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carried away was trying to report the doors, but its out here went on he the death toll of tuesday's explosion. that a chemical factory in germany is expected to rise with the official saying there's little hope that the missing will be found alive. ecuador, rebellious julia. natasha. citizenship over 2 years off, and he was forcibly removed by british police from the country's embassy in london on the program, speak to his lawyer. so this was deliberately wrong, illegal, unjust, and contrary to the constitution and human rights, the trot against the phones is a political one. and also, i think they are getting heated up at the lympics russian tennessee denila mc via
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that is challenge during a press conference with a question more about politics and sport ah, just off the 1 am on thursday here at moscow. this is auntie international. let's get straight into your top stories. well, suddenly there was a little hope that the 5 people still missing after an explosion that a chemical plant in germany on tuesday will be found alive. that's according to the company that runs the plant. a 2 people confirmed dead over 30 injured as peter oliver now reports from the side crenza, the company that operates the chemical park just behind me, where the explosion and subsequent fire took place on tuesday. say that it started in amongst tanks, containing between 60900000 liters of industrial solvents. the investigation is underway to try and find out how this was able to happen. a
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blessed, which is claimed, a number of lives and left dozens injured. the colossal smoke cloud towering hundreds of meters into the sky. the waste incineration facilities right next to downtown lay, the cruise and over 160000 people live in the city. i spoke to some who told me they were genuinely frightened by this explosion. and the potential for what the aftermath could have brought seconds. it was terrible. i was very scared. i live nearby and i could see everything from my balcony. my windows were rattling from the blast at the start. it was incredibly frightened. then i saw the white glove at 1st i thought it was a tornado. i was worried, we'll leave here. we know what they make in store here. and there are dangerous chemicals on site. and it was about 945, we were in our apartment when we heard a lot extremely loud bang, which i did was a container being dropped from a nearby construction side and people came out of the store here. everyone was very
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concerned. yeah. so 1st we didn't see anything, but just 10 minutes later there was a huge cloud towering over the town. i saw the cloud moving away from the city, so that made me less worried. now the last we took precautions, shut our windows and doors and all other commonsense measures. while initial testing is showing no elevated levels of pollution in the air, checks will continue on samples from air lands and even rain water falling from clouds in contact with the smoke. according to the state environmental agency, there is no longer any pollution of the year. we have sued precipitation in different parts of the city, the state environmental agency to example sooner, but until then, what we have already said applies. do not eat anything that is covered and suit and ensure that what is already on the floor has not moved. then we are relatively safe as a precaution, we have closed the playground and the effected part of the city holy particles
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about the size of the euro coin being deposited on some nearby neighborhoods. the strict rules remain in place on what you must not do until samples can be thoroughly examined and tested to see if that dangerous leader over the state of north ryan with follies and men in the running to the next chancellor of germany, arm and lush. it has expressed his condolences to the families of the killed and praise the heroism of rescue workers. it's just a couple of weeks since the state and the west of germany was among the areas battered by lethal flooding. one of the big tufts now is to make sure that there is no long lasting effect from this tragic disaster. both here in the immediate area, further afield, feature all of our r t in labor cruise in western germany. ecuador has revoked julian sanchez citizenship saying his original application contained mistakes and
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that he never actually paid the fee as sondra is currently in a u. k. jail awaiting a decision on a us extradition request. $2900.00 police extra credit him from the ecuador, an embassy in london, where he had claimed asylum. where we took him, i went to school to his lawyer, who says ecuador decision to strip him, of his citizenship is actually illegal. this was developing according to a pre plan scenario. after astonished lost his diplomatic asylum, former ecuador imprison lenny moreno needed to somehow justify the invasion of british police at the embassy. and the only possibility was just to deprive julian, this orange of ecuador in citizenship, which is against ecuador in legislation. so it would be a good or in foreign ministry council, the soldiers naturalization, so that the bridge is police could enter the embassy. they needed to show that he was not in ecuador incentives, and at the time since the during constitution prohibits the extradition of its citizens to a 3rd country. this was deliberately wrong, a legal, unjust,
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and contrary to the constitution and human rights, they simply followed this unworthy scenario by exposing ecuador in the extremely unfavourable light. the trot against the thorns is a political one. not only that in the decision to revoke us on just citizenship, they rely solely on a report verified by a former state official who's currently accused of corruption and atrocities underway against it. so it is a 6 of the tokyo olympics and the pressure is on the rise russian tennis don to neil mate via that's lashed out. this is when he was propose a question during a press conference. he felt the question was unwarranted, and perhaps a bit inappropriate. ortiz alexi get a chef ski gives us details. he would think that the olympic games, the something only about sports where the athletes have been preparing for all their lives to take part in this ultimate event for many athletes across the world . but this time it's starting very political. every time an athlete from russia is
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appearing at a press conference or after winning a medal a he or she is being tested with questions about the doping scandals of the past and about why russia is allowed to participate in the olympics at all. so was the case of worlds. number 2 in tennis, then you'll meet the idea of who just won his game and unbearably hot conditions. it was very humid and very, very hot on the court. he almost collapsed at one point even, and the questions were directed to him were not about the situation. he faced all the court. but one journalist came over and asked whether mitigate, felt that russia's participation in the olympics was cheating itself. madrid came up with a very sharp response. first time in my life, i'm not going to answer a question. you should be embarrassed if itself, i think you should wire him from the olympics. i don't want to see him again. the international tennis federation responded that it will lot ban this journalist that
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a journalists have the right to off questions. but speaking of the question, this is not the 1st time this is happening. as i've said to athletes representing russia, media, just call it john of also said the same that he's been tested with questions about the doping scandals of the past. and i'd like to remind you of you with that. russia's participation in the tokyo olympics. this time is very much limited because of the doping scandals of the past because the world anti doping agency, effectively band russia and it's symbolic. strom taking part in major competitions across the planet for 4 years. russia won the appeal in the cost in the court for arbitration of sports, and thus the country was allowed to take part in the olympics under the name r o c. this is an acronym for the russian olympic committee, but even that name and full cannot be used. it's just r o c. and this is something that russian athletes and the russian olympic committee have been observing since day one of the olympic games. even the opening
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rest conference at the tokyo olympics, it last about an hour 20 minutes long, 45 minutes of which were dedicated to russia's participation on a different name in the olympic games this time. and despite all that, despite all this pressure coming from all side, because not only kind of plant, but obviously the athletes and all other disciplines are being asked questions like that, trying to ignore them all the time. despite all that, russia or the r o c. if you may, is performing very well right now. it stands for, and the overall metal stable nearing on its 20th metal in the olympics and day 6. and that is something that's many journalists, particularly those sports related, not politics related, cannot avoid. and they note that russia is performing, or the r o c is performing very well at the olympics. well, that wasn't the only reason why some people's focus has been shifting away from the actual sport at these games. a team usa is most decorated, gymnast simone biles hit the headlines by withdrawing from the competition. right
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ahead of the final round. she said it was due to mental health issues. yeah, i say put mental health 1st, because if you don't then you're not going to enjoy your spore and you're not going to succeed as much as you want to. so it's ok sometimes to even set out the big competition to focus on yourself because it shows how strong of a competitor and person that you really are rather than just battle through it. biles said she started shaking before the competition, prompting her to tell her boss she just couldn't do it. the final resulted in the u . s. team taking home the silver a teammates and other sports that gets a praise biles for her bravery. now, besides mental health or the games have also thrown a spotlight on sexism, the german female gymnastic team chose full body unit cards instead of the more traditional bikini cot, leotard. the decision was made to protest the sexualization of athletes. well, a bit earlier in the program, i discussed the increasing attention being paid the tokyo games to non sporting
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issues with a panel of guests. whole issue of uniform and the sexualization of women has to go quite soon and it can be so very simply, he just say, here are the uniformed men and women. no different. obviously to preserve modesty in swim where we have to little bit different here and there. but in the main women cricketers play in the same uniforms as mel cricketers as i do the same in football on all of the sports. exactly the same and quite agree that the germans have made a legitimate protest here. if they want to play performing unit towards, that's perfectly or i by may certainly some culture response, feel very comfortable wearing the kind of clothes that we consider normal. so we do have a problem be on the one hand the olympics is designed to extol abuse in the professional human body operating at peak efficiency. so it's there to be admired. while the
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other hand, we have contributed lympics, who may feel uncomfortable with that being a limb, in particular, maybe there's a case for some element of choice, but at the same time, we don't want to lose the essence of what they're lympics is one of the biggest things about the pattern and your skills isn't actually and what you're judging, not charging the uniform and what, what people don't realize, the sex libation of women when they can be very self conscious when wearing we're beating clothing which might actually performance. so really, if we really care about the school and the miss gale, we should allow them to feel confident and what they are wearing. are you afraid perhaps that non sport issues or political ones in particular for example, that could become main talking points in the future olympics? no, i'm not worried. i think it's the last that i think is a great opportunity. we've seen so many changes already, and i'm not worried, i still feel like eventually it will kind of not 5 down, but we will respect respect. but for now i'm happy to different lympics. let's put
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it that way. everyone watching on tv and watching, you know, 68 tests and see the stadium with everything they can come, pretend i'm enjoying it as much as i do. other olympics i have to say, but you know, sports is to be enjoyed by everyone. and i suppose we have to content sells millions of viewers watching a tv all over the world. do you think political connotations and virtual signaling? perhaps, according to some might, might take center stage and future olympics and should that be a concern? well, it should be concerned because we don't want to be just a vehicle for the latest. 5 that comes along lympics should represent social mores as they changed, but in eastern preventive own century old brand, it needs to keep, continue to keep that wow fight. so that we have when we see the olympics of it with their own specific procedures and, and, and habits and ways. and that's the beauty olympics,
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that's what we want to save. we don't want to make it to temporary to trans unit. and just this way, formal insane. the mental health issue of simone biles. so she withdrew. i mean it's not coming up very, very difficult decision for gigi think perhaps she's set an example. i'm guessing the bylaws is cognizant of a saw experience and felt that her, her game wasn't exactly right to me. clearly she was way, way off her peak the 1st couple of days of competition. and so she decided to pull out. i think there's a bit of an irony, though, you know, rory here. the fact that she has withdrawn has bull further attention to her. i mean, if she's sort of quietly underperformed and, and perhaps explained to the media that she does, this is just one of those events. she can't be at her peak all the time and then quietly flip the white fine. but she really has made an announcement him put mental
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health health back on the map. again. i think it's an important one that don't run away with the idea that i don't think this, but young people in sport today are subjected to the most intense pressure to perform at that time to come speak about the topic, especially with that with, with the whole thing about the mental issue is a topic has had such as the years and only recently that people have mental health and i think they lympics is a patent example. why not expect i really feel like you said, especially in, in can say they think they really try been years and years and they carry the country on their shoulder is okay. okay. i have mental health. i'm not gonna be home. and if she can't do it now and pay for the young people that might be in the pressure, and when, when else would be able to do it, the wide range of issues that are being now thrown up at these games. does it suggest perhaps that athletes concerns are only being taken seriously when it's too
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late? that raising a concern at a grand event like this? well, that's the way it gets more attention than anywhere else. i mean, the, i think we need to keep our eye on what the lympics is about. it's supposed to be an event which comes along every 4 years where the people who participated in oper pay both mentally and physically. i mean, the whole word olympians implies a level of a peak performance mentally and physically which is beyond most of the rest of us. so i think that if, if there are these issues, we better if they were applied to hurley, though the importance of mental health issue always shouldn't be underestimated about perhaps putting that on to the lympics as well as perhaps too much is a sporting event. it should be kept as a sporting event. if one is not ready for one really shouldn't be there. you can only find out sometimes, but you're not ready for it when you're there already, in which case we have to respect. as in the case of been biles, she don't deserve it because it can be an easy decision for her. a good mix of
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stories are still to come here on the program on our tea, including president biden, of choosing russia, planning to interfere in the 2022 congressional elections by spreading disinformation to moment correspondent will lift the lid on that ah, we're going to count down the next day she has torn in historic day in monetary history. that would be august 15th, 1971. the day that then president richard nixon closed the gold window, basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and since then, we've had pure monetary chaos. i
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believe i use the nearly 20 possibly out here in moscow. the chicago male laurie lightfoot says she isn't sorry for her decision to give interviews only to non white reporters. i think that it has now triggered a much needed debate. i would absolutely do it again. i'm unapologetic about
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it because it's per a very important conversation that conversation that needed to happen that should have happened a long time ago. and i also noted that media conferences are dominated by white reporters and says it's high time outlets better effect that make up of american society. so she is being sued over her sons by reporter for the daily caller, a thomas, i cannot, she argues that she's violating the basic principles of the freedom of the press concerns about, well, it's not the 1st time chicago's mayor has come under fire for her racial policies and last month, lightfoot declared racism a public health crisis. and then all of a sudden val to allocate nearly $10000000.00 of covert relief money to improve the wellness of non white communities in chicago. and the executive director of an hyphenated america. christopher hires. it says, democrats love to play the racial card. it's good distracting people from their own failures. woke agenda is nothing more than smoke and mirrors as a smoke screen,
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just to distract people from all the other things that are taking place. it's apostrophe. we can just run on down the line, all the people out there, whether it's the elected officials like laurie lightfoot, or other people in the media who are out there trying to gin up race wars and all that is a slight of hand to try to, to just to distract you from the things that are not working with their public policies and look at the results. the black community or somebody say the african american community is one of the ones that suffers the most by continuing to vote for people like laurie lightfoot in for the party that she represents. because it just leads to more swirling around the toilet. that's essentially what ends up happening in the black community. just for a moment here to some news stuff, shots, me all around the world. look at these pictures from turkey. my tours were able to witness a giant smoke cloud rising over one of the beaches and analia the wildfires causing it lead to at least 4 neighborhoods to be evacuated. but it's certainly not just
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turkey. here's some pictures from russia. russia is also battling forest fires. these scenes here from the northern region of corellia, you can see as blanket they would small. this actually be in that way for about a week. now. an area of, of our 150 square kilometers is affected with a state of emergency already declared. the kremlin has strongly refuted claims by us president joe biden, that russia intends to interfere in the 2022 congressional elections. the russian president spokesman also said that moscow in washington can hardly be called partners these days. russia has never interfered in us electrical processes. the results of many investigations conducted in the u. s. confirm that russia certainly does not, and has no intention of meddling in any electoral processes in foreign states. if you haven't noticed, it's hardly possible to cold russia and the u. s. partners now rather there are
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opponents with whom we negotiate. i mean, it seems like never ending deja vu to be honest, we have another us election here and more baseless accusations of russian meddling . i mean, we heard from moscow, they outright rejected those claims because the only thing we have to go by with them is basically biden's word. i think we also need to take on the rapid disinformation. russia is doing already about the 2022 elections and misinformation to pure a violation of our sovereignty. barton was apparently given this information by the us intelligence community, as at his daily meeting. again, without any evidence that we know of at least it's being claimed that russia is intent on meddling and in the u. s. mid term elections that are going to take place next year. now, at that time, the entire house of representatives and a 3rd of the senate are going to be up for grabs. so that really makes you think, you know, it's going to take a lot for someone to see how radically rig elections on
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a scale like that. you know, but anyway, but also specifically called our president russian president vladimir prudence. so let's take a listen to what he said. when i was with mister prudent, who has a real problem, he is sitting on top of an economy that has nuclear weapons and oils and nothing else. he knows, he knows he's in real trouble, which makes me more dangerous. in my view, this pretty weird biden would say that though, because washington, i mean, has nearly the same amount of nuclear weapons as russia does, making it just as dangerous as moscow in that department. so why is russia in trouble? i mean, the, the entire situation really just seems like hostile rhetoric coming from across the atlantic, and it's very timely as well. because remember, just last month there was a summit between joe biden and vladimir putin that earlier we discussed biden's in situations with karen g or know who was a senior advisor for the 2016 trump campaign. and journalist uncommon head chadwick
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more, he's trying to get attention away from crumbling things happening in this country. if you want to talk about geopolitical adversaries. whereas china and i don't think many americans see russia as a threat, nor would they like to see russia as a threat. but of course, when, when is approval lighting the new poking up day is the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. so of course, he's deflecting and why not be reliable boogeyman from a cold war era and go back to russia. what's really interesting is, we don't know what is russian medley or interfering? what is this misinformation campaign? and who decides what is real information? and what is false information, anything that already does it like is misinformation. and so if the, whether you're trying to rather just induce whether you're trying to, to get up the base, whether he's trying to prepare for massive loss in 2022 and something to blame it on is unclear. it's bizarre rhetoric, there's no evidence, no one buying the rush or hopes anymore. i think this is coming from the fact that
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the democrats know that they are going to lose badly in the 2022 election because they don't have the right policies. so in order to win election, they either have to cheat steel. why or blame a foreign nation for whatever defeats they know they're that are coming their way in 2022. i think this is a precursor to try to do damage control. you have to remember in 2016, the democrats cried foul with regard to donald trump hurrying his place at the white house. whenever they lose election, it's throwing out these. these curve balls as to foreign intervention. west efforts in afghanistan were a failure. that's according to rushers, defense minister. he was speaking at a meeting of the shanghai cooperation organization that brings together top military officials from eurasian countries every year,
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including china and india ortiz. elliot patrol reports on the highlights where in the capital of ticket stand just to the north of again its stand where as a result of a swift pull out by the us led coalition, the crisis is deteriorating. day by day, the taliban is pretty much in control of the entire country apart from the couple region and this could easily spill over the border. now, as the russian minister of defense was meeting his counterparts from the neighboring countries here induce on bear, he blamed the us for the situation that's getting increasingly dangerous for the hasty withdrawal of us and nato troops create lots of problems. we're aware of the ongoing robust work aimed at providing security on the border, which is currently a hot bed for many risks, threats and challenges. if you look at the map of the dentist and you will see that
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it is surrounded by countries that are russian allies from 2 different blocks, one is made out of post. so the country and the other one is washes alliance with trying to together with some of the different neighbors. now, what moscow wants to do is to reassure its neighbors that it is ready to help at any time if the situation gets worse. moscow has a military base here and to just near to somebody that is ready for action at any time. the other thing that russia wants to do is to cement it's key role in the region, which doesn't make the us happy. as i've heard when i spoke exclusively to the head of the russian army here induced on beck ship, plenty of mr. corby, of the management of the u. s. withdrawal is kind of where everyone is taking place . indeed, some of the tiniest lee, the u. s. is holding talks with all the countries adjacent to afghanistan on establishing certain logistical hubs on the territories. it begs the question, what's the point of putting out well remaining on the border?
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the answer is obvious. it's an attempt to retain its position in the central asian region, are to failing absolutely everything in afghanistan when it comes to instability. after the u. s. give me at least one example where the situation has been improved after a long running us presence. now here's a fact for you when more than 25 years ago, circ a showing was the head of rushes, emergencies, ministry. he was in charge of an entire operation of rescuing refugees that were flowing out of gas stand beyond the soviet pull out. and also when the soviet union collapsed and the situation in afghanistan was deteriorating because of the stronger islamist groups in the country. now this is why the local ministers of defense and leaders praised survey shows whose role sorting up the current situation. one of the proposals that came from the russian ministers of defense was to intensify the drills between russia and its allies here. and the 1st part of
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these drills called piece mission will happen in september. and china is also going to take part in those are that storage just about wraps up this news block here on our end to national thank you for sharing your time with us here at moscow. we appreciate it. it's just not turning half past 1 on thursday morning, my colleague, dan hawkins here at the desk in half an hour. hope you can join him in the the me the new gold rushes underway and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn
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between gold education. my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still it will have the strongest appeal when i would show the wrong, when i was just don't the room. yes to see out the scene because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground in.


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