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been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what driving the vehicle? its corporate me ah, the cobit restrictions and mandatory passes furious rallies for freedom around the world, while medics argue where one person's liberty begins another end. you have to balance personal choice with what's good for the most people. the end of the day. life is a balance or you cannot wrap people up in costing will prevail. the united states wouldn't be investigating new york state's handling of cove it in homes, despite accusations of deliberately on the counting the deaths. in january. we hear from grieving families and the us led coalition pulls out about scottish done
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interpreters works to the foreign troops. say they still fear persecution from the ever advancing taliban after report prevail, one translator was beheaded a country where you know the route and it's quite easy to find them. ah, hello. good. have you been assist monday from moscow? i'm calling bray, watching artsy, international 1st. will you this out? thousands have been rallying worldwide against government imposed coven restrictions. but while people chance slogans for greater freedom, many countries are grappling with relatively high daily infection rates. as the delta strain takes over the
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ah, over 160000 protest is turned out in front of the weekend. that's the highest number in europe. president crohn, there's calling on people to think of the welfare of others and be ready to sacrifice some personal liberties. peddling. oh, couldn't the best didn't exist? no freedom exists without duty. the freedom where i owe nothing to any one does not exist. it's a fiction ally, people tell themselves my freedom only and where the freedom of the other begins. but above all, it is based on a sense of reciprocal duty. because what is your freedom worth? if you say to me, i don't want to be vaccinated. but if tomorrow you, in fact you father, yes, he's up against it. so francis registering an average of 20000 new cases every day,
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and so called health path isn't mandatory that the venues holding more than 50 people across the channel in the u. k. despite the spread of the virus slowing down for the moment, the figures are still high running. they're about 30000 new cases a day, while most restrictions have been lifted. now in england's with where is the tax, but that's going to have on the statistics. some still, they feel that their freedom is being respected. looking at that max is more, i guess it would be impossible to sum up what these protests were about in britain in france, easily greece, strangely, people from all walks of life through quotient to the wind. in a bid to be heard to cry out. and the one thing that they all wanted is to say, where todd, todd and angry the
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the one 1st thought may be that the season very small stage a mass protest in the middle of a pandemic was while the delta vary and so much more contagious is making the rounds and that is what her st leave is for example, latched onto cooling protesters morons. in relation to yesterday's process. i
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cannot say how absolutely disgusted i was. it broke my heart, millions and millions of people across outside doing the right thing. and it just broke my heart, the people had such a disregard, the big fellow citizens. what we saw today in sidney is unfortunately something that we've seen in cities that we all shake our heads that it's quite clear that you know, sidney isn't amune for morons as well. except of course, it isn't that simple. people are weary. they offered c g by this pandemic. the bad news, the, the lock down, the oscillation all over the world. in that respect, we're all the same. people yearn for freedom and equality, osha, we are not against, maxine says they claim that this is not an explanation movement of these i think, and people who are on freedom, you have them. i believe that this is an attack on fundamental freedoms in france.
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there is a law saying medical procedures cannot be forced wives and facts. nation is being imposed on us one way or another. the people behind the health possible behaving like nazis. we are forced to get vaccinated. this is close up. we no longer have freedom of choice. as we mr. bay, the government, which in my opinion, is tyrannical and up to legitimate public rotation moves into anger, even rage and even lunacy trial. and not the sun go too far way do far they never consider the other side of the argument, the millions and millions that have been killed, killed by this virus. that is indisputable. and leaders have one overarching goal to prevent millions more from sharing the same fate. and they have decided the
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personal freedoms over which you are a p and for was the food freedoms can be suspended, ramon to conform the world is facing a 4th wave. we must act at the same time. we know the key to this problem. it's not new to. the contagious of this delta variant is forcing us to do more than we must functioning. the bitter truth is that there is no miracle solution, no one that will make everyone happy, no matter how many protest people stage, or no matter how many look down, governments implement the very best we can hope for all civility and perseverance, which will probably require protest is to refrain from trying to hang doctors and officials to cease from cooling. move those morons. are we discussed with medical experts, the balance between people's freedom and the necessity to contain the potentially deadly virus? absolutely furious. the proceeds are being turned into dictated shape. i think it's
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really important that government in the west realize that govern with the mandate of the people and i think keep changing the go. i keep telling people that they cannot have their liberty and they no longer have mandate will. of course, they are some restrictions of freedom. we all live together in a society and we give up some personal freedoms in order to live together in harmony. not being vaccinated. i think is like driving on the red light because you put not just yourself in danger, but you put other people around you in danger because this is a virus. that is of course, contagious. there will always be new strengths of ours. the whole point of the vaccination role was to ensure that we protected the elderly and the founder. but what people are concerned about is that they have no choice. in the end of the day, it's your body and what you put into your body should be up to you. personal choice
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is always the best way. people make the right choice. but we're talking about a contagious virus and you're that is killing people. and so you have to balance personal choice with what's good for the most people at the end of the day. life is a balance of risk. you can't wrap people up in costing will fall under some point. we have to say, i think right? the actually we have on last week and a huge number of population. we already even had immunity. i'm afraid i agree with the protest. i never thought in the united kingdom in a host was you pay, we be off to show papers, to go to the cinema, to get to the dates and to go to the football. go to the rock me. i mean, i think it's absolutely outrageous now, only that we haven't fascinated enough people. all we happen. well, of course, the people who are protesting, they don't like to wear the man. they don't wish to put banks name,
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and therefore they don't like the passports either. so they would just like to ignore the coding and what it is doing to people around the world, making them sick and causing many people to die. now i have a major problem with that because i don't think that's about liberty. i don't think it's about personal choice and it's not about freedom. so i'm totally against the cobra. positive. but i'm all in favor of people being fascinating. us justice department will not be investigating new york handling of cove it in the states. nursing homes announcement came and elected to republican lawmakers and it's outraged in families. cowards, you cowards, you believe in the money you follow the money trail, your coward, how can you just and there is no apology. i mean to sit there and watch almo, how his tone changed. you know, he seems so sympathetic now because he's off. he's free. i'll tell you about the life the lights have been going on for years. my mother's been tripping and falling
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in that nursing home for a year. my mom, they said she had arthritis, but she kept bawling. so they blamed pain on her shoulder on not right as and it was not arthritis she had at this located shoulder. and 2 years earlier, she fell in the nursing home and she broke her hip. they had to do a hip replacement. this is what i mean by the life lives are always there almost thing that he wants to help and not letting the be lied to. we've been lied to and we're going to continue to live too, because just that's the way that's the way in new york functions. we have no rights . i feel like i have no right. i feel like all those $15000.00 plus. they're gone. they're not coming back to we, we port diligently and we have no answers. we still have no answers. we still continue to fight and we're just heartbroken. and how can the whereas the justice for us, where's the justice for our family? it's nowhere, it's nowhere we will continue to neil governor andrew co most accused of hiding the
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number of corona virus related deaths in nursing homes to make a statement more successful. in the handling of the pandemic critic say that some facilities were forced to take back recovering patients from hospitals even if they may have been contagious. but take a look at the numbers. the original revealed in january through to february and just a month, they practically double. so the justice department is the decision now not to start . a probe has drawn an outcry from republicans. they claim that the biden administration is letting democrat governor's off the hook. the republicans cujo by not being complicit in this scandal, adding that new yorkers deserve balances and they deserve accountability. the new governor did eventually confirm the discrepancy, but he stopped short of issuing any apology saying instead of the lessons had been learned by who hears. 3328 died in a hospital, died in a nursing home. they died. i'm the assistant director of a group of over 5000 family members that lost their parent or loved one,
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just like i lost my dad in a long term care facility because of cobit governors, knowingly put a disease that was the most jed lead to senior citizens and with senior citizens, they mass data that we had no idea this was going on, this was done secretly, and they knowingly killed senior citizens. if this isn't a violation of civil rights, i don't know what is a violation of civil rights fighting? called governor cuomo, the handling of the pen damaged the gold standard, and i called the bite in administration, the gold standard of corruption. there was no excuse for this, and we want to find out why this investigation was stopped. it looks like a case of democrats covering for other democrats. they don't want to open the pandora's box. what could be underneath the surface? they know that that crimes were committed here around the world. no bad weather for
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china. the city of shanghai has been lashed by strong winds, and heavy rainfall is tied to an infer makes land full flights and trains of cancels in the eastern chinese metropolis. public attractions have been shut down and residents want to avoid outdoor activities. other parts of the country also still clearing up after early flooding. the parts of europe to have had a battering cleanup operations underway right now in belgium, after severe flooding hit the south of the country. that rescue teams and volunteers were seen sweeping and pumping water out of the street. some, some areas, roads were torn up and cause swept away by the deluge. in the meantime though, the opposite kind of extreme weather causing another natural disaster. the worst drives in 40 years is hitting california fires or destroying homes and vehicles. in the northern part of the state. wildfires have intensified and ravaging area across the west coast where almost 200000 acres had been lost to the flames. so far, on top of that,
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experts via the 2021 wildfire season in the united states could be one of the worst in the country's history. many blame the current spate of freak whether a natural disasters on climate change and on the threshold german elections. the greens and the social democrats are now claiming high speeds on the countries motor ways cause increased carbon dioxide emissions. and that was polluting the environment. but the ruling conservatives don't see the auto bonds as a problem saying it's just a political war of words. we want to speed limits of 130 kilometers per hour for the auto bond and a maximum of a 120 kilometers per hour. if necessary. for sections passing through cities and the surrounding communities. we will introduce a speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour for the federal autobahn. this measure will protect the environment and considerably decrease the number of accidents. the argument for general speed limits isabel, it's going from it's a war. for some, even a fetish are correspond peter out of
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a head the road to find out more about germany's trouble relationship with it's all her bonds. it's one of the things germany is most famous for. but the days of there being no see limits on the countries out. so bond may numbered german also aficionados and not convinced by the plans and see motorists is coming in for one fair flak out of steam. not in our opinion. ca drive is excessively the focus of attention was shown of carbon dioxide emissions. and total road traffic is at most 20 percent of all emission industry energy supply an agriculture together of responsible for 80 percent of emissions industry. as an automobile club, we have the impression that karl drive is of very much in the focus without the burdens being reasonably distributed among the other sectors of climate change have been at the forefront of people's minds following tragic floating in both western europe on china. the mayor of the city of to begin in the south west of germany has
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a controversial plan to get people to ditch their calls in favor of public transport. how much he, you willing to pay for parking? the plan in to begin is that if you own a larger, more polluting vehicle like an f u, v, you could be charged $10.00 times all over 10 times as much as anybody with a small vehicle as it stands at the moment a yearly residents parking permit. cost you around $30.00 euro under the new scheme, while that cost could rise to as much as $360.00 euro. so those big cause i asked people in berlin if they would support a move like this. i will think it's kind of a price people that own bigger costs have no paid more for them. so they asked me more money and maybe they wouldn't hurt them to pay for the extra space they take away from the city. i think there should be and balance for those who are driving
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big cars because they're polluting the air and just not good for the and such. i think that this will just harden the front and fire the conflict between those who are wanting to drive because those stones, public opinion, in favor of a speed limit in germany, is as high as it has been for 30 years. according to a pole by europe's largest motoring association, half of those polled said, is the time for change. turning, pulling into policy may well turn out to be quite a difficult thing to do. germany, the speed limit for the motor ways are sacrosanct to some, including those very close to the ruling. conservative party, south pole, and the alco bon, remain very dear to many german ha. feature all of them off the girl and it all see on the way the british cartoon pigs, it's got american kids following their favorite characters, every word for their parents on quite
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a survey with the results. one of our stories ahead after that ah, the ah, me rather driven by rumor shaped those
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in me dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah, the united states is to continue to bomb afghanistan despite pledging to withdraw from the country by september. the 11th this year, the top general says as strikes will deter the taliban from further advancing on afghan government positions. the united states has increased airstrikes in the support of afghan forces over the last several days. and were prepared to continue this high level support in the coming weeks. if the taliban continue their attacks
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and submit a massive offensive by the taliban, which now claims to control 85 percent of the country. the conflict is not only claim the lives of military but also civilians. the united nation says more than 800000 afghans fallen victim to the war since 2009 is also led to an ever increasing refugee crisis. but for the pentagon security analysts like maloof believes the strikes are going to have little effect on combating the taliban? well, i think it's a little too little to leave. the tele bomb has really been on the move. and you have, you have a lot of african forces that have already deserted they, in fact they've gone into other countries. and this, this kind of support, i think, is a last ditch effort to try and support what's left of the cabal government. if you recall, the defense secretary initially announced that there would be no such air support for afghan forces. now that's been reversed after they saw the lightning speed in
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which the tele bond has taken over. and they're just, they're just moving, moving, and they're, and they're going into strategic areas that they know that they can take very, very rapidly, particularly the district capitals. biden, from the very, very start, had advocated removing troops altogether. busy from afghanistan and, and if you recall, he was also the vice president and under obama went obama moved all troops out of out of iraq. and we only had to go back in again. and so this is just just history repeating itself, and it probably will become worse because it's the bombing will probably hit limited areas, but i don't think it's going to be effective against widespread infiltration that the taliban has now made. and the inroad that they have made into the districts and the provincial capitals are report now revealed that in may,
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the advancing taliban beheaded an african translator. he was one of thousands of local interpreters who now fear persecution by the militants. we spoke to one translator whose identity we have disguised for his safety. for work a little bit of countries where people live in and type community. they have been in touch with. their information was made by their relatives. regardless of where you move, you cannot forget all your relatives, save us your information down the community for us is the information don't because we're working for the video americans will seen as a betrayal off the country at a time. so you can certainly change your phone number, but that's not going to help. moving houses will not help you because people know each other. it's a country with, you know, every single person in the street where you live. so it's quite easy to trace
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somebody and find them and it's quite easy. you inform their relatives to inform the mosque where they go to your neutral a night later their home. so are quite different ways with these attempts have been threatened. washington's now launched operation allies refuse to support the relocation of africa, nationals who worked for the united states. the 1st batch will include $700.00 translators, together with their families. but as the former interpreter points as many as the left behind and the danger is over, especially for those who work for other nato armies. this one room is only for the all those local employed civilians who worked for the american forces. it doesn't include the metal countries, particularly one of the countries, the united kingdom, australia to provide safety to their own local employer to civilians. bear fruit to
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carry out their duty of care towards too early. since the west has not only abandoned, the civilians who have put with them, they have abandoned their fort most the commission. the nation cited the western countries in this war against terrorism. today, the western tempest that they can literally be the bigger countries, like the united states, u. k. germany, france have run away and left the nation alone to face the terrorism as political upheaval and unrest into new jersey. and after the president find the prime minister in suspended parliament over the handling of the coven pandemic, protested, shouting slogans, calling for early elections and police resulted a tear gas to disperse, demonstrating fruit projectiles, several
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a restful night. the president also lifted the immunity of all m p 's and promised to name a new prime minister in the coming hours. okay, and i like to know to certain cartoon pig from the u. k has been causing trouble across the pond. american parents have been shocked to find that their kids using british expressions and even speaking in english accents after their children, binge walked peppa pig during lockdown. the scene. you like the alter watching not to pick. has you told me i started calling you mummy or asking to go to the lou instead of the bathroom? you might ask why? well, that science took peppa pig kids across the state of a pallet. they started speaking with a british accent of to binge watching the program during locked down. who would have thought that this little preschool picky could be set influential?
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my daughter has what i would call the peppa pig british accent. how can i be my 5 year old niece in new york city had an american accent before the pandemic. now she has a posh english accent after spending a year at home watching peppa, pig. oh, yes. my daughter commonly used words and phrases like said nath petrol. can i have a go, et cetera. and for a christmas, i had to put out a freaking mince pie for father christmas, or as we call him here in the states. santa american kids watch so much peppa pig during a pandemic, that they developed british accents and started regularly using british words like holiday instead of cation confusing their parents whatever. next course, a bit, your child wakes up and makes another cup of tea in the morning for now. the pepper effect is just dominating young voices with kids. adopting unusual to america
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vocabulary and a british accent. and this big claim to fame is that she's a 2nd moses on cartoon. and us household just find spongebob wrap. we just parents struggling to keep up us politicians seem to think that this piggy pandemic is another british take over. we thought was so this wouldn't happen. oh, i remember the great battle over the british tongue. i think not everyone thinks that's a key event in the history books. we fought wars over english accents. i'll never forget the battle over the que versus line controversy that turned into a world war when the color versus color atrocities were exposed. so kids wouldn't learn british pronunciations. i'm pretty sure the revolutionary war was about something slightly more than that. so it was so bad as saying, please and thank you. i think it's rather lovely, but i would, i wouldn't time being in the homeland of peppa pig. i've been julianna's having you
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accompany this englishman's popping off recover. i'll be back with you next, update in half an hour. see you then? oh, i know when i went to the wrong, when i was just don't the room yesterday out. the thing becomes the aptitude and engagement equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart and we choose to look for common ground in hadn't been in my phone since, and i don't i just
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saw under the dollar isis fighters and they're now boarding a philippine naval ship with the $900.00 just aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them can i get a hold of me the.


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