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o i the gemini, is ropes by a deadly explosion in an industrial pond for chemical companies is left to death. more than 30 wounds that are meant lists also sound the alarm over huge to potentially toxic black smoke created by the american whistleblower. daniel, hey, allison's, it's almost 4 years behind bars for leaking classified details. washington's drone assassination program, we get reaction from others. you've chosen to make public lethal state secret when we kill civilians. and then put in the official reports that they weren't children for example, they were goes, that is a war crime. it's really a war on truth. and i just went to the government is at war with its own people.
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and things look to be getting pretty hated at the olympics. russian tennis started 11 of his challenge, doing a press conference with a question more about politics than sport. ah, hi, the great have you with us that she's on the international those little hope. the 5 people still missing after an explosion of the chemical plant in germany on tuesday may be found alive, spots according to the company that runs the plant. 2 people have already been confirmed dead with more than 30 others injured, to oliver reports from the site. well, the current, the company, they run the facility just behind me of concern there was 600 to 900000 liters of industrial solvent at the site in tank where that explosion and
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subsequent fire took place on tuesday. now it has been confirmed that at least 2 people have been killed over 30 wounded, a not explosion on the subsequent fire. some of those who are injured are said to be in a very serious condition, but this facility isn't just on the outskirts of the city of labor cruise. and it's pretty much a short walk from the very center of the city that contains over a 160000 people. i spoke to some of those who said they were absolutely terrified when the explosion happened, as it was terrible. i was very scared. i live nearby and i could see everything from my balcony when my windows were rattling from the blast at the start. that was incredibly frightened. then i saw the white glove. at 1st i thought it was a tornado. i was worried. we'll leave here and we know what they make and store here. and there are dangerous chemicals on site vase and it was about $945.00. we
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were in our apartment when we heard a lot extremely loud bang, which it was a container being dropped from a nearby construction side and people came out of the store here. everyone was very concerned. yeah. so 1st we didn't see anything, but just 10 minutes later there was a huge cloud towering over the town. i saw the cloud moving away from the city, so that made me less worry and less. we took precautions, shut our window long term effects from the cloud that people were describing to me and everything on all of the footage from tuesday. now the health and environmental protection services off the state of northrop with volley away that took place as well as the, the german federal equivalent saw carrying out a lot of test all around the clock right now. so far they've said that says no elevate to pollution risk in the area following what happened on tuesday that continuing to test the air, but also the soil, the water, the was falling from the sky as well. precipitation. we actually had an awful lot
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of rain on wednesday morning. that's all being samples and tests carried out. we're expecting to hear by the end of the week whether there. busy has been any increase pollution risk but at the moment, so it's continuous tests that are taking place shows that there has been but that doesn't mean that there's not massive precautions in place that is being explicit information given out by the authorities to people in the local area, particularly those who live in the area with from the fire fell. they've been told that they're not to eat anything that's come out of their gardens, that they're not to allow children to play in playgrounds in those areas. you're not supposed to sit on any garden furniture in those areas as well. and if you have a pool in your garden, do not use it whatsoever until those samples have being tested. and the all clear has been given particularly what they're looking for here is to do with substances called di options that come from when chlorinated compounds all l burns. and that's
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exactly the situation we've had here. so they're not taking it lightly as it stands saying there's no elevated risk, but those tests continuing to see if there's any long term effects from the fire and the explosion here in labor, cruise and then american whistleblowers been sentenced almost 4 years, mail and boss leaking classified information about america's drug program, or serving at the bank or my base enough gun this done a decade ago. daniel hale hope so. i didn't defy targets for assassination. when he returned home into into the team, he shared secret details about landra program. we journalists from the intercept revealing the true extent of civilian casualties in the middle east and africa in march. hail pleaded guilty to linking classified documents that revealed that 90 percent of strikes had actually hit civilians. well, the u. s. began this drone program under the obama administration, and since then, its lowest more than 14000 drone strikes in galveston, pakistan, yemen,
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and somali thousands of people have been killed, more than 300 children among the victims. we spoke with whistleblower and former us intelligence of john korea who attended tales sentencing. hearing the mood was one of great apprehension and the court room was packed for daniel hale. it was all quite dramatic, but we were apprehensive because we really didn't have any indication of which way the judge was going to go. and then he surprised everyone by clearing the court room and sealing it for 2 hours. while the justice department argued in a classified venue for a sentence of 9 years to me, the fair verdict would have been to, to, for the judge to come off the bench, shake his hand, thank him for his service to the country and let him go home to his family, i didn't think he deserved any prison time at all because he revealed a crime that was being committed by the u. s. government, the crime of, of the murder of innocent civilians. these are war crimes. when,
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when we know that civilians are within the strike rage, that makes it a crime when we kill civilians and then put in the official reports that they weren't children for example, they were go. that is a war crime and it became a matter of course, it became something that many drone operators and their supervisors were doing ahead of the sentencing hail wrote a letter, the details, some of the things he witnessed in his work. it included the death of 2 children in one strike. he also slammed the claim of former president bronk obama, that drone killings abroad protect americans. the policy of drone assassination was being used to mislead the public, that it keeps a safe whenever i encounter an individual who thinks that drove warfare is justified and reliably keeps america safe. i remember that time and ask myself how i could possibly continue to believe that i am
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a good person deserving of my life and the right to pursue happiness and other well known whistleblower edward snowden commented on the case on twitter condemning the court decision and praising hale, we also got reaction from brandon bryant and the former us drone operator who also lifted the lid on what his work entailed. and he says it in the choice between ignoring city in killings and making the public aware of them. his conscience made up his mind. it's really a war on truth, not just whistle blowers. we've got people that have been propagating this war over in the middle east for almost 2 decades. now. the government is at war with its own people. if you can, you're part of the machine. the car runs this machine, yet you have to bear witness for the not just unfeeling part of the machine, your feelings. and eventually you have to find yourself in the middle of that storm and be like, you know, this, i have to do, i have to do this because if i don't do it, who is going to,
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i find it strange that conscientious individuals that are inside the program that are trying to hold us accountable for the obvious blayton war crimes that we ourselves are doing are being punished. and it seems that they're punishing people in order to make them an example. and that really does disturb me, especially if america supposed to be this great country and freedom fighter amongst the world. how we're punishing our own people who are trying to do that. that could all has revolts. julian assaulted his citizenship saying his original application had contained mistakes and that he'd never paid the fee that was required is naturalization. status was put under review in 2019, not, not long after the use case, police and forcibly removed him from the embassy in london. the son spent 7 years seeking refuge following sex assault allegations in sweden. they've now been dropped since his removal has been held at a high security british prison waiting for
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a cool decision on the us extradition request. a song wanted by american authorities on charges of espionage faces, a potential 175 years behind bars. wikileaks, which he co founded to publish thousands of classified files a decade ago. they exposed us war crimes in iraq and afghanistan. we spoke with a son his lawyer, he says that i couldn't decision to strip his client of citizenship is illegal. this was developing according to a pre plan scenario. after songs lost his diplomatic asylum, former ecuador imprison lenny moreno needed to somehow justify the invasion of british police at the embassy. and the only possibility was just to deprive julian, this orange of ecuador in citizenship, which is again, it's that door in legislation. so it would be a good or in foreign ministry council, the sanchez naturalization, so that the bridge is please, could enter the embassy. they needed to show that he was not in ecuador incentives . and at the time, since the echo during constitution prohibits the extradition of its citizens to
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a 3rd country, this was deliberately wrong, a legal, unjust, and contrary to the constitution and human rights, they simply followed this unworthy scenario. they, by exposing ecuador in the extremely unfavourable light. the trial against the thorns is a political one. not only that in the decision to revoke us on just citizenship, they rely solely on a report verified by a former state official who's currently accused of corruption and atrocities underway against stay 6 of the tokyo olympics. and it looks like the pressure is rising, rushing tennis, thought him advent of lashed out of the question. he was given during a press conference. he feels the question was unwarranted and inappropriate, and it came right after late this victory. otc x, alexia shasky, has more. he would think that the limpid games is something only about sports where the athletes have been preparing for all their lives to take part in this ultimate event for many athletes across the world. but this time it's starting very
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political. every time an athlete from russia is appearing at a press conference or after winning a medal a he or she is being tested with questions about the doping scandals of the past and about why russia is allowed to participate in the olympics at all. so was the case of worlds, number 2 in tennis than you, me the idea who just won his game, an unbearably hot conditions. it was very humid and very, very hot on the court. he almost collapse at one point even, and the questions were directed to him were not about the situation he faced on that court. but one journalist came over and asked whether. busy mitigate, felt that russia participation in the olympics was cheating in itself. but the video came up with a very sharp response. first time in my life, i'm not going to answer a question. you should be embarrassed if itself, i think you should wire him from the lympics. i don't want to see him again. the international tennis federation responded that it will not ban this journalist up
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a journalists have the right to off questions. but speaking of the question, this is not the 1st time this is happening, as i've said to athletes representing russia, media, just call it john of also said the same that he's been tested with questions about the doping scandals of the past. and i'd like to remind you, was that russia's participation in the tokyo olympics, this time is very much limited because of the doping scandals of the past because the world anti doping agency, effectively band russia and it's symbolic. strom taking part in major competitions across the planet for 4 years. russia won the appeal in the cross in the court for arbitration of sports, and thus the country was allowed to take part in the olympics under the name r o c. this is an acronym for the russian olympic committee, but even that name and full cannot be used. it's just r o c. and this is something that russian athletes and the russian and limpid committee have been observing since day one of the olympic games. even the opening
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rest conference at the tokyo olympics, it lasted about an hour 20 minutes, long, 45 minutes of which were dedicated to russia's participation on the a different name in the olympic games this time. and despite all that, despite all this pressure coming from all side, because not only trying to plan, but obviously the athletes and all other disciplines are being asked questions like that, trying to ignore them all the time. despite all that, russia or the r o c. if you may, is performing very well right now. it stands for, and the overall metal stable nearing on its 20th metal in the olympics and day 6. and that is something that many journalists, particularly those sports related, not politics related, cannot avoid. and they note that russia is performing or the r o c is performing while at the olympics, treasures coming on, social media, we seem sort of the law of the media immobile when there were questions being asked about her medication. some people started asking questions medication. she didn't
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seem to be doing so well and then she pulled those painting mental health, which you know, most likely that is true, giving, staying what people do. it's dennis accentuated and that's like kind of home with then she's, it was a mention of, well, she's been beaten by the girls. like, you know, to the former girls, people emotions. it was a really weird thing. you put in a diesel bite. you know, let's just say journalists from the usa that i will respect what they're asking these questions. they would never before chicago man laurie lived for says this, she isn't sorry for her decision to give interviews only to non white reporters handing the district a much needed debate. i would absolutely do it again. i'm unapologetic about it because it's per the very important conversation the conversation that needed to happen that should have happened a long time ago. of the matter defended so noted that media conference is dominated
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by white reporters and says it's high time outlets better reflect the makeup of a society. she's being sued over her stance by reporting the daily cooler on the schedule. not she august. she's violating basic principles of freedom of the press . great concerns about that. for the 1st time, the chicago mass coming to fall for her racial policies. last month, lightfoot declared racism a public health crisis and found to allocate nearly $10000000.00 of covert relief. money to improve the wellness of non white communities in chicago, the executive director of an hyphenated america. christopher harris says that democrats liked to play the racial card to distract people from their own failures . woke agenda is nothing more than smoke and mirrors is a smoke screen just to distract people from all the other things that are taking place. it's apostrophe. we can just run on down the line, all the people out there, whether it's the elected officials like laurie lightfoot, or other people in the media who are out there trying to gin up race wars and all
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that is a slight of hand to try to, to just to distract you from the things that are not working with their public policies and look at the results. the black community, or some might say the african american community is one of the ones that suffers the most by continuing to vote for people like laurie lightfoot in for the party that she represents. because it just leads to more swirling around the toilet. that's essentially what ends up happening in the black community. the curlin is strongly refuted. claims made by us president joe biden rusher intends to interfere in the 2022 congress elections. the russian president spokesman also said the moscow washington can hardly be called partners today. russia has never interfered in us electrical processes. the results of many investigations conducted in the u. s. confirm that russia certainly does not, and has no intention of meddling in any electoral processes in foreign states. if
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you haven't noticed, it's hardly possible to cold russia and the u. s. partners now rather there are opponents with whom we negotiate. i mean, it seems like never ending deja vu. to be honest, we have another us election here and more baseless accusations of russian meddling . i mean, we heard from moscow, they outright rejected those claims because the only thing we have to go by with them is basically biden's word. i think we also need to take on the rapid disinformation, russia is doing already about the 2022 elections and misinformation to pure a violation of our sovereignty. now, barton was apparently given this information by the us intelligence community, as at his daily meeting. again, without any evidence that we know of at least it's being claimed that russia is intent on meddling and in the u. s. mid term elections that are going to take place next year. now, at that time, the entire house of representatives and a 3rd of the senate are going to be up for grabs. so that really makes you think, you know, it's going to take a lot for someone to see how radically rig elections on
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a scale like that. you know, but anyway, but also specifically called out president russian president vladimir prudence. so let's take a listen to what he said. when i was with mister who has a real problem, he is sitting on top of an economy that has nuclear weapons and oils and nothing else. he knows, he knows he's in real trouble, which makes me more dangerous and my view is pretty weird. biden would say that though, because washington, i mean, has nearly the same amount of nuclear weapons as russia does, making it just as dangerous as moscow in that department. so why is russia in trouble? i mean, the, the entire situation really just seems like hostile rhetoric coming from across the atlanta. again, it's very timely as well. because remember, just last month there was a summit between joe biden and vladimir putin logging on to republican strategist and former 2016 trump campaign. senior advisor thus karen
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jones jones on the line welcome karen buttons claim. so we just started this kind of new relationship has concluded that would have led him puting that met in that, that summit. already the aggressive rhetoric coming out. and this surprises so, so quick in his time, in office quite a bit strange, i mean, which is a very clear, no american freedom loving american wants any type of interference in our election, whether it's foreign or domestic. but this is really actually quite odd coming from this administration and from president biden, because the only meddling that, that american see in our election process is, is really h r one s one which is named the, for the people act. and this is passed in the house of representatives and thank goodness i didn't get the 60 votes. it requires in the senate but, but to,
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to blame. lot of your food and russian for interfering in our our 2020 election process and then extending that to 2022 with no evidence whatsoever. again, the only meddling here is by democrats who would, if this, if this bill passed him, went to the president's desk for signing. would you 5 thing meal it would create for the 1st time in american history, public financing of our campaigns. second thing you would do is gut voter id laws. the 3rd thing it would do is live ballad harvesting nationwide. the poor thing it would do is westernize we f, b c, which is the federal election commission. and the 5th thing it would do is limit free political speech in our country. so i find is absolutely disturbing. coming
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from the current president in the united states. prison biden said that he base what he said. this gun rush will, will interfere. it's a bold statement, it's a prediction of the future based on information he got from his daily briefing. now he may well have intelligence. but we know all governments to life is a track record to every country in the world. does it? how can you take the leader of a country on his word without him providing the evidence? why is he not given the evidence? it would solve all the doubts grade point meal. and i think the american public, he doesn't give them enough credit. we are, are very intelligent individuals who ask questions. we're happy to listen to the answers, but we're also not stupid enough to believe that whatever the government says, or a politician or this particular president that is truthful. well, i can, i can point out multiple occasions in the last week where the white house in,
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gen sock is going from the podium have lied to the american public about. and so you raise a really great point. but let me just say this, i think this is coming from the fact that the democrats know that they are going to lose badly in the 2022 election because they don't have the right policy. so in order to win all action, they either have to cheat, feel lie, or blame a foreign nation for whatever defeats they know they're that are coming their way in 2022. i think this is a precursor to try to do damage control of the back of what you just said is it's not pretty ironic because it sounds like if that was the case, say that joe biden is turning into donald trump. he's going to say the election was stolen from his if, if it doesn't go his way. i mean, it's not like a huge heap of irony involved if that's how it turns out. a big problem and it is
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crated. it goes back before the 2020 election. you have to remember in 2016, the democrats cried foul with regard to donald trump, hurrying his place at the white house is whenever they lose election, or they feel as if they can't win an election. it's throwing out these, these curve balls as to foreign intervention and or blame, being placed in look over here or not exactly where you should be, which is, you know, americans need to ask the question. why are the democrats so concerned about a foreign entity? an individual, like vladimir putin being able to interfere with americans,
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decision on policies and things that are important to them. i think that that disingenuous americans are very smart people. they can determine for themselves whether or not there's a, a good economy, a poor economy, whether or not our borders are secure or not, whether or not be funding the police is a good idea or a bad idea to crime spikes. and since democrats have decided to defend the police, there's a new poll neil that came out from a b, c. and just within 2 months, let me just read it to you. this is an optimism poll. it dropped 20 points since may in may, it was 64 percent of americans believed that this we were on an optimistic trajectory. ok now it's 45 percent. ok. the pessimism is 36 percent in may and now it's up 55 percent. that's because of this president and, and the crazy lies coming out of his white house. yes. and some really valid
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information show you not to with us a little more come a context of the scenario. really appreciate your time. karen, karen jordan, my guest, republican strategist, former trump 2016 campaign senior advisor. thank you. thanks me. on another news, the west efforts in afghanistan were a failure, according to russia's defense minister. he was speaking of the meeting of the shanghai cooperation organization, which brings together top military officials from your asian countries, including china and india, on these in a patricia and keeping an eye on the high profile gathering. a managed to speak exclusively to the minister himself where in the capital of to stand just to the north of again is stand where as a result of a swift pull out by the us led coalition, the crisis is deteriorating. day by day, the taliban is pretty much in control of the entire country apart from the couple region and this could easily spill over the border. now,
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as the russian minister of defense was meeting his counterparts from the neighboring countries here induce on bear, he blamed the us for the situation that's getting increasingly dangerous. the hasty withdrawal of us and nato troops create lots of problems. we're aware of the ongoing robust work aimed at providing security on the border, which is currently a hot bed for many risks, threats and challenges. if you look at the map of again, if then you will see that it is surrounded by countries that are russian allies from 2 different blocks. one is made out of post, so be countries. and the other one is rushes alliance with trying together with some of the different neighbors. now, what moscow wants to do is to reassure its neighbors that it is ready to help at any time if the situation gets worse. moscow has a military base here and to just near to somebody that is ready for action at any time. the other thing that russia wants to do is to cement it's key role in the
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region, which doesn't make the us happy. as i've heard when i spoke exclusively to the head of the russian army here and do some big ship. plenty of mr. corby up in the united states of the u. s. withdrawal is kind of where everyone is taking place. indeed symbol tiniest lee the u. s. is holding talks with all the countries adjacent to afghanistan on establishing certain logistical hubs on the territories, and begs the question, what's the point of putting out well remaining on the border? the answer is obvious. it's an attempt to retain its position in the central asian region, are to failing absolutely everything, and that's gonna start when it comes to instability. after the u. s. give me at least one example where the situation has been improved after a long running us presence. now here's a fact for you when more than 25 years ago survey showing was the head of rushes, emergencies, ministry. he was in charge of an entire operation of rescuing refugees that were
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flowing out of gas stand beyond the soviet pull out. and also when the soviet union collapsed and the situation in afghanistan was deteriorating because of the stronger islamist groups in the country. now this is why the local ministers of defense and leaders praised survey shows whose role in starting up the current situation. one of the proposals that came from the russian ministers of defense was to intensify the drills between russia and its allies here. and the 1st part of these drills called piece mission will happen in september. and china is also going to take part in those. okay, the things you brought up to date watching on t international. if you know the way we have a website, if you want, you can check it out or do dot com. mm
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mm. it's going to count down the next h as toward historic day in monetary history. that would be august 15th, 1971 the day that then president richard nixon close the gold window, basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and since then we've had pure monetary chaos. the happenings today on the hill speaker, nancy was the hand pick on the.


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