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the bank either financial the lie with no, they came to the central bank before dawn. call them. i know they stopped. ah jaffar and up dollar format isis fighters. and they're now boarding a philippine naval ship. me a mom. i went to the
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home. i know phone 6 month and i see linda look, i me, me me set up. i think about that the new me the it did follow the liberal that i can find him. i know
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both gladly mad that her baby girl with mine will me. i left a bit that i said that the now on the mobile mobile, near me, whenever i know it's the best knows that jeff, i spend time with isis, but his friends and acquaintances don't. he keeps his past hidden from them and everybody's lazy place and we have been the better to show. we'll have to wait. i must be doing it. but
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i bought it from the filipinos subdivision of voices called itself the others sales group and is based around men to know, bustle on and the pseudo items. your goal is to establish an independent muslim caliphate in the philippines. moon that they use large numbers of children and combat as human shields, suicide bombers, and as donors to treat wounded adult fighters. the
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whole, the after almost $24.00 l. c on route of it at the marines. jaffar and abdulla still don't know, watch waiting for them, they're transferred from one naval ship to another. and a voyage continues me. i mean. ready this is up doing this home village. it was his uncle who sold him to. i says, that's him. my neighbor will visit all the schools high school. the uncle didn't just sell his nephew, but his son to not go to guy and now my new due, durn thing,
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cell phone 1000. you know we didn't. yes. he says that men in black came and asked for his children. they promise to teach them arabic and he claims he had no idea. it was a trap. i mean that and i thought when id need angel mano at that job id like into the app on the 25000 huge up among the 25009. 100 dollars li jenny, great doing you see goal my le mankind in my la month a month my luck and you are way now. me in the near to not be in total may be more
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i'm the i. c c got my figure really a money. i mean my mom mention 300 reading up on we need to be form in gen 4 on the monday. if your mom, bye bye jenn me among among the new new berlin k. i know, but what i mean son will not mention middle wing eliza. my mom said into little bit della says he never saw his cousin that the ice his camp and hadn't heard
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anything about where he was or what he was doing one. and then i go back down and put in, you know, mutation and it could be you know, our new door and the mirror. i mean, but i brought it in my do you want me to go over my bill? mitchell? i think i was ready to renew my novel not last
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phrase and you know, i mean they're in the month so, but now if i need to know if i need to so i can look at our library. i will. so let me, let me know where he will be for
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i age 13 princess has already learned what the trailer's father didn't sell her. he betrayed by joining ices news, and so i knew my lesson. yes. and then by now most pop up and then the thought better known as having them in position football by the rest of it now known they owe me why i was one day joseph no way. so they say why
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i didn't tell you my husband joined isis because of poverty. says princess his mother, where a poor family i live, i was just a moment that i thought it was something my so my so let up i will let me know what my mother said, but i see what i need now go and and what about next sunday or monday the me
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no, no, no. i mean, should i, i didn't, i'm fed a little because i didn't do my job but the good a lot but we might not but it might be, you know, want to be living with somebody who didn't get a lot no job. so what makes it long before this? it was yes and no money to be done. i
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says commander on may the 23rd 2017 up to hardest captured morale. we city and the center of men to no island. militants smashed their way into the police station. and helped themselves to weapons and ammunition. they beheaded the police chief and short all the other police officers . because government forces were unprepared for the attack. the battle tomorrow we against the terrorists continued until mid october. everyone in this story, ford on the side of isis princess, his father jump out of him. couple who with a noise as he unit commander, so as well as 13 year old. you're far and 10 year old kid here. adela claims that he'd been able to escape before the battle began in the receipt. renee heard the girl. where are we? i think it might be cool or i see someone told us
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that my father joined there so unbelievable. i couldn't believe it. never see this. i'm not i'll be his name. she said, smell at my room. so, i mean i'm, i've been telling me that a lesson and i'm going now push me on some of the other side that the races the other the, the the
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hello the the, the ah, the ah, ah oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese,
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it's profitable to sell food that is fancy and sugary and faulty and addicted is not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change that to be significant in that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the vehicle for them? it's corporate. mm. the hello. by the new law, my son said i will be awesome. me. i mean
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my father will come to us and so that we can, my family will be complete again. me. the, the naval vessel has reached the pseudo islands an area that's off limits for tourists. jump out and up dula taken ashore. lol, the the
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well, i'm, i'm not mad. i'm not, i didn't know the father says he fought for 3 days in model we before he escaped. the army captured him, but because he is a minor, he was soon released. now he's alone and on wanted. there's no money, no home and no family. his only relative in the city is an aunt who lives in the refugee camp the the
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way that i'm moving the money with them, i make them up with them and they be from the the me the level i use
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ah to, to get me i the they may look like paradise, but these are delicate landscapes. arm is leading. the sulu island was a southern bass for both sides of terrorists. it's where the philippines marine corps chose to hold a special youth tournament football for piece. it's also where jaffar and up dollars journey will end me more than a 1000 children will take part in the competition that coming from all the nearby islands and villages. hope out and gaze as they called here me
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military personnel is say, the place is geographically isolated and depressing. me are the only government agencies that can go to places that others can go. the i would say up school, most of them especially the police brought here if we can influence these changes and then surely they will me recruit or sound the. 6 judge will be
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a little bit it turns out that neither jeff nor abdullah have ever played football before. i use jeff, i concedes the goal. after the very 1st shot. he takes off his gloves and leaves the pits with abdullah close behind. they refuse to play any more than become
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spectators instead of de la, even hides behind an officials table. i know that like the most of the lima, lima must be lying and
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just ask them to take the doctor's office. i was, i don't know if they do that, but we have the potential coming to everyone. this is the 2nd time. so today the for the 1st time forma, isis members, jaffar and up dollar of simple boyish smiles on their faces. the me and the money in your menu and they and nothing you and that's that's if any. but i
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said i see somebody not that old double bond or you wouldn't mind doing that. you guys, you know, i mean, yeah. and you know, i just buy that to you. i mean, then by that, i mean i'm how much a bad and i know, i mean you need to let me know, but i will a new minute. my miss gill, united nation is coming to the i. kimberly my i didn't get that. why in the way you want to pull that up in new people who the
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bad i would say and i you know there's some survived in the father did manage to bring him home. but 10 year old car here died 2 months later it wasn't the battle of murat. we had killed him. but his memories of it goes in and didn't go palmer and to l. 15 inches. ah, ah, look rhythm where you know, monday the know the going in the next one this year. but i will, i will start a new but i will not let me know that
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our goal will not work for the nation with me, but i'm not as well. are you by the the parents visit their sons grave. de la hasn't come to the cemetery. perhaps he is going mad to just like his 10 year old cousin here me there may i was able to buy that if i made a nail in the will not buy that new. another man i
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was told by valerie marble. i know they know me the jeff i was cough is getting worse. and after the football match, he's taken to a doctor in a minimal medicine. i didn't go by the
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the the the football tournament come to a close with the opening of the memorial to all the marines who fell in battle. ah, the, the gunfire almost makes just pass out. i
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feel like the news. oh i use me the news much of history is about patterns that are ebbs and flows of political passions. most of the time these passions are negotiated through compromise. other times there is
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a people violence and even separation. the idea of succession today is not far fetch. we are witnessing a cultural session and separation, could it go even further? the sub stories here when i see the death coal of today's explosion that a chemical factory in germany is expected to rise to the official saying that little hope the missing will be found alive. ecuador revoked julian a 1000 years of citizenship over 2 years after he was forcibly removed by british police from the countries embassy in london on the program, we speak to his lawyer to get a quote for him. this was deliberately wrong, illegal, unjust, and contrary to the constitution and human rights, the trot against the phones is a political one, and things are getting hated at the olympics as russian tennis thoughts o'neil mon .


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