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me the approach has just clashed with police in the central paris with water. kennedy fired at angry demonstrators. thousands are rallying against the government's plans to make coban 1900 pappas mandatory for entering public places. londoners have also been up in arms this weekend over vaccine passports and clashed with police, while tory m. p. 's are threatening to boycott their own party conference over the issue. and the pentagon admit that at least 7 people implicated in the murder of cities. president had been trained in america that as mass protests took place on the day of his funeral. ah,
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my broadcast, you have direct from studios in moscow. this is art international on sean thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. right now, parish police have fired water cannons and people protesting plans for mandatory health passes in france. thousands gathered in central pears to vent their frustrations over covert restrictions. ah me the they're all being reported scuffles
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around the country as these anti health pass demonstrations have been taking place . we've had figures from the ministry of the interior that say there were a 161000 individuals who decided to stand onto the streets to protest these new restrictions. 11000 of those were here in paris where you saw the tensions with that water cannon being fired at the protest is also kick as being used up. so i just wanna explain a little bit about what the health passes. this is something this already in use has been in you since wednesday. and basically, what it means is places like cultural centers in museums at the moment, if there were more than 50 individuals inside than to get inside, you have to show you all fully vaccinated against kobe 19, or that you have got a negative p. c. all i'm teaching test, what the parliament is doing at the moment is looking at a bill that is expected to be passed this weekend,
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which will extend that restriction, many individuals say that that is just completely against their freedom because it's forcing them to make a choice of having the vaccine or perhaps having to go the normality every day life. no. the minutes for labor has also given an interview in the last 24 hours, stating that not only will those individuals who want to access bar cafes and restaurants need this house pass. so to will work is old. so the establishment and if they are not in compliance with that, they could be suspended without pay, they will not be able to remain to avoid having to go straight to dismiss. so we are creating a new procedure for suspending the employment contract without remuneration and ended as soon as the employee comply. so only what people furious about, the fact that just a few months ago, president mccord had said that they would be no introduction of an obligatory health pulse. and that's exactly now what happening. but also they feel that the
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idea that allure is going to be amended to be able to suspend employees without the right to any pay has really made them to cease to whole resume cinemas. these employees can be dismissed if they do not have a health path, either an agenda, components, vaccination needed. and i'm not sure which should have been administered during the week before she said to me, this is completely unacceptable. what's happening in france right now is absolutely unbelievable. 2 years ago, we could not have imagined this at the moment. we are in a situation where we want to go to work and they are told me if you can't, because you haven't been vaccinated. and this is the fact that for many years, we have more or less than the principal of freedom of equality and fraternity. we are now, it's all over us. mister macross is currently in japan, enjoying a trip to both. there are millions of demonstrators and for money on believable turns out that we no longer live in a democracy. it's not just the average joe on the street that's been happening to
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we know that 5 years unions are that they have to work as furious about this, which they say essentially is destroying the rights of individuals to be able to work. and they think that this is opening up the path to mass label. it is transgressive, dangerous and wiring to see for the 1st time, the reason for dismissal at the expense of the employee for risen, relating to his private life. we question that the policy to speed up explanation is based in sanctions, including dismissal of in please, where no q ations compulsory or the house pass is required. the target to before it must be the virus not in place. the unit is against the health pass, which is being used against workers with strong threats, loss of wages, layoffs, etc. and which infringes on medical privacy. so the government, so this is what it really is a way for tackles because they do pandemic because from now,
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the government says is in the middle of a food wave of fat. and it's saying that it needs to ramp up the number over the vaccinations. we know that health workers will need to be vaccinated by the middle of september. they won't be able to work. and again, they will not be working with any they won't be getting any pay for that. also, the government talks about the numbers of co infections that we're seeing yesterday 21000 just a bit old with that new infection. the prime minister is saying that over 9 out of 10 of those new infections come from those who are not vaccinated. but as you've seen those extreme tensions in paris today, and those tensions are also the same around the country. there are still many people vaccinated people as well. the i spoken to who said that this is about the freedom, the right of individuals to choose what happens to their bodies. similar protests
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were held across the country in the western city of non police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators. several people were reportedly arrested at mid clashes with authorities in the northern city of lill, an estimated at 2000 people, gathered in protest against the health of pass, and also face to tear gas fired by police and in the central city of port a. demonstrators, storm the local town home reports claimed a portrait of president. manuel mclaren was thrown out of the buildings window as the crowd outside. cheers. meanwhile, across the english channel, thousands took to the streets of london to protest their government's plan for the vaccine passports. the government has announced that from late september all night covers should be backs needed. the latest covered rules have even annoyed m. p. 's within the prime minister's own conservative party for of parliament,
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are now threatening to boycott their annual autumn conference after emerged that attendees would also require vaccine passports. i'm booked for the conservatives party conference and double jabbed. i wouldn't be going to the conference if we're excluding people on the basis of their vaccination status, with a heavy heart and apologies to event organizers. likewise, i'm afraid the same will apply to me while the debates around vaccine possible it's has indeed re stuff. it was boris johnson, the prime minister, being rather keen on introducing the idea at crowded places later in the, in the autumn. now the labor party, i'm the lip, them say absolutely hate the idea suggesting that they would vote sit down in the house of commons, but around full tea, tory rebel, m p 's. i'm saying the absolute same thing that they tooth would be the idea. now those also talk of a protest outside the venue and that would be a freedom zone. but there's definitely mixed reaction to the idea among the public
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. like i go to take the vaccine, i have it myself, but i have no choice. if you don year to jobs and you want to go and interior, so somewhere, no restaurant, why should you take the risk of been impacted by someone who decided not to inject them? so i do think that it's again the notion of civil liberties. i think this government has made a great many attacks on our kids enrolled in a quiet way that we haven't really notice. well, a petition against the idea has been signed by over 300000 people claiming it would discriminate again. so if you chose not to get the vaccine, so that's a lot of positions to it with many suggesting showing a negative test result would be much better. but the vaccines medicine, the teams, the hall, we said the structure bed like music events like the rules and conferences, all the places ministers are most concerned about. but it all comes in the context
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of this vaccination rollout program being in full full reader. now that 36000000 people have been fully vaccinated with 46000000 people receiving their 1st dose and a study published today. so just the one that does just one does the office high protection than we previously thought. so regardless of how many jobs that people have had, or indeed this new idea of a vaccination, possible scheme, noise that will necessarily stop the spread of the virus, which is of course indeed a cause for concern. when we see these images of top club absolutely heaving since freedom day. meanwhile, in germany, the vaccine rollout has faced a major setback in regions struck by reason flooding. while the clean up operation continues and authorities are worried that coven could spread more quickly in the affected regions, a special vaccination bus is traveling to hard to reach areas with emergency service workers and volunteers assisting local residents
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in oliver and guess i'll look vaccination. sandra was hitting the catastrophe and is closed and we all would have had to drive very far to be vaccinated. i'm here for my 2nd vaccination. i was supposed to get my 2nd shot from my doctor, but he was also victim of the flood. i'm also here with a church group to help people who are affected because i was fortunately barely hit with you. mention is on time and i expect the number of covert cases in this area to rise in the next few days. the people that work together in a confined space and the transmission of corona is easier because everyone is not wearing mouth. nose protection, at least not in the pictures you see on tv. we can see that human to human transmission remains the main method of transmission
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me and we had the safest drinking water in the whole world. it was almost star while that's over now. we have never had such a situation in germany, at least not this extreme. there is no difference between drinking water and sewage at the moment. the water flowed through the streets and the villages was a mixture of excrement and rain. water contamination is very high. you shouldn't inhale anything or swallow anything because they're also environmental toxins and things like that. ah, fish, if you feel just terrible, everything destroyed many people don't have any accommodation. the businesses also closed. it's like a nightmare. so much more financial help isn't necessarily because it has caused some damage. the whole infrastructure must be rebuilt. many bill just must be ripped down and rebuilt all the breach of here. we have just one bridge out of
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around 10 left, just one bridge. to get to all the side, we now have to travel through the whole village. so we are really reliant on financial resources and we also don't have any work. everything has been destroyed, no jobs, and no money anymore. a counselor in italy's ruling coalition has been arrested on allegations of shooting a migrant. after an altercation at a bar, the lawmaker from the northern league party allegedly shot the moroccan migrant in the chest and the public square, and he later died of his injuries in the hospital suspect massimo, adria, teaching is now under house arrest and claims. his pistol went off accidentally, he has been condemned by other politicians, although the former deputy prime minister said this the hi,
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this is self defense advantage. it is a professor of criminal law, a former police officer and criminal lawyer, known. and the stand was a victim of a question, which he responded accidentally solving these game is deceptive. it has given citizens the idea that they have to defend themselves, and that there is impunity for shooting a man shot and killed another man. it's a tragedy before the judgments, grief for the victim should prevail. a man has died because of a gun. one thing we must and can do still privately owned weapons and many have joined the calls to get tough with gun ownership in the country where 1200000 civilians i thought to own firearms. we got reaction from a pedal guest. as we are, she said that there was a mistake in that they didn't want to shoot that to me. and he also said that he was self defense. so we have to understand really what is happening. our country,
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italy, is it is a cause of where it's very difficult, again for 75, and you have to pass a lot of the questions from, from the police. but of course is different to home again and to use heat a guess if that's the case of the b team out for the get some problem with the police and for believe the team had some problem and also with the justice. and i think that so we need, don't want to defend him, is for edition, because he should probably didn't want to, to dine, especially in mother. the thing is that legal, he's a political party that the start and in favor of the says, defend waiting for approved by police and the disarray wasn't self defense. it would be clear that that was self defense. the key fact as he was reacting to an attack in reality, wrong men, incidents involving weapons. the right controls are needed and they exist already very straight through some gun licenses. and it's certainly not
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a problem. initially, the problem was not an owning for self defense, but in the entry of illegal immigrants often come here to also commit serious crimes. your defense has to be proportional to office unity. that has to be area and actual credit. if you can own it and use a gun, but the gun in your pocket doesn't make you more thief. for a person and public safety, you need police to perform a seat. you need an efficient system, the objective, and you need the complete application of a system based on the, you know, i think so many is defending his counselor and provoking such an external body to be made only because he wants to hide what he's all about. a member of his party member over the counter supposed to protect people, killed a person with young,
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enormous. once you march into national, more news after short breaks they was i joined is raising prices. they're the ones who are dictating prices. so we're creating a monster here. we created a brick and monster. we've got china, economy zooming, they can raise prices at will. and no matter how high china raise prices for americans to buy their good bite and going to print more money to send to china. this is the worst is dopey in chinese fingered trap that ever been affected me. ah
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ah ah. the welcome back. this is archie international now in heating violence has marked the funeral of the nation's assassinated president. the body of l y z way is excuse me, has returned to his home town for private burial amid heavy security and skews me. it has been revealed, at least 7 people implicated in his murder had received training in the united states with more heres or tc get done off. ever since open invasions became
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a reputation ruined em, america may train and assist the backbone of its military endeavours overseas. it was meant to be a safety buffer for the pentagon, the name, yes, we taught them how to kill maim and bomb, but whatever they do with that knowledge is on their slate. but lately, all that boomerang back on the agency still, when 7 of 18 presidents assassins turned out to be former pent against trainees. this far we've identified 7 individuals who were former members of the columbia military that have received some sort of us funded and provided education and training. not like the pentagon ordered the hit, of course, it may have just taught them how to carry one out properly. probably during one of the lessons on human rights and one place where all of this, the reticle knowledge translated into real action,
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the most is africa from murder plots similar to that one of haiti's, 2 military coups, the continent has seen it all. and american trained fighters were spearheading many of them as who's the train and assist program in syria. was nothing short of a sham,
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largely because it inadvertently assisted the enemy taken ideological. you turn by freedom fighters who handed over weapons to al qaeda. all those trained and equipped by the u. s. and i've got it done. the taliban has seemed to do open for an offensive with foreign troops withdrawing. some of those trained by the us even retreated cross borders for shelter. and it's not just glaring efficiency plaguing the program. there were cooper, plots, assassinations, rape accusations, and even claims of genocide. yet washington says that it only trains the good guys will only treat people who have the same human rights values that we have who have the same democratic values that we have. we're just shoot in anybody. we're not teaching anybody to go into the house and take this folks down. that's just an hour. i live. just an outright lie a blatant lie. but one only needs to take a look at the ongoing military missions in africa. to understand that we train
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troops to carry out you know, urban warfare missions to stack on a door to take a door down to take a building down and take a room down to do hostage rescue to do hostage taking. so though we train people in these skills retrain a whole bunch of people in these skills, we don't train people based upon their embrace of american values. we train them because we have a national security interest, and they're receiving the training to carry out actions which we deem to be important to, to our interests. welcome to the school of the pentagon. you'll never joined the i v li, group of elite universities. but you may very well start your own assassins or them, or at least a my feel like mobile. or there has been further political squabbling over the upcoming investigation into the capitol hill, rance. the panel of politicians chosen to look into what happened is mainly made up
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of democrats. but among them is republican, was cheney, who was a strong critic of donald trump. she has been called a traitor by her own party, but a patriot by house leader and democrats, nancy pelosi. i'm very pleased with the leadership of benny thompson, our chairman, the bi partisan nature of our committee, with las cheney. the other members who are on the committee, who have experience and patriotism as their calling heart pelosi is responsible for picking who sits on the investigative committee. and has it been heavily criticized by the opposition for rejecting to other republicans who had put their names forward. cheney, though, appears to back policies. decision. pelosi has created a sham process. house. democrats must answer this question. why are you allowing a lame duck speaker? to destroy this institution?
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this is the people's house, not pelosi, the house, the rhetoric that we have heard from the minority leader is disingenuous. the minority leader has attempted to prevent the american people from understanding what happened to block this investigation. pelosi has accepted 3 other republicans onto the panel, but that hasn't appeased to their party, which is threatening to launch its own investigation into what happened. now, a quick reminder of the events under investigation on january 6th, a violent mob, many of whom were trump supporters, stormed capitol hill after he lost 2 joe biden in the 2020 presidential election in suing malay, left 5 people dead. we earlier spoke to political analyst for all restaurants in about this. he says, the investigation is almost pointless. this is ridiculous. so entire investigation or get live a little side going off in a different direction. i don't think anything's gonna come out of it. if you can be used for political purposes on either side,
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that's what's gonna happen. i think we're going to have to party something here. they're gonna come up with different recommendations. there really nothing going to come out of this. so i think it's, it's unfortunately the privacy spending money to investigate something like this. i think the most the effort to be looked at the riots that occurred the previous summer. that's where we need to be from the us justice department drops investigation into new york nursing homes in a letter to republican lawmakers. department says it will not open a civil rights probe into homes taking in residents who had been hospitalized with cove in 1900. we have decided not to open a civil rights of institutionalized persons an investigation of any public nursing facility within new york. at this time. in february, andrew cuomo office attempted to hide the number of cove in 1900 related deaths in
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nursing homes. more than $15000.00 new yorkers have died in them since the start of the pandemic. but until february, the states health department logged just over a 1500 feet holidays. homo later confirmed the discrepancy. meanwhile, the justice department's decision drew an outcry from republicans who claimed president jo biden's administration is letting the democratic governors off the hook house representatives, elisa, stefan mac and steve scully's, called the decision unaccountable and criminal. there was no immediate comment from the cuomo administration to the federal decision by who key years. 3328, died in a hospital, died in a nursing home. they died more this week in cross live to tracy alvina, the assistant director at u. s. advocacy group voices for seniors. now tracy lost her father to coven, while he was in a senior care facility. so this hits very close to home for you. thanks for being
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with us. do you think the u. s. justice department's decision to drop the probe into nursing home death is justified. i mean, as someone who has lots of loved when yourself, how do you feel about the situation? it's absolutely not justified. i'm heartbroken, and i'm not ashamed to tell you that i wept when i found out about the decision. one out of every 10 senior citizens that lived in one of these long term care facilities passed away from cove. it during the pandemic and tens of thousands more died in hospitals. these governors put cobit positive patients into these homes, knowingly and willingly. now let's look at finance. h h. s. assistant director rachel levine. rachel levine was at one time. the director of health in pennsylvania. she took her own mother out the night before she signed off on this order. they knew that this was going to kill people. if this isn't a violation of civil rights,
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i don't know what is so about accountability. if no one is held accountable, surely this could lead to a further loss of life. that would otherwise be avoidable. your investigations are vital to find out what went wrong so that there never repeated. i don't want any other family to go through the hardy and anguish that i live on a day to day basis. missing my father who was only in a care facility because he had next surgery and needed rehabilitation. there are some suggestions that those politics at play here with the bite ministration, trying to shield a democratic governor, andrew cuomo, and he's off on that well, by didn't. at one point called andrew palmer handling of the pandemic. the gold standard, and now i call bite is justice department, the gold standard of corruption. now you have a platform here. do you have a message for those who have abandoned the prob, while we still have an f,
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b i investigation that's going on in new york, but there are hundreds of thousands of people like me that are heartbroken and i ask you to search your soul search your heart and please do the right thing. so this is never happened to any other families ever again. you have any, i mean, we can obviously see the frustration, the anger, and it's understandable. what exactly would you like to see done? are you planning any sort of legal action or what are the next steps forward for you? and for those like you well, micro voices are seniors is involved in writing legislation. we now have a house where the lucian, 3733, which is the essential care givers act that would prevent any governor from banning a family member from going. it was a facility so that they could see exactly what was going on. because if we could have gotten in there and saw the lack of care and the chaos and commotion,
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then maybe we could have saved lives and going forward, we're going to get back past and we're not giving up on this. this is a last battle, but the war still rages on and we will get you all right, tracy. i'll vino, assistant director at the voices for seniors advocacy group harring situation. thank you for taking the time amidst the grief amidst the anger. to help explain your cause. thank. thank you or you are watching our teacher national. be back in about 30 minutes with another full freshly continues stay with us the the.


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