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tv   News  RT  July 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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and those who do it the the, the, the, the, it's always felt the headlights are on our fee and love of chemical waste uncontaminated soil. in an exclusive interview with our t agreed peace expert explaining the possible environmental impact over the recent chemical plant explosion in germany. is the main question arises, is an acceptable to place this as it were, a powder keg? me a large settlement for the french president manual, a macro and sous the creator of a billboard depicting him as hitler is prompting charges of hope for you though given its previous storm defense of the freedom of expression. also, austria has had enough of illegal migration with its interior minister vowing the
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country will have to take matters into its own hands off the last thing, the e u. for failing to act, we speak to austria as former foreign minister. once we have over the last that came to somehow try to take a common approach when it comes to my question. nothing has, ah, are just moments after midnight here at moscow. this is asi, international i received with your latest top story. so 5 people are confirmed dead and to still missing this off to the explosion of the chemical plant in germany on tuesday, the green piece is now sounding the alarm over the incident. locals are coming across the lumps of, excuse me, that of chemical waste is formed from the soot created by the smoke that was ultimately released. you like us to nation is very difficult from
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a chemical point of view. it is really possible to imagine a huge catastrophe. we haven't planned for the insinuation of hazardous waste that is precisely those substances that for obvious reasons should not enter the environment. they're collected and burned, and it is such a plant that has no suffered in explosion. it was these substances which should not be in the environment that reacted with each other, burned up and spread in these clouds of gases throughout the region. and we know that the inhabitants did not know what they might be exposed to the explosion of the subsequent fire receive incineration plan just behind me, residents were initially told to remain inside. keep that windows and doors closed . a tentative all clear was given following tests that were carried out by the state and federal environmental protection services. those tests would be looking at the quality of the the soil as well as looking at re, was set that fallen from cloud. so to feed in contact with the huge plume of smoke,
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the enemy emanated from the facility just behind me say they've reported so far, no elevated levels of pollution. but authorities have also said that they're pretty sure the talks were released into the atmosphere following the fire and explosion. now we have seen a lot of messages being given out to people in the local area, warning them not to eat anything that's being grown in their gardens, in the nearby area. also telling people not to allow children to use playgrounds. don't sit in garden furniture or anybody that has a swimming pool in their garden not to use either. there's also being warnings about making sure that you take off footwear, outside of your home, if you're in one of the areas with london. now, despite these warnings being given out, activists of told off the, the well, number of people still unsure what they should be doing. uncertainty to rein people wrote to me asking whether they can go out in the gardens and
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whether we will take more samples. and this worries me, most of all the people remain the dog, and this is not only the fault of the enterprise. after all, the main problem is that no one knows what substances have reacted and what actually happened. and here the main question arises, isn't of an acceptable to place this as it were? powder tags, near large settlements. on friday, we are expecting the authority to release more information regarding potential long term implications from this disaster that took place on tuesday. what we know from activist is that there's a lot of concern that this could have a long term effect on the area. now the most important thing is of course, transparency in terms of chemistry, no one can say what was burned there. but now we need to find out what is there, and once that is clear, we can take appropriate protective measures. life has pretty much returned to normal in labor cruise, and i'm the surrounding area. we've had condolences being offered to the families
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of those that died as well as praise for emergency services and rescue as he were on the scene so quickly. but a lot of people looking towards that information we're expecting to here on friday, about long term effects. that could be that this is the most densely populated area of germany. a lot of people living in the near by surrounding not just of labor crews and but also cities like cologne in the why the area of north run with folly . a french president of manuel macaroni is taking legal action against the owner of billboards. that depicts him as at all hitler of the mind behind the offending image. he says, he's been summoned to appear, it is local police station. but he also accuses micron of hypocrisy in macros. land making fun of the prophets rear is satire, but to make fun of the president as a dictator is blasphemy, time and time again during his presidency emanuel my court has defended freedom of
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expression, he, in from the bliss to me. there is also in france, the freedom to bless fim, which is attached to the freedom of conscience from where a stand. i'm here to protect all these freedoms. so it's not up to me to qualify the choices of journalists. i can only say that in france, we can criticize governments, presidents to be blasphemous, etc. it was to be french's to defend the right to make people laugh. the freedom to mock, to ridicule, to caricature which will tear claimed was the source of all the others. when he gets you will not give up caricatures drawings, even the father's retreat that presume is also enshrined in the declaration of the rights of man and all the citizen. so does have limits whether or not they extend to the same billboard. depicting corn as hitler is another matter. it was erected as part of protection against the cooper team,
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restrictions in placing problems, but it picked his anger so much. so he's now steering its creator. misha owens, feel the who defends the billboard, says it's not necessarily a comparison with the not the leader. you see hitler, but you can see stolen, or i can see charlie chaplin in the dictator. now, when satirical magazine surely re publish controversial cartoons over them was a profit lofty michael and defended, it's right to do so. that fresh publication, those sparked off its own chain reaction leading finely to the heading of a sheet. so by taking out billboard, is it the case to call and having double found the only poultry and my story from a crime? no. because when it comes to making caricatures of our prophet, muhammad does not pose a problem for anyone. and when it concerns him, it poses
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a problem. so it's a case of double standards and that's wrong. well, that's good if i'm, if you should look, he'd be it for charlie, a defense, freedom expression plan for mandatory vaccinations and health policies have triggered to protests in france. now some demonstrators come head the country to dictate to ship, but it seems that my cool, it's these billboards which all of simply love to. so how do people have feel about this comparison is not cool, right? to take action or should have to take at least 5 book and accept such caricatures, the part and parcel of being the head of faith. once yes, he was upset because it concerns him personally when it concerns millions of muslims who are french work and who pay their taxes. then there is no one to defend
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them for. i understand that he feels offended because he doesn't have a great image. so ben, compared to him is obviously not very pleasant. yes, there is freedom of expression, but i think this goes a bit far. okay, the way to stop us because you should put some stuff together because it's jessica, sure, the guy just wants to make fun of him. the truancy la fell him bite flat. admittedly, it's understandable that he's not flattered, but it should take it on the chin being a public political figure. what does he expect? i think he has bigger fish to fry. yeah, but it's still the 1st time it's an image has been published, showing that comb with a likeness to head to back in 2018 the french daily and youth. this is the cover photo on it weekly magazine, so that they provoke sharp criticism at the time, the paper said that it was intended to do that and all was hunky dory. and while citizens in france enjoyed the right to insult the president, mack cool,
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just as an would really fits in. it's protected him so from insult on public defamation. now it's a billboard. so you see of such he couldn't spend up to a new imprison as well as being stuck with a fine of up to 45000 euros, but perhaps by suing the billboards, create a macro, and he's actually being counter productive here in the fact that he is warring even more attention to it. so let me be ski r t paris. earlier in the program, i spoke with a yes and he no human rights and civil liberties activist, he says, are the french elite, operate with double status? we saw him going to court instead of in the morning raising surely a bill for they are cartoons and in the afternoon the afternoon, scalding shops about we know a french drug needs to for doing his job as a journalist. and now we see at this reaction for monday, but of course,
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so not it is beyond standards in front, it has never been about freedom of expression for a fair because freedom of expression would be universal to everyone. it is only above protecting the privilege of expression of the indian, which means as long as you are on the dominant side, you can nick when everybody asked for the blog the, you know, the, the arab moose, the more the women, etc. but once you mix the and of the fall where he plays the presidential cell, now you are facing prosecution. yes, he has a right to argue with us, afraid that he's so he should be the person who guarantee that everybody has the right expression. he's a president, he should be above the and other european union state has lost his patience over the question of illegal migration. the austrian government blasted the european commission for doing nothing to stop the influx of illegal migrants. its interior minister says austria is now has basically has no choice. it has to take matters into its own hands, although it will be looking for allies on that front. there is no support from the
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e u commission who spends time debating about refugee distribution issues. it makes no sense to give people smuggling thousands of euros. the e u commission does not act. that's why we act ourselves. the author and government has already opened discussions on border security with neighbors hungry and the czech republic. these also want to see strict border controls, austria in the meantime, as reinforced as eastern frontier by adding an extra $400.00 soldiers. and the former austria and the minister of foreign affairs carrying can i sold, told us why the use approach to illegal migration is a failure. what we have seen over the last that case and actually it started in 9095 to somehow try to take a common approach when it comes to my creation. nothing has worked. we are in a big stay made off of a lot of unilateral measures taken and it will lead to more
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confusion and it will lead to the non implementation of international creek is what we see that each and every member is somehow condemned to have laid on its own maximum by and try to dry natural action. but the common european migration at chanda is not their maximum bring back people to turkey, bringing them back to afghanistan and all in both cases. it doesn't really work for people at that and doesn't have been hospitalized with burns. as wildfires find by strong winds, weak devastation across southern turkey, one coastal town and 18 nearby villages and districts of all evacuated hotels in the region of doing the same thing. the focus precedence spokesperson is called the
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situation a national disaster, a russian plains, as we understand, are assisting and putting out the fires. one local journalist filed this report for us having my location today at 6 hours ago. there were a big part in the back. you can see notice grooming and the location hold each miller. so then the smoke cover all their own and they start every people were in the nearby because the people here really stressed about the info to tricia and be able to do that. they've got to pick the controls. let them also become here on the channel. the taliban has kabul and its sites knocking out the power grid and leaving the ask on capitol in the dog. will have a local report after the break the
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ah, with me ah ah ah,
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from germany where a long study finds that the, the biomass of fly in the weights of flying infect, spell my 76 percent in the last 26 years. so instead of just becoming much, much less common, which means all the jobs that they do are not being done anymore, and that that is the real danger. and that's going to impact on ah, it is good to be with us for this program. the new report has alleged that they us backed collective of musicians and artists. this sewing the seeds of descent in cuba, in an effort to destabilize its own government. the group in question is called a son, a seat or a movement. it comprises cuba and wrappers are rock musicians, artists, and john list that the u. s. has allegedly spend millions of dollars grooming to gain sway among cuba. marginalized youth,
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many of its members have spoken out in support of american sanctions. the former us president donald trump and even military intervention in cuba itself. well, let's get more on this now. across life to the author of the investigation editor in chief of the graves and macs blumenthal joining us here on our team. the national great to see you today. what struck you most when you were conducting this investigation? well, what amazed me aside from the fact that the wall street journal in rolling stone have credited this group of artists and performers with providing in their words the catalyst for the day of protests we saw in cuba. was that the national endowment for democracy in arm of the u. s. government, that bank roles regime change operations abroad by funding dissidence, opposition media, and n g o is actually laid out in explicit strategy in 2009 to weaponized. marginalized and di, socialize youth according to the,
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in the words of the authors of this paper against cuba, as government, and to use culture. rock music, hip hop performance art as vehicles to mobilize them for protest, activity, and descent. and that very same year, usa id, another arm of the u. s. government, which is an intelligence right in many cases began approaching to anti government hip hop wrappers in cuba. promoting them and even creating social media platforms to promote their anti government lyrics. and this is a program that has continued today and culminated with the rise of the senate c dro movement. and this anthem part 3 e veto, which has become the slogan of the anti government anti communist cuban protest. what's really interesting, this investigation that you've been in charge of here back so fascinating, frankly, to have to hear all these different members of society, different levels of society allegedly receiving funding from washington to,
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to sow seeds of discontent. perhaps i wanted to ask you because there appear to be a thor in u. s. cuba relations under obama. i mean, it was at all just a bit of a smoke screen and was there even a genuine effort to improve ties, knowing what you know now? why i think the obama administration is working at cross purposes and elements within the administration saw the opening as an opportunity to format descent through internet expansion. you saw an immediate creation of this ecosystem, an echo chamber of anti communist anti government insurrection, as media like 80 in cuba, which is funded to the tune of half a 1000000 dollars last year by usa id and has called for miguel diaz can now the cuban president, to be tried for genocide, which makes heroes out of all the u. s. funded dissidence. and you have the san as seizure movement with its various figures receiving support directly through the u
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. s. embassy in cuba and making no secret about it. and conducting provocative performance art pieces, for example, giving american large american flags to impoverished youth in old havana to run down the street and antagonize the police and create social friction. these are the kind of activities that have been going on for about a year or 2. they've become heroes in the international press. and one thing that the western or the north american media refuses to report besides the fact that they are being supported through these regime change entities in the right wing beliefs of these figures. the authors of the song pop 3, v to the anthem of these protests have called for the u. s. to impose a naval blockade and not allow any food into cuba. they have gone to the u parliament to call for european sanctions on cuba. they have gone to the organization of american states to call for a crackdown on cuba as government. and of course,
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they've met with state department officials openly over the past year. so the connections could not be more clear when you talk about the connections max. so wanted to ask you, this might be a bit of a cynical question, but is it possible that the sun is see through a movement once genuine change, or are they just in it for the money? because there must be quite a lot of dollars flowing in for this. well, absolutely. i mean you look at the members of it who have gone into exile like the rapper, you know, to l from the group. or he shows who is probably the most famous member or affiliate of this group. and he's become a multi millionaire in spain while he calls for sanctions in an intensification of the blockade. in an e u parliament event hosted by the father of venezuelan crew leader. leopold lopez it's clear what's taking place, but it's not just about money. many of these figures genuinely hate the government and what they've succeeded in doing is re framing protests and discontent against
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the conditions of this ongoing blockade into a protest that is political directed against the socialists system. and one that can be framed in the minds of americans as a protest or freedom. and for progressives in north america, it's particularly insidious because they see these artists as just comrades and who are, who are simply fighting for artistic freedom. when in fact, what they want is regime change and a destabilization of cuban society max. i wanted to just jump in quickly. you mentioned venezuela a few moments ago the u. s. employing similar tactics and venezuela. of course the us open the back and recognize one gladto. it was only a few months ago, the e you came out and said we no longer recognize one quite though but, but any surprise to you with something potentially similar and venezuela? well, there's nothing there. there's nothing surprising about this except the, at the intense interest in the you among the us intelligence fronts
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like usa id now run by samantha power in weapon ising. a group that will soon become the demographic majority in cuba, which has suffered enormously under the blockade. and that's afro cubans, and they spelled us out explicitly in their documents. and that's why hip hop is becoming a vehicle that the u. s. likes to use it budgeted $110000.00 for a hip hop, n g o in columbia to go and train hip hop artists in cuba to become quote unquote democratic leaders. and so what we see is the u. s. actually exploiting and trying to create racial divisions in cuban society. in fact, doing what many liberals and democrats in the united states accused russia of doing with no evidence with black lives matter. that's actually the operational program in cuba right now. in order to paint this state that has been racially progressive,
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which has given asylum to black american dissidence, which fought apartheid south africa to paint it as racially regressive, and even structurally races. fascinating investigation. and indeed, in a fascinating conversation to max blumenthal editor in chief of the grades on, thank you very much. i appreciate it. thanks a lot. can forces have managed to arrest back control of a key northern district from the taliban? there, treating militants left behind a trail of deliberate destruction. locals described to us some other damage inflicted on their homes and neighborhoods. my and they planted mines here and over there, the attached large amounts of explosive and blew up all the buildings around here. and i'm moving into it as you can see, the taliban stole all our things, even the windows and the doors. they took away all the usable materials and left behind only destruction. while the taliban conquered large areas of the bulk
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province, that includes the district of cow law. here in the north. the fact that was already a month ago the terror group has been ascendant, taking more territory in the last 2 months than in the last 2 decades. and now has a dominant presence in the north far over the northeastern, as well as some of the central regions of the country. we understand the taliban is also closing in on key cities including conduce an kandahar. now the recent taliban advances are deeply worse than the humanitarian situations. according to the un refugee agency, around 270000 afghans, they been forced to flee this year. citizens are trying to find shelter in pakistan as beckett on, on the cheapest, on as well. now they have been repeated attacks on power transmission towers in the capital couple. the most recent took place several days ago. a huge blackout came after it. in fact, there was still districts in the capital that without power earlier because it on the ground account from local journalists, fill out why. what
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a much of cobble cell does not have the regular power that is, should have. this is because of the regular fighting on the highway in northern i find the sun from where these power loans and infrastructures comments important electricity from the sun and his back sun. but we've also seen deliberate attacks, away explosives have been placed, and these power towers continue to be blown up. the countries power provider, the national power provider, it's trying to do its best. it's even lost its workers, as they have tried to restore power. but it's just not power, it's either the infrastructure, buildings, bridges, or church schools clinics. they've all been targeted. so i want to science infrastructure continues to be under constant attacks as we have seen, very, very high levels of violence,
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where fighting is now in and around. major provincial capitals as well as district centers are under attack, especially in northern afghanistan. the escalation in afghanistan comes and the withdrawal of us troops just a few weeks ago, american soldiers left washington's largest off gun air base, which has been operating bad well for the last 20 years. now ortiz, on our boy could discuss the situation in afghanistan with the countries 4 month president habit cause i, you can watch the discussion in full on sunday for now. there were a quick preview. the taliban? correct me if i'm mistaken. but i think ever since it emerged in the midnight tonight, is your views on what that movements represents and whether it's good or not for your country have changed. what do you think about them now? i rose against them. when they would empower because i saw them violating the rights of the afghan people. but when my government came, when the republican i give them a positive do, according and to many of the winter,
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settled down in their homes and begun a peaceful life. then suddenly the united states and some of the local elements begun to attack the color on homes and tide credit and forced them to feed the country. it was this violence committed against the african people in the name of fighting the taliban. that led me to calling the taliban and our brothers because they belong to our country. they are our countrymen. do you think they will graham the same amount of tolerance? they will not to they will not. they will not get people or giving them an opportunity to receive peace when the african people call for peace. this means and paternity to co exist and to allow the country to progress if they don't allow that . and if they continue to, to, to seek their own domination of count on the way they think of it that will give
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rise to a nation uprising without a doubt. and i'll be one of those people. russia still lists the taliban as a terrorist organization. and for the record, it's the world's deadliest terror group with, i think almost $5000.00 deaths attributed to it in 2019 that's 3 times more than die in the same year. do you think any law abiding country should be talking to terrorist all labeling? any group as tara is given how politically charged that's more than the tyler bond being listed as the terrorist by the united nation is the cause because of their action. of course, i mean you have to, everybody is try is trying to talk to them. there is no alternative because there are no alternatives things when drunk, things went wrong and, and the they began to re emerge and part of the population went with them to answer does not continue to fight the answers to find the solution and bring the solution
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. and that is what russia has done and we appreciate it and we wanted to continued in fullest. so yes, talk to them. there are some p is no other alternative. and you can watch that discussion in full on sunday here on our t international for the meantime. though we're back soon with more of your worldwide that the in the wake of the 2nd high level meeting, where does the fraught china us relationship stand? the 1st meeting in anchorage, alaska was an embarrassing failure for secretary of state blinking at the 2nd meeting. the chinese presented the americans with a set of demands. it would seem to stay just set for real negotiation and not just the at the roof. the.


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