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tv   News  RT  July 29, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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the the the, the, the, the top stories they saw here on our tea, lumps of chemical waste, uncontaminated soil in an exclusive interview with our see a green piece x, but explains the possible environmental impact of the recent explosion that a chemical plant in germany is the main question arises, it's an acceptable to place this as it were, how the tag me a lot of settlements for the french president and manual macro, and soon as the creator of a billboard depicting him as hitler is counting charges of hypocrisy, given his previous storm should have presence of the freedom of expression. austria has had enough of a legal migration with its interior minister vowing that the country will have to
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take matters into its own hands off the blasting, the e u for failing to act on the program. we speak to the countries former foreign minister. what we have seen over the last that case, to somehow try to take a common approach when it comes to my creation. nothing has worked ah moment up to 10 pm here in moscow in a very welcome to you from all of us here at the international. i'm real research. now 5 people are confirmed dead and 2 are still missing after an explosion of a chemical plant in germany. on tuesday, a greenpeace is now sounding the alarm over. the incident with locals coming across lumps of chemical waste, formed from suit created by the smoke that was released. how do you like us to be sent to nations very difficult from mechanical point of view. it is really possible
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. imagine the huge catastrophe. we have a plan for the incineration of hazardous waste. that is precisely those substances that, for this reason should not tend to the environment the collections in burned. and this is such a plans that had now suffered an explosion. it was the substances which should not be in the environment. the 3 axes, with each other, burned up and present these clouds of gases throughout the region. and we know that the inhabitants did not know what they might be exposed to it for what are, let's get more of this right now. here with the national crossing live to our correspondent peter, all of the seen peter. good to see you. how are things looking now that is the incident fill pose a danger? i guess there are fears that the toxins could be in a water supply. it could be into people's vegetable gardens too well after the explosion of the subsequent fire receive incineration plans just behind me, residents were initially told to remain inside. keep that windows and doors closed
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. a tentative all clear was given following tests that were carried out by the state and federal environmental protection services. those tests to be looking at the quality of the, the soil as well as looking at re, was set that fallen from cloud sort of been in contact with the huge plume of smoke . the enemy emanated from the facility just behind me. now, while i say the tentative all clear has been given there still carrying out a number of tests and continue to do so. since tuesday, they've reported so far, no elevated levels of pollution. but authorities have also said that they're pretty sure the talks were released into the atmosphere following this fire and explosion . now we have seen a lot of messages being given out to people in the local area, warning them not to say anything that's being grown in their gardens in the, the nearby area. also telling people not to allow children to use a grounds don't fit in garden furniture or anybody that has
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a swimming pool in there by god. not to use that either. there's also being warnings about making sure that you take off footwear, outside of your home. if you're in one of the areas with london now, despite these warnings being given out, activists filled off, see that while a number of people still unsure what they should be doing, i'd have to understand certain distill rain. he wrote to me asking whether they can go out in the garden and whether we will take more sample size and this worries me, and most of all the people remain the dog. and this is not on the force of the enterprise. after all, the main problem is that no one knows what substances have reacted and what's actually happened. and here the main question arises, isn't of an acceptable to place this as it were told the tags near large settlements on august? well, on friday we are expecting the authorities to release more information regarding potential long term implications from this disaster that took place on tuesday.
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what we know from activists is that there's a lot of concern that this could have a long term effect on the area to speak to, to get to know the most important thing is of course, transparency in terms of chemistry. no one can say what was there, but now we need to find out what is there. and once that is clear, we can take appropriate protective measures. a person can inhale these ways that the smoke cloud has spread throughout the region of labour cruising. but we are talking about food that has already settled. indeed, there are black, green suits ports that can be seen. they have a mass hip in this way. lumps of 4 to 5 centimeters are formed, which just lie in the grass yesterday. for example, samples were taken from a place where heavy rains had passed 2 or 3 times, and most of the suits had been washed away. that is not only in this is not only in the water but also, and the soil. this is what we started now. i would strongly advise people against
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it in fruit and vegetables that will grow in their own gardens. a life has pretty much returned to normal in labor cruise, and i'm the surrounding area. we've had condolences being offered to the families of those that died as well as praise for emergency services. and rescue is who are on the scene so quickly. but a lot of people looking towards that information we're expecting to here on friday, about long term effects. that could be that this is the most densely populated area of germany. a lot of people living in the nearby surrounding not just of labor crews and but also city like cologne. busy in the why, the area of north run with fall. yeah. i peter, thank you. the french president and manuel macro and is taking legal action against the owner of billboards that depict him as adult hitler. the man behind the offending h says he's been summoned to appear. it is local police station and accuses micron
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of hypocrisy in macro and land, making fun of the profits rear is satire, but to make fun of the president as a dictator is blasphemy. time and time again during his presidency manual, my court has defended freedom of expression, he in from liberty to bliss. to me, there is also in france, the freedom to bless fee which is attached to the freedom of conscience from where a stand. i'm here to protect all these freedoms, so it's not up to me to qualify the choices of journalists, even if i can. i can only say that in france, we can criticize government presidents to be blasphemous, etc. it was hosted to be friendship to defend the right to make people love the freedom to mom, to really kill, to caricature which will tear claimed was the source of all the others. one also gets you will not give up caricature drawings, even the fathers retreat. that freedom is also enshrined in the declaration of the
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rights of man and all the citizen. so that does have limits whether or not they extend to the some billboard depicting corn as hitler is another matter. it was erected as part of protection against the cooper 19 restrictions in placing problems, but it picks his anger so much, so he's now steering its creator. misha, owens flow v, who defends that billboard, says it's not necessarily a comparison with the, not the leader. you see hitler, but you can see stolen or i can see charlie chaplin and the dictator. now when satirical magazine surely do read, publish controversial cartoons, all of them was a profit loss court and defended. right to do so. that fresh publication, those sparked off its own chain reaction leading finally to the heading of
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a sheet. so by taking out billboard is, is a case call. and having double found the flung from the tree, vaccinations and health policies have triggered to protests in france. now some demonstrators compare the country to dictatorship, but it seems cool. these billboards which all of simply the law school. it's not the 1st time it's an image has been published, showing that comb with a light can to hitler back in 2018. the french daily moon viewed this is the cover photo on its weekly magazine. so that feed, provoke, sharp criticism. at the time, the paper said that it wasn't intended to do that. and all was hunky dory. and while citizens in france enjoyed the right to insult the president, mack cool, just as an ordinary citizen,
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is protected himself from insults and public defamation. now, if a billboard is found to see such, he could spend up to a new imprison, as well as being struck with a fine of up to 45000 euros. but perhaps by suing the billboards, create a macro, and he's actually being counter productive in the fact that he is warring even more attention to it. so let the be ski r t paris. just social time ago, i spoke with a yes, the wifi, the human rights and civil liberties activists who says that the french elite operate with double standards. we saw him going to court instead of in the morning . brazing, shall you do it for they are cartoons and in the afternoon the afternoon, a scalding when a french drug for doing his job was a jordan. and now we see that this reaction for many of them a call. so not it is beyond double standards. in france,
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it has never been about freedom of expression, per se, because freedom of expression would be universal to everyone. it is only above protecting the privilege of expression of the image, which means as long as you are on the dominant side, you can make when everybody cares to the floor or the blog, the, you know, the, the arab, the movie, the women, etc. but once you mixed the and of the fall where he placed the presidential cell, now you are facing prosecution. yes, he has a right to argue with a president, he's so he should be the person who guarantee that everybody has a white expression. he's a president, he should be above another european union. the state has lost its patience over the question of illegal migration. the austrian government blasted the european commission for doing nothing to stop the influx of illegal migrants. its interior minister says austria is taking matters now into its own hands and will thought and looking for the allies on that front. there is no support from the e u commission,
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which spends time debating about refugee distribution issues. it makes no sense to give people smugglers thousands of euro's the commission does not act. that's why we act ourselves. the author and government has already opened discussions on board of security with neighbors, hungary and the czech republic. they also want to see strict border controls. austria, though, has now reinforced its eastern frontier by deploying $400.00 additional soldiers. and the former austria administer of foreign affairs. karen can i sold, told us why the use approach to illegal migration is a failure. i want to have seen over the last that case and actually started in 9095 to somehow try to take a common approach when it comes to my creation. nothing has worked. we are in a big thing and made off of a lot of union natural measures taken and it will lead to more
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confusion and it needs to be non implementation of international bridges. what we see each and every member said is some of them have laid on its own maximum by and try not to try natural action. but the common european migration of chanda is not there, its maximum bring back people to turkey, bringing them back to afghanistan and all in both cases. it doesn't really work. 3 people are dead, i'm thousands, have been hospitalized with burns as wildfires find by strong winds reeking devastation across southern turkey, one coastal town and 18 near my villages and districts were all evacuated hotels now doing the same. the focus presidents spokes person has called a situation, a national disaster, a russian airplanes are assisting and putting out the fires under one local
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journalist sent us this report to having my location. today at 6 hours ago, there were a big part in the back. as you can see, notice, load, rooming and location hold each miller suddenly, a small cover all their own. and they start educating people where in the nearby said, because the people here really stressed about the info, tricia, the whole thing that they're going to pick the controls. what gotten out of the program or not see the taliban apparently has cobbled in insights, knocking out the power grid and plunging the gun capital into the darkness report from the city interest about one minutes
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long. when i would show the wrong one, i'll just don't move the world yet to fill out the scene because after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves well, depart. we choose to look for common ground in the count down the next day. shares chore and historic day in monetary history. that would be august 15th, 1971. the day that then president richard nixon closed the gold window, basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and
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since then we've had pure monetary chaos. the the, the, the ah, just off the court officer at moscow, another act of police brutality has been caught on camera in america. a 2 offices this time in colorado have been charged over the violent arrest of an unarmed mixed race man. of warning, you may find the following video disturbing. you know, what do i know? what your hands are for you? okay. don't stop it. oh, oh, oh. the police officers identify the suspect as a kyle of ins, and he apparently was wanted by authorities for several offences. austin to other
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men fled. mister vincent appeared to initially comply with their commands during the arrest, but resisted while being handcuffed. he was a subsequently choked forced face down on the ground and even pistol whipped by one of the officers. mister vincent was then taken to hospital requiring treatment. and the officers in question have since been charged with excessive use of force, and the aurora police chief as strongly condemned their conduct. does not police work, we don't train this, not acceptable. the definition of police brutality is itself is a problem. you are, you, you use the force necessary to effect an arrest. you keep yourself safe to keep the citizen safe and you actually keep the person that you're arresting safe. the job of the police officer, the street car is not the punish. that's the job of the courts to wind up dishing out a punishment for conviction if so, if a police officer was aware, as was in the case of derrick sheldon,
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that he was being video camera right. your body cameras recording you and they were this comfortable with their actions. there is a serious epidemic, a serious problem, and then police officers history needs to be looked into. we need to look at how many other times that person been accused or have they taken excessive force beyond the level of what they were lawfully around the allowed to use. because if somebody feels this comfortable to get this out of control on video camera guarantee is that the 1st time they've done this. as an incident like us defined, the police movement is not properly communicated to the public de, from the police moment is a political card. it's what the politicians are using to wind up bolstering your base for more voting. it really just removes program funding for certain areas for police officers asking forces of managed to rest by control of a key northern districts from the taliban of treating militants. thus behind a trail of deliberate destruction. locals described some of the damage inflicted on their homes. my if they planted mines here and over there,
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the attached large amounts of explosive and blew up all the buildings around here that at a moment. and i'm moving in the quick as you can see, the taliban stole all our things and even the windows and the doors, they took away all the usable materials and left behind only destruction. now the taliban conquered a large areas of the bulk province, including the district of calld are a month ago called our right there on the north and not near the northern border. the terror group has been ascendant, taking more territory in the last 2 months in the last 2 decades. if you look at the map right here, you can see it now has a dominant presence, not just in the north, but the northeast. and in many of those central provinces as well. and as we understand it's closing in on key cities including conduce an kandahar. now the recent taliban advance is a deeply worse than the humanitarian situation in the country. according to the un refugee agency, around $270000.00 afghans have been forced to see their homes this year alone.
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citizens are trying to find shelter in the neighboring states, for example, of pakistan, those breakfast on and purchased on as well. that are also being a repeated attacks on power transmission towers in the capital cobble. the most recent took place several days ago resulted in a massive black out in the city, which was still struggling to restore electricity in certain parts. earlier we got her on the ground account from local journalists below wadi. what much of cobble sell does not have the regular power, and that is should have. this is because of the regular fighting on the highway in northern i find a son from where these power loans and infrastructures comments important electricity from the jim sun and his bikes. but we've also seen deliberate attacks, away explosives have been placed, and these power towers continue to be blown up. the country's power
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provider, the national power provider. it's trying to do its best. it's even lost its workers, as they have tried to restore power. but it's just not power, it's either the infrastructure, buildings, bridges, or church schools clinics. they've all been targeted. so i want to science infrastructure continues to be under constant attacks as we have seen, very, very high levels of violence, where fighting is now in and around. major provincial capitals, as well as district centers are under attack, especially in northern finest on the escalation that i've got to start on comes and the withdrawal of us troops from the country i just a few weeks ago, american soldiers left washington's largest african airbase, which they had been operating now for the last 2 decades. but i'll see you folks on a boy to discuss the situation in afghanistan with the countries form of president . how may cause i. you can watch the interview in full on sunday, but for now
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a preview. the taliban? correct me if i'm mistaken. but i think ever since it emerged in the midnight tonight, is your views on what that movement represents and whether it's good or not for your country have changed. what do you think about them now? i rose against them. when they were in power, because i saw them violating the rights of south can people. but when my government came, when the republican i give them a positive do a pardon. and many of them went and settle down in their homes and begun a peaceful life. then suddenly the united states and some of the local elements begun to attack the color on homes and type creditors and forced him to flee the country. it was this violence committed against the african people in the name of fighting the taliban. that led me to calling the taliban and our brothers because they belong to our country. they are our countrymen. do you think they will grant
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the same amount of tolerance? they will not to they will not, they will not. again, people are giving an opportunity to receive peace when the african people call for peace. this means and paternity to co exist and to allow the country to progress if they don't allow that. and if they continue to, to, to seek their own domination of count on the way they think of it that will give rise to a national uprising without a doubt. and i'll be one of those people. russia still lists the taliban as a terrorist organization. and for the record, it's the world's deadliest terror group with, i think almost $5000.00 deaths attributed to it in 2019 that's 3 times more than die in the same year. do you think any law abiding country should be talking to terrorists all labeling any group as tara is given how politically charged that's more than the tyler bond being listed as the terrorist by the united nation is the
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cause because of their action. of course, i mean you have to, everybody is trying to talk to them. there is no alternative because there are no alternatives. things went wrong, things went wrong and, and the, they began to re emerge and part of the population went with them. the answer is not continuing to fight the answers to find the solution and bring the solution. and that is what russia has done and we appreciate it and we wanted to continued in fullest. so yes, talk to them. there are some p is no other alternative or some good pictures to show you right now. if we just go around the world for you, in brief, a new russian module has just connected to the international space station. have a look at that, right? that is actually one of the largest, yet it's cool. now, walker or science in and of course is intended just for that. the module has long been awaited by the scientific community and of course will function as an on board
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a laboratory with 13 special experiments already in the planning warnings about this one and a quick measuring 8.2 was struck off the coast of alaska, the largest quake versus 1964. as soon army warning has been issued with people to advise, to still go to higher ground. we understand offer shops were felt as far away as new zealand. thanks for joining us here on the international sharing a time with us here at moscow now 10, 25 pm. we're back at the top of the hour with more of your news. the news algorithms and neural networks have been following us every where we look online because our relationships are what matters most of us. that's how we find meaning and how we
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make sense in our place in silicon valley see don't mention in the slick presentations. however, the ghost workers who train the software humans are involved in every step of the process when you're using anything online. but we're sold as this miracle of automation behind your screen. it's a variable workforce that seems algorithm is for next to nothing. on a very good day, i could do $5.00 now. a really bad day. i could do 10 years worth is removeable by design. it's about labor costs, but it's also about creating layers of lessening responsibility between those who solicit the kind of work and need it. and those who do it from germany, where a long study find that the, the biomass of sly inside the whites applying infects,
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fell by 76 percent in the last 26 years. so instead of just becoming much, much less common, which means all the jobs that they do are not being done anymore. and that, that is the real danger. and that's what's going to impact on the biomass guys are this is the kaiser report, you know, going to count down the next day. shares toward an historic day in monetary history . that would be august 15th, 1971, the data then president richard nixon, close the gold window at basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and since then we've had pure a monetary chaos. stacy? yes, that was known as the nixon shock. and that's where you find it under wikipedia to
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research that or the next 2 weeks. we're going to be looking at that building up to this 50 year anniversary of a great monetary experiment. this is a monetary experiment, right? because this is the 1st time we've had a global all the out world based on basically nothing but paper backed by as paul common at the new york times. a nobel economist says back by men with guns. that's a 1st we've always had hard money or hard wealth creation, real wealth creation. so this is the 1st time we've had been beyond that sort of system. so it's an experiment we're 50 years into it. and that's kind of what because reporting been doing for the past 10 years, it's kind of cataloging the results and the consequences of this were researching the experiment. right. so there's 2 parts to it. there's a monetary relativism. yeah. which is that fear money in one country was valuable
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relative to the money in other countries. yeah. and so that entered into an arrow where value a standard of value became almost impossible to acknowledge or maintain. the other thing it led to was that previous to the central banks or some autonomous and obliged to perform in the interest of the countries that they were in the bank of japan, bank of england, federal reserve bank, european central bank of the precursors to the pain central bank and all the various european countries would be involved in policies that were seen as beneficial to those countries after the nixon shocking for the past 4050 years of deregulation, we see inclusion as no prince writes in her book. com collusion. and this is about our central banks now work in concert with the same expansion policies. and so the same problems are now being experienced in all countries. here's the headline that
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to me, the 2 words, no resistance. it's a fantastic way. i think to describe the results of this experiment, what this experiment has caused in terms of the psychology of the population. and this is the headline from wall street dot com, no resistance to price increases. reports are coming from all directions from small mom and pop operations to large corporations, input costs or surging wages that companies have to pay to attract workers arising, transportation costs are surging amid drivers shortages. supply chains are tangled up and there are delays and bottlenecks and suppliers suddenly can't deliver because they've run out of something. and companies are furiously juggling these issues and they're raising their prices to make up for those higher costs.


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