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[000:00:00;00] me ah ah, my grandfather came to this country in the early 19 hundreds. he ended up buying this piece of land in the early twenties and the homestead in this area. mm. winter's can be very brutal. summers can be very hot as hard work. i we live right on the lake here, so we did
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a lot of fishing and hunting. and as i got older i realized how incredible this was where most kids growing up didn't get this. i wanted to keep it in the name me. ah, and i was really proud of his car and it was his baby. ah me. i feel when i didn't hear that he's still around me. it came kind of field or of how we felt when he was driving the car, even just sit and it makes me cry came just feeling how much i miss and
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i the birthday today it was one of the 1st time. so i'm actually seeing the footage of it happening and watched it happen. the way that andrew was approached was quick, silent without warning relate, well yeah, i think he was a bowie college kids party, their smoke pot, they drink beer. i think that he was an easy target for them. you can't tell
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anybody or more people that know if that where it gets all walls. i do know he's going to work with you. you can't tell anybody you can't tell your parents. you can't tell your friends, you can't talk to an attorney, you just need to come and talk to me the, actually, the max was 40 years for 40 years, and that's where, why are you have to go by marijuana for individuals and then, you know, depend upon how you do and so forth. you know, a lot of this could go away. i was scandalous. i was, i never seen anything is bad. it is a good possibility that your, your personal time, if you don't. yeah. they're just, once you learn more of the background, you can understand why someone who had never really been in trouble and was only 20
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and trying to get through college would be scared to death. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. surely they put him in harm's way, fast. we cleared up faster, you can get this wasn't right, this is corrupt. the believe him. so i'm not going to be. i know that i rather than me on the life on the farm. you learn the circle of life, cattle or morn and cattle die and you're always hoping for
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a good crop. it's very calming and stressful at the same time, me, north dakota, it's a wonderful place to raise kids and we knew that we want to be parents at some point ah, right on top of this hills where they shoot the fireworks off. usually it's on the 5th of july and there's hundreds of boats out there. and it's beautiful. and we like to take the jet ski and come up the crick here. there's, i don't know a group of 4 or 5 of us that come up here. ah, her son nicholas came to live with us and the situation entailed that we
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adopt nicholas. then in there, my sister was having a really bad part of her life. it just wasn't good. and then my parents came up with the idea that we adopt town. so we said, yeah, we would, you know, pay can and so that's how we came up with a flag else. it was, i'm on a year old. i think when we got him and that was in like 89. so it was pretty early in our, in our marriage, 7 years after we were married, andrew came along. ah, nick, welcome to the little brother. all he was such a proud,
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big brother. even though they were 7 years apart actually, i think that was really a good spread. you can find me thought it for you guys. i'm not sure it's not something to ride on me. nick when he was a country boy, good hard worker. wasn't really all going at all quiet boy. the nick was working at the store that day and i left at noon to be in a golf tournament and it was during the summer, so he was working. and i'll never forget. as i walked out the door,
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he was leaning on a carry out, a grocery carry, a cart said, good luck today, marcia tonight, and i said yeah, around midnight and he goes up. help. oh, he got involved with his local gallagher lived a couple miles from here. just got to there one year anniversary and he was going to make supper for all of us. oh. ready ready ready ready on. ready ready ready the me i read years where my son lost his life right here or
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is getting tabitha in a car together. oh, i don't know exactly what happened for sure. you know, he's got broad sighted by a train on 5060 miles an hour. i don't know if they were moving around or something and you know, their teenage kids exactly what happened but it was terrific or. ready are we just kind of relied on him up for a lot. so wasn't just losing my son like loosen calf my
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farming operation. i don't know. use it. 3 time. i shut down. i didn't work for 6 months. andrew and i went to grief counseling. just it was because of andrew that i found back i my company's gotta take care of this kid. oh yeah. oh i was in small town, people know each other and pretty close knit community. i would say there's not a lot of crime. you know, that was a lot of the cell, you know, to mom and dad bringing their, their, their,
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their young adults to their campus. this is a brand new experience for a lot of them treating. i president john richmond and i want to welcome you for the north dakota state college of science. we hope that you with the heart and soul of warburton is the north dakota state college of science. it is where north dakota and the region come shopping for trade and tech. it is this melting pot of ranchers, of farmers, you've got nurses, you've got dental, you've got diesel mechanics, you've got electricians. i mean, you can come out and make a very good living. right away, but then there was the 99.8 or some crazy big job placement afterwards and that really caught my attention. so looks like a good place to go on like wow, as where you meet your friends around forever. this is where you, where you're everything happens,
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you're 4 years and every person gets the lives and it's going to be the best use your life. oh, i had no idea what i want to do. i have a teacher that says i want to be a truck driver. ironically the ah, so what we try to do is really to leverage on the knowledge of this partners from developed countries and they offer free of charge the services that support little was. so we asked, this is sort of a broker 12 teams from developing an emerging countries to get access to space because clearly one of the issues,
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one of the show stoppers is the cost of the loans in the operation, the ah, the eastern half of the united states we're going to have 1000000000 trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. oh my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out on
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a 6 minute to 400. i mean that's very satisfying. and the i use the me park fairly casually. we would, more often than not go out in the car, didn't go for a little cruise because more times and out there was
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a top driving around the parking lot for the college. so that's what they're looking for. so we can not very smart just to sit in the car and there. so we just go and drive around a bit and come back. nothing didn't hurt anybody saw in the worse it did to us or just put us on the calendar watch movies, those are camera glazing, will all be joy. that video will be for the individual that you know, on campus or on tower, whatever they can buy from probably if you went about an else that would be more reasonable, we are able to say your trans all makes money
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a campus new more than just 2 people to get out a level, so tell me public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse. drugs are menacing. our society substance abuse is a serious challenge for our nation addiction breaks. hearts destroys families and keeps our citizens from fulfilling their god given potential. what's the war on drugs? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of, of north dakota. war on drugs were on drugs. and it got to be something that you could get elected with you know, you had to be tough on crime. tough find crime. tough. foreign crime will selling
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marijuana in north dakota is a crime. and so, you know, you start seeing the feds put out more and more money to empower that. and so what happens is, it's like, you know, there's the money, go get the money. we can have another officer too if we have the money. and so therefore we're dealing with this and we're part of the world. ah, we had done a couple of stories about them making drug laws stiffer. they had this enhanced campus related drug lot. so basically if you have a little bit of weed that would maybe be a misdemeanor, if you're on a school campus that could be a felony. and so i think that their thought process and that was ok. let's prosecute people who are selling to students, or let's prosecute people that are doing something that is going to impact young kids. rather than just the average adult out on the street. the
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local law enforcement was able to go onto a campus where they're that has its own law enforcement agency. they had essentially unfettered access to the dormitories on the dfcs campus. and they could go into the hallways. and to the end to the dorm rooms, this just seems like an unconstitutional situation. me moving off in the number of police blew me away. i was the 1st thing i thought was like, there's a car. they get every block is kinda he used to the the imminent danger of the police coming and knocking and find you and you just kind of don't care me. i think we had a long night before and i know we were both sleeping. the viper off and we had
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a knock on the door and the heck is not anything. somebody call me if they're coming over or something. so i got up and i open the door mind whereas 2 policemen, what the heck is going on here? they asked me to search a room really? yeah, i guess you're here. so we just, we opened up the door and they came in and i sat on my bed and sat on his bed and they searched the room for a while and they turned up finding a little tiny grinder. i didn't, you know, isn't there neither sad or i knew when they found that they looked at me and you can go to class, they shoot me away right away. it's kind of odd that i went to class and came back from class and i asked him via was andrew what happened? whatever happened about days, like almost nothing, just don't tell anybody about it and just hushed me right away. and i didn't tell me not tell anybody. i did mention something to eric just briefly afterwards
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because i was in shock that happened of wasn't ready for it. sure. ah, drew ahead whispered something to mad in private with just the 2 of us. something by the cops, they came in search to our room and we're dude, you know, but that was something i felt like have happened to anybody threw into classes like so i didn't, i didn't know and i just assumed it was fine. more of every day was in campus, police force me i i gave them a big hug and thanked him for helping me. and he says,
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and i asked him what he's going to do. and he says, i gotta, i gotta go down. i gotta date. oh, so hard them and said i told him i loved him and he told me last me and got his current away. last last time i seen him. ah, i remember was after class we start adding back to norms. lan, static got a call and he's like, he got a party later nosing now, i guess walked up the stairs and he said,
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i'll come get you when i'm ready and i said hurts, feel it, man 11 flight of stairs and i was it for the end of the night, as my cap takes out, i can. okay. do you want to smoke cigarettes or something? so got me and andrew is up in the room and we went up and married, drew, and andrew had a movie. so he just put it on and kind of bought the movie and sat there and nothing seemed weird at all. like just hanging out like every other day ever. oh, when the movie is over, i remember i was for the doctor and i was ready for bed. and then eric mayor goes, went back to his room and static was ready for bed. and then he got up and he's like, i had to go sometimes he'd go out and tardy was the girl i meant he asked me even if i wanted to come with him. i'm already have asleep, man,
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you gotta do it. i'll be. i'll be here when you get back when he wasn't there, when i woke up and looked over his, i wasn't better than go see him in class in the morning. so dried done, nothing on me. injury class and static wasn't a class. i mean, he's late, sometimes there was like, so wasn't like alarm a. maybe he's, you know, what is some girl or something, you know, no big deal. go to lunch throughout the day. you didn't find any more tags or me and all the friends coverage constantly kind of pestering them all the time and send them snaps protection and stuff throughout the day. just petition for a reply, trying to see where a friend is as a day went on, we got a class where to supper with paul marsh. and i remember him specifically making more of a big deal about it than either of us. it just wasn't like us to not tax back, not answer, snapshots. that's back on the stamps. i still haven't the whole they can. you can
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see if they open it thing and i don't think he was opening anything and were like weird. i think we were just connecting dots and like this is not right. the next day we're like, dude, you got to call someone, i guess for lunch. i will go see if we can get his mom parents, phone number from the college. so we went over there and we just asked to, can we get sad parents, phone numbers, so we can get ahold of them and just see if he's at home or something so they kind of freaked out right away. they're like, well, you don't know where your friend is. you don't know like what worries out like what when you saw me. we were like, do we just got him in so much trouble? ah. friday at noon, the phone rang and they asked for andrew and they didn't identify themselves. and i, and i'm like andrews way at school and they're like, this is
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a school and said that he was missing. and i'm like, when you mean missing his on campus, he lives on campus. how could he be missing? and she said he's missing and i want to put it on the news and i'm like put it on the news if he's missing. oh, word has gotten to us at the mighty $790.00 camp geo into our newsroom, and a young man named andrew static has gone missing. andrew is a student at the north dakota state college of science. now, if you're wondering how andrew static looks, please go to k of joe dot com for that. let's help find out. oh, i had the feeling who's bad? instantly. i knew his band, and of course we tried calling him and texting and ah, maybe skip a class or 2 but the missing for
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a day without letting us know what's going on. that wasn't, it wasn't andrew. and one of the never happened to me. so then right then, and there was some, some good ah, we decided to just drive down there and see what's going on because we knew it was more serious than jim just taken off. all friends gathered on the campus of n dfcs today baffled why. why would you just do this so close graduation, you know countless searches and still nothing. we've never had a student missed this long term. most of them we find within 24 hours. so it's been very, very frustrating. we're in campus, police sergeant halligan's office and jason weber came in all elegance and said that jason webber was the one
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in charge. and that andrew was in a lot of trouble with drugs. and i was like, trouble with drugs, andrew. ah, i oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. is profitable to sell food that is pricey and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the reason for them it,
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it's corporate. me. ah, is your media reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. tyson lation community you going the right way or are you being direct? what is truth? what is faith in the world corrupted? you need to this end. the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. i
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have been in my phone since i don't, i just saw up dollar format isis fighters, and they're now boarding a philippine naval ship with john $900.00. jeff, aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them to do? can i get
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a hold of me? i choose the this we can protest class with police in the central perez, with water cannon fodder, angry, demonstrated thousands across the country, rattling against the government's plans to make over the mandatory brain for public places. as infection cases are still on the rise. looking back to the other big stories abroad in the week, just go on a chilling effect. so media of freedom is the reaction to a new law proposed by the u. k. government, which could threaten investigative journalists with prison if exposed to state


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