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me. ready ready and i, the ah, bad life, it's all here when i see germany is rock by a huge explosion that an industrial pog, housing, chemical, company, environmentalists, the concerned about the blue black smoke that's being created full of potential thompson fraud approved a new law restricting travel and the entry of public places for people without folk old cobit passport, or the movies proving huge lead devices among businesses on the public at large. and in london, the christian creature who reportedly converted prom islam. stubb did hyde park famous speakers corner. the media mainly focuses on what she was wearing all the cities may. i didn't even knowledge the incident.
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ah, it is tuesday evening here at moscow just after 8 o'clock. i will read to say with this i was for you to stop for this. i would like to ask you to so exercise caution and stay at home, but that is the warning to people in and around the german city of live acoustic, where a massive explosion has torn through an industrial park of chemical companies. it is feared, toxins have been released into the environment was the list. there was a huge explosion today here in level across the district. there are many chemical factors here. the law schools that a waste incineration planned you to the schools of talk to. the police told us that it happened in stories turning for solver. solvents have burnt, including those containing chlorine,
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but we haven't yet made an accurate analysis in cooperation with city authorities. we call on local residents to exercise caution. when going outside, we ask people to pay particular attention to any abnormal fallout. we've established hot lines, which residents can cool report any sightings. don't try to remove any such precipitation. stay away from it. the authorities will remove it and take it in for testing. this analysis may take a few days. we call on people to exercise patience and caution. as for the cause, we can also talk about that at this point as the emergency services. i still looking for the missing and hence we cannot as of yet conduct any analysis at the site. it's an ongoing search and rescue operation. hence, we cannot hold any discussions regarding the cause. so now we call them people to stay at home and keep the windows and doors shops. so one person can find that now, and 16 injured authorities have warned the public for this, the situation poses an extreme threat. electricity has been cut off to be able to
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ensure the safety of emergency workers at that site. and we also understand local intel to stay at home and turn off any air conditioning. it was like no squeak. the whole house shook. we were scared. i live in reserve to 100 meters away. main roads around the side have been closed and drivers have been told to avoid the area. meanwhile, and information hotline has been set up to address any public concerns. a local police representative described to us what kind of measures they're taking. we've got a large presence of police officers and emergency services here at the site, especially in terms of traffic. we're having to regulate motor waves and roads so that emergency services, fire engines can pass, and no one else gets hurt. warnings were transmitted by the fire department through apps. this is apparently worked as there's been no influx of curious people and accident tourists. well, the whole area around the city of labor crews and in north run,
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west valley or in the, the west of germany is well, the roads, all areas old, closed down. they're all reports of sirens going off not only in the city of live accusing but also in near buy towns anecdotally, i've been told the town of sali, the city is told again here people hearing sirens, they're being told stay inside, get inside of building close windows and doors, while the emergency service is try to determine if there is any risk from this explosion, we seem from the pictures, the huge plume of smoke that rose up. it is covering a large area. now what we've heard from ken park, which is the body which operates this, this facility in liver crews and is that at around $940.00 on tuesday morning and explosion took place the residence of lever cruz and are asked to go to close the rooms, turn off air conditioning, and as a precaution,
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keep windows and doors closed. several employees are injured in the events, at least 2 of them seriously. they are currently receiving medical treatment. 5 employees are currently missing. police of other emergency services, calling for those on the highways around the area to pull into one side or the other to create a rescue. gates, as they call here in germany, to allow more emergency services to arrive on the theme of there are tests being carried out on the air in the immediate vicinity and also in the surrounding area as well. this is germany most populous area, or its most its area of densest population as well. the area of north run, west valley, you've got a live accrues in cologne, dusseldorf, all of those major connotations all in a very tightly packed area. so for, for this to have happened in this region, it will affect a lot of people in the, the, the road that they said going into lay the cruise and completely closed off right
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now. in fact, i'll be heading off to that area. as soon as i'm done talking to you right now, we'll be getting as close to become finding out exactly what is happening on the scene there. well, the site is one of the largest chemical parks in europe, as peter was saying with around 30000 people working there more than 5000 chemicals and made there including nitrogen chemicals which are used for making explosives a contaminated hazardous waste is also handle the site and we discussed the blog with dr. sharon george or senior lecturer and environmental sustainability and green technology from kil university. she says it's not the visible black plumes of smoke, the locals should be worried about it can show it and she it's not just the issue, but the contamination that you can see. it's not contamination that you can't say this is this the what the black smoke, they can see in particular that that is gonna travel quite
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a distance from the side itself with what i think is what we're concerned about is not just the immediate, the immediate range and this is why the venture so significant because it's close to those populated areas. so we're going to have this pollution spread in a long way going fast. so to the top, it's going to be a gas in the other day. and also there's a way that when he does that, so it may then move again, if he soluble if waynes and then they will travel again. the challenge here is to figure out exactly what is being displayed. and then to figure out how to contain it. and as to make sure that, you know, have people know entry without a coven health pass. that is the new law which has been approved by the french parliament. it restrict access to crowded public areas and travel. it comes as
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a local authority study, the country struggling with a 4th wave and more than $25000.00 cases were reportedly registered a few days ago. a shot to do with ski now takes us through how the public so reacted to these very controversial measures. in a few days time, if you don't have a health pass, you simply won't be able to do this. i don't want to see that was on a not regulation is already in full. was that cultural institutions that will not be extended to the venue to the new law also requires all health care workers to be vaccinated against coby 19 is face suspension without pay president macro and says those who refused to be a non lated all selfish privilege. what is your freedom worth? if you say to me, i don't want to be vaccinated, but tomorrow you in fact your father, your mother, or me, one in i think theme is that he is not the only one while more than
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a 100. 60000 people rose up in anger again, the controversial health feeling front. it's now being approved with poll, suggesting that the majority of people actually support the idea not got given right for people to infect others. and if you do not want to get vaccinated, i'd like to do it. most of us actually realize that such a thing is a med, medical science exists and the father being pretty stupid, but it's your choice, but don't, don't fix, don't others by a knowledge on vaccination and on the vaccine. paul. so i think the president is 100 percent. right. that's the us. you're looking for chap to around $6000000.00 have signed up to be knocked elated. think these plans to move in just to reach the go to print things. they're not ready to give up. there you do the, however, your pool has gone exactly the government way. there was fee is opposition
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to the health path bill that made its way through the french parliament. echoing concerns about the religion of civil liberties. still wrong, not to get vaccinated, but the health passes in the aberration because either we do it for every one or we don't do it at all. and for now we do nothing. the law is rather directive. it doesn't give much choice. it forces the community to have a common sense of purpose. i don't think it's liberty. right. right now it's not really front. that is governance things. it's not the president of the republic in europe, which is at present doing that. but more just like see me, i'm vaccinated, but i'm not convinced everyone should be obligated to have this health passport. others have said they are prepared to fight, don't to defend their right to truth whether or not to be vaccinated. while over 6000 businesses have registered their intent, not of people to show their health. that's for me on but can they did is my choice
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. i'm not imposing its own. you want to lecturing anyone about it. always reject any mandate that the cafe work into a police officer or health inspector. pres the macro. you're messing with elements, you won't be able to control. i refused to be a policeman. i run a beast. troth, even the police don't want to inform your orders as fast battle. a 4th wave of the corona virus pandemic. many believe vaccination and controls on those who refuse one all the only way forward. meanwhile, in south africa, there's been a spike in covey cases, right in the wake of the riots and looting. the grid, parts of the country for the health care system is under pressure off the supplies of vaccines, and the number of pharmacies were just destroyed. we'll have a full breakdown about situation just a tiny bit later in this program. for now, a woman i believe, to be a vocal critic of islam has been stopped,
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but in london. and the incident happened at hyde park is very famous. speakers corner injuries are not said to be life threatening, but you may find the following video disturbing on the footage shows a large group of people gathering in the park. i directed me towards the back a man dressed in black. you can see just barley striking and shaking the women there, while the authorities and major media outlets didn't name the victim or give any specific details of bloggers, an activist idea. her is 39 year old pattern tash. she is said to have fled turkey after announcing islam for christianity and was regularly seen preaching in hyde park. previously, the woman was escorted by police from the park of a fear of attacks against her, and was even banned from 2 speakers corner, offer a number of threats. now, one thing that hasn't gone unnoticed though, is that at the time of the time she was wearing a charlie echo t shirt. now, the french satirical magazine has been in the spotlight many times over its
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caricatures. one of them portraying the prophet mohammed lead to a series of deadly islamist attacks back in 2015. however, it didn't depict the profit. instead it showed a kiss between a cartoonist and a muslim preach caption love is stronger than hate. while much of the media coverage is either focused solely on the fact that she was wearing a surely had showed all that it was a woman who was attacked in hyde park. but a lender's man, though, he has been receiving criticism, though, for apparently not even acknowledging the incident. if a woman is stepped in hyde park, in mayor of london sunday, con doesn't mention it didn't even happen. so city con, i thought, speak, his court was a place where debate and critique could take place freely. why haven't you condemned the atrocious stabbing in the park yesterday? a little quiet on this latest land and setting said he can police in london warning against making any premiere tro conclusions over the reason behind the stopping. i
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would of people not to speculate on the motive for the attack until we have established the full facts for my metropolitan police officer peter kirk and believes knife crime has become so rampant in london that the non fatal attack on sunday fail to draw much attention i think this incident is something that the major would normally be expected to carry in some detail in some permanence and says fortunately, the u. k. has a significant increase in the number of serious stuff and i know the murders in the last few years. and so for a more serious offenses, the national, serious incidents and this and i'm color place. and so where there are not life threatening injuries, something that's described as a minor slash range,
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retorted perhaps the media wouldn't normally now be able to carry that doesn't make the great as if there's also the issue is who else is getting a bit about this? the public a no longer shot does. they will. so we've got a situation where the deaths in murders are increasing and so the non fatal stabbings being pushed even further of the agenda. the politicians also do not seem to be taking this seriously. and to be frank, they haven't taken it seriously right from the start. last week, america experience and the incident of gun violence every 12 minutes. according to the latest data, $915.00 shootings are reported across the country between saturday july 17th and the subsequent friday. those incidents claimed the lives of 430 people and left
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more than a 1000 wounded researchers from the nonprofit gun violence archive. say the data clearly indicate that this is a growing problem. many americans are truly worried about the situation. i mean, they concerns me because i live in a very small law for west side and i am sometimes fearful when i'm coming home. if it's late at night, you know, i know people are meeting bare necessities and you know, they may try to come attack me. so, you know, i just try to stay safe here with her the streets, a lonely at a cousin of mine walking on madison avenue about 11 o'clock at night. the other day he mentioned, and there was nobody there. madison avenue and the, and the upper roads in the seventy's street was empty. they're doing whatever they can to get money. i wouldn't be out at night anymore and i've lived here i was born
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here in 1943. and this is a terrible thing to be happening in this city that you're have to fear to be out after dawn. i think it is travis, for where like chicago need an area like, oh, don't feel things that she is that tell from gun crimes in america or is set to shatter. last year, reco around 43000 people were killed by firearms in the country and 2020 the highest number into decades. joe biden discuss the issue in an interview last week where he asserted that more police are needed to combat the problem. cops are having real trouble, they're not all bad guys. there's a lot of good guys. we need more policeman, not fewer policemen. we need them involved in community policing by and also said he never supported the funding. the police are there. last summer, he backed redirecting some of the funding to different programs, the death of george floyd and police custody last year triggered nationwide
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protests which escalated a cause to defend the police. progressive lawmakers within the democratic party still staunchly support that idea. but we discussed the issue with a retired new york deputy inspector. i think that the united states is approaching gun control of the wrong way. number one is the 2nd amendment directed arms is the constitutional right. it's not going away. so they're not going to get anything change with the 2nd amendment. so you've got to think outside of the box and do something different. i propose that america. if you can't legislate, guns, guns don't kill people bullies. do so start legislating the bullets the left in the right can't. they can't even come to the men or talk. we can't have all of these people shot in. nobody's doing anything about it. so if they don't want the n r ray, which is the national rifle association in american, very strong big libraries. they're not going to take the gun away. so you got
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a legislator to bullet, i think that's the only thing that we have to do. we need trained offices that know how to smell ignite, that, you know, know when somebody's going to be involved in those communities, get deep into the community. but that's going to take a long time. you need a quick fix right now. you need to start legislation and bullish in brief, some of the headlines for you. these dramatic scenes here from china, for a sandstorm in gulf, in entire city, in the northwest of the country, a 100 meters tall. it turned the sky yellow and reduced visibility to maybe 5 meters, ultimately causing havoc on local roads with police having to get out there and redirect the traffic. and more because right now it's huge. wildfire raging across the italian island of sardinia, around $20000.00 acres. have been consumed by the flames. around 1500 people have been evacuated to safety. thousands of firefighters have been mobilized as well as 30 specialists planes and helicopters. the region has fed
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a state of emergency and called on the government to deliver immediate financial support. and other huge blades is also raging in the us. it came off to 2 separate fires, named dixie, and fly merged into one of california. largest have a while. bias on saturday is swept through india and falls in the states north destroying around 20 houses. an area equivalent to the size of a single hole, not being destroyed by the 24th here in moscow with the wake of the recent riots south africa is now recording a p can covey cases, despite the government pushing people to wear mosques and get vaccinated, there's a huge amount of a hesitancy in the country. as paula slid now, reports alex andre a township and trying to reach the court. a ticking bomb by the south african human rights commission. crampton, overcrowded high levels of unemployment. and at the same time, a lack of basic service delivery, add to that effect,
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that social distancing is impossible because we often large families live in chapter one room. and people say come in washing faith. and it's no surprise that south africa account for nearly 40 percent of corona virus related death in africa . the reason why i'm not reading a much now is because i just live across the street. so it is, i want to see a boy soldier coming. i'll be running out and say to a medical company, i don't really see much in not doing anything for us and that sort of, i've been sometimes a bit difficult to be doing. good me good. that will really doesn't. i'm from the help we want to leave young wild in free food is just love. yup. and because the becky dunn social distance elegantly. so it's so small
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and you live, but lot of the abort. according to the health ministry, the country just past the peak of food, waive, which alone left more than 2000000 people infected that the country is not yet out of the woods. as the reasons why it so masses of people coming together around $47500.00. cobit $900.00 vaccines will last in the recent and raised more than a 100 private pharmacies were damaged, including $7.00 to $1.00 vaccination site. and many of those who have been arrested in connection with the unrest have tested positive for cove at 19 the government is urging those who participated in the looting squeeze to get tested for covered. but chances are they won't will feel being wasted if they say the way they bean. i'm one of the about the only people here with a mosque and even though i have received t jad, they all concerned that the coming from the nation programs on the market do not work against the south african very. and hospitals are struggling and
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misinformation of spreading constant in the virus itself. just another problem, the south african government has to tackle as it deals of the aftermath of the worst and waste it has faced in decades. policy a r t. alexandra violence has a wrapped it into nicea after the president sack the prime minister unsuspended parliament following larger street demonstrations that had been growing anger over spike and cobit cases and the government's handling of the pandemic as well as economic woes. the president supporters greeted his move with cries of joy. his opponents accused him of a power grab the me. the
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the the president has not went out a month long curfew and ban on gatherings of more than 3 people in public places. on sunday, he said he would assume executive authority and govern alongside a new prime minister. following the spring, the country has been dumped a benchmark for democracy. 8 and author correspondent ilia for drink. where says, what's gone wrong? if there was an award for an arab spring success story denisia, despite being the neighbor of field state libya, would surely be on the short list of nominees, right? it's not being destroyed by civil war. again, like libya, next door in 2015 for tenicia and civil society groups won the nobel peace prize for, quote unquote, a decisive contribution to the building of
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a democracy. but 6 years on 10 years after the arab sprang, swept north africa and the middle east, there's a sense of street violence as the focal point has been the countries crumbling health care system which has contributed to one of the highest per capita. october 19th, death rates, but it's not just a corona virus that has left many feeling ill. many people who are deceived by hypocrisy, terray and robbery of the rights of the people. i warn any who would think of result into weapons and whoever shoots a bullet the armed forces will respond with bulus. tunisia is facing the biggest crisis in a decade of democracy. after president chi saeed house did the government and froze the activities of the parliament widely seen as unconstitutional because of side
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stay, you are a limited powers. his suppose labels the move, a qu, that should be opposed, but his position remains strong thanks to the support of the armed forces. troops have prevented lawmakers from convening, which gave the parliament speaker appetite for some strong language. these decisions are not supported by the law or the constitution and we are very disgruntled by them. it's a crew against the constitution, against the revolution on a coup against the public and civil liberties. we consider the institutions to still be standing and supporters of another and the to news in people will defend the revolution. and not her is the moderate islamists ruling party which rose to power as a result of the arab spring. but the current political crisis may see it lose most of its political gains of the past decade. putting tunisia at the crossroads, once again. the question is, has the country experience
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a power grab by the president or just a temporary shake up to get the nation back on track? the handling of the over 19 has been at this topic which made things worse. and it was almost like the last saw for years. now, this is the ration been going on from back to work. i think there is a lot of these appointment in the little leaf and more. you have to know that, you know, the initial revolution was that by the young people, they believed in the revolution at the beginning. but the government, namely, more specifically, the essence in the government has not delivered the took power. and the economic situation has gone from back to worst with the corona virus situation, unlikely to be resolved in the near future. and the rival political camps giving up to energize st. support. things are more than just dangerous and uncertain. and no peace awards or arab spring track record will help when the nation has all but lost
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its nerve. you'll be drank, o r t, shifting our attention to the toko lympics now where russia has 12 more gold metals, a russian tie. quando, fight of lightest love lyra and one the 7th gold for his country. and earlier in the gym, gnostics, rushers, women's artistic. all around team talk, the podium for the 1st time since 1990 to russian athletes also took silver and bronze and a number of disciplines including swimming and shooting of the countries. a metal count currently stands at 18 or more of those stores right now. more information as you'd like at your own ledger at all t dot com. in the meantime, your program returns in about half an hour to see you me
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