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me ah, the this weekend police fire was the candidate angry protest as in central paris, thousands ruddy, nationwide against government plans to make cobit parties mandatory and public places as infections rise. looking back to some of the other stories we brought you in the week just gone a chilling effect on media. freedom is the reaction to a draft rotational which could threaten investigative journalists with prison. if they expose state secrecy, the devastation in china from what's being called the worst flooding at a 1000 years,
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dozens of depths, infrastructure wiped out a damage breached severe weather to elsewhere. a grave systemic failure for german government plans for not doing more to prevent. last week's reco flooding despite previous morning, the devastation claimed almost 200 lives and cold damage work millions of years. ah, hello, it's sunday. and that means we're going to take you through some of the biggest stories we've covered here over the past 7 days. i'm calling bray before the weekend's developments to bring you up to speed on 1st. paris police have fire water cannons against rattling against plans for mandatory health passes in france . thousands gathered in the capital to vent their frustrations over ongoing coven restrictions. the
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news to me, the we've had figures from the ministry of the interior that said there were a 161000 individuals who decided to spend onto the streets to protest these new restrictions. 11000 was here in paris where you saw those tensions with that water cannon. they find that the protesters also being used. so i just want explain a little bit about what the health passes. this is something this already in use has been in you since wednesday. and basically, what it means is places like cultural centers and museums at the moment, if there were more than 50 individuals inside than to get inside,
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you have to show you all fully vaccinated against kobe 19, or that you have got a negative p. c. all am teaching test, what the parliament is doing at the moment is looking at a bill that is expected to be passed this weekend, which will extend that restriction. now the minutes for labor has also given them in to be saving. so not only will, those individuals want to access falls cafes and restaurants means this house power . so to work is old. so the establishment and if they're not in compliance with that, they could be suspended without pay. they will not be able to remain to avoid having to go straight to dismiss. so we are creating a new procedure for suspending the employment contract without remuneration and ended as soon as the employee comply. so only what people furious about the fact that just a few months ago, president mccord had said that they would be no introduction, obligatory health pulse and that's exactly now what's happening. but also they feel
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that the idea that allure is going to be amended to be able to suspend employees without the right to any pay has really made the fees to whole resume. it's a cinema. these please can be dismissed if they do not have a health puff either an anti gen test or both components of the vaccination needed . and the letter of which should have been administered during the week before they took me. this is completely unacceptable. what is happening in france right now is absolutely unbelievable. 2 years ago, we could not have imagined this at the moment. we are in a situation where people want to go to work and they are told if you can't, because you haven't been vaccinated. and this is despite the fact that for many years, we have lift more or less on the principle of freedom, equality and fraternity. and now it's all over the government. so this is what it believe is the way forward, tackles said pandemic because from now the government says is in the middle of
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a way of that. and it's saying that the needs to ramp up the number on the back. the nation, as we know that health workers will be vaccinated by the middle of september, they will be able to work. and again, there are still many people vaccinated people as well. i've spoken to who say that this is about the freedom, the right of individuals to choose what happens to their bodies. volume pushed back elsewhere in europe to against ongoing coven policies. the in greece, thousands are reposing a mandatory vaccination programs, which has been introduced to groups including health workers. protest is reportedly through petrol. bombs during the rest demonstrated around re that the research plans, despite almost half the population already being inoculated. this is the british capital, which also saw mass demonstration of the weekend under the slogan,
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a worldwide rally. freedom. but not everyone share the same message and scuffles broke out between the campaigners themselves. protests was also held just days off . the major coven restrictions were lifted, locked up for reporting the fates facing journalists in britain of a draft law goes through reporters on their sources could be treated like spies and publishing government secrets could see them jailed for up to 14 years. senior correspondent, as the story a journalists can do as much harm to britain as a foreign spot to argues the british government in this 66 page proposal, which erases the line between investigative journalism whistle, blowing and spies are all the same under the proposed new secret law, although there are differences in the mechanics of and motivations behind espionage and unauthorized disclosure offenses. there are cases where an authorized disclosure maybe as or more serious incentive intent and or damage. what's more,
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the legislation seeks to remove with her blue protections, even if what they leaked is in the public interest. and stead advisors would be whistleblowers to, to go and talk to their boss if they have a moral issue with something that they're doing rather than reveal it to the public . that the government is engaged in something immoral or illegal which raises an interesting question. what if it's their boss that's doing something immoral like the health secretary and leaks video kissing a coworker after he'd obliged millions to abide by his own strict social distancing measures. i understand the enormous sacrifices that everybody in this country has made that you have made. and those of us who make these rules have got to stick by them. and that's why i've got to resign. officially,
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this new beefed up version of the secrecy. little has nothing to do with the resignation of hancock officially. but it would have made the scandal very nearly impossible. see, any journalist who shared this video shared anything that they received from a, with the blue could face a sentence of more than a decade behind bars. due to the new way of defining espionage, including the obtaining sensitive information, as well as pass it on journalists, whom are simply working. their stories can potentially face up to 14 years in prison by receiving some secret information. there's much more to it. aside from the harsh sentences and the least than the databases of potential threats, there are special powers that the government wants to give itself the power to punish and restrict individuals, be the journalists or foreign spas. if the government doesn't have enough evidence to jail them, there may be
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a strong intelligence case to suggest as an individual is engaging hostile activity, but to limited evidence that could be openly used to support criminal prosecution. the civil order could include a range of restrictive and preventative measures, including measures to prevent an individual associating with certain people or from visiting specified sensitive locations. currently, these proposals are being polished off at the foreign office but could soon be in parliament make no mistake. these, these new secrets he lou would give the most autherette area and regimes in the world a run for their money, a pass, we feel blowing and investigative journalism as we know within the u. k. dead. this is one of the biggest wide ranging attacks on breaths. freedom perhaps since since democracy came to britain, the definitions in the report are very old indeed. in fact, with journalism doesn't come up once in the 66 page report itself. fundamental to
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the 36 page report is that journalists can be more dangerous than specially obviously the u. s. is prosecuting fe julius on the as jack this secretary of secretary is backing a consultation document that suggests that journalist that much worse than spies supplies after all, can work for one government or another government or one actor jones. if they publish the material, everyone can see it. journalists have to be done. that is miss the least level of logical deduction that is being used here by the british government in a raising freedoms and rights of the free press here in this country that have been that it created and modified over centuries. so that's, that's quite how dangerous the official secrets act before looks to be a scary and dramatic whether rout again in the last 7 days. it led to some devastating floods
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in central china. we have schools killed and more than 300000 others supposed to flee their homes and was sent to beat the heaviest rains and a millennium. the house. some of the flooding has now receded entire streets. in some cities have been turned into rivers. the authorities are ramping up rescuer recovery operations, and many people, though are still missing. flooding is also claimed only $200.00 lives in western europe. so another 300 people are accounted for. mid to rental range, that of course, damage estimated of more than $2000000000.00 euros. they, while the opposition in germany calling for the interior minister to quit, blaming him personally for the country being unprepared for the deluge,
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volunteers have been helping to clear the devastation, but crippled infrastructure, coupled with a huge pile of debris, is making it difficult to move around the life to pretend to any kind of semblance of normality. now, one hand politicians in climate experts claim the government knew of catastrophic weather conditions and its consequences that they were coming. but they failed to warn citizens. however, officials insist that the worst hit areas were alerted he the way it's lead money to ask what when so badly wrong? as our europe correspondents been finding out is before the floods struck west in germany, belgium looks in bergen benevolence, the copernicus, satellites that make part of the european float awareness system detected problems with on their way. for the region. people in our viola, one of the worst effected towns in germany, have been critical of the warnings, or lack thereof that were given or done come to the no one was expecting it. the warning came too late. a public announcement, 5 or 6 hours in advance,
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would have helped to save some essential belonging. another problem is that many elderly people didn't even understand what was going on if they didn't hear anything about it. and then they're also the foreigners. everything should have been organized better. people should have gone door to door or received a warning by phone. in history of what happened with the opinions of experts analyzing what happened. today's information. you can just refer to the fact that people were informed by text message. you have to imagine how much information is being dumped on people every day already. but then they say, yes, we sent out messages instead of targeting people on the spot and perhaps getting people out of their homes and particularly haunted places. visiting the scene of utter devastation caused by the flooding and western g many chance langler merkle pledged more efforts to tackle the challenges posed by climate change. quickly, chavez, which is the germany, is a country that can overcome this financially. germany is a strong country and we will oppose this force of nature in the short term, but also in the medium and long term. the policy that takes nature and climate into
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account more than we have done in recent years. there had been warnings from the weather in 2016 the river, far bursted banks, causing damage to bridges and other infrastructure. they were repaired, but nothing was done to protect against future high waters. it's not a secret that streets in bridges and all these dams are not in a good condition and nobody's investing in it. and they're just like waiting till something happens again, 5 years ago we had a situation similar to this one and a bridge in the near broke and they just repaired it. like yeah, it's okay for now. and nothing happened till then. and now the bridge is gone again, this part of germany is no stranger to flooding, which banks the questions. why were the authorities not better prepared for what nature would throw out some this time? and we'll lessons be learned from this tragedy feature all of all teeth in cologne,
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germany. we spoke to an m p for germany's the left party who told us that the government's repeatedly broken promises when it comes to emergency systems checks. we are witnessing a fatal or a monumental sailor on different levels. as you know, we have generally a federal system. so it's not easy to identify where the problems aware. but for example, the federal government is 3. they said to that last year to check their allow system and this was a failure. and so for now, to do it again this year and to repair it, and they didn't do. so now they are pronounced because for next year it seems that the warning systems and following evacuations, in other countries are a better organized than germany, which is the which is because it's
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a high developed country, but that's the problem in that system. and we have to check it and we have to make it better. is there a particular responsibility people are not fulfilling their responsibility? they should reside in the way this made headlines to know ways beach campbell team has been fine for not wearing bikini bottoms. and that protest against the sexualization of women in sport are these poly boy takes a candid look 2021 this summer. oh show or lack thereof. in the case of the norwegian speech handball team, which has been fined 1700 euros for wearing shorts in a match recently instead of the regulation, teeny tiny breed. while the old all the 3 rules mean that the norwegian beach bass are obliged to strip down, apparently the athlete called lizzie,
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a brain had been told that her shorts were too short of recent competition in the u . k. i just that she's been said no. i didn't get a bad binding head. sure. 2021 is getting confusing. you got done. the weight lifted at the pick female power limby and being held to dress more appropriately and female handle has being pun. they're trying to dress more comfortably. in the case of the norwegian, the team actually the european handle federation for permission for playing sure. but the federation said no, they did it. anyway. they were last with a fine. i have not been given a good reason. they just the telling us, this is the room i'm the man, get to play like this. the man rules state that the agree, the swimming chunk like short can finish 10 centimeters above the kneecap. while
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the women are obliged to have that on display. needlessly back to alive while running around doing strenuous exercise in front of spect cases . i'm being watched on tv you could possibly have anything to do with the caliber view is watching. the ball will be off there because it's always a summer. very good people at the university of alabama, i analyzed the beach volleyball at the 2411. they found that 20 percent of the camera shot were tight shot of play is chest. wow. the scent of that camera raises some of you. so the research is concluded that the visual coverage of the game confirm that sex and
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sexuality, we use not only to promote the me, but just tell the for his he was around the world. i love my something tells me that wouldn't be the case if the male players was mine. he needs very different figures to worry about next. inflation is storing in the united states, but joe biden says they're worried to the majority of american things. it's in the pocket by rising prices where across that off to the break. ah, ah, so what we try to do is really to leverage on the knowledge of this partners from developed countries and they offer free of charge the services support.
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little was so we app this is sort of the broker 12 things from developing an emerging countries to get access to space because clearly one of the issues, one of the show stoppers is the cost of the launch in the operation. the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, a very critical time. time to sit down and talk me ah
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ah, welcome back to the weekly now with inflation in the united states hitting a 13 year high, people are rapidly feeling the pinch. a poll published this week says 80 percent of americans are worried about the disproportionate increase in living costs. president biden though, claims it's just a glitch, and it certainly seems to be having little impact on his spending plans. our experts believe in the data shows that most of the price increases we seen are, were expected, and expected to be temporary. nobody suggestion is unchecked inflation on the way. no serious economy. let's check that no one checked inflation plan. now if you have a car, it costs you twice as much to run it as it did last year. your prices have double your daily breakfast now comes with an 8 percent price. as the cost of milk, bacon and fruit have gone up. on top of that, you've got consumer prices that have hit their highest amount since 2008. now,
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despite the presence assurances, america's working families already being hard hit by the pandemic are starting to feel the pinch. the groceries are definitely and also the rents are also going up and just household items, making serious progress to ensure that it works the way it's supposed to work for the good of the american people. while construction material is out of this world, somebody's making some good money, and i think it's because joe biden, we could help families in small businesses, whether the ups and downs or as the economy recovers. i don't buy anything when asked me what the, wherever me give it says nowadays i, i truly, truly don't look, we brought this economy back from the brink. now biden refuses to hear those voices, perhaps he'll listen to those within his own party labor market tightness, behavior of housing markets, and asset prices all rising in a more concerning way than i worried a few months ago. this raises my degree of concern overheating scenario. there are
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huge uncertainties, but the focus of concern now should be on overheating. and if that's not enough to change the president's mind on the economy, perhaps this comparison is the wakeup call he needs. the u. s. isn't the very bad position from a long term point of view. i don't see how these can and well, when we're running now, budget deficits, something like 15 percent of g d p. this is beginning to look a little bit like letting them can country printing and spending money like there is no tomorrow, as pretty clearly got people concerned. biden gave the excuse to spend is necessary to tamp down inflation, which is ridiculous, has nothing in common. you can't stop the consequences of monetary printing by doing even more monetary printing, which is what it means to spend this level of money. and the fact is that biden, and all of his advisors and the political party that he represents,
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are big spenders, and they want to spend more money. they think that the u. s. government can go into infinite amounts of that. there's no limits whatsoever. they really believe this by mr. is us. the problems are just temporary, but perhaps it's a bit like the pandemic and the economic aftermath. it's a bigger problem than was 1st thought. but it seems to be a problem that biden's apparently incapable of recognizing caleb mop and r t new york was celebrating navy day with nationwide parade smoking the services of 300 and 25th anniversary. one of the biggest celebrations is in the port city of saint petersburg. russian defense minister says it's the largest and he is president paint and address service personnel that lillia event will be routed off later with a firework display this evening. all across russia. 15000 mariners took part with almost 300 pieces of military hardware on show as well. earlier i correspond, i'm going to look at some of the preparations. we're right in the heart of st. petersburg on the me a river and we're approaching a worship that. c has become
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a fixture of this naval parade. it's called corvette story, which can be translated as steadfast, war, resolute, rushing, corvette, or frigging by native classification, are relatively small, but vast warships that are designed to protect coastal waters or other vessels. for instance, story kit was sent to the gulf of aidan in 1001900 to score it if the merchant ships and make sure they were not attacked by them all the pirates. truth be told the ships armand is not something last that dorky and other crew out of that class can fight against aircraft submarines and other ships that have artillery guns. but it's main. and the most for middle weapon is right here. it's the launching pad of rushes, latest cruise missiles caliber, the columbia. was it hard to city worship in here?
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so can you almost well, we had to do it during the night. we more the ship in complete darkness. it was quite difficult, but we managed we're on the island of branch that me or st. petersburg. this is where some of the big bad folks that i think is hard and the brain are born among them. 3 nuclear power submarines that are going to be on public display for the 1st time. and one of them definitely stand down like the russian ladies nuclear stop. that was commission just the year ago the my 1st grad world headlines back in april after an operation in the arctic ocean when its surface from under the ice, along with you other stuff. this was the 1st time in the history of the russian in soviet navy that such a mission had taken place and were on deck rocket ship, cold, zelan adult. and what's interesting about this worship is that it took part in an actual military operation in syria,
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back in 2016 when these crew members were fighting isis. well, this is one of the lower decks of the ship. this is the quarter. it is where the crew members live. as you can see right here, one of the crew members is ironing his uniform and that was conflict. who does the laundry for the russian navy, a washing machine, and you operated yourself. you do everything by yourself. of course, we do the, the annual naval parade in saint petersburg has great symbolism for the country. russia is marking 325 years since its navy was founded, which help to diverge as a global power at that time. but it's also become a popular cd attraction which draw spectators to the banks of the naval river every
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year. ok, that's it for this edition of the weekly next up with the international space station gradually becoming less international. the one in charge of outer space affairs at the you and talk to you about what's next venturing be on the planet. ah, me rather driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me i
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think we dare to ask me to join me as a posted on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the me, the me a moment welcome to the last few years have seen
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a precipitous crumbling off international agreements and previously accepted norms and behavior. planet. earth moves increasingly small for ever growing national english with one notable exception. place exploration remains one of the very few areas where nations not only compete, but also cooperate is likely to stay this wait while to discuss it now joined by some of the, the people director of the un office for outer space affairs though to the people. it's great to talk to you. thank you very much for finding the time. my pleasure. my. you are one of the most renowned female physicists of today. i know that you have an asteroid named after you. so i want to start with am physics metaphor. there is this concept of free space in physics, an area of free, of gravitational forces. and i wonder whether in your line of work you can ever be free of national influences. is there any.


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