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like is not boy cutting and shunning would actually coming together world together, investing together, collaborating together. and i would probably suggest that the united arab emirates model abraham affords model of investment in collaboration and mutual recognition will produce a better future for everyone. at least in some sort of silly boy cutting, pushed by americans who knew very little about the reality. on the very last 10 seconds. ma, well, out of the upper hand records solving the settlement problem. it's not so clearly it's about covering the problem. it's not about solving the problem and it's time for real peace to happen. ok, we'll end that many. thanks to base you go. that was a great discussion. david broke the, he's the director of the mccarthy task force and also they're on the right am i more cath, director of neurosis, a british thing trying to focus on crises in the middle east are thanks to you both on thank you for watching. we're going to be back with more news in about half an
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the me the the the
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the, the, the, the, it's like you're watching down a street in a town and in the store the windows are negative. in depression, you tend to go into the store and buy those thoughts and take them home as if they're yours. in mindfulness, you walk down the street, you still see this sort storefront with the negative thoughts, but you don't go in and buy those, gosh. the me i am kaiser this is because the report, what does the phrase once discredited, limited everywhere mean to you? sounds ominous. let's check in what stacy?
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right. max. well, a little bit over 2 years ago. in episode 1355 of kaiser report. we covered a report out of china where the chinese government was celebrating the success of their social credit score. and i'm going to cut to that because it's quite relevant in the past week. post this jen, post saki the, the white house, press secretary, her comments on what the white house is doing, in terms of flagging so called dis, information in the, you know, in the coven era and on other topics. so let's cut to 2 years ago on kaiser report. i want to look at a headline out of china and then compare the story from china to our own corporate controlled world. so china bands 23000000 people from buying travel tickets as part
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social credit system. china blocked 23000000 quote. this credited travelers from buying plane or train tickets last year as part of the country's controversial social credit system aimed at improving the behavior of citizens. according to the national public credit information centers 2018 report, 17500000 people were banned from buying flights. a 5500000, barred from purchasing high speed train tickets because a social credit offences 3 port released last week said quote, once discredited, limited everywhere. china is proud of this. they, they've, they're publishing it like they're not trying to hide it. it's not something they're saying, these are secret documents released by wiki links. they're the ones actually publicizing it, saying, once discredited, limited everywhere. so, you know, we don't like the racial matter that, that sort of person is, is proclaiming the same thing. but they think there is not somehow equivalent to
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china because it's, these are private networks sort of where we're asking you to shut down the voices. also, i think clearly with that what we were covering, the chinese government thought the people would be happy with their report that work they had done that they had banned 22000000 people from public transport because they were a nuisance and had bad social manners. the same thing. everybody here, thanks. they're doing a good job. they were, you know, jump a saki who are going to cut you in a moment. she thinks they're doing a good job. they're just helping everybody. they're saving lives for, in terms of the financial markets. to me, it reminds me of the censorship of price signals and we cover that all the time here that the sensors of price signals are doing it for the greater good. they're doing it to help the poor, they say to help the working class to help those a huge amount. the debt is there, they're destroying the price signal that might otherwise, for example,
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i bond vigilance. these might otherwise say the government can't borrow anymore. so they're just doing it for the greater good. they say loss, however, you know, destabilizing the system behind the scenes, whether it's a finally, in terms of social credit scores or financially and economically in terms of the price signals being censored, right? they're getting in the way of word st bills, right? so markets is price signals that give you an idea of what the actual market is in a democratic society with free speech rights. words are spoken freely and those words that catch attention and result in something that is beneficial to all have a place in the market and the marketplace of ideas. and those words and ideas that don't benefit society as a whole tend to get discredited or weaned out of the conversation all through the magic of open dialogue through the magic of free space. so the you as to saying is
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that they no longer have the confidence to respect the 1st amendment. they are not a confident nation, they see the rise of china, and they've lost all their competence. and they're going to repeal effectively the 1st amendment. and it's sad because i remember america, i remember it was a great place. well, i mean, we've predicted this, this is part of the city, these trap, the rising power sets the new template. they set the model china. this is the chinese model. and this is that they're doing it for the greater good they say here we have a unique relationship with corporatism. and corporations is giant multinational. certainly the democratic party, the sort of less leading side feel like some sort of allegiance and similarity to silicon valley and the social media tech giant. so they're all, you know, democrats, for example. so i think that's part of it, but just so in case you haven't seen it, i mean it was widely circulated, but here's from the white house, the jump, a sack of the press secretary,
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what she said when asked about how it, how the white house is fighting, coven disinformation in terms of the actions alex that we have to, or we're working to take, i should say, from the federal government. we've increased just information, research and tracking within the surgeon general's office. we're flagging problematic posts for facebook that spread this information. we're working with doctors and medical professionals to connect to connected medical experts with popular with popular who are popular with their audiences, with, with accurate information and boost trusted content. so we're helping get trusted content out there, right? so they're flagging for facebook and they mentioned the word corporatism a moment ago, which is a very, very, very nice way to say fascism and when the government is flagging for facebook. the veneer facebook being a private company as ripped asunder. yeah, remember the argument that people made was, well, facebook and google and apple or private companies and they're guided by their
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terms of service agreements and they can do whatever they want under the corporate agenda that they have. but to the fact that press secretary for the white house has just admitted overt fascism between the u. s. government and one of the largest corporations of the world. multi $100000000000.00 corporation. facebook. you know, the, the point is that yes, this is a, an alliance between government and corporations and just hiding behind corporate governance structures is not a way i think to, i think the spirit of the law of the constitution is that this would be challenged in court. and it could possibly be overturned, that they could intervene on this, but importantly as well. so remember, the theme is once discredited, limited everywhere. that's what china does. remember china now the rising power and every will suck everybody into its weight of how their business model operates. and has operated successfully for them. they became the super power. now because of
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their model, people believe so, you know, they do, their social credit is once discredited. you're limited everywhere. so we're seeing that with restrictions travel restrictions currently around the world. but we're seeing that with financial restrictions, we're seeing that with social media restrictions free speech restrictions. and here's what the white house video shows in terms of what jump of fact he's had regarding whether or not you should be limited everywhere. providing for, for facebook or other platforms to measure and publicly share the impact of misinformation on their platform and the audience. it's reaching also with the public, with all of you to create robust enforcement strategies that bridge their properties and provide transparency about rules. you shouldn't be banned from one platform and not others. if you are for providing misinformation out there. all right, ok, you're back from one social media platform, then you're banned from all,
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says the government. this is the white house spokesperson. it's not facebook, it's not twitter. we have seen in practice this. we've seen. i started with wiki leaks and went to alex jones. they got the platform not only from all social media, but from services like amazon web services and, and paypal and things like that. right. and we know that concurrently we have a rise in the transformation in a basic market, in a basic society and in the housing market, where the housing market being now being bought with the help of the federal reserve bank is assisting another in a conglomeration between black rock and the housing market in the federal government and the central treasury in century, right. right. they're making housing completely unaffordable. and so, and they're normalizing people living and little government manufactured huts. ok. so the people that are being discredited. okay. does there's another term from the
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old days for your kids, there was a century before this one. it's called scapegoating. so those people are being scape goaded into, shove into little huts. what's missing are the wheels on the little hut, but nevertheless, let's see where this goes. once discredited, limited everywhere. and yes, i mean, you are right in pointing out that black rock, for example, is the private entity. corporations, private entities could do whatever they want, right? they're allowed to deny you free speech on their platform or on their financial system. that's how the treasury, the fed get around the restrictions on what they're allowed to do. they say here, hack, rocky will give you this money and you do that like you buy up all this property and stuff like that. but we also pointed out 2 years ago when we were looking at that social credit score and suggesting that we could probably come to america because you were sort already seeing that at that time it was only, you know,
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suggested on m. s i b c nightly that the president, for example, be kicked off twitter. and lo and behold, that did happen. we were predicting that would happen that this would come to america. and we said at that time that a lot of chinese citizens or behind it, they liked it, they want this, they want their government to do this and the government was responding to them. so the authoritarian demand from the people you see that in a few responses, i'll just post them to what jump a fact. you said everything she is saying makes sense. incorrect, and totally false information hurts americans, especially about critical issues. freedom of speech, does that mean you can falsely yell fire in a crowded theater. so there was a lot of support for what she was saying. right. well that the key difference between american fascism will be that the trains will not run on time. all right, we're going to take a break and when we come back, gentle, so one day don't go away. the me ah
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ah ah, ah me join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me
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the me welcome back to the kaiser report i max cause or time that are turned or a conversation with the one and only general salon de gerald. welcome back on. thanks, max. all right, now before we dive into some serious topics i wanted to get your take on this, nasa says the moon is about to wobble and cause floods. did you predict s o, it's going to wobble and wobble. predict it. all right, now we'll get back to that a 2nd. let's. let's dive into 6 trillion dollars and stimulus check sent to americans in 2020, a large part of that. went to china for durable goods and other big ticket items. and the relationship with china is coming into focus here, right? the g d p in china was 18 percent. the u. s. was marginally positive. china for by some reports. and some prognosticators is saying that it is in fact now overtake in
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the u. s. as world's biggest or only super power houses relationship going, gerald, is it getting more chance is the symbiotic relationship that was going on for years where we send them all of our jobs and they send us cheap goods in return? is it breaking up? what's happening? well no, they just look at our top trends for 2021. 1 of them is china. 21st century. the 20th century was the american century. the 21st century is going to be the chinese century. the business of america has been war. and the business of china is business and you don't have to believe me about the war thing. anybody. all they have to do is google in dwight d eisenhower. january 17th. 1961 is there. well, address warning, the american people that the military industrial complex is robbing the nation of the genius of the scientists labors in the future, the children. so now shina,
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what did they been doing? oh, the belgian road initiative. oh china look at look at. oh, how about when are they going to spend a couple of when you really look at the numbers, a couple $100000.00 in america's infrastructure, they call it the infrastructure bill. would only about $300000.00 going to the infrastructure. and what's the speed of our our, you know, am tracks on average about as the fastest they go about 60 miles an hour on how fairs they go and shine a little over 300 miles an hour. no, no, china is taking over. and again, as you mentioned, it thanks to slick willy, clinton and n biden, and all the rest, the dumb of the republic pulse of games. they gave them all our high check in every industry manufacturing skills and needs and designs. so they could bring over everything over there and when they brought him into the world trade organization
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so they can make the products the cheaper and bring them back all the year and make more money on them. so now i did the 21st century. the chinese century and all the talk, all the talk about united states is going to defend taiwan. you know, one of my 6 years old when you just pulled out of that guy said you couldn't beat the taliban after 20 years. great job and our rock o libby is just well and you are going to be shina no way know how. right, well we seems like we've got some turn coats here in america. if i look at the lawn mosque, nike, hollywood, there are a lot there. pimpin for china. is that going to be a growing trend, or will they be, you know, called on the carpet so to speak. know, look, who's going out with a black, rob, j, p. morgan chase. and so all about money. that's all they care about.
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yeah, you know, they have some technologies. remember, during the previous presidential administration, there was a brouhaha about an app called tick tock that it was late and with artificial intelligence, the china was using it to control american minds and culture. we haven't had that discussion since then. that go away or is there, was there something to it and is that's something that people should be aware of. while the artificial intelligence, what they're doing is it's global, but that's only a little issue. the big issue is the bottom line and the trade deficits. and, and the, so they use this kind of thing to get the people riled up about something as did throwing. you know, the big money going back into china. as i said, look at hsbc, you know, they pulled out of just about the western countries. they're going into china whole time. they see which one is going. and all the, all the bank sters in the money people, the only interested money. they're not interested in human rights or anything else . so it's all be asked about that. all this is important to you,
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you're going to start seeing the chinese brands taking over the western brands. they're gonna push them away and it's already starting to happen. so the nike and the others are going to do everything they can to keep having their market share grow in china. but they're going to get a lot of chinese competition. and again, go back to when trump was in and all we're going to fight shine are going to fight shina. and it was, it was a news every day, virtually in the business news as to why the markets are going up and down. right. i think this is an excellent point because it is the basis of the american soft power. is the brand brand america. i remember living in france, you to be talking to a french person saying how, how america is a cultural chernobyl. while they're writing their harley david motorcycle drink and coca cola eating at mcdonalds and wearing their ninety's. and clearly we were winning the brand war for many decades. but yeah,
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in china now with all of these big branded purveyors. i think nike and these other folks will start paddling this brand china and word that's going to come back into the u. s. and once america loses its ability, that soft power associated with our branding or hollywood, our cultural export. then we have a different world that we're living in, but should we be sorry about this? because the chinese culture has been around for 5000 years. gerald, they've got plenty to offer the world in terms of culture. it's not a start up. i mean, they got a lot of good things going on over there. why, why she re care? well, the reason why she chair is because it's run by the commune. so there is no freedom, but that's happening everywhere anyway. so the chinese way you will obey was one of the covers of that one magazine. and that's that we become and so, you know, it's there and you, you heard the president and she's addressed 3 weeks ago saying that any
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body that thinks that they're going to mess with a chinese is going to have their head bashed against the grave steel wall and the people that have no freedom, there is no, but we, again, we don't either, i mean we're losing it every in country of the country. so i don't see, i see it becoming a chinese way. the problem with freedom is that as richard stallman pointed out, who created the free open source for source movement, is that it's free. as in the price point, free like beer, it's free. and in america, there was a great tradition of the public domain, the public parks, public libraries, public education, public health care. there was a whole part of america that was the commons of the domains of the whole of the citizenry share and took pride in. but now that we've gone full blown narco
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capitalists in america and everything is traded on the exchange somewhere, there is no public domain anymore. therefore, there is no sense of public duty, and they'll sense of an american identity. so we're sitting duck gerald. yes. and again, you know, you're seeing it happened with it's the bottom line. look at shine. yeah. look at shy his gdp from 1970 to 2000. before they can came into the world trade organization. it was almost a flat line going up just a little bit. 2008 come in to the trade world trade organization. it's a straight line up. and where's america is going look at the trade deficit? look at our manufacturing what. what do we have about 8889 percent, 10 percent of the country is manufacturing base. is hardly anything and it's
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getting smaller. right? well, the entering into the world trade organization, of course, at the time, joe biden, the current president, when asked, well, are we opening a pandora's box air by potentially shipping all of our industry over to asia? his response was that china will never compete with america. it's no way, man, you know, it totally under played it. and now he is president, and he doesn't seem to be taking this china economic dominance. seriously. it's gerald and he doesn't seem like he's the guy we want up there now to deal with what safety ever likes to call many times the through cities trap. you know, i'd say the ascension of one empire and the decline of another is seemingly, we're seeing the u. s. fall, china rise and happens 16 or 17 times in history. usually it's violent and we, we've got biden and charged up for this task. none of them are their losers. i call them the repulsive skins and dumb oak. what have they done for
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rush? again, new york, george college. that is one big club and you ain't in it. i mean, what's by, you've been, you know, he hasn't worked date his license, he's 30 years old when he became senator and any body that's been in the system and i was, i was the assistance of the secretary, the new york state senate. you know, i quit. yeah, because it was such a terrible job to watch grown men suck their way up to the top. and so these aren't the brightest cats around that. and it's the same thing with the bureau. you know, these are people who can't get jobs in the real world and stuck into the political system. and by the way, when you see how corrupt it is disgusting, it is. all you have to do is look what happened in france. a few weeks ago. they had no action. 35 percent of the people turned out to vote because they're so disgusted with the system. you got morons and imbeciles running the show. i mean,
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how can anybody with a brain big enough to look up to mitch mcconnell, a little chucky schumer a diane not so feinstein, lindsey gray, i'm a pull. always look at the people that are telling us what to jo. i've done. could you be to think that they have the answers to do anything? yeah, well, well said, and i want to return kind of to what happens when cities decline and in particular, new york city. you know, the, what the silver lining here could be a return of the artist, remember back in the sixties and seventies. so how had a lot of artists because it was abandoned warehouse space and we had an artistic community and they'd be got huge in our, our art waive in america. those artists have gone to berlin. berlin has since become very gentrified, so you don't see as much going to berlin, you know, maybe america in those collapse will be the destination for the global artist community. looking for cheap branson, maybe that's where the,
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the ria renaissance of america comes. geral, you've nailed it, 100 percent max. i agree with you. and from both guys that have been around new york during those times, you remember what it was? and it started to happen again. i mentioned before about the wrench going down, but they're also, the rentals are going up. and a lot of new kind of hip places are opening up because the rents are now more affordable. and any young person growing up in the boondocks or a small city, they want to have life in their souls. they want to move to the big city. so yes, there's going to be a renaissance, and america could lead it. if we had the right kind of messages and people leading the charge show, there's one thing to remember that the chinese, you're not going to be able to create that whole new vision. it's locked into a system to be that creative america still has that soul within it. and if we're
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not held back from that happening, we could lead the renaissance. and as you will know, when, when did the renaissance happen after the black flag, right? yeah, now i'm down with that. let's get hit downtown and open a club and lay the renaissance to greater glory gerald one day, thanks for being on cause a report. and thanks to having me on action. thank you for that. you do all righty . that's going to do it for this edition of guys, a report with me. my guys are in de sierra, but my think guess gerald. so one day until next time, via the me, ah, the war on drugs started as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the one? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota. and it got to be something that you could get elected.
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this time, the fight against drugs took a tragic, told us that andrew was competing short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening. it's like you're walking down a street in a town and in the store, windows are negative. in depression, you tend to go into the store and buy those thoughts and take them home as if they're years. in mindfulness, you walk down the street, you still see the sort storefront with the negative thoughts, but you don't go in and buy those, gosh. the
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headlines and you have a chilling effect on media freedom that reaction to a new role proposed by the u. k. government, which could threaten investigative journalist with prison if they expose a state secret while receive the u. s. secretary of state, claiming that he defends independent june this worldwide while doing everything he can to lock up, choosing the songs for the rest of his life on us democratic party. med prioritize, flashing police budgets low at the same time ramped up spending on their own private secures. ah.


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