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tv   News  RT  July 27, 2021 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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ah, ah, the the breaking news this our, there's been a warning of extreme danger after a huge explosion of an industrial park housing chemical companies in germany. locals helping ordered the state in the side and close. all windows were large, corresponded in a moment or so from approved the new law restricting trouble and entry the public places for people without so name, colbert, southport. the move is proving hugely device f among businesses on the public day like christian preacher, who reportedly converted from islam is stopped at hyde park famous speakers corner . the media mainly focuses on what she was wearing while the cities merritt didn't
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even acknowledge. the incident on 6 months since joe biden took over the reins at the whiteness, a new nationwide poll shows half the respondents luck. optimism for the country's future. we americans, why just look at the country right now. it's in bad shape. it's our politics. because our politics keeps us ignorant, and this is a terrible thing to be happening in this city that you have to fear to be out after dawn. ah, life for moscow, this is our team. my name's unit o'neill. you're welcome to the news our this tuesday. we begin with breaking news from the german city of liver cruz and whether it's been an explosion. an industrial park for chemical companies. officials have
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warned the public of a quote extreme threat. that's cross live now to our europe correspondent, peter oliver, who's following a loan of the explosion. looks worrying. what else are we learning at this stage? well, the whole area around the city of labor crews and in north run west valley or in the, the west of germany is well of the roads. the whole area is old. clothes down. there are reports of sirens going off, not only in the city of live accused, but also in nearby towns anecdotally, i've been told the town of sali, the city of thought again and here people hearing fire and then being told, stay inside, get inside a building close windows and doors, while the emergency service is trying to determine if there is any risk from this explosion, we seem from the pictures, the huge plume of smoke that rose up. it is covering a large area. now what we've heard from ken park,
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which is the body which operates this, this facility in labor cruise, and is that at around $940.00 on tuesday morning and explosion took place. we've also been finding out some of the situation on the ground which have been confirmed that 2 people have been seriously injured in this explosion. and other 5 people are currently missing police of other emergency services. calling for those on the highways around the area to pull into one side or the other to create a rescue. gates, as they call here in germany, to allow more emergency services to arrive on the scene. we can hear a little bit now from what they're telling people plans fine brigade, ned testing vehicle at the scene. residents, please go inside and keep doors and windows closed. well those are there are tests being carried out on the air in the immediate
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vicinity and also in the surrounding area as well. this is germany's most populous area, or it's most it's area of densest population as well. the area of north ryan with folly you've got and live accrues in cologne, dusseldorf, all of those major congregations, all in a very tightly packed area. so for, for this to have happened in this region, it will affect a lot of people, we understand the, the roads and they said, going into labor caries and completely closed off right now. in fact, i'll be heading off to that area. as soon as i'm done talking to you right now, we'll be getting as close to become finding out exactly what is happening on the scene. ok, peter. yeah, we appreciate any and all updates on the safe travels as well to liver, cuz in our teeth, peter oliver, bring this right up to date on new entry with all it's a cobit help pass. that is the new law which has been approved by the french
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parliament. it'll restrict access to crowded public areas. i'm trouble. it comes as local authorities say the country struggling with a 4th wave of the pandemic. more than 25000 cases were registered a number of days ago. charlotte davinsky takes us through how the publics reacted to the controversial measures in a few days time. if you don't have a house pass, you simply won't be able to do this. i don't want to see that was on a not regulation is already in for a cultural institutions that will not be extended to the venue to the new law. also requires all health care workers to be vaccinated against coby 9 team is face suspension without pay president mccall and says she refused to be a no lated on selfish privilege. what is your freedom worth? if you say to me, i don't want to be vaccinated, but tomorrow you in fact your father, your mother, for me,
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one in i think theme is that he is not the only one while more than a 160000 people rose up in anger against the controversial health building front. it's now being approved with poll, suggesting that the majority of people actually support the idea. not a god given right for people to infect others. and if you do not want to get vaccinated, it's most of us actually realize that such a thing is a med, medical science exists and the father being pretty stupid, but it's your choice, but don't, don't, don't other finals on vaccination. and on the vaccine pulse, i think the president is 100 percent. right. that being said, you're looking for jobs to around $6000000.00 have signed up to be not elated. think these plans are muted just to read the go to friendship, things that are ready to give up there. you do the however, no pool has gone exactly the government way. there was fee is opposition
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to the health pass that made its way through the french parliament, echoing concerns about the religion of civil liberties. still wrong, not to get vaccinated, but the health passes an aberration because either we do it for every one or we don't do it at all. and for now we do nothing projective and the law is rather directive. it doesn't give much choice. so it forces the community to have a common sense of purpose. i don't think it's liberty. right. right now it's not really france that has governing things. it's not the president of the republic in europe, which is at present doing that. but more to see if he knew i'm vaccinated, but i'm not convinced everyone should be obligated to have this health passport. others have said they are prepared to fight, don't defend their right to truth whether or not to be vaccinated. while over
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6000 businesses have registered their intent, not to all the people to show their health. that's for me on that can they did is my choice. i'm not imposing it on anyone lecturing anyone about it. i'll always reject any mandate that the cafe work into a police officer or health inspector pres the macro. you're messing with elements, you won't be able to control or refute to be a policeman. i run a beast. troth, even the police don't want to enforce your orders. but all 4th wave of the corona virus pandemic, many believe vaccination and controls on those who refuse one all the only way forwards. meanwhile, in africa, there's been a sharp spike in cobit cases right in the wake of the recent riots and looting that grip parts of the country. the health care system is under a huge pressure. after supplies of vaccines, the member pharmacy were destroyed in the rest. we'll have a full breakdown of the situation later. a
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woman believe to be a vocal critic of islam has been stamped in london. the incident happened at hyde park, the famous speaker's corner. her injuries are not said to be life threatening, but you may find the falling video, disturbing. this footage shows a large group of people gathered in the park. the victim is towards the back. a man dressed and black can be seen violently striking the woman well, while the authorities had major media, it did not name the victim or give any specific details. bloggers and activists identified her as 39 year old. how to into she is said to have fled turkey after renouncing islam for christianity, and was regularly seen preaching in hyde park. previously, the woman was escorted by police from the park for fear of attacks against her,
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and was even banned from speaker's corner after a number of threads. one thing that hasn't gone on notice though is the time of the attack. she was wearing a shirley and 2 t shirt. the french satirical magazine has been in the spotlight many times over its caricature is one of them portraying the prophet muhammad. you remember led to a series of deadly islamist text back in 2015 wherever her shirt didn't depict the profit. instead of a kiss between a cartoonist and a muslim preacher caption, love is stronger than hate. not much of the media here has either focus solely on the fact she was wearing a surely do shirt or thought it was a woman who was attacked in hyde park while london's mirror has been criticized for not even acknowledging the incident. if a woman is stamped in hyde park and mayor of london sunday con, doesn't mention, it didn't even happen. so city con, i thought speaker's corner was a place where debate and critique could take place freely. why haven't you
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condemned the atrocious stabbing in the park yesterday? a little quiet on this latest london standing said he can police in london are warning against making any premature conclusions over the reason behind the stomach . i would of people not to speculate on the motive for the attack until we have established the full effects. we discussed with our guest why much of the media coverage of the incident left? many pertinent details. i should be our main the story. i think because some of the major are concerned that a rule and playing so that she most punch it in this box would be typed the wrong because the vast majority of my son is again sort of conduct. so it would be the responsible thing. brushes from easier to actually
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mention their story, not keep it cross or they can very so it was a conscious decision for me yesterday, zachary about and i think a responsible and i think it's wrong and i always will be people who come back from one religions there are many religions in the world and then it happens all the time. and we can't have a situation where one if somebody who purports to be a particular religion, but they use their rights to shop very big because i try to sell her religion. we live in the funny times where we think that if we mention trust cities like this, that would be somehow viewed as islam of phobia or some sort of a big it for your racism, british public, or at least the government is afraid to still talk about this issue,
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and as i said less we talk about it with this problem is going to get, i'm actually genuinely worried that these kind of things are going to happen a lot more unless we have a genuine, honest discussion about this. that glass for me has a place in a free society. just over 6 months into jo biden's presidency. and more than half of americans re simply surveyed or pessimistic about where the country is heading. right things coven cases, surging crime and record inflation. the main issues waiting on people's minds. according to the poll ortiz, donal quarter has been assessing president biden's efforts to build buck better, a growing number of american things. nearly everything is going from bad to worse. according to a new poll, more than half of the country is overcome with pessimism about their future when just 2 months ago. most people were wearing rose colored glasses. i think the problem with america is not cold. it is not a panoramic,
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it's not inflection inflation. if it's our politics, because our politic keys are ignorant. again, i look at the economy, look at the food. just look at the country right now. it's in bad shape. the number one is inflation with everything i think the after effects of cold, it just kind of did a ripple effect on everything. finances, you know, everyone lost their jobs and things like that. so now it's like a matter of survival. it seems that ministration has never standard anything a, contradict themselves. to look over things really that bad though, judge for yourself daily knew colbert cases are now 3 times higher than they were just 2 weeks ago. as the delta super strain continues to rip through the country, hospitals are reacting by expanding their i c u wards. but vaccine roll out is losing serious steam and that's filling sick beds as quickly as they're becoming
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available to top it all off the president's medical advisor sounds like a broken record. i'm very concerned and i'm not satisfied with what is going on because we're going in the wrong direction. it's not going to be good. we're going in the wrong direction. as someone who works in the white house, it's likely found she knows the wrong direction is quite an understatement. biden's press secretary wouldn't even spill the beans on how many infections their staff have seen. to provide the number, you know, but what is the why do you need to have that information? in case of transparency, it's no wonder people are anxious about a possible repeat of last winter. she said, when i was elected president, he would cure the corona bar. it's gotten worse, it just more people would get the coated. maxine, i'm worried about that if it's not covered. another deadly danger is the skyrocketing crime rate. just last week. there was
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a shooting every 12 minutes. 430 people were killed and many more injured. with the trend only getting worse. the u. s. is on track to see its highest gun related death toll in over 2 decades. now, many are thinking maybe just the funding. the police wasn't such a good idea. they're doing whatever they can to get money. i wouldn't be out at night anymore. and i've lived here i was born here in 1943. and this is a terrible thing to be happening in this city that you have to fear to be out after dawn. a thing it is, the travis for where like in chicago in an area like, oh, don't feel safe to make matters worse. prices are inflating at a rate not seen and 13 years food and gas are getting more expensive with widespread shortages of mechanical parts, making it a lot more expensive to buy a car. well this has got nearly 90 percent of americans seriously worried for their
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wallet. thank you to all this money for it in our economy is going to go downhill with in place, and that would be my major concern of it. and they accept the spending that going on at the moment. i'm a business owner, so it actually was cheaper for me when i was in rising cobit cases, a surgeon, crime record breaking inflation biden promise to unite america. sure. but who knew dissatisfaction would be americans, riley, and cry, video host and political level as dave perkins believes americans fear the eroding of the fundamentals out the united states was built. i think people are terrified not just pessimistic about the future, but afraid they are going to essentially lose their country. the constitution has been abandoned. people's rights are now being trampled on, including the right to have
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a functioning country with borders. so that the arrival of many millions of outsiders under non legal circumstances does not do damage to their economy and their daily lives. and of course, as you can hear, every day, the bite, the ministration and democrats in general care more about the people who come here illegally, then they care about american citizen. it's agonizingly obvious. it is terrifying to ordinary people, just trying to run their small businesses or, or make sure they have a job to go to the next day or make sure the crime in their community doesn't rise up and consume them. all of these terrible things are happening all within the span of 6 months after jo biden's integration, the whole country is turned upside down and people are terrified that if they lose it, they'll never get it back. and we love more from the u. s. after a short break, as washington and onto another trip withdrawal from a decades long conflict, that's the reason
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i joined me every 1st day on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me when i would show the wrong when all just don't the rules. yes to shape out the same because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well the part we choose to look for common ground.
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for all of you out there that regret not being around the soviet union at the time with their collapse. you know, a lot of people understand you about that. lot of interesting things. math time was their writing and journal. anyway, they get to have that experience today right here in the good old usa the hello again, washington has formally agreed to end. it's come but mission in iraq by the end of the year. although some forces will remain in a training and advisory role, the u. s has hard boots on the ground in the country for almost 2 decades. ortiz, foreign from sank, has been taking a closer look at the history of america's involvement there. so it's a top story and every network, the iraqi prime minister meets with president joe biden, to discuss the withdrawal of all us troops from iraq,
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by the end of the year. but after 18 years and thousands of lives lost. why do we even go into rock into the 1st place? our story starts days after $911.00. we're then president george w bush now with his top advisers at camp david right outside of washington. d. c. counterterrorism specialists told the group osama bin lot and carried out the attack and the enemy is a small group of terrorists in afghanistan. but one man, deputy secretary of defense, paul wolfowitz told the president of a strategic plan that was approved by his boss donald rumsfeld. so we outlined this have of iraq people live in the north, the kurds, and they don't like us to saddam hussein. the other half live in the south next to an american ally kuwait. the us could easily take over these 2 areas, then take over a rocks, major oil fields alternately cutting off. so down from his main money maker oil. pretty good plan, right. good plan,
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except it wasn't iraq that attacked us. that of the counterterrorism center reiterated. again, we were attacked on september 11th bio summit ban lot and an al qaeda in afghanistan. saddam hussein and iraq have nothing whatsoever to do with this, but the plan was so good. you just had to make sense of it. and to the narrative, saddam has weapons of mass destruction, and he's going to give them to our enemies who will carry out another $911.00 style attack. it was perfect. it's what human psychology proves to us. when you're a big believer in something, and you really have to do something, everything you see confirms what you want to believe. the big plan was bought by congress, including done senator joe biden, even by other countries like the u. k, who invaded iraq with us. but the truth so that i had no weapons of mass destruction, there was no evidence, but there is evidence the us invaded iraq to take its oil. but we're all of iraq's
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biggest oil fields are in those areas just like what woeful what said. the north and the south, the u. s. goes in bombs, baghdad, in 2003, that's what military bases and look where they put them. kind of like that plan, they talked about a camp david, will fast forward to today, the number of bases are down, but the important ones left still by those oil fields. so what do we get after 18 years? well, here's the death toll looks like a loss more than again, and look more civilian deaths than all the other numbers. mostly military combined . the u. s. spent over a trillion dollars in tax payer money lost thousands of lives. and while the us forces get ready to pack up and go home, or the big oil companies just getting started. well, the number of dimensions of this, the 1st one, as you rightly point out, was snatching the oil and avoiding what might have happened if saddam had been able to go in the way. and the whole region had reorganized itself in terms of the
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global oil trade in terms of the role of the dollar in that trade and all the strategic questions around that. but you can call it whatever you want. this is also a feet of the united states and playing around with words to avoid admitting that is not going to help the situation. and i think it's an open question. what is going to happen now? which will destabilize the region, the stabilize the oil industry. as the whole question of nationalization and using oil for the benefit of a nation rather than for a company, let alone a current company gets revised because it's been brought back in the iran of many years ago. in the spring you know, on the program to south africa or in the wake of. busy the recent riots there are the countries no recording a pekin covey cases,
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despite the government pushing people to wear masks and get vaccinated. there's huge hesitancy in the country policy or filed this report from their alexandra a township and trying to reach the court. a ticking bomb by the south african human rights commission. crampton, overcrowded high levels of unemployment. and at the same time, a lack of basic service delivery. add to that effect, that social distance thing is impossible because we often large families live in one room. and people say coming out watching faces, and it's no surprise that south africa account for nearly 40 the thing of corona virus related in africa. the reason why i'm not reading a must know is because i just live across the street. so it is, i want to see a boy soldier coming, i'll be running throughout american, come in. i don't really see if it's not doing anything for us and i don't know
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if that's the sort of i've been sometimes a bit difficult to be doing. good me, god, that will really doesn't. i'm from the house. we want to leave young wild in free food is just love. yup. and because it's becky jones, social distance is so small and you live, but a lot of the abort. according to the health ministry, the country just passed the peak of its food, waive, which alone left more than 2000000 people infected. but the country is not yet out of the woods. as the reason why it's so masses of people coming together around $47500.00 cove at $900.00 vaccines will last in the recent and raised more than a 100 private pharmacies were damaged, including 71 destination science. many of those who have been wasted in connection with the unrest have tested positive for cove at 19. the government is urging those
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who participated in the looting squeeze to get tested for covered. but chances are they won't will feel being wasted if they say the way they bean. i'm one of about the only people here with a mosque and even though i have received t jad, they all concerns that the common for estimation programs on the market cannot work against the south african very and hospitals are struggling and misinformation of spreading cost. and then the virus itself, just another problem, the south african government has to tackle at the deals of the aftermath of the worst unrest it has faced in decades. policy a r t, alexandra. just before we go, a reminder of our breaking news, this our from western germany. there's been a warning of extreme danger, a following a huge explosion at l. industrial park, housing, chemical companies, local in labor, couldn't have been told to stay inside, turn off any or conditioning,
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and keep windows and doors close to people are said to have been seriously injured in the bluffs. and 5 others are reportedly missing. the site is one of the largest chemical parks in europe with around 30000 workers. more than 5 size and chemicals are manufactured there, while contaminated, hazardous waste is also handled. this side, our correspondence is on the way right now to labor, cuz in any and all of the it's peter oliver will bring it to you throughout the day . this is our tension national next study now asked the question after mass protest report the us to defend the police. is anyone surprised the force? no lacks the resources to stem the rising tide of violence being seen state news fuse. hughes starts in on the
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news . the who's ah, 15000, heartbreaking guys from cupboard 19. that's what has been recorded in new york, nursing homes and adult care facilities. yet the department of justice has decided to drop the probe into whether or not those dooms and their families civil rights were violated by governor cuomo. order were in discuss the fairness and the garrity of this decision. meanwhile, just announced at the white house, the u. s. military combat mission to a rock is over,
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but its air strikes are continuing in afghanistan and another area of conflict with the u. s. was supposed to have been withdrawn from. will iraq still c a u. s. president as well? we're going to give you the background of the u. s. involvement in iraq, as well as expert analysis of what to expect. pass the prescott and finally, shocking video. violent crimes are now becoming less shocking. not because of the nature of the crime committed, but because of how often we are now seeing images like this in the streets of america. many of those same streets which over the last year were filled with chance to defend the police. but as it made me time to start talking about refunding, the police will give you the 360 view on the issue i'm going to use and you are watching news views right here on our t america. let's get started.


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