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but i will be doing it, but i am a lot of the filipinos subdivision advice is called itself the other side of group and is based around min, danelle, bus, alon and the pseudo islands. his goal is to establish an independent muslim caliphate in the philippines. that they use large numbers of children in combat as human shields, suicide bombers. and as donors to treat wounded adult fighters,
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the whole, the after almost $24.00 l. c on route to visit the marines, jaffar and up dula still don't know, watch waiting for them. there transferred from one naval ship to another and a voyage continues. i knew i mean. ready this is up doing this home village. it was his uncle who sold him to us. that's him. my neighbor will
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the school i school. the uncle didn't just sell his nephew, but his son to not go to guy and now my new do un thing. cell phone 1000, you know, we didn't, yes. he says that men in black came and asked for his children. they promise to teach them arabic and he claims he had no idea. it was a trap. i mean that and i thought when i didn't get angel, mano job id ever knew my friends, if i can. huge up among the go to the 5000. did i mean edge? i mean $900.00. li jenny? great,
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do you think all my la mankind in my la month i must my luck and you are way now. me in the near to not be in total may be around the me i. c c got my little figure really a money me, me. my mom mention 300 reading up on we need to be form in gen 4 on the money. if your mom by jenn me among among him, new berlin, k. i know, but what i mean son will not mention middle
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live when my my head into a little bit. i'm de la says he never saw his cousin that the ice his camp and hadn't heard anything about where he was or what he doing. well, we're not gonna go down. no, no money for it's been you know, mutation and the good stuff you know our due to organ miller and i mean, but by our my, the world yo,
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yo about over might be a big mission or if you think you need to need my now i will not finish nice, you know, i mean there in the month. so, but now if i need to know if i need to so i can start looking for the library. i will show up for me herman. let me know where he will be.
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for the age, 13 princess has already learned what the trailers father didn't sell her. he betrayed her by joining ices, news, and so i knew my lesson. yes, i knew by now must be there's no problem then the thought on a minute as i've been in a position up when it did now the non o y
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one day joseph the father. and so they say why i didn't need to tell you because my husband joined isis because of poverty, says princess, his mother were a poor family. i live, i was just a moment and i thought it was something my so my so let up. i will not let me know but mama said let us but don't go when and what about next sunday or monday in the
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summer? no. i mean, i didn't, i felt a little bit so i didn't know that you said you might be good a lot, but we might not, but maybe you know, want to be willing to go living with somebody who didn't get a lot of work job him. so what makes him
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long when you for this it was just that in you know, somebody to be like i says, commander on may the 23rd 2017 to how does captured morale. we city in the center of mentor. now island militants smashed their way into the police station and helped themselves to weapons and ammunition. they beheaded the police chief and shot all the other police officers. because government forces were unprepared for the attack. the battle tomorrow we against the terrorists continued until mid october. everyone in this story, ford on the side of isis princess, his father jump out of him with an icy unit commander, as well as 13 year old jaffar and 10 year old cow here. de la claims that he'd been able to escape before the battle began. in the receipt,
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renee heard the group, where are we? i think that it might be cool or i see someone told us that my father joined there so unbelievable. i can't believe it. never see this. i'm not i'll be his name. she said, smell at that in my room. so i mean, i'm up in july and what i mean with a lesson and i'm going now push me out some of the other side that the races the other the
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the the hello the oh i use ah, i use
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the, you know, going to count down the next day as torn and historic day in monetary history, that would be august 15th, 1971 day that then president richard nixon. close the gold window, basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and since then we've had pure monetary chaos. oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that he's fancy and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the because it's corporate,
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me from germany along to the fact that the, the biomass fly in say, the weight of flying insects fell by 76 percent in the last 26 years. so it's just becoming much, much less common, which means all the jobs that they do and not being done anymore. and that, that is the real danger. and that's what's going to impact on the the news the hello and
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the law. my son said i would be awesome me. i mean my father will come to us and so that we can, my family will be complete against me . the naval vessel has reached the suitable islands, an area that's off limits for tourists, jump out and up dula taken ashore all the
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way, let me . c your father says he fought for 3 days in model we before he escaped. the army captured him, but because he is a minor, he was soon released. now he's alone and on wanted. there's no money, no home, and no family. his only relative in the city is an aunt who lives in the refugee camp. the the
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the way that i'm moving the money with my refill on making that meeting with them and maybe from the the the
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the level i the ah. so i the they may look like paradise, but these are delicate landscape, some is leading. the sulu islands was a southern base for both sides. terrorists. it's where the philippines, marine corps chose to hold a special youth tournament football for piece. it's also where jafar and up dollars
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journey will end me more than a 1000 children will take part in the competition that coming from all a nearby islands and villages. hope that and gaze as they called here me military personnel is say, the place is geographically isolated and depressing. me are the only government agencies that can go to places that others can go. they say up at their school, most of them specially kicked him. so be brought here if we can influence the change in then surely they will me recruit that these are their risk the.
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6 judge will give me a little bit of this when i was looking at the it turns out that neither jeff nor abdullah have ever played football, the thought i use
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just concedes the goal. after the very 1st shot, he takes off his gloves and leaves the pits with a dollar close behind. they refuse to play any more than become spectators instead of dula even hides behind the officials table. yeah, the most of the most of the lemme
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lemme just ask them to take advantage of that. they do have the potential coming everyone deserves the 2nd time. so today the for the 1st time, former isis members jaffar and up dollar of simple boyish smiles on their faces. the me and
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the money in your menu and they and nothing you and that's, that's if any. but i said, i see somebody not that old double bond that you wouldn't mind doing that you guys were looking for something i mean yeah, i need to, i mean by that is used by that. i mean, i'm not a must have that. no, i mean you need to let me know, but i will a new mind. you know, i'm going to come in and check the
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i, kimberly much i didn't get that. why in the void, by that you want to pull that up in apple knew what's next? so bad i would say and i, you know, there's some survived and the father did manage to bring him home. but 10 year old kid here died 2 months later, it wasn't the battle of maria. we had killed him, but his memories of it goes in and didn't be a former and not the news. 1215 over me. i read the you
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know, monday the know the going in the not one this year. but i will, i will start a new the bottom will not let me know that our goal. what i mean when the nation i was in love but i'm not. what are you about the the parents visit their son's grave. de la hasn't come to the cemetery. perhaps he fears going mad to just like his 10 year old cousin here. me there
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may i was able to buy that if i made a new buy that new another man we're still in the old days it would be the me the jeff hours cough is getting worse. and after the
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football match, he's taken to a doctor. minimal in the medicine. i didn't go by the the the the football tournament comes to a clue with the opening of a memorial to all the marines who fell in battle. ah,
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the gunfire almost makes joe pass out. from the moment i will get on the news, the me the new gold rushes underway, and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn
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between gold and education. my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still it will have the strongest appeal going to count down the next day, she has torn and historic day in monetary history. that would be august 15th, 1971, the dated. then president richard nixon closed the gold window, basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and since then we've had pure monetary chaos algorithm. so neural networks have been following us everywhere. we look online because our relationships are what matters most of us. and that's how we find meaning and how we make sense in our place in the world. what silicon valley see,
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don't mention in the slick presentations. however, the ghost workers who train the software human they're involved in every step of the process. when you're using anything online, but we're solve as this miracle of automation behind your screen. it's no longer able workforce. that seems algorithm is for next to nothing. on a very good day, i could do $5.00 now. a really bad day. i could do $0.10 worth isn't movable by design. it's about labor costs, but it's also about creating layers of western responsibility between those who solicit the kind of work and need it. and those who do it when i would say wrong. why don't i just don't i mean, yes to shape out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground in the a sporting hero. all week world in the face of adversity opinion is divided over to us, given us to quit, to limping finals over mental health concerns. meanwhile, german competitors and to make a stand against sexism we debate to for so really build up the world games that becoming increasingly dominated by politics to i think is a great opportunity. we see so many changes already, and i'm not worried, but it should be confirmed because we don't want to be just a vehicle for the latest 5 that comes along with a news let's you know, tackling an influx of illegal migrants but as all 30. so we allow measures to.


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