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the ah, you haven't, he's rocked by a deadly explosion and an industrial ball for chemical companies is left to that are more than 30 wounded environmentalists also some the alarm over a huge cloud of potentially toxic black smoke created by the under the videos and images of unconscious naked women found in the possession of a u. s. diplomatic confess is that from old and 14 years he drugs and sexually assaulted his victims in mexico. so things are getting heated, the olympics, the restaurant, understand any of his challenges during a press conference with a question more about politics than school american whistleblower. daniel hale is
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send us the almost 4 years beyond boss with leaking classified details about washington drone assassination program. we get reaction from others who chosen to make public lethal state secrets when we kill civilians and then put in the official reports that they weren't children for example, they were go. that is a war crime. it's really a war on truth, not just with the big government is at war with its own people. ah hi there. thanks so much for joining you. see on taylor spring about it to date with today's biggest news story. some round the world 1st this, our investigations are continuing into tuesday's massive explosion. had an industrial park of chemical companies in western germany. 2 people were killed in the blasts, more than 30 others inches,
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like fish now from peter oliver. he's at the scene for the trouble deaf following the blast. yes, today, peter is nearly 24 hours all now. how a things looking and is that any idea at this point? just how toxic potentially was the smoke that was being released after that explosion? well currently the company they to run the facility just behind me of concern there was 600 to 900000 liters of industrial solvent at the site in tanks where that explosion and subsequent fire took place on tuesday. now it has been confirmed that at least 2 people have been killed over 30 wounded, a not explosion on the subsequent fire. some of those who are injured are said to be in a very serious condition, but this facility isn't just on the outskirts of the city of labor cruise, and it's pretty much a short walk from the very city center of the city that contains over
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a 160000 people, i spoke to some of those who said they were absolutely terrified when the explosion happened. as i said, it was terrible. i was very cared. i live near, bought an equity, everything from my balcony when my windows were around. i mean from the last at the start i was incredibly frightened. then i saw the white glove and i think i thought it was a tornado. i was worried. we'll leave here. we know what they make in store here. and there are dangerous chemicals on site. bob and it was about $945.00. we're in our apartment when we heard a lot extremely loud bang. but i was, it was a container being dropped from a nearby construction side and people came out of the store here. everyone. very concerned. yeah. so glad we didn't see anything, but just 10 minutes later there was a huge cloud towering over the town and i saw the cloud moving away from the city. so that made me less worry about that unless we took precautions. shut our windows
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and doors and all other common sense measures. well, the concern now is if there is any long term effects from that cloud that people were describing to me. and we've seen on all of the footage from tuesday now the the, the health and environmental protection services off the state of north ryan with volley, weather took place as well as the, the german federal equivalent saw carrying out a lot of tests all around the clock right now, so far they've said that there's no elevated pollution risk in the area following what happened on tuesday that continuing to test the air, but also the soil, the water, the what's falling from the sky as well. precipitation. we actually had an awful lot of rain on wednesday morning. that's all being samples and tests carried out. we're expecting to hear by the end of the week whether there. busy has been any increased pollution risk, but at the moment those continuous tests that are taking place shows that there has
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been but that doesn't mean that there's not massive record and in place that is being explicit information given out by the authorities to people in the local area, particularly those who lived in the who live in the area with soft from the fire fell. they've been told that they're not to eat anything that's come out of their gardens, that they're not to allow children to play in playgrounds in those areas. you're not supposed to sit on any garden furniture in those areas as well. and if you have a pool in your bike garden, do not use it whatsoever until so samples are being tested and the all clear has been given particularly what they're looking for. here is to do with substances called cy off things that come from when chlorinated compounds are l burns. and that's exact the situation we've had here. so they're, they're not taking it lightly as it stands saying there's no elevated risk. but those tests are continuing to see if there's any long term effect from the fire and
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the explosion here in labor codes and many things spring is rather up to date on the situation that in germany correspond to peter relevant and now former us diplomats, they say mexico is admitted that for more than 14 years, he had been drugging and then raping numerous women pleaded guilty to filming at least $23.00 victims and could spend the rest of his life behind boss. log in i i use brian. jeffrey raymond is now on trial back at home in the us, having worked for his government for 23 years in various missions across the world
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. other than that, we don't know much about his diplomatic career. the f. b, i launched an investigation into him after he abruptly left to mexico last year, shortly after a nude woman was seen screaming for help from the balcony of his mexico city apartment. she says she doesn't remember what happened the night before, except that he'd offered her food and drinks. eventually, the federal agents obtained a warrant to search his home in the u. s. and was able to comb through his electronic devices, leading to a number of serious charges in march 2020, approximately 2 months before his interaction with a v. 7 ramos also text the same friend mentioned above about having sexual intercourse with 8989. he's a resident of mexico and primarily spanish speaker. he text to the same friend that he had to pay for a mover for a benign and expressed that he was annoying, but ultimately was while, because he was able to have sex with her. raymond could face life in prison if convicted and the justice department is adamant on sending
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a tough message. brian raymond betrayed the trust, grunted to him as a u. s. government employee represent in the united states abroad by engaging years of predatory conduct sexually abusing exploiting and recording vulnerable women. he targeted in the united states and around the world as demonstrated by ramon's prosecution and play the department of justice and his law enforcement partners will use all of the tools that are disposal to hold accountable those who victimized women. despite the severity of the allegations, the confessions, and the potential impact on america's global reputation for some reason, the mainstream media is not talking much about this story. i wonder why mainstream media completely ignored the story as big as that that becomes what, what we would call all over the world propaganda. where your media, your news reporting had become an arm of a political party or a political factions. we have to rely on for media outlets on anybody else on
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regular civilians. here in the us trying to post definitely stories like this. because that is public interest. much of the questions regarding the f b, i know about the how many years to day suite, the son of the rug and still allow security clearance. people talk top secret clearance to go through for this person, knowing what they knew. i mean, are they, in essence responsible, i mean, in a court of law with a climate this magnitude. if somebody knew about this and allowed the person to continue perpetuating these criminal act jane into that condition, they call that aiding and abetting. they would call it that they would call that either conspiracy and knowledge to act, or at the very least, $1818.00 a felon. and so these are the things that we need to know. sports now is day 6 of the turkey olympics. the precious seems to be rising. the russian tennis thought him adverse lashed out of the question he received during
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a press conference. he felt it was warranted and inappropriate, and it came right after his latest victory is more on that story. his art is alexia shasky. he would think that the olympic games, the something only about sports where the athletes have been preparing for all their lives to take part in this ultimate event for many athletes across the world . but this time it started very political. every time an athlete from russia is appearing at a press conference or after winning a medal a he or she is being tested with questions about the doping scandals of the past and about why russia is allowed to participate in the olympics at all. so was the case of worlds. number 2 in tennessee, then you know me the idea who just won his game, an unbearably hot conditions. it was very humid and very, very hot on the court. he almost collapse at one point even, and the questions were directed to him were not about the situation. he faced all the court. but one journalist came over and asked whether mitigation felt that
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russia's participation in the olympics was cheating itself. with the radio came up with a very sharp response. first time in my life, i'm not going to answer a question. you should be embarrassed if itself, i think you should. why are him from the olympics? i don't want to see him again. the international tennis federation responded that it will lot ban this journalist that a journalist has the right to off questions. but speaking of the question, this is not the 1st time this is happening. as i said to athletes representing russia, media gifts, calling china also said the same that he's been tested with questions about the doping scandals of the past. and i'd like to remind you what that russia's participation in the tokyo olympics. this time is very much limited because of the doping scandals of the path because the world anti doping agency effectively banned russia and it's symbolic. strom taking part in major competitions across the planet for 4 years. russia won the appeal in the cost in the court for violation of
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sports, and thus the country was allowed to take part in the olympics under the name r o c. this is an acronym for the russian olympic committee, but even that name and full cannot be used. it's just r o c. and this is something that russian athletes and the russian elliptic committee have been observing since day one of the olympic games. even the opening rest conference at the tokyo olympics, it last about an hour 20 minutes long, 45 minutes of which was dedicated to russia's participation under a different name in the olympic games this time. and despite. 1 all that, despite all this pressure coming from all sides, because not only kind of plant, but obviously the athletes and all other disciplines are being asked questions like that, trying to ignore them all the time. despite all that, russia or the r o c. if you may, is performing very well right now. it stands for, and the overall metal stable nearing on its 20th metal in the olympics and day 6. and that is something that's many journalists,
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particularly those sports related, not politics related, cannot avoid. and they note that russia is performing or the r o c is performing while at the olympics. but we'll see how obviously this continues because this has been the trends since day one, even before the olympic started. and i will keep you up to date with everything that's happening and tell you, it is treasures coming on. social media. i mean, we seem sort of the law of the media immobile when there were questions being asked about her medication. some people started asking questions, medication. she didn't seem to be doing so well. i dental said she pull those painting mental health, which you know, most likely that is true given, was taking what people do. it's dennis accentuated and that's like kind of home with then she's, it was a mention of, well, she's been beaten by the ocean girls like, you know, to the former girls, people emotions. it was a really weird thing to put in a diesel by, you know,
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let's just say journalists from the usa that i will respect what they're out the question. they would never before an american whistleblowers misunderstood almost 4 years in prison for leaking classified information about america's drone program, or serving the bag drama base enough gone to stand a decade ago. daniel hale, how to identify targets for a fascination when he returns home into into the team. though he shared secret details about the drone program. we journalists from the in to set revealing the true extent of civilian casualties in the middle east and africa. in march pleaded guilty to leaking classified documents that revealed that 90 percent of strikes had actually hit civilians. well, the u. s. began this drone program during the obama ministration since and its last more than 14000 drug strikes in ghana, stun pakistan. the m and somali thousands have been killed, more than 300 children were among the victims. we spoke with whistleblower former
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us intelligence officer john kitty, who attended hales sentencing. hearing the mood was one of great apprehension and the courtroom was packed for daniel hale. it was all quite dramatic, but we were apprehensive because we really didn't have any indication of which way the judge was going to go. and then he surprised everyone by clearing the courtroom and sealing it for 2 hours. while the justice department argued in a classified venue for a sentence of 9 years to me, the fair verdict would have been to, to, for the judge to come off the bench, shake his hand, thank him for his service to the country and let him go home to his family, i didn't think he deserved any prison time at all because he revealed a crime that was being committed by the u. s. government, the crime of, of the murder of innocent civilians. these are war crimes when, when we know that civilians are within the strike rage, that makes it a crime when we kill civilians and then put in the official reports that they
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weren't children for example, they were go. that is a war crime and it became a matter of course. it became something that many drone operators and their supervisors were doing well. i had a sentencing cale rosa letter detailing some of the things that he witnessed in his work that included the death of 2 children. and one strike you will see slammed the claim, the former president barranca bama drone killings abroad, protected americans. the policy of drone assassination was being used to mislead the public that it keeps a safe whenever i encounter an individual who thinks that drove warfare is justified. and reliably keeps america safe. i remember that time and ask myself how i could possibly continue to believe that i am a good person deserving of my life and the right to pursue happiness. please strode circle 24 hours a day and delivering deaths from the skies have turned most of the muslim world
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against us. it's been completely counterproductive and i think hail understood that and he sought to inform the american public. but we can't have a debate. we don't know the truth and we know the truth about drones because of the courage of daniel. and it's not just about going after someone like hale, it's really kind of a death blow to the press itself because it prohibits the press from shining a light on the inner workings of power. it's really the misuse of the espionage act which has been continued and other well known whistleblower edward snowden commented on the case on twitter. he condemned the court's decision and praised hale gut reaction to from brandon bryant, a former us drone operator himself, and also lifted the lid on what his work entails. he says that the choice between ignoring civilian killings and making the public were his conscience made his decision. it's really a war untruth,
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not just whistle blowers. we've got people that have been propagating this war over in the middle east for almost 2 decades now. the government is at war with its own people. if you can't you, you're part of the machine. the car runs this machine. yet you have to bear witness for the not just unfeeling part of the machine, your feelings. and eventually you have to find yourself in the middle of that storm and be like, you know, this, i have to do, i have to do this because if i don't do it, who is going to, i find it strange that conscientious individuals that are inside the program that are trying to hold us accountable for the obvious blayton war crimes that we ourselves are doing are being punished. and it seems that they're punishing people in order to make them an example. and that really does disturb me, especially if america to be this great country and freedom fighter amongst the world. how we're punishing our own people who are trying to to the us. congress is
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currently hearing testimony into january's capitol hill, riot spot. the hearings been attacked by critics, for lack of impartiality, as most of those taking part in this well known for the antique trump views will bring you more on that story. after this break, the long when i would chose the wrong, why don't i just don't the rules? yes to shape out the thing because the after an engagement it was the trail. when so many find themselves well, did we choose to look for common ground?
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the the the the the the the the ah, welcome back tuesday. so the 1st hearing of a special us congressional panel, it was tasked with investigating the capitol hill riot that took place in january
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and emotions were running high in the session. although it seems not everybody was convinced by what they heard with some views, even calling it a performance. democracy is or not defined by our bad days were defined by how we come back from bang the bad days. how we take accountability for that. i have faith because of folks like you and i am, i don't expect us will be great so much later, but it's must be an added thing today. the special commission consists of lawmakers from both parties. critics, i claim that the mines were already made up with the most known for the anti trust these more things. following developments as congress here is testimony about the events of january 6, the seems we've been hearing both police officers and politicians crying their eyes out. i was assaulted in nearly killed. i could have lost my life. there was
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a very good chance i would be torn apart. this is how i'm going to die. defending the sanctions. the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful. some are looking at this panel and saying it's simply impartial. we're not hearing both sides. the story, questions about about what kind of went wrong and whether or not the capital police allowed the protesters to enter. if they made a mistake or, or if somehow doors were left on guarded, what exactly happened? people are looking at. this is saying it's not an impartial hearing. it's speaker the house, nancy pelosi was being widely blamed for the fact that the congressional committee investigating the january 6 events which is convening today is hearing contains only anti trump. republicans. it is a bipartisan panel, but there are no trump supporters represented on it. there are simply anti trump democrats, as well as anti trump. republicans, this seems to be what congress is focusing on at the moment. amid surging coven cases, a continued migrant surge on the us border. rising inflation and poll saying that
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more than half the country say things are moving in the wrong direction. that is not what congress is focusing on. rather they have decided to re live and rehash the events of january 6th on capitol hill. well, democrats, who were there facing mid term elections, the economies in the toilet, the covey threatened to come back, we're told, and they have to do something to demonize their enemies. and that's what they're doing. it's pretty unprecedented that the republican liter kevin mccarthy is choices to sit on the committee were rejected. certainly doesn't suggest that it's a bipartisan committee. the 2 people that pillows he chose instead of them are to who voted to impeach trumpet that serves the purpose. the purpose of this is not to get to the bottom of what happened on january. i don't support people who do violence. people who attack police officers, of course they should be prosecuted. but let's not forget in the summer of 2020 in just one so called protest in front of the white house. 60 secret service agents
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were hurt or injured by george lloyd writers. we never had these gut wrenching hearings like this, crying in front of the cameras. which we saw kinder do, and others do it today for them. i have that i am not a trump voter. i am not a republican, but it's very clear what this is about to be. it's a show trial is to establish a narrative and it's very, very ugly. so it's, prosecutors have dropped a decade long investigation into suspected rush and money laundering because of a lack of evidence. the ruling ends the case that was opened, following allegations by the hermitage, capital management investment fund, disco found that the brown was late, the convicted tax evasion in russia. local leagues, donald reshay discussed the case. the investigation has not revealed the evidence that will justify charges being brought against any one in switzerland. the decision has therefore been taken to close the proceedings was a very long investigation into what was suspected to be
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a dirty money scheme that was run by the russian officials between 20082010. that was the allegation. and like, in every case, there's a plaintiff under the and the defendant. so russia was supposed to be on the receiving end of justice. and the plaintiff was how much capital fund, which was found headed by bill brown brown. and his fund 4 years. they were investing into russia, in fact, the fund was the largest for an investor into the country. and so browed acclaimed, he was defrauded. and he accused russian officials in siphoning off $230000000.00 through like fake tax checks and so on. and so forth. so switzerland was alleged to be the main conduit for this dirty money scheme. william brown. how did he receive this news? one might expect not very well. well, that's
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a very good guess because he didn't. in fact, getting russia was his and still is his magnum opus. he's obsessed with it. i mean, go and his twitter page, his content is almost exclusively focused on russia, how it is evil, how it is corrupt, and all these magnets key laws act. at least some of us must have heard of the so called like magnet ski act, magnets kill lose, and all that at ray of legislation that the west and like you and the west are saying targets will corrupt officials mainly in russia. for example, this mid sky act and list all these, all this array of legislation, it was named after the former employee of bill brown. so this statement of his, it doesn't really come as a surprise. swiss prosecutor's drop of russian money laundering inquiry and magneer case. this happened to one of their key officials was court taking bribes from the russians to do just this, a very dog staying on switzerland. in all seriousness though,
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he blames william william prouder blames this on corrupt. only corrupts with official, essentially accusing him almost directly and blatantly over derailing the investigation . and indeed several several swiss officials, they were accused of getting like gifts from russia and it was alleged that they were doing so in exchange too well discussing this investigation. but this is only happening, blakely, but even half way through this probe, the prosecutors, they did alert bill brown that the case is going nowhere, that it is falling apart. and that if no, if nothing new comes up, if no new information comes up, they will have no other choice but to close it and to say what they've said right now, what they've said just a couple of hours ago that there was no evidence to implicate switzerland to prove that switzerland took played any role in this. and remember switzerland was supposed to be the main conduit in this whole scheme. so if the main conduit
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doesn't really work, if it, if it has not, if it, in reality, had nothing to do with the scheme than what to make of others into the world. he's thousands of national guard members have been mobilized in california. us to help battle fierce wildfires, the 22005 forces who are now attempting to bring the situation under control tend to do on conditions. result from severe drought. seen the foss spitting rapidly, some experts warning that the worse still to come in late summer, early autumn, and another country hit hard by wildfires. grief for ablaze, described as one of the biggest nations experience for 30 years as an gulf scenario close to the countries capital. number of houses had been destroyed and several villages evacuated. plus dramatic scenes from china where a son stole the gulf, the entire city in the north west of the country tower again to the 100 meters high . it turned the sky yellow. busy and reduced visibility to just a few meters while also causing have
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a course on local roads. and we do have lots more news. you can check it all out. we're heading to a website r t dot com. i me a new gold rush is underway, and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn between gold and education. my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still will have the strongest appeal. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must
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obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the shorter does that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with the the .


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