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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 24, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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moderate size, air intake is located underneath the cockpit and the cockpit. a lot of parts and the equipment have already been approved and you have another $300.00 developments, meaning they do not need additional test. and already for combat, the train is quite comfortable, and he's an offering for the pilot. according to the head of roost, tech, the price of the newest combat aircraft will be around $25.00 to $30000000.00. to sum up, its wealth of capabilities seem to be a solid checking made against rivals in it's class. us shop of all of our asi, just gone half 11 at night here in moscow. good to have you company more from us in half an hour me. i the the, the,
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the welcome to redacted denied this is the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. a couple of months ago, i did a show the demonstrated, we are not actually running out of water. there is plenty of water in this world if we just distribute it and use that like, oh, i don't know, adults if we try to adult doing it as a species, that's something anyone might want to consider in considering what they want to spend all day bob and people we've never met turning the world into a giant landfill table because i want to plastic bags to carry my brief styrofoam containers for a cup of bright fries with bacon based on is gabriel, a bag brought back to bar wine. sorry, feel i feel like that i had to come out exam boy and it's,
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it's good. we got it all the way early. just get it out of the way. anyway, i've already covered the answers to our water problems. but the capitol is nightmare, that's eating the planet, is not only using up water. it's also destroying our field and her soil in the us alone, soil on crop land is eroding 10 times faster than it can be replenished. if we continue to degrade the soil at the rate we are now, the world can run out of top soil in about 60 years. without topsoil, the earth ability to filter water, absorb carbon and feed people plunges and browse. more importantly, once we've destroyed all the soil. well we deal for mud wrestling, huh. and don't tell me jello don't you dare say jalap. me it's not the same is not the thing. but there are solutions to the soil and food problem as well. one is to stop, don't weigh 40 percent of all the phone. we go. no lightning bolt idea. but that's
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not the one i want to talk about today. i want to talk about the new technology of hydroponic farming. growing plants were little to no soil such as they're doing in morehead kentucky. inside a high tech greenhouse so large, it could cover 50 football fields. it glows with the paints and yellows and 30600 l e. d and high pressure sodium lights, nearly 3000000 pounds of beef. steak, tomatoes, grow on $45.00 foot high vines, whose roots are bathed in nutrient enhanced rainwater. other vines, whole thousands of small, juicy snacking tomatoes. one location can grow millions of pounds of tomatoes. with 0 oil and the point of the segment is not, does a great we can keep going with fossil fuels and destroying the earth because when a live dial anyway. no, i'm saying we can go a lot of things without soil and driving off in ecological clip. furthermore,
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with the crazy advancements in technology, hydroponic or vertical farms, as they're called, are becoming insanely advanced. a new generation of hydroponic farms to create precise growing conditions using technological advances like machine learning algorithms, data analytics and proprietary software systems to coax customized flavors and textures from fruits and vegetables. and they can do it almost anywhere, puts back up a 2nd. in that new york times quote, did they just tout proprietary software in this new farming science? like it's a good thing. we figured out how exactly to grow things so that we can save humanity. but it's proprietary. yeah, we're just gonna keep that. keep that under lock and key for ourselves. it wouldn't be good for 2nd quarter earnings to tell the other humans out it survive to. that's our little secret, right? you want it tomato. yeah, we're the only ones who grow them anymore,
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so you better take it anyway. ignoring the pathetic capital as sociopath selfishness for a moment. this new type of agriculture is arriving at a perfect time. perfect meaning we've just about the planet beyond belief, climate change, drought, pete, waves flood fires, joe biden, whatever. and we need to find new sustainable ways to exist, and vertical farms use 0 soil and a fraction of as much water as traditional farms. on top of that, as one vertical farmer stated, his farms are $100.00 times as productive as traditional one and 95 percent less water. other companies claim they can grow as much food on a single acre. as a traditional farm can grow on $390.00 acres, and some people are still arguing for additional farms are the only way to go. when that be like a guy showing up where there's a new invention called the automobile. and then a guy riding up on the back of an elderly donkey. and go and donkey
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transport. the the only way to go this, this is insanity, this machine you have there must be a donkey. if we, if we stop using the donkey, then the horses who poop on the road are you going to do it? are you going to put on the roads? because i don't think you have enough book. i don't think so. i don't know why this is the accident, but it absolutely is. full disclosure, there are definitely certain concerns to take into account with vertical farming. i'm not denying that one hi hydroponic hater told the new york times. what will the hell down comes be in 2 generations? it's a huge live experiment and we are the wraps. that is true and, and i really like that part for, 1st of all, we are currently doing insane live experiments, even on quote unquote traditional farms such as g m o, the pesticides,
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pesticides are the main cause of the b colony collapses. we've been seeing and much of the cause of the incent, genocide, in general, that's going on. these new vertical farm use little to no pesticides and can be kept and then enclosed space so that they are accidentally killing everything in the neighborhood, like monsanto is so proud to do. also, we're doing much larger live experiment by destroying the good. why is it that is very much, i wonder what will happen when there's no formal soil, no clean water, and it's hard to all the dime. like piano experiment come down half. oh so much. ok. maybe i didn't get all the anger out of the way the be any, but i got a lot of it. much of the food stuff that is grown on traditional farms end up being some awful processed experiment on the human body anyway, because it ends up in a mcdonald's meal or other fast food. it might be grown or produced on some
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traditional farm factory farms on where, where the pollution waste and animal torture is truly unfathomable. but then that traditionally, farm to food, it is turned into some sort of talks or poison served in a box with a smile on it. if you want me to take a dump in a box and put a smile on it, i will, i have spare time. we miss you. chris farley. basically, a lot of modern food is already an experiment done on our bodies as if we really know what eating piles of cheese doodles and gallons of mountain dew doors, the human body and brain. people pricing, hydroponic farming are standing around a double mic, cheeseburgers, smoking a cigarette store and funding may lining a 5 hour energy drink and then turn it around and go, and those tomatoes are an experiment on the human body. so yes, the concern should be concerning. but if you look at the list of concerns,
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human kind has right now left new christian bell. peppers is towards the bottom. and finally, there's one more reason hydroponic farming is so important. these fruits and vegetables can be grow near populations centers year round. a lot of the time you buy a mango or a strawberry, or whatever it was grown and you know brazil or the mall dives, or some wild location and then ship around the world. so that you can have a dragon boat in the middle of the winter. in boston, the way we do things now is the least officiant least rational way. we could possibly do it in what you've been saying amounts of fuel and create lunatic amounts of pollution. with vertical azure pond farming. you could grow the things near the people who we the things. wow. how crazy is that
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locally sourced could become the norm. rather than jumped in only done by 75 year old ex hippies live in a new pulse new york because they went to woodstock in 1969 there when a bad go ran out of gas and they've been nearby ever since. the point of this new york times article that i didn't show you is that it also tried to poor the capitalist angle of hydroponic farm. and it talks about which corporations are doing the best at it and how martha stewart and justin timberlake are investors that they should not be in corporate hands. it should not be proprietary software and it should have gone all to do with any body who are part of in think instead using technology to create more efficient, more sustainable, less chemical heavy, less pollution. having prophecies should be a center piece of our society. the answers are out there. we just have to
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use them. company from washington, d. c. the valley to be redacted. the night i welcome. i'm li cab. know, take the news from bon, i have some sad news. china continues to let down the rest of the industrialized world. i mean, it's just not live up to the standards set by much of the globe. for example, danny. hi fong wrote recently. china has not been to war and more than 40 years, never conduct regime change. operations does not get involved in the stabilisation of other countries and does not unilaterally impose sanctions as
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a form of economic bullying. what you can do in jana, do you want to do? i would have been boy or not. not been a war for 40 years war. it's like masturbation. you have to keep add it or you won't know what your weapons are firing properly. this is why every american general has palms area than a yeti and china. no lateral economic bullying. what, how are you going to bend other nations to your will? killing thousands of innocent people in a process that those people have nothing to do with killing in event called part a growing up body. ok, but that's not the only way china has let everyone down. although there is plenty of private capital throughout china. capital is not allowed to dominate political power, like in the west with capital calling the shots. china would not have been able to carry out the larger scale. poverty alleviation in history. capital doesn't hold
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their po, the call system out of the nile. and the largest scale poverty alleviation in history. are you interested in progress? china. ok. and in poverty, not progress. taken paid yet of our book here in the u. s. which is the best book, of course, because we're number one, but we don't read anymore books for losers who haven't discovered video games any who here in the us, we're getting ready to kick a millions of americans out of their homes because the government won't defend them against landlords during a pandemic. and this, despite the fact that there are over 17000000 vacant homes in the united states. now that is what i call progress. progress isn't getting rid of poverty. it's increasing it, which is good because it means that the very rich are taking that money from the poor to increase their wealth,
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which are billionaires totally our bunch of them live in outer space now, because they can no longer stand the smell of the unwashed masses plus, having so many empty millions of empty homes served as a teachable moment. we can announce less than our poor people. wasn't all those empty homes. you could have one if you just worked harder and didn't have to pay for your mother's health care and didn't have vision problems of your own apparently. or had been born in to some sort of tooth paste or soda pop fortune. you know, i know a kid in high school who is never had to work a day life because his grandfather invented that t shirt with talk state painted on it. and that's what america was about. amassing wealth based on rapid nonsense, spiritually wear. cotton candy thrilling at 1st. but in the end, you're still empty inside point.
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if china hasn't yet figured out how to kick millions out of their homes while leaving millions of homes sitting on you know then and then press ok. besides those houses are really on use here in the us. they provide a home for bugs and my son does a parcel will live in the laundry chute or something so. so in a way we haven't made millions of americans own life. we may 1000000 up awesome on bow. right? good, good for them. you just, you just got to remember to look on the bright side. the cars always cleaner on the other side. what? yeah, that's that, that's glass. and it's a glass your. i never mind. it doesn't matter. point it's,
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there's an involved and it's, it's clean. moving on, you all know that much of america is fine. sorry. read that wrong fire. we're on fire. the climate crisis is heating up at a wicked pace. there are drown blood and catastrophe all over the globe. and really it's all we should be talking about. but that's ok, go back to discussing black with him. no, that's fine. that's fine. just do that. that's fine. luckily, we have a real, a climate hero in the white house, right? that guy right there. really cares about the climate. in fact, many people voted for button, because even though they thought both trump and biden are morons, at least they said by and believes in climate change, and therefore we can do something about it. well, as the a pe reported last week, the interior department approved about $2500.00 permits to drill for gas on public
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and tribal lands in the 1st 6 months of this year. if the speed of the administration's permanent green lighting continues in this fashion, a p said that it could issue 6000 permits by the close of 2021. that would be the highest level since george w bush was president, surpassing the rates of both trump and obama. clearly, there are only 2 ways left to deal with this climate crisis. why is to acknowledge the 2 party capitalist domination of our system cannot actually create any large scale change? and instead, we must act outside of that system in order to end this death spiral, or, or, or we fight tooth and nail for steady incremental growth of renew, slightly progressive group of democrats that could possibly get a few people elected to congress, who are
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a hare with more environmentally minded than the other 90 percent of the democrats in congress. and then that handful will slowly rast, a modicum of power away from the central. in backroom deals that we won't be party to. and eventually, in a mere 3040 years, the centrist democrats will feel the need to stay in the good graces of the more progressive members of the party. and at that time, boom de pounce. forcing an amendment onto a bill that if we're lucky, decreases big oil subsidies by a whopping 9 or 10 percent. incredible. of course, that boat will need to be held within a new hyperbolic fire safe chamber because the hill dc will be in flames. those are the 2 options and i'm feeling good about that. second one, we've got a quick break,
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but watch redacted the night. any time and portable dot tv and check out the redacted podcast. it's called moment of clarity on i food, spotify and stitcher. i'll be right back with a lot more. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence real summoning the theme and a robot must protect this phone existence with exist. oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or
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obese is profitable to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the mac? it's corporate. me welcome back. i'm still a camp despite all the buzz surrounding the video game industries, cutting edge graphics live in game play. apparently, the merchants of fun aren't great to work for. to find out why we're joined by our video game in correspondent, known as epic pail. lord 96. anders lee. hey anders. what?
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oh i li. are you playing a video game right now? can, can you pause it for a minute plan? i wish i could, but i'm on a deadline. i have to do finish testing 6 different games by midnight. what, why i picked up some extra work with this video game studio, and since then i barely had time to do anything. i thought it would be a fun part time gig, but i haven't talked to a fellow human in weeks. my last 4 meals have been gone. min pretzel crumbs. i've chucked out of my beard. the 20 minutes i get to sleep every night or spend dreaming that i'm playing call of duty. mexican american war. i was holding my eyelids opened with 2 picks, but they snapped a few hours ago. do i want to know how you're going to the bathroom? well, i have this gaming chair with it with a hole in the middle. ok. now let's. that's funny. i would assume that making video games for a living was for 3 fine, but now i so did i. but no one talks about how ruling it is to make violent teen fantasies is addicted as possible. turns out that in an industry worth
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a $150000000000.00, mass lay offs and untenable working conditions are surprisingly common. though rarely examined. most of the video game press is aimed at either the consumer or the investor. and most outlets concern themselves with how a game plays or how much it's sold. so it's not a lucrative verb, entertainment journalist, or report on how the sausage is made. i know that reminds me when i'm done with this. i have to check koby ashi to k 22 for bugs. that's a sports new. 4 hot dog getting competition game l have to give me the cheat codes on that one. why don't they give you more time to do this stuff like why is it seems like the games would come out better if they had time. that's the thing making these games is extremely complicated in order to meet release state studios are in a perpetual state of what's called a crunch, as in the crunch of adderall. pills between your teeth as you shut out to work a 100 hour week of mandatory overtime. to do things like fix the hubcaps on your
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she's mario card. i was even allowed. i mean, it's basically not, which is why lately companies have been out sourcing crunch work to other countries . right now, i'm in a shipping container off the coast to pop into getting jesus. don't worry about me though. next week when these games are finished, i'll probably be free. it's pretty common when a big project ends to just lay everybody off and shut the company. is there anything workers can do to prevent this kind of exploitation? this is a $1000000000.00 industry for god's sake. thanks. you've been changing around the edges for a little while now. a couple years ago, workers at right games walked off the job in protest of workplace sexism. and about half of the game developers pulled at a $2900.00 convention, said they want a union. that's why many are getting involved in game workers, united labor action group that wants to unionize the entire gaming industry from developers to janitorial staff, to warcraft orks. this would put us on par with workers and tv and film, who,
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despite also working on high pressure, temporary projects, can rely on good wages, protections, and benefits, thanks to their strong unions. megs and so why don't you go get involved? she, i would love to join a picket line, but i'd have to go outside i r l and after this long, i don't think i can go back to peeing the normal way. ok, thanks dennis. appreciate. and now for all the news, we didn't have time to get through, but no way of going to do it, please welcome naomi care of other hello i. so as you know, yesterday i talked about the spyware industry. but what we also need to be talking about is the data broking industry, the data brokers or data data bro, whichever you prefer. yeah. that, that data brokers. so there was a case this week in which a priest was revealed to be homosexual. because this sub stack publication basically bought data that was available to anyone for anyone to
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purchase from his grinder app and from his location data on his telephone. and they figured out that he was going to gay bars and meeting up with people for hook up. you can just purchase people's data. yes, you can. there are data brokers who actually approached these christian organizations and they said we can help you. you can also be god and you can track and see what people are doing and punish them. oh, so they were trying to use a day for their own means and then they out of their praised or they're all, i think that's what they intended to do. it's not really clear what their intentions were with the, with the data, but it was a top catholic church that was official that had to resign because his business became public to everyone. and you know, that's not really the catholic church problem. like if i were them, i would be maybe surveying what's going on on roadblocks, not. what's going on on grinder that's horrifying. that people can purchase your
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data. i mean, it was, it was horrifying enough that the police and the government had the but to have just ran dose. yes, exactly. this data is really available for, for ad agencies to pick up and figure out like which toothpaste you want to buy. but in the end it's going to be weaponized and we've, and we saw that this week. well actually that's, that's good to hear. what else? and also you heard, i'm sure i heard about the frito lay strike. that's happening this week. it's going into it's 3rd week. there's actually a number of strikes happening right now. that's the more high profile one, but there are right, your drivers that are going on strike or alabama mine workers who are going on strike. but the over the past year has been like the highest number of strikes and like a generation like the past 12 months and it gets basically 0 mainstream coverage. well, the freedom of a worker is strike is actually getting a lot of mainstream coverage because it is kind of shock. yes. but let me just say,
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when you say getting a lot of those, i mean see, and then it'll do one little clip about it and then 24 hours of whatever exactly 24 hours of trump because i just remember like, remember the good my lecture? yeah. we got everything wrong. that's remember the good ratings. but so these freedom, it's really shocking what they've been through. they had 84 hour weeks and one day off in 5 months and they're penalized if they don't do over time. so they were forced to work overtime and as we ship there is no more important time for them to be working than during a pandemic when the ships exactly knows. and i think what's interesting about the pen is that it laid bare a lot of warehouse conditions and people were, were like, oh no, these warehouses are backing plants, become hot spots for co bid. and there's actually a cobra break in topeka, kansas where the frito lay warehouses right now. but now we're,
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we're getting more attention on what these workers lives are like. and does it look like they could when it looks like they, they do have a chance. the problem is, is right now everybody's asking, can i need to read? oh, like can i eat frito lay chip, can i by pepsi. they haven't announced a boycott. yeah, i think there are some employees really want to boycott, but really that's, that's not what's going to help everyone in the end. we need to have the pro act. we need to have strong union laws, pro labor politicians who make sure that this kind of because this is like something that somebody should go to jail for like people are dying in dying in a nice warehouse. so this is jeff bay. those meanwhile, like that's nothing, i have shock collars on my employee. yeah. skills and as they're cool, thanks so much. you're welcome. that's our show,
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but check out the redacted and i podcast called moment of clarity and my other podcast government secrets both are free on fisher spotify, an i tunes until next time. good night came fighting the the so what we try to do is really to leverage on the knowledge of this partners from developed countries and they offer free of charge for them to both little was. so we asked, this is sort of the rocker 12 teams from developing an emerging countries to get access to state. because clearly one of the shows, one of the show stoppers is the cost on the launch in the operation the
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the, the, the, the, the protest this clash with police and central power is support. can him fight it? angry demonstrates his sizes are rallying against the government's plans to make cobra pastors mandatory, the entering public places elsewhere. londoners have also been up in arms this weekend is demonstrations that clash with police over state endorse nations. meanwhile, conservative eman page threatened to boycott their own party conference vaccine, passports are required to attend the pentagon. the 7 people implicated in the murder of hays he's president, had been trained in america, does not protest to.


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