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it took me awhile to really start question, believes and challenging those thoughts like well, are you really a failure? and the answer is no, i'm not. i'm not. but it took a while to get to that point. ah, obesity. a blob of our arrows fantasies caught in a web of prejudice. it prompts scolding for poor choices and accusations of laziness. unlimited genes provide an alibi. what it will be city were a collective failure or not an individual symptom of a free market that hate fat that produces stats, those and a b for genic society, the news global phenomenon, not one country to talk today. ah,
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right now there are 2000000000 people adults and children who are overweight or. busy obese, this only happens by magic, it takes work and you need to look at who it is, is driving that process. well, otherwise we'll live in, in societies in which, you know, one out of every 3 people has diabetes where everybody is obese, where people are dying of stroke and heart attack and age 40. i mean, the choice is an obvious one. if we don't do something, we will collapse as society is not just in america, but in mexico and russia and china and europe. it's happening everywhere. almost everywhere in the world. men and women are battling this fate. political leaders, physician regular citizens. they brave the multinational. ah, we truly believe that the industry is wrong and that they're poisoning and
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targeting people. people need to know about it ah, wielding the weapons of law science and public policy. they want to help us regain control of our body. in the, in the 1st years of the 21st century western countries declared war on obesity. to no avail. experts estimate that by 2030 there will be 250000000 obese children in the world. the government taken the right pack ah, ah, at least 2 men and women in the k or as
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a way to the break still climbing. ah, the city life changing impacts on the body slowly low your quality of life. ah, according to the messages spread far and wide, we alone are to blame for our weight. bad people are simply gluttons unable to control their appetites. you have a choice. make the change. the we are told it's up to us. but is it really? for me, the most difficult stigma copeland is this idea that the people have no willpower. the people and larger bodies people are busy, don't have a wall power or else they wouldn't carry excess weight because we're told so often
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that that's all it takes to lose weight. go to the gym, follow the diet program. you know, if you just stick to it, you will get there. i can assure you that little person will power with all it would take to lay obesity exercise more became the mantra of the 2000. it would go around the world. ah. so let's start moving. let's start pushing, twisting, climbing and raising the roof. let's start moving more every day for 30 minutes or 6 feet. and if you feel like stopping, you can always start back up. let's start moving. it's so easy for us to look at being person and say they have set will power there. so moral and strong and then look at someone with a weight problem and attribute all of these negative traits. oh, they're just weak. they don't have will power. it's not at the individual level,
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it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that we're never change this obesity epidemic, hey, everybody, you know, getting active every day helps us all be healthy and feel great. the same of earnest advice about exercise is profit that the best intention in 2010, michelle obama launched the campaign against child obesity. you got your 1st lady love her sashay to move body aiming to set healthier standards for food, served in school lunch. when we send our kids to school, we have a right to expect that they will be eating the kind of fatty salty, sugary food that we're trying to keep from them when they are at home. unfortunately, michelle obama was on the right track right from the beginning. and i think she got derailed by a mixture of bad advisors. and by bringing in the food,
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the food companies and they were able to dilute very powerful message down to something where, you know, it's just her on television, encouraging people to move that way rather than, let's move together as a movement to be able to transform the food system, the better became moved more just to be on the easily upstage the public service method a boon to the multinational who quickly joined the dance in 2015. coca cola created the global energy balance network. oh, worldwide. think tank dedicated to solving the obesity problem. get out by promoting exercise. most of the focus in the popular media and in the scientific breath, you know they're eating too much eating too much, eating too much. blaming fast food,
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blaming show very drinks and so on. and there's really, fortunately no compelling evidence of that. in fact, there's a call professor, steve blair is one of the head researchers recruited for the network. he's a specialist in physical exercise that may be the reason they're eating more calories than they need is because they're not burning many. so we need to be in balance. initial syndic transitional do here. ok. because any, all the money back corner color don't seem to be a to jeff bon, i'm just gonna put you on the phone with the okay. how that translates into marketing. just wanna be okay. the industry has been focused on the story of calories and calories out. no, you can drink what you want. just go, go on and jogs and work off your calories. well,
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we know that actually is not true. that's not the true story. allegedly, to avoid waking, we would simply have to burn the same number of calories as we eat. the theory sounds logical. unfortunately, it is untrue. physical exercise actually plays a minor role and weight control. you have to judge for one hour to eliminate a hamburger. i pick so though requires over 2 hours of running if you look at it from a calorie perspective, kind of accumulation equals sort of calories in minus calories out. and they say, well that's always true because if you look at from, from the physics perspective, that is always true. but the problem is that that's the physics and we're dealing with human physiology and it really has nothing to do with each other. i think we should take the focus off of calories. yes,
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you can eat less and lose weight for a short while, but your body will fight back. and over the long term we know that metabolism is stronger than will power me. all right? if individual will power is not to blame. what caught the rise and the obesity curve starting in the 1980. so what's the difference between 972019? well, i don't think it's the basic biology of the person, but it's something to do with the way that we eat both the types of food and the frequency of the food that we need me. in 40 years, our eating habits under gone are real revolution fermented by public health policies of the late 19 seventies. at the time, cardiovascular disease was the grim reaper, causing millions of the senate special committee on nutrition looking into the connection between diet and hot sugar lobby
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succeeded in having a high fat diet declared guilty of false verdict, but had serious consequences. public health officials recommended that we would use our intake of fat grains coded as cluster all free replace meat as a stable food and so eating more brad more rice more potatoes, for example, because they're very low fat and, you know, eating less dairy less meet low fat dairy, that kind of thing, that was the standard advice for so many years. and i think that is the most likely culprit as to why people have gain weight. u. s. government called on the food industry to market thousands of processed foods that were reduced in fat and century contract. so if you're the food industry and you're supposed to reduce that, what are you going to replace it with? well processed grains and sugar. the agro industry,
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slight of hand, made the transition payment, sugar, a cheaper placement for fat made light paces, and the chemist went to work extruding, ingredient, supermarket shelves filled with attractively package, starches, reprocessed, the bread, cornflakes, and convenience. the things the food industry did what they were told, they were happy to do it because sugar is actually cheaper than fat. so they could increase their and call these products health foods. public ultimately paid the price, the $1.00 then you knew where the one in for children here right now is overweight . one of the big reasons with our thinking, we give them brisket sweets, kristen chocolate, every day. eating excessive sugar causes deep dysfunctions inside our bodies.
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starting with a hormone unbalanced when you eat certain hormones go off and the main hormone that's involved in energy metabolism is insulin. insulin determines whether the calories we eat confirmed or get stored as fat. ah, ah, ah,
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me for all of you out there that regret not being around the soviet union at the time with their collapse. you know, a lot of people understand you about that. lot of interesting things. my time was there writing in the journal anyway, to have that experience today, right here in the good old usa i haven't been in my phone since i don't, i just saw up dollar a former isis fighters and they're now boarding a philippine naval ship in
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john $900.00 jeff, aren't abdulla still don't know, watch waiting for them can i get. ready ready the glucose sugar that is fuels nearly all living cells. when we eat our pancreas secretes insulin and this injury
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is what transport sugar to ourself. the been our diet for heavy and foods that are starch and sweet. they processed foods. in fact, our insulin levels are constantly high ah, with too much in our fat cells. the fat tissue in our body takes up to many calories and hold on to them. so there aren't enough cal worries for the rest of the body. there aren't enough calories for the muscle for the organs in the brain. and that's why we get hungry. so these highly processed food, fast foods should read beverages and junk food that we're snacking on. the digest very quickly, but they don't provide much satiety. so it's these process carbohydrates that drive, wait, ah, despite the negative impact this ultra process, food, tablet, metabolism,
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nothing has stopped there, spread with its profitable to sell food. that is fancy and sugary and salty and addictive is much less profitable to sell food that is wholesome. that is high in fiber and is minimally processed. so what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate problem. me this. dietary revolution has fathered empires. netflix, you know, lever coca cola kellogg's pepsico. currently a handful of huge corporations own nearly every brand of food. together they pull in $500000000000.00 in annual sales and have taken control of our dinner plate. the food is a huge sector by society. it's not only the food company,
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it's an actor and nestle and dan ohms, and coke and pepsi. it's the food retailers at the walmarts and curry force. if the agra businesses are huge, that control all the supplies a commodities and then it also the marketers, it's all the advertises making money from marketing junk food and beverages to people. so we're talking about massive, massive component of our society is focused on selling the world. unhealthy food and beverage, the food multi nationals have a secret weapon. price. the products they sell are up to 60 percent cheaper than fresh food the shoppers, but the smallest budget stuck up with these low income consumers sitting ducks are the primary victims of the system. the
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the, the hamilton family lives in one of washington's poorest neighborhoods. a few miles from the white house, the fresh produce is nearly impossible to find within walking distance. yes. or so you got the washington wealthier areas. you know the city rate is 10 percent . here it is 642 percent of the population. today's new features, nacia ground beef and tomato sauce, with extra sugar garnished with sour cream. one last repaired meal and the body will consume that i will not be in
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jesus name. we do pray. a miss, a locally owned family restaurant had abandoned the hamilton's inner city neighborhood. fast food chains rushed in to fill the vacuum. the. their impact is multiplied by an implacable marketing strategy that starts on the street corner. the food industry says it's your fault, but the reality is they've change the whole food environment. they've created a food environment where every place you turn, if it's on your smartphone, if it's on seeing a billboard, if it's seeing any kind of advertisement. if it's watching television of movies, you see their junk food being pushed. the manipulation starts with the children.
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the mind to the studies show there is a direct link between the ad children see and the types of food they like to eat. the world health organization recommend regulating food commercials on tv, but the industry is ingenuous. it infiltrates new areas, like social networks, or online game. that's what marketing is supposed to do. that's what it's designed to do. they're very good at it. so the marketing was successful. the question is, was it helpful? the my help. the sneak marketing hides the fact that junk food causes one of the most devastating diseases that exists. diabetes
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today, it kills one person every 6 seconds around the world. 25 years ago. if i told you that i have an 18 year old patient in my clinic with type 2 diabetes, you would have said, oh my gosh, it's incredible. it's so rare. it's so strange. now it's very commonplace that young people, children have type 2 diabetes. oh, we're like fighting a war at home. it's heartbreaking. it's unfair, it's unjust. people are making money off of this suffering. it's preventable. it's. it's dehumanizing to ignore it. it's in humane to ignore it. was kenny h 141 and willie 15 must take diabetes,
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medication daily or killing us. it's actually math suicide in a way, in a country like mine. we don't give them health insurance and they've got the diabetes and they have the hypertension. we're killing a generation of poor the one of every 2 african american children will develop diabetes. one of every 5 african american children is obese. the rate is even higher among hispanics. a young woman spoke out and triggered a rebellion. we eat like we still played yesterday, i decided to write down some a really is my day to big diet part. that was a 1000000 things that can not print out. and then there was sugar, flour, sugar, hijacking it oil pipe group. oh, for for white powder high school, sugar died,
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40 died, brands, 2 died. dad died. i heard a young woman who was 16 at the time and she performed upon that even though it may remain the hair on my arm stand up. and for the 1st time i saw a young person describing the obesity and diabetes epidemic as a social problem. and i realized that she in a way, is a much more effective messenger than i ever could be. but i haven't even now diabetes that by it. why id like suicide ah, gene shillinger is coordinating the energy his nonprofit youth speaks, halts writing workshops for young people in the bay area. the he wants
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to use wrap and smoke and where to raise consciousness and thwart food and st propaganda. this idea that they were being lied to, that's what inspired them to become change agent. that's what turned their palm from being a piece of art into a weapon. armed with talent and a video camera, they launched an awareness campaign called the bigger picture. so for me, each one of those films as a stone that we were throwing at at the waterhole and trying to see which one could make the biggest ways always do that. but the middle, my debbie was seen with the wake up, walked through the bus, pass the liquor stores past pop, past the 1st visit to the 2nd burger king ordered my favorite, well,
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hash browns and bodies drawn. and i don't know if we love deserting. i just love not being hungry in written and performed chiefly by young hispanics and african americans. the videos garnered over a 1000000 views on youtube. so i, i think awareness makes it possible for people to make choices. i think we're fighting to be heard. i think we're fighting, get the word out. i think we're fighting against interest that want to see us fail . as long as big soda spending money. they don't sleep. that the campaign a fight against them can't sleep. meanwhile, 3000 miles away on the east coast. another activist has risen up and coming to podium to tell of community unit being decimated. and how is
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a crisis in our community and for me as a crisis, because i'm finding that i'm losing more people to sweets than i am to the streets and i'm losing more people took diet related issues than i am to the streets to gun violence. this is an epidemic, and one that i'm deeply concerned about the already in his combat against this evil, reverent coats is not inhibited by the conventions associated because calling them this can of soda palm right. there are 39 grams of sugar. 39 grams of sugar in one can know how many teaspoons of sugar is that anyone know half who almost 10 piece. so i say why i want to see how much that is. so pastor coats actually the major demonstration during the sermon. and so that to me was like so impactful because i just never
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realized like how much sugar i was actually putting inside of my body every time i would drink a soda. and so i'm doing that at least $7.00 to $8.00 times per day. and maybe a half me this is how much sugar and then just one drink. and our children are getting pre diabetic by the age of 9 in me borderline diabetes. by the time that 13 years old and we are sabotaging the entire generation of our people because of sugar. people were very shocked. and when he poured the sugar inside the glass, they were like this demonstration show them what they probably should have learned like from childhood
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ah, driven by dreams shaped by those in me there's things we dare to ask in a binding ministration tells us the world days is the star, the choice between democracy and authoritarianism. business make any sense. the balance of power in the world system is moving to multicolor a t and is not defined by audiological preferences
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algorithms. neural networks have been following us everywhere. we look online because our relationships are what matters most of us and that's how we find meaning and how we make sense in our place in the silicon valley. see, don't mention in the slick presentations. however, i think ghost workers who train the software human, they're involved in every step of the process when you're using anything online. but we're sold, as is miracle of automation behind your screen. it's a workforce that seems algorithm is for next to nothing on a very good day. i could do $5.00 now a really bad day. i could do 10 years where it says removable by design. it's about labor costs, but it's also about creating layers of lessening responsibility between those who solicit the kind of work and need it. and those who do it
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the the the, the restrictions and monetary policy was furious monies of freedom around the world, medics do all the risks of the virus still need to be assessed. you have to balance personal choice with what's good for the most people. the end of the day. life is a balance of rain. you cannot wrap people up and caution will pull. also this our, the us as it was the gate new york state handling of cobra. and that's why the condition of deliberately on the counting death we hear from greeting.


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