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was the not going to none of my middle charges on the, on the, in the headlines this saturday and i would cry in the british parliament as conservative em page threatened to boycott that party conference if vaccine possible are required to attend the latest single engine fighter jets to check base . why was the crowd to the max 2021 international show day bosco. with the pentagon admit, at least 7 people implicated in the murder of haiti's president, had been trained in america as his private funeral. under heavy guard was shaken by mass protest. ah,
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i was good to happy with it since the weekend. well news from our team here in moscow. my name is colleen bray. first for you, then this britton's prime minister risks a major split within his conservative party. with m p. 's furious over the countries, latest coven restrictions, totally members of parliament. and now declaring that the boy called the upcoming party conference, after emerge the vaccine. passports will be required to get in. i'm booked for the conservatives party conference. i'm double chopped. i wouldn't be going to the conference if we're excluding people on the basis of the vaccination status with a heavy heart and apologies to event organizers. likewise, i'm afraid the same will apply to me while the debates around vaccine possible if have indeed re stuff is boris johnson, the prime minister being rather keen on introducing the idea of crowded places later in the, in the autumn. now the labor party, i'm the lip, them say absolutely hate the idea suggesting that they would vote down in the house of commons. but around 40 tory rebel m p. 's. i'm saying the absolute same thing
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that they to would veto the i did. now those also talk of a protest outside the venue and that would be a freedom zone. but there's definitely mixed reaction to the idea among the public . like i would take the vaccine. i have it myself, but i have no choice. if you don, year to jobs and you want to go and interior, so somewhere in the restaurant, why should you take the risk of been infected by somebody who decides to inject and so i do think that it's again the notion of civil liberties. i think this government has made a great many attacks on our kids enrolled the rest of the quiet way that we haven't really noticed. well, a petition against the idea has been signed by over 300000 people claiming it would discriminate against. so if you chose not to get the vaccine, so there's lots of opposition to it with many suggesting showing a negative test result would be much better. but the vaccines medicine at the,
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in the hallway says be such a bad. it's like music events, like the rules and conferences, all the places administers are most concerned about, but it all comes in the context of this vaccination roll up program being in full force. we know now that 36000000 people have been fully vaccinated with 46000000 people receiving dose and a study published today. so just the one that does just one does the office hi protection than was previously thought. so regardless of how many jobs that people have had, or indeed this new idea of a vaccination, possible scheme, noise that will necessarily stop the spread of the virus, which is of course indeed a cause for concern. when we see these images of pops, club absolutely heaving since freedom day. burton, of course, is suffering another surge in infections with more than 36000 due koby cases and 64 deaths. on friday alone, cellular micro biology,
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professor simon clark told us the restrictions needed to protect the population katie, to push to get people vaccinated. it's not just young people that will be a few recounts to an older one as well. i think generally speaking, the same is true if you look i received in places like from exactly the same thing or very similar thing. that's not quite the same as forcing somebody holding somebody down and forcing them to have medical treatment. it's just saying, well, if you choose not to, to do this, then your, your options and society are limited. mason a liberal thing to do, but that's a government choice. that's committed, choice people will be spreading things around, going to events or different types of events running the risk of contracting the virus if they have their vaccine, then the risk reduced. meanwhile, in germany, the vaccine rollout face is
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a major setback in regions hit hard by those unprecedented floods. while people gather together to rebuild their lives, clearing mountains of rubbish, and left by the deluge authorities where the kobe could spread more quickly in the affected regions. special vaccination buses traveling to hard to reach areas with emergency service workers and volunteers working side by side to sift local residence. ah, i live, i guess i'll look vaccinations. sandra was hitting the catastrophe on this close, and we all would have had to drive very far to be vaccinated. i'm here for my 2nd vaccination. i was supposed to get my 2nd shot from my doctor, but he was also victim of the flood. i'm also here with a charge group to help people who are affected because i was fortunately barely hit me benji mentioned this on time and i expect the number of code cases in this area
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to rise in the next few days. it's the people that work together in a confined space and the transmission of corona is easier because everyone is not wearing mouth. nose protection, at least not in the pictures you see on tv. we can see that human to human transmission remains the main method of transmission and we had the safest drinking water in the whole world. it was almost style that's over now. we have never had such a situation in germany. at least not this extreme. there is no difference between drinking water and sewage at the moment. the water that flowed through the streets in the villages was a mixture of excrement and rain. water contamination is very high. you shouldn't inhale anything or swallow anything because they're also environmental toxins and things like that ah,
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is fish. if you feel terrible, everything is destroyed. many people don't have any accommodation. the business is also closed. it's like a nightmare. but a lot more financial help isn't necessarily because it has cost meal and some damage. the whole infrastructure must be rebuilt. many builder smart down and rebuilt all the bridges. here we have just one bridge out of around 10 left, just one bridge. to get to our side, we now have to travel through the whole village. so we are really reliant on financial resources and we also don't have any work. everything has been destroyed, no jobs, and no money any more. elsewhere, a rescue and clean up operations underway often more than a 100 cars, with tramps in a tunnel in central china. the regions been lashed by 2 rental rain,
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caused landslides and flooding more than 370000 residents have been evacuated from our homes as soldiers lead rescue efforts. that final rehearsals for russian navy day parade has taken place on the black sea. more than a 1000 military personnel will take part in sundays event, with dozens of ships the submarine and $26.00. i thought that she had considered a firework display of been canceled. that because of the panoramic industrial waste being blamed for this lake turning pink in argentina fisheries company was given permission to dump pollution that. but patagonia locals was that it's produced an appalling odor, as well as attracting swarms of insect as anger in italy after a migrant was shot and killed by a member of the country's right wing league party. during an altercation and a bar, the moroccan migrant was shot in the chest and died of his injuries in hospital
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politician massimo, re out the g is now under house arrest and claims that his pistol went off accidentally. a fellow party member and former deputy prime minister of defended the hypothesis is self defense. advantage is a professor of criminal law, a former police officer and criminal lawyer, known and esteemed. he was a victim of aggression, to which he responded accidentally solving these game is deceptive. it has given citizens the idea that they have to defend themselves, and that there is impunity for shooting a man shot and killed another man. it's a tragedy before the judgments, grief for the victim should prevail. a man has died because of a gun. one thing we must and can do still privately owned weapons of it, that's a spell to route of a privately owned guns and whether tougher regulations are needed. on firearms, but in a country where an estimated 1200000 civilians reportedly old weapons, gun deaths, rat. we discussed that with
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a panel of guests. as we other. she said that there was a mistake in that they didn't want to shoot that to me. and they also said that they were self defense. so we have to understand really what is happening, how our country italy is. it is the cause of where it's very difficult. again, for 70 friend. you have to pass a lot of the questions from, from the police. but of course is different to home again and to use a guess if that's the case of the b team affordably. in the get some problem with the police and probably the team had the some probably and also with the just the set. and i think the so we need don't want to defend him, is for edition because he sure probably didn't want to, to dining, especially in the thing is that legal, he's a political party that the start and in favor of the defend your has to be proportional to the office you to see if i for you, you can shoot me back,
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but it has to be area an actual credit for you or other people due to my actions. anybody you can own and use a gun, but the gun in your pocket doesn't make you more safe for a person and public safety, you need police to perform a thing. you need an efficient system, not just. and you need the complete application of the system based on the, you know, i think so. vini is defending his counselor and provoking such an external body to be made only because he wants to hind. what is all about? a member of his barton member county should boast to protect people, killed the person with enormous. so be sure that talked about the being in the midst of and that sort of that and should have condemned and not going to be prevented in getting that. we've again, creating these,
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instead of security. when it comes to accusations of cyber attacks, the us frequently points the finger of blame countries like russia and china, but also the recent revelations of israeli approved spyware being used by governments around the world. america seems all too happy to turn a blind i r t sub and right unpacks world of massive valence bars. in the world. geo politics. when it comes to cyber attacks in hacking and go to the valence, the level of anger express. nothing to do with the amount of damage is being called, the reason the morality behind it, it is as always, about who your might. so this is what i mean when it begins. and i was breaking news president biden saying he's imposing tough news sanctions on russia, in retaliation for a crippling cyber attack. and he sniff of russia russian and the rhyming with russia being boeing, the malware attack, or even sending a tweet, frankly, you can expect sanctions in the post. right to my day going over linda play on the
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nightly news. and the kind of rhetoric normally heard in an actual, you know, those vague responses of we will respond when it comes to join a bit differently. china was recently accused of being behind a malware attack own microsoft respond. firstly, we seen the you come out the u. k, but also in the last few hours, the us nato, australia, canada, new zealand, and unusually broad alliance to the u. s. and his allies got together home, the pressure group go angry and public talked about irresponsible behavior, blah, blah, blah. but although biden's sanction russia in april, for the sole wind tack, the issue is seen is more complicated with china, a major american trading partner, no sanction exist on just big talk. and this week, we had an international expose a about particularly nasty bout spyware code pegasus. pegasus is probably the most advanced piece of spyware. develop hollow to jonas dug
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up some pretty compelling evidence that a company called so group has been enabling a whole load of government, all the good ones to carry out my surveillance and hacking of politicians, gen opposition if anyone really across the world. oh, yeah, and human rights lawyer maxwell, the company operates with the approval of israel defense ministry yet. and if the group can only sell it by way i would say so will be, is really government. but as you can imagine, the international response to this nefarious math saxophone which allows dictated to spawn any one they want with a small phone enabled by a company with links to israel. their response was, i mean there wasn't one. so those responses in a nutshell, rush here is a sanctioned and threatened china. an international coalition joined together to deliver a verbal banking. israel not, wait, wait, wait. i did find
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a couple of responses and it turns out you k government placement that it's going to also grant, as you can see in a way that is legal, responsible and proportionate to ensure side space, yada, yada, yada. and the us condemned. in general terms, surveillance of gen but didn't mention it as a former is ready defense, official quoted in the system is not just and so that does such things. 2 point so, but the response to hackers linked to israel, quite same is it because getting angry is a political choice brilliantly. and it says pegasus is not able to hack anyone in the united states. i wonder why just get a vpn anyway. this is going to had this saturday, russia unveils its latest generation fight, ejected the max as show outside. moscow didn't climb aboard and we are correspondence off to this
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ah ah ah ah ah, ah, the ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have crazy plantation. let it
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be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time. time to sit down and talk the more of a headline news now in haiti violence his mother. the funeral of the nations assassinated president, the body shop, and l movies was returned to his home town for private burial, amid a heavy security following violent protests and see it's a political volatility in that caribbean nation. while the pentagon is now confirmed that at least 7 people implicated in the murder had received training in the united states. more on that next from egos donald ever since open invasions became a reputation ruined em. america may train and assist the backbone of its military
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endeavours. overseas, it was meant to be a safety buffer for the pentagon, its name. yes, we taught them how to kill maim and bomb, but whatever they do with that knowledge is on their slate. but lately, all that boomerang back on the agency still, when 7 of 18 presidents assassins turned out to be former pent against trainees. this far we've identified 7 individuals who were former members of the columbia military that have received some sort of us funded and provided education and training. not like the pentagon ordered the hit, of course, it may have just taught them how to carry one out properly. probably during one of the lessons on human rights and one place where all of this, the reticle knowledge translated into real action. the most is africa from murder plots similar to that one of haiti's to military coups the continent has seen it
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all. and american trained fighters was spearheading many of them is who's the train and assist program in syria. was nothing short of a sham, largely because it inadvertently assisted the enemy taken ideological. you turn by freedom fighters who handed over weapons to al qaeda. all those trained and
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equipped by the u. s. and i've got a son that taliban has seemed to do open for an offensive with foreign troops withdrawing. some of those trained by the us even retreated across the board as for shelter. and it's not just glaring an efficiency plaguing the program. there were cooper, plots, assassinations, rape accusations, and even claims of genocide. yet washington says that it only trains the good guys will only treat people who have the same human rights values that we have who have the same democratic values that we have. we're not shooting anybody, we're not teaching anybody to go into house and take this folks down. that's just an hour. i live just an outright lie a blatant lie. a one only needs to take a look at the ongoing military missions in africa to understand that we train troops to carry out you know, urban warfare, missions to stack on
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a door to take a door down to take a building down to take a room down to do hosted rescue to do hostage taking. so though we train people in these skills for train a whole bunch of people in these skills, we don't train people based upon their embrace of american values. we train them because we have a national security interest. and they're receiving the training to carry out actions, which we deem to be important to, to our interests. welcome to the school of the pentagon. you'll never joined the i v li, group of elite universities. but you may very well start your own assassins. odom, or at least a my feel like mob all today is going underground on the ti, talked to haiti's, i'm back to the, to the u. k. who says his country's been in america's sphere of influence since it was founded and the un troops going to remain as it is a cool group, still going to be running hazy and not the government is being said by some critics . of course we have the quote,
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you know haiti has been part of world history for, since since our appreciation we went in, we are part of the international community. we been helped by, by our friends for a long time. i knew and you know, some of some of our friends once more, please, and then they thought it, but we can leave the road. we have to be open to our friends and that's, that's what it's always been. it has always been a b, as always been an interest where different countries see their own interests. we we get to the live, the, the fact that we grew to the united states, we geographically closely that united this like go to public like you, but like older going to be in the country. so they express most of the time the. 2
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interest and being and have a rushes unveiled. it's new as the most advanced fighter jet at the countries premier air and space exhibition taking place right now, just outside moscow. all these julia shop a valid sharp developer has been to check out. the check might a huge premier of the new life to go find the job has taken place here at the marks 2021 international aviation and a space exhibition. this is the checkmate, and it's undoubtedly the main novelty of the global ation is true. the aircraft is developed in reco time. it is scheduled to take to the skies in 2023 and in 2026. the mass production of the aircraft is expected to begin. let's learn more about the drip. the checkmate is billed as a 5th generation supersonic aircraft with a single turbo jet engine. the thrust victory and control give the excellent
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maneuverability. it's been a while since russia demonstrated a single entrance. fine, as well as any new life common across on the market. and no 5th generation of such focus of the check me seems to be honest with tensional and military technical cooperation with other countries. this program will allow countries that have already passed aircraft in russia for decades to receive a 5th generation, find a job to fulfill specific tasks at an affordable price design, and describe it as a plane with open architecture that allows clients to order versions in accordance with their needs for some over here. indeed, we've implemented all the best that exist on the entire line of our modern aircraft, primarily on the s 257 on the most advanced one. but here, all this is much cheaper and all this is much more fitted for the customer who often does not need the functionality that the unique su,
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57 has many air forces of countries, especially small countries of a rather limited range of tasks and the limited budget the truck made is the younger brother of the c horse. we have to 7, but it is smaller, lighter and cheaper in terms of production and maintenance. artificial intelligence takes all non essential functions from the pilot. it's a multi off to her and can apply guided and guided ad and to ship and add to ground munitions, which occurred in internal weapons base. and moderate size intake is located underneath the cockpit. and the cockpit a lot of parts and the equipment have already been approved and used. another $300.00 developments, meaning they did not need additional and already for combat, the train is quite comfortable. and here's an offering for the pilot. according to the head of roof stack, the price of the newest combat aircraft will be around $25.00 to $30000000.00. to
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sum up, its wealth of capabilities seem to be a solid checking made against rivals in it's class. us shop all of our asi. ok, there's one more day to go with a max 2020 want to show as well. and when those engines fire up again on sunday morning, we're going to stream life for you on all t dot com. that's it for the most. go to user him for now i'm calling bray buckley the next update in 34 minutes. see then the giant raising prices up. they're the ones who are dictating prices. so we're creating a monster here. we created a brick monster. we've got china economy zooming, they can raise prices at will, and no matter how high china raise prices for americans to buy their goods, biden's going to print more money to send to china. this is the worst to still be
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in chinese finger traps that ever been invested in my phone. and i don't, i just saw up the format isis fighters and they're now boarding a philippine naval ship with $900.00. just aren't abdulla still don't know, watch waiting for them and i
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want to. ready ready join me every 1st on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politic sport business . i'm show business. i'll see you then. me. ah, the eastern half of the united states, we're going to have 1000000000 trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. oh my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very
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high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out are 6 minutes to 400. the very satisfying and the this is the bus one business or you can't afford to miss. i'm rachel. and i'm branch boring. washington coming up, the united states could get involved with a new digital trade pack with asia to shift the tech balance in the region straight ahead. we bring you the details of the proposal and what it means for the political stage was the battle over right to repair legislation scored
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a major victory this week. later on, we take you inside the latest development of what it means for consumers moving forward. then investment and face companies had a record 4500000000 dollars in 2nd quarter of this year. well, discuss what that means for the future of innovation and why it applies to more than just 3 company. we have a pack show today for dive right in the by and ministration may be looking to restart and rejoin a trade partnership that was ended before even started. remember the t p p or the trans pacific partnership that was a trade deal that was close to becoming a reality under president obama. but negotiations were ended by president trump. now the t p p maybe back but under a new name as a digital trade agreement covering in new pacific economies, the potential record is still being drafted. but the pact could include countries such as australia, canada, chill, a.


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