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quicker, nancy pelosi handpick panel on the events of january 6 has begun. we're going to give you the rundown of what the committee was told and give you the 360 view of how democrats and republicans are viewing this hearing. and china is hoping to get america a taste of our medicine, but will imposing sanctions on american businesses, be the cure to what is a problematic relationship we're going to discuss. and what you think about parents being told not to have their children apply to top colleges because of the color of their skin. that's what one group did in dallas. and we're going to bring you the details as well as the reaction i'm scanning use and you are watching news views right here on our to america. let's get started. ah raleigh day, one of the january 6 commission hearing marketing the 1st hearing held by the democratic lead house select committee investigating the attack. now the 9 member
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panel potted the heroism while makers on the panel. lot of the officers here reason, but it blasted republican colleagues who they say are downplaying the events of that day. well, not down playing anything, research project who is alive outside the capital. with the highlights of today. barren, i want to get started. i want to go over those for officer 1st, but let's talk about who were they and what did they have to say, scotty? so those officers arriving early this morning, the hearing didn't last too long this afternoon because, you know, there's only 9 panel members. so not that much question that they had to go through . but you had to from the d. c, metro police department and 2 from the capital police department, those 2 officers from the capital police officer, harry done an officer. you know. good now admitted from the d. c. metro police officer, michael for known an officer. daniel hodges here is a little snippet of each of their emotional testimony from earlier today. i told them to just leave the capital and their response to yield. no man,
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this is our house. president trump invited us here. we're here to stop to steal. joe biden is not the president. i too will been crushed by the riders. i could feel myself losing oxy and i recall thinking to myself, this is how i am going to die. defending this entrance, he bashed me in the head and face with rupturing. my lip and adding additional injury to moscow. at this point, i knew i can sustain much more damage and remain upright. i feel like i went to hell and back to protect him in the people in this room. but too many are now telling me that hell doesn't exist or that hell actually wasn't that bad. the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful. and
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scotty, you know, one of the things that the officers at the end of the hearing were asked by the panel of what they wanted after all of this. and they said that they just wanted the investigation to keep going. they wanted to know who knew what and when, why they weren't not why they were not given the help that they were asked to and what was required of that day. and also they wanted to just make sure there was anybody on the inside that was involved and those hearing member saying that if there was anything, it's answers to those questions or fair. and there were 2 republicans list cheney and adam cans and, or who got a little emotional sense. right. yeah. and actually, you know, those 2 republicans are the only 2 republicans on this committee. and a lot of republicans are having a lot of problems with that lives cheney with throughout the hearing was very matter of fact adam can thing or as you mentioned, very emotional. take a listen. you hear the former president, trump say quote, it was a loving crowd. there was a lot of love in the crowd. how does that make you feel is subsiding?
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is a, a better excuse for his behavior, for something that he himself help to create this monstrosity. democracy is or not defined. by our bad days. we're defined by how we come back from bang the bad days, how we take accountability for that now, and the conclusion of the hearing, adam kinsey was asked of how fellow republicans want to remove him from a number of the committees that he sits on here. what's his response to that? all i have to say to that is we had a big attack on january 2nd. we heard very emotional testimony today. and that's what's on the forefront of my mind. and if people want to get petty, that's fine. i think that reflects more on people than it does on the situation at
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hand. this is a historic moment and this is a democracy defending moment. and no matter the consequence of me and i know lives will stand on defend democracy. and scotty, you know, it is still in limbo whether he will be removed or not. republicans on the hill, are talking about possibly taking some of his positions away. and we can never say never, but because you know, sky, we saw what happened with las cheney, where she was removed from her position. well, it will be interesting and a lot of this comes also the follow up that there were republicans were also not allowed to sit on the committee and that was held by the democrats. so i think that's for that controversy. it can, we were republicans feel like they have that right. speaking of that, let's talk about the make up of the committee as it stands. and let's loin out. this is not how the republicans, one of these were not the names. republican submitted, what was trading and adam kids, a girl. so tell us what, who actually made the cuts. right, so saudi, take a look here. you have those 9 members here again with those only 2 republican members, adam kinsey,
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singer and liz cheney followed by 7 other democrats here. take a look. these were the 5 republicans that were actually submitted by the g o. p. to be on that committee speaker of the house, nancy pelosi denying them to be on the panel and to take part in this committee. hearing you had also excuse me, representative minority leader, kevin mccarthy saying that, you know, this is kind of a pushback not wanting to answer those tough questions. one of them being that on january 5th, donald trump called for $10000.00 national guards guardsman to come and guard the capital, and he was denied that request. you have also former senator ron paul, he's saying that if you're going to compare this to the 911 attacks like what many democrats. c are doing you have to then compare it to the 911 commission where you have to make it fair. you can see here, there is a 5 republicans, 5 democrats who even had midway through the 911 commission hearings, a democrat resigned. they replaced him with another democrat. so again,
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the republican saying, if you want this to be fair, you want all questions answered. you will have an equal amount of republicans and democrats. now, the hearing is, is expected to go in last throughout the week. but what's interesting, scotty, is they're not as the least of this broadcast, not putting out who is going to be testifying tomorrow, thursday and friday. so it'll be interesting, scotty to see who takes a panel or who's going to be testifying in front of the panel. the rest of the week, scotty, and let me just point out there in the past, we have had that agenda kind of already laid out. we knew these officers were going to be testifying today. but then we usually had kind of a general idea of where this was going to go at this point. it really has not been released faren at thanks always for joining us on this. now, as you can imagine, the democrats and republicans have viewed today's hearings. a bit different, so let's get their perspective. joining us just former georgia representative, a d dock and taker and political commentator j k. brister. thanks for joining me on this. thank you for having ok today. i'm going to start with you because this is
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kind of the show, this is kind of your show, this for the democrats are kind of leading this whole thing. let's talk about the panel make up itself. do you think speaker policy should have allowed the republicans to put whomever they wanted on it and what does that have kind of voided out that argument from the right, that automatically dismisses this as just another political show? well i think below today there was the difference for the 911 commission and we all knew that we had a common enemy up the ridge. and now what happened that account people that are in denial and see nothing wrong with the in college. sure. so therefore, you want to have any co op the entire you're hearing only because they don't want to have been president donald trump. we know what happened with clearly dr. mark. so jack, happy, i'm going to look at you in this. the accusation isn't from the democrats, the republicans have tried to minimize what happened on january 6. do you agree
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with that idea that republicans have you take a yes no, i absolutely do not agree that the republicans have minimized what happened at the capital. in fact, we are appropriate east. busy were pro america, we believe in the law of the land. there's the republican party has been strong supporting the police, supporting even the capital police. this, our party is not against that. so then you look at them, what happening? you see the images, you're seeing what's happening right now. j. k, you see these police officers testimony. so if, if the republicans are for supporting law, unfortunate, why are they supporting these guys? why did these guys feel like they've been abandoned by those that you know, that might be a part of the g o p. so i will say this. they have not been abandon. we support law enforcement, 100 percent and i'm a, i'm a constitutionalist and
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a patriot 1st on the republican last but i have to tell you that they their testimony was unbelievable. today i watched today their experiences and what they went through at that capital. no one, not me, or your other guest or you or anyone else can look at that and know that right in the middle of this malay and what was going on at the capital, of course they felt in danger. they testified to their feelings and i'm not going to judge them. i take their word for how they felt and what they experienced. i will tell you that as republicans, we support them 100 percent. what i don't support is the dog and pony show. and the political, basically, committee of democrats, because there are any republicans on that committee in my mind that are attacking
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80000000 people and trying to paint us with the same brush as 3 to 500 people that rush that capital. was it stupid, was it illegal? was it criminal? yes. i think the everyone who did anything that they should be accountable, but we are individually accountable. you cannot hold me accountable for what a small number of people out of the hundreds of thousands of people that were in washington that day to support president trump for what they did. and that's what i want to bring over to d, because this is where i think there should be some common ground here that yes, there are some bad apples. every group that would be like holding every single person that was at the peaceful protest for black lives. matter last summer, accountable for the looting and the violence that we saw on the streets to do you agree on that? that's where you can all see this, this simple point that it's bad to take the bad apples and paid the entire movement, whether side a, b as being horrible people. can we find that piece in common ground?
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if you were genuine, but feed. the problem here is there have been nothing but denials about what happened and we all saw what happened on january to fix. and i am very disturbing. people are still trying to make a few what happened? we know what happened and it to the republican step up, kind of like the guy who said it was wrong. how about the people who are like the office who are up there, the capital, it was wrong that it should be handled and not try to cover it up like it was just a normal day or this is just afraid. when people on the friends just stuff that we don't appreciate, we call if you recall from the very beginning when people say crazy stuff like be fun, the police, i'm not agree with that, but maybe, you know, may have to pull open neither the many of the people in college, i just bought them the rest of them. it was only a few people on the french who say defend the police. so if you got to you that broad brush all the way across the board in that just but it can be, oh, i want to have this congress can do this cars as in j. k. do we've got to go. but let's obviously watch speaking, let's chat again in the future about it. well,
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the chinese are pushing back on american businesses and individuals who did not support their actions in hong kong. what will be the response we're gonna discuss right at the break, stay with us. the me, a new gold rush is underway, and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn between gold and education. my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still will have the strongest appeal going to count down the next day, she has torn in historic day in monetary history. that would be august 15th, 1971. the day that then president richard nixon close the gold window,
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basically defaulting on america's obligations to great britain at the time. and since then we've had peer monetary chaos. oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is fatty and sugary, and the under the victim is not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific advancement. ah, what's driving the mac? it's corporate, me. ah,
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an activist group in dallas, texas is calling on a white liberals, living an upscale neighborhood to avoid sending their own children to ivy league schools. the reason well apparently to make room for minority students to attend those top universities articulate wanted to touch a sweet has more on this group mission. and what they represent, a flag is circulating among white liberals into wealthy texas neighborhoods who supported the black lives matter movement. there are only 2 choices. if you don't agree to the pledge, the only other option marked is being a racist hypocrite. don't was just this now has sent a letter to white the rules and texas, who were supporters of the black lives matter movement. highland and university park, or some of the wealthiest areas in the country. first, they're being asked not to send their kids to the country's top i b link schools, making room for more minorities. find the pledge also has been say they accept their so called privilege. the pledge goes on to say these white democrats should make sacrifices for the years of oppression. people of color have faced. since
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these letters were targeted to those who support the b l. m. movement the letter says recipients are in a position to correct quote, crew injustices. we shall washington spokesperson and founder of dallas justice. now it says white abolitionists died in the civil war so that we could live as free men and women. according to data usa, roughly 6 percent of the student body at harvard and princeton are block. although statistics don't reveal how many actually applied compared to other ethnicities. there has been talk reparations, including free college tuition for blocks. a task force in california is currently reviewing different options. now the group dallas justice now said on this website, it will publicly announced the names of people who did not find the pledge reporting for me to choose. and how should we, our team there is this just identity politics or freedom of expression. but joining us for our respective republican strategist and former congressional staffer, jennifer massey. jennifer, when we're looking at this, i have to ask you, you know, should parents were continue to do this is kind of
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a story that was really interesting. when i saw it over the weekend, i was like, this could not be true. and like i said, it's across the board whether or not that someone would actually put that letter and send it out or finding out that in dallas this letter did go out. so jennifer, when i, when i talked, i should parents think about political agendas of the institution when choosing white college that they want their children to apply for unfortunately, they really need to think about that before they decide where they're going to go. and i tell parents that all the time that they need to look into the university because you want your children to go to a place that has diversity of thought. and most of these left lang institutions have no idea what that means. they will be discriminated against your children if they don't fall in line with the left professors and the school administrators, which is really unfortunate, but it's the way it is. their grades will be punished, their refund, their grades will be punished. they don't write about what they want them to say,
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and they will be unfortunately in many groups not popular. i'm thinking about myself and republican president and i, i was public, enemy number one will in, but this is, texas is a very read stage. you know, you don't conversations like the, i think that texas is interesting because actually got a lot of diversity on it. and it's not just african american community. hispanic community is very well represented as well as, you know, you've got everybody in there. texas politics are completely different, think than most states around the world. so do flyers like this, actually help or hurt the conversation regarding race relations in a community like that? and like i said, you have a large hispanic population as well within that state. so does it help the conversation happening know it actually hurts, especially in a city like dallas and speaking as a tech, then i know how diversity is there. there's 41 percent. hispanic, 62 percent white, and there is 30 percent black. there is no need to divide these people by race. it only causes problems. what the ultimate goal is,
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is for the government to have more control over the people. so their number one goal is to divide by race unfortunately. so when you see something like this, but the question is, as people say, well, if you just ignore the conversation, that's racist itself. if you just say that everybody's saying that you're not addressing some of the problems from the past that i think colleges are starting to do right now by paying reparations to this. and as of savory victims, they're saying, you know, we don't want ignored. so do you think it's fair though, however, what about these other groups to put one group over another? what about other groups that might be able to prove that they had injustice done to them? in the past? you think maybe that conversation might need to start growing from this? yeah, i think that conversation could start growing only to show how ridiculous the other conversation is. so if everyone looks in their lineage, at some point, they will find an injustice that has, that has been done to their ancestor so we can just pay everybody reparations. and how these democrats always have these grand ideas of how to implement these plans,
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but they never share the details. how are we supposed to know what is going to suffice for, for to get rich reparations. are they supposed to prove that they were a slave owner? or prove that they were a slave, is appointed pretty a percentage of their ethnicity like my, my nieces, their half lack. are they going to get reparations? there's so many details that need to be worked out. and the whole idea is just wrong and terrible to pin pin people down on race or 10 people down for problems that they did not cause or had nothing to do with. okay, so then let me just ask this and we always talk about the problems. what are the solutions? where do you think that we can actually find a way to actually grow together and find something that can grow from where all community, especially here in america, could actually say, let's have this conversation. and maybe we can start talking about the problems and find ways to be unified on others. where do you see it's probably those issues that right now are probably no offense. i have a really bad track record in history with attractive minorities and diversity within their party. where should they do better?
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well the thing is, i think they were on a, a bit of a role with trump, as, as many minorities came over to the republicans in vast numbers more than any time in history. so they were doing a little bit better job than mess and messaging. but they really need to have the leaders in these local communities come together and talk, maybe it public forums and have the community come out. i think that would help a lot and, and further ring understanding for what each person in the community is going towards and where they feel things could improve. well, jennifer, it's great talking me. i think you're, i think empathy in any of these types of situations and humbleness is usually something unfortunate. they're probably going part, she doesn't know for in the past. i think that's actually able to find solutions instead of this kind of divide that continues to show out. thank you so much for joining us. absolutely. thank you. so any round of sanctions on us businesses and individuals are being imposed by china in response to the us sanctions on chinese officials and hong kong. so those who will be affected however,
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by these counter sanctions include a former us secretary over ross sophie richardson, hugh and wright watches, china director carolyn bartholomew, chair of the us china economic security review commission. adam king of the international public institute. but they all have a big comment. so joining us discuss where this back and forth might end is a roger balls seo, the inter med resources we had you on roger because you're one of those businesses that do a lot with it. both in china and outside you've had to do with it. so i got to ask you on this latest move by the chinese, i call it kind of chinese checkers white house, the se in the us will be undeterred by the chinese response. but i have to say something that all those people kind of have in common is that those are republicans, mainly people from the trump administration. organizations that are known to be more conservative. so to try to not realize this, a lack of regard that each party america had for each other. in fact, i think the bite and white house, she's probably did it for baskets to show their gratitude in this movie. well,
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it's obvious scottie and thank you for having me on again. basically, the chinese watch are politics more than anyone. and when you see something like this, if you just put it on a screen without saying who did it, you would think that the bad knew ministration did it themselves because it doesn't affect the by the administration. business was throwing a bone to the by the ministration. it sounds like when you hear the word sanctions, while that's a big deal, but not in this case, coming from our side because it's exactly what the body and ministration want. they tried to cut out as if the trump administration had never happened. so china, just oblige them on this part of it is kind of a parting gift as you're leaving the doors that go by the way, we're going to sanction all those people that did not win last fall and you know, good luck to you guys. you know, china introduces national security. i was just kinda just fine and this is in hong kong. last year in response,
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those massive protests were happening pro democracy protest right now. it criminalized. this is the session for version and collusion with foreign forces and carry the maximum sentence of life in prison. the 1st person was just convicted of that just recently and will be going to prison for life. do you think, however, this will actually deter hong kong business is from working with us companies, especially those that have a history of probably more working more with the g o p, than the democratic party? i think it will actually, i've been talking to folks over there at least a couple of times a week. it's to the point now. you're right they, they are convicted the 1st one, but they have arrested over 200 people who are waiting trial for this. and just since this week, i've heard from some of the people i've been doing, business went for over 20 years, that they consider insurrection as waving right now, waving the american flag. and that is, that is a sad state is especially here in this country. you have so many or kneeling on our
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flag when everybody else in the free world knows that that flag means freedom. so it's going to detour several businesses from actually going into hong kong and from several companies in hong kong from want to do business. because sometimes if you're in hong kong and you're a manufacturer, you do business with american companies, sometimes you adopt a lot of their policies just to keep manufacturing it. and how do you, how do they know that's not going to have them somewhere in jail? so let's talk about what the past has taught us. maybe to show, obviously a preview for the future. does a law like this and that they're actually bringing people to conviction with it so that china is tightening their grips on hong kong again. so they don't see another round of protest calling for independence in the future. well, i tell you what, i'm really surprised and in some sorts about china doing this because usually they think way in the future, they try to put on what they call
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a false face to attract businesses. but in this incident, it's almost like they are really taking a fancy to hong kong. i can remember i was actually there when hong kong was liberated into china as arms from the british. and president young, i think at the time said we will always be hong kong. we will always be a port to international business. and they are literally cutting their throats by putting this law in which is already in effect. right. and they do not realize how they are just cutting their throat from your business transactions between americans and other countries. we will see where this goes. thanks for joining us. thank you. scottie, and that's the time we have for today show. but i promise this is a conversation was always continue. so follow me on that. are really the, at getting used to the hash tag team, n d a. and for this show and all the great programs we have here on our team, erica purple,
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to be on your apple or android. i see you right back here. thanks for watching. ah, ah, ah me, my phone are 69. my phone, i just saw up dollar a former isis fighters and now boarding a philippine naval ship with this has been placed for john $900.00. jeff,
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aren't abdulla still don't know who was waiting for them and i was wondering. ready how much forward to talking to you all, that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the shorter is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence we'll summoning the demon
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must protect this phone existence with excuse algorithms, neural networks have been following us everywhere. we look online because our relationships are what matters. most of us, and that's how we find meaning and how we make sense in our place in the world with silicon valley see, don't mention in the slick presentations. however, i think ghost workers who train the software human they're involved in every step of the process. when you're using anything online, but we're sold, as is miracle of automation behind your screen. it's a real workforce that seems algorithm is for next to nothing on a very good day to do $5.00. now. a really bad day. i could do 10 years where it says re miserable by design. it's about labor costs,
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but it's also about creating layers of lessening responsibility between those who solicit the kind of work and need it. and those who do it the german, a rock by a deadly explosion of an industrial park for a chemical company, leaving 2 dead more than 30 wounded. environmental is also sudden the alarm over a huge slide to potentially toxic black smoke created by the blast. often coming up today, hundreds of videos and images of unconscious and naked women are found in the possession of a us diplomats who confesses. he's been grubbing and sexually assaulting women and mexico city for over a decade. the american whistleblower daniel hale is sentenced to almost 4 years in prison for leaking classified details about washington drone assassination.


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