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by those thoughts and take them home and zip their years. in mindfulness, you walk down the street, you still see the sort storefront with the negative thoughts. but you don't go in and buy those headlines and i'll tell you a chilling effect on media freedom. that's the reaction to a new law proposed by the u. k. government, which could threaten investigative journalist prison if they exposed the state secrets. meanwhile, report is point that the hypocrisy of the u. s. the state claiming to be defended independent journalist world wide while doing everything we can to the rock up to the new songs for the rest of his life. and us democratic party. med prioritize, slashing police budgets, although at the same time ramp up spending on their own private security. ah
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. hello, there you go. midnight to moscow. you're watching archie international reporting. the true sense. the faith facing journalist is a proposed, pretty sure is past report is on their sources, could be treated like spies and publishing government secrets could see them jailed up to 14 years or against the f. as the story a journalists can do as much harm to britain as a foreign spot to argues the british government in this 66 page proposal, which erases the line between investigative journalism whistle blowing and spies are all the same under the proposed new secret law. although there are differences in the mechanics of and motivations behind espionage and authorize disclosure offenses, there are cases where an authorized disclosure may be as or more serious in terms of intent and or damage. what's more,
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the legislation seeks to remove without blow protections, even if what they leaked is in the public interest. instead, they said vases would be whistleblowers to, to go and talk to their boss if they have a moral issue with something that they're doing rather than reveal it to the public that the government is engaged in something immoral or illegal trays is an interesting question. what if it's their boss that's doing something immoral like the health secretary and leaks video kissing a coworker after he'd obliged millions to abide by his soon strict social distancing measures. i understand the enormous sacrifices that everybody in this country has made that you have made. and those of us who make these rules have got to stick by them. and that's why i've got to resign officially. this new beefed up version of the secrecy. lou has nothing to do with the resignation of hancock
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officially, but it would have made the scandal very nearly impossible. see any journalist who shared this video or shared anything that they received from a, with a blue, could face a sentence of more than a decade behind bars. due to the new way of defining espionage, including obtaining sensitive information, as well as pass it on journalists, whom are simply working. their stories can potentially face up to 14 years in prison by receiving some secret information. there's much more to it. aside from the harsh sentences and the least than the databases of potential threats, there are special powers that the government wants to give itself the power to punish and restrict individuals, be the journalists or foreign spies. if the government doesn't have enough evidence to jail them, there may be a strong intelligence case to suggest as an individual is engaging hostile activity
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. but we're limited evidence that could be openly used to support criminal prosecution. the civil order could include a range of restrictive and preventative measures, including measures to prevent an individual associating with certain people or from visiting specified sensitive locations. currently, these proposals are being polished off at the foreign office but could soon be in parliament and make no mistake this, this new secret law would give the most authors area and regimes in the world a run for their money. in the past, we feel blowing and investigative journalism, as we know within the u. k, are dead. this is one of the biggest wide ranging attacks on chris freedom. perhaps since since democracy came to britain, the definitions in the report are very old indeed. in fact, with journalism doesn't come up once in the $66.00 page report itself fundamental to the $56.00 page report,
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journalists can be more dangerous than spotlights. obviously, the u. s. is prosecuting fe julian assigned to the b, as in jack, this secretary or the secretary is backing a consultation document and suggest that journalists that much worse than spies supplies after all, can work for one government or another government or one actor jones. if they publish the material, everyone can see it. so journalists have to be done. that is, is the level of logical deduction that is being used here by the british government in raising freedoms and rights of the free press here in this country that have been that have been created and modified over centuries. so that's, that's quite how dangerous the official secrets act before looks to be. mon, across the atlantic, the u. s. equity states has been accused of hypocrisy. when it comes to journalism . he wants wiki leagues, found that shooting the songs to face trial for publishing american state secrets,
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but at the same time says that he does support the work of reporters around the world. the upshot of the ongoing trump by the prosecution of julian sons is the united states, believes old jordan race, whatever their nationality, wherever they are, have a legal duty to keep the u. s. government durgy secrets. now, i'm sorry, but that's not support. enjoy unless every us media outlets should lambert this comment and reference assange, but they won't because they suck messiah alina jazz has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from u. s. government propaganda organ, voice of america, to agitate for regime change in iran, in the bazaar logic of us empire. she's an independent journalist. andrew and assange is a criminal. well being can suppose came in support of an iranian american journalist and host of the voice of america. she's in that spoken critic of iran and last week said that she was the target of a kidnapping plot by iranian intelligence. it was foiled by the f. b, i. meanwhile,
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journalist and wiki leaks found the junior sanchez spent more than 2 years in the maximum for 2 years in prison in london, us justice department has charged him under the espionage act, accusing him of leaking classified information back in 2010 in this expedited to america he could face up to 175 years behind bars. we discussed, you know, the situation with the gun was he does think that no reporter is safe. every american journalist will be under threat. i mean, it's a, it's a, the prosecution of a sergeant. the dagger aimed at the heart of us journalism. and that's what the, by the ministration is doing. and that's what antony. blanca stands for. if the prosecution goes forward, the every journalist will be threatened with a similar legal charges. and espionage is a very dangerous thing. espionage guy could land you a life sentence and
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a maximum security prison. so that will definitely have a most serious shilling effect america as a country that has completely lost the ability to engage in any kind of self criticism whatsoever. it's a, it's a global viewpoint, is distorted by a narcissistic person. national personality on the part of the political lead which sees everything through a pro u. s. land. the u. s. is always. busy right, everybody else is always wrong. so the u. s. never persecutes journalists on the other countries to do. but the reality is quite different. narrow through suffering. an unprecedented wave of violence at the moment my shoot kings and murders with homicides up 15 percent from last year alone. and it is coincided with a huge cut him police budgets backs by democratic party mares claims the force is suffering from systemic racism. but those same officials are also increasing
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spending on their own police protection. and i'm hoping as the story, one of the causes democrats appeared to be most passionate about last year. the fund, the police, are many off affluent suburbs, suburbs have essentially already begun pursuing a di funding up the police in that they fund school based on housing and the health care more as their number one priority in many cities in america over one 3rd of their city budget goes to police. so we have to have this conversation. what are we doing? we may not hold me up police department, but some democratic mares around the country seemed to have mixed feelings. while they did cut the police budget, they certainly did not have a problem splashing cash on their own personal protection. in 25 major us cities, officials have proposed cutting or in 20 cases already caught police budgets.
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however, what open the books dot com auditors found was that may as and city officials still enjoy personal protection of a dedicate to police detail costing taxpayers millions of dollars. let's compare and contrast baltimore mayor shopped a huge chunk off of his police force is spending. we can re allocate funding, making efficiencies and police departments, but he was more than happy to allocate $3600000.00 to his personal protection. in 2020 the san francisco mayor brown, even bigger. cott eric are said. he was one of the 1st to say, i'm going to redirect, receive funding from the police department to programs and the african american community. i instantly, i was like to do that. she also gave herself an even bigger budget for her personal guard, a cool 12000000. now in chicago, the force was flashed all while its ability to insure safety with question. we can't rely upon the police to provide public safety at the same time,
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not just the mayor of chicago, but unnamed city officials felt pretty safe in the windy city. they had $17000000.00 allocated for just that. and here's new york city mayor build diblasio . we will be moving funding from the new p b to youth initiatives and social services. still, he was perfectly fine travelling around the country on a presidential campaign where the security detail that costs $350000.00. now these democratic mayers may feel safe and snug, but a lot of the people they serve don't as violence and crime source. it's so bad that when you look at the recent numbers, more people are dying of gun violence. then of course the
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the when people think of defining the police, you're going to be taking away training programs. community programs that are police related and the crime is going to go up. it's paramount that our residents, our business owners, are visitors of the cities are the ones who are protected more than the politicians . so it's, it's a slap in the face to build the voting base who voted these elected officials and to the police, being the funded, or the, the proposition for them to be funded. but then the privatized boosted the security being bolted around them. that's hypocrisy, that not only seems to happen in democrat run cities, the violence, the, the police to funding the, the misled,
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misguided public that is lied to by the politicians. this only seems to be an epidemic. it's happening in the democrat cities and the numbers. the numbers prove it, the fund, the police may sound like a great slogan, but it seems to have been a decision made in the heap of the moment. because judging by their own action, that seems like the personal protection of many mares is something they don't want to cut back on anytime soon. sadly, i think it's dumb. i think it goes back to the political theatre and they, the politicians, think of the citizens that they represent who are lucky them the 1st place. they're not going to be catching on this hoc receipt. it's just getting bad. it's getting worse. it's an ideology that's strictly among the, the liberal democrats. as you can see, these in the cities, and it's just bad. it's nothing more than political theatre. this message arrived there are voting based on the rally and brown, the more nice south africa he's trying to recover from his most devastating rights in decade. sparks by the jailing of the former president,
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jacob zulema, the chaos has led to more than $200.00 death sizes of arrests in estimating $2000000000.00 and damage bus local stay fair, that the situation could deteriorate further. so let's have a quick look at how events have unfolded in the country the highway of death go for. that's what it looks like down. yeah. if you carry on further down the road because burnt out, recalls in the road, abuse and everything. actually the burning of the burning. ah, you know,
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the moment you purchase this conflict here, there's one tune your favorite and this is the only place that now we're getting food from. we just stood out there to protect all families. while the former president jacob sigma was sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court after he refused to pay before you destroyed inquiry, investigating corruption during his 9 year rule, we spoke to miss sun know who's been accused of instigating the recent violence and allegation he denies it's a sense of what has happened and i'm talking about the level of devastation and destruction, vandalism, to the property. and just the one to looting is something that should not be celebrate. there should be denounced which i have done, and i'll continue to do so. not being
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labeled as is one of the people, one of the instigators and not officially so much as making that other circle around social media commentary. and some of the news networks such as the photos, things on the trip. if you look at the basis of those allegations, it's completely baseless. you have certain video clips that have my voice and image which, which are you. but i'm taking taken out of context in relation to the video in its entirety and the message that i was trying to, to put across. so if you look at what i was saying, and i was saying it was done at a time where the beginnings of it had, but it happened that this was 3 days into, into what had happened. we understand our country. so it was my way of trying to deal with the situation by 1st denouncing it in. secondly, denying my involvement in the real issue, the issues of the high levels of poverty. and then secondly, the lockdown,
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exacerbating those labels. cuz now you've got more people falling into the bracket of unemployed and, and desperate and hungry. and he's been charged and arrested with out of the federal. gonna find that very, very, very suspicious. and the reason i say that is let him out. let him go through the rigmarole in the processes of a child, whether you like him or not. who knows? you might, he might end up getting 15 years or not 15 months, but, you know, you need to go through that process and conscious be a process that's ignored. that when you kind of terrorism, that's how israel is president, has branded the growing international movement to boy caught his country over its treatment of palestine. he spoke after global ice cream, brand pen, and jerry's opted to stop selling its products. and what they describe is occupied
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territories, but top is ready. politicians do, warned that the move will hurt the firms bottom line. the boycott against israel is a new sort of terrorism, economic terrorism. terrorism tries to harm israeli citizens, and these railey economy. we must oppose this boycott and terrorism of any kind. ben in jerry's decided to brand itself is an empty israel ice cream. this is an immoral decision, and i believe it will also turn out to be a business mistake. the boy because of israel, a democracy surrounded by islands of terrorism, reflects a complete loss of way. the blank code does not work and will not work and we will fight it with all our might been injurious. decision is a shameful surrender. semitism up to boy divestment sanction. last, even in the israel and anti june the source, we will see $130.00 states in the us and the mission will cost in recent
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years. i'm going to buy one and require that information and human and jerry's leslie is because they were treated in this way without encountering the money. well then, and jerry says operational, unoccupied palestinian land is inconsistent with his valleys. and there's also cited similar concerns from consumers and business partners. klein's had divided though with some uploading videos of themselves. spinning the products on social media. now, no one among those who took part in the online trashing have been in jerry's ice cream trials, economy minister, while in new york, some retailer chains decided to give up or reduce the company's ice cream sales for let's discuss or heard. and i, because joining us is that david broke, who is the director of the mccarthy task force. and also i'm on mcafee, director of the nurses, a british thing tank that focuses on crises in the middle east and you're both very
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welcome. and if i could start with you, just from your own perspective, look on people who arguing the rights and wrongs about this move. but how do you think this move by been in jerry's? could actually help the palestinians situation. what i don't think been in jerry's had that concern in their minds or the, you know, the, the ceo and the board and everything there, prohibition come due to some sort of pressure. and what we're seeing is some consumer power on the rise. this is not about media, for example, advising or lobbying supermarkets to stop selling ban injuries, foods and products. this is about consumers, i think being aware of something, i think they launched a product during the may turmoil in palestine in east jerusalem. and you know, this probably affected sales or for sales forecasts and so on and so forth. so they
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decided to take action. and they called that in line with their values is just the classic company, you know, line or marketing line. now the counter movement to that is taking place, you know, branding that is terrorism, and threatening with an t b t s. laws in the united states and everything is probably playing into the hands of the consumer power as well. because consumers who have never heard about this will ask, you know, why is this thing happening? and if they scratch the surface and it'll bid, they will see incidence like an edge reset. they're telling a post union woman. if i don't steal your house, somebody else will. the significance of this, however, is that this is coming from a u. s. company. and a few months back. the u. s. was going completely in a different direction. they were recognizing in jerusalem as is really and moving forward to recognizing the occupied territories as such. okay, you,
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let's bring in david david, you listen to a lot of that. do you feel israel is being put under a lot of pressure here? oh, i don't think this is going to make a bit of difference in israeli policy because it's so clearly so transparently an american company caving in to, to, to a mob demand as your previous segment. notice the, the left wing mom tries to take lots of complex situations like policing in america . we're like israel's conflict with her neighbors and turn them into clear black and white right and wrong. and that's not the reality. they're taking a complex situation in the middle east, trying to boil it down into clear black and white, and ben and jerry k. let's just look at the practical effects this jews have always lived in the old city of jerusalem. even when it was ruined by most. there's been a clear jewish presence there in june. been a majority there since the early 18 hundreds until jordan conquered jewish
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jerusalem. and committed ethnic cleansing, driving out every last year from dra dainey control territory. 941. israel liberated jerusalem. jews came back to the homes they had always occupied before. that's the cleanser. now you're going to tell these jews wait a minute. you can't have been in jerry's ice cream. you don't belong in the jewish quarter of jewish jerusalem. it's an absurd response, an absurd and absurd outcome. only the only delay reduce this kind of outcome is it an overreaction that decides and anti semitic, and also a form of terrorism is not, not going to fall when you're just talking about an ice cream company. well, you know, and i'm sure ben and jerry are lovely jewish boys from berman, i'm sure they mean very well, but one of the dishes, i think the country and set forth the definition of anti semitism is quite accurate
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. it's not into submitted to criticize israel. israel makes mistakes. what did it using to submit a new subject, israel to some enormous double standard. when you look at what's going on in the world today for even looking at a trust means being committed against arabs and muslims. look at the way rigorous are being putting the concentration camps to china. you look at the terrible suffering, the arabs and syria, to, to look at this world and somehow single out israel's dispute with his pounds to the neighbors. and say this, we're going to elevate this, we're going to boy, what, who else has been injurious boy cut. who else has been the jury is done. this is not the senate, the group, but it is a strong indication of the sort of absurd and double standard that i do think qualifies. images. all right, i'm, i'm a what, how would you react to that? would you agree to much what david said 0 out?
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i would. i would rather disagree. i think anybody seeing that, that video of jacob, this, this jewish settlers marching into this palestinian woman of the current family house and telling her if i don't take the how someone else? well, you have no choice and then covering that under legal you know, premise from whatever court in, you know, things that they have jurisdiction over at east jerusalem. anyway, let's not complicate this. people will sympathize with her a grievance, not you can call that anti semitism. we can call it henry, you can call it whatever you like, but people naturally, woods, you know, feel sympathy with that woman. and if the issue of settlement with she is not, you know, happening one month ago or one year ago, it has been happening for, you know, essentially, or something. people are being kicked out of their houses, sometimes violently, sometimes under the premise or the guys of law and other people,
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other ethnicity coming and taking their place. you know, this has gone too long and every now and then because this issue is being solved, then it will resurface and if consumer power is growing, now you can call that left his mob on whatever, you know, if people see george floyd being suffocated under the knee of a policeman then will sympathize and you can call that left a small but, but i think it's just natural that people simplified and take action. they can take a moral stand you say, well i don't want to do anything with that product. ok, let's bring in david david. i know you want to say something. well, i, i think think i more prove my point. he mentioned in instance, where some person named jacob, whom i never met something offensive just to another woman. well, i agree, mar, i've, i've not seen the video, but it sounds like jacob said something offensive. so now we're going to boy caught
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israel again. that's the kind of double standard of people say offensive things across the globe. you mentioned what happened in minnesota? where's been injurious boycott minnesota? i could point out more than offensive things being done in countries around the world. oppression being done in countries around the world, where is the boy out there? so again, when we're just going to focus in on israel and say home, someone in israel did something that was offensive to an era, therefore we must boy, israel, it does suggest to me the sort of absurd double standards and this absurd obsession . and that does make me make me very suspicious of an anti semitism work. but let's take another example here. jews lived in the wrong, the 2nd holy city in judaism, in until until an arid, the massacre of its jewish residence in 1929 for the rest of the jews to sleep. after israel liberated territory, 1957 jews returned to the wrong. don't have to and do they not have a right deep been in jerry's ice cream while living there?
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you know, i know you're on your example. i think we can go back on 871 this way. well, i don't really want to have history less can i make on swift point. so we went the other day with a demonstration in may when all these things here in england and people went to marks and spencers. and i was asking, you know, why auctions, spencer is there is this long, long live association that is a shabby, but people have it fixed in their minds. they have it fixed in their minds with starbucks. they want to boy, starbucks. they want a boy called a coca cola, whatever. there is no clear link. however, that is a product of how they feel of a long about long standing grievance and that long standing grievance every now and then you know, is, is shown bear on front of everybody and people remind themselves to make a moral stand. now with a boy at the right company or not is irrelevant. it's the grievance. i just sold to
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the important thing. okay, i'm on david cannot. you saw sky, there are 6, it's a, this is all about branding as far as ben and jerry is concerned, it's about profit. they think they can make money active it. and if they don't quickly reverse their stance on this issue, is that what you would expect to happen? or, you know, look, i don't know them well enough to know. i think i think most of this is profit. they figure more of the people by this brand. it was a hippie. brandon, vermont brand, are going to be sympathetic to this political perspective than the other. and they come down to profit and may not. it may come down to the fact that they really sincerely believed in this absurd double standard that i will call in to submit it a time will tell, but let me just let me just add something here. we're seeing a different path emerging in the middle. we think we're seeing countries like the united arab emirates, bahrain morocco saying you know what, what's best for our joint future in the middle east. jewish, an air of a life muslim in jewish light is not boy cutting and shunning would actually coming
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together. we're around together investing together, collaborating together, and i would probably suggest that the united arab emirates model abraham affords model of investment in collaboration and mutual recognition will produce a better future for everyone. at least in some sort of silly boy cutting, pushed by americans who knew very little about the reality. on the very last 10 seconds, emma well, it are the upper ham accords. solving the settlement problem. it's not so clearly it's about covering the problem. it's not about solving the problem and it's time for real peace to happen. ok, we'll end that many. thanks to base you go. that was a great discussion. david broke the, he's the director of the mccarthy task force and also there on the right i'm, i'm will cast director of ne, a british thing times it does focus on crises in the middle east off. thanks to you both on thank you for watching. we're going to be.


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