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who has been very deeply, the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what driving the mac, its corporate me ah. but can use the south a spin, a warning like stream danger to a huge explosion of an industrial fall housing chemical companies in germany. at least 2 people are reported to be seriously injured with 5 spill missing. and other youth friends, appraising new law, restricting travel and entry to public places the people without so named code with passports, the readings usually divisive among businesses on the public under london, a christian preacher who reportedly converted from islamic stab that hud pause famous speakers corner. but the media mainly focuses on what she was wearing. well, the city's sped didn't even acknowledge the incident.
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ah, very good afternoon. thanks for joining us here on our team. who saw this are some breaking news coming out of the german city of lave accuse and where there's been an explosion at an industrial park for chemical companies. officials of all the public of an extreme threat people in the city of intel to stay inside, turn off and conditioning and keep the windows and doors closed. the paperless sets had been seriously injured in the blast. 5 others are also reportedly missing. now main roads around the site have been closed, drivers have been told to avoid the area. meanwhile, and information home line has been open to address any public concerns. with more details on this is peter oliver. whoa, whoa,
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larry at around the city of labor crews and in north run west valley are in the west of germany is well, the roads, all areas old, closed down there. all reports of sirens going off not only in of live accuse and but also in nearby towns anecdotally, i've been told the town of sali, the city is tall again. here people hearing sirens, then being told, stay inside, get inside a building close windows and doors. while the emergency services try to determine if there is any risk from this explosion, we seem from the pictures the huge plume of smoke the rose up, it is covering a large area. now what we've heard from ken park, which is the body which operates this, this facility in labor cruise. and is that at around 940 on tuesday morning and explosion took place the residence of lever cruz and are asked to go to close the roof, turn off air conditioning, and as a precaution,
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keep windows and doors closed. several employees are injured in the events, at least 2 of them seriously. they are currently receiving medical treatment. 5 employees are currently missing. police of other emergency services, calling for those on the highways around the area to pull into one side of the other to create a rescue. gates, as they call here in germany, to allow more emergency services to arrive on the scene. there are tests being carried out on the air in the immediate vicinity and also in the surrounding area as well. this is germany's most populous area, or it's most it's area of dentist population as well. the area of north ryan with folly. you've got labor crews in cologne, dusseldorf all of those major congregations, all in a very tightly packed area. so for, for this to have happened in this region, it will affect a lot of people, we understand the, the road that they said going into lay the cruise and completely closed off right
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now. in fact, i'll be heading off to that area. as soon as i'm done talking to you right now, we'll be getting as close to become finding out exactly what is happening on the scene that the is one of the largest chemical parts in europe with around 30000 people working that more than 5000 chemicals manufactured the if burn, they could potentially produce highly toxic smoke migration. chemicals are notably use for the production of explosives. the plant also makes a romantics and silicon chemicals. while contaminated, hazardous waste is also handled at the site. now the news, no entry without a coven health pass, that's a new law that's been approved by the french parliament. it will restrict access to crowded public carries and travel. it comes to the local authority, say that the countries struggling with the 4th wave of the pandemic. walton 25000
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cases were registered just a number of days ago. was he shot dumas. he takes us through how the public as reacted to the controversial measures in a few days time. if you don't have a health pass, you simply won't be able to do this. yeah, she was on a really not regulation is already in for a cultural institutions that will not be extended to the venue to the new law also requires all health care workers to be vaccinated against koby. 9 team is pe, suspension without pay president macro and says she refused to be a no. okay, lated all selfish privilege. what is your freedom worth? if you say to me, i don't want to be vaccinated, but tomorrow you in fact your father, your mother, for me one in. i think seeing that he is not the only one while more than a 160000 people rose up in anger against the controversial health building front.
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it's now being approved with poll, suggesting that the majority of people actually support the idea, not for god given roy for people to infect others. and if you do not want to get vaccinated, it's most of us actually realize that such a thing is a med medical sized exists and the father being pretty stupid, but it's your choice, but don't, don't fix, don't others. finally, on vaccination and on the vaccine pulse, i think the president is 100 percent. right. that being said, you're looking for a job to around $6000000.00 have signed up to be knocked elated. think the plan to move in just to read the go to bring to things that don't ready to give up that you do the however no pool has gone exactly the government way. there was fee is opposition to the health pass that made its way through the french parliament, echoing concerns about the religion of civil liberties. still wrong,
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not to get vaccinated, but the health passes an aberration because either we do it for one or we don't do it at all. and for now we do nothing to directv, and the law is rather directive. it doesn't give much choice. so it forces the community to have a common sense of purpose. i don't think it's liberty. right. right now it's not really france that has governing things. it's not the president of the republic in europe, which is at present doing that. but more to see like, see me, i'm vaccinated, but i'm not convinced everyone should be obligated to have this health passport. others have said they are prepared to fight, don't defend their right to truth whether or not to be vaccinated. while over 6000 businesses have registered their intent, not to all the people to show their health. as for me on vaccinated is my choice. i'm not imposing its own anyone lecturing anyone about it. i'll always reject any
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mandate that the cafe work into a police officer or health inspector pres the macro. you're messing with elements, you won't be able to control or refute to be a policeman. i run a beast. troth, even the police don't want to force your orders. but all 4th wave of the corona virus pandemic, many believe vaccination and controls on those who refuse one all the only way forwards. while in south africa, this with a sharp spike in good cases, right? in the wake of recent writes and looting the drip parts of the country, the system, the huge pressure of the supplies of vaccines and a number of pharmacies were destroyed in the rest will bring you a full breakdown of the situation a little later. the time a woman believes to be a vocal critic of islam has been stabbed. her london incident happened at hyde park famous speakers corner there injuries are not said to be life threatening,
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but you may find this video coming up of the incident, disturbing. now the foot, it shows a large group of people gather in the park. the victim is located towards the bank . a man dressed in black and missing violently striking the woman. while the authorities and major media list in the name the victim will give any specific details blog is an activist identified her as 39 year old. how soon touched she said to have fled to turkey after renouncing islam christianity, and was regularly seen preaching in hyde park. previously, the woman was escorted by the police from the park over the fear of attacks against her, and was even bands from speaker's corner after a number of threats. and one thing that hasn't gone unnoticed throughout this is that at the time of the attack, she was wearing a charlie dough t shirt. the french statistical magazine has been in the spotlight many times because of the caricature that it's published. one of them tried the prophet mohammed led to a series of deadly islamist attacks. you remember this back in 2015,
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but her shirt didn't depict the profit on this occasion. instead, it showed a kiss between a cartoonist and a bustling preacher with the caption. love is stronger than heights. now much the media coverage as you the focus solely on the fact that she was wearing a shadow shut or that it was a woman who was attacked in hyde park while london's ma has been criticized for not even acknowledging the incident. if a woman is stepped in hyde park and mayor of london sunday con, doesn't mention, it didn't even happen. so city con, i saw speakers corner was a place where debate and critique could take place freely. why haven't you condemned the atrocious stabbing into park yesterday? a little quiet on this lady's london standing said he come up a little under the warning and to make any premature conclusions over the reason behind the stabbing. i would of people not to speculate on the motive for the attack. come till we have established the full facts. while we discussed with our
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guests while to the media coverage of incident, seem to leave out pertinent details. it should be our main, the store, right? i think it is because some of the major are concerned that a rule and flame so that she most intentions were big type the wrong because the boss with georgia, my son is again sort of conduct. so it would be the responsible thing. brushes from easier to actually mention their story, not keep, it can vary. so it was conscious sensation made yesterday, zachary about responsible and i think it's wrong and i always will be people who come back from one religion. there are many religions in the world. and then it happens all the time and we can have a situation where one somebody who purports to
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be to take a religion. but they use their right to me because they are trying to manage it. we live in the funny times where we think that if we mention trust cities like this, that would be somehow viewed as islam of phobia or some sort of a big it for your racism. british public or at least in government, is afraid to still talk about this issue. and as i said, less we talk about it with this problem is going to get, i'm actually genuinely worried that these kind of things are going to happen a lot more unless we have a genuine, honest discussion about this. that last for me has a place in a free society running up some other global stories for storms in london, triggered flash flooding roadster into rivers across parts of the city. differential rangel's, other homes and several underground station. much the opposite under the weather.
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say to me, he's wildfires been raging, crusty italian all into sardinia are about 20030 because as far as to being conceived already by flames and around 1500 people have been evacuated to safety. thousands of 5. i have been mobilized as well as 30 specialist planes and helicopters. the region is declared, the state of emergency, and called on the government to deliver immediate financial aid. and another huge place is raging in the united states. it came up to 2 separate foss, name dixie and fly merged into all of california. largest ever was 5 saturdays swept its way through indian falls in the states north destroying around 20 homes and area equivalent to the size of singapore has now been destroyed by flames. okay, we'll have more from the us after a short break because washington announces another true withdrawal from
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a decades long conflict. that story on the way ah the ah, me for all of you out there that regret not
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being around the soviet union at the time with their collapse. a lot of people uninstalled you about that lot of interesting things. math time was there writing in the journal. anyway, they get to have that experience today right here in the good old us that the, the me ah, welcome back. washington has formally agreed to end in combat mission in iraq by the end of the year. although some forces will remain in a training and advisory role versus had boots on the ground in the country for almost 2 decades. are these foreign from checks been taking a closer look at the history of us involved in that? so it's a top story and every network, the iraqi prime minister meets with presidential biden,
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to discuss the withdrawal of all us troops from iraq, by the end of the year. but after 18 years and thousands of lives lost. why do we even go into rock into the 1st place? there are story starts days after $911.00. we're then president george w bush. now with this top advisors at camp david, are right outside of washington. d. c. counterterrorism specialists told the group osama bin lot and carried out the attack on the enemy is a small group of terrorists in afghanistan. but one man, deputy secretary of defense, paul wolfowitz told the president of a strategic plan that was approved by his boss donald rumsfeld. so we outlined this have of iraq's people live in the north, the kurds, and they don't like us to saddam hussein. the other half live in the south next to an american ally kuwait. the us could easily take over these 2 areas, then take over iraq's major oil fields, ultimately cutting off saddam from his main money maker oil. pretty good plan,
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right. good plan, except it wasn't iraq that attacked us, that the counter terrorism center reiterated again we were attacked on september 11th bio, summit, bin laden and al qaeda in afghanistan. saddam hussein and iraq have nothing whatsoever to do with this with the plan was so good. you just had to make sense of it. and so the narrative, saddam has weapons of mass destruction and he's going to give them to our enemies who will carry out another $911.00 style attack. it was perfect. it's what human psychology proves to us. when you're a big believer in something, and you really have to do something, everything you see confirms what you want to believe. the big plan was bought by congress, including done senator joe biden, even by other countries like the u. k, who invaded iraq with us. but the truth, saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, there was no evidence, but there is evidence the us invaded iraq to take its oil. look,
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we're all of rocks, biggest oil fields are and those areas just like what woeful what said. the north and the south, the u. s. goes in bombs, baghdad, in 2003, that's what military bases and look where they put them. kind of like that plan. they talked about a camp david, will fast forward to today, the number of bases are down, but the important ones left still by those oil fields. so what do we get after 18 years? well, here's the death toll looks like a loss more than again, and look more civilian deaths than all the other numbers. mostly military combined . the u. s. spent over a trillion dollars in taxpayer money lost thousands of lives. and while the us forces get ready to pack up and go home, or the big oil companies just getting started. well, the number of dimensions of this, the 1st one, as you rightly point out, was snatching the oil and avoiding what might have happened if saddam had been able to go in the way. and the whole region had reorganized itself in terms of the
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global oil trade in terms of the role of the dollar in that trade and all the strategic questions around that. but you can call it whatever you want. this is also a feat of the united states and playing around with words to avoid admitting that is not going to help the situation. and i think it's an open question. what is going to happen now, which will be stabilize the region, the stabilize the oil industry. as the whole question of nationalization and using oil for the benefit of a nation rather than for a company, let alone a foreign company gets revised because it's been part of that part of the world. at least 70 united states over through most are back in the iran. many years ago of us withdrawal from iraq comes in the wake of its plan from afghanistan.
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washington says that it's now focusing on the biggest threats posed by russia and china. the long term risk is china, maybe the, the near term risk as russia. and we have to make sure that we focus our attention on those withdraw comes after nearly 20 years of war and canister. president biden claims that the u. s. is a chief. what it intended to do, and that there's no need to risk more american lives. the peace activists we spoke, he says that the us is never left a conflict without paving the way for another one. there is no growing threat or striking threat or threat of any sort from anywhere on earth to the us military, which is an expense almost equal to all the others put together. there was no threat from afghanistan 20 years ago. there is no threat from china today. and there is no threat from russia today. it is all absolutely propaganda. and the
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thing to do 20 years ago was to use the rule of law to prosecute the crimes, to seek the extradition of criminals, where there was justifiable grounds to pursue it, and not to launch a war. the u. s. has never in many, many years ended or even scaled back a war without making any grounds for escalating or starting a new war. because to do so would be to challenge the idea of war, which is absolutely taboo. if not in comprehensible in u. s. society. the problem, of course, is that you're dealing with governments in possession of huge numbers of nuclear weapons. and so there is actually a short term danger of the long term elimination of life on the planet. from these games they're playing in the wake of the recent right south africa is now recording of peking cove cases. despite the government pushing people to wear masks and to
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get themselves vaccinated, that's huge hesitancy in the country on his policy. if all this report, alexandra, a township and suite to the court, a ticking bomb by the south african human rights commission. crampton, overcrowded high levels of unemployment and at the same time, a lack of basic service delivery. add to that effect, that social distance thing is impossible because we often large families live in chapter one. and people have come, you know, watching faces. and it's no surprise that south africa account for nearly 40 the think of corona virus related in africa. the reason why i'm not reading a month now is because i just live across the street. and is i want to see a boy soldier coming. i'll be running throughout the american academy. i don't really see. it's not doing anything for us and i don't know if that's
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been sometimes difficult to be doing. good me of god. that will really doesn't. i'm from the house. we want to leave young, wild in free food is just because it's actually done social distance and so small and you live with a lot of people. according to the health ministry, the country just passed the peak of food waves, which alone left more than 2000000 people infected. but the country is not yet out of the woods. as the reason why it's so masses of people coming together around 47500 curve, it's 900 vaccines, were lost in the recent and raised more than a 100. private pharmacies were damaged, including $7.00 to $1.00 destination science. many of those who have been arrested in connection with the unrest have tested positive for cove at 19. the government
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is urging those who participated in the looting speed to get tested for covered talks with all they want and for fear of being wasted. if they say the way they bean, i'm one of the only people here with a mock. and even though i have received t jad, they all concern is that the common fascination programs on the market do not work against the south african very and hospitals are struggling and misinformation of spreading cost. and then the virus itself, just another problem. the south african government has to tackle at the deals of the aftermath of the worst unrest it has faced in decades. policy a r t, alexandra. okay, let's quickly returned to breaking news story. this are coming out of western germany. 5 people are still missing 16 inches, following a huge explosion of an industrial poly that houses many chemical companies, local tv reporting that one person was killed. local authorities have wanda extreme danger with residents told to stay inside,
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turn off any conditioning and keep the windows and doors closed. main roads around the sides have been closed and drivers have been asked to avoid heading to that area. the site is one of the largest chemical parks in europe with around $30000.00 work is on site, will bring you further updates on the story as they come in. okay, you what you all think tennis will appreciate you company. i just mentioned more on our top, so it's coming your way up. see you and half. now the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time, time to sit down and talk algorithms
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and neural networks have been following us everywhere we look online because our relief or what matters most. and that's how we find meaning and how we make sense in our place in silicon valley see, don't mention in the slick presentations. however, i think ghost workers who train the software human, they're involved in every step of the process when you're using anything online. but we're sold, as is miracle of automation behind your screen is variable workforce that seems algorithm is for next to nothing on a very good day to do $5.00. now a really bad day. i could do 10 years worth is removable by design. it's about labor costs, but it's also about creating layers of lessening responsibility between those who solicit the kind of work and need it. and those who do it
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in the me my phone are 69. i've done a lot of them i just saw under the dollar a former isis fighters and they're now boarding a philippine naval ship with $900.00 just aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them. can i
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get a hold of me . ready ready the i am kaiser, this is the kaiser report. hey, for all of you out there that regret not being around the soviet union at the time with their collapse. you know, a lot of people on astrology about that. a lot of interesting things, matt type was their writing in the journal. anyway, they do have that experience today, right here in the good old us state. oh, that's actually correct because we just did withdrawal from afghanistan all empires . that's what they do. they withdraw from afghanistan, where some reason over the past few 100 years, they go to die. but you know, this is something that we've been following as we have the facilities trap,
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the 4th turning the debt cycle. all these things are turning in such a way that the inevitability of the collapse is certain. and when you look back to the fall of the roman empire, what they did is they had the bread and circuses, right? and the bread and circuses were weaponized, right? because it was the powerful senators and noble families versus the, the emperor and you know, everybody was jockeying for power and they would weaponized the bread and circuses . so we're going to look at the bread and circuses situation here in the united states at the moment because i realized that you know, dawned on me that we started 1st with a circus clown, essentially as a president with trump. and now we have like a hypnotist that's come in there with these coal black eyes and like robert and he hypnotized the population. and you could see that with the post trump news slump, the post trump new swamp continues on line traffic is declined at leading new sites
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almost every month since january peak from a year ago. latest figures from comscore and i show catastrophe for almost all media outlets. washington post down 30 percent new york times down over 30 percent . we have some down 5060 percent, and their traffic from the all time peak of trump era and now down. so that was the clown show, the people liked it. now the people, the populations being hypnotized by the coal black guys. yeah, i remember back in the old days in america, there is a tradition of the dime museum. so the dime museum needs to be one in times square, many, many years ago, or who danny was for format. and this was a collection of free shows and magicians, and hypnotists. dan, people go in there for their one shiny dime and get quite a pan of play and entertaining.


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