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bask with the benefit of hindsight hated that paiute arthur goes on to say all history should be available in schools to everyone interested about everything, whether you like or new and finally or not authors. and he said that a special message to i'm this wife says amber, love it, your husband with creep on. so see all of us. then moving on to i show on cobra didn't vaccinations. gordon mckenzie says, when i was in school many years ago, we got vaccinated at school. i remember long lines of kids getting jobs one by one . there was no problem with the strategy back then. would it be a problem? no. linda said, great topic, alex for bringing up the sheer incompetence of the board is johnson. and lisa says, well, i for one will be continuing to wear my mosque. and finally, kevin says, we must finish up if only protections. now dr. chris smith of the nic and scientists platform has become a household name during the pandemic. no one better explains the behavior of this crew. no virus. dot chris smith. welcome back to the alley,
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simon treasure. christmas. we have a situation with high vaccinated countries, like israel in america. i'm bo vaccinating school children, certainly 2nd to school children. but the you can't face, it's not hard to explain this. well, we've waited a long time for the j. c, v. i the joint committee on vaccination and immunization to pronounce their verdict on this. and many a suspected they probably would say because al regulate the mh re, had endorsed and pronounced safe the use of axioms in 12 to 16 year olds. and we have other major jurisdictions like the u. s. of the european countries like france and other countries elsewhere in the world, like israel, as you say, that have gone down the path of saying these are scenes a safe and we're going to use them and they are indeed using them in young people. so we assume that we would probably follow suit. and the argument in favor of doing
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that is that if you've got a population and you want to vaccinate as many people as possible, this will translate into a reduction and spread the virus, especially in the new school year. in the autumn, when we know that everything becomes much more common in the autumn, because that's when seasonal infections tend to surge, and there will be no comb repercussions of that. the j. c, the i, on the other hand have said they're not going to support that course of action. and they cite those as one reason for that. in their cost benefit analysis. the low risk of some side effects, out of nearly 200000000 doses of the 5, the vaccine which has been approved for this age group being given and the medulla vaccine works the same way. there's a couple of 100 cases of a maya called itis, and inflammation in the heart. well, that puts the frequency about side effects, about one in a 1000000. that though is about the same as the risk of you getting severe dose of corona vars to feel that age. so you can see why there's
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a tension for them. protecting young people from something with a risk profile that sorts of the same frequency as the side effects of the vaccine . but the wider protection isn't being taken into account. so i think it's a difficult decision. i can see why they've made it, but i would personally have supported encouraging. anyone is 12 enough getting a job because i think it will contribute to our ability long term to control the virus. so you can see why professor adam fell in love the g c b. i would say that the risk to children is vanishingly small, but it's less easy. explain about the risk of infect timothy across the population, given that the j. c. vi is recommending the jags be given to children who have a phone, little adult in the household. how to explain that contradiction was speaking to the baby say on saturday. adam famous was asked about the rationale behind doing this. and he made precisely the point that the statistics show you're about as
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likely to be hit by lightening as you all to get a severe dose of covert if your child children also tend to spread karone of ours a bit less well, but not 0 than older people and they do not suffer from severe side effects of crone of ours, but what they could do is, of course take the infection home and introduce it through the household unit to other more vulnerable people. and at the same time, remember that we have seen encouragement of use of the vaccines in vulnerable children. so we all going to be vaccines and children who judge to be particularly vulnerable. we're just not vaccinating children or mass at the moment. but in the last few weeks, i haven't received an indication that the school's out of act of infection, i mean scottish effect of effect timothy rate was higher than england's the scot. his school for the holidays of abilene language gloat if 3 or 4 weeks ago. and suddenly the scottish rate drops below england has to be in the study to look at the comparison in scottish langley schools to establish whether it's true. i'm not
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sure whether anyone's there specifically, whether there is a relationship between the school year in scotland versus in england and cases of current of ours. but certainly we have looked for decades in a previous decade. the issue of whether the school year drives searches in seasonal infections. and it absolutely does mean there's a really good body of research that shows that children going to school mixing at school. it's a joint crucible for infections. we know that the school year is a potent driver and that is actually why the u. k. government have said, well, we're going to have freedom day when we're going to have freedom day because it will overlap strongly with when schools are on. and that would be supported by the fact that last week, a 1000000 school children in england were off or paying off for self isolated because of classmates. they are teachers who had been dead 5 corona 5. if the schools were a vector for the fax and high went to a 1000000 children back at home last week. well, i think
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a 1000000 workers are also back at home this week all day. and we've got to companies like felix dogs saying organizations like felix, i dog saying that they're almost on the cost of not being able to operate. we've got certain other operators sort of said we're just going to have to shut up shop at the moment because we do not have enough staff to run our business safely or effectively. this is being double the paying demick for all just to understands the behavior of viruses and protect the support and highly infectious new strain of corona virus. what was your passionately, actually when you, you saw the scenes of rebels in nightclubs celebrating freedom day and, or going down the pam's in pleasure, boats last week, but i had them so passionate with them. you looked at that was the single m that's going on. well, it's a pressure relief valve, isn't it? and this is telling us that there's a lot of pressure in the boiler is a considerable head of steam. and young people feel that they've been robbed,
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not of one, but 2 summers almost now. and they're desperate to get back to some semblance of normality that said, i hope that people will remain responsible and accept. we're not out of the woods as we keep being told by politicians. it hasn't gone away. we have got lots of cases, but what i find reassuring is that the cases are currently cropping up in younger people, and chiefly in unvaccinated people. and that means that if we carry on the way we're going, which is to have a strong push towards vaccinating everybody, then we have a fair chance of actually really suppressing down numbers so that it remains manageable. we will accept that of ours is not going to go away. it will become endemic, it will continue to circulate. but what we need to do is to convert it from what could be a lethal infection for some into a fairly trivial infection, for everyone to national precedent for a come to have a partially vaccinated population. a opening up restrictions into the,
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the people for a pandemic. i don't think so, which is why we're being described as a unique experiment by a number of commentators, even the w h. i have said that this is a dubious state of affairs that if we don't use the advance just being handed to us at the present time, which is a very heavily vaccinated obit with some way to go adult population. the summer, the end of the school year, people going away on holiday, so few people in the workplace on public transport and so on. then we're coinciding with a drop in pressure on the an h s. anyway, this gives us a window of opportunity. if we don't move now and try this, then we are absolutely committed to not doing this until at least next spring. often we've come to believe that the virus behavior, as they become more infectious, they become less potent unless deadly. is that still a hope and expectation of this corona virus? alternatively,
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i'm going to get ever more threatening. i'm more potent deviant strains of the virus. well, the reason we've got a problem with this delta veteran is more infectious. it can so mount preexisting immunity and it can amount preexisting immunity conferred by vaccination. so you've got something that spreads better, and it get through previous preexisting defenses. which means that if you're a vulnerable person, it doesn't have to be a nasty virus. it's just the mere fact that it's infected you. that means if you get lots of infections, you'll still get people who have consequences of those infections. so the big level, at least until you get enough people who are sufficiently immune in the population that they become less vulnerable to that effect. so really, we don't know at the moment you never say never medicine because if you do, you will be caught out. so dot smith, one thing people are referring to because of the conditions of social restrictions and long bones, other via this is not just kind of a virus of, of,
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obviously been suppress. can we not expect an up? so just some of our more familiar viruses to also flat in the 1st coming optimal winter. where are the thing that happening? and we have already seen that happen in some other countries. those are the usual seasonal suspects. forces like all rest of the spirit trees in cities. bars bars is like power, influenza, power, flu. they are already causing a problem in some places and in significant amounts. and there are several reasons for that. one coming back because people are mixing more and these viruses transmit through close personal contact. so you tend to see more cases as you is locked down there and they make infections. the other worry is that with time of not being exposed to these things, people will have lost some of their immunity to them, certainly among older people. and there is therefore a theoretical risk because of that slippage and me response. some of them may come back and produce more profound, more significant illness, particularly this winter. and people are particularly concerned about the flu,
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either this year or in for the coming years. because i flew completely gone off our radar. we have seen so few cases that it's much harder to track how the bars is changing, what is doing, what is actually going to re materialize us. and therefore, whether the vaccines are going to be effective against it is more of an unknown. and at the same time, people are losing their immunity. so therefore there is potentially the threat of a big flu season, which is why governments, in many, many countries are really pushing flu vaccination. and they've brought down the age at which some, in some countries, the paper being fax nights against the flu. as a safeguard against that, dr. chris smith. thank you so much for joining me again. i'm the examine show coming up after the break, alex introduce professor hattie barnes will see you then the
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when i would show the wrong, when old rule, just don't hold the rules. yes, to see out the thing because the aptitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart and we choose to look for common ground from germany, where a long steady find that the the biomass of fly inside the weights of flying insects fell by 76 percent in the last 26 years. so it's just becoming much, much less common, which means all the jobs that they do are not being done anymore. and that that is the real danger. and that's what's going to impact on
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in my phone. i 69. i don't, i just saw up dollar a former isis fighters and now voting a philippine naval ship with john $900.00. jeff, aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them? can i get a hold of me
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right now. there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's possible to sell food that is fancy and sugary, and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change that obesity epidemic. that industry has in influencing very deeply the medical and scientific establishment. ah, what's driving the vehicle, its corporate. me welcome back, professor sir, have you barnes is both a president of the british medical association and a world leaving public health expert. how to welcome back to the alex simon show, and cute creature. this advice from last week from the g c, b,
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i this long awaited advice saying don't vaccinate the the school because how do you explain that when countries like america highly vaccinated come to? so saying vaccinate the school kids well, what's going on? i'm not entirely clear what the basis of the g c, b i ice law. and i know certainly howard some reports, all the younger kids in some of these countries and becoming yo will know whether or not i need to know there was enough my colleagues from abroad and said there was a concern about it about that they were entirely 100 percent comfortable with bikes and 80 young's young children. if we could be sure of the safety, then obviously it would make a lot change to actually the big problems school really difficult to socially
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difficult to ventilate an older buildings and so on and much waiting maybe not so good for younger children. it would be bad for transmitting virus from one child to another. and the child came back home on the page they become infected or maybe the grandparents and so on. so it would be good to do it, but we should only do it when j. c. b, i is absolutely sure of the safety on that because the last thing you want to damage a child who might be a little risk for gauging violence and then we but if lee committee felt the vice seamless unsafe for children, then why would they be advising it for killed must have the conditions and indeed for children, we have the adults at home and particularly vulnerable to the virus. so why it
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would be advisable for some children and others if it was felt to be unsafe. i could only imagine that irish benefit choice or making if the risk is greater, then you know the benefit is greater than age at the moment. i think it may be that some of the kids about children haven't been exposed, turn off a lot to buy and therefore they're not sure they can see with certain page that the risk they small. so i think it's safe. i haven't seen data on complications of just canada, anecdotally about children who have had some and some complications but they really have to get the data and shot that out to get cracking because
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we're only 3 weeks away. and from scott skills going back, you know, a time table that constantly. right. and i think me, well know, bit more about what things are happening in the next week. but in the absence of vaccinating, let's say the 2nd, the, the school children and teachers still some if some of the other measure the parents can take to make the children say for the going to school and turn on vaccinated environment. well, since regular testing of pupils and teachers and so on might work, but that you know that, that, that's a hard hard policy implement. you don't know if people are casting properly age lateral. it's more cash are not entirely accurate and so on. and i think that the teachers need to be right in
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h it, the older pupils need to be right to an agent. and we need to see what is happening to younger children. and let j. c d i to show you like sedation or down the trains . i absolutely. if i know i should aging, that kid is a hard decision. but i don't see any reason then safety not to do it. to be honest. and you know, i'm somebody somewhere must be asking questions about the safety of the vi are seeing you would do it yet, then he can answer the question. so my next thing and these kinds of things are the things that we have to rely on moment while we get the details on
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the safety of the vaccine for younger children. but for public health perspective, i mean over the last few weeks, i mean i went to the england, scotland game, wembley, 2 weeks ago and it was 12000 fans and it was all got to be double tested before you go. and the whole thing was conductive. of impeccable rigor, but 2 weeks later the 60000 and waiting for the final the, the 50000 a day and the open golf is 140000, the grown pre leased, sort of things just asking for trouble clinic actually are. and you know, a lot of these things change and being treated better with being in change, particularly sunny to violence seems to have a depressing say on the virus. but what you really want me to be in the nice cost of that. i mean, not,
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not, i could use a stronger work, but from a public health perspective. what would you assess? what former colleagues have been doing both north and south of the board of never come to, to the united kingdom. how would you basically assess the performance of the government on public health? is it, is it a minus others that somebody may have gamma well and more coming as far as things, but it does. and you and i both know that professional advisors are they are tied to biased publications. and i was very fortunate during this with me because the professional politicians listened to the right thing. and i think by and large that's what happened. they came in scotland, i get the sense that changed things happening in wales and island. i'm not so sure
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about too much of it. but there is a discomfort in my medical colleagues that they've been working really, really hard for 18 months. that listing restrictions don't. there's going to return a search and the u. k. government hasn't, i see, listen to what they're being told by the medical profession particularly. and the other thing is that a lot of my medical colleagues are worried about what, what's happening to people with cancer and aren't really sure if we need other treatment. if the banks are getting full again and, and not delay treatment for other things, potentially curable or modifiable, and people are going to suffer,
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show suppressing mesh as much as we can as soon as we can. it's important. and i absolutely recognize the sort of absolutely notion pissy was the idea that option or when it came to saying where everyone run riot and spread divide. you're not damaging a very finally highly. they are going to see the imagine some for some of a familiar old enemies who have been suppressed by the lot. the next set of the, the, the flu of the and the range of other viruses is i can send to you on a tablet of li will the better of public health habits. some of us have picked up and will continue with will not help us in the long term against these more familiar falls. don't last feet. of course, we shall hardly any. because the way in which you should press the energy wear masks and users. you wash your hands on
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a good way of dealing with biases generally. so i mean, it wouldn't surprise me if corona virus became the new flu and not people actually to the severity of the crew. the virus will be less will and, and the 1918 demi literally hundreds of millions of people around the world. either lou lou began to produce different types which were less serious and so on. and that's what we live with every winter. and it might be that corona irish falls into the same potter. we get right to name it therefore comes last year. and every year we get this star shock and depended restraint. corona vitus leaching. and we'd like to know what's been planned for this year and that
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absolutely correct was hot buttons that fairly optimistic look at the future, which we all hope will come to pass. thank you very much indeed for, for joining me once again, malik silence you treasure to vaccinate or not to vaccinate order school children. that is the question that this is the decision to define a decision had provoke consternation among some experts in terms of the vaccine safety. they point to the strong advice from other vacantly, to authorities, in terms of public health. they points to the evidence of skills as a key vector of infection and the unknown impact of long corporate amongst children, even following a mild, initial infection. most disturbing. it's a thought that score schools that are trading within weeks. i learned one month before the english counterparts, that means children will be returning to a largely unvaccinated environment, which in turn suggests higher rates of infection in the population and continued
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destruction of the school time people. none of these are easy decisions to make, but to govern is to choose the fall of a decision until after this quarter. second to schools are bike seems the worst of all options. a non decision carpet, perhaps at the expense of children and their families. but for now, from alex myself and all the show is good bye stacy's. i hope to see you all again next week. ah me soon? ah.
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better i got my own storage at the federal reserve shirt. so there you go back. oh, heck, no. what came well look at the rest, the 7 years. so what kind of report the media, a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? relation for community you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? direct? what is truth? what is in a world corrupted,
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you need to this end. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah oh right now. there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. is profitable to sell food. that is fatty and sugary and pulpy. and addicted, not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific advancement. ah, so what's driving the reasons for them? if it's corporate, me or
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my phone i $69.00, i don't i just saw up dollar a former isis fighters and now boarding a philippine naval ship with the john $900.00. jeff, aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them to do? can i get a hold of me?
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i need the lumps of chemical waste and contaminated soil. exclusive interview with r t a greenpeace experts explains the possible environmental impact of the recent explosion of the chemical plant in germany. understand the main question arises, isn't even acceptable to place this as it were. powder keg, me a large settlement. french president, tomato microns to the creator of billboard, depicting him as left charges of hypocrisy given if you don't defend for freedom of expression, austria has had enough of a legal migration with its interior minister vowing the country will.


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