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i the the, the, the, the cancel the olympics that is the cry of protesters claiming the tokyo games will cause a wave of new coded cases. more than $100.00 people linked to the event have already tested positive med concerns that this is just the tip of the iceberg. also this, our questions are raised over the decline of what was once the most powerful navy in the world. as it transpires that just one british naval destroyer is currently fully operational and following the recent wave of protest in cuba, us imposes a new round of sanctions against the caribbean nation. as the biden administration shows, no sign of backing down on americans long time rival headlines. i'll be back in
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just under an hour with another full and fresh look. you are watching national, but everyone on this week show no coffee. not syrup at starbucks. can't find b h p. 9697 printer cartridge twin packet, staples why dealers are begging to buy your car, but they may not have one to sell. you welcome to supply chain interrupted and not just because of the virus. but 1st climate change. it's no longer debatable and it's changing your life and ways you might not have expected. i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on our t america. ah, climate change, there's good news and bad news. the bad news is obvious,
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reporting on the russia. permafrost sauce guy news says, worst case. it could make even the melting of the polar ice caps look like a side show, with raging wild fires, rising sea levels and extreme weather in so many places. now the good news is that nearly half surveyed in the july national geographic morning, console poll are taken climate change lots more seriously. and we should, for instance, this past month, some 80 people in washington state over 80 and oregon, both of which we think of as comfortable summer places died from heat related illness. and many were older living alone and without functioning air conditioning also hot hot hot. the real estate market and it's no longer location, location, location, eager buyers are in this seller's market. many now weighing property
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risk of natural disaster, of which there were 100000000000 in damage in the usa and 2020 insurance rates are through the roof. and many homeowners in california and other places can't get traditional home insurance coverage. how will climate change change your life today and tomorrow? let's as brian, teen founder and president of smart power, a washington based nonprofit renewable energy and energy efficiency, outreach and marketing company. brian, when we talked about the impact of climate change, it conjures tv news, images of wild fires and floods. but when i saw you interviewed on the news here recently, you gave me a real wack on the side of the head. when you characterized a drowning death of a poor swimmer escaping the heat as a climate change fatality. how wealth in every day ways brian is climate change impacting us. over here we're going to see how and, and in every single way,
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i mean think of it. coughing last night, i was getting on a plane. that plane was delayed for 3 hours because of storms. now we have summer storms, but even the pilot was like, this is getting ridiculous every single night. all of these lights are being delayed. it's inc. and it'll be the inconveniences that we see all the time. we saw huge flooding in china this week, but by the way, it'll affect us like that. but it's going to affect us with flooding in our basements regularly. it is these type of inconveniences we saw flooding by the way and the new york subway system called 2 weeks ago. the subway system, which by the way now means okay, well i can't get to work. i can't get home. i can't get to the grocery store. so it is the, all these modern kind of inconveniences, if we are just that lucky, the climate change is going to be hitting all of us and that's a big deal. the other thing, by the way, it's no joke. it is going to, you know, it is shorter springs, it is less snow to go skiing on. it is wicked hot summers that we're seeing climate
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change is that it is the changing climate and it is also where it's changing. so you just thought about kind of real estate people are moving because of the climate . so we're going to start seeing huge kind of mass migrations of people going from one place to the other. really because of the climate, which is just astounding when you think of that, people are actually now making decisions on where they live because of the weather, which is just a game changer and how we've really live really in this country for the past 200 years i care about flight delays. i have one the other days used to be a straight shot under an hour providence. to baltimore, straight down largely over water turned into 2 hours because they had us go to cleveland and take a left just to get around the storm. so it is impacting us every day. now, you mentioned air conditioning. it's a godsend here in the dod days of summer, and is mitigating heat related illness and death. but it's contributing to emissions by turning the power grid up to 11 and 6 months from now. i guarantee
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a severe winter weather is going to whack texas again, brian is the grid no longer adequate? yeah and, and it's not just texas, by the way, it's, you know, it's the grid by the way is old and it's being over you. and let's just back it up for a 2nd because your point about air conditioning is really right, which is, it's a life saving piece of our lives. now we need air condition, especially as these heat where you continue the heat. don't continue. but what's happening is that our grid cannot, is so antiquated that it cannot continue to help us get the energy that we need to power these air conditioning. and so it's becoming a problem in and of itself. so we're simply making the problem worse and worse ourselves, and by the way, every time someone gets an air conditioning unit, we are then also by the way adding to the greenhouse gases. so it is a part that keeps happening and happening. we need to really rethink our grid. we
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need to really put in smart grid. we need to put in micro grids so that, and distributed energy energy through our country. these are not new ideas. there's not new thinking here. it's just thinking that we've been putting off and off and off because we never thought this would actually happen. well, it is actually happened that we've kicked the cam. brian, there's tremendous demand and the biden administration enthusiasm for electric cars . and there's controversy that those drivers aren't paying the gas tax funds that keep roads repaired. electricity doesn't just come out of a plug in the wall. net. net. net are electric cars, meaningfully mitigating emissions that fuel climate change. oh yeah, and it was actually a lot of a lot of questions, right. they're all in with some packing problem. so yes is the answer that more electric vehicles that we, we use as to replace combustion cars,
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the better off we will be for sure. so, and that is happening and it's incredibly exciting. it presents other challenges. and really what we need to do is actually make sure that the energy that is powering those cars is from solar wind, hydro. it is from the renewable sources. that's really what we need to keep doing. you're seeing that coming out of this restoration to your other point though, which is about power of paying for the highways currently, the way our highway system is paid for is buying the gas tax. so when you go to the gas station and you're buying your gas, there's, you know, a nickel, 6 cents, 10 cents is going to pay for our roads, or roads and bridges. when you're driving hybrid electric car, you don't go to the gas station and yet you're still driving on those same roads. so we actually need to figure out how do those cars, those drivers of those cars still contribute to paying for those roads. and it's a great question that has to happen because you simply, everybody has to contribute. and so that, you know, really the good,
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the system that has to go in place is we need to transition to an electric fleet as fast as we can. and we need to actually transition away from the gas tax, which will become antiquated in not do the job to a different type of funding mechanism that allows us to actually pay for our bridges. yeah, in the meantime it seems a shame to penalize the early adopters of electric cars. we're talking about right and keen, the smart power dot org. brian we are told there is in oregon that energy consumption in crypto currency mining. i've been dying to ask you this because i barely understand crypto currency, but they're a charger bubble wrap. you know, here's, here's my re read on it, which is, and this is what we have been saying. it's mark are really for 20 years, which is we all, every single one of us are using more energy constantly and we will continue to use more energy crypto currency, the creation of my, the mining of crypto currency. the creation of the coins uses
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a huge amount of energy, but we know that and by the way, other industries use huge amounts of energy to the challenge. and the problem is the type of energy. so it's kind of all on us. so we have to change our energy portfolio. we have known that we've been saying that for 25 years in we're getting there, but we really have to accelerate. we have to use more when we have to use more solar, we have to use more battery storage. we have to all do our part in. we need our state government and our federal government actually ramped this up because you know, crypto currency. we can blame for currency for using a lot of energy. but quite frankly, britain blame need to, i use way too much energy just in my house. and i'd like to use clean renewable energy i should be using more of that. we all could be and we all should. and that's really where this comes down to is just using better energy. and then when we can, we should be using less energy. but as we pointed out earlier in this discussion,
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when it's incredibly hot out, we got to have that air conditioning because quite frankly, it's too dangerous. not too sure. as brian came, smart power dot org. thank you. it's always for stepping into the big picture. as 2020 dawned, donald trump thought he had it made in the shade. he had the republican party genuflecting wall street was on fire and he was claiming foreign policy successes. then what happened in frankly we did win this election, the inside story of how trump lost wall street journal senior white house reporter michael bender takes us inside the oval office, aboard air force one and into the front row of those rallies as covert economic collapse. and civil rights upheaval rendered donald trump the 1st incumbent in 3 decades to lose reelection. and the only one whose the feed culminated and violent insurrection from interviews with trump himself key campaigned advisors and senior
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administration officials and then exclusive collection of internal campaign memos e mails and text messages. vendors never before reported details. draw a straight line from the presidents, repeated insistence that he would never lose to the deadly storming of the u. s. capital that imperiled his most loyal lieutenant, the vice president. and there's a shilling, minute by minute account of exactly what went on in the capital building that fateful day. am, i alone can fix it. donald j trump se catastrophic final year by appeal it surprise winning washington post reporters phil rucker, and carol lending a forensic account of the year leading up to the capital insurrection and attempted assassination of the vice president. first hand sources chronicle trumps refusal to take the colbert thread seriously,
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even to the point of allowing himself and those around him to be infected. coming up, if you're a dishwasher, didn't survive the 15 months working overtime and are having trouble replacing it, you are not alone. when will the supply chain rev back up to a new normal? this is the big picture on our to you america. ah . china's raising prices, they're the ones who are dictating prices. so we're creating a monster here. we created a brick and monster. we've got china, economy zooming. they can raise prices at will. and no matter how high china raise prices for americans to buy their goods. biden's going to print more money to send to china. this is the worst is dopey in chinese fingered traps that ever been
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invented. ah. ready ready well i can scan quin july class to the person. i knew often the said it with the culture blue box. truly the new phones deployed the because it's always more to meet the he could contribute usually. so would you try to walk on? yeah. because really new go from the moment that she's in the go very nice is up on the not of my new middle child and
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i ah, supply chain interrupted and here is exhibit a. this is a key to the sport, a 2018 buick encore that i bought several months ago. i just came back from a lease clean as a whistle. low mileage. got a good deal and i got one key with it. it's a used car. and key man at the dealer comes every tuesday, but he can't make me a new key because of the chip shortage. so i usually have this attached to myself with one of those, martha stewart ankle bracelets. that's a minor problem compared to some of the fallout from the way everything ground to a halt during the shut down. and here in washington, the vice president for supply chain and customs policy at the national retail
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federation explains what you feel every day on main street usa saying there's no shortage of demand from consumers. but there continue to be shortages of labor equipment and shipping capacity to meet that demand. supply chain disruptions, port congestion, and rising shipping costs could continue to be challenges through the end of the year. there's no breaking the law of supply and demand. and one reason home prices are through the roof is that the lumber and dry wall and glass have been in short supply. certainly the covert shut down, shut down lots of conveyor belts. what else is causing shortages of just about everything? and when we get back up to speed, let's ask hillary ford, which president of washington based straw mark, business development consultants, hillary, you and i, and others who work by talking and typing could carry on better than those who
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manufacture and fashions things. now, in such a painfully short supply, but the pandemic hasn't been the only factor, correct? no, actually you're right, holland pleasure. be back with you. i'm it's, it's really a conversion of so many issues. one of the issues actually is that the average age of truck drivers in the united states and this is reported in m p r, earlier in the year is 48. there isn't the supply of truck drivers. the trucking industry has had a ghastly time trying to employ truck drivers course as many reasons. and there was even a huge amount of publicity around a texas firm that was offering $14000.00 a week to truck drivers. that's a lot of money over $700000.00 a year, but it's not an industry that you find the young are going into. it's not one of those, you know, hot an upcoming industry. so trucking and then of course many industries including leisure and including hospitality and including retail, those people are going to go back to that. they've gone into high tech jobs. what they're not going into as manufacturing manufacturing isn't
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a whole industry. so you've got the truck driver issue, you've got the employee issue and you also have the issue of, of course we're feeling still the ripple effects you mentioned the chip feel key of the suez canal. cargo ship that was blocked. and that took a while to come through our system. so really you're seeing the convergence of many issues on top of what happened during the pandemic. with the shut down, you're seeing store closes and you're seeing some places that are purely gone out of business. so their products aren't even available anymore the last mile you had a great tip when you were here with us recently that if you're planning to rent a car, you should join the frequent renter loyalty program to be favored by rental companies that sold off. so many cars when travel halted so suddenly for so long the market gobbled up all those used cars because of the chip shortage. whacking new car production except a toyota. why? toyota? yes, actually, toyotas. an interesting story because toyota was fall, fight it on this. it wasn't doing the pandemic, it was way prior to the pandemic. actually,
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it was due to the cfo. so let's call him the geeks. he know he really, he would fall side did. he was actually looking though at the risks involved. busy in the entire system, he wasn't just looking at finance, it's because of course, financially it's far better to have things stockpiled, so not to have things stockpile. but he was looking at the ways that the system had systematic and demick risk. and that's what he was looking at, and then what toy to did was they updated their entire supply chain. and so they were making sure this was done prior to the pandemic. so they didn't know about the pandemic, more than any other com manufacture. but due to the financial looks at the risk aspects, they were able to prepare, they added a lot of high technology, our more ai to their system. we're talking supply chain with straw mark president to hillary ford, which if you think back 16 months suddenly everyone wanted hand sanitizer. you could have sold it on the black market. and purell rose to the occasion quickly. boosting production 300 percent. manufacturing success dot org reports that
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purell lit up 2 and a half 1000000 square feet of new manufacturing and distribution space. they brought on more than 500 employees and they could turn on a dime because all along they had been upgrading technologies that automated production and digitize the entire process to reduce lead times from 2 days and from 10 days to 2. and they cut down on the scrap to inventory, you alluded to what was quite in vogue pre pandemic that just in time manufacturing what production solutions are we going to see from lessons learned lately? there we're going to say a number of things actually that are going to change our world quite pervasively. one of them is, of course, obviously just in time meant that you would just have deliveries in time to be manufactured. and of course, a lot of organizations, a lot of manufacturers have really seen that you can't do that anymore because you
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put too much at risk going back to the risk factor. so a couple of things who actually seeing reverse globalization or localization. lot of people want to buy locally, they wanted to actually just to help that and i the neighborhood that community state, i'm a nation actually in fact. so you're seeing some of this for both globalization. a lot of manufacturing used to take place in china, and of course a lot of the goods came through. so is canal. so going back to my previous point, that congo ship demonstrated, but anything in the supply chain can happen, and it puts your products at risk. so you're also seeing another thing which is 3 d printing. you know, you can 3 d print almost anything house. now i bought a little stomach, but you can do a lot with 3 d printing and 3 d printing and talking about a i is being brought into the industry because manufacturers now don't have to wait on a product to be just in time. they can now print it themselves and have it ready. so yeah, the big i've been on demand moving bites and not adams. very cool. correct?
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yeah. the way that the opening is going, what surprises you lately? oh, we've been anticipating this for so long. what about the new normal caught off guard, one of the things that's caught me off guard though is looking at people that said they didn't want to go into locked down and we will put it was up to each horrible . the people that have adjusted and actually live a completely different way. now you're seeing, i'm fist, i mentioned recently 59 percent of people are saying that they don't want to go back to the gym. if you'd ever said that people didn't want to go to the gym and want it to be at home. so what surprises me is as human beings, we basically have an addictive personality. we didn't use to our routine is why people have these stock home syndrome. when they're in prison, right, we'll remember the social redemption. remember that the poor little old gentleman who killed himself because he didn't want to be released. he couldn't cope with the water. patty hearst. patty, how's the socket drum? yes. so lots of people have become so adjusted to this. you still see people actually driving in their cars wearing masks. 7 when it's absolutely futile and
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people who've been fully vaccinated, boring mosques, actually no reason they're more likely to have an infection from carbon monoxide inhalation. so i think what it shows me surprise me, how quickly we went from decades and in decades and centuries of freedom to people now actually keeping to those same habits and continuing those same habits, even though we're supposedly out of locked down. however, stay tuned because lockdown, again, may be coming, australia's gone to level 5, and in the u. k. obviously it's very eminent. any moment now for another lockdown. you have given me an idea. i want to talk about what won't come back. can we get you back next week? yes, we can. well, thank you hillary, for which straw mark business development consultants. and although right, he's delighted in crediting rob manuel. the quote was originally winston churchill . never let a good crisis go to a waste for today's manufacturers. that means right now with demand spiking now,
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is the time to invest in technology, inventory supplies, and people. if you're looking for a little light reading while on vacation warning, you could be on permanent vacation. while well intentioned government relief payments have been subsidizing your netflix tour, your job may have disappeared or soon could. according to ben way, author of job polyps the end of human jobs and how robots will replace them. it's available on amazon and bad, warns us the technological revolutions are nothing new. but each revolution comes more quickly. and last for a short period of time and the previous one we've been transacting with machines for decades. unlike most trends already in motion, the pandemic accelerated this shift as our lives changed. now 3 d printing, which hillary talked about, is commonplace. and retail drone delivery is just yonder author benway confesses to a lifelong fascination with robots and begins his book by describing leonardo da
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vinci's vision. now, playing out. because robots will impact every industry your safest career that may be repairing robots or being a barber or a plumber. job polyps the end of human jobs and how robots will replace them as available where else on largely automated amazon dot com. this past week the super bowl winning tampa bay buccaneers were honored at the white house quarterback tom brady spoke. these guys are amazing group and then it didn't look great there. at one point we're 75 struggle a little bit. as the president alluded to. but we found a rhythm we got on a roll. not a lot of people you know, think that we could have one. in fact they think about 40 percent of people still don't think we want. i understand. i understand that he does a cbs news you golf poll,
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asked unvaccinated usa adults. if your own doctor recommended the vaccine, would you get it? 74 percent said no. and these numbskulls are dug in on twitter and john pavlovitch theorizes. it's a matter of pride. millions of trumps supporters don't believe that the election was stolen, the virus was exaggerated, or the vaccines are dangerous. they know they've been doing their doubling down now simply to save face and avoid admitting they were wrong. that's what really is sad . or as mark twain put it, it's easier for people than to convince them they've been fooled. and andrew weinstein reminds the maga crowd that donald trump was treated with model colonial antibodies in october and received that colbert vaccine in january. that very minute he was eligible. if he didn't wait, why would you on facebook, dr. brittany cobia at grandview medical center in alabama, posted. i'm admitting young healthy people to the hospital with very serious covert
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infections. one of the last things they do before they're innovated is beg me for the vaccine. i hold their hand and tell them, i'm sorry, but it's too late. and that is the big picture. thanks for watching. i'm holland cook on twitter at holland cook. or if you follow me, i'll follow you question more. ah ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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tycer lation, whole community you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is truth? watches in a world corrupted, you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, in the drug started as a way to come back. a great problem. what's the one? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check. he told us that andrew was a competent short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they
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put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like something else had to be happening. the hi i my guys are, this is the cause a report. i think it, we go through the record. you'll find that for the past 5 years, we've been the only media outlet in the world to accurately predict that interest rates are going to continue to go down the central banks. we're going to continue to buy securities and that money printing would continue and that inflation would break out. and this is exactly what's happening and now we've got some updates, stacy. yes,
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money printing will continue until morale improves. and basically, this is the message from joe biden, the president united states to jerome, how the head of the u. s. central bank. the federal reserve bank bite in the fed should take whatever actions are required to help the economy recover. so whatever it takes, he's saying to the guy who all he can do is print more money issue more credit, right? it's not like he's going to go out and build a plant manufacturing plant and produce wealth. no, he's just a guy who could issue more credit. yeah, i mean it's, it's fascinating because when the president of states is talking about helping the economy. yeah. get, what does he mean when he says the economy. okay, what is he talking about? and because as you point out, the jobs have been shipped to china, the insurance companies and bankers have.


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