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fox between the united states and russia are set to begin, but it seems ukrainian officials are worried about the recent steps towards diplomacy between russia and the us. are expert on the region join just to discuss, i'm going to use any you are watching news views, right? here on our t america, let's get started. ah, the chinese government has just shut down the 2nd investigation into the will hon lab regarding the origination of the cove in 1900 virus. now in march, the world health organization released a report along with a chinese scientist saying that there was a very likely pathway, the virus began and bads or other animals before jumping and humans. now, white house press, secretary gen saki accuse china of stone wall in the investigation and their position is irresponsible,
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and frankly dangerous. so to help us understand why and how china is allowed to have this kind of control, we bring an investigative journalist and boomers co host been want thanks for joining me. been days for me on ok, this is something you've been following even when the virus of 1st breaking out. but when it comes to china, if they have nothing to hide, why prevent the investigation? go? because china has everything the hi, there is no question that what china has said about the virus from the very beginning has been untrue. been filled with untruth typically untrue. the problem is, is that china is being given cover, not just that they're hiding something they're being given comer by the us. and they have up until this point, simply because the u. s. is deeply involved in funding the research that was going on and on. so it's not as if the, you know, folks like anthony vouching in the, in i, h and in id were suddenly caught off guard and had no idea that china with doing this. we were the ones who took these projects to china in the 1st place. there's
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a lot of hands that are dirty here and that's why china is being allowed to get away. busy with what i've been, i know you realize that this is only a 30 minute show with as stated. what is some of these key pieces of evidence can i think you could probably go on for a while that you have found which justify, in your mind, looking into the lab. yeah, there's a couple of things and you're absolutely right. we can literally spend the entire show talking about this, but let's start with the 1st one. and that is that when you talk about any kind of virus, right? one way they are able to detect where that virus came from is also to the process of elimination. you get rid of all the, the, the circumstances under which that thing did not come about. so the original claim was that this virus began and some kind of a wet market from a batch or a pendulum that was brought into this market. someone bought it and they consumed it and they, and they got the virus. but here's the fact. the facts are that everything to the team that looked at that theory and has looked at the virus itself, says there is no trace of this virus anywhere else in nature. it cannot be found.
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and that's a huge problem. because if this actually came from a feature, it should exist in nature somewhere. the 2nd point is that we know that of course, the virus actually originated 2 miles away from the lab. and not only that, but we know that actual size is at the lab, exhibited signs of having coded all the way back in october of 2019 long before the virus 1st made it to the world stage. so we know that the workers in that lab were sick. here's the most important part. $40000000.00 was sent from the united states to the war lab in china, specifically for gain of function research on bat corona viruses. allowing them to become more contagious for humans, and more able to attach to human self, $40000000.00, and that's all provable through grant applications and grants that were allocated to the lab through eco health alliance and others. so there is no question we were funding. dana function on corona viruses, specifically about corona viruses in han,
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there is far more evidence that says yes, there is evidence points anyplace else. but then speaking of all of those ties at the u. s. has in the funding to china, are you a little surprised? the white house is saying that they're disappointed or is this just kind of just say face a p r move and do you think there's actually be more pressure applied to the u. s. or by the u. s. or any other countries to make trying to comply or honestly, this is the end of the investigation in regard to china. i think it gives you a lot of cover, right, that the, by the ministration can say, oh we, we don't agree with china. we think there needs to be a thorough and, and heavy investigation, right. they can say that all they want, they know china is not going to granted. they're not going to actually make trying to do anything. the other important point here though, is that what there's also allows for is for the us to be able to look at china and say if it comes out in the future, and it's ever proven the virus came from there. we appear to be on the side that says we were suspicious and that you guys without ever accepting that again,
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the us was conducting this research. remember, it was outlawed. scotty in the united states outlawed in 2014, and it was simply off shore. and there is still been no accountability for any of the people, including by the way, the man who led that charge doctor anthony valgy no accountability for any of those people. and i think we are both probably pretty pessimistic that there will ever be accountability specially involving anthony file should considering defining that still continuing to go after him despite the very bad advice to our country. real quick. the danger, if we do not get to the source of this, of this virus, what could that be for the future? well, the danger is, is again a function. research will continue. it should never have been started in the 1st place when it was out loud in 2014. it should have come to an absolute in it didn't . and so what happens is now we're probably going to hear the gala function. the spin will be in a couple years. oh, it's a good thing because it will help us to prevent future pandemic when it very well
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may be the thing that cause this pandemic in the 1st place. we have to have answers to those questions. any reasonable society would hold people accountable, who funded any reasonable society with demand answers so that we do not repeat what we've just been through. and if they doubt that is a huge red flag as to what the future of this country in this world is actually expecting to be. ben, thanks for joining us. thank you. while the colonial pipeline hack into the billing system brought much of the gas supply in the south and northeast to a halt at the beginning of the summer. but according to a disclosure by the f b i and the cyber security infrastructure agency, multiple natural gas oil pipeline companies were actually breached by chinese hackers for 2 years, beginning in 2011. what damage was done and why are we just now hearing about this? let's as todd shipley international president of the high technology crime
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investigation association, thanks for joining me, todd. you're welcome. ok. so let me get this right, the f b i. and they say, are now saying in 2021 that the chinese tact us pipelines 10 years ago, back in 2011. they did it for 2 years. but nothing malicious really happened. well, that's depends on your version of what malicious mean. certainly having the chinese in a company or multiple companies watching what they're doing, particularly when its infrastructure issues is pretty important to know. and why did they allow to go on that long? and why did the f b, i take 10 years to tell the public about this problem when we know all about the most recent issues. ok, i'm the reported here. time helped me out if you're getting the questions. i mean, that's the questions. i think that we're all having, so ask yourself that question. you're the expert. what's the answers to that?
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why did they let this go on for so long? and i have to think, you know, when i say malicious, why would that they're more damage done? i mean, we saw with the quality, when did it shut down gas, people didn't know about it, so i get them looking at it, but there was nothing actually physically done that affected the general welfare of those that they were hacking. well, i think we have to look at a couple of things. the 1st question you asked why wasn't something done? i'm hoping it was that the f b, i was actually watching these state actors from china that we're looking at these companies and they're trying to figure out what they were doing and following what they were doing and not just being incompetent. i hope that's what they're doing. the chinese actions, though, when you say it's not malicious, it is because what's happening behind what they're doing is they're prepping the battlefield. they're trying to find our weak spots in. was it only these 23 companies that they actually got into? probably not because we know the chinese and much very different attitude than what
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we're seeing out of. you know, the russian community, when they're attacking us, it's all about money. the chinese are doing this to gather intelligence about how we're working so that they can find out how they can attack us better. so it's a far, much more malicious than what the russians are doing. ok, so i want to go on that because what we did see as a result, and actually how america reacted was they put sanctions immediately on russia. we're not seeing that type of punishment or any type of punishment as of now, even though there's questions being asked from the white house from the u. s. a towards the chinese. do you think we'll see it and if we don't, why not? well, they've arrested recently a few chinese nationals or should say rest of the indicted if you trainees, national for hacking into us systems. that's going to continue from the law enforcement point of view. but i think the problem is that we're taking this is a law enforcement problem when i don't think the chinese in their long game are looking this as a crime, they're looking at it truly as the 1st step of collecting information about an
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enemy. and that's what they're doing. this is not about collecting money. it's about how do they find out about how our weaknesses are so they can attack us militarily. okay, some point in the future. you say that, so now what would they do with that information? moving forward, what are some of the, the possible actions that they could take with what they might have learned from these pipelines for 2 years? oh, sure, i mean they're finding out where we're weak. i mean, if you look at the report from caesar, these companies are still using modems to dial into the company's assets. i mean, they're finding a how weak we are in and how this infrastructure is not protected the way we think it should be. and we're find out quickly from what happened with the colonial, all these others that this whole space is not being protected by homeland security . who is in charge of this. they just put out more directives, but they haven't done anything for 10 years. when they should have known now this is an intelligence for you, you're probably on our part because did the f, b, i not share this information with homeland security who's charged with this. so we
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have some, a multitude of problems going on here that were at risk in the chinese know it, and they figured out more about us than we know about us. was interesting because this all came with the 2nd directive being issued ad strengthening, pipeline security. but can we ever be a 100 percent secure considering this rapid pace of technology being developed and are these threats is going to actually be able to prevent future hacks or just again an action by, by d. c. that doesn't make much of a difference in the real world. well, i think it will make some difference because we have to get these companies to do something. but the chinese are not just looking at us. look, there's the report that came out yesterday of the routers and france. the french government is complaining about the chinese acting routers there. if they're hacking the routers they're, they're hacking them all over the world. so the chinese aren't just looking at us. they're looking at the rest of the world to figure out how they can move into the space and become the leaders of the world. and that's, you know, their countries, long term goal is to figure out how they can be in
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a much better position. and so all these things are occurring now that allow them to understand where a countries weaknesses are, and we're a victim of where are we going to change it? probably not because we're still reliant on the technology. well, and that's not make it easier for them than possible we, i think we could freaking it's a men on a moon. and a few years ago i think we can probably strengthen our, our technology and our security. tato is great to chat. we have to remember the chinese are on the moon right now. it's true. so i will work with a good boy. thank god. you're welcome. while speaking technology, there's an app, it's taking generation z. i think every generation by storm tick tock has reportedly been downloaded over 2600000000 times around the globe. and now a new investigation that looks into exactly how it's algorithms operates are responded attached to suite has more on the new findings. does tip top just get you
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while the app itself may not be emotionally intelligent and experiment conducted by the wall street journal reveals the algorithm is able to catch on to your interest very quickly. if you're tick tock user, chances are you've gone down that black hole watching video after video, according to a new investigation done by the wall street journal, which video you watch and for how long tells the more intimate things. then you may realize, officially the company says that shares likes followed what you watch all play a role in what tick tock shows you. we found that tick tock only need one to be to figure you out. well, the question is, how can you really understand user so well from just watching videos, according to those behind the investigation, it's all about the algorithm. the wall street journal created more than 100 counts with bots. each big account was assigned particular interest. they would then watch the video is pausing, or replaying video that had images or hash tags relating to those topics. and according to the investigation, take talk algorithms were able to figure out some bots as quickly as 40 minutes.
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one fake user, for instance, kept watching depressive videos, while another continues to watch ones about election conspiracies. there is a concern for negative content on the app, including suicide and even eating disorders while negative. there are also positive features like watching videos about prayer. and while tech talks, algorithm was able to figure out some box more quickly than others, will humans are without question more complex. that's why under, for you, there could still be videos simply don't reflect your interest reporting for news. you choose the sweet r t. now, after the break, russia, the usa are having a much the conversation regarding nuclear weapons, but how he rushes neighbors feel about communication lines opening between the 2 countries. well, we're going to tell you the the democratic dominated select committee investigating the events of january 6 on
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capital hill has been constituted and will start proceedings next week. would be merely political theatre, a proverbial lunch room, food bite on national display. one thing is for sure these proceedings will reflect deep political divisions. fagley finding the truth looks to be a secondary importance on drug started as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the wonder? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it's got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a chick told us that andrew was competing short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that something else had to be happening.
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ah. so what we try to do is really to leverage on the knowledge of this partners from developed countries and they offer free of charge the services stamps report was. so we are, this is sort of a broker 12 teams from developing and emerging countries to get access to state because clearly one of the issues, one of the show stoppers is the cost of the launch in the operation. the ah, when it comes to the north to, to pipeline, it's starting to play out like a soap opera. now, follow me last week, united states in germany. they made this still to keep thank you. crane at $2000000000.00 in transit fees. but the deal is between russia and germany. so this
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week, a new deal is coming forward again from the u. s. and germany. but now ukraine won't get the money. i'm sure to make them too happy. well, russia agree, however, and signed a contract with ukraine to keep giving them money for the next 5 years. and i just a little bit more to this whole drama. poland and a number of other countries are coming forward saying they want to see did they go shading table? it's money all around, and r t is apparent front that details all this drama surrounding the controversial north stream to pipeline. last week president joe biden and german chancellor, anglo merkel sat down together to hammer out a deal on the controversial north stream to pipeline my view on nurse to, to has been known for some time. good friends can disagree what the to disagree on whether russia will put political pressure on ukraine. merkel saying she has it
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under control by way of sanctions. but what the 2 agreed on ukraine still receiving $2000000000.00 and transit fees from the pipeline and almost 99 percent complete. the north stream to pipeline will carry natural gas from russia to germany under the baltic sea below truly, a good step also requires a willingness to compromise on both sides. on the other hand, it does not overcome all the divergences that exist in the day before. in less than a week after binding and merkle is meeting, a new deal was created still between the u. s. and germany. but it left out one big piece, the $2000000000.00 that would go to ukraine. so that means here, i'm glad that we have now succeeded so far, and we also have a lot of tasks, of course, in particular to see how we can also achieve longer treat periods for ukraine. tom, while the deal is nearing finalization and to keep ukraine happy. sources say both
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the u. s. in germany will supplement those billions and losses and invest in ukraine's energy sector. but russian president vladimir putin says because western countries are meddling and the russian ukrainian relationship saying russia has always planned to fulfill its obligations. because russia and ukraine have a 5 year contract that the 2 signed at the end of 2019 hearing the news ukrainian president latter mir zalinski. now angry with the united states, according to 4 people with knowledge of the new deal. the biden administration told ukraine to stay quiet, which has some us officials worried. this could damage the washington key of bilateral relationship. lensky quickly scheduling a meeting with the white house next month. so he isn't me a word for us and we are running a 1000000000 a year in transit. see if we're talking about just the economy. really, it's a lot of money to really out. we spend some of that money on our infrastructure and
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on our military thought democrats and republicans in the u. s. rarely agree on anything these days, but one thing, they all agree on, they do not like this deal. why is it that the administration, why do you believe it's acceptable to deal this way with the ukrainians and trying to silence them over this terrible deal with the germans? senator brah. so let me start by by saying we agree with you. the north stream pipeline is a bad deal, as we have said, it increases dependence on russia and increases dependence on hydrocarbons. the look, this is a bad situation and a bad pipeline, but we need to help protect ukraine. and i feel that we have made some significant steps in that direction with this agreement. and just when you thought there weren't enough disagreements, the drama adds a new layer. now poland and the baltic nations want to seat at the table and some money, the pipelines each about 750 miles long bypass poland and the baltic nations denying
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those countries transit fees that the ukraine has been receiving since 2019, no matter what happens no matter what deal is made and no matter what's in the deal, there will be at least one country, if not more, that will leave the table unhappy for news use use. i'm fair and runs back to give us more insight into the importance of the conversations that are having between the various countries and why ukraine might be objecting to bring a jeremy to them or off managing editor of covert action magazine. jeremy, i want to get to obviously the nuclear talks. are we talking before i get to that? there was something hit me from ferris packet that she did, the undersecretary saying that america, it's our job that we must protect crane. did i miss that? that mission in our constitution that it's america job. when did it become america job to protect ukraine?
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well, ukraine is always had a very important role strategically. the us has been, you know, trying to pry it away from the russian orbits and see end of the cold war. and they've been doing this with other nations surrounding russia and us, for, in something like 2500000000 insecurity assistants. since 2014 who did that as to the pro russian leader victory and the coverage. so, and you know, it's been bipartisan. we see both democrats and republicans committed to huge investment ukraine is one of the most corrupt governments in the world. the american taxpayer should be questioning where that money is going, and i think that's why i'm scratching my head because what benefit does it do? and they can say, well it, it gives us a strategic place to get to russia. but yeah, we're about to sit down with the the biggest nuclear power and have talks diplomatic talk to that should be. so i'm, i'm scratching my head on this is going to what benefit is it to the united states who's just getting out of ghana. stan, possibly out of iraq to all of a sudden become this protector of ukraine. what does it do for the american people? more importantly, the american taxpayer not very much. any benefit certain military corporation,
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providing all kinds of equipment. you know, it is part of a strategy part of the great game. i mean, i think us, you know, policy makers at the elite levels, see russia arrival and they want to control the oil, oil and gas wealth central asia. so, you know, ukraine is very vital in that way, but you know, it's a huge drain on the us treasury and i think americans should be questioning that investment, very corrupt government. well, you know, what i think about question is every time whether it's a republican, a democrats, the last couple administration, somehow magically, every time that there's some sort of corruption scandal that involves an american politician and foreign affairs. somehow ukraine is involved and i have to say, yeah, we should be questioning, which brings this tax to what we're talking about today. direct nuclear talks between russian usa. we're going to start taking place on june 28th, you know, considering this is the best way to reduce the risk of war, i believe, between the 2 largest nuclear powers on the globe. why would any country,
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especially ones in the region, actually object to these conversations, considering the goal is peace in this area? well, rationally, none should. but yeah, i mean, i think ukraine may be weary if the u. s. is getting close to the russia, you know, they may feel left out. and this money, i mean, the current ukraine government being subsidized by the united states and their military build up in their operations in eastern ukraine are subsidized considerably by the united states and u. so they see the united states drove close to the russia that starts to become a threat to their viability. busy and there may be political instability or attempt to change their crane. so i think that that's the reason there may be some wariness in ukraine. some of the baltic states, you know, they get a lot of money, a lot of military aids or the new cold war. and if it's cold war receives, that's bad for them and that they don't get all this money and weaponry from us. so
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i'm sorry that they don't get money and weaponry, but we actually get peace on the continent and we're actually backtracking from a nuclear war somehow. i think that's winning for those of us in the glow. you know, when biting on it into the administration, we heard about the tension. trump stepped away from the cur, the past nuclear deal between russia and the usa. byron came in immediately signed this start nuclear arms reduction treaty. does that satisfy both countries, demands and goals? and what is still missing between the 2 countries? well, what is missing is the, you know, the trump administration pulled out of the i n f treaty in 2019, which was considered one of the best nuclear agreements sinusoid 80. so, the new start, the warheads, missiles, launches and bombers. but the f tree deals with cruise missiles. so there's still, even if the new start, you know, most forward and is ratified the, you know,
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there's still no caps on the nuclear cruise missiles. so, you know, there's still looming arms race essentially. if the i n f is brought back along with a new start. well, there's a lot of things that we can talk about, continue the conversation, and the conversation is going to happen. i'm optimistic, i would much rather have peace than actually go at each other adversarial. thank you so much. and like i said, we'll have you back on several other parts of the conversation we need to have well, that's all the time we have for today shout. but i promise is a conversation which will continue. so why don't you follow me on twitter at godaddy, and he is a hash tag team and b h. and for this show and work, guess what? you can always download the fordable tv app on your apple or android device. very easy, and on there you can catch new episode of the networks of new show, so excited about my new co worker posted by the none other than the legendary actor william shatner. where you see right back here, thanks for watching and have a great night. ah,
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ah, ah, the eastern half of the united states, we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. oh my god, obviously on this account and not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out of minutes. 400 i mean that's very satisfying. it's like you're watching down a street in
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a town and in the store. windows are negative. in depression, you tend to go into the store and buy those thoughts and take them home as if they're years. in mindfulness, you walk down the street, you still see the start storefront with the negative thoughts, but you don't go in and buy those on drugs started as a way to come back. a great problem. what's the wonder? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check. he told us that andrew was competing short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in
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a river like that. something else had to be happening. i. ready ready can't tell i class enough person i mean, christabel often the said that the culture blue book truly the new phones of all the the always moving to meet the he's going to contribute the usually so which protests and what gone. yeah. cuz really new go from the moment that she's a mac or when you're in luck
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on the none of my new middle charts that exam on the protests empty stadiums and a cold infected village of athletes. not quite the opening ceremony. the olympics is hoping for the tokyo games get underway and so much for rule britannia, for tiny a rule, the wave questions are raised over the decline of what was one of the most powerful navy in the world. as it turns out, just one naval destroyer is fully operational. now following a recent wave of protests in cuba, us imposes a new round of sanctions against the caribbean island nation, showing that even under its new administration, the u. s. is not backing down on its long time arrival anytime soon.


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