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humbled rock. not a monumental touch on the news years ago. very previous emergency. food can forgive you right now. the children, the offspring of these acadias are crawling on me. there are more than $3000.00 species periodicals to kate is worldwide. they're found on every continent. 1 except in article, but it's only here in the eastern half of the united states that we have 17 and 13
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year periodicals to k. this part of what makes this so special is this particular breed which we called breed 10 or brewed act, which makes it ever much more mysterious x marks the spot. this is the most widely distributed brood of 17 years to kate. it's gone anywhere on planet earth, all the way from georgia to long island, new york, and west to ohio, illinois in indiana. this means that in the eastern half of the united states, we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. that's going to create some very interesting situation. the whole
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ah, my name is melissa rose. i'm an artist based off of long island, new york. and right now we're in south new york that my grandparents old house, this place from my childhood, where i used to run around him, pick up the rocks outside with my grandma, and find bugs and watch the cicadas emerge. and it all really impacted me. and i didn't really realize until i ended up going to art school and pursuing my passion in bio art, which is what i consider myself. i'm a bio artist. i are all. this is my very 1st by alter that i made. i have a few that are showcase from this piece that i use. and both of them were found on shelter with my father when he took me to the nature preserve that he was working
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at a lot of the things that have inspired me has been these symbology within the insects that i have found throughout my lifetime. in my childhood that i held onto, and for a while i kept them in these little boxes in my room, and i was not sure what to do with them until one day it just dawned upon me to make a place of worship for them and somewhere where i can honor them for naturalists and silver and smoke arthur and i live right here in chestnut hill and northwest part of philadelphia. so this is my latest coming invasion of the periodical cicadas directory park to look for k this. and i think i hear a little bit early, but right now i'm looking for names which are underground. next spend their time
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feeding on tree roots and then in the spring, they build a little time going up to the surface. often the tunnel will hit the bottom log and you can find the cicada right there at the bottom. the log in this neighborhood like this one in rockville with great place to find the key to see the old trees and the lawn. well, mister area hasn't been served for a long time, at least not completely disturbed. look at this. wow. there's a tunnel. 12345 tunnels under here. they're ready to emerge as soon as the conditions are right. and those conditions include the 64 degree foil temperature after a good rainstorm, when the foils reach, that temperature will come out by the 1000000. this is my very 1st sketchbook that really started off. my interest was cicadas and there symbology. throughout my art
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this the cater we actually found in the greek mountains and that was the 1st cicada i ever saw. and it really sparked a lot of inspiration. multiple setting of the shell of the cicada symbolizes the many stages of transformation required of a person. before all illusions had been broken and one reach of enlightenment. in japanese culture, the cicada is seen as a symbol of reincarnation, since they are constantly shutting their skins and leaving behind nothing but and to show their also symbolizes evanescence. through their short lifespan i there's a place on long island. it's called wildwood state park, and that's where me and my friends used to go all the time. like growing up in high school, i found a bunch of cicadas there once, and there was
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a tree that i found and someone must have put a saw in the tree. and it was just stuck like me and my friend trust and we're trying to pull it out. we couldn't pull it out. and unfortunately he passed away a few months later. and i remember i went back to the tree and there was a cicada on the saw. and that's what i base one of my paintings on because i honestly felt like it was him coming to visit me. i really feel like it's all symbolic with each other because so many things in life are just like so ephemeral and they pass you by like the cicadas are and they live underground for lake 13 to 18 years and they come up just for 3 weeks. and they buzz around and the thing their songs and they dance and dance and then they kind of die. can make you sad for me when i think about my friend it just makes really happy because he had a really good life is short and it reminds me
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a lot of the little kayden when they thing their song like i feel like he is like what is really beautiful and yeah, i actually, i made a short film in my sophomore year in college that highlighted on that. and i i made a piano. so me the news i we have to get
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a claim on me. let me let you know i can enjoy the here, isn't it? okay, my, my name is doug and i live in philadelphia. and my favorite. my favorite insect is a month is what the 1st thing to know is it's kate is are homeless. and you should worry if they land on you or if they fly and you listen to me. ok. you went to timble. have a nice. ok and you know have a make it, they vibrate it,
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right. they pop it in out. this is what it looks like. i found the dead one and they cut it open. oh, these, these things are muscles and they, they move really fast puffing that this little draw it out. notice also that the key to this is a meal ticket is empty inside reason with empty is it because it's like a musical instrument, like a guitar. it has a space inside. it allows the sound to resonate, improves the sound and amplifies the sound so that the song carried farther. go once the cicadas are up in the tree top, it's all going to be about romance. it's very much like humans. once they get eyeball to eyeball, the males dictated, has to use his very best performance to try to convince that special someone that they should hook up and she should be the mother of this. and then he's going to use a variety of court chip songs and his performance has to be good because it's everybody
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know, it's always the females that get to choose. we think the one that things the loudest just like in the club, has the best performance. he may be the one that wins saying aloud singing long may win the heart of the female kid. that's what he's hoping for. i hope in maryland right now, getting ready to go into this cicada festival. and we traveled like $44.00 or 5 hours yesterday from long island, new york to come here and see all the succeeded. so magical, there's so many kato's everywhere. fly around and hatching. and we saw them last night at the hotel just everywhere. yeah, i wasn't really, i wasn't sure how low goes really react to this because oh by oh,
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he just made the car locals are kind of like on like different ends of the spectrum . like there's like a whole festival for them over here. and a lot of people are excited, but even last i met a couple of people who didn't really like the cicada. there is one lady who said that she absolutely hated them and she was scared of them. and they used to fly into her hair when she was a little kid. so she just didn't have great memories of them. and i talked to her about my are, and i told her that i came here to see them. and she was like, completely shocked. but she actually really liked my artwork and asked her my card and wanted me to design it, had to for her. so it's just really funny how all of that kind of come full circle . because one of the main things with my work is to kind of get people to see the bugs and like the cicadas specifically right now, like in a different way and to accept their beauty, even if they don't really like how many there are. and if they don't like creepy crawly, and stuff like that, it actually hurts a little bit when they get on your neck. ah, how, who were in rockville?
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maryland. i came here to photograph the emergence of the cater and to see the math if the kid is here, this is like the center of the brute can emergent. fortunately, my cousin lives here. so i've got a place to stay late in the area. i definitely feel the need for but i was definitely feeling the main part with being overwhelmed by the creepiness. i was just feeling dread of everybody's saying like they're coming. they're coming or like showing picture that like one or 2 and just this is the beginning. it just sort of felt like very foreboding and i didn't know what to expect. i think i'm trying to counteract that sense of dread by trying to find the sense of wonder and i want to be able to go outside every once
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a while. i was afraid of the kid is very kind a little bit that you are afraid of that much when the girls named the mayor and the president who are the same person right or the same cicada, they have named him dan. he really fell off. he does have, he has the injured wing, and so there tending to him by delivering burritos and cake, which are grass and little roots wrapped up in other roots in a nice package and says in still doing okay, they are really interesting and fun to catch. and harmless, they don't actually people, the war on drugs started as
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a way to come back. a great problem. what's the warrant? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota. and it's got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a tragic, told us that andrew was competing short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly, they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that something else had to be happening. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy going from station let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. a very
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critical time. time to sit down and talk to don't want to get it for my fiance. oh that is so you can have that. you seem really cool. what's your name at? awesome. you're so cool. i feel like you got an artistic sold to you like the bug, who so my initial idea to do this project and my project was supposed to take one afternoon. i was trying to make these insects more attractive for my kids. so all this is julia, you can say hi. and what do you think about impact sameness, gary, when i make them do things that human makes them, do you think that humans view the timeline very, very fast? the one i photographed some cicadas and over the weekend i posted
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a very short post on our local next door, which is our little social network for all the people that live in the area. and everyone loved the idea and told me that they wanted to share my photos with their friends and families. so i put an extra tab on my website in that when pretty viral in the next 24 hours. and the next thing i know, washington post, what is to future me and i've been contacted by pretty much every new like local and national news. and ours, the kiddos have to go into outer space because the planet has gotten a little too small for them. so obviously some of the cicadas and not have very high tolerance for alcohol
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because they are already passing out since our keaton, i don't know if they're going to be around in july 4th. it's still a month away or so i decided to throw them in independence. they party to make sure that they have lots of fun before their short life her over. oh no, there is a fight. look about. oh dear. so this was one of my earlier said, it's kind of simple, but it's just lots of fun. it just rings true with a lot of people who after a year and a half of being in lockdown, they're looking forward to just celebrating with their friends and family and grill . from the idea behind is twofold. one is my personal interest in creating a community that normalize the data eating because i wanted to cater,
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but i thought it was gross. i was like, i needed some moral support to do that myself and grill. oh grilly. oh, i'm in like a mild, sort of like, i wouldn't say sure. i would say like like a, me a worm. right? if you never, even one of those is not going to help you out much. you how do you because you were air for 600 or 6 minutes or 400 degrees. the old they really reminded me at the sea food, so it does have the 1st time i got that that people told me i would get. whereas most the other ones, it was more like a peanut giving you the full life span of the cicada than them to the toner. all goes to the full, mature adult. yeah. look at that beautiful morsel morsels. yeah. the marshal
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cycle. try one of the it's very mild. it's just kind of like took me did you? you think it is like the kid i just wrote i was a good lie to me. i mean that's not very satisfying. cicadas or just so plentiful, and i know from past broods that a lot of them are going to get eaten and even if they don't, they're going to die really soon after that. and so the ethical concern is somewhat less about like causing individual suffering. so again, like i needed a whole festival, but it worked, it worked for me and it worked for
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a lot of our guys. it's like i'm more normal now. i'm not ready to pick up a great big, juicy grub from the compost or from our mulch pile and pop it in my mouth. but i might roast it. i might air fry it in there. will have a whole dresser here given to the committee. i think of the cave as before. i could be a little kinder to him and also to keep him from turning dark and white color. he have a friday night.
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17 years ago i still was here. cicadas are back and oh, my goodness. today the war was so loud, it was in the side that i heard it. i thought there was war traffic, but oh, it was a that was i mean, bad, bad. like i don't mind it. where does that randomly think that? i know like when you're walking down the street i you me if i you and then i don't one. yeah. either covering the sidewalk, carcases. and you're just like wow, i'm even yeah. so like you're walking around, you have to be like like this. you don't step on any kind of go then you know. 2 you this is a decimal meter. when it,
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when you're quiet. yeah. then you basically make your go to 70. 80. yeah. but yesterday it was really loud, so i went to like it was more loud. so i went up to 80 on the thing and says when i 80, that is the sound. it sounds like like a food blender. yeah. one is always like basically like having a food wonder outside or old times a female might be more than human. they mean it's like a, like say hello, are they going to, if you think they just passed each other mode? yeah. was up in the trees maybe. well, i guess on the play was a male singing. it's this a k to police. and it's all about romance. the guy, those teenage cicada is, are rocking out. they've been underground social distance thing. living
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a cold with like existence for 17 years in a, they're teenagers. they're going to sing. they're going to have romance much the same way. we're taking off our math, we're getting together with friends, to socialize, listening to music and romance. you can see in the last hair when they are coming out of their shell, when they're most, they have so many things that can go wrong. and so they'll like damage their little soft body lightly. yeah. and then they begin to lose chemo. so i notice in watching them and it turned from clear to opal as then to gray, to black as it was oxidizing with eric closure. so it's just like this really magical thing that was happening while we would collect them and they would be, you know,
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they would have dropped from the tree and be slightly bruised or something. and then this liquid got lacquer in black or so i thought let me and it turns out it makes very colour ink. i've done some solar test and it does not disappear or fade in the sun either. so it's like really color fast, like my husband into deer hunter and we use every part of the yeah. and it's the same even with, with fluids and flip by harvest herbs 1st to once i strip the leaves on them like well deserves. i don't want to waste them either. so they go in like the news of the here for thing. you know, we've been married for 25. if you're going to think of that was
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a male female, a different thing. all of those were liquid inside. oh, i never look as a role in the environment. it's kind of like a big bonus. they come out every 17 years. quite a number of animals probably get a big population during that time period caught a keener just after in mid metamorphose it's still white and pale with nice and soft, is going to bring it back to the nest box and, and feed the young with it. this is the male eastern blueberry. what happens to all the bodies? yeah, they decompose the bacteria,
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break them apart and eat them. and they become part of the soil. and they, they feed the trees that fed them right. and when they feed the trees, the trees are healthy and they see this then is the status. it's like the food is going into the cicada cycle, right? this was, this is wildwood state park in waiting river new york. this is a really important place to me. this is actually where a lot of my art was inspired from. i came here with my friend, tristan, and there used to be actually a tree right in front of me that we more realized and put one of his urinary cards on. and it just so happened to have fallen down. a lot of this place has been a wrote it. i think that coming back here now and seeing that the trees are gone really as for the morality of the art that i made and like so many things that are no longer here,
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i can make them live on through my artistic vision. this is a tattoo that i designed with my tattoo artists in 2015 after my friend tristan passed away and i drew up this cicada inspired dagger knife because he really reminded me of a cicada. and every time i looked down at my arm, i can know that i shouldn't give up. and i got to dance the dance just like the cicadas. do i think that's a reminder to everyone, metlife is sure. and we should enjoy it as much as we can while we can, because we're kind of like cicadas to life really just passes by fast and you never know how long you have. and i think it's just important to remember that life is beautiful. i use. oh,
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oh yeah, i you all all the oh i in oh, the child is raising prices. they're the ones who are dictating prices. so we're creating a monster here. we created a brick and monster. we've got china economy zooming, pick and raise prices at will in no matter how high china raise prices for americans to buy their good buy. it's going to print more money to send to china.
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this is the worst is dopey and chinese finger trap that ever been invented a. ready ready watch crunch. class enough person. i mean, often the saw with the lot of blue book truly i don't you phone for the the because it's always more you need to contribute usually through which you practice and gone . yeah. because really new go from the moment that she's america runyan is
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not a monumental charges. and i the in the headlines this saturday and i will cry in the british parliament as conservative in peace, threatened to boycott their party conference if the vaccine possible required to attend his latest single engine fighter jets the checkmates. while the crowds of the max 2021 international showed boscoe the pentagon mit at least 7 people implicated in the murder of haiti's president had been trained in america as his private funeral. under heavy guard was shaken by mass protest. ah .


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