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is not defined by ideological preferences the the 19 restrictions and mandatory policies, furious rally for freedom around the world, and the medics to argue that the risks of the virus still need to be assess. you have to balance personal choice with what's good for the most people at the end of the day. life is a balance of risk. you can't wrap people up in costs will ever and also this our now i see the us says it wanting to investigate your state's handling if you didn't care homes despite accusations of deliberately under counting death,
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we hear from grieving families. ah, i welcome you. what you naughty, international. thousands have rallied worldwide against coven restrictions. but while people chance slogans for greater freedom, countries are having to cope with the highly infectious delta strain of the virus. the news? well, the biggest rallies are in front of the moment where more than 160000 turned out over the weekend. but president micron is calling on people to think of others and
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to give up personal liberties your peddling. you couldn't be best in existence. no freedom exists without duty. the freedom where i owe nothing to any one does not exist. it's a fiction ally. people seldom fill them. my freedom only ends where the freedom of the other begin women. but above all, it is based on a sense of reciprocal duty. what is your freedom worth? if you say to me, i don't want to be vaccinated. but if tomorrow you inspect your father, if that have on file, no glove is often you have cases in front side more than 20000 in a single day. the rules have come into force, meaning that anybody wants to go to a crowded public area must present a clean bill of health in wall, across the channel. important figures a falling but remain high at around 30000 cases a day. and they're off is to that that could increase soon after ingram recent and removed most of its restriction. however many do feel their freedoms in which it is murdered, can explain. it would be impossible to sum up what these protests were
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about in britain in france, easily greece, strangely, people from all walks of life through quotient to the wind in a bid to be heard, to cry out. and the one thing that they all wanted is to say, where todd, todd and angry the
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the one 1st thought may be that the season very small stage you got mass protest in the middle of a pandemic was while the delta variant so much will contagious is making the rounds, and that is what her st need is for example, latched onto cooling protesters morons in relation to yesterday's protest. can i say how absolutely disgusted i was, it broke my heart, millions and millions of people across after doing the right thing. and it just broke my heart, the people had such a disregard that they feel like citizens. what we saw today in sidney is unfortunately something that we've seen in cities that we all shake our heads that it's quite clear that you know, sidney isn't immune for morons as well. except of course,
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it isn't that simple. people are weary. they offered teague to buy this pandemic. the bad news, the, the locked down, the oscillation all over the world. in that respect were all the same. people yearn for freedoms and equality, osha and we are not against vaccines as the claim. and this is not an explanation movement. i think in people who want freedom, you have them. i believe that this is an attack on fundamental freedoms in front. there is a law saying medical procedures cannot before while since facts nation is being imposed on us. one way or another, the people behind the health possible behaving like nazis will force to get vaccinated. this is chris, up, we no longer have freedom of choice. as we mr. bay, the government, which in my opinion, is tyrannical on absolute legitimate public rotation moves into anger. even rage and even lunacy trial. but
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not i done go too far way do far. they never considered the other side of the argument, the millions and millions that have been killed, killed by this virus. that is indisputable. and leaders have one overarching goal to prevent millions more from sharing the same fate. and they have decided the personal freedoms over which you are a p and for was the food freedoms can be suspended. ramon to come from the world is facing a 4th wave. we must act, and at the same time we know the key to this problem. it's not new to the contagious of this delta variance is forcing us to do more than we must function. the bitter truth is that there is no miracle solution, no one that will make everyone happy, no matter how many protest people stage,
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or no matter how many look downs governments implement the very best we can hope for all civility and perseverance, which will probably require protest this to refrain from trying to hang doctors and officials to cease from cooling, move those morons are garcia. we discussed the balance between freedoms and risks, to society with medical experts, people absolutely furious. democracies are being turned into dictatorships. i think it's really important the government in the west realized that govern with the mandate of the people and i think keep changing the go. right. keep telling people that they cannot have the liberty and they no longer have mandate will. of course, they are some restrictions of freedom. we all live together in a society and we give up some personal freedoms in order to live together in
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harmony. not being vaccinated. i think is like driving on the red light because you put not just yourself in danger, but you put other people around you in danger because this is a virus. that is of course, contagious. there will always be new strengths of ours. the whole point of the vaccination role was to ensure that we protected the elderly and the foreigner. but what people are concerned about is that they have no choice. in the end of the day, it's your body and what you put into your body should be up to you. personal choice is always the best way people make the right choice. but we're talking about a contagious virus here that is killing people. and so you have to balance personal choice with what's good for the most people at the end of the day. life is a balance of risk. you can't wrap people up and caution will fall. under some point we have to say, i think right the actually we have on last week and it
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a huge number of population. we are receiving them. unity, i'm afraid i agree with the protest. i never thought in the united kingdom in a host of war. you pay, we be off to show pay to go to the cinema, to go to the states and to go to the football. go to the rugby. i mean, i think it's absolutely outrageous now, only that we have approximated enough people all we have will. of course, the people who are protesting they don't like to wear the they don't wish to be vaccinated, and therefore they don't like the passports either. so they would just like to ignore the cold and what it is doing to people around the world, making them sick and causing many people to die. now i have a major problem with that because i don't think that's about liberty. i don't think it's about personal choice and it's not about freedom. so i'm totally against the passive, but i'm all in favor of people being fascinated by the u. s. is formally
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agreed to end its combat mission in iraq by the end of the year. although some forces will remain in training and advisory role, america has had a presence there since the invasion back in 2003. so let's get more in this night with our team that had him from zack over in the united states. good evening tea. just tell us more than about this patrol and what effectively ends an 18 year emission. right, andrea, you said 18 years. the united states has been there quite a long time. i'm 34 years old, so almost half my life now. so it's time for, for many of those here on united or the united states saying it's time we need to get out. now we've been talking about afghanistan before where the united states that they were going to be pulling out. but again, as you mentioned now, it's talks of iraq with the iraqi prime minister meeting with joe biden today. now it isn't a violent 18 years since the us invaded the country back in march. 2013 or excuse me, 2003. as you mentioned,
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with more than 4500 us troops killed and hundreds of thousands of civilians killed . despite done president george w bush's mission accomplished declaration in march, or excuse me, in may taught 2003. that's fight, as we now know would rage on even after the fall of saddam hussein, by april 2004, america had over a 144000 troops on the ground in iraq. and the numbers would fluctuate over the years as us forces would actually fight a bloody campaign. dance in iraqi insurgency and all kite up now in august 2010. you had done president obama. he declared an end to the 7 year combat mission in iraq. and after the 1st major draw down, just over 47000 troops remained in the area by 2011. that number then would drop to just a few 100 by 2014. when the u. s. joined a rocky and kurdish forces in the fight against ices. as of january 20, 212500 us troops remain in iraq right now. both the us and iraq government agreed back in april to transition to a train and advised mission,
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meaning that some us forces would remain there on the ground, as has been the case in the past to help train advise and equip or rocky forces that are there now the white house reportedly plans to fully end the u. s. mission in the country by the end of this year with president side and saying that they need to fight the battles for the next 20 years. not the last 20 years. take a listen more in reg, would be as a dealing with not just to be available to continue to train to assist to help and to deal with isis. whereas is as right, but we are not going to be brought in here in a competition. and as we know, the united states and their role is in the as far as us interventionism and other countries focusing on the future isn't so easy because it seems like the past
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always ends up coming back. especially when in regards to the middle east and the united states now in iraq, isis despite being severely weekend continues to rear its ugly head, carrying out bombings and attacks on both security forces and civilians in the area . both the u. s. in israel continue to view iranian back to militias. they're in iraq as a threat to regional stability. but here's the thing, andrew, while president biden, focusing now, as he says on the future, looking at other potential wars, namely the pacific. namely in regards to china, it always does seem that those wars that the u. s. fall in the middle east always comes back to haunt them, reporting from washington. they are in front, zach or t. okay, well thanks for that to update the phone on the fact that the u. s. is now fully agreed to end its combat mission there in iraq. thank you. now the us justice department meanwhile,
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will not investigate new york state handling of the co crisis in nursing homes. the united some came in a letter to republican lawmakers and it has raged the families of victims. cowards . you cowards. you believe in the money you follow the money trail, your coward, how can you just and there is no apology. i mean to sit there and watch almo, how his tone change. you know, he seems so sympathetic now, because he's off. he's free. i'll tell you about the life the lights have been going on for years. my mother's been tripping and falling in that nursing home for years. my mom, they said she had arthritis, but she kept bawling. so they blamed pain on her shoulder on not the right as and it was not arthritis she had at this located shoulder. and 2 years earlier, she fell in the nursing home and she broke her hip. they had to do a hip replacement. this is what i mean by the live, the lives are always there almost thing that he wants to help and not letting new yorkers be lied to. we've been lied to and we're going to continue to live too,
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because just that's the way that's the way in your function. we have no rights. i feel like i have no right. i feel like all those $15000.00 plus. they're gone. they're not coming back to we we for bill gently and we have no answers. we still have no answers, we still continue to fight and we're just heart broken and how can the whereas the justice for us, where's the justice for our family? it's nowhere, it's nowhere we will continue to fight. while new york governor andrew cuomo is accused of hiding the number of corona vars related deaths in nursing homes to make the state look more successful in its handling of the pandemic. and critics to say that the facilities were forced to take recovering cove with patients from hospitals, even if they may have been contagious. the original dest numbers revealed in january, were subsequently revised, and almost double, just a month later. so the justice department's decision not to investigate has drawn
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and cry from the republicans who do say that the biden administration is letting democratic party governor's off the hook. republicans accuse joe biden have been complicit in this scandal, adding that new york is due deserve answers and also accountability state governor eventually confirmed the discrepancy but stopped short of issuing an apology, saying instead the lessons had been left behind. key years. 3328 died. in the hospital died in a nursing home. they died. i'm the assistant director of a group of over 5000 family members that lost their parent or loved one, just like i lost my dad in a long term care facility because of cobit governors, knowingly put a disease that was the most jed lead to senior citizens and with senior citizens, they may, they did it and we had no idea this was going on. this was done secretly, and they knowingly killed senior citizens. if this isn't
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a violation of civil rights, i don't know what is a violation of civil rights fighting? called governor cuomo, the handling of depend on the gold standard. and i called the bite in and ministration the gold standard of corruption. there was no excuse for this, and we want to find out why this investigation was stopped. it looks like a case of democrats covering for other democrats. they don't want to open the pandora's box of what could be underneath the surface. they know that that crimes were committed here. you're watching our team to national. i still had few over the next few minutes us parents a lesson through their children. start speaking with english acts and apparently after watching the british cartoon, peppa pig will have a look at the story for a service to just after this. ah, i
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join me every 1st day on the alex simon show. when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. me the bank, either a financial saliva, no money, there's a girl. i want to be the central product support dong. could i call them? i know they stopped. gotcha. ah ah
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me. ah, well come back with our teen i last week america, he experienced an incident of gun violence every 12 minutes according to the latest data. at least $915.00 shootings took place across the country between saturday july 17th and the subsequent friday. and those instance claimed the lives of 430 people and left more than a 1000 wounded researches from the nonprofit gun violence archive say that the data clearly shows this is a growing problem. well, this is death from a gun. crimes in the u. s. is set to shatter, last year's record, about 43000,
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were killed by firearms in the u. s. in 2020. the highest number into decades. joe biden discuss the issue in an interview last week where he asserted that more police and i needed to combat the problem. cops are having real trouble, they're not all bad guys. there's a lot of good guys. we need more policeman, not fewer policemen. we need them involved in community policing wide and also said he never supported the funding. the police. although last summer, he did back redirecting some of the funding to different programs such as mental health care, the death of george floyd in police custody last year triggered nationwide protest which escalated calls to the from the police. progressive lawmakers within the democratic party still staunchly support that idea. well, let's get more and talk to carrie. peggy, he's, he's a retired new york police officer and community advocate, and he joined just me very welcome. thanks for coming on, corey. firstly, i'm shocked by these figures, but talking to someone, not yourself a retard your police officer. a you shocked?
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i'm not shocked at all. truthful, thanks for. have me on. because of the wake of what's been happening to jos floyd. estimate police, i'm pretty much taking a hands off approach on proactive police and you know, when i 1st came in police in the ninety's, when breton came in, we started being proactive. prior to that it was a reactive department. if they go back to reactive, sorry to say, but this is going to be safe. so i mean, what should be done, right? nij? anything because many people, when you read about the blaming, you know this campaign to the, from the police. but if you look at the charts, it's been a growing problem. this isn't just the paid out of nowhere. i mean, so what needs to be done in your opinion? well, in my opinion, i think that the united states is approaching gun control of the wrong way. number one is the 2nd amendment directed arms is the constitutional right. it's not going
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away. so they're not going to get anything change with the 2nd amendment. so you've got to think outside of the box and do something different. i propose that america . if you can't legislate, guns, guns don't kill people bullies. do so start legislating the bullets. that's what i think that they should do because the argument left in the right can't. they can't even come to the men or talk. so they're not going to take the people guns. you gotta do something that's you gotta legislate these bullets make. it's so hard for somebody to get a bullet or less than that. how many bullets people could get a year? you want to kick in 20 bullets again. have to do something with the bullets because the bullets are not a constitutional right. only the guns are. how much support do you think would be for that idea? cory? because presumably, if you have a gun, you won't bullets. well, just of this is the point is nobody's ever brought it up. but corey geese, and now you going nationally speak about it. so if somebody bring it up, then they can start making. so they have to do any. we can have all of these people
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shot in. nobody's doing anything about it. so if they don't want the n already, which is the national rifle association in american, very strong big libraries. they're getting their way because they're funding all of these campaigns left, right, center, everybody. they're not going to take the gun away. so you got a legislator to pull it. i think that's the only thing that we have to do. you can't depend on the cops. it takes guns off the street. it's just not enough police officers in america can take all the guns away. so what else can we do? we can have the cough, we more cops and, but we don't just meet caps. we need trained offices that know how to smell ignite, that, you know, know when somebody's carrying a gun be involved in those communities to the community. but that's going to take a long, tough, you need a quick fix. right now. do you need to start legislative bullets? what you make of the democrats claims that they say they won't say the fund, the police, but at the same time, the thing we actually want to redirect funding to help mental health issues in
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society, perhaps give more to community groups. is that also a positive direction? to go in, do you think? i think it's very positive police in america. when you look at the budget, every municipality, the biggest budget in any city is the police budget. so when you look in his shave, some me, you can find some ground shame, some medium police, and then a few things. death jumps right off the page to warn drugs. we've been doing a lot of drugs for, for decades. it doesn't works. only way you could fix drug treatment counseling education, so you could move some money from that. that was drugs and deal with treatment counseling. education. you know, we could do some stuff like that and just hiring indiscriminately higher in police offices and not given them a mandate on how to really interact in the community. maybe lesson some of the past . stop, b militarize in the police department. we don't need m p 5 machine guns in tanks
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run into the street like we've been in st. louis when my brother was killed. you take some of that money away and if other areas where you could find so much, you know that. and when they came, i would be fun to police. i hated it because when you have the phone, the police people think you're trying to abolish the least. it's not a policy and police and it's about re direct and we restructuring and using your money more. why, it's just like every 4500 company, c, e o does in their company. same thing, reallocate from one resource city of that makes sense. yeah, no, that's a very interesting point. look, corey, we're going to leave. it could have told you a lot longer, but we weren't to time as korea, peggy's. he's also the off of that book. you can see behind him once a caught by curry. peggy 3, appreciate your time. form a new york police officer. thank send on a light note because a certain bridge carting page has been causing trouble call across the pond.
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american parents have been shocked to find that their kids are using british phrases and even speaking with english accents as after their children watched. i was of peppa pig during locked down the scene you like watching not to pick has you told me i started calling you mummy all going to go to the lou instead of the bathroom. you might ask why? well that's thanks to peppa pig kids across the states have a pallet. they started speaking with a british accent of the binge watching the program during lockdown. who would have thought that this little preschool picky could be set influential? my daughter has what i would call the peppa pig. british accent. how can i be my 5
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year old niece in new york city had an american accent before the pandemic. now she has a passion, english accent after spending a year at home watching peppa, pig. oh yes, my daughter commonly uses words and phrases like said nav petrol. can have a go tetra. and for a christmas, i had to put out a freaking mince pie for father christmas, or as we call him here in the states. santa american kids watch so much peppa pig during a pandemic that they developed british accents and started regularly using british words like holiday instead of vacation. confusing their parents? whatever next possible, your child wakes up and makes another cup of tea in the morning for now. the pepper effect is just dominating young voices with kids. adopting unusual to america vocabulary and a british accent. and this takes claim to fame is and she's a 2nd most is devonne call. human and us household just finds bunch of old crap
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when you look just parent struggling to keep pop us politicians seem to think that this piggy pandemic is another british takeover. we 4 rules that this wouldn't happen. oh, i remember the great battle over the british tongue, but it seems not everyone thinks so that's a key event in the history books. we fought wars over english accents. i'll never forget the battle over the que versus line controversy that turned into a world war when the color versus color atrocities were exposed. so kids wouldn't learn british pronunciations. i'm pretty sure the revolutionary war was about something slightly more than that. so it was so bad as saying your please and thank you. i think it's rather lovely, but i would, i wouldn't die being in the homeland of peppa pig to you that brings you up to date for this. i will back with more stories for you in about 30 news. me
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the driven times remember shaped by those with the in me thing we dare to ask in a bind administration tells us the world days is the star, the choice between democracy and authoritarianism. business make any sense. the balance of power in the world system is moving through to multicolor a t and is not defined by audiological preferences.
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the push the way told the gaining the painting. oh, you thought like we'll take, we'll just take a break in that you put in on your plate. and so the time to break in their right way in 1st spring, i want to play a role in helping to raise the awareness of the american people about the impact of these drugs called sugar own be mental and physical well being of our community don't say i'm addicted faster, william the more and dillman coach at now in in baptist church and clinton, maryland are suing coca cola.


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