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little was so we are, this is sort of a broker 12 things from developing and emerging countries to get access to state because clearly one of the issues, one of the show stoppers is the cost on the launch in the operation. the ah ah ah hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm peter labelle, the democratic dominated select committee investigating the events of january 6 on capitol hill has been constituted and we'll start proceedings next week. will it be merely political theatre? a proverbial lunch room,
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food bite on national display. one thing is for sure these proceedings will reflect deep political divisions. sadly, finding the truth looks to be of secondary importance. the, the cross talking january 6, i'm joined by my guess, debbie dewley in atlanta. she is president of the atlanta tea party in milwaukee. we have jennifer de master. she is an attorney and policy analyst. and in london, we cross to ari or amish. he is an attorney, as well as a foreign policy analyst, or a cross psych rules and effects that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate jennifer. let me go to you 1st here as it is constituted it's, it's basically going to be a democratic show. ok, and i use show purposely here. and as we're going into this here, it seems to me that as i said in my introduction, the truth seems to be quite secondary because it looks like both sides want to
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claim a cover up being done by the other side here. i mean, is, is this exercise worth its while? unless you just want to, in, in plain passions, go ahead in milwaukee. it's really not worth while. it's not, not a bit why not because it become such a part of the show. you know, i think i think some of the republicans, jim jordan included, even kevin mccarthy. once you get to the true, they talked about wanting to truly understand what happened. why it was more security was not added. why could, charity would turn down by the mayor. you know what, what the democratic leaders know what the time did they know of any other security threats. and so these are, these are questions that if you truly believe that this was the horrible, violent and direction and want answers you'd want answers to all of these questions and want to get to the bottom of it to make sure that never happens again. so democratic leadership, this committee doesn't seem to want to do that. that's why it doesn't really matter
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. because even if people might be concerned about what happened january 6th, you don't want understand even gonna happen america. many the i've talked to if they want to just, you know, not really going to care this much about this investigation because it is, it is so part of that americans are kind of tired of the partisan political things in congress. but if there was something that was by party, then that kind of hooks up the ears of your typical ordinary, reasonable american, regardless of party affiliation, because they want to be bipartisan to get the truth. this is just simply not that already can you address that? because there's so many questions that haven't been answered. i mean, the simplest, easiest one to ask is who killed ashley babbitt and it's 6 months on. i mean, why don't we know the person that did this? i mean, the only person that was shot during this entire thing and one side call it in inter insurrection, but it was a trump supporter that was murdered inside the capitol. i mean, these are very basic questions that don't seem to be being addressed. ok,
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cuz i want to know what happened and people that broke the law should be punished. go ahead, ari. so i don't think you do and we can sit here and air as much conspiracy theory as we can. but bottom line as this, those who attacked our capital on january 6th, or thugs and domestic terrorist. there ladies in georgia and one in colorado, wisconsin, the democratic party, president biden, one both states fair and square. i'd like those ladies to actually say that that the president of the united states is actually the elected and legitimate president they want. and they won't. i'd like them to say the president, by the one day let me finish. you didn't talk about what we want to be fair talking about where you're going to get finish. it's not my 1st rodeo, so you've got to let people finish. secondly, on january 6, after months of this fraction of a man named president donald trump, who lost the election and he would refuse to step down. we have general milly,
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a 4 star general man. if you look at a stripes, that's every 6 months served overseas. that man was bored about a crew. that man was worried about a crew by a man, trump, who was unwilling to leave. then he sent his thugs and i use that word purposefully and wilfully thugs. to store the u. s. capital, you know what? the democrats and republicans agreed in may on a non partisan independent commission. the republicans backed out led by mccarthy, kevin mccarthy, minority leader of the house. then again, they sent 5 members. now, by the way, this the of the 7 numbers selected by speaker nancy pelosi, one is republican list change by all me. if you want to question list chinese credentials, then you may not even be a republican here. point 5 guys, jim jordan, jim jordan, you know what? when our cooking laugh yeah. you can laugh because you don't have much of an argument, but you know what? when how could pony al capone's cannot question?
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william ness is partisanship. you don't appoint an arsonist to investigate the fun so so no, that's bad. so you guys lot yet. ok. so nancy pelosi isn't partisan. your whole argument collapse. ok, that's right. i wanted to jot. i want to get everybody. hey, i want to get everybody in the program when every be fair and debbie hasn't said one word yet debbie, you have the floor. go ahead. well, to begin with, i will answer his question. tell me what praise were before i admit that to meet you, joe, and hear his caretaker's won the presidency. i'm in georgia. i know that the election fraud is being uncovered as we speak. that weather is below nice. that's a lot. that's a lot. you can go on air regarding debbie, debbie didn't interrupt you already. debbie didn't have to go up there because i live double standard of democrat why year?
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there were 25 people killed and she and b l a. m drive? yes, i federal courthouse in portland, oregon was sat on bar in. try can over during the hearings on not confirming brit cabinal. democrats invited the capital building one by january instead of about january 6, you're all going to jump in here, but already you didn't talk about that already. you didn't talk about january 6 either. ok, so let me go to jennifer and i told him i go to the mission. let me go to the other part of the commission, but it's race fading and got to work. okay. race baiting. okay. we're talking about january 6. jack. not here yet. jennifer. here why doesn't nancy pelosi want to be asked hard questions because it was, he was in charge of the security of the capital and,
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and the sergeant at arms requested 5 times for more assistance and he got crickets and then he got fired the next day. go ahead, jennifer. whenever you look into some of the answers to this question, because it might show some democratic ordination might at least show some kind of knowledge. i mean, that's the only reason why somebody that claims to want to get to the bottom wouldn't actually research this. i understand why, why democrats, why, why the left wing is very angry. i understand why they are perpetuating the guilty until proven innocent thing. because of that, we what done the crap did during the molar investigation during the molar workshop . when john gill, can you prove it was turned out to all be a lie about this russia collusion hope and because of that, you see why the democrats are your thoughts, your guilt, diesel, proven anything. i want you to demand because the fact that they don't have the fact they don't have the investigative material, they don't have the answer. and that's exactly why they're so angry and they want to shut everybody out and interrupt anybody have. no, they don't have
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a case in america in the legal system. ok, there's something called bias and motivation here. and if a witness have bias, lyrical motivation or something else, their, their, their testimony is not credible. that's what's happening here is that they want to how to be biased subcommittee. i'll tell you one thing about the credentials for latrina, your credentials are that she is not acting in favor or her constituents. they're showing that their own poll numbers and why don't need, i don't care about how many years. in fact, that's what making the majority of americans more sketchy about people that have been involved in politics for so many years. well, you've heard of the lot that don't want to church and that there are calling people guilty until proven innocent. that is not the american way. and we'll have everything right. you know what our, i can start asking questions about about who want and demanding the people acknowledge the biting one. when you can go back for years and make sure the democrats show that from back was really 12016 has already tried to leave it for hillary media to jennifer. you know what?
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you are a lawyer. you got a lawyer. i know better players talking about things. you have no idea what you're talking to. you don't how to their feet it. okay. i'm concrete from conceited guy. can see that the are you what do you? yeah, i got his bud kicked. okay. we're talking about january 6, so i have think he's going to hang on debbie. hang on please. okay, ari because i want to give everyone equal time here, ari. there have been reports that the f b, i might have had embedded snitches, and undercover personnel here is that something you would like to learn more about? because we did have a got we had, we had a governor and i let me out, let me say that already i have for the end, you have to let me ask you in there, where would you like it out? man? i have had an offer. i've had yeah, but if you came to my question, if you don't absolutely. now you're trying to tell your audience that you know,
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i knew that chris good be governor of michigan. there was an allegation that what's her name? what's her name whitmeyer? janet. what the good, okay, go ahead. well, you don't have to be condescending. i'm trying to be civil, right? what you're talking about. do i not part of the conversation fitting. what about what you don't have to insult everyone, your disagreement, your child, your mac and democracy. i am not, i want to find out what happened because i don't want to happen. we all want to know what happened. well, guess we do. what's the f b? i always has informants to even alludes to the idea that the f b. i instigated this one, people with confederate flags. those are trader flags, trader flags, trader flags. i see that 3 times and capital to say that the f b, i instigated that one is actually still. so does that mean carrying a flag is
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a crime? is that with northside a crime? you know, it can, you can go bern, flags, but it carry and to carry a confederate flag makes it look like an idiot. i will, i wish you could focus all of your venom on the topic by hand. i will research, by the way, i mean, we're either scout. okay, i know you're sitting while you're waiting already. i mean, you really want to proceed without knowing everyone. i have plenty of arguments and so i guess i jump in here night, we're going to go to a short page quite after the break. i'll continue our discussion on january 16 with our ah, me. the board
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is white. you're walking down a street in a town and in the store and windows are negative. in depression, you tend to go into the store and buy those thoughts and take them home as if they're years. in mindfulness, you walk down the street,
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you still see the sort storefront with the negative thoughts, but you don't go in and buy those. i haven't been in my phone since and i don't i just saw up dollar a former isis fighters and now boarding a philippine naval ship with the family of in john $900.00. jeff, aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them?
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can i get a hold of me? i welcome back to cross software. all things are considered. i'm peter labelle. remind you we're discussing january 6th in before we continue our re, our 3rd guest. the program has left. he had a very big problem with my questions and ended up personally insulting me. so i found no other reason to have him continue on. the program already has a right to his opinion and he'll continue to express them. and i respect that. i wish you would have respected other people's opinion, debbie,
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let me go back to you and let's get back to the facts here because the 1st part of the program was this very turned in the wrong direction. i want to talk about january 6th. you know, one of the problems that i have here is the why someone like representative jordan and banks cannot be part of these proceedings. i mean, it seems to me that they want to make sure all the lives cheney represents the opposition here. i mean, this is quite farcical and we know lucy, she has a right to her opinions. that's fine, but she's not representative of her caucus go ahead. debbie? yeah, i actually, i have a problem with that. i think if i like republicans should walk away from the committee and exposed to them for sham then it is. i was not in the capital in january 6 because i actually cult code. so i had to stay at home, but i had family, very good friends that were there. and a lot of the reports that i am hearing or that the capital,
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the police and folks were waving people to go in the public, talk to my family, picked up the phone, call them on their cell phone. and i said, are you guys ok? and they did not even know what was going on by way outside the capital. and they told me later that they did not go inside the capital though, even though capital replace were waving their me because i felt like it was a try to go. we and i found out there were trouble like how the over and that is a problem. i, you know, and to me you know, have shot miss barrett that we have a that was shot there. 9. whether been released everywhere. what are our intelligence agency and they are covering up there is a double standard in the way that they're trading. what happened that the capital
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in, in the way that they traded the of the extreme once. 2 the b l a m and then t for protest, the f b is clearly politically motivated and i had to kind of been actually was interview with, contacted you. and he did not even go in the capital and he was able to crazy, did not. but he said, i, you know, people have a major issue with the why the investigation and why you're trading the people own january 6. then the way you treated the b l a and you know, and to for protest, there's a double standard there. yeah, i told him, well we try to order what to investigate and how to proceed from a top. so in our gym, i hate this because i'm a patriotic freedom loving american little problem. but debbie,
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you bring up a really good point. let me go to jennifer here. i mean, it seems to me this is a gambit to dis, discredit. tens of millions of people that voted for donald trump. i mean, it seems to me a vast assault on people's constitutional rights here. and, and also the 2022 is right around the corner, and the specter of trump running again, i think this is what this is about. they want to nip it in the bud right now and to intimidate people. i mean that couple in the last, alaska, you know, they didn't happen to be polite, was these laptop, but they would be, they knocked down the door they, they handcuffed him. i mean, the, or what kind of due process is that, i mean, i find that quite chilling and people that committed loitering. i mean, is you, should you be in prison for 6 months without proper legal advice? i mean, that seems an assault on so many different ways and it, you know, it will ring in regard to our guest. the left is here. i am very adamant. i want to
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know what happened and let the chips fall. but we happen. know what happened honestly and not to have this into this political theater. go ahead, jennifer. and that, that's exactly the issue that i think the republicans in congress which trying to get to jim bang, jim jordan being appointed by the committee because kevin mccarthy know that the majority of republicans, majority of conservative in america do not change or on people. i mean, on a center or they want, they want her out of office next turns. so, you know, knowing that she brings in people who want to get to the truth. jordan is very good investigation on the know the legal system. well, you know, constitutional norm, well, yes, obviously he's conservative, but at least he has trust constituents. and many people, even people that were present when shrunk, spoke on january people that had no part in any violence of the capital. and so that would bring some legitimacy to that, the democrats want none of that,
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but i have a real problem with water. and there are a couple of points here. so we were talking about a lot investigation trying to find the route. i mean, the legal system and in america the legal system in this country and other than in your gym when you look at evidence. and so me, if somebody who i wasn't there january, i wasn't, you know, present. i of course, i know some people that were as much they didn't go inside or only didn't go inside, but a lot of it i got from, from social media, from videos i have seen more videos posted on social media not to media course. those are blocked down more videos and assuming you mean if we will, that those videos are legitimate that they haven't been edited on days or videos from at least 7 to 9 different people. different perspective showing the same page . you're looking at sort of trunk. we're trying to trying to care people a way that we're breaking down windows, trying to stop people from going in your you see video that devastated or capital
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please fighting people and so different direction. by the way, the 1st thing you should be doing is investigating the capital who is not already noticed heroes asking why they invited to school and where they are part of this, your video, the capitol police, leading these people into the ground, into the house chamber and into some of the major room. so i've seen multiple bodies. i think 4 videos, 3 from different people, that 4 videos. but going up while trumpet speaking on my way, when i'm near the capital national mall with people getting out and she and she from here. why is it so hard to get a conspiracy? there are. these are actual videos where i'm sitting in the law. a judge will be saying, this is what i see with my eyes. now again, these are different video, different perspectives, but this would be considered some kind of evidentiary testimony. giddy was legitimate that we watched him not just being the war trader, your plugger this but ask, you know, question was this infiltrated,
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you're in peaceful, be alone, movement that were treated by people that have absolutely turned violence. and so we should get to the bottom of this. why does it in a narrative? why are people so quick to just this narrative and label others? because they're scared because one that's for sure where to actually come out. it's going to show that there were some democratic or knowledge and that's, and that's something that we need to get a bottom of this was now been painted directions. what part, what part to democratic leadership play in this? and why is why and why still be perpetuating? because it's still being perpetuated. that there were actually that there were actually multiple of capital police officers because of the insurrection, because that's not sure that's actually been bombed by medical report examinations, legal documents for filing. the only person that was intentionally killed that was murdered. that gave was trunk the order and military veteran ashley bad. and that
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we have to get to the bottom. you're looking at people on social media, journalists that are having to get to the bottom. but it doesn't mean to media officials will not do their job. well, i don't debbie. the jennifer brings up probably the most important point of this whole discussion is that you were being attacked because we ask questions. so what's wrong with asking questions? i tell you resolve problems. ok. and i think it's really quite interesting before jim jordan was pulled off. he was on fox news the night before or even on the same day. and he telegraphed what he would like to ask questions of the select committee and then hours later he is cut because it looks like nobody wants to answer the questions that he wants to ask and we're asking on this program. go ahead, debbie. i totally agree. i mean, what's wrong with asking questions, and i will just imagine next year when the republicans take control what house they
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have seen here have health hearing tend to different things. and i actually try to democrat leadership, the people that can be placed on their committees. that's wrong, the democrats would be screaming at the top of their wong. and this is a question that i want to know. if you recall, by talks about weapons insurrection, it was called an insurrection from the beginning, i insurrection. if you want to overthrow the government, you're going to have weapons and far orange with you, been non recovered. this thing was a sad up from the began and as i said, bobs on no, did not go into camp a little because they, they failed. it was a stand for the police to be motioning for them to come in. and i think the democrats do not, and i really think our intelligence agencies that they do not want
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a close look into what really went on because they are afraid what will be discovered. and i think that something that's telling, and i think it's a double standard, as i said, it's a big double standard out there. what happens in 09122009 . i was one of the one to help organize a massive march. and they said there were over a 1000000 of us there, there was we did not try to take anything. we were peaceful. we picked up our garbage and we left. i think this is just the democrats in the f b. i don't want to close the but look at what really happened because my, some of their and for much, maybe some democrat act of this will be discovered as being infiltrators in engine them on. but on. definitely, great place needs to be looked why they were motioning people to come in that
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capital. jennifer, i'll give you the last 40 seconds here. go ahead. well, you know, back to one of the points you were making earlier about the winner not being, you know, the label, it's your gear, it's all they want. but i think we're kind of over at this point. you can't just somebody names every time on the playground, if you see it, your argument is getting back to the movie. like when i take your ball and go home . okay, do you got conspiracy theories any more? these are actual court filings and court documents, and one of the court filings and 4 documents in the whittemore. the governor whitmore case of michigan is showing that these people feel like they were set up like they were given goals by the f b. i are informing forgiving goal suited to these people and, well, i have, i have been here and we were run out of time here, but i never thought i would suggest go to buzz feed, they have a fascinating story on that. ok, what happened there? all right, i want to thank my,
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my guess is lana and in milwaukee when i think our viewers for watching us here are to see you next time and remember cross talk ah ah, me one, i make no, no borders under my number. please. maria, we don't have authority, we go to the back seat, the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judge governors crisis who we can do better. we should be better. everyone is contributing each in our own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges paid for the response has been
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massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are together now the, the eastern half of the united states were going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their backyard. oh my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out for 6 minutes. 400. i mean that's very
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satisfying the i want you to know in the headlines this morning co good cases, spike and past 100. as tokyo tooth up fritz delayed olympic aid. so much for rule for tanya. u. k. minutes says lament the line of what was $11.00 of the most powerful navies in the wild as it turns out, only one naval operational device . oh no. that in jerry's ice cream goes
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frozen out, it is well off to the company stop sales and occupied.


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