. yeah. well more spun down the bunny hall. i mean listen when you come out in a newspaper and a nice shell pack, a sweater and rico been do cheese hungry. i and you talk about the days, but that's cool. but what lenny started bringing his court transcripts and more got so we almost got jim garrison level into that assassination. it start for somebody that bright, it spirals in on itself. i think and that's morgan. he got, he got obsessed. you did. if you ever want to read a great book, the folks about somebody who had an epiphany of liberal politics. read mart solves heart lad because my man enlisted, he liked to run with the liberals. but at some point, he predicted everything that's happening right now,
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and he knew which direction it was coming from. well, listen, maury, povich is entering his 24th season of syndication on the show. maury and when i think about the rhythms of black hole field, i think about his i can hear his voice, i can hear his caden's. i can hear his rhythm. there's a reason why he stated the already almost invented them playing along with bill. we appreciate your time, maury, and say hi to connie and enjoy your time and sure. it's good to see you dennis. all right. ok. mari povich. dennis miller plush, one ah. oh the know when i would show the wrong. why don't just don't the rule out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves well,
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as is miracle of automation behind your screen is variable workforce. the scenes algorithm is for next to nothing on a very good day. i could do $5.00 now. a really bad day. i could do 10 years where it says removable by design. it's about labor costs, but it's also about creating layers of western responsibility between those who solicit the kind of work and need it, and those who do it. oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food. that is fatty and sugary and healthy and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific
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establishment, ah, what's driving the vehicle for them? it's corporate mm. the lumps of chemical waste and disseminated soil. in an exclusive interview with r t a greenpeace expert, explain the possible environmental impacts of the recent explosion at a chemical plant in germany. this did main question arises, isn't even acceptable to place this as it were told to can me a large settlements for french presidents or money? well macro. and soon as the creator of a billboard depicting him as hitler in charge of hypocrisy, given its previous, the defense of freedom of expression. australia has had enough of a legal migration with its interior minister vowing that the country will take matters into its own hands from the last in the.


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