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work and need it, and those who do it the, the, the ah, the tokyo olympics continue to make headlines as a phillip us gymnast is hail the euro for quitting food finals. female german competitors make us spend again sexism with their choice of uniform. we debated if what's already being done. the walk games are becoming overtly politicized. we don't want to be just a vehicle for the latest class that comes along to different ill and picks. that's put it that way. it's an a everyone can pretend i'm enjoying it as much as i do. other olympics i have to say coming up to india is tackling an influx of illegal migrants, but as a thorough he's there,
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we'll measures to stem the flow that he use falls silent on the issue. also ahead this are you also may find the following footage, serving. 6 us sees another act of police brutality caught on camera with 2 officers in colorado charged after the violent arrest of a suspected press officer. ah, from moscow to the world. this is the news are in our teeth and i'm, you know, neil, let's get straight to our top story. there's been more drama, not the tokyo olympics after story us, jim. this simone bio sensationally pulled out of another final her sick. and in
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a matter of days considered one of the sports all time, greatest athletes. bio said she was making the move to quote, focus on her mental health. and while some observers see the move is her greatest achievement, yet others claim the american. let her team, it's done when they needed her most. i say mental health 1st, because if you don't, then you're not going to enjoy your spore and you're not going to succeed as much as you want to. so it's okay sometimes to even set out the big competition to focus on yourself on tuesday doing the talk to y'all in big individual all around competition and women's gymnastics simone biles. one of the greatest athletes to ever grace the sport for time on the big champion, quite surprisingly for many decided to withdraw from the, from the round and eventually the russian team or r o c f. you may want gold in the discipline. first, that was cited simone biles decided to withdraw to medical reasons. then it became
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clear as cited by the teams entourage and by, by also self that this was a mental health issue. it has created quite a whirlwind of reaction. there are those who are strongly accusing and abusing simone bias for withdrawing that i would say spearheaded by piers morgan, a famous u. k. tv host, who well just fell short of accusing some on violence of being a chicken and checking out on her team. and i saw something that serial winners do on mental health issues. now the go to excuse for any poor performance in elite sport. what a joke just admits you did badly made mistakes and was tried to do better next time . kids need strong role models, not this nonsense. obviously that has created huge response online and even some mainstream media jumped in. and if you look at the language that some of these mentioned media, like washington post and many others used, you would think that simone biles actually won
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a gold medal rather than pulling out from the competition. whenever biles pulls on her leotard, it says, though she's tighten in a cape around her neck, she's the hero task to save in a solid sport embodying some tried believe in american dominance, and also carry an agenda and an entire race. that's a heavy cape. and it chokes, but it's one that exceptional black women and women of color are tall to wear because simply being great isn't good enough. for some reason, many of those media and bonded and commentators also decided to bring in her agenda her race into the story which is already creating another type of backlash because people cannot understand what is her decision to withdraw from one particular competition. something she has been preparing for for quite a while, because the lympics is quite important for any athlete in the world has to do with who she has, her skin color and things like that. so it's definitely creating
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a major rift, and we have to wait and see where the simone biles decides to continue in this lympics a. she's a 4 time a champion in the olympics already. and obviously all eyes are on her in the u. s. thinking that she could win more, she went on instagram recently just saying how much of that weight on her shoulder is being hard on her. and may be this rick, with such reactions, coming from both sides would create even more pressure for the 24 year old gymnast with a very difficult boss or besides mental health. the gains of also thrown a spotlight on a legend, sexism, and in an attempt about lead german gymnast, i've chosen to wear a full body unit towards instead of the more traditional bikini cut leo charts. the decision was made to protest the suppose it sexualization of athletes. my colleague rory to shade, discuss the increasing attention being paid off the tokyo olympics to non sporting
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issues with a panel of guest. this whole issue of uniform and the sexualization of women has to go quite soon and it can be so very simply, he just say here the uniformed men and women, no different, any sport that tries to segregate male and female on the basis of uniform is really back in the 20th century, one of the biggest things about the atlantic and your skills and the, and that's what you're judging, not charging the uniform and what, what people don't realize the sexualization of women will make me very self conscious when wearing we're beating clothing, which my actually performance, so really if you really care about the school and from this girl, we should allow them to feel confident and what they're wearing, doing a bit of a problem be on the one hand the olympics is designed to extol, abuse in the perfection of the human body operating at peak efficiency,
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so it's there to be admired. well, the other hand, we have contributed silly things, who may feel uncomfortable with that being live in particular. maybe there's a case for some element of choice, but at the same time we don't want to lose the essence of what they're lympics is mental health issue of simone biles. she withdrew. i mean, this must be in a very, very difficult decision for gigi think perhaps she's set an example by doing this is a topic that has had the years and only recently always that people have mental health . and i think they lympics of the past examples. why not expect i really feel that especially in, in can they, they, they, they really try the years and years and they carry their country. shoulders is okay to be okay, i have mental health. i'm not going to. the fact that she has withdrawn has bought further attention to her. i mean, if she's sort of quietly underperformed and perhaps explained to the media that you know, this is just one of those events. you can't be pique all the time and then quietly
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slipped away. fine, but she really made an announcement him put mental health health back on the map again. so the importance of mental health issue obviously shouldn't be underestimated about perhaps putting that onto the lympics as well as perhaps too much is a sporting event should be kept as a sporting event. if one is not ready for it, when really shouldn't, shouldn't be there. you can only find out sometimes that you're not ready for it when you're there already. are you afraid perhaps that non sport issues are political ones in particular for example, could, could become main talking points in the future olympics? no, i'm not worried. i think it's a great many changes already. i'm not worried, i still feel like eventually if you're kind of not 5 down, but you respect respect and i'm happy to different hill and picks. that's put it that way. it's an a everyone watching on tv and watching, you know,
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68 tests and see the stadium with every seat. they can pretend i'm enjoying it as much as i do. other olympics i have to say, well it should be confirmed because we don't want to be just a vehicle for the latest. 5 that comes along. lympics should represent social moles as they changed, but i need to prevent its own thing. trilled brand needs to keep continuing to keep that wow. fight so that we have when we see the olympics of it with their own specific procedures and, and habits and ways. and that's the beauty olympics. that's what we want to say. we don't want to make it to the temporary to trans unit, and just this way, formal instrument almost 200, a legal border crossings in a single day. that's what let you any is currently facing with a total number of detain, migrants, gruff, the police spiking to 3000 this summer in the european nation. and while vilnius has been denied for bringing in rustic measures to send the flow our
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t shirt let dubin ski has been looking at the use position on the issue. quickly changed. european union state fed full all supposed to be cool partners. however, for some countries being in the gang seems of more benefits than others. take the current situation in a way, which is going at the moment with an influx of migrant difficult times call for difficult decisions. this will drastically change the way news immigration policy. it includes math, the tension of migrants, a ban on the release of those who are in detention for 6 level. they will be no right to a translator to obtain information about the asylum process. they will also curb the right to appeal decisions and to allow for deportation while lose appeals at
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being examined. do whatever it takes to absolutely ensure that only people who are persecuted for political reasons and have a good ground to look for a political shelter stay here. has been created specifically to deal with my goodness, coming over from neighboring batteries. it's awaiting you and you accuse minutes of using them as a political to as relations continue to sour. but critics say the law is a step to fall. the law is a potential human rights violation and it doesn't correspond to you directives, it and tries the current bad situation in lithia and in detention centers in law and lives vulnerable people in and even more vulnerable situation. then we even criticism from the way news form a chair of the constitutional court. the proposals which are unconstitutional are based on the promise that all foreigners who cross the border are 2nd class human
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beings not entitled to constitutional rights conditions in the must detention centers have also been denounced with allegations, the migrants have being stripped to fact telephones that they can only got signed for one hour a day, pressure that some say has led to people attempting to take that law. everyone detained in this building is suffering psychologically. i already ran away from iraq, since it's a prison, it is the same here. meanwhile, lithuania is embarking on a massive project to keep wouldn't be migrant out. it plans to cover almost the entirety of its food with batteries, with a raise, a wire. so what do you think? let you and use border is an external you border which is currently experiencing an unprecedented influx of migrants and asylum seekers. these people, many of them butterball, need urgent support,
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such as food and shelter. the european union, other member states will not flee. let us alone in this difficult situation. so very supportive, definitely, except when another in human hungry took a similar action. only use external border with serbia. following a wave of migration in 2015, the tone from brussels couldn't be any more different. last year, the youth top court found hungry and guilty of reeking, assign the rules. it says it mashed up the lose or protecting vulnerable migrant, by denying them the right to apply for asylum and by forcibly to putting them. meanwhile, as of the state such as greece, also look to build rules only use external border to keep migrant out. brussels have so much as batted an eyelid, leading some to feel that in the you know,
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partnerships are indeed equal. another act of police brutality has been caught on camera in the us. 2 officers in colorado have been charged over the violent arrest of an on our mixed race known a warning. you may find the following video disturbing doc, sorry. oh. 6 what's your hands, are you okay with your police officers identified the suspect. kyle vinson, who was wanted by authority for several offences for seemingly resisting arrest. one of the officers shook the man. it's him in the head and face with the gun. vinson was then taken to hospital, leaving the officers in question have since been charged with use of excessive force. the aurora police chief, strongly condemned, or called this is not police work,
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is not police work. we don't train this, not acceptable. nothing justifiable from the police officers actions. you use the force necessary to an effect in a rust. you keep yourself safe to keep the citizen safe and you actually keep the person that you're arresting safe. the job of the police officer, the strict cop is not to punish. that's the job of the courts to white edition, not a punishment for conviction. if so, well we have as we have police officers who are not being backed by the department, not being properly trained and their emotions are letting them get the best of them . that's usually what you see. and then against what we saw in colorado that was a 100 percent. waves of violent acts involving police officers in the u. s. provoke mass protests last year, around the country leading to calls to de from the police. and while some local murderers met, there was the man's back. then by slashing budget's soaring crime, you're seeing much of that now reversed with calls to refund forces. the latest is
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washington d. c mer. who now wants to hire more police officers signing an increase in homicides in the nation's capital. the d. c. police budget for 2021 was slashed by some $14000000.00. subsequently this year has seen more than a 100 murders this year already. dollars a figure 4 percent off. on all of 2020 i have directed metropolitan police department to use any overtime necessary to meet our public safety demands. we also know we need all of our officers to be fresh rested, and in the best position to make good decisions. and that requires having a full force to meet all of our communities needs. a share cargo is mera guilty of reverse racism. that's what some are claiming after her decision to talk only to journalists of color. brief things will look more on that story later
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in the program. president biden has accused moscow of already interfering and next year is mid term elections in the u . s. by method of misinformation, the prevalence rejected the claim thing. it doesn't meddle in elections and will not do so in the future. meanwhile, our t southgate taylor has spoken to the well known american evangelist, franklin graham, who's given control to several us presidents. he shared his thoughts on a range of issues, including the current state of relations between washington and moscow. the relations between our 2 countries is the lowest has been made since the cold war. and i find this very troubling. we have so much in common with russia, with the russian people. and we need to find ways to work together. it doesn't mean that we have to agree on everything. but we need to be working together and talking together and listening to one another is so important. there's when you look at the
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needs of the world with american russia working together, i think we can help solve so many of the problems. i think, i think starting relationships with people themselves is extremely important to encourage the president trump every time us with him to try to work with russia. the problem we had is the media turned on president wrong. they gave out false information on president trump accused russia interfering with elections and these types of things. and it just divided our country and made it almost possible impossible for president trump to do anything if you take in my country, be funding the police. okay. seattle. they found the police department
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and the mayor would not support the police department. and this few days ago they had a number of shootings and murders and, and the mirror is now asking for more police. okay. well, that's a little late. but yes, this is woke, culture is gone too far. when like with george floyd and my heart was broken when i, when i watched them and when they said i came breathe and the police officer just ignoring it, just broke my heart. but there are tens of thousands of policemen that are wonderful men and women that do their job every day that risk their lives to protect the men and women of the streets and times of the way the used to saying how the u. s. act when you came in 2015, i think you also posed in front of the map of russia,
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which nowadays counts as collusion. you are very brave man, but you also during the visit, met with russian politicians at least one that i know is under us. sanctions did not have any repercussions. how was that received? i don't believe in a sanctions. i think the sanctions heard. i don't think the sanctions do anything that make people more mad and i'll look at sanctions that were put on other countries around the world. and it's usually other people that get hurt. the smaller people get hurt and i would, i would lift those sanctions unless get on the business. the still ahead in the program, they threatened to run raleigh in lebanon with the un warning, millions of lives. brisk more on the shore for the news
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. news. the news the showing me every thursday on the alex silent show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in
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the moon ah 22 minutes into the program. welcome back. chicago's mer, laurie lightfoot. say she isn't sorry for her decision to give interviews only to non white reporters, claiming as has triggered quote, much needed debate. i would absolutely do it again. i'm unapologetic about it because it's per a very important conversation. the conversation that needed to happen that should have happened a long time ago. the merit also said the media conferences are dominated by whites reporter is suggesting its time markets better reflect the miracle of american society. she's being viewed over herself by
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a reporter for the daily caller who argues like for the violating basic principles of freedom with the christopher horace of hyphenated america, online news and analysis. yesterday, up the race card is being played by democrats to distract people from policy feeling people off the street mortgage. and there's nothing more than smoke and mirrors is a smoke screen just to distract people from all the other things that are taking place. it's a poxy, we can just run on down the line, all the people out there, whether it's the elected officials like laurie lightfoot, or other people in the media who are out there trying to gin up race wars and all that is a slight of hand to try to, to just to distract you from the things that are not working with their public policies and look at the results. the black community or somebody say the african american community is one of the ones that suffers the most by continuing to vote for people like laurie lightfoot in for the party that she represents. because it
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just leads to more swirling around the toilet. that's essentially what ends up happening in the black community. water scarcity is fast becoming a life and death matter in the middle east and north africa, and lebanon. the situation so dire that the children's charity unicef. it's calling for immediate action as millions in the country risk losing access to clean water in just a number of weeks. we heard from the us representative in the nation. well, utility companies in lebanon, approximately would have between 4 to 6 weeks before they actually shut down altogether. we're extremely concerned that due to the economic crisis, which is spiraling out of control, that this is not going to affect the very essential water supplies for 4000000 people in the country. and the deterioration of the crisis have really accelerated in the past 12 months to a point where now even basic, essential, experimental,
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fair, part, consumable. even chlorine actually make sure that the water is safe to drink, even that is often no longer available for the utility companies. unicef estimate shortages could see a water fees surge by 200 percent a month, meaning the most vulnerable will be unable to meet the most basic of needs. local reporter linda to me got a 1st on the account of the unfolding crisis in one of lebanon's main cities. i'm standing inside a leather, non 2nd largest city and according to what i was, water outages here are even worse in the are invaders. i'm just about to meet with a resident here all about the issues facing with these families when it comes to water out. most of her and his family have been suffering from severe outages throughout the summer. sometimes they go for days without a single drop of water. we have several water bills to pay what we get. so we need
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to get extra supplies. if there's no electricity or fuel for generated from water, we can have a week long outages. it's very difficult, especially in the summer we already have so much to deal with. we are very tired. most extra tanks often filled up by private water companies have been springing up on roofs. all oversight and water has become so precious. in fact, that people have started locking their tanks out of fear that neighbors might steal from them. close families here inside and used to require just one water tank like those that you can see right behind me. but now they're not enough. so at least 4 tanks are required for household and it's important to note that each of those tanks needs at least 6 hours of electricity or generator in order to pump that water, all the way up and fill up those tanks. but now with the fuel prices and the power outages that lebanon is constantly facing,
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most of these tanks do not fill up. the un is already raising the alarm, seeing that the countries water system is on the brink of collapse. and that's the, made the ongoing political and financial crisis. the one that the world bank has already described as likely to be among the top 3 most severe financial crises in the world. since $850.00 basic necessities such as medicine, fuel and electricity have been scarce in recent weeks and with water prices increasing at an alarming rate. families have been rushing to secure alternative supplies with no real solution in sight. many may soon be forced to compromise on their personal hygiene to save water, which begs the question of whether lebanon can avoid the potential public health catastrophe looming on the horizon. ok, the weekly visit of a former 1st minister of scotland is on your screens. next. do stay with us for another fresh life of the alex summon, show beginning enrollment the
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ah, the the count down the next day as toward historic day in monetary history. that would be august 15th, 1971. the day that then president richard nixon closed the gold window, basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and since then we've had pure monetary chaos. oh, me
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. welcome to the alex, i'm sure we're today. we examined controversial decisions that the u. k. government, in dealing with the corporate pandemic function policy is recommended by the joint committee on vaccination and immunization, the d. c. v. i and been surprised and heavily caviar to advice. last week, the committee recommends at the fall of consideration of, of incorporate vaccines to secondary school children. should the government wish to consider the vaccination of children and young adults age less than 18 years with the primary aim of reducing the code to infection rate. a symptomatic and symptomatic cases irrespective of other direct or indirect benefit, as discussed above. the known benefits from vaccination, unlikely to be limited. in this instance, j. c, v. i favors deferral of a universal offer of vaccination until more data have accrued, including a clear understanding of the impact of coven 19 in the u. k. within the context of
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a successful adult vaccination program. however, many signs of the supreme and even more strikingly saw, which is most international advice and higher backs need to countries including the policymakers in america, germany, new zealand of the netherlands. the positions particularly pressing in scotland, where the schools go back in a mere 3 weeks under recent comparisons between the scottish and english states of infection strongly suggests the schools had been the key vector of transmission of the virus school and the rate of cobra transmission was higher than england until the scottish schools went off on holiday and then with quickly overtaken by the english street where the schools were still in session. today shall we talk to 2 tea experts from north on face of the border about the government's decision making on vaccination. wait to christmas talk. cambridge. we're all just has become a hi.


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