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tv   News  RT  July 23, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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me the canceled the olympics, that is the cry of protesters claiming that tokyo games will cause a wave of new covey cases. more than $100.00 people linked to the event to have already tested positive. i made concerns that this is just the tip of the iceberg. also this, our questions are raised over the decline of what was once the most powerful navy in the world. as it transpires, that just one british naval destroyer is currently fully operational and following a recent wave of protest in cuba. and us imposes a new round of sanctions against the caribbean. nation by ministration shows no sign of packing down on america's long time. rival
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ah broadcast live direct from our studios in moscow. this is art international. i'm sean thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. and the elliptic flame is burning, and the long awaited tokyo summer games have officially begun. however, the atmosphere is far from the festive. one organizers had hoped for, while opening fireworks lit up the stadium protesters voice their concerns about the spread of coven infections linked to the event of already jumped to $11013.00 of which are among the athletes for themselves. however, the president of the international olympic committee insists that the games can be held safely with restrictions. meaning that for the very 1st time in history, no spectators will be allowed to attend and start usually a per trego. now reports, the controversy doesn't stop there. the whole world is talking about how the
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pandemic has taken its toll on the olympics. and it's clear the games will be the oddest, most unusual, weird choose which ever word you like in history. it looks as if the number one, elliptic official just wanted to go with the flow of weirdness when he got the nation that's hosting the big event wrong. and i were coming target is safe and secure games for everybody, for the athletes, for all the delegations, and most importantly, also for the chinese people. project nice people. anyway, the locals won't be able to enjoy any of the actual arena vibes because the arena's are supposed to be empty. and so the newly updated a limping moto faster. higher, stronger, together also sounds a bit weird. physically, there ain't going to be that many people in tokyo, standing or sitting together empty stadiums must be depressing for the athletes,
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but probably not as depressing as the rules for staying in the olympic village. a band on leaving the cobit free zone gps trackers. only 90 seconds allowed for conversations in the mix zone. only 10 minutes devoted for one meal having to fly out of japan. once your tournament is over. this is how we keep it safe in the olympic dining hall. we sanitized and put these clubs on before we touch anything. we go and grab one of these trays. h individual try has been sanitized and washed his a ton of the bottom floor of the dining hall as they walk around. obviously we've got i'm awesome in every little keep cool disinfecting why? so we walk down everything that we're going to touch the screen, the sides of everything. it makes me time conversations pretty difficult because it's hard to get through them, but it keeps up. the metal ceremonies might also make the winners feel a bit lonely. they will be presented to the athlete on
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a tray and then the athlete will take the metal him or herself. it will be made sure that the person who will put the metal on the tray will do so only with disinfected gloves so that the athlete can be sure that nobody touched them before . athletes also have to get used to fragile beds, which have been dubbed anti sex. although thanks to social media, we've already learned that beds aren't that useless in this peculiar aspect. athletes will use beds made of cardboard frames, but they've been assured the cardboard beds won't collapse. during sex, the organizers haven't given up on the tradition of giving away thousands of condoms, but athletes will only be able to use them after they check out till the very final days of preparations before the opening ceremony. it wasn't clear if the olympics would go ahead, despite the overwhelming anti cove it measures athletes are testing positive, the nerves county has been on for
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a while. and it seems to be just as pacey as the metal count, while the city of tokyo itself is under a state of emergency, they the case growth numbers have gone back to the peaks of winter. and the locals would usually be so proud to be living. and a whole city are now mostly against the event. one recent poll showed almost 80 percent. we're not happy with the decision not to cancel the whole thing. this explains the protests. the counsel lympics because holding billing picks will cause me to trade to spread which will endanger our lives. i think it is wrong to have the lympics in the midst of a run, a pandemic. i wonder about the government's stance of calling for self restraint. among the general public, well, the same time being adamant about the limpid someone else who's already made tokyo . 2020. i. e. 2021. standing as laurel hubbard,
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the 1st ever transgender olympic athlete. she was born male. and we'll compete among female weight lifters. this caused quite a stir with some of the sports community going as far as saying that the i o c betrayed women by allowing this while the transgender are celebrating this historic milestone for them. the whole thing feels like a bad joke. left change in opportunities, a missed for some athletes, meadows and the limpid qualifications. and we are powerless. i do believe that everyone should have access to sports, but not other expansive fathers. bosses including transgender efforts have been in place in the olympics and paul lympics since 2004 laurel hubbard, is the 1st to qualify. and 154000 olympians and barling bins over the last 17 years . trans people believe in sports. and finally, in tokyo as become official athletes will be allowed to make political gestures and statements. but only before the competition begins. nothing like that is still
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allowed at the podium. so some teams have already announced they will be taking the ne, well, that was easy to expect. however, when athletes were pulled 70 percent said they were against any protests anywhere at the olympic venues. aud unusual weird. have you chosen the right word? written once boasted in the most powerful navy in the world, however, it has become a shadow of its former self with just one of its 6 destroyers currently ready for service. and there are warnings that the situation is operationally unacceptable. are to use what i've got. if you have comments, britain has made quite the splash recently, the cowboy flora into russia's territorial waters, off the coast of crimea, all ukrainian waters. if you were a british captain and itching for an excuse to antagonize the russians place your
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order. those about a big splash as i say, but it was bravado the supposed show of full symbolized, but a tremendous defend assailing into russian gun ranges was actually a bluff as it emerged that all other destroyers are in for repairs. h m, a defender recently at the center of a diplomatic grove with russia following the voyage of the cranium peninsula is the only vessel of the class without and issue. the other 5 type, 40 fives, all need work, either planned or due to problems developed while it see. it's a good thing, but it didn't break down and caught me in waters. the last thing the royal navy need is a rush and tug boats coming to its rescue or a chinese one following on from the queen elizabeth strike groups and no girl deployments. the united kingdom will permanently assign 2 ships in the region from
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later this year. big blad britain has i'm not entirely sure the chinese will be all that impressed, given recent events by which i mean breakdowns but big plans, nevertheless, not easy. the rule navy can scrounge together enough operational ships. so 2 of them, which as british assures of june can be a challenge if that ship experiences propulsion problems. as we have seen across the top $45.00 family than our carrier group would have to be forced to lean on an a 2 ally to ensure that we have destroy protection. that really indicates bottom line that we need a bigger navy rule, but tonya rule, the waves, the old song, goes truly times bears know what not that the british are giving up. again. big black, 24000000000 pounds marked for a new fleet. we are going to use extra spending to restore britain's position as
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the foremost naval power in europe. and until then, it seems, britain will depend on others to rule the waves in question is, is everyone in nato ready to fight and die and unintended hypothetical war sparked by another british stunt? because it would be extremely embarrassing if they aren't rhodes? haven't turned into raging river, and thousands of people are without power. that is the devastating seen in north east turkey. as it suffers more torrential flooding. severe rain has destroy homes and overturned vehicles and authorities have turned off electricity supplies as a safety precaution. this comes just a week after 6 people died and 2 went missing in previous flooding. a local reporter gave us this latest report. not having that number towards him from a view which is now severely damaged by the flood. heavy rain started yesterday early in the morning. the river overflowed. you can see behind me applauding,
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destroyed a bridge across the river, causing it to the damage is really significant. 5000 citizens live in a small district, the black sea closing to turkey. many of the moves notifies the vehicles around the 100 commercial areas are local, the suffering huge loss, the ground floor, apartments basements, the damage from rising water level. in some places building the flooding can flaw much of the furniture that has been destroyed like water supply system has been damaged and people now have to get drinking water from municipal facilities such throughout the area, the rescue of several defense groups. and now working in the area and people that support groups have been mobil from cities in the meanwhile residence of the german region, worst hit by last week's deadly floods are struggling to peace of their lives. together again, they're forced to deal with everything from access to restricted vaccines to broken
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sewage systems. ah, oliver, i guess i'll look like sedation. sandra was hitting the catastrophe and his clothes, and we all would have had to drive very far to be vaccinated. come in, i'm here for my 2nd vaccination. i was supposed to get my 2nd shot from my doctor, but he was also a victim of clark. i'm also here with a charge group to help people who said, because i was fortunately barely hit with me. benji mentioned it on time and i expect the number of covert cases in this area to rise in the next few days. the people that work together in a confined space and the transmission corona is easier because everyone is not wearing mouth. nose protection, at least not in the pictures you see on tv. we can see that human to human transformation remains the main method of transmission.
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and we had the safest drinking water in the whole world. it was almost over now. we have never had such a situation in germany, at least not this extreme. there is no difference between drinking water and sewage at the moment. the water flowed through the streets and the villages was a mixture of government and rain. water contamination is very high. you shouldn't have anything, this was anything because they're also environmental toxins and things like that. ah, if you see this terrible, everything is destroyed. many people don't have any commendation. the business is also closed. it's like a nightmare. so much more financial help is necessary because it has caused some damage. the whole infrastructure must be rebuilt. many buildings must be ripped
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down and rebuilt, or the breach of here, we have just one bridge out of around 10 left, just one bridge. to get to our side, we now have to travel through the whole village. so we are really reliant on financial resources and we also don't have any work. everything has been destroyed, no jobs, and no money anymore. now the news tonight mortars in hating have been grieving at their funeral for their murder to president. as protesters also took to the streets in a show of the political divisions, tearing the caribbean nation apart. this is a picture from the funeral president, jo vanelle for years, was killed in his residence, allegedly by a group including 26, former colombian soldiers, 6 of whom were trained by the us military, with protests surrounding the funeral. shots were reportedly fired and the us
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delegation and other guests ran to their vehicles. no injuries were reported among the guests. the by an administration has taken its 1st major steps against america's long time target cuba and as slapped sanctions on the country's defense minister. and also in the lead to security forces brigade. it's in response to alleged human rights violations during anti government protest this month. this is just the beginning, the united states will continue to sanction individuals responsible for oppression of the cuban people. what cubans had taken to the streets, to vent their frustration over an economic crisis. and the v. handling of the pandemic by the government, along with food and medicine shortages, a number of back to lists were detained, and the cuban president announced the rallies as a foreign provocation. also blamed the problems on the long standing trade embargo imposed by the united states for their steps were expected from washington. do
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include expanding its mission in havana as well as giving into pressure to help the cuban population, such as letting americans send money to relatives and friends there through a remittance scheme. we spoke to latin american and to caribbean studies. professor daniel shaw about this, and he says, other countries would be accused of meddling if they pursued the same policies. several weeks ago by the had said that a change in policy towards cuba was not on the menu, but suddenly following this, this backlash, this wave of anti cuba. anti socialism propaganda from the right wing from all sectors of the liberal elite, suddenly widened is hyper focused on cuba. but the intention is the same as it has been since 1959. and this has nothing to do with the liberation of cuba, and everything to do with the re colonization of the u. s. is done everything in
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their power, diplomatically, no, terribly, economically and politically. to carry out their attempts to re colonize cuba. they block them off from access to technology, to the internet, to social media. so how hypocritical now the republican party and others claim that they're doing everything to bring free, why fi in the queue with china, or russia with china, broadcast internet or the shows of cuba or radio like radio. marquee is, they've done from miami, the cuban cuban americans. surely the us government would cry foul. so was russia, was china here, across the spectrum of the mainstream media. yet, every day, cuba is there in the headlines. because the u. s. been pushing regime change in cuba. it's $959.00. s a true agenda. deadly serious. your house speaker
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nancy pelosi has rushed to defend the democratic lead to select committee investigating the january 6th capitol hill, riots. 5 after house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, accused her of an egregious abuse of power for rejecting 2 republicans. he appointed to the panel. hello c. has created a sham process. house. democrats must answer this question. why are you allowing a lame duck speaker? to destroy this institution, this is the people's house, not pelosi house. while on wednesday plus, he blocked 2 of mccarthy's 5 nominees, stressing their participation could compromise the integrity of the investigation. both are known to be long time allies of former president donald trump. plus he accepted the other 3 yet that still failed to satisfy the minority leader who threatened to pull all of his members from the committee and said the republicans would instead run their own investigation into the incident. now
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a quick reminder of the events under investigation on january 6 to trump supporters, storms capitol hill after he lost to joe biden in the 2020 presidential election in suing mailing, left 5 people debt. we spoke to the political analyst, earl rasmussen, who called the investigation pointless this entire investigation or a little side going off in a different direction. i don't think anything's gonna come out of it. if you can be used for political purposes on either side. that's what's gonna happen. i think we're going to have to party something here and they're going to come up with different recommendations. there really nothing going to come out of this. so i think it's it's unfortunately the privacy of sending money to investigate something like this. i think the most, the effort to be looked at the riots that occurred the previous summer. that's where we need to be economic terrorism. that is how the israeli president labeled
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the growing international movement to boycott his country over at the treatment of palestine. this comes after ice cream multinational ban and jerry's froze. sales within is real israeli settlements throughout the occupied west bank and east jerusalem. we believe it is inconsistent with our values for ben and jerry's ice cream to be sold in the occupied palestinian territory. we also hear and recognise the concerns shared with us by our fence and trusted partners. now it's just, there's no response, some in israel and beyond have shared videos of themselves throwing away its products. in the u. s. retailers have also shown solidarity with israel by reducing or stopping supplies of the brand. israel denies accusations of occupying palestine or committing more crimes there. but palestinians have welcome to the ice cream brands move as a step towards what they see as justice. and i,
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we support the decision and any company of that, boy, because these railey occupational cope the whole world. and the boy cut israel tentatively we are pleased with the company's decision will support a company called the israel, the occupation, and always really settle many of the work in crime their committee. and i feel happy companies that have a constant knowledge of the settlement on the policy. and when an american company makes such a decision, and it is one of the largest the most widespread companies in the world. it is a beautiful thing that we've been in jerry's is just the latest in a growing list of companies that have decided to boycott israel. it's an issue that she's tempers flare on both sides. we put the story up for debate. i don't think this is gonna make a bit of difference in israeli policy because it's so clearly so transparently an
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american company caving in to, to, to a mob demand that what we're seeing is some consumer power on the rise. this is not about the, you know, video, for example, advising or lobbying supermarkets to stop selling ban and jerry's foods and products. this is about consumers. i think the significance of this, however, is that this is coming from a u. s. company and a few months back the u. s. was going completely in a different direction. they were recognizing in jerusalem as israeli, and moving forward to recognizing the occupied territories as such, the left wing mom tries to take lots of complex situations like policing in america . we're like israel's conflict with her neighbors and turn them into clear black and white right and wrong. when that's not the reality. if consumer power is growing, now you can call that left his mob or whatever. you know,
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if people see george floyd being suffocated under the knee of a policeman, then will sympathize and you can call the left is small but, but i think it's just natural that people simplified and take action. they can take a moral stand and say, well, i don't want to do anything with that product. that's the kind of double standard of people say offensive things across the globe. you mentioned what happened in minnesota where's been injurious boycott minnesota. i could point out more than offensive things being done in countries around the world. oppression being done, countries around the world. where is the boy there when we're just going to focus in on israel and say, uh huh. someone in israel did something that was offensive to an error, therefore we must, we caught israel. it does suggest to me the sort of absurd, double standard in this absurd obsession. that does make me make me very suspicious of an anti semitism work. issue of settlement with she's not, you know,
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happening one month ago or one year ago it has been happening for, you know, a century or something. people are being kicked out of their houses, sometimes violently, sometimes under the premise or the guys of law and other people, other ethnic city coming and taking their place. you know, this has gone too long and every now and then because this issue is being solved, then it will resurface long standing grievance every now and then you know, is shown bear in front of everybody and people remind themselves to make a moral stance. we're seeing a different path emerging in the middle east. think we're seeing countries like the united arab emirates, bahrain morocco saying you know what, what's best for our joint future in the middle east jewish era, but like muslim in jewish like it's not boy cutting and shunning, but actually coming together, working together, investing together, collaborating together,
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and i would humbly suggest that the united arab emirates model abraham affords model of investment in collaboration and mutual recognition will produce a better future for everyone in the middle east than some sort of silly boy cutting, pushed by americans who knew very little about the reality on the ground. now, finally, museums hit hard by pandemic locked downs, are having a tough time attracting visitors, but the world's top free adult website is lending a helping hand point hub has launched an interactive art guide that includes the famous new paintings from prestigious museums. although it hasn't pleased everyone as our taste, shallow davinsky explains from paris. great work of art celebrated for centuries, priceless beauty. now would they all being compared to put no more free? yes, you heard me correctly works by cool bat titian and monday are amongst those who is being touted by one adult website as the original source of last. it's now taking
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advantage of bringing high bro ought to move dry website highlighting the finest boobies the world. has ever seen and turning them into live performances by act is guess i should go and check them out again. then with some fresh eyes. ah, poor harvey june with moving to the ship generally. ah, the whole thing in a contemporary setting is described as being the purpose of them more than cool and shondra monday,
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the office having in and last one on the left is my favorite because it is so rude babies. this one is for you. yeah. you know what i mean? ah, which the well made me go a little bit tingley, others though it sent shivers down the spine. not in a good way. you see in florida these all hawkins of the cola and outraged these will be content is totally illegal and has been done without permission. if anyone wants to use this material, them of make a formal request. if the request is granted, then they have to pay. none of this procedure was followed our lawyer,
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the drafting a cease and desist order to be sent to port hub. this material should be taken down immediately, and that has worked a charm already. the scientists taken down some of the content licensing content, just like having sex. consent matches now pulling the hub in fish. the project was designed to help museums, hard hit by the pandemic locked downs, by stimulating the public to visit and fall back in love. all that's left with cultural institutions, so what to visit is think is this really the greatest re, poon overall time do for you to do for meats? are maybe you're in the time it was created. he was a little on the side of pornography. i imagine he was for some, it is pre pornography. yes. he was supposed to kill bonus, you know, just not at all. i don't think so because i think porn is an industry that has done for the goal of having an orgasm. and here if there is no or get him a b,
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and then all we are very, very sensitive this video, usually unethical and not verily goals. so i think there must do more to make them more interesting before comparing it to art. let's leave to art what is art? photographic? because the, the new doesn't mean for now. there isn't a relation between noon and photograph you're leaving the debate about where the ponies off off is poor, reaching a climax, geology ski off. see okay, i'm just going to take another look because, well, you know, want to enjoy the, oh, it's been a hog in there, you haven't, you're watching our teacher national. i'll be back with you and let's say 30 minutes of another full fresh look at us. the,
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it's like you're walking down a street in a town and in the store, windows are negative. in depression, you tend to go into the store and buy those thoughts and take them home as if they're years. in mindfulness, you walk down the street, you still see the sort storefront with the negative thoughts, but you don't go in and buy those. china's raising prices up, they're the ones who are dictating prices, and so we're creating a monster here. we created a brick and monster. we've got china, economy zooming. they can raise prices at will. and no matter how high china raise prices for americans to buy their goods. biden's going to print more money to send to china. this is the worst is dopey and chinese finger traps that ever been effective.


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