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because clearly one of the shows, one of the show stoppers, is the cost of the launch in the operation. the, in the process of class with police in central paris with water can inspire that angry demonstrators. thousands are rallying against the government's plans to make coban 1900 passes mandatory for entering public places. londoners have also been up in arms that this weekend over vaccine passports in class with police. while tory m. p. 's are threatening to break up their own party conference over the issue. and the pentagon admit that at least 7 people implicated in the murder of haiti's president had been trained in america, that as mass protests took place on the day of his funeral. ah,
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why catherine live direct from a studio in moscow? this is art international, and i'm shannon thomas certainly glad to have you with us. or no pears, police fire water cannon said people protesting plans for mandatory health passes in france. thousands gathered in central pears to vent their frustrations over coated restriction. ah mm mm. there are still being reported scuffles
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around the country as these anti health pass. demonstrations have been taking place . we've had figures from the ministry of the interior that said there were a 161000 individuals who decided to send onto the street to protest these new restrictions and left here in paris where you call the tensions. and that was the canon, the inside at the protest is also being used. so i just wanna explain a little bit about what the health passes. this is something this all ready in use has been in you since wednesday. and basically, what it means is places like cultural centers and museums at the moment, if they would have 50 individuals inside than to get inside. you have to show you fully vaccinated against cobra 19, or that you have got a negative p. c all and teach and test will the parliament is doing at the moment is looking at the bill that's expected to be passed this weekend,
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which will extend that restriction, many individual states of that is just completely against that freedom because it's forcing them to make a choice of having the vaccine or perhaps having to go in and say life no, the minutes for labor has also given you mean to be in the last 24 hours, stating that not only will always individuals to access balls, cache the restaurants, meet this house, pass so to will work is old, so the establishment and if they're not in compliance with that, they could be suspended without pay. they will not be able to remain to avoid having to go straight to dismiss. so we are creating a new procedure for suspending the employment contract without remuneration and ended as soon as the employee comply. so only what people furious about the fact that just a few months ago, present macro and had said that they would be no introduction of an obligatory health pulse. and that be now what's happening. but also they feel that the id,
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the allure is going to be amended to be able to suspend employees without the right to any pay has really made them to see a whole resume. it's a cinema. these employees can be dismissed if they do not have a health path, either an anti gen test or both components of the vaccination and needed, and the letter of which should have been administered during the week before. they took me. this is completely unacceptable. what is happening in france right now is absolutely unbelievable. 2 years ago, we could not have imagined this at the moment. we are in a situation where people want to go to work and they are told if you can't, because you haven't been vaccinated. and this is despite the fact that for many years, we have lived more or less from the principle of freedom, equality, and fraternity. and now it's all over us. mister mc kron is currently in japan, enjoying a trip. there are millions of demonstrators and fram. this is unbelievable, it turns out that we no longer live in
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a democracy. it's not just the average joe on the street and happy to. we know that 5 hodges unions are unhappy as to all workers union to say that they are furious about this, which they say essentially is destroying the right of an individual to be able to work. and they think that this is opening up the path to mass label. it is transgressive, dangerous and wiring to see for the 1st time reason for dismissal at the expense of the employee for risen, relating to his private life. we question that the policy to speed up explanation is based on the sanctions include in dismissal of in please, where no q ations compulsory or the house pass is required. the target to before it must be the virus not in place. the unit is a gaze, the health pass, which is being used against workers with strong threats, loss of wages, layoffs, etc. and which infringes on medical privacy. so the government, though, this is what it really is,
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the way forward tackle said pandemic. because now the government says is in the middle of a way of that and it saying that it needs to ramp up the number of vaccinations. we know that health workers will need to be faxed maybe by the middle of the can, but they will be able to work. and again, they will not be working with that. i mean, they won't be getting any pay for that. also, the government talks about the numbers of co infections that we're seeing yesterday 21000 just a bit. with that new infection, the prime minister saying that over 9, our new factions come from those who are not vaccinated. but as you've seen those extreme tensions in paris today, and those tensions are also the same around the country, there are still many people vaccinated people as well as faith in to who say that this is about the freedom, the right of individuals to choose what happens to their bodies,
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similar protests were held across the country in the western city of 9th and police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators. several people were reportedly arrested and amid the clashes with authority and the northern could give little an estimated 2000 people gathered in protest against the helped pass and also facing here, desk fired by police in the central city of demonstrators, storm the local town hall reports claimed a portrait of president emanuel mclaren was thrown out of the buildings window as the crowd outside cheer. meanwhile, across the english channel, thousands. it took to the streets of london to protest their government's plan for vaccine passports. the government has announced that from late september, anyone aiming to enter a nightclub should be vaccinated. the latest was have even annoyed mc within the prime minister's only conservative party for the members of parliament are now
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threatening to boycott their annual autumn. a conference after emerged that attendees would also require vaccine passport. i'm booked for the conservatives party conference and double chopped. i wouldn't be going to the conference if we're excluding people on the basis of that vaccination status with a heavy heart and apologies to event organizers. likewise, i'm afraid the same will apply to me. well, the debates around vaccine possible if has indeed resurface with boris johnson, the prime minister being rather keen on introducing the idea at crowded places later in the, in the autumn. now the neighbor party, i'm the lip, them say absolutely hate the idea suggesting that they would vote sit down in the house of commons. but around 40 tory rebel m p. 's. i'm saying the absolute same thing that they tooth would be. so the idea now there's also talk of a protest outside the venue and that would be a freedom gern. but there's definitely mixed reaction to the idea among the public
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. so we take the vaccine, i have it myself, but i have no choice. if you've done year 2 jobs and you want to go in injurious at some level, why should you take the risk of been infected by somebody who decided not to jackson. so i do think that it's against the notion of civil liberties. i think this government has made a great many attacks on our liberties enrolled, arrested a quiet way that we haven't really notice. well, a petition against the idea has been signed by over 300000 people, claiming it would discriminate against. so if you chose not to get the vaccine. so that's a lot of opposition to it with many suggesting showing a negative cash result would be much better. but the vaccines, medicine at the, in the hallway says be such a bad like music events by the rules and conferences. all the places administers are most concerned about,
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but it all comes in the context of this vaccination roll lot program being in full force. we learn now that 36000000 people have been fully vaccinated with 46000000 people receiving their us dose. and a study published today suggests the one that does just one does the office hi, a protection that was previously thought. so regardless of how many jobs that people have had, or indeed this new idea of a vaccination, possible scheme, noise that will necessarily stop the spread of the virus, which is of course indeed a cause for concern. when we see these images of pops, club absolutely heaving since freedom day. meanwhile, in germany vaccine role that has faced a major setback in regions is struck by recent flooding. while the clean up operation continues, authorities are worried that cove it could spread more quickly in the affected regions. a special vaccination bus is traveling too hard to reach areas with emergency service workers and volunteers assisting local residents.
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ah, i live, i guess i'll look callbacks. nation center was hitting the catastrophe and this close and we all would have had to drive very far to vaccinated. come in, i'm here for my 2nd vaccination. i was supposed to get my 2nd shot from my doctor, but he was also a victim of. i'm also here with a charge group to help people who are affected because i was fortunately barely hit me. benji mentioned this on time and i expect the number of covert cases most areas arise in the next few days. the people that work together in a confined space and the transmission corona is easier because everyone is not wearing mouth. nose protection, at least not in the pictures you see on tv. we can see that human to human transmission remains the main method of transmission.
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and we had the safest drinking water in the whole world. it was almost sterile. that's over now. we have never had such a situation in germany. at least not this extreme. there is no difference between drinking water and sewage. at the moment the water flowed through the streets in the villages was a mixture of excrement and rain. water contamination is very high. you shouldn't inhale anything or swallow anything because they're also environmental toxins and things like that ah, is fish. as you see just terrible, everything destroyed. many people don't have any accommodation. the business is also closed. it's like a nightmare. so a lot more financial help is necessary because it has cost me and some damage. the whole infrastructure must be rebuilt. many buildings must be ripped down and
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rebuilt all the breach of here. we have just one re, out of around 10 left, just one bridge. to get to our side, we now have to travel through the whole village. so we are really reliant on financial resources and we also don't have any work. everything has been destroyed, no jobs, and no money anymore. a counselor in italy's ruling coalition has been arrested on allegations of shooting a migrant. after an altercation at a bar, the lawmaker from the northern legal party allegedly shot the moroccan migrant in the chest in a public square. and he later died of his injuries in the hospital suspect massimo, archie is now under house arrest and claims his pistol went off accidentally. he has been condemned by other politicians, although the former deputy prime minister had this to say, hi,
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this is self defense. advantage is a professor of criminal law, a former police officer, and criminal lawyer, known and esteemed. he was a victim of aggression in which he responded accidentally solving these game is deceptive. it is given citizens, the idea that they have to defend themselves, and that there is impunity for shooting a man shot and killed another man. it's a tragedy before the judgments, grief for the victim should prevail. a man has died because of a gun. but one thing we must and can do still privately owned weapons and many have joined the calls to get tough with gun ownership in a country where 1200000 civilians are thought to own firearms. we got reaction from a panel of guests. she said that there was a mistake in that they didn't want to shoot that to me and they also said that they were self defense. so we have to understand really what is happening,
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our country italy is it is the cause of where it's very difficult to again, 475 and you have to pass a lot of the questions from, from the police. but of course is different to home. again and to use a guest pass on the case of the victim out part of the problem. busy with the police and for believe the team had some problem also with the justice. and i think that so we need, don't want to defend him, is for edition, because he should probably didn't want to to dying, especially in the thing is that legal, he's a political party that the start and in favor of the defend approved by police and the judiciary wasn't self defense, it would be clear if it was self defense, the key fact as he was reacting to an attack in reality, wrong men, incidents involving weapons. the right controls are needed and they exist already various for clues from gun license. and it's certainly not a problem. initially,
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the problem was not an owning for self defense, but in the entry of illegal immigrants often come here to also commit serious crimes. your defense has to be proportional to office unity, but has to be area and actual credit. if you can own it and use a gun, but the gun in your pocket doesn't make you more safe for a person and public safety, you need police to perform a thing. you need an efficient system, the objective, and you need a complete application of a system based on the, you know, i think so. vini is defending his counselor and provoking such an essential body to be made, only because he wants to hide, what he's all about. a member of his party member overlooked, counted both to protect, people, killed, a person with a gun. enormous in haiti,
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violence has marred the funeral of the nation's assassinated president the body of jovan l. boise was returned to his hometown for private burial, but amid heavy security as well, it has been revealed that at least 7 people implicated in his murder have received training in the united states with more and commentary. years even has done off ever since open invasions became a reputation ruin em, america made train and assist the backbone of its military endeavours overseas. it was meant to be a safety buffer for the pentagon, his name? yes, we taught them how to kill maim and bomb, but whatever they do with that knowledge is on their slate. but lately, all that boomerang back on the agency still, when 7 or 800 presidents assassins turned out to be form pentagons. trainees. this far we've identified 7 individuals who were former members of the columbia
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military that received some sort of us funded and provided education and training. not like the pentagon ordered the hit, of course it may have just taught them how to carry one out properly. probably during one of the lessons on human rights and one place where all of this, the reticle knowledge is translated into real action. the most is africa from murder plots similar to that one of haiti's to military coups the continent has seen it all. and american trained fighters was spearheading many of them is who's ah,
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the train and assist program in syria was nothing short of a sham, largely because it an adverse at lea assisted the enemy taken ideological. you turned by freedom fighters who handed over weapons to al qaeda. all those trained and equipped by the u. s. and i've got to stun the taliban. has seemed to do open for an offensive with foreign troops with brewing. some of those trained by the us even retreated across the board as for shelter, and it's still just glaring and efficiency plaguing the program. there were cooper, plots, assassinations, rape accusations, and even claims of genocide. yet washington says that it only trains the good
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guys will only treat people who have the same human rights values that we have who have the same democratic values that we have. we're not shooting anybody, we're not teaching anybody to go into the house and take this folks down. that's just an hour. i live. just an outright lie a blatant lie. but one only needs to take a look at the ongoing military missions in africa to understand that we train troops to carry out you know, urban warfare missions to stack on a door to take a door down to take a building down to take a room down to do hosted rescue to do hostage taking. so though we train people in these skills retrain a whole bunch of people in these skills, we don't train people based on their embrace of american values. we train them because we have a national security interest, and they're receiving the training to carry out actions, which we deemed to be important to, to our interests. welcome to the school of the pentagon. you'll never joined the i
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v li, group of elite universities. but you may very well start your own assassins or them, or at least a my feel like mob. there has been further political squabbling over the upcoming investigation into the capitol hill, riots the panel of politicians chosen to look into what happened is mainly made up of democrats. but among them is republican list cheney, who has a strong critic of donald trump. she has been called a traitor by her own party, but a patriot by house speaker and democrat, nancy pelosi. i'm very pleased with the leadership of benny thompson, our chairman, the bi partisan nature of our committee, with louis cheney. the other members on the committee who have experience and patriotism as they're calling cart close, who's responsible for picking who,
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who sits on the investigative committee. and has it been heavily criticized by the opposition for rejecting to other republicans who had put their names forward. cheney, though, appears to back policies. decision. pelosi has created a sham process. house. democrats must answer this question. why are you allowing a lame duck speaker? to destroy this institution? this is the people's house, not pelosi house. the rhetoric that we have heard from the minority leader is disingenuous. the minority leader has attempted to prevent the american people from understanding what happened to block this investigation. pelosi has accepted 3 other republicans onto the panel, but that has not appeased at their party, which is threatening to launch its own investigation into what happened. a quick reminder of the events under investigation on january 6th, the violent mob, many of whom were trump supporters, stormed capitol hill after he lost to joe biden,
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in 2020 presidential election in suing mailing, left 5 people dead. we spoke to political analyst, earl west hampton, about this. he says, the investigation is almost pointless. this is ridiculous for entire investigation or get a little side going off in a different direction. i don't think anything's going to come out of it. if you can be used for political purposes on either side that's going to have i think we're going to have to party something here. they're going to come up with different recommendations really nothing's going to come out of this. so i think it's unfortunately the privacy of sending money to investigate something like this. i think the most the efforts to be looked at the right that occurred the previous summer. that's where we need to be from us presidents, controversial, son, 100 biden, is again courting controversy. he is preparing to host his 1st solo art exhibition . although there are fears that prospective buyers could actually be buying
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political influence. however, the white house does insist that he won't talk directly to potential clients and says that all deals will be made privately with new york gallery. he's not going to have any conversations related to the selling of art. wouldn't it be more transparent to just release the names of the buyers? we want know who they are? so there's no scenario where they could provide influence, but they just are now on social media that they bought a painting. again, i think we have set up a system which we feel is appropriate, has appropriate safeguards. we believe the hunter bide, and just like any child of a president should be able to pursue their professions and their passions are the white house also says the gallery would reject any offers that are quote out of the ordinary, but did not specify what that meant. although some of the artworks are expected to sell for as much as half a $1000000.00 each,
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it seems as though they're deliberately finding ways to deliberately make you squirm. to think that this 1st time artist is painting and, and commanding prices that the masters, i mean art masters could not possibly get it defies description. we hear of these cases we hear of these problems. i'm not going to go through all of them, but every single day we have another example of something. and i hate to keep bringing this up, but i will if donald trump or his sons or his family or his administration, did 10 percent of the job bind it, he would be impeached for the 5th time. removed, prosecuted the bite and seemed to be bullet proof. nothing of them are not the same,
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nothing. they just ignore it. they just ignore it. but nothing ever happens. russia has unveiled its newest and most advanced stealth fighter jet checkmate is one of the main attractions at the max air show just outside of moscow and checking it out for us. here is your shop available. a huge premier of the new line to go find the jet has taken place here at the marks 2021 international aviation and a space exhibition. this is the check made, and it's undoubtedly the main novelty of the globalization industry. the aircraft was developed in reco time. it is scheduled to take to the skies in 20 to 23 and in 2026. the mass production of the aircraft is expected to begin. let's learn more about the drip. the truck made is billed as a 5th generation supersonic aircraft with a single turbo jet engine. the thrust fiction control give that excellent maneuverability. it's been
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a while since russia demonstrated its single engine fine, as well as any new life common across on the market. and no 5th generation as such, the focus of the checkmates seems to be honest with tension and military technical cooperation with other countries. this program will allow countries that have already passed aircraft in russia for decades to receive a 5th generation, find a job to fulfill specific tasks at an affordable price design, and describe it as a plane with open architecture that allows clients to order versions in accordance with then need for some old hit. indeed, we've implemented all the facts that exist on the entire line of our modern aircraft, primarily on the su, 57. on the most advanced one here, all this is much cheaper and all this is much more fitted for the customer who often does not need the functionality that the unique su,
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57 has many air forces of countries, especially small countries, a rather limited range of tasks and the limited budget, the check made is the younger brother obviously hoist. we have to 7, but it is smaller, lighter and cheaper in terms of production and maintenance. artificial intelligence takes all non essential functions from the pilot. it's a multiple to us and can apply guided and guided ad and to ship and add to ground munitions, which occurred in internal weapons base. and moderate size. intake is located underneath the cockpit and the cockpit. a lot of parts and equipment have already been approved and used another $300.00 development, meaning they do not need additional tests and already for combat. the train is quite comfortable and he's an offering for the pilot. according to the had a roof stack, the price of the news combat aircraft will be around $25.00 to $30000000.00. to sum up, its wealth of capabilities seem to be
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a solid checking made against rivals in it's class. us ship of all of our asi, does it for me this hour? i will be back with your headlines in 31 minutes. this is our international. oh, i didn't mean my phone are 60 and i don't i just saw up dollar format isis fighters now boarding a philippine naval ship with
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$900.00 just aren't abdulla still don't know who was waiting for them and i didn't actually get a hold of me . ready ready yeah, me me.


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