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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 28, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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reportedly, what is your latest study telling us about acute covered? so i am a professor of brake medicine and child health to university of liverpool and i get invited to attend stage meetings. the government's senior advisors are chris with the and patrick browns and they choose the experts and their advice will not my role. i bring to that data from research studies i'm personally responsible for. so i have to take personal responsibility for the data on present. the, the reality is the cobra does not just the disease of the frail and elderly and we are seeing children a bit hostile and adult submitted hospital. the reality is the death mostly does occur in people over the age of 50 and far more people label that age of 75. that goes up exponentially and buzzword. very steeply as age gets all. but if you look at people damaged by covered, even people as young as 19 are suffering damage in hospital,
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which we can measure. and some of the children to rarely get inflammatory syndromes and require quite a lot of hospital care. so to say that this is just a disease, the frail, an elderly is definitely wrong. well, i'm sure the faxes will come out in force treating against this show, but this was a study of $70000.00 adults and all be it. this is rare. the proportions that i've got to figure 27 percent between 1929 year old, 37 and 3039 year old. and the organs effected a kidney long and hot. and you think this is a long term issue for these people suffering from this acute conditions caused by covert. so this is a study conducted in u. k. hospitals in 300 into hospitals. so it's generalizable and conduction england, scotland and wales. so you can say to do any special problem in any one of our countries or any failing into any one particular hospital. so this whole call
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quality generalizable data. the study has been peer reviewed. so unlike the fraudulent my format and report which has been retracted because of plagiarism and data quality issues, this is a study that's been to the gamut of peer review. what we found when we looked at 70000 adults age between 19 and i think the oldest son 100, something was quite a surprise. we found it. even the younger adults were suffering tissue injuries to the lung, liver, kidney, heart, and occasionally the brain as well. the commonest injury was a thing called kidney acute kidney injury. and you would expect most people with the kidney injury to actually get better. but some will have a step wise reduction kidney function which may lead in decades to come to need for renewal, replacement therapy or problems handling drugs or metabolize for the kidney. so
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what we're starting to get to know is really granular understanding of how calmer corporate damages people of all ages, particularly adults. so these are a cute injuries occurring in hospital. we do know that this concept of long cove, it but the injuries we're seeing in hospital are unlikely to get better overnight or even a matter of weeks. so i think some aspects of the damage caused by corporate and hostile are leading into the parts of the syndrome called long covert and to some way to explain long calls it, not all the way that some way. and these are the vaccinated or the unvaccinated suffering like this. what are the proportions? the study reporting was conducted before vaccination, so it's, they were all unvaccinated. we've seen a huge benefit from vast nation and hospitals. the age groups being admitted to hostile majority or no under 50, under unvaccinated,
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and the mature or have had the vaccine, but it's not low enough to work yet. so totally different population is now coming into hospital is mostly under 50. and the paradox here is these are salvageable people. these are people that we can save their lives with the highest interventions. that means that they take our hospital resources as we say their lives. now we keep them well. so there's still quite a high burden on our health care system generated by these people that are not vaccinated. now, i should just say about, i have a mexican in case no one knows about it. and antiviral being talked about. and as you said, peer review has shown it to be fraudulent. apparently, i should also do say that apparently the government is reportedly thinking of vaccines 12 to 15 year old. you're not so sure about the effectiveness of injecting children and i am are in a vaccine. i've been sitting on the fence on the vaccination of children issue for
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some time. while i waited to hear more about the safety data in the younger age groups. and the conclusion i'm coming to and this is very much partial conclusion. we do know that covered causes some harm to children, but is vanishingly rare. and if you want to balance the risks of pure health risks against the, again, very rare side effects for the vaccine is a really, really finally balanced argument. however, if you take into consider the wider impact of covered on disrupting children's education and their social and emotional development and taken to the consideration that children do amplify the disease to some extent, mainly because they're the only group that aren't vaccinated. then i think the overall argument sways in favor of fascinating are teenagers,
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but that's an arguments that's involving a big picture argument that's taking care of effect on society and education. not just health suspiciously correlates with these report, the cur, the british government, just about to announce obviously being an expert, particularly in the midst and maybe maybe an issue. i should just quickly ask another thing about vaccination. their reports from israel, that shortening the delay between 1st and 2nd, vaccines seems to have impacted on the efficacy of the vaccination program over there. whereas we've kept it the same sort of length here . are you aware aware of that? and then therefore, the dangers of shortening that length. yes, and we've got to study ongoing in the u. k. i think it's called a predict study. and they've looked at different generations of distance between 1st dose and 2nd dose. but i think they're shown showing this a 6 to
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a week delay between 1st and 2nd dose is probably optimal and is worthwhile keeping that delay right? about 6 to 8 weeks when prevalence is relatively middle of the road, not particularly high. and, and that's because you're, you do get a slightly better pick up with that delay. and it does allow you to vaccinate more people. so this is the balance between pushing for early full immunity and spreading the 2 doses to get for people actually just given amount of time. and a longer lasting effect says a little bit. the delay seems to be a good thing even for the fines or even for the pfizer and other are in a based fast scenes. and just just quickly, before i get onto immune escape, is there any truth to the delta variant? help to kill off the variance to be,
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to vary for 84 k that seem to bypass the answers that occur. and pfizer and we don't have axioms. so we have the delta vary to fax. it's really hard to know, especially these viruses compete for ecological spaces or they compete to find people to in fact. and if one virus just slightly more infectious, a slightly better at making people infectious for longer or produces more virus from the nose and throat than that gives it a huge advantage in the population. we are aware that the delta is escaping all of the current vaccines because all the current vaccines are based on a strain the circulating and early 2020. the good news is that all the scenes are editable. now, because they use this editable are in a technology. so the way of seeing this pan out is, i think, come winter or spring,
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we'll have boosters for over 50 year olds and people that are chronically extremely vulnerable. and the boosters will be targeted say the delta and the beater strains, you might get a it will be a vaccine soup of probably the 2 most recent relevant strains. ok, i better quickly say that when you say me, in this case with the delta, you mean you don't mean that people become seriously ill after vaccination movie because you have much milder responses to it. much milder illness and this is, this is really good. but some still will come into hospital particular those sort of very frail, which just in the wind just have to change direction for some people to go into hospital. so they might be double vaccinated. and they'll still come into hospital, but they wouldn't have died. and that's, that's really good. the fact scenes are things are suit per before i've seen it. we would, we'd have been very happy to settle for the vaccines. have the even been 5060 percent factor. and to start off the vaccine, it was 85 to 95 percent effective as wonderful. and that's given us some wiggle
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room that allows these new variance to still be targeted using this actually. yeah, i know big pharma champion and i had it after the 2nd vaccine and it was very mild . just finally. what about the fact that the viral evolution expedite or give us the iris cancer? god can thing. we have 92 percent out of the bodies in this country. we now have the possibility of immune escape in terms of mutation at its highest level in britain here. obviously, scientists around the world criticizing the british government in a way, sage by inference, is now the time that we're most going to be able to expect a new british variant because of the high levels of explanation here in britain, they don't quite works that way. if you've got, if you've got very high levels of explanation in most of your population,
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you stop virus and evolving in these areas because it's got less opportunity. the worst case scenario when you get partial vaccination in your community and mild fascination. and that's why we do need to push forward and get as much the population vaccinated. i'm not sure that i quite agree with his argument and as many others that don't agree with his argument. the, the concern for me is here is that the pediatric population. we probably only got about 25 percent of the population of children exposed to the virus presence. so we haven't a sufficient coverage there to prevent a risk of viral escape and evolution in that population. so again, that's another good reason for pushing forward with vaccination and children at the moment project column sample. thank you. thank you very much. after the break in the week of the 100 and 25th anniversary of the opening of the 1st ever for profit movie theater, i disco paul in the united states. is it time for hollywood, germany to come to an end? we speak to felipe le coach, whose new film nights are the kings expose africa,
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ancient oral tradition, from inside an ivory coast prison. all the small coming up by 2 of going underground from germany, where a long study finds that the the biomass of sli inside the weight of flying insects, fell by 76 percent in the last 26 years. so i just becoming much, much less common, which means all the jobs that they do are not being done anymore. and that that is the real danger. and that's what's going to impact on much of history is about patterns that are ebbs and flows of political passions. most of the time these passions are negotiated through compromise. other times there is people violence in even separation. the idea of succession today is not far fetch. we are witnessing of cultural succession and separation couldn't go even further
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the the, the, the welcome back to this week mark free 120 bits of us, 3 of the opening of the 1st cinema fight. just go call in the u. s. and then the u . s has come to dominate the global cinema industry through hollywood, which is faced accusations of being a tool for the united states. is foreign policy establishment from black lifting of alleged communists to working closely with the us military. so is it time for a realignment to left us centric film industry and new film, tips for an oscar night of the kings tells the story not often seen in the hollywood exploring class politics and revolution in notorious ivory coast. prism is direct. tiffany black co joins me now from john and called to var fairly welcome to going underground. wouldn't amazing phil night of the kings is i have to say
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right from the outset of the prior to national view is will say people here, they know, did the, a drug where they know chocolate from ivory coast. and they might know about the qu, backed by the french government in 2011, which features in your new film. tell me about this oral tradition that you've resurrected for us in this amazing fill. this 1st tradition i, i, i'm trying to, to show our vision of why the team of all are still in a 3 course. and in west africa we have a real, it's, we would be a man or woman. and i'll story of our story. and i wanted to to pay it to the in this in to the so i've done so demonte credit always myself just didn't know what it is.
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me by sasha now. ah, ah ah, and your main character is like sure harris sod. and so it is kind of international even though it's set in this bleak prison called the mocker. it's somehow international and yet so enclosed challenge was to, to go to go inside to be in the mesh in, in the mission. in my car, please arms are men. we've done off work. guster, jasmine on our side. we goes inside the forest and in the same time, 2 other story to us we question about, so we did, he was universe and i know scott, i was, i was doing we we,
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we saw me best friend go off for a long time. so i do this piece and gave it to my guy. he's obliged to tell her story and to audi tonight, and then if he wants to survive is to finish the story. i know you've talked about how ga, ga, maybe to some known on the gene genie from by david very jones, janae's name, the master thief storyteller, affronts inspire this as well. when you want to speak about please on, and specially about design all shunting on, it's obliged to think about johnson and jimmy chapter piece colleges made and in these meds play
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mistress during 111 evening and in the rankings might result very play kings and queens doing one night ah, ah yeah, there's a bit of our lady of the flowers, 2 people say reportedly people say that they watch this program in guantanamo, even in this prison in ivory coast, which you show as being so appalling. i mean, it is appalling. the, the shadow of guantanamo washington, the guantanamo georgia camp even hangs here in this, in one of the scenes. yes, this is going to no more. he's in, he's in my job and i wanted to say something about the edge of
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the guns. so off my car in advance, i don't games and they play like one to move. so it's a soft of me not being my offer on the inside the prison. and who is zelma king, the man whose life your main character tells the story of. it was there we are galler i'm. i was again believe off to young by. you not be age to 18. yes. and then the name of this john, this let me call my calls and they took away and then from a city of gods there was seen because they watched the same. it's very famous in the joe and back very what smith to was know this time. and they wanted to, to,
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to make the send via just seen. and some was that was a young, but it did in some mystical to fight. and after you began a young boy with political rebellion and it became a bell and after after it gets it to become a sort of job story of this john, we knocked out young people and finally, you weren't lease by appropriate. yeah, the connections, they're obviously the fulfill as of brazil in the city of god. we now know that lula who's been on this joe as well as to say, with the lies we're told about him. you have laurel bag bow, who made international headlines when he was, i don't know what you, what you, how you think of it because you show the news footage suddenly,
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amidst the scenes of the film, whether it was the french that kidnapped him, i understand he's returned in the past few weeks to be john, after being a quit different international criminal court not to show the french matching in reality, yes, i would say that's my work in rico started in 2002. when i came in, the united goes to make it to montgomery about my childhood friend, a friend called him who died in my out what i wanted to make a documentary about him about this kind of generation and 3 days later. so i started, so my scheme already got us. why not? because we can watch i have to offer offer you can cry united because so i photo as photos. the says this was in my 1st picture of the same thing. and now i want to
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g as just a moment. invent because it's very and when i, when i saw my team was blocked off for a video and i said, i knew i would make it entry in this day, wednesday, wednesday when one day i was off by the way. and i had gotten some archives, some image off 3 of my sons. but how do you maintain a distance as a director and writer, given that your own mother was imprisoned in jail and you were 8 years old and she was in jail for being a political revolutionary. yeah, i've come some political so maybe i get some strong image when i, when i drive a collective taxi one day a week to go to see my mother back out. and now my guys open please on and as a,
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as a visitor, you know, discuss, we don't think you're good if we can take you on your space based on the interaction like this. and for me, i think edge, now my guy was like a kid don't. which quinn's, in that case, and i wanted to, i kept it that much. i mean, they set up to fail. are all the characters set up to fail? people have said that some western nations have deliberately created a structural adjustment system in ivory coast to fail. you know, i, because the switch, so country quality. well it is, i've gone through because we were on guys are control of fedex. office where you don't need the support, the guns. what was a lead off on saw freak out was france. so we say sometimes
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i because he's a window of france and enough for god. so we can, we can see that window. but today, at the very last off into the united read both ways locked off into i've and read, read, read, read was some prices want to be in did find out economically, politically. but it's not going to be in the band when, when's a main army of sauce is on? id goes and everything is not for you guys to be in different way or your economy is based on a it's josh, y'all is their old color. so it's a site, it's not their political $51.00 the job to the 5. it's a year my 5 to 5, but i believe i believe in this in this site and i just got recon recon we can
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speak, we go voice and some say it's a 5 repeated in other countries, but we don't get many sub saharan african films in the 1st place just totally out of, i mean, hopefully there will be more but the currently actors that are in this film are actually from i don't know. is it called the lawless quarter of be john? you just have gotten them to act. yeah, we made, we made for a gas station, not be john professor and i was not there reso for the restaurant and in 2 days and i was not very happy with discovery and decided to go in different sub job during 2 yes. research. so maybe 2000 young people and finally respected thought to be part of what the young people dense seeing gus much out of 5 yards. and we made
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a web shop doing to mouse by this way. we define all this growing washy. all this, we found this further, my god. oh nice. yeah. and i did that with the old blog. yeah. but john does the job i didn't know about the last job. bob. this is the last one who know more about going on as well.
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yeah. you know, it's, it's strange, but the prison put capitol population in ivory coast is less than in france, the old, colonial monster. and maybe as you say, some say to have a colonial mastery. you know, in a way, it was incredibly important. presumably in the film to, to create an echo of society outside prison as it is in prison. yeah. they're usually what, what's the main reason it's got to send me off to the society sort of went away and specially about violence, violence you will see increase on their violence, which is also in also. so i wanted to use case on for me, it was only just a complete society. please society with this quote with this law with this belief.
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and i wanted to ask jeff all they did was power over for a succession and trying to, to other, to other words, you know, we're outside about our united because we do we, we spoke to philip. thank you. thank you. and that's it for the show will be back on saturday until then keep in touch with us on the la social media and let us know if you'd like to be more films that don't us and eat interest. oh, i ah . financing. when customers go buy, you reduce the price, then well, reduce a lower that democratic,
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but what's good food market for the global economy? algorithms and neural networks have been following us everywhere. we look online because our relationships are what matters most of us. and that's how we find meaning and how we make sense in our place in the silicon valley see, don't mention in the slick presentations. however, the ghost workers who train the software human they're involved in every step of the process when you're using anything online. but we're sold, as is miracle of automation behind your screen is vulnerable workforce. that seems algorithm is for next to nothing on a very good day to do $5.00. now, a really bad day. i could do the 10th and these workers are miserable by design. it's about labor costs, but it's also about creating layers of watson, a responsibility between those who solicit the kind of work and need it. and those
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who do it in my phone are 6, and i don't i just saw under the dollar format isis fighters, and they're now boarding a philippine naval ship with johnny $900.00. jeff, aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them? can i
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get a hold of me i the death toll of today's explosion at a chemical factory in germany is expected to write for the official saying that little hope that most will be found the life of the headlines that caught all revoked. shooting a soldier, citizenship over 2 years off and he was supposed to be removed by british police from the country's embassy in london, need to speak to his lawyer. later. this was deliberately wrong, a legal, unjust, and contrary to the constitution and human rights, the trot against the thorns is a political one. and things are getting heated lympics that russian tennis thought anyone would develop a trial and just doing a press conference with a question more about.


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