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troops is triggered an additional such and military and political tension as well as the like in all still. if you look at the map of again, if then you will see that it is surrounded by countries that are russian allies from 2 different blocks. one is made out of post, so the country and the other one is brushes, alliance with china, together with some of the different neighbors. now, what moscow wants to do is to reassure its neighbors that it is ready to help at any time if the situation gets worse. moscow has a military base here and to just near to somebody that is ready for action at any time. the other thing that russia wants to do is to cement it's key role in the region, which doesn't make the us happy. as i've heard when i spoke exclusively to the head of the russian army here and do sunday, she'll be up in the mountains of the u. s. withdrawal is kind of where everyone is taking place. indeed, some of heinously,
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the u. s. is holding talks with all the countries adjacent to afghanistan on establishing certain logistical hubs on the territories is an attempt to retain the u. s. position in the central asian region when it comes to instability. after the u. s. give me at least one example where the situation has been improved after a long running us president. now here's a fact for you. when more than 25 years ago, sergei showing was the head of rushes emergencies, ministry. he was in charge of an entire operation of rescuing refugees that were flowing out of, of gant stand beyond the soviet pull out. and also when the soviet union collapsed and the situation in afghanistan was deteriorating because of the stronger islamist groups in the country. now this is why the local ministers of defense and leaders praised survey shows whose role in starting up the current situation. one of the proposals that came from the ministers of defense was too intensified the drills
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between russia and its allies here. and the 1st part of these drills called peace mission will happen in september, and china is also going to take part in those. and i'm thinking about it. so i really appreciated you company throughout the day have an r t, and don't forget to check out most always on a website. somebody had to r t don't call me ah ah, it's no longer a crime. normally transmit a disease in one u. s. state. we're going to give you the details on
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a new bill which passed the governor or the state. the governor wants to modernize the approach to public health, but doesn't do anything to encourage testing and reduce the spread of h i. v and in texas, governor abbot is not activated the texas national guard to help make a rest of the border. but will more manpower be the resolution. we're going to bring you the $360.00 view on both issues on today's news. you choose, i'm getting a huge right here on our to america. let's get started. the noise is the latest state looking to decriminalize, the act of a, someone with a be failing to disclose their condition to their partner before having unprotected sex. now as of right now, one could face a felony charges in most states. if they fail to disclose their health status or to correspond natasha suite has more on this latest bill. a to be advocate say those
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who are h i v positive can breathe and a sigh of relief on tuesday, be illinois state senate passed to bill that would be criminalized someone h i v positive not sharing their condition before having unprotected sex. the bill has already passed the house it now head to the governor's desk. as it stands under illinois, h o b notification law, one can still be charged with a felony and face up to 7 years in prison, even if the virus is not transmitted. since the law was implemented in 201222 people have been arrested if the bill passes, illinois will join 5 other states to decriminalize h i. v. laws, california, colorado, iowa, michigan, and north carolina have all done away with them since 2014, according to the centers for disease control and prevention. after over 30 years of research and significant medical advancements to treat and prevent h i. b transmission. many state laws are outdated and do not reflect our current understanding of h. i v. as edc also claims these laws discourage h,
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i v testing. but when california was looking to decriminalize, the laws said, senator jeff still opposed the idea. stone, a pharmacist said 3 out of 4 people do not properly take their medicine as prescribed. he said it's even more likely to transmit aids, to an unknowing partner reporting for news b choose and hottest suites r t. well, obviously there's a lot more discussion about the spell. so joining us now to discuss the law and what the effects might be on the spread of h. i v sort of commentator molig abdul, an activist roberts, subtle. and before we start, i want to bring back kind of like they were going to a char version of it. this graph of 2020, where the cdc assessed the various state legislations and divided them into 4 categories. regarding the conversation of h, i v, you know, there are states that have these specific laws regarding h, i v and they can control the behaviors that can potentially expose. and there's the 2nd category which are s, t, d, sexually transmitted disease, communicable contagious infectious diseases. and there are laws that criminalize
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a control behaviors that can potentially expose those. now that also can include h i v t. then there's the 3rd category that's more sentence enhancement laws, specific to h i v or s t d that do not criminalize that behavior. but increase the sentence length with a person with h, i v commit certain crimes. and there's obviously the 4th category. the no specific criminalization laws, which is what eleanor has just put themselves in. i know, and i know there's some personal experience. i know there's issues with these, well that's why i wanted to have both of you on to discuss it. and i actually want to start with you on this, robert, do you believe this law is going to help in h? i v. transmission in illinois a new log in to criminal penalties for people living with me. you were implementing the late eighty's in the intent to stop the spread of a transmission. however, there's not been any proof that that actually happened. but what is happening is the fact that people living with h i v are being punished for merely giving lint,
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the prison sentences, having felony conviction records. and in some states they may have to register as a sex offender. so i believe this law will allow people living with a chinese to, to be able to disclose and feeling safe because they want people to disclose who need somebody can legally say for them to do that. and by repealing law in illinois, this will allow that to happen. and many people living with h, i mean, are on treatment they have on the they're able to achieve and on the level with make them not able to transmit to be to people. and so the science has come a long way. it's not it's, it's a different time and it's time that many people are now get educated, informed about that. well, i like you and i are actually discussing that warner on to that we were discussing that earlier in fact and make up for me about this. because i remember growing up the age and ninety's h i v was automatically linked to age. there is
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a negative stigma to it because i don't think people knew enough about the disease at the time how it was being spread. but it was definitely something that people were talking about. it was a big part of the culture at that time and trying to fight. and it became almost very hollywood like in a lot of ways. unfortunately, totally though you know, your comment on it was the fact that you should be treated can pitch tittering, the bigger picture of what things people go to jail for our don't go for jail. is it actually fair to say that because of this? that's just the same as some of these crimes that people don't actually get sent for. i think it's a very difficult thing to discuss. and as actually robert said there were, this is more so when these laws were created, they were about the stigma of h. i b a even now we have, i think magic johnson was probably one of the most famous persons. and, you know, unfortunately we have h i v. but even now you have people who don't particularly understand the distinctions between the 2. and they ask themselves, corey, they even make assumptions about him having aids, you know, one leads to the other,
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but not everyone who has h, i v ends up, you know, having aids. but it makes it a very difficult thing for us to discuss even publicly. because it's attached not just to something negative, but it's also attached to the l g b, t, community. but the reality is that those who h i b does not discriminate. so it's not just an l g b, t, community thing. it's really just an american thing and considering how much we incarcerate in our country as if i'm just not sure that laws prosecuting people as bad as the disclosure not disclosing may be. i'm not sure if the answer that we should have here in america is to jail people for what happens in their bedroom even when they're dishonest about it. well, and i want to ask you robbery. there are some differences between the different things we're talking about. but should there actually be a different category because should be treated like any other chronic condition concerning it can be spread because of an actions sort of like many of those stds they can also have effects on fertility and other issues. health conditions should
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it, there not be some sort of special laws for that regarding if you do purposely knowingly spread that on to someone else. i do agree to h in the should be on the same platform as the other sexually transmitted. mean this, the only problem is how, how we come to know h, i me, in terms of relating to a population of people who do to outlaw extra ality. and how many people may feel about that. however, h o b has been treated harshly compared to others, and i think the next se behind that may be herpes. but the fact that there is treatment that is available and responsibility really just comes down to everyone being understanding the real risk and browse the transmission of any s, t d, whether be a be or, or as i say, any other communicable to the well, i knew how people would be responsible,
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but we know how to search and i'm going to have responses. but i do want to get your point real quick make on this. but does this not take away the rights of the partner? whether it be just a simple relationship or a long term one, who might i knowingly actually be exposed to any of these communicable disease? these kinds of diseases i think is a very slippery slope. i think when you're talking about sex in general, particularly unprotected sex. we've known about unprotected sex and you know, the things that you can end up catching. and you know, as a result of you having unprotected sex, but it really does boil down to the personal responsibility factor. i mean, there are things that can happen whether it's pregnancy or contracting one of the communicable diseases. but these things happen there are treatable diseases that are not durable, but the question is okay, well how far do we want to go down that road? and i'm just not sure if definitely h i v should be treated like any other communicable disease. but the question is whether or not that is something that should be prosecuted. you know, it's
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a very difficult thing to deal with when you're talking about in the bedroom and in a partner. not being honest with any type of s d d that a person may have. but you know, i'm as far as just the incarceration factor, i do think that it's important that we probably start moving away from it simply because of the advance and advancement in technology and dealing medical science and dealing with h i. b, i do think we need to start moving away from prosecuting those decision. but i have to tell you gentlemen, you know, talk to my girlfriends about the story today. a lot of them said, you know, they would probably be the best thing for their partner to be locked up in jail if they gave me something that was not good that raleigh, for their own safety would be a good thing. that's all joking aside. i do like the law about this and robert on this side of it, do you think the law is actually too vague or should other states pass similar laws? because if i have to put this is there like interstate commerce. but if you're a resident, illinois idea, you know, you're not necessarily checking the rules and the other state, you know, is this some of the federal federally should be taken up? well, we see congress debating this issue. no,
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i don't believe we will see congress debating these issues because particularly these are state laws. however, in my, in the movement we are looking at supporting federal legislation that will least address the issue of recommendation. it was only mentioned just for a little bit and the national each of the strategy in 2010, and then the bomb administration. and so since then, we've been advocating for the federal government to at least acknowledge this issue and represented morally, one of the other representatives have been sort of championed to try to introduce legislation to various congress congressional session. but in terms of this law, i really feel like we don't necessarily need a specific law that someone is purposely intentionally doing that shouldn't be a problem for people to know that they're in fact, living with a chinese is a shipment. and so so it's important for people tend to take the time to really
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understand h i b, if they're sexually acting, you gotta know about these laws many don't. and there's a reason why they don't know what people are on to do. in the end one they don't c h i b in the way that they see it. but in terms of your question about protection, if you commit this crime in a particular state and then you are, you are liable on the law in that state, no matter where which state you may come from, right? just wanted to make, make that point very good by robert a real quick. i don't want to leave you. it's giving you the final word on this, your final thoughts. yeah. so i don't know, i sorry. i know. i think that there is a lot of information that we continue to know. and as i said, medical science does indeed involve. i think there does need to be some type of responsibility placed on a person who knowingly transmit any type of you know, communicable disease. but i think singling out h,
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i v itself just really feeds into the stigma about the gay community and prevents people from actually taking it seriously. even in heterosexual communities, prevents them from taking seriously the, you know, the consequences of having unprotected sex lake. robert, thanks for joining on a very sensitive topic, but obviously one that it's important enough to the governor of illinois to make sure that he address. thank you so much for joining me. now after the break, governor abbot has finally ordered the national guard to the border. but what this actually deter those, trying to cross entity united states are just cause in to try another state during discuss after the break, the i from germany, we're a long study. find that the, the biomass of fly in say, the weight of flying insects fell by 76 percent in the last 26 years.
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so inside, you just become much, much less common, which means all the jobs that they do are not being done anymore. and that that is the real danger and that's what's going to impact on me. a new gold rush is underway, and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn between gold education. my family was very poor, i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still it will have the strongest appeal the hot topic on capitol hill and why republicans continue to bring it to the for, for debate. the democrats. they are silent on it. we're talking about the crisis at the us mexico border. now a month ago, almost 190000 migrants for apprehended by border patrol. and governor greg abbott
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says the lone star state is all alone in handling crisis. well, we're never alone, as long as faren fraud sack is around and she's gonna tell us just how much texas take matter into its own hands and arresting anyone and everyone trying to cross over even though the federal government may have abandoned their responsibility, we are not going to bed and our responsibility just weeks ago, texas governor greg abbott was joined by former president, donald trump at the us mexico border where we held a border security briefing with law enforcement from border communities about the continuous search of migrants entering the united states. so if you look on a month by month basis, what you will see is an increase your over a year of $800.00, not 100 percent. sometimes almost a 1000 percent abbot says texas still hasn't received any help from the binding administration. so he's going rogue,
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we're not playing games anymore. i've deployed the national guard as well as the texas department of public safety. the bite administration plan is to catch and release the texas plan is to catch into jail. in a letter to texas military, general tracy norris, governor abbot writes, the governor can call on state military forces to enforce state law and to assist civil authorities and guarding are conveying prisoners ending with i hear by order that the texas national guard assist dps and enforcing texas law by arresting lawbreakers at the border. we are arresting, angelic. the program has already begun. it took a few weeks to set up because we actually had to set up an entire new booking system where to get judges about of the process magistrates to who had magistrate these people where to open up a former prison that has now a 1000 jail beds that were starting to fill up. we are arresting people every single day, just days before governor abbot and trump toward the border vice president tomlin
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harris, along with a group of democrats, visited el paso, texas. critics argue her visit was long overdue, and only done knowing the former president would visit the border that same month, the u. s. customs and border protection release figures that showed a 189000 attempted crossings. and the month of june alone, democrats left saying it's a crisis that's not easy to fix. congress needs to do is when it comes to immigration reform, it has been 35 years since we've had an immigration. everybody complains about the immigration system and they should, it's broken. we have a crisis at our border and we're playing footsie with math mandate in the people's house, texas representative ship royce, firing a democrats. he says, for continuing to dodge the crisis at the border. we have people infected with coven coming, or rather southern border to texas. and you are mapped mass upfront here,
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here on the people's house and the texas rio grande valley border patrol reported in the 1st 2 weeks of july. there were $135.00 migrants who tested positive for coded, marking a 900 percent increase. we are absolutely sick and tired of it and so are the american people. this sham of an institution is doing nothing for the american people. nothing for the betterment of the people that send there are representatives here. border patrol reports in 2021 alone. there have been more than a 1000000 encounters with migrants at the border in 2020. just a little more than 400000. showing a more than 50 percent increase this year for news use use. i'm fair in front. let's get the 360 view and bring in a former colorado state senator ted harvey and democratic commentator, jonathan harris. thank you so much for joining me, gentlemen. you better revenue, ted, i'm going to throw a g 1st. should governor abbot have done this sooner,
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as many as republican colleagues wanted him to do? well, this is certainly unprecedented for any governor to do this. i don't remember any governor doing this, but these are unique times the failure of the bite administration is leading to governors doing things they've never had to do before. and yes, i believe that the governor should have done this. but we also have to understand that this is an election year. he's got a primary against some pretty good opponents. and i think that that might have driven him to actually try to deal with an issue that his constituents have been begging for for months. and finally, he's stepping up and doing what probably should have been done several months before holiday to tad going on and calling polish politics on your own party. i love it, but that's why i bring jonathan on this one because this could actually lead to almost $200.00 arrest a day additional. what will we do with those? take it to catch you. that's my problem as they are already over capacity in processing. so when you arrest more, where are they going to go?
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so what am i going to do? he already called politics on the republican party. what am i going to do now? no, no, no, no, honestly, i mean, i would say just a quick point. the binding ministration could easily argue that he inherited this from the trump administration. i mean, apprehensions around 11 year high under the trump administration. the border so i think each administration could successfully bring blame this on the one prior. so, but as it relates to, to handling this, i mean, some people would say he should have done it sooner. some people would say he shouldn't do it at all. i mean, it is a little odd to imprison people coming to your country for help. so i think it just is a moral question about whether or not you think that's a moral thing to do, handling people who are coming to your country for help putting them in prison. so, well, you know what, let's call that moral question on this one job and i got to ask you, what is the moral thing to be doing in the abilities for assistance for finding a lot of these facilities are actually being criticized for not having proper care
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not having the proper people in charge. so what is the moral obligation that americans have right now to those coming into this country from the border without going through the process that others have? well, i think that this is also part of kind of what the conversation was under the previous administration. i mean, again, i don't know how i would blame biden for this. he's been in office for 6 months. this is a problem that has been going on for decades, but one of the criticisms of the charlotte administration was the handling of this at the interest of the kids in cages thing that we all, that we're all really disturbed by. i think the 1st thing you do is you make sure that the way that they're being cared for is humane and understand the things are not people who are coming here to, you know, to try to kill you in the middle of the night. but these are people who are fleeing unlivable conditions in their country. and if we are a christian, a christian nation, different people feel differently about that. but if we are a christian nation, it's a tough cell to say that jesus sort of been like, yeah, rest of family, those kids to, you know, roman prison. i think so. it really does come down to really
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a moral stance on that issue. oh, i am sure if anybody can criticize a bite administration and i got the right man for the job right next to you. what, what do you say about that? well, e half, right? every administration for the last 40 years has been failure on securing our sovereign borders, and trump finally ran with banner that he was going to do something about it. and that's why he beat 16 very competent republicans and the primary. he tried to work with congress for 3 years to get something done, even with a republican majority is 1st couple years and couldn't get anything done. so i will defend president trump. he actually did something in his last year, which was passed an executive order that said that was the remain in mexico policy . that said, you could not seek asylum unless you are going to try to seek it in the 1st country that you come to, not just come all the way through mexico and come to the united states and. and in the last year that brought illegal immigration to a trickle blow,
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anything any administration had ever had. and biden, on his very 1st day turn reversed that executive order and did away with the remain in mexico policy, which result it again in this crisis that was happening when he was vice president to, to happen all over again. so to say that biden, in inherited, this is ridiculous bite and created this when he did away with the remaining mexico policy and doesn't, i will actually talk to you about you made the comments. these are families come over and i think there's a large majority of those that are seeing, but there are sound, we're fine. there is a need to just like small crime, speak me. these are some major violent crimes are happening, obviously in california where you are, you're saying gangs are actually on the rise as well. but you're, you're seeing a lot of these illegals that are able to commit these crimes. and they've done it multiple times because there's no track record to process them. what would you say? how did that help the argument and what should be done with those characters that we continuously see committing crimes? there's a trial going on right now of a young lady who was murdered by an illegal who came over and this is his 2nd or
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3rd, a 5th for they just let him go because he didn't have the resources and they didn't have any track record of them i think it's hard because what ends up happening and this is again, like i said, this issue predates all of these as ministrations. the border continues to be played as a political football. we almost lose track of the fact, like i said that these are families, either people ring on little book conditions coming to the us for help and it becomes a political football. like, like my colleague mentioned, he said this is an election year. i'm sure that governor avenue is trying to make a big of a scene about this or the can to secure his base. but sure there are criminal. there are people who are, there are criminals here. there are a legal criminal process. them handle them as you should, but don't forget about that. and i hope that she's coming back to the moral issue that these are human beings. and if the tables were turned and things change here in this country, and we have to flee this country to go to our neighbors, the idea that we would be treated like that i think would be disturbing to us. so
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yes, prosecute criminals as you should, but also be humane in the way that you're dealing with people coming to this country for help. and that's fair, tad, i'm going to ask you though, as you point out, this is political. do you think this actually deters people from crossing the border or is this more pushed in to cross somewhere else other than texas, and should other governors, other kind of looking at going, why did you put us in this situation and they're going to follow in the same suit of activating their national guards. well, it's not abbot putting them in this situation. it's the fail biden administration that's putting them in this position and, and i don't really think habit cares about it. if these illegal immigrants go to new mexico or california, he cares about protecting his citizens along the border and in texas. so i do believe that. c if they actually are successful and moving forward and like you said, who knows what they're going to do once they fill up the the jails because a $100000.00 plus are coming in every month. so this is going to fill out pretty quickly. but if they are successful, then they will have to go to other states to come in. and i think you're going to
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see the other state start to push back. but right now the humanity in crisis. the flood that's coming into america is coming in through texas, and that's why the governor is taking the strong position. okay, said humanitarian crisis. jonathan, we heard a little bit about it, common harris way down to the border. we're not hearing anything about it now. get is still happening. why aren't the democrats doing anything about it? why are they putting the attention on there? because the less they pay attention on it, nothing's happening with it because i think that what's happening is we have priorities in this country. there are things that are actually going on that are important in that matter. and i'm not saying that the warner and whether people are coming into this country legally doesn't matter. what i'm saying is we have literally an outbreak of a pandemic that we're trying to get under control. and so vice president kamala here at the border. but, you know, there are other things that i think are a priority. and again, as i said, i think the political football thing is what's happening from the republican just the only thing they can use is trying to hurt them by the ministration. and that's
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what i think they're trying to do with it. and over one of those things that make this, this issue about the border be so important right now. as we know, the testing is not happening down there as it should. gentlemen, thanks for the conversation. if you got lost, that's all the time we offered a show, i promise conversation will continue. follow me on twitter. make sure that you download the portal dot tv app. thank you for watching. we'll see you soon. i i we're going to count down the next day. she has torn in historic day in monetary history. that would be august 15th, 1971. the day that then president richard nixon closed the gold window, basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and since then we've had pure monetary chaos.
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the ah top headlines are not using national for this our, the french president and manuel macro and sous the creator of a billboard depicting him as a tickler prompting charges of a pauper. so given his previous storage, defense of freedom of expression, austria had had up all illegal migration with its interior minister bowing the country will take matters into its own hands of the blasting the due for failing to act on the program. we speak to the countries of former foreign minister once we have seen over the last that case and actually started in my life 5 to somehow try to take a common approach when.


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