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[000:00:00;00] the ah top headlines are not using national for this our, the french president manual macro and sues the creator of a billboard depicting him as a tickler prompting charges of a pauper. so given his previous staunch defense of freedom of expression, austria has had enough of illegal migration with its interior minister vowing the country will take matters into its own hands of the blasting the due for failing to act on the program. we speak to the countries of former foreign minister. i want to have over the last that case and actually stopped in my life 5 to somehow try to take
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a common approach when it comes to my creation. nothing has worked on it. oh. 6 roll us see, is another, i could possible police brutality caught on camera with 2 offices in colorado charged off the violent arrest of a suspected trust. i wanted on felony charges. ah, i would like most go. this is auntie international from all of us. here are very welcome to you. we've lined up your top stories for this. well, the french president emanuel macro and is taking legal action against the owner of billable is that depict him as adult hitler? the man behind the offending hoardings are says that he's been summoned to appear at his local police station and accuses micron of hypocrisy
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in macro and land, making fun of the profits rear is satire, but to make fun of the president as a dictator is blasphemy time and time again during his presidency manual, my court has defended freedom of expression. he in from the bliss to me. there is also in france, the freedom to bless fee which is attached to the freedom of conscience from where a stand. i'm here to protect all these freedoms, so it's not up to me to qualify the choices of journalists. i can only say that in france, we can criticize government presidents to be blasphemous, etc. it was to be french's to defend the right to make people love the freedom to mock, to ridicule, to caricature which will tear claimed was the source of all the others when he gets you will not give up caricatures drawings even if father is retreat. that freedom is also enshrined in the declaration of the rights of man,
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the citizen. so that does have limits whether or not they extend to the sum billboard, depicting corn as hitler is another matter. it was erected as part of protest against the coup with 19 restrictions in placing problems, but it picks his anger so much, so he's now steering its creator misha, owens flow. ve who defends that billboard says it's not necessarily a comparison with the, not the leader. you see hitler, but you can see starlen or i can see charlie chaplin and the dictator. now when satirical magazine surely do read, publish, controversial cartoons over them was a profit loss not gone, defended. it's right to do so. that fresh publication that sparked off its own chain reaction leading finally to the heading of a t shirt. so by taking out billboard is, is
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a case call and having double found the lungs among the tree, vaccinations and health policies have triggered to protests in france. now some demonstrators compare the country to dictatorship, but it seems that my cool, it's these billboards which all of simply the law school. it's not the 1st time it's an image has been published, showing that comb with a likeness to hitler back in 2018. the french daily lamond youth, this is the cover photo on its weekly magazine. so that feed, provoke, sharp criticism. at the time the paper said that it was intended to do that and all was hunky dory. and while citizens in france enjoyed the right to insult the president might call, just as an ordinary citizen, is protected himself from insults on public defamation. now, if
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a billboard is found guilty of such he could spend up to a new imprison, as well as being struck with a fine of up to 45000 euros, but perhaps by suing the billboards, create a macro, and he's actually being counter productive here in the fact that he is warring even more attention to it. so let me be sky r t. paris and other european union state has lost its patients over the question of illegal migration. the austrian government blasted the european commission for doing nothing to stop the influx of illegal migrants. its interior minister says austria is taking matters into its own hands now, and we'll start looking for allies on that front. there is no support from the e u commission, which spends time debating about refugee distribution issues. it makes no sense to give people smugglers thousands of euros. the e u commission does not act. that's why we act ourselves. the austrian government
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has already opened discussions on border security with neighbors, hungary, and the czech republic. and these are also, i want to see strict of border controls. austria has reinforced its eastern frontier by deploying $400.00 additional soldiers from austrian minister of foreign affairs. karen can, i still told why the use approach to illegal migration is a failure. i want to have seen over the last that case and actually it started in 9095 to somehow try to take a common approach when it comes to migration. nothing has worked, we are in a big thing and made off of a lot of unit natural national taken and it will lead to more confusion and it needs to be non implementation of international creek is what we see each and every member said is some of them have
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laid on its own maximum by and try to try natural action. but the common european migration of chanda is not there. it's maximum bring back people to turkey, bringing them back to can it's done and all in both cases it doesn't really work. and the actual police brutality has been caught on camera in america. a 2 officers in colorado have been charged over the violent arrest of an unarmed mixed race man of warning. you may find the following video disturbing. oh, what do i do? oh, i do put your hands on front of you. okay. don't stop it. oh oh. 6 0, well the police officers identified the suspect kyla vincent is being wanted by authorities for several offences. after 2 other men fled mister vincent appeared to
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initially comply with that commands during the arrest, but resisted while being handcuffed. now he was a subsequently choked false faced on the ground and pistol whipped by an officer of vincent was then taken to hospital needing treatment at the offices in question have since been charged for the use of excessive force. the aurora police chief has strongly condemned. they conduct, joey. does not police work, we don't train. this is not acceptable. the definition of police were tele is itself is a problem. you are you, you use the force necessary to effect in a rust. you keep yourself safe to keep the citizen safe and you actually keep the person that you're arresting safe. the job of the police officer, the strict cop is not to punish. that's the job of the courts. so white edition, not a punishment for conviction. if so, if a police officer was aware, as was in the case of derek shoulder and that he was being video cameras, right. your body cameras recording you and they were this comfortable with their
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actions. there is a serious epidemic and a serious problem. and that police officers history needs to be looked into. we need to look at how many other times is that person been accused, or have they taken excessive force beyond the level of what they were lawfully around the allowed to use? because if somebody's feels this comfortable to get this out of control on video camera guarantee is that the 1st time they've done this as an incident like us to defend the police movement is not properly communicated to the public. de, from the police movement is a political card. it's what the politicians are using to wind up bolstering your base for more voting. it really just removes programs, funding for certain areas, for police officers and forces had managed to rest about control of a key northern district from the taliban. the retreating militants left behind a trail of deliberate destruction. i look, describe some of the damage inflicted on their mind. they planted mines here and over there,
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the attached large amounts of explosive and blew up all the buildings around here that at a moment in moving in the cooling. as you can see, the taliban stole all are things and even the windows and the doors, they took away all the usable materials and left behind only destruction. that's all about and conquered large areas of the bulk province, including the district of coal, da. this was actually about a month ago, the terror group has been ascendant, taking more territory in the last 2 months than actually in the last 2 decades. i think the map said that all for you, it now has a dominant presence in the north to northeast as well. and as you can see in the central provinces and in closing it on such cities including for example, conduce and that of the famous kandahar. now the recent taliban advances have deeply worse than the humanitarian situation in the country. according to the un refugee agency, around $270000.00 afghans have been forced to flee their homes just this year alone . citizens are trying to find shelter in the neighboring state among them, for example, pakistan,
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those records on and just on the have also been repeated attacks on power transmission towers in the capital cobble the most recent took place circle days ago, resulted in a massive black out in the city, which is still struggling to restore electricity in certain districts earlier, we got on the ground account from local john list below. that was what a much of probably sell does not have the regular power that it should have. this is because of regular fighting on the highway in northern afghanistan from where these power loans and infrastructures come. it's important electricity from the gym son and his bikes done. but we've also seen deliberate attacks away explosives, i've been placed, and these power towers continue to be blowing up the countries, the power provider,
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the national power provider. it's trying to do its best. it's even lost its workers, as they have tried to restore power. but it's just not power, it's either the infrastructure, buildings, bridges, orchards schools, clinics, they've all been targeted. so i want to sounds, infrastructure continues to be under constant attacks as we have seen, very, very high levels of violence where fighting is now in and around. major provincial capitals, as well as district centers are under attack, especially in northern, i find this done or the escalation and kindest on comes him. it, of course, the withdrawal of us troops, i just a few weeks ago, american soldiers left washington's largest african airbase, which they had been operating now for one roughly 20 years. latino on a boy could discuss the situation in afghanistan with the country's former president hammett cause i you can watch of the full interview on sunday, but for now he's a quick preview. the taliban? correct me if i'm mistaken. but i think ever since it emerged in the midnight tonight,
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is your views on the what that movement represents and whether it's good or not for your country have changed. what do you think about them now? i rose against them when they were in power. because i saw them violating the rights of the us can people. but when my government came, when the republican i give them a positive, they were quoting, and many of the winter settled down in their homes and begun a peaceful life. then suddenly the united states and some of the local elements begun to attack the color on homes and a type religious and forced them to free the country. it was this violence committed against the african people in the name of fighting the taliban. that led me to calling the taliban and our brothers because they belong to our country. they are our countrymen. do you think they will grant the same amount of tolerance? they will not to they will not, they will not. again,
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people are giving an opportunity to receive peace when the african people call for peace. this means and paternity to co exist and to allow the country to progress if they don't allow that. and if they continue to to, to seek their own domination of garrison. the way they think of it, that will give rise to a nation uprising without a doubt. and i'll be one of those people. russia still lists the taliban as a terrorist organization. and for the record, it's the world's deadliest terror group with, i think almost $5000.00 deaths attributed to it in 2019 that's 3 times more than die in the same year. do you think any law abiding countries should be talking to terrorists all labeling any group as tara is given how politically charged that's more than the tyler bond being listed as a tourist by the united nation is the cause of the action, of course. and again,
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everybody is trying to talk to though there is no alternative because there are no alternatives things when drunk, things went wrong and they began to re emerge and part of the population went with them. the answer is not continuing to fight the answers to find the solution and bring the solution. and that is what russia has done and we appreciate it and we wanted to continued in fullest. so yes, talk to them. there are some p is no other alternative. your program returns and just the i from germany where along to the find that the, the by i'm after fly in say the weight of flying insects fell by 76 percent in
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the last 26 years. so instead of just becoming much, much less common, which means all the jobs that they do are not being done anymore. and that, that is the real danger. and that's what's going to impact on the right. now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. is profitable to sell food that he's fancy and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity upcoming. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate. me.
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ah, is your media reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? tyson lation community? are you going the right way or are you being direct? what is true? what is in a world to corrupted, you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. i the to join us for the program here on our t. 3 people at that now doesn't have been hospitalized for the buns as wildfires
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fined by strong winds or reeking devastation across southern circuit and coast all town and 18 at nearby villages and districts have been evacuated. hotels in the region are also doing the same focus. president spokesperson is called the situation a national disaster. russian plains are assisting and putting out the place is at one local journalist sent us this report. and we started having my location today. at 6 hours ago. there were a big bar started back. as you can see now in that location, hold each miller suddenly, a small cover all their own and they start educating people where in the nearby said, because that's because the people here really trust about the cultural
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tradition and they've got to take the controls. so i just a brief now to some other headlines for you from all around the world and you, russian monte role has just connect to the international space station one of the largest, yet it's called now walker or science and is intended for just that. the module has long been awaited by the scientific community and will function as an on board laboratory. with 13 special experiments already in the planning was a big one, an earthquake measuring a point. 2 in magnitude has struck off the coast of the us state of alaska, the larger since 1964 of su nami warning has been issued with people to advise, to go to higher ground off the shops were felt as far away as new zealand. lay face to face, meeting with the world's most powerful mind might give you plenty to chew over. and that was literally the case for the bellows opposition. figure svetlana taken off squire who was seemingly delighted to receive some whitehouse cookies after
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a meeting with joe biden. although not everyone on social media found her joy so easy to digest. it wasn't a political kind of meeting. we spoke around 10 minutes, but it was very warm. after we said goodbye, he went out of the room. but then a door opened and joe biden walked in with a box of white house cookies. to me, it reminds me of cookies, which i a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on the user's computer. cookies allow access to a client's most important daytime control of it. bingo. the healthcare biden summit turned out to be much more successful than we thought. the u. s. president provided material assistance to the young republic in the form of a box of cookies. salon took, an oscar said joe biden gave her a box of cookies. this has either become something of a tradition or grand pianos how to troll. i wonder what to have oscar could talk to biden about, well, except will there be cookies according to turn off skies the meeting with president biden last at about 10 minutes,
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during which she called on the u. s. leader to help bully rose to make a successful non violent transition to democracy. she also met a number of other high profile political figures. as part of a to it arose international pressures a couple of what she sees as a while the illegitimate presidency, better us. well, here we have a local reporter now and, and the more information for you on our, on our t international. i don't think that by didn't really invested the amount of time that he probably should have in order to create the impression that this is an issue that america is taking. seriously. i mean, this is kind of like, you know and be problem the andy griffith show diplomacy. like when we give you cookies, it doesn't really make a lot of sense. and people make jokes about a team kind of is, you know, inexperienced. and i think that when you don't have the appropriate team and, and p r people and kind of prepping you, going to be kind of made into an international mockery as we're seeing now on social media. because of some of the details of the meeting. really,
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this is the biggest meeting of her life, so if she wants to make an impact on an important issue, the last thing she should have talked about was cookies. setting up the fight against online offences, rushes unveiled a draft convention on countering cyber crime before a special un committee. it's the 1st of its kind. it was discussed earlier with arthur donald quarter. this special draft convention is specifically aimed at at combating the criminal use of information and communications technologies around the world. and the big thing is that russia has become the 1st country in history to suggest a properly thought out convention for combating these things on an international scale. it was announced by the prosecutor general of russia. so let's take a listen to what he said. the project expands the scope of international cooperation in extradition and legal assistance in criminal matters, including identification, seizure, confiscation, and recovery of assets. the russian federation offers the world,
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its own developments which could become the basis for future comprehensive instrument, considering the policies of states around the world. right now, there is no universal international system aimed at combating cyber crimes. and that's why this convention has the potential to be so groundbreaking. it could completely alter the current state of inconsistency between different countries who have different methods, different standards, different means for combating cyber crime around the world. and also, you know, bring other countries that have not done as much as they can in that sphere into the group with the rest of the people with the rest of the states that are combating that. now, how can this all be accomplished? well, the convention specifically grapples with modern challenges connected to cybersecurity at outlines new types of offenses that are connected with the distribution of drugs . illegal drugs are around the world connected to distribution of fake medicines
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and also other substances that could be bad for people. and now they have also announced that this, the final project is set to be completed in 2023, which will also be when the 78th un general assembly takes place. this would require cooperation, of course, and american russian corporation. i'm too much at the moment how likely that they can, they can come together on us. what we've already seen, of course, the cybersecurity is a major goal of us present. jo biden's administration, that much is clear, but he's combined to that focus really with the tradition of his predecessors, which is pointing the finger at russia without any evidence or anything like that. i mean, one example is back in may when he accused russia of quote bearing some responsibility for a cyber attack on the us colonial fuel pipeline. while at the same time he mentioned, there's no evidence to actually back up that claim. now if we look at possible future relations between the 2 countries in the sphere, we can go back to july 28th meeting between delegations from both russia and america. they spoke about threats in the sphere of cyber security. they also
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propose new controls on nuclear weapons in both their countries. we heard a little bit from russia's deputy foreign minister who spoke a little bit about that meeting. he said that russia is really looking for constructive dialogue in the sphere of cybersecurity, but it just doesn't really seem that washington is, you know, putting as much into it as russia is. and this convention is evidence that russia really is serious about international cybersecurity, and that they're ready to take concrete steps towards combating cyber crimes more than that story right now for you, available at r t dot com. the meantime that mixed up, your worldwide headlines returns at the top of the me in the
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account down the next day, tore and historic day in monetary history. that would be august 15th, 1971. the day that then president richard nixon closed the gold window. basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and since then we've had pure monetary chaos. hadn't been in my phone since i don't i just saw up the phone isis fighters and they're now boarding
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a philippine naval ship in john $900.00 jeff, aren't abdulla still don't know, watch waiting for them and i am not sure how to get a hold of me . ready ready i, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy going from station let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, a very critical time. time to sit down and talk
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with me soon. well, come to alex salmon. sure. where today we examine controversial decisions of the u . k. government in dealing with the corporate pandemic function policy is recommended by the joint committee on vaccination and immunization the d. c. v. i. and i'm surprised. i'm heavily caviar to advice last week. the committee recommends at the fall of consideration of often quoted vaccines, the 2nd to school children. should the government wish to consider the vaccination of children and young adults age less than 18 years with the primary aim of reducing the styles code to infection rate. a symptomatic and symptomatic cases, irrespective of other direct or indirect benefits,
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as discussed above. the known benefits from vaccination, unlikely to be limited. in this instance, j. c, v. i favors deferral of a universal offer vaccination until more data have accrued, including a clear understanding of the impact of coven 19 in the u. k. within the context of a successful adult vaccination program. however, many scientists disagree and even more strikingly saw what is most international advice and high backs need to countries including the policy makers in america, germany, new zealand, at the netherlands. the position is particularly pressing in scotland, where the schools go back in a mere 3 weeks. under recent comparisons between the scottish and english states have infection strongly suggest that schools have been the key vector of transmission of the bias. school in rate of cobra transmission was higher than england until the scottish schools went off on holiday and then was quickly
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overtaken by the english treat where the schools were still in session. today show, we talk to 2 key experts from north and face of the border about the government's decision making on vaccination. wait to christmas to talk cambridge for all just has become a high for them during the pandemic while professor. so how did been, formerly the chief medical officer for scotland is president of the british medical association. but 1st, to treat emails i met this and this point for recent shows. it seems scottish also it's angela mclean and mighty armstrong. i'm a sealant epidemiologist, professor my co baker and dr. pardon and connie of x 2 university 1st and listen to our authors. dalrymple said, really interesting. show many thanks to all contributors. clear comments at 5 the listen to do with under new mccloud. i am definitely buying this book and i wish you all the best with netflix. loved his comment to alex and our summit 1000000


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